Three knitters.

I’m working on an idea over here and I’d like your help.

(For anyone who suspected that it was only a matter of time until I roped you all into helping me write a book…today is your day.)

If you could have a knitterly dinner at your house, and any knitter, dead or alive would come…which three would you invite? Why?

Elizabeth Zimmermann? Mme DeFarge? Debbie Bliss?

I’m looking to come up with the three most famous or influential knitters of all time – according to knitters.

PS. Shelly has made a very big mistake. She has asked me to ask you to send her your leftover sock yarn. Since I am a horrible, terrible person with a fair bit of leftover sock yarn and a vivid imagination, I am suddenly possessed of a very funny image of Shelly getting “some” sock yarn, I’ll ask you this..

Who wants to try and bury her house?