Home, home, home.

I’m home, and despite being telling absolutely breathless things about the heat in the desert to anyone would listen, I’ve come home to discover that it is just as hot here as anywhere I’ve travelled. (Today has a humidex of 48 degrees. That’s 118. That’s hot.) That Toronto is steaming away in competition with the American Southwest likely means the world is ending, but I digress.)

I have made the executive decision, as the knitter in charge of this blog, to fall over face down onto my bed (instead of blogging) until it is time for me to get up and go to the event in Aurora tonight. ( 7:30 at the York Region Knitters Guild meeting at Needles & Knits (15040 Yonge Street).

I am imagining that my fine Canadian compatriots will have laid in a supply of beer, yarn and excellent company, which will restore my travel weary self entirely. (I will quietly admit that I wish you were all coming here to my house so I didn’t have to travel to Aurora…but I bet it’s going to be worth it.)

Tomorrow, long juicy blog posts about Austin and Ann Arbor, knitters, glory…and the discovery that I look fabulous in a Cowboy hat. (That last one is something that you just don’t discover living in Toronto.) for now….Bed.