I was going to knit a lot…

Five reasons I have no really impressive progress to show you.

1. A good chunk of my knitting time was sucked into the “housekeeping, feeding your family, celebrating family milestones and earning a living” trap. I can’t believe I keep falling for that.


It was good pie though.

2. I went to the dentist again. I have not yet figured out how to knit while in the chair, and I was in the chair for a long time. (I will spare you the absolutely pathetic story of this visits panic attack. I assure you that I am normally a very tough lady and that the completely pathetic behaviour I exhibit at the dentist is a rare anomaly that is best forgotten by all parties concerned.

3. I have suffered the worlds most minor injury.


Sadly, this incredibly insignificant cut on my finger is in the precise position necessary to interfere with knitting. I can still knit, but this makes me slow. (It also makes me knit with my finger sticking up like I’m trying to make a point. Very unbecoming.)

4. Megan got an Eye Toy and Kinetic game for her Birthday.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the playstation out there. There have been a few terrible incidents involving several days of my life lost to The Sims (I do really love being in charge) and the kids (and the adults) have some pretty sharp limits on how long and when they are allowed to play. As a result, the black box of inactivity had gathered a layer of dust around here. Then Meg’s buddy Maddy walks in here last night and sets this thing up. It’s a little camera that plugs into the playstation, and the Kinetics game starts and the camera puts you on the TV and you go through all of these virtual games and workouts. You follow a glowing ball with your hands, kick a virtual ball away from a target you protect… the thing really, really gets you moving and raises your heart rate. The kids were all fighting over the privilege of getting to play and the grown-ups were having a good time too. You can watch a preview of how the thing works here. I had no idea that these virtual games even existed. It’s a very good time and leaves me, as a mother, wondering what the rules should be on a video game that’s a workout. Thoughts?

5. Ted (The Oracle) sent me yarn. I usually don’t blog gifts between friends, because I think them private matters, but this was simply to stunning to not tell you about.


Ted spindle-spun this 100 grams of finn laceweight, and it is so beautiful that huge swaths of my day are falling away as I sit and stare at it.


No photo can show you how complex and lovely the red/orange is. It makes me want to pitch everything I’m knitting now and sit fondling this one skein for all of my days. Mercy.

As compensation for the lack of knitting projects, I leave you with these pictures of hatty success. Remember when I asked knitters to help support breastfeeding by sending fruit and Veggie hats to WIC offices for Breastfeeding week? Knitters are maniacs. Jeanne received 400+ hats, and Ilene got more than 100. That’s incredible to me.

Here’s tons of hats…


only a small sampling of the hundreds that arrived in California at Jeanne’s WIC office.


Hats on tables,


hats on breastfed babies.


Hat’s in Brockton at Ilene’s WIC office.


Read more about it here (and make sure and look at Mary’s fruit and veg hats with ladybugs on the stem.) I can’t thank you all enough. Breastfeeding is such a cheap, easy way to change the lifelong health of the babies who get it and the mothers who do it, and makes such a tremendous difference to the economy of the family, that I get all choked up when I think about knitters using their wool and their wits to change the world.

Next stop…world domination through wool.