Let it be known

Let it be known far and wide across the land that (on Kelly‘s suggestion) the noble washing machine formerly known as “Mr. Washie” shall, in recognition for his many long years of service, his ability to be fixed with a $30 dollar part that Joe knew how to put in, for his unfailing loyalty and decent felting, for withstanding basement floods and holding his lid high even though he has not been given so much as a wipe in a couple of months…For dignity, class and not needing me to call a repairperson who would have taken me for a serious ride, I dub him


Sir Washie.

(We’re back in business. I bought him some really nice detergent as a treat.)

156 thoughts on “Let it be known

  1. will he get a knights pin? or maybe a commendation ribbon? Congrats to the family for having the first ever titled washie

  2. Congratulations, Steph and great job, Joe! May Sir Washie continue in his loyal and steadfast service for many years to come.

  3. OH my Lord —Joe is a wizard!!!!! HUrahh!!
    I’ll bet “Sir Washie” lasts another 10 years now that you have been kind enough to heal his ails. Just be kind and don’t overload now that he is so old himself. Happy ending to a VERY funny story.

  4. How ’bout we give it up for Handyman Joe, surely deserving of admiration for his general “handy-to-have-around”-ness. You go, Joe!

  5. All hail Sir Washie. May his agitator turn forever.
    Better make that OBE into a magnet for him. THe guy deserves it.

  6. I’m relieved. I’ve named my Kenmore 80 Series Captain Suds, hoping that a term of affection will ensure a long healthy lifespan.
    Three cheers for Sir Washie!

  7. Thanks, Yarn Harlot, for being so much like the rest of us, but for having a much more eloquent (and funnier) way of looking at life.
    Three cheers to Sir Washie! I’ll drink to that.

  8. It’s good to know that even if we break down at the good ole age of 28 (born in ’77, b-day not yet for another couple of months) that there are parts out there to fix us up. Only joking of course. Couldn’t believe me eyes that you had a washing machine as old as I am. Thankfully not too many have posted a comment yet. Do you really read all the comments to your posts when there are over two hundred of them? Just curious.

  9. Yes indeed, our Kenmore is still going too. We were unable to keep him once we moved to a place on a well (5 yrs. ago), but he’s happy at my SIL’s & she loves him. Perhaps you could make “Sir Washie” a cozy, lol.

  10. It is wonderful to hear that Sir Washie has been rewarded with a title for his many years of faithful service. Many of his Kenmore colleagues, who themselves have toiled in obscurity for years, may spin their cycles a little faster this eve with the knowledge that one of their own has been repaired and has more days of agitation to look forward. Congratulations to Sir Washie and all those who have the honor of pouring him a cup of detergent.

  11. Hurrah for Joe!! I knew he could do it, never doubted for a minute. Never saw a man more deserving of a beautiful gansey. YAY Joe!

  12. Stephanie, go easy on him in his old age. Do not cram a week’s worth of teen laundry in at one time.
    Use a fellow knitterly type to felt with…..like a felting party. Good Luck with your noble machine.

  13. All hail Sir Washie, noble knight of the Royal Order of the Garterstitch! I think he deserves recognition for his many years of faithful service – perhaps a closeup in the next book? And yea Joe – for being able to fix Sir Washie. Not a lot of handy men around these days. Does he perchance have an equally-capable brother? Distant Cousin?

  14. My MIL just sold her very first dryer along with her house — at the new homeowner’s insistence I might add. It was purchased in 1958 just prior to the birth of her third child. May Sir Washie live so long and prosper.

  15. ah how does it feel having royalty live with you?
    congratulations on your new title Sir Washie.
    Maybe if you survive long enough you will make it to Lord or Earl

  16. Congrats!! My husband, who is very mechanically inclined, has always done most of our appliance repairs. But every time I hear of a broken washer or dryer I am vividly reminded of the time my husband installed a new gas valve on our dryer. He kept trying to convince me that the gas I was subsequently smelling was nothing to worry about. When I called the gas company out and they told me not to use it because it was leaking, DH told me he’d take another look. Yeah, like that made me feel better! So I had to sneak and call a repairman who informed me that the gas valve had been installed backwards and I was lucky the house didn’t blow-up. My husband still denies any responsibility and blames it on the part.

  17. How very commendible and good, Sir Washie is. May he continue to fill, spin, and rinse for many years to come.
    Hip-hip, Horray!

  18. I was born in 1978, and it cost much more to fix my knee.
    I missed my calling. I should’ve been a washing machine.

  19. Vive Sir le Washy! May he live again as long and never endure fashion like that of the 80s πŸ™‚
    I was thinking I could send Sir Washy a magnet to honour him, is it possible?

  20. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to see a short and knitless post from you today. Since it’s TUESDAY I expect you’ve been rather busy with other things. Tuesday kind of things.
    *skips away, giggling in a slightly mad but affectionate way…*

  21. Sir Washie the longest living washer I know. The only other one I had the pleasure of washing with was my mom’s Kenmore ringer washer which was purchased new in the 1960s, moved from Plymouth, MI to Indian River, MI in ’69 and then to Afton, MI in ’79. And I shall not forget to honor Joe the Magnificent!

  22. Seems that the loyal and faithful Sir Washie ought to have something knitted for him. Perhaps a cover for his lid. May he give you many more years of leak free cycles.

  23. I hope that there was a somber ceremony in the basement involving a new load of wash, a sword and a case of beer. Hey, even Sir Washie needs to celebrate, right? πŸ˜‰

  24. Congratulations, noble Sir Washie.
    Long may you serve the home of the knitty Yarnharlot!

  25. So nice to hear Mr. Washie has been promoted to Sir Washie! Hope he makes it for another 28 years. Hey, you just never know!
    Sheri in GA

  26. Sir Washie. I like the idea of having a cover knit for him, or perhaps…..knit, then felted!

  27. I salute the noble Sir Washie. While you’re at it, perhaps Joe should be declared the Marquis of Mending, or maybe the Raja of Repair?

  28. All hail Sir Washie! He has outlasted (and out-worked) many marriages! Nicely done for the cost of two bottles of detergent and matching fabric softener.

  29. Wonderful! Sir Washy at least needs to get a knitted badge of honor! And for Joe? A beer cozy.
    Enjoy your laundry.

  30. Huzzah! Huzzah for Sir Washie! By the way, I loved how you snuck the lace in next to the picture of Sir Washie’s guts.

  31. Well…Carole…knit and run…took the words out of my mouth and had them written before I could write them….dang….but hey, a Hearty Round O’ Cheers for the noble Sir Washie!
    Towels looking ever so inviting…
    13 days..

  32. Man, how many books ya gotta sell to get a new washer? Maybe I need another copy of Knitting Rules…..
    Kidding, you must REALLY love that washer Harlot-
    Hail Sir Washie. Long live, Sir Washie. (oh my word I just said Hail to a washing machine— first knitting, now this… hopefully no one is tracking my signature;)
    Hmmmm I have a front loader- SHE’S a princess if I ever saw;)

  33. How we love our washers! Hail to all warshing machines!!
    At the turn of the century (1999/2000) Newsweek had ‘name the greatest invention of the 20th century’ contest. I think the computer won. I thought the automatic washing machine deserved the honor. I was in Peace Corps at the time and spent SUndays hauling water up from the well, haul it to my shack, pour and repour into basins/buckets, wash and rinse clothing by hand, on and on….
    the washing machine definitely deserved the honor.

  34. Hey, Imbrium! That “Sir” title is a reward for being an excellent role model. I suspect the dryer and the fridge are ecstatic for Mr. — oops — Sir Washie! (This is going to take a little getting used to.) 8-))
    And congrats to Dr. Joe — Washing Machine Surgeon Extraordinaire!

  35. Mazel tov. Sir Washie is indeed a good and loyal friend. As for your Joe, well, he totally rocks.

  36. Huzzahs to Mr. Joe, Repair Person Extraordinaire and to Sir Washie – a more enduring faithful servant to the Harlot’s family than most of us will ever know. Many more spins to each!

  37. WoooHOooooo!! I knew he would make it! *raises a glass* Here’s to Sir Washie. May he have another 28 years of life. May his motor never fail and may his filters remain unclogged.
    Happy Re-birth day, Sir Washie!

  38. Amen, baby!
    A work in progress hasn’t yet been tossed in with the dirty clothes yet (considering that the boyfriend avoids both the hamper and the washing machine at all costs), but I just know that it’s only a matter of time before two foot-long metal knitting needles bring about the end of convenient laundry. I tell myself that it won’t be that bad, that if worse comes to worst I could just scrub clothes against my abs, but something tells me it might not work as well as I’d hope (nor would it be as entertaining as it might seem in theory).

  39. I so have washer envy. Been married 9 years, am on the second washer. the guy at the store assured me that they are now built to only last 5 years. Guess number three will be coming along any time now.
    Sir Washie, you are an honor to your species! May you live long enough to wash the Harlots grandchildren’s knitted burp cloths.

  40. YEAAAA! I’m hoping the part comes for my dryer tomorrow…hubby has only one pair of undies left! Otherwise I must drudge down to the laudry mat…yuck!

  41. Long live Sir Washie! Hooray! And a big high five to may be the only manufacturer of mechanical items today that make them so they will last as long as you want them to (you hear that Toshiba laptop company?) Can’t wait to see you in Eugene this September!

  42. Thank goodness. I was a little worried about Mr. Washie. Glad to hear your laundry is getting clean again.

  43. wahoo πŸ™‚
    Does Sir Washie need any adornments? (and will magnets stick on him?) I’d be happy to make him a special “medal” of honour πŸ˜‰

  44. I raise my glass to Joe. Tooting my own horn, I just replaced two, count ’em two fuses on my 1994 (paid for) Dodge Caravan thusly reactivating the horn, the cig lighter (for Ipod use only!) and the back winshield wiper. $3.24 US and I have 4 extra fuses in the pack for future. Oh baby, the power is intoxicating. Or maybe it’s the wine.

  45. Maybe he felt neglected that you hadn’t knit him any cozies. Or maybe just a doily for the top? Not a ruffly doily, no. A manly doily.

  46. A truely noble appliance. He certainly deserves the new title. (There should be a separate category for him other than “appliance!”

  47. WHAT does it say about me that I find it very humourous that a woman I have never met had trouble with her washer, got it fixed and was so appreciative that she knighted the washer? I can’t explain it, but THANKS, Stephanie, for making me laugh whenever I read your blog.
    p.s when, oh when, are you coming to the Baltimore/DC area? Crabs and beer are on me if you make it anywhere near Annapolis!

  48. Does that make Joe the Prince of Parts? The Regent of Repairs? The Earl of Engineering? Congrats on the continued service of Mr. Washie. I would have (ahem) thrown in the towel and gone to Sears for a new one. My husband is WONDERFUL, but handy he’s not.

  49. Yay Steph. Now you don’t have to unremodel the kitchen to get the old washer out and a new washer in. We just finished remodeling a room. If I had to tear it up, I’d hurt somebody.

  50. Joe is Awesome! My hubby can repair cars, and remodel kitchens from the bare walls out, but he would not dream of touching the washing machine!
    And, I agree, Mr. Washie certainly deserved Knighthood.

  51. Speaking of laundry, my husband just did a load with a stick of gum in his pants. Apparently it made it through the wash okay, but melted all over the dryer insides. THey are hundreds of sticky splotches inside the dryer with fuzz stuck to them. Sigh.

  52. Real happy about S.W. – but YER COMIN’ TO GRANBY!!!!!! I’LL BE THERE WITH MY SISTER AND MY DAUGHTER!!!!

  53. Slainte Sir Washie, valiant conquerer of dirty laundry! And all hail Joe the Mechanically Inclined, who fixeth things. Both very useful guys to have around. Congrats on the successful operation, and happy washing!
    (Ok, why do I suddenly have this vision of Sir Washie – before he was fixed – holding the following sort of conversation? Sir Washie: “No, really, I’m fine. I will do the load!” Joe: “You have a dead part.” Sir Washie: “I’m *fine*!” Joe: “No, you’re not. See? ::holds up part:: You’re in pieces!” Sir Washie: “Give me the wash, I can do it!”…)
    And Steph, re lost vacuum opps? Dang!

  54. Steph,
    I’m glad to hear Mr. Washie is back to work and raring to go!
    I have a knitting question for you – what pattern is that the pretty green light jacket you wore during much of your most recent tour in the American west/south west? It’s a beautiful piece, out of what looks like laceweight yarn, with a lace band around your waist, and addtitional lace on the inside of the buttom hand.
    If you don’d mind sharing, I’d appreciate it. I can be reached at gcelee@msn.com Thanks!!
    Carol in southern VA

  55. Verily, Sir Washie is indeed a purl amongst the sea of mere washing machines.
    Steph, your entries on Sir Washie made me laugh out loud, I loved them!

  56. I got so sad reading your washie story. Two years ago our dryer went out, really really out, like fire hazzard type out. We had to buy a new one and since our Kenmore heavy duty was about 10 years old, we decided to replace them both with a new maytag set SO THEY’D MATCH. Duh, duh, duh, what were we thinking? I so regret it. My new washer is so crummy compared to the old one. We’ve the repair guy here twice already, once before warranty was up during year one. I could have cried reading your post. What have I done??? I could have had my own “Sir Washie” instead of a cheaply made poser!

  57. He needs a chivalric title, like Washie-The-Steadfast. And of cousre, Joe-The-Handy. Don’t you think, Stephanie-The-Clever??

  58. Wow…you are a wise and generous monarch. I, on the otherhand, shall continue to stack catfood on my Mr. Washie until he pulls a Constantine and gives me the double bird while being hauled off to washie heaven…

  59. yes i hail Sir Washie.. oh by the way .. some of the knitters/spinners from the Fiber store.. have made them selves known to me.. yippee i’m in another local knitting spinning group.. and on the 9th of sept.. i’m taking kori and 5 of her new friends from school to the stitch n’ pitch for the Arizona DiamondBacks vs. the St Louis Cardinals.. and this friday i get to pack the bags for it.. isn’t that the best! πŸ™‚ i love south west trading company.. πŸ™‚ heee.hee.. karola

  60. Yet another candidate for “Canada’s Worst Handyman 2” rejected by being too handy. *laughs* The search for candidates continues.

  61. Hail. Hail. But lest we not forget the beautious bounty of she who stands so faire at his side! Lady Maytag or The Lady of GE be she? Should her faith be aire that of the Lady of Shalott? To come to her end of days with unrequited love or nairy a tale told?

  62. Old really does last. We have a TV in my house that’s over 20 years old. It still works great – my 15 year old brother uses it in his room. I hope Sir Washie lasts for many years to come!

  63. Unfortunately, my refrigerator was born from a different lineage. It needs 5 parts, a repair technician and $249. Since it is only 3 years old, came with the house and would cost way more to replace with like kind, it will be fixed. It will not be knighted based on this performance.

  64. Yeah, those old appliances just won’t die. We had a really, really old Kenmore Heavy Duty washer as well (I’m guessing it was the same vintage as Mr. Washie). It was old ‘n used when I moved into this house in 1994 and finally gave up the ghost in 2001. So far (frantically touching wood), my Kenmore front loader has been a dream.
    The Kenmore heavy duty dryer (same vintage as the old top loading washer) just keeps on ticking. I’ve thought it was on the verge of giving up for at least the last two years (because it emits these sad and pathetic squeaks), but it keeps on keeping on.
    I love the idea of some swank magnet to adorn Sir Washie, in recognition of his years of selfless service.

  65. We kneel before you in awe, Sir Washie of Lower Harlothome. Long may you continue to serve your Mistress.

  66. Treat Sir Washie with kindness and gentleness – what wonderful service he has provided! Can you knit him a cozy or something?

  67. I too am the proud owner of a Kenmore heavy-duty, circa 1970’s. I bought it just a few months ago from a business that refubishes old appliances.
    After hearing the saga of Sir Washie, I will look upon my washer and her faithful companion, the dryer, with much affection. I hope the legacy of Sir Washie continues and that his inspiration reaches my laundering pair.
    Congratulations, Sir Washie! A toast to you!

  68. Wow, Steph! Seriously, I think you should forward this information to their CEO. You can find his name is Standard and Poor’s Index (ask your friendly local librarian) and remember, Sears is now owned by KMart. Tell Joe I have a kitchen drawer that needs to be rebuilt and I can do a whole lot better than a case of beer!

  69. So if you’re being served by a knight doesn’t that mean that you’d have to be a queen, or at least a lady?
    Or is Sir Washie the knight-errant, sworn to a deity, so it comes under your status as knitting goddess?

  70. Congratulations to Sir Washie. By the way did you know that your sewing machine is 47 years old, and as far as I know never made any complaints. I guess you need to find a name for that one as well.Things were made to last all those years ago.

  71. You *are* seriously sleep-deprived, knit-deprived, and over-caffeinated if you think that buying nice laundry detergent is a treat for Sir Washie! :o)

  72. All hail Sir Washie! I have a 26 year old Kenmore Heavy Duty. While its drying mate had to be replaced several years ago, it has never needed so much as a repair.Of course, in our home, we never discuss appliances in the presence of other appliances. A word to the wise.

  73. All hail Sir Washie!!!
    May I recommend very FLAT magnets or they will be scraped off in the loading process.
    May I recommend those magnets from the stationery store that you can use to peel-and-stick on your own printouts. I know they come in credit-card size…Sir Washie may need a series of them to accomodate his weighty accolades now!

  74. I haven’t been up to much these days. Today was a loss. Nothing seems important. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me these days.

  75. I haven’t gotten anything done today. I feel like a fog, but what can I say? I’ve just been letting everything wash over me lately, not that it matters. Shrug.

  76. I just don’t have anything to say right now. I haven’t been up to anything recently, but it’s not important. I’ve just been sitting around waiting for something to happen, but shrug.

  77. I’ve more or less been doing nothing worth mentioning, but eh. My life’s been really bland today. I don’t care. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me these days. That’s how it is.

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