Icarus has one more chart to go, though I’m a little stuck.


Icarus is a really great knit, but that thing has happened again where I’m really, really emotionally done with a project before it’s technically done. You know the feeling? It’s a lull, and not an unexpected one, but it does mean that the rows are a little bit of a slog at this point, what with there being no love between us. The great thing about knitting lace is that the love comes trotting right back the second that you block it. I’m psyched. Totally.

The only thing is…


Does this look right to you? I’ve been over it a hundred times, looked at the chart, looked at the pattern, looked at the photo and the three things just don’t match. I think I’ve made a mistake, or maybe not, but for the life of me no matter how many times I look at the chart I can’t see any other way for this to come out. I know that there is no error in the chart (what with a) Miriam being a genius and b) hundreds of knitters before me pinning this sucker down.) so if there is a mistake, it’s mine alone.

Miriam? If you’re lurking around out there…what do you think? I’d rip it back and have a do over, but I honestly can’t think of anything I’d do differently, so ripping back seems like a bit of a waste. Plus,


I like what I’m getting, even if it isn’t what the pattern intended for me to get, and I think it’s ok to embrace serendipity in your knitting once in a while, and all may become clear in the fullness of time, or when I block it. What say you all? Right or wrong? Stay or go? Rip or carry on?

I’m going to go and contemplate all of this as I dribble coffee down the front of me, since in a triumph of good adult sense over instinct, I went to the dentist this morning and began the process of getting the 25 year old mercury out of my head. (I know, I know. The jury is out on this one.) Since I seem to have some sort of PTSD about my mouth (likely emotional fallout from having had a whole whack of teeth pulled and orthodontics in the 80’s, which, if you had teeth pulled and orthodontics in the 80’s you will completely understand) I am very pleased with myself for only feeling faint once, only calling my very nice dentist a few bad names (and only in my head) and booking an appointment for next week to do it again. Very grown up.