Hail to the sock

You all know that I am a very big fan of the humble hand knit sock. Very big fan. Everybody needs a fan club and dudes, I am there for the sock. I write often (and, er…at some length) about the meaning I find in socks, and how significant I think it is to knit something intended to be walked on, and eventually walked right through. Socks are not like sweaters or hats or mittens. Properly used, socks get used up. They are, like so many wonderful things and people… here for a good time, not a long time…and it’s our duty to get our footwear out and show it a good time. Considering that the sock will ultimately sacrifice itself for the comfort of someone I know, I figure that anything I can do to make it’s time on the needles remarkable is simply prepayment. Anything destined to go as many footsteps as socks has got to love travel and new people, right? Hence the travelling socks.


This pair were born at the same time as the third book, and I’ve had them with me since then. I do a few rows every time I take their picture…and by the end of the tour I’ll have a pair. (A really cool pair. Remember all the stuff the first pair did?) This sock has done some really great things, but yesterday? Yesterday was a very good sock day.

Cool sock event the first.

Do you guys remember our buddy Tim?


Tim bailed on a successful but soul sucking LA Rock Star gig last year when he realized that not all nice boys from Clinton, Ontario are cut out for the rough stuff. After years of a lifestyle that was doing nothing to make him a happy guy, our boy Tim there caught a plane back home, found his family and his friends and shook that last little bit of Rock Star off him when he became a Harbour Captain here in Toronto. I’m proud of him, it takes a lot of nerve to be who you really are, especially in the face of all the hope and promises that LA throws at a guy with a record deal. This week, Tim’s proving that if you hang tough, it will all work out, since who you’re looking at there is not just our friend Tim. It’s a guy who’s putting everything he owns into a U-Haul tomorrow and making for Halifax, where starts a new job as, (I swear this is not only his proper title, but what Halifax Traffic calls him when he’s at work)

Master and Commander of The Tall Ship Silva.

That’s right, it’s the sea for Tim, and a brave step east, sailing a 1939 schooner. Good luck buddy. Long may yer big Jib draw.

(PS. That Master and Commander thing? That’s hot. Totally.)

Cool sock thing the second?

Joe’s been busy at the Studio this summer, and yesterday I screwed up my courage and went up there to try and charm the current clients into holding a sock. There’s a certain…well, knack to convincing people to hold the sock. Firstly, you have to embrace the Dorkiness of it. There’s no denying that what’s about to happen is profoundly odd, and trying to make it cooler than what it is gets you nowhere. If you’re going to con another person into having their picture taken with a humble Canadian half-sock, you just have to be honest, be true to yourself, and then you have to accept that you are about to meet someone really, really cool…and you’re going to ask them to do something really, really stupid. (Depending on how cool the other person is, this can feel risky.) I chanced it.


Meet Peter Elkas.


Meet Peter’s team. There’s The Doug Head, Gavin, Jeff, Peter, Kyle, Charlie Sexton, and Stephen, Joe’s Wonderboy Friday.

Peter Elkas and Charlie Sexton held my sock. I’m probably going to have to avoid both of them for the rest of my life, and there’s no way to know how many cool parties I’m not on the guest list for anymore…what with being such an odd little dork, but I don’t care. The sock now has one degree of separation with Keith Richards, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bob Dylan. The sock has known greatness.

173 thoughts on “Hail to the sock

  1. Aaaah, Stevie Ray… The sock can rest happy in its destiny, having known and touched greatness.
    And Tim rocks.

  2. I’m so envious of those of you who live in climates where socks are actually necessary. For me, knitting socks means creating something pretty to look at but not actually useful. Not counting exercising, I wear socks an average of (at most) 10 days a year. It must be fun to make them, enjoy them, and then replace them with equally attractive hand-knit socks when they wear out. That said, I suppose I should get into knitting dress socks for my 17 year old son. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find dress socks that fit size 15 feet!

  3. Oh! I’m early! Love the hard-working socks! DH has recently decided that he may be allergic to the elastic in his bought socks and so will *need* more hand-knit socks. Thank Goodness I like to knit small things in the car;-)

  4. Go, sock! My husband (the music fiend) does not have much appreciation for my traveling sock, but I think he would be very impressed by yours. I can’t wait to see where it goes next!

  5. Oh my god, my best friend and I were SO into Charlie Sexton when we were in high school – mostly based on his cheekbones and “Beats So Lonely”, which was one of the songs on the mixed tape I made that summarized the highlights of our high school experience.
    Wow, what a blast from the past!

  6. Both Peter Elkas and Charlie Sexton are pretty hot! Did you give Peter a picture for his blog? Stevie Ray is the ult though, just like Bob Seger.
    Way back when, I pulled a tour of duty with the MTPF Marine Unit for a day! I got to see Harbourfront from a new perspective, but it wasn’t the perspective of a Tall Ship. That’s totally cool. When does Sock get to go for a sail?

  7. Please tell me that the Tour Socks (current version included) are for you and ONLY for you…! Nobody deserves them more, and, in fact, I strongly recommend framing them after you’ve walked “huge honking holes” in them.
    Who needs scrapbooking, anyway?

  8. I just googled the Tall Ship Silva and she’s a beaut! Loved the story of Tim, tell him he’s got lots of yarniacs rooting for him.

  9. And a Trooper reference, to boot. I’m going to keep reading this here blog until I see a picture of Keith Richards actually holding the sock. You have it in you. I know you do.

  10. From Rock Star to Master and Commander? I’ll take the Master and Commander part any time. Oooooo, the uniform, the salt-air-whipped hair, the… ok, I’ll stop now.
    The sock is cool. It has touched coolness, and now radiates it’s own coolness!

  11. WAY COOL!! The sock has now been annointed by celebrities that the average non-knitter knows! Your sock is so lucky. It took every fibre of my being *not* to stop and take pictures of my sock with the scenery when I had to go on a business trip lately. I restrained myself and instead posted pictures of said sock completed, including hairy legs of DH.

  12. Never heard of Peter Elkas before, but he was cute so I clicked the links. And OH MY! is his voice liquid sex or what? That’s a damn lucky sock.

  13. It does take courage. I had my sock with me the other night when Sleepy LaBeef was at my father-in-law’s birthday party and I couldn’t bring myself to ask him to pose with it. I just couldn’t be that big of a dork.

  14. OK, Charlie Sexton? Rowr. I’m going to make a stunning admission of my full on dorkitude. In high school, I took a picture of the tv when the “Beats So Lonely” video was on because I thought he was so dreamy. I was in a photo class, so I delevoped it myself and gave one to all (two) of my dorky friends.
    I do believe I still have it.
    *runs away screeching like an embarrassed 15-year-old*

  15. Can your sock meet Matthew McConaughey next?? Pretty please? Because then when I come to your Portland, Or booksigning I can touch the sock … and that would be kinda like touching on the Matthew. (perhaps not AS satisfying I admit … but ya know, it would still be GOOD!) πŸ˜‰

  16. Master and Commander? Best title ever. And also the hottest. Oh, the women this title will get for Tim…
    And if you tell enough people about the sock’s brush with greatness, they will all be begging you to touch the sock. Six degrees of sockaration.

  17. Master and Commander! Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine dated the “Maestro”!!! I think Tim should require everyone to call him Master and Commander in all social situations.

  18. Ah yes, but you’re Our odd little dork, dear, and we love you. Besides, you’re now an odd little dork (with unintentional country singer hair) whose sock has been touched by The Unspeakably Cool.

  19. Okay, there’s no way to do this without totally sounding like I’m kissing ass. But your sock? Has already met greatness. So Charlie Sexton is Wikipedia material…well, so are you!
    (Still…that’s pretty freakin’ sweet. This sock is seeing some good days!)

  20. Dayum. I can only hope that the sock is still on the needles next week in OKC…and that you don’t melt between now and then.

  21. Here’s to the Power of Socks! Miss Stephanie, my daughter (new knitter from late April this year) finished her first pair of socks this past weekend. With her own texture pattern on the legs thereof (because she got tired of round and round stockinette, she said). With great pride I taught her the Kitchener chant – “k off, p on; p off, k on”. This Mom is busting her buttons. And Somewhere is a grandma grinning from ear to ear.

  22. Okay, Tim? If I wasn’t so happily married and still crazy in love with my hubby, I would *so* think of moving to Halifax right now and looking you up, you sincere-wonderful-knows-what-the-right-thing-is-and-does-it-to-boot-man, you!
    You rock MORE than those studio musicians. Good luck, cap’n.
    Stephanie? You are a true bright spot in my day.

  23. (Grrr…that was supposed to link to your Wikipedia entry, but my html didn’t stick. But I’m sure you already knew you were there.)

  24. Master & Commander – one of my all time favorite movies (Russell Crowe is so yummy in those frilly shirts). Congrats to Tim for following his true destiny.
    As for the sock, it is so lucky — that Peter Elkas is too cute for words (and probaby too young for me to be thinking the thoughts I am).

  25. Sock’s hanging out with a pretty cool crowd these days! Of course, we all know that none of that would matter without the Harlot behind it all. Really it’s YOU that makes it all cool, Steph. One of these days you’re just going to have to suck it up and admit it: you’ve got a PUBLIC, and we love you! Now when are you coming to Germany? πŸ™‚

  26. “Master and Commander” is hot. Very, very hot.
    It meets and exceeds the also quite outstanding title of one of my friend’s exes: “The Dean of Discipline.” He worked in a high school, of course, but it could have gone, you know, in another direction entirely. A very, very interesting direction…
    I’m impressed that your sock is one degree of separation from Stevie Ray. I still miss that man.

  27. Your socks won the lottery- well-travelled both in and out of the shoe. I’m sure they’re quite appreciative. I take my socks and other WIP camping- I think they enjoy the fresh air, scenery, and relaxation as much as I do. And when you’re stuck in the tent during the rain and get tired/run out of reading material, you knit.
    Master and Commander- I like it!

  28. Master and Commander totally rocks! Better than a mere rock star, any day. Lucky sock.

  29. At a time like this, you had to go and use the word “hot”? All those musical dudes got to hold a handknit sock, a triumph of love over practicality. Now *that* is cool.
    Or at least I think so. Does that make me an OLD too? (Not old, OLD, as in odd little dork. I already knew I was old.)

  30. I love the traveling sock!! We recently went to the UK and I was reluctant to try to carry a sock in progress in my carry-on, so I brought a ball of my second attempt at handspun and photographed it everywhere I went. When we got home, it was entered in the local county fair. It didn’t win, but it’s well traveled!

  31. Okay – after a couple of years of lurking I finally have to comment. Two of my favourite things Yarn Harlot & Charlie Sexton. “Under the Wishing Tree” was playing in the car this morning. He also has a great CD that came out last year “Cruel & Gentle Things”.
    Thanks for cheering up a week that has had a bit too much “universe in balance” going on.

  32. Congratulations and good luck to great smile Tim, Master and Commander indeed, yeah, that is totally hot. Lucky sock, I hope to meet the sock in OKC, my sockie wants to meet your sockie,you know, celebrity sock(my sockie just ooohs and aaahhhs at your sock)
    48 days.

  33. Ah, Charlie Sexton… Used to be a big time groupie back in the 80’s here in Austin. I’d be happy any day to get him to hold my, er, sock! πŸ™‚

  34. OH MY GAWD!!!! Charlie Sexton touched your sock! May you die and go to heaven! Gotta love those southern boys!
    Knit on Dudette

  35. Master and Commander AND going to Nova Scotia!!! Could it be any better ? ALL the VERY best Tim. Lord amighty that sock on the needles lives a VERY exciting life. Since I started to read your blog I’ve tied a sock in progress in a little bag to the handles of my purse and it goes everywhere with me ,certainly comes in handy when you least expect it.

  36. Slainte Tim, Master and Commander! I agree. *Totally* hot title. Ditto on the added women-attraction potential – not that he looks like he needs help. And The Silva is gorgeous. Tell Tim they should get more pix of her up on the site! And Peter Elkas also looks totally hot holding the sock. Note the way the man’s instinctively cradling the ball of yarn, his grip on the sock firm but gentle, that *smile*… ::stops to fan self:: Um, yeah. The man should obviously take on knitting, he’s got the touch. Or something. This is in no way dorky, opening knitters-who-could-be to their untapped potential. Send the man bookbookbook3, some yarn, some dpns, and tell him to goferit. Just think of what knitting could do for keeping a guitarist’s fingers nimble! Oh yeah – knitting therapist to the musicians of the world, I can see it now. You’ll not only *get* invitations to cool parties, but they’ll beg you to knit on a sock while attending. All hail the sock!

  37. Umm, I don’t think Tim needs the title to be totally hot, but it doesn’t hurt. Love the journeys of the sock. When will it’s autobiography be coming out?

  38. Welcome to the bonny seaside, Tim! Halifax is a freakin’ incredible place to live. (And that’s coming from someone who grew up in Tarana.)
    You’ll just have to get used to a few things: 1) You will be asked if you want your muffin heated and buttered if you buy one from Tim’s. Butter is big out here. They even have self-serve butter dispensers in the movie theatres. 2) There will be a loud explosion. Daily. That’s the noonday cannon from the Citadel. Pay it no heed, other than to unpack your lunch on cue. And butter it. (see above) 3) The people out here are REALLY friendly and very chatty. Never talk to yourself in public, as you *will* be responded to. And not by yourself. (but maybe that last one is just me…)
    And if you ever have the deep and fervent need to hang out with knitters, we gotcha covered. We even knit socks.

  39. Charlie Sexton…THE Charlie Sexton
    Stephanie..my love..could I convince you to send me the sock with some other sort of lovely fiber? Perhpas CASH?
    I had an incredible crush on Charlie in my high school days (wore out his solo CASSETTE!) aaaand I’m a huuuuge Bob Dylan fan.

  40. Oooh neat! I watch the Silva sail past my balcony all the time. I’ll have to wave extra hard now!

  41. WOW Canada rocks, that’s one lucky sock…..think the sock can find dreamboat Michael Buble’?

  42. Holy Beautiful Man, Batman! That Peter Elkas is SMOKIN’! I am sure the sock was more than a little starstruck! πŸ™‚

  43. I have no clue who Peter is, but I must say – he doesn’t look that scared to be holding the sock! It looks like the typical grin a famous or semi-famous person (if they’re nice)gives when posing for a picture with a fan…
    Are we sure theres no knitting in his background – or is he just a very good actor not to look freaked out in this picture…
    (Stephanie – I will blame you if I ever decide to randomly make the next famous person I meet hold my knitting for the picture – I am not responsible for what seeing lots of sock photos does =)

  44. Point the first: Okay. His official title is Master and Commander? That is Very Possibly the Coolest Thing Ever. Espcially considering he followed his heart to get there, instead of staying in LA and being J. Random Music Guy.
    Point the second: Hellloooooo, Peter Elkas. Mind if I pet your travelling sock if it’s still in progress come your Eugene visit?
    and now, a dainty request: I’ve found myself on the recovering end of a surprise emergency gall bladder removal surgery (I would have preferred a pony.) I have all the time in the world to knit now… and am completely unsure of what to do. Finish the blanket or scarf or shawl or one of two pairs of socks on the needles? Or start something new and quick and small so by the time it’s knit up, I’ll be, too?
    I’m so confused…

  45. We may need to set lome limits here, just to keep The Sock out of uncomfortable situations. This means, as you, a mother, know, defining limits.
    Dylan, yes. Prince, sure if it makes you happy. Alan Doyle, you bet. But Keith Richards…JoVe notwithstanding, don’t you let Keith Richards lay one finger on that sock. God KNOWS what he’d do with it.

  46. I am so glad I am not the only, um, person over thirty, who’s heart goes pitterpat over Charlie Sexton. Like, 20 years later.

  47. These socks are beautiful; it depresses me that your random knitting-as-you-travel progresses at about the same pace as my earnest knitting but my real reason for posting is: who is that hootchie on the new cover? She’s no Harlot and why is that? My girlfriend Donna bought the book when it first came out and I was going to buy my copy the other day when I noticed that something was amiss. I ran home and did some searching; same publisher, same title, some stranger on the cover. Have you already adressed this and I missed it? I am flummoxed, chagrined and agog, simultaneously. What’s up?

  48. Somebody run out and get Captain Tim copies of all of the Horatio Hornblower novels. He’ll get a boot out of the (literary) company he’s keeping. Oh, gosh, he’ll be irresistable in a uniform.
    I recognize The Sock (who should be named Dylan now) but who are all of those other guys?

  49. The Tall Ships were in Cleveland this weekend. They are awesome. My office looks directly over the harbor and to see them flying over the waters in full mast was just an incredible, incredible sight. You go, Tim! Congrats on making great decisions with your life.

  50. I love it! Makes me want to get my socks out and travel. Mine ride with me in a Yellowstone Park lunchbox. But since I drive everywhere, they don’t get much done on them at a time. Maybe I’ll have to take them more places.

  51. I’m good friends with a guy who used to be in a band with Pete Elkas and I must say it’s hilarious that he’s suddently become a sex symbol amongst the knitting bloggers. And, from what I know of the guy, I’m sure he doesn’t think you’re a dork at all.
    Charlie Sexton though — my god! If my sock was one degree from Dylan I think I’d pass out.

  52. your travelling sock has met greatness.
    i agree auctioning them off on ebay with a pic of peter elkas and charlie sexton with said sock would fetch a bit of money for MSF.

  53. OMG! What a HUNK! What a voice! I’d never wash that sock, EVER! I am soooo drooling πŸ˜‰

  54. Charlie Sexton? CHARLIE SEXTON!! You met Charlie Sexton and he held the sock! I love love love Charlie Sexton…ever since I was 16.
    Bah…so damn envious right now…lucky sock. And lucky Yarn Harlot.
    And agreed…the “Master and Commander” thing is really hot.

  55. I’m all for any posts you want to make with photos of really really cute guys. You don’t even have to make them hold the sock. It does show a strength of character and humor that ups the sexy-factor but I’m OK with just the really really cute guys.
    Hmmm, does this mean dirty thoughts when you wear the sock? πŸ˜‰

  56. That sock (in a relatively brief span of time) has experienced as much or probably more than I have in my entire life! Peter Elkas…very hunky! And Tim…yes, I agree, he is a hero and very wise and what a cool job/title he has; if only each and everyone of us could find our single unique path…sigh.

  57. Well well, Master and commander! Totally good choice on careers. The sea is for me. Tim is very cute and i bet the women will swoon for him in his Master and Commander uniform. Jennifer

  58. Ah, Charlie Sexton. One evening, back in the 80s when I was much younger and cuter, I hung out with Will and friends at a happening place downtown, and Charlie came by for a while. Thought I was gonna die, it was so great. They were so cooooool and gorgeous and just the hippest that Austin had to offer back in the summer of 1985. And I held the sock that went to Chicago, so that sock has like 2 degrees of separation from SRV. Oh, and 1 from Bill Cosby!! Remember?! Ha, I hadn’t thought of that until now!! See you next weekend!

  59. I’m curious what you tell people who are about to hold the sock – do you feel compelled to explain the significance of showing the sock a good time? Or is it more along the lines of, “Here, hold this.” Just wondering!

  60. Ohmigawd! I was totally in lust with Charlie Sexton from the time I was 15 until about 17. (Then, fickle girl that I was, I discovered some other black-haired rocker type.) I wore two tapes of Pictures for Pleasure right out!

  61. I have a full appreciation of the sock, all its travels (I am happy to have the mystery of whether or not that was the same sock or mate in all the pictures or you had a large supply of similar yarn) and the influence you need to get the pics but I don’t know anything about the musicians. Do they play Christmas music? I have referred this blog to my daughters and the one boyfriend for clarification.

  62. Charlie Sexton… see, if I had Charlie over at my husband’s studio (actually, in my house), you’d get NO COMPLAINTS from me about loud music or anything else EVER again. *sigh*
    Marnie –> the Canadian who did not pass your “Canadian test” (at Webs)… *double sigh* I need to move back to Canada!

  63. …I took my sock to see Peter Pan at the theatre. Does that count as a good time? Does the sock adore the pirates as much as I do?
    Methinks my sock is jealous of your sock.
    ‘Master and Commander’, huh? That is quite possibly the coolest official title EVER.

  64. Add me to the list of former sqealing teen fans of Charlie Sexton. It was one of the few times my guitar-nerd brother respected my musical taste.
    That sock is so much cooler than I could ever be.

  65. Um, what does Joe think about you running around letting all these handsome men “hold the sock,” I wonder? What lookers!

  66. Am I noticing a new phase in sock’s life: photos with only the hunkiest? I heartily approve and the crowd roars for more!

  67. oh dear sweet lord Peter Elkin is one gorgeous specimen of a human bean. I’ve been listening to “Party of One” on repeat for the last 30 minutes (after never having heard of him before) and I can say you are most definitely a stronger person than I am – faced with a guy that good looking & talented (hell, faced with ANYONE that good looking & talented), I become a babbling mess of nonsensical nonsense. Hence not being able to say anything to you other than my name & my friend’s name (Addie, like the needles but with an E at the end) at the Portland book signing last year. Starstruck, kind of. Intimidated, definitely. Not worthy, absolutely.

  68. That sock has sure gotten around.. YEAH Boston!I have an old friend who’s been working for years at the ship yard in Halifax!!

  69. Oh my GOODness but that man is CUTE!!! Both of them!!! And the sock just increases their sexiness!
    Now I know where all the handsome men are, in Canada! Of course, cause I live in the US. And too far even for day trips. Sigh! Think you can export a few good ones down here?
    Ann in MD
    Single but not sockless

  70. Anyone who hangs out in recording studios with Charlie Sexton cannot, by any definition, call herself a “geek” or a “dork.” You are now the Queen of Coolness. Okay, the sock thing is maybe a little odd, but…um…Charlie Sexton…
    Of course, all this swooning over Charlie damn well proves that your largest audience group is women ages 34-40.

  71. I thought that was Peter Elkas before I scrolled down to see the name! Freakin’ sweet! I was a fan when he was a part of the Local Rabbits – I still go back and listen to their old stuff. And he held the sock. Woah. That is too cool. πŸ˜€
    Also, Tim’s new job is pretty cool. I’ll keep an eye out for him when I’m on the waterfront this summer!

  72. Ooh… Master and Commander?! Totally hot – almost as hot as Jamie Fraser… Please tell me you’ve read the Outlander books!
    (Way to go, Tim, on finding your true calling!)
    And that Peter Elkas is pretty hot too… I must admit I’d never heard of him before today. I listened to “Party of One” on his website and I’m wondering where I can get the CD!

  73. Okay, now I dig the travelling sock thing. Charlie Sexton? I would never, ever wash that sock or let anyone else touch it.

  74. Does Tim know how to knit? I hear it’s useful for passing time on the high seas. Plus when he’s alllll the way out there in… er, the harbor… who will mend his socks?

  75. Oh, and one more thing…
    How does a Rock Star Guy just happen to pick up the job skills necessary to become a Master and Commander?

  76. I think you could get just about anyone to hold the sock. You may have to break down and actually darn this pair!

  77. Despite the fact that I have no turntable, I still have my Pictures for Pleasure album. Colour me a nice bright envious green πŸ˜‰

  78. I always read you and rarely comment, but the thought passed through my head while I read and smiled…you are always fun to read…thanks, j

  79. Tim! Dude! You rock my socks! That’s about the coolest job title one can possibly have. Congrats. I bet the gig is going to be fun too.
    And Charlie, Under the Wishing Tree, Sexton? Be still my beating heart.

  80. Is there a Canadian equivalent to The Smithsonian? The soxcapades of the sock might perhaps be of interest to a museum?
    July 18, 2024
    LONDON, England – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was in attendance for today’s unveiling of The Sock at Madame Tussauds. Ms. McPhee, a.k.a. The Yarn Harlot, authored 27 knitting humour books and one vegan cookbook before pitching it all in 2011 to become The Sock’s full time professional handler. Originally used as a prop by Ms. McPhee during book signings and on tour, the humble sock quickly developed a fan base and following that was simply unheard of for an inanimate object. When asked about infamous encounters with celebrity, Ms. McPhee replied, “We’ve only had that one, when the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince dissed The Sock because it wasn’t purple.”

  81. Dear Steph,
    Please remember to think of the sock’s comfort during all this touring! I mean, to simply carry the sock is fine, but where does it sleep? Bathe? Does someone talk to it?
    (P.S. You might think about purchasing one of those portable battery-operated fans, for the sock, when you come to Texas…it was 107 actual degrees in Dallas today…without the humidity factor!)
    Can’t wait to meet the sock, in person!

  82. i used to drool over charlie sexton as a ‘tween. i can still visulize the pictures from tiger beat hanging on the awful wood panneling of my bedroom.
    ~~but today i find my self in awe of your sock; simply because i love handknit socks; and i adore the cool bad ass (not dorky, c’mon!) pics you get of unsuspecting innocents. we can change teh world via handknit socks. i’m convinced.

  83. I am so glad to hear how long it takes you to work “the sock”. I have been feeling rather embarrassed by the length of time I have been working on my own “the sock”, several months now. It too has seen many great places–and was born in the most noble of them, The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I recently lost my “the sock” for several weeks and then, just when I had given up hope, it turned up again. Yay!

  84. I’m somehow glad to meet another top-down sock knitter. I’m surrounded by toe-up sock knitters, but sticking to sensible tradition.
    Because the top of a sock is forever, and it’s the heels and toes that wear. You can partially unravel a worn top-down sock and knit a new foot, but anyone who’s ever tried to unravel a toe-up sock has given up in disgust.
    For the same reason, I’ve done top-down sweaters for children; it makes it easier to lengthen them for another year or two of usefulness.
    However, for a friend, on one of these stifling nights, I unravelled the too-tight ribbing on a huge, hairy, old Icelandic sweater, and picked up and knit it a new rolled hem in almost-matching yarn. Yes, it was a bottom-up sweater, and unravelling took longer than the fifteen rows of new hem. I might as well have had a lion on my lap the whole time I was working on it, it was that hot and hairy.
    Oh, for a few days in Halifax!

  85. Wow. Your feet are going to be a in sock held by Charlie Sexton. I am jealous. That boy is a grand musician and a hottie.

  86. Hey girlfriend, that’s what we Jews call B’Shert (fate) as opposed to B’zerk. Getting Charlie to hold on to that sock was in prep for your trip to Austin. Did you tell him you were coming here? Stevie Ray’s statue will be close to your hotel if you want the sock to have it’s picture made. deb

  87. Wow…the sock has touched greatness…but, since your husband has probably touched the sock, probably SAT on it, if your socks get the same treatment mine do, and he knows these totally cool people, then odds are, your sock was well prepared for greatness already…and if Bowling for Soup had anything to say about it, they’d probably tell you that most musicians were geeky guys hanging out in the garage too long when they were young… that’s why it’s so hard to make that totally mature and tough decision that Tim did…(may the wind never leave his sails…I’m terribly impressed with Tim!)

  88. Ahh!! I touched that sock – while you were at webs. I touched the sock. The sock. The same sock the Charlie Sexton touched. I touched Charlie Sexton!! Talk about 6 degrees of seperation. Uh, yes, I had a slight thing for Charlie when I was a younging.
    Thanks for making my day!

  89. That sock rocks. Really. Charlie Sexton?? I would have died on the spot, or at least stuttered and possibly let a little drool escape. You asked him to hold your sock…and he did! Awesome…!

  90. I would like to hear more about Tim’s new job. Very cool! And how does one apply for a job like that? And what qualifications do you need? I’m curious!

  91. OMG! I didn’t think that you could get any cooler but just the mere mention of Charlie Sexton, who still sends me into high school giggles when “Beats So Lonely” is on VH1 Classics (ugh), holding the sock sent you straight into the stratosphere. Rock on, Stephanie!

  92. Stephanie, I learn the oddest things on your blog. Never heard of Charlie Sexton before, but have just bought several things available at Artist Direct. Wow…
    Who knew I’d find great music on a knitting blog?
    And go Tim! I just went sailing on the Tall Ship Denis Sullivan. It was totally cool but a LOT of work. To do that every day? ouch.

  93. About Tim. Master and Commander? I feel weak in the knees…
    About the Sock touching greatness. Stephanie, darling, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s the rock stars that have touched greatness. These guys have held The Sock. They may not know it right now, but in time I’m sure they will say, “Yup, I met the Yarn Harlot. In person. And she asked me (ME, mind you) to hold The Sock (yeah, THE Sock) for a picture. And she was so classy, too. Made me feel right at home.” And then there will be a fond and wistful sigh about a great moment in an otherwise ordinary day at work.
    Dorky? I think not.

  94. What a dynamic sock! Question for the Harlot… what kind of digital camera do you have? It seems to take great photos, close up & distant. Unfortunately mine was taken from me recently, pretty much the way your bike pump was. I’m in the market but since my previous cost $500 and wound up missing… I’d like to trim the cost some. Thanks…

  95. hi , so your going on tour eh? Maybe the new yarn counter wants to have an overnight playdate at dennys house. Doyou syill take ballwinders and swifts on tour? If so, the yarn counter may get lonley. Best bring to me for a bit of fun.

  96. That is some sock you have there, and uh, Peter Elkas owes you some promotional $ because thanks to you, I “discovered” him, and I really love his music. Now I’m off to see where I can buy some for myselfies!! Thanks for the tip!

  97. I am beyond excited that I may be meeting a travelling sock! I just found out that Granby, CT is to be honored with the Yarn Harlot in the fall!! Can’t stand it, jumping out of my skin!

  98. Nothing compares to socks. I’ve made a pair that have been to Europe, as far south as the Yucatan, and as far north as Field, ON (where I found the yarn in the first place!). My husband jokes that they’re like a time portal. He justs puts them on, sits on the couch (feet on coffee table of course) and the memories hit. With the price of gas today, not a bad way to travel.

  99. I doubt my socks will ever find their way near someone famous……well, do NY Times best selling authors count? I made a pair for a friend of mine who is a NYT bestselling author, but she is just my friend, who conveniently has the same size feet I do and loves my knitting…….
    But I love handknit socks nearly as much as you do Stephanie, probably in large part BECAUSE of you……Every time I see my husband in one of the pairs of socks I made for him, I get this little flush of pride. He would rather wear MY socks rather than the store-bought ones he has in his drawer. When I see some yarn that I know will be perfect for him (Trekking XXL in “guy” colors), I can’t resist, and start planning the next pair of socks before I even get the yarn out of the store! The boys…….well, they are not as cool about wearing Mom’s socks as their Dad is, but I’m working on them. One really cold winter, and they will be MINE!!!

  100. Gwen of Bowmanville (Bowmanville rocks!) is right. To touch The Sock is to touch greatness. Amen.

  101. Indeed, the Master and Commander thing is very HOT! My second point….I vote for Hank, it rhymes with Tank.
    I have a traveling sock of my own and am taking it to the Relay For Life this weekend. This year I’m raising funds by entering every person who donates $10 in a drawing to win the above said pair of socks plus the socks ‘soul mate’. Check out my blog for details.

  102. I also had a massive thing for Charlie Sexton when I was in high school. Now I am one degree removed from the sock because I met him at a little bar concert in Philadelphia (I was underaged but after much begging by me and my cool mom they let me in). Now I want to find my autographed record album. The sock is also one degree removed from David Bowie, as Sexton toured with him.

  103. Charlie Sexton! Wowee! You should have asked him to sing;
    “Feet so lonely
    I bet it’s lonely at the top
    She hesitates
    But the sock will never stop,feet so lonely.”
    I can’t believe I remember the lyrics enough to make them sock related!

  104. Master and Commander totally beats “Expat Rock Star.” Good for Tim!
    So does the famous elbow-rubbing of this sock mean that if I ever get to hold your sock at a reading (even if it’s technically a different sock), that I too will be closer to greatness?

  105. I don’t know if you know this, but I thought it was kind of cool. I was bored one day, and searching for some things, and discovered that you are so famous as to have a wikipedia page devoted to you! Here it is, in all of its cool and somewhat stalkerish glory: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yarn_Harlot

  106. Steph, I applaud your belief in socks. Here in Ireland where we only stopped making them for a living about twenty years ago anyway, I am having an uphill struggle persuading people that I am not insane to want to knit them by choice, for pleasure even.
    I just want to know if you have ever come across that soul-destroying, fiendish, deeply evil invention known as the Figure of 8 cast on? I have harangued at length about this on Knitter’s Forum and on my own weblog, but thought that since you were clearly keen on the finished product, you might have sighted that foul creature in the undergrowth on your knitting adventures.

  107. Dear Harlot,
    How do I contact you? When I click on the home page under contact nothing happens. What I really want to do is send you something in the mail. How do I get it to you? please email me and I’ll give you more details.

  108. I am almost to the lace on the Icarus shawl as well. I would have been there but I moved my 18 year old son into his dorm 4 hours away on Friday. As My Hubby was driving I thought I would have 8 hrs of un-interupped Knitting time……. A shawl of Kid Silk Haze is not the best travel project. The yarn was being sucked out of the window by huge trucks going 80mph Then when I got home I discovered that I had dropped a stitch in the first row of the trip. 3 days of tinking and I am back to square one.

  109. OH MY GOD!
    That this is my reaction says that I am 1) a music geek and 2) in my thirties. I remember when Beat’s So Lonely came out and thinking, “That Charlie Sexton is a mighty good song writer and easy on the eyes to boot.” Except, of course, I didn’t think THAT exactly as I was all of 13 and, well, what 13 year old talks like that. If I am being honest, I thought something like, “I like this song. He is cute.” But that is so much more embarrassing.
    Strange how I come here to read about knitting and yarn related matters and you have me thinking about all this other stuff. Have I mentioned how utterly brilliant you are?

  110. Boy, am I glad we have the whole knitting blog community. I know and you know that the Sock is indeed very cool but try explaining it to non-knitters… like my bf who is convinced that we are all madwomen and has taken to refuse buying me yarn when it’s my birthday or Christmas.

  111. That’s one lucky sock. When I saw Charlie Sexton mentioned, I thought, Noooo. Not that Charlie Sexton. OMG!
    Congrats Tim! May your winds be fair and your crew loyal and adoring!

  112. Yes. I too would like to know about The Doug Head.
    Off to have a little chat with Denny now…

  113. FYI-hat mailed to Jeanne today.. maybe a second one will be sent before the end of the month.

  114. Wow, I remember exactly where I was when SRV was announced as having died. I feel old. BAH! Enough of that! I’m late but had to let you know that Hank is just about the most adorable kid EV-ER. (‘Cept for mine of course, but I’m slightly biased.) I always look forward to the Hank Adventures!

  115. When you come to Austin, make sure you go see the statue of SRV at Town Lake. I really hope you have someone who will show you around all the cool stuff in Austin when you are here.

  116. Charlie Sexton!!! Can you get Duran Duran to touch them next (and then send them to me)? Heehee. This totally took me back to high school. Charlie Sexton. Those cheekbones. That deep voice. That impossibly tall hair. I Am Impressed (if you get that little play on words, you must be my age.);-)

  117. Oh my- to think a just regular yarn stasher gets to meet all these hot guys!!!! There is a reason I knit!!!

  118. Aw, you mean you may have been starting a heel flap when we were fending off squirrels at the Parthenon? See? I know what starting a heel flap is, now that I’m a member of the sock guild.
    And re that deadline, I HOPE YOU NEVER FINISH THAT DAMN BOOK. You’re kicking our butts at a 3:1 book production ratio, and it’s killing us. Where do you get all those words, woman?
    Good luck, vaya con Dios, and we’ll see you on the other side.

  119. I am so jealous! I LOVED Charlie Sexton when Beat’s So Lonely came out. I was in college in Oregon at the time, and I still have the cassette tape. Your sock is now immortalized! And I agree with Jen–if you can get John Taylor from Duran Duran next, I’ll offer you any amount of money for it!

  120. Wow Peter is even purtier than the jackhammer guy.
    You are so not dorky. Who would not jump at the chance to pose with the sock?

  121. Master and Commander is one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard. Cheers Tim.

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