Drive by

This morning was complex and has completely taken the wind out of my sails for anything but a Random post. I’ll do better tomorrow.

1. Heads up to Southern Ontario, I’ll be speaking in Aurora at the York Region Knitters Guild, Tuesday, August 1st at Needles & Knits (15040 Yonge Street). I’m totally thrilled to have a Canadian event on the books at last…and you have Sandra’s organizational skills and persistence to thank for it. (Also, she may be a little bit of a stalker. Pleasant, friendly and a lot of fun… but, a stalker.) If you are coming, please do the guild a favour and email Jen ( so that they can get you a chair, the evening will be in the large meeting room upstairs from the shop. (It’s a really nice shop.) That’s the first day that I’m back from my next US junket, so you can expect me to be thin, punchy and weird. (Well. Weirder than usual.) Should have a fairly high entertainment value…

I’ll add the details to the Tour Page.

2. I went back and forth to the airport twice this morning in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to get Joe on a series of ever diminishing planes to Deer Lake. (He was flying standby) In another episode of my battle with the roads at Pearson International, I got lost both times, and the first time, I was funneled against my will onto the 427 hwy headed for Niagara Falls. When I run the world, things will be different. Sadly, I will likely not run the world by tomorrow morning when we will try again.

3. Some bloggers are contagious.


(Also, I may be weak.)

4. Reenie sent me a link to this, and I think it’s a wonderful idea. They are introducing Charkhas to Africa to improve the productivity and income of women living there. Spinning cotton is a traditional activity for these women, and having a wheel instead of a spindle changes everything. It’s another fabulous example of a “hand up” instead of a “hand out” program, and there’s a fundraiser here.

I love it.

5. Amy S., a proud member of Knitters Without Borders is making the most of a difficult situation. Due to extreme (and I mean Extreme) downsizing of her living space, she’s … wait.

You should sit down.

Ready? She’s giving away most of her stash. (I know, I know. Put your head between your knees an breathe deeply if you feel any dizziness.) These things happen, and Amy has decided (because she is a very good person.) that if her stash must leave her, it will do so for a good cause. To that end, Thirty-four (!) members of Knitters Without Borders will be gettting an email from me with Amy’s email address, and they can write to her and choose (first come, first served) from among the 34 lots of fibre and yarn that Amy’s giving away.


Can I get a round of applause? I thought so. It’s the most noble de-stashing I’ve ever seen. In light of the recent tsunami and MSFs good works, I think that Amy has secured herself a place in one of the comfy chairs in the Big Yarn Shop in the sky. All hail the noble Amy.