Meg is 15!

Today is Megan’s 15th birthday, and she continues to be a lovely, engaging young knitter woman. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Megan for not doing anything too horrible during the year she was 14…and especially for not doing anything that involved a fire truck, police station or the words “safe house”. Keep it up kid, and I’ll keep making the birthday waffles.


We have a tradition that the birthday person in the family plans the menu for all three meals of their day. I’ve been absolutely flabbergasted to discover that even when they can have anything at all, the girls still plan really well balanced meals. Meg’s dinner tonight is rice, mushroom sauce and those yummy fake meatballs from The President, (I really feel affection for him, don’t you?) salad with goat cheese, balsamic and pine nuts, and apple pie with sharp cheddar.

When I was Meg’s age I think I chose a big plate of sauteed mushrooms. Full stop. (That was a great dinner.)

Although today is Tuesday (and tuesdays are for spinning) it rained too much yesterday for the fleece to dry. Today is warm and sunny, but too windy to put the fleece outside, so I guess it will wait for another 24 hours before I haul out the drumcarder. (Really, I need to wash more anyway. I’ll fulfill my spinning obligation by washing fleece. I do it on the stove…I’ll show you how in an upcoming blog if you want. It’s gross, but effective.)



My shropshire shawl is amusing me to no end. I’ve worked three repeats, and by my reckoning (and without figuring the math for getting my chosen 50 row border to fit) I think I need seven. According to the shawl calculator (found on Jessica’s blog in the sidebar), this means I’m about 14% done.

14%? This could take a little longer than I thought.

Shawl Q&A

Mary Asked what needles I’m knitting this on…


3mm Ebony Holtz & Stein circulars. I like them, since they are

a) Black. Easy to see white yarn on black needles.

b) Pointy enough. I would wish for pointier, but I always do.

c) Wood. Gives a little bit of grip for manipulating wee yarn.

d) Have a reasonably smooth join, though I still find that the yarn catches on the join as I try to pull it back over on the purl side. (Someday I will do a scientific study about why “knit-facing” mounted stitches slide nicely over even the most craptastic of joins, but “purl-mounted” stitches resist the charms of even the nicest of needles. Anybody else notice this?)

Barbara A.M. asks:

All that laceweight yarn is inspiring me to try some myself. Any advice to someone trying their first laceweight project? Should I make your snowdrop shawl? Is there a classic, laceweight yarn that every knitter should use in at least one project? I am wide open to suggestions from those who have gone before!

I actually wouldn’t suggest my snowdrop shawl for a beginner, not because it isn’t easy…but because the directions are a little “quick and dirty”. I’d suggest starting with any of the shawls or scarves from Fiddlesticks Knitting. Dorothy’s charts and instructions are impeccable, and several of her designs (like Lotus Blossom or the Triple Mohair Triangle) are written for larger gauge yarns, so you don’t have to get used to lace and tiny yarn all at once. Really, I don’t think lace is difficult, it’s mostly just yarn-overs and knit two togethers, it’s keeping track of where you are that takes learning. My solution involves moving post-it notes around the chart.

WavyBrains (love that) asks:

What ball winder do you use/recomend for these herculean tasks?

I’ve got me a standard issue ball winder. The gears on it are starting to go, but it’s served me nobly for many years. The design limits the ball size, some huge skeins (like the shropshire) need to be broken down into smaller balls, but I don’t mind, especially with lace, when a large ball is more likely to result in a tangled ball.

Some knitters swear by nostepinnes, but when it comes to winding 3000m of yarn (that’s 3km!) there’s no way I’m doing it by hand. I want to be able to use my hands when I’m done.

Mardi asks:

I’m knitting a baby blanket in the Lorina Shell stitch pattern, and have resorted to knitting off my #2 needle onto a #5 just before the row that says “knit 4 stitches together” because otherwise one ends up paralyzed after attempting to work the needle through the 4 frickin’ stitches umpteen times over. Anyone else out there ever have this sort of problem??

Yes. I myself work multi-knit togethers using a complex system requiring a decent Shiraz, a very pointy needle, isolation and curse words. You don’t want to know what “PURL 4 together” takes.

Other solutions welcome.

Filambulle says:

That whole lace thing is addictive, isn’t it?

Yes. Next question?

Tour update:

Jayme-the-still-seems-pretty-wonderful-publicist who is completely in charge of where/when/why I go places has sent me some updates for the tour page.

Sept. 10th I’ll be at Yellow Dog Knitting in Eau Claire, WI at 6pm

Saturday, September 16th I’ll be at the Park Slope Barnes and Noble in Brooklyn at 7:30.

Sunday, September 17th I’m going to the Knit Out in Union Square

(New York, New York ) from 11am to 5pm

….and there’s one change. The Powells event in Portland is at Powell’s Books for Home and Garden, 3747 Southeast Hawthorne Blvd, not at the other store.

I’ll update the tour page shortly, but for now, I’m off to bake birthday pie.

226 thoughts on “Meg is 15!

  1. Since I’ve been knitting gauntlets & fingerless gloves with lots of k2tog’s – I’m feeling not quite so spazzed out, knowing that everyone loves them as much as I do! As always, thanks for the I’m-not-the-only-one boost!

  2. Hippo Birdies, two ewes! Happy birthday, Meg!
    The Shropshire, by the way, is looking most beautimous. Glad you decided to go with all us yarn lemmings. Sounds like a band, no?
    (Woot! First -or nearly first- post! Puts a little brightness in my day.)

  3. Meg is a very good and healthy girl. Every year for my birthday I eat ice cream for every meal. Every. single. meal. And it’s great! I’m neither healthy, nor good.

  4. Happy Birthday to Megan – a lovely girl who really seems to have her act together. I hope my son (who will be 16 in less than a month) will take a fancy to a girl like this. Way to go Mom!

  5. Happy Birthday Meg!
    There is something about the PC product line, so many great things….
    I love the Shropshire lace! If you get fed up with your wood needles you could always take some sandpaper to them to make them pointier. I personally am always scared of doing this but I do it on older bamboo dpns. Then use wax paper to polish them. Although this gets rid of the very useful black colour.

  6. I yield to no one in my admiration for your grasp of the-photo-as-punchline, but some of us are not as young as we once were, and springing the Shropshire (good title) on us all unaware and innocent-like is the moral equivalent of going “BOO!” behind a cardiac case.
    And please advise the Marketing Department that t-shirts saying “This could take a little longer than I thought” would be a good idea. Mugs. Refrigerator magnets. Maternity tops.

  7. Checking your tour page, I was just wondering if the newly “uncovered plane plot” will have an impact on bringing your knitting as a carry-on… I cannot imagine how this would completely affect you emotionnaly.
    Happy birthday Meg and enjoy the pie!

  8. Fifteen on the 15th makes this a special year indeed. Happy Birthday to Megan! I want someone to make me that wonderful dinner. And the waffles look so yummy! As does the lace!

  9. Happy, happy birthday, Megan! Many happy returns of the day! Seems like Mom is doing a good job, eh?

  10. Wahoo!! I’m so excited – you’re coming to New York. Doing the happy dance over here on 7th Avenue. But um, what’s the Knit Out and how come I haven’t heard of it?? Do we need to sign up?
    And Happy, happy birthday Megan. Have a wonderful year.

  11. Powell’s on Hawthorne? Where will they put us all? They’ll have to shut down the street. I don’t think the organizer has a clue what a following you have.
    HB Megan!

  12. That lace pattern is stunning!
    And I agree the world is a better place because of President’s Choice. Their Blue Menu freezer dinners have saved me many a late morning.
    And happy brithday Meg, and many more to come!

  13. Happy Birthday, Megan! Leos rock.
    And you’ll be in Park Slope?! Thumper just let out something that sounded an awful lot like “woohoo!” when I told him the good news. He wants a snuggle from his birthday twin.

  14. Woohoo! Congratulations Meg on the big 1-5! Hope this year is your best one yet. (and with waffles like that, how can you go wrong?)
    The Shropshire is lovely… I’ve been contemplating lace but haven’t started yet. Maybe I’ll have the courage now.

  15. Here’s my trick for the multiple k-togs – with a smaller sized crochet hook, I slip the hook through the stitches (knitwise or purlwise, as indicated), hook the working yarn around and then pull through. Then it’s just a matter of transfering the new stitch to the right needle while dropping the other stitches off the left.
    Nothing new here, I’ll bet. I’m not sure this would work with all yarns (I’ve never tried it with laceweights) but it’s helped me out a few times with k4togs.

  16. Happy Birthday, Megan! (Did you make the final editorial decision on the photo? It’s smashing!)
    Steph, sorry. I barely registered the knitting content of your post. Meg is a hard act to follow…

  17. I love the idea “Rams” had about the marketing — “This could take a little longer than I thought.” Especially on maternity tops, but I can see it on knitting project bags… Yarn Harlot knitting fan tee shirts… (Imagine!)… sock patterns… home remodeling tool kits… the mind reels and the possibilities are endless!

  18. Happy Birthday Meg! Keep on making those good choices.
    Steph, the shawl is looking loverly. And my technique for kXtog (where X is greater than 2) is similar, but involves harder liquor. Preferably that uber dark rum. You know the one.

  19. Thank you much for the suggestions on chosing shawl patterns. Somehow, I’ve agreed to make a “very special” (her words) one for my mother. I’m slightly less terrified, now.
    As well, thank you for letting me know that I’m not the only one the words who utters words to the effect of: “Don’t even think about talking to me. I’m doing a K4tog!” (Most likely followed 30 seconds later with “Why are you still talking to me?”)
    Most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Meg πŸ™‚ 15 is way more fun than 14…

  20. Does it have to be “knit 4 together”? Could it be worked as “slip 3, knit 1, pass 3 over”?
    Sometimes there’s what the instructions tell you to do — or the result they want you to have — and then there’s the reality of execution.

  21. Dear Stephanie:
    Any chance you’ll be coming to the Wash, DC/Baltimore area?
    Just got back from a week long knitting retreat in Washington, Maine. What a great time! Visited a wind powered spinnery, a sheep farm that dyes all its wool with botanicals and sea water and a cashmere goat farm. Best of all got to sit down and talk knitting, breathe knitting and probably eat knitting. I’ll be hacking up a hairball soon!

  22. Happy Birthday Meg! Wish someone would make me waffles for my birthday breakfast…

  23. Happy Birthday Megan! May you enjoy many more, and maybe your mom would share the recipe for those wonderful waffles?
    And Rams? If the wonder-publicist doesn’t go for the idea, maybe we could CafePress our own? Picture “This could take a little longer than I thought . . .” t-shirts, with the phrase set over two needles holding (what else) the infamous gansey sweater, set alongside a bottle and half-full wineglass — or full Martini, your choice!

  24. Happy 15th, Megan. Enjoy your day.
    Steph, can you mail me some of those waffles? Just send them to
    chez trek

  25. Happy Birthday to you Meagan . You have INDEED chosen a lucious meal.Best of everything for you this year.
    The shawl is BEAUTIFUL and has also tempted me to try lace. Me thinks “Branching Out” scarf with a merino is going to be it to start. Thank you for the posting Stephanie, I enjoy each one every day.

  26. I have a theory on why you have more trouble getting stitches over joins on purl rows than on knit rows. And this theory has nothing at all to do with the alignment or shape of the stitches.
    I’ve found that I knit more tightly than I purl. Is it the same for you? If so, I think that’s your answer. When you’re working on a purl row, that means you’re shifting around stitches that have previously been knit. If you knit more tightly than you purl, the stitches are smaller, thus more tight on the needles, thus more likely to get caught in a join. When you’re on a knit row, you’re tugging previously purled stitches around. And again, if you purl more loosely than you knit, that means they’re slightly bigger and less tight on the needle.
    For me, this isn’t a lace-specific thing, but a phenomenon I deal with whenever I’m knitting something stockinette-based back and forth on circular needles with a less than perfect join. But since I’ve misplaced my worksheet with the knitting styles peculiarities of all of my favorite bloggers, I don’t know if the same holds for you. πŸ˜‰

  27. Happy Birthday to Megan! That’s some crazy birthday menu. I probably would have chosen some wonky stuff like lasagne, yorkshire puddings and cauliflower with cheese sauce, then lemon-lime cheescake for dessert.
    Your shawl looks awesome. Go read “Too Much Wool” some of her commenters have a great cheat for the purl eleventeen million together.

  28. I can understand how you might mistake Wisconsin (cows & cheese) for Iowa (pigs & corn) …sweetjebustoast – who do I have to seduce to get you to visit the Quad Cities’ SnB? I promise you’ll be transported, fed, cosseted, loved, gushed over, boozed up, and sent home in great shape!

  29. Happy birthday to a lovely young woman! Sounds like you guys have some rocking traditions.
    Now, when you coming to Atlanta? We have hockey down here and tons of knitters!

  30. Happy Birthday Meg!
    I could really go for a waffle right now. With fresh fruit. Yummmm. Too bad I’m at work. (Clearly workin’ hard.)

  31. Happy 15th Birthday Megan. I have an upcoming 15 year old too. Your meal selections for the day sound grand. I hope you have a lovely day and a very lovely year.
    Steph, your lace work is lovely. I love how you break it down, I do the same thing. Sort of makes a game out of it on the side.
    Hats off to you for washing your wool after you already did it once. I did it once and have ever since mailed my fleeces to my good friends at Zeilinger Wool Company with a check saying, “Please make this pretty.” You are a very strong woman and I applaud you.

  32. Had to delurk to say OMG the Harlot is coming to NYC! I can’t wait to meet you! Or just to breathe the same air. =) I will make plans to be at the knit out!

  33. Happy Golden Birthday Miss Beautiful Meg! You are a much more adventurous eater than I was at your age (or am at my age, almost a decade later). Enjoy your day, keep up all the good-kid-ness!
    Oh, and try some ice cream on those waffles for a dessert (or ridiculous breakfast) sometime. Its good stuff.

  34. Happy B’day Megan — 15 was one of my favorite years (if not my mother’s). I hope you enjoy every minute of it! Great picture, btw!
    Brooklyn and NYC — that is exciting news for me – hopefully I’ll get to both! Any chance of drinks being organized after the B&N event? That might tip the scale, so to speak.

  35. Rams is bang on. LOVE “this could take a little longer than I thought” !!
    Happy Birthday Megan. Birthday rules in this house mean the birthday person doesn’t do dishes, all day. Enjoy being 15 – I remember it well, though it be a while (okay, a long while) ago.

  36. Meg, Happy Birthday! 15 is a great age, and an awful one, and well, just enjoy yourself.
    Wishing you the happiest birthday.

  37. Powell’s on Hawthorne? Where will they put us all?
    that’s just what i was going to say. i was already thinking the main location could be pretty packed.

  38. My son just celebrated his 13th birthday on the 13th, and someone told me they call that a Golden Birthday–so Happy Golden Birthday Megan!
    President’s Choice is great. On my regular visits to Toronto I always stock up on my favorites (including butter tarts of course). Now one of my local Philly-area stores carries some products too, which makes life easier . . .

  39. Happy, Happy Birthday to Meg! Hoping that 15 brings you more years of happiness and enjoyment! Hope it’s a beautiful day.
    What a beautiful shawl. Love the Shropshire pattern. I’m very impressed that you are actually knitting on the Joe gansey. At least you have more yarn, so you can wash and spin more and also knit, it’s a good thing. At least you’re further along than just washing and spinning all of the yarn, right?

  40. Yeah, Powell’s on Hawthorne! Be prepared to shop for food while you’re there, back a small igloo. You’ll understand once you’re there. The main store could barely hold us all, so I don’t know its going to work in this smaller one. But The east side is always better than the west side in Portland. Can’t wait for your visit.

  41. I am so frickin’ excited that you are coming to NYC! I plan on going to both events. Not that I’m a stalker or anything, I swear. Hooray for yarn!

  42. Congratulations, Meg, and Happy Birthday! I’ve found that 14 is the hardest age, so you’re out of the woods now. πŸ™‚ (I teach 10-14 year olds… I have scientific proof.)
    I love that new shawl. It’s like the perfect melding of those Norwegian roses (aren’t they called blades or something?) and lace.
    My technique for the k or p anymore than 2 together is using a size 1 to get through the stitches and actually perform the stitch, then putting it on the right hand needle. These new KnitPicks Options are so pointy, however, that I haven’t had to do this since getting them.

  43. Happy 15th B-day Meg and many more. Have a wonderful day! We have the same tradition, but my 12yr old son chose ‘the works’ breakfast (which is the only meal I can really rock on), In n Out for lunch, and Sushi for dinner.
    The shawl is looking great Stephanie – we can’t wait to meet you when you come to CA next month!

  44. Wow….what a gorgeous kid!!! You’d better keep a baseball bat by all the doors in your house. You know, to beat the boys away!!
    Happy 15th Meg!!!
    I have a pretty cool 15 year old son named Alex……..ow, ow, ow! Stop hitting me with the bat!!!! ;o)

  45. Happy Birthday Megan. I greatly approve of the breakfast waffle. ::yum::
    I am SO EXCITED to hear that yarn harlot is coming to Eau Claire, WI. Place of my birth and only 1.5 hours from my current home in St. Paul. I have already sent out the call to the “East Side Fiber Enabelers” and we are planning to make a day of it.
    If you get in early you should check out the Leinie Lodge in Chippewa Falls.
    Pretty decent American pilsners. AND Olson’s Ice Cream Parlor (best ice cream ever!)

  46. I think the perfect laceweight project is a scarf (and I normally hate to knit scarves) because you can splurge on some really nice yarn, and it’s a much smaller scope than a shawl. Also, a lace scarf in a mohair-type yarn is surprisingly warm, very pretty, and fuzzy enough to disguise a few mistakes. And lastly, you can probably get by without a pattern — just pick a lace pattern you like, cast on enough for a few repeats, and you’re off!

  47. Hey Steph! Forget the knitting I am quite impressed with the waffle!!
    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter.
    I’m off to check out the fiddlesticks site. Any change you’ll be coming to NJ again?

  48. Happy birthday, Meg! Enjoy your dinner. Love the shawl, Stephanie. I am so glad you bent under the peer pressure and chose “open.”

  49. Happy Birthday Megan! I’m certainly curious as to how you wash fleece on the stove as I’ve never tried to process a fleece on my own and would love to see how it’s done. Your shawl is lovely. Such a beautiful pattern!

  50. Margaret Atwood has a new invention, have you heard about it? You could stay at home, knit, and do a book signing at the same time!

  51. Happy birthday Meg! Those waffles look delicious.
    Stephanie, I finally got your third book and am enjoying it very much.
    You think knit (or purl) 4 together is bad? Try a 7 into 5 cluster (k7tog, yo, k7tog, yo, k7tog all in the same stitch). It can be a bit tricky, but it’s not too bad as long as you remember to loosely purl those 7 stitches on the previous row. And I think the result is worth it–it kind of looks like a star or flower.

  52. Happy Birthday, Meg!
    Someone posted a brilliant little piece of purl x-freaking-too-many-stitches-together over on TMW’s comments today (to help her deal with the shawl freakout situation). I may have to try that. It involves slipping x-1 stitches purlwise and purling the last stitch, then passing over the stitches you just slipped, one by one. Because honey, there ain’t enough merlot in the world for an Addi versus P5tog.
    I know. I should stop using Addis for lace. And perhaps get a better merlot.

  53. “This could take longer than I thought”–I agree, knitting bags, tshirts, coffee mug, whatever. If the proceeds went to one of your causes–such as Tricoteuse sans Frontiers…I’d buy something for everyone in my St. Elizabeth’s Guild (hats etc for newborns and their older sibs in the parish) and the prayer shawl knitting group and…

  54. “This could take longer than I thought”–I agree, knitting bags, tshirts, coffee mug, whatever. If the proceeds went to one of your causes–such as Tricoteuses sans Frontieres…I’d buy something for everyone in my St. Elizabeth’s Guild (hats etc for newborns and their older sibs in the parish) and the prayer shawl knitting group and…

  55. And a Golden Birthday no less–Yay!
    Wait. . . wait a minute. . . have mine eyes decieved me!!??? Could it be. . .is it true? THE ILLUSTRIOUS YARN HARLOT IS COMING TO WISCONSIN!!!!!
    Somebody break out the Leinenkugels! Order the veggie brats, fry up some cheese curds. . . do something!!!! Call the govenor! AAAAAHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!! I can’t believe it! (It should be noted that I just scared the bejeezes out of my poor two-year-old son with my uluations of joy.) Time to start the chant: “Road Trip, ooh, yeah, road trip!”

  56. happy birthday dear meg…….. and be real happy your mom didn’t put up lame baby pics. (We would love you as a baby, and just make fun of your mom’s hair.)
    denny asks;
    coming out to play this week?

  57. Happy birthday to Megan! Her birthday meal sounds absolutely delicious. Please do share the top-of-the-stove method. I’ve got my eye on a sheep for next year’s shearing. This year’s fleece was gorgeous (I passed it up) and I’d be afraid to send it to a mill.

  58. Happy Birthday, Meg! Your meal plan sounds wonderful, and those waffles looked to-die-for!
    Hey, Stephanie – is there any chance you’ll make it to the Twin Cities? If you’re going to be in Eau Claire, that’s only two hours away by car, faster maybe by plane. And, we have this placed called the Textile Center where the Knitter’s Guild meets, and there is a nice big room that would accomodate at least a couple hundred knitters.
    If you’re not coming here, I smell a road trip to Eau Claire for myself and some other local knitters probably too…can you let us know if you think you’ll make it here so we can plan appropriately? The blankie wants to meet you.

  59. hi! i am a fairly recent convert to the musings of the harlot, so there may be some reason for this that has been discussed previously and i am just naively unaware….. but why does all the yarnharlot touring take place in the states and rarely in canada?

  60. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter…she’s such a pretty little thing!!
    The shawl rocks…

  61. Happy Birthday, Megan! Almost old enough to drive.
    There is a solution to the “drying fleece on a windy day” dilemma. There is a woman in Missouri who makes the most ingenious mesh bags for washing fleece that also can be hung outside in two different ways to dry fleece, in a hurricane if you wish! is her email for info. Really.

  62. Happy Golden Birthday, Beautiful Megan! Outstanding requests for your birthday menu. You’re doing great.
    About the needles, yes I’ve noticed that, have been working on some lace and it’s been driving me a bit nuts, and I’m using Addis, go figure.
    I’m with Rams and her splendid idea….loving it!
    Shropshire is beautiful, absolutely lovely.
    20 days.

  63. Happy birthday, Meg! (Now I’m craving blueberries.) And Stephanie, that shropshire lace is absolutely gorgeous. And you know what you did? You got me to pull out a TOAD of a cashmere lace scarf, sit down and doggedly do it till it was done, and looking at it this morning, all gorgeous and blocked, it was like, so what took me so long? This is wonderful!
    So thank you for the inspiration. You didn’t know you were making that scarf happen for me, but you did. See what a pretty picture’ll do?

  64. Happy Birthday, Meg!
    Re k4tog:
    I posted my solution yesterday, but here it is again:
    Put the right needle through as if you were going to do it the standard way. Then ~accidentally~ remove the left needle from those four stitches. (Note that this is _not_ slip4 in either the usual knitwise or purlwise.) Now put just the stitch at the end of the right needle back on the left needle in its normal position, and knit it. Now pass the other three slipped stitches over it.
    P4tog is the same, only easier. Slip3 purlwise, purl 1, pass the 3 stitches over.
    The crochet hook method is good, too, but my way you don’t have to stop and dig out a hook from the knitting bag.

  65. I am working on the Branching Out scarf and think I may be hooked. Although I worked a large section at work last night on the wrong side and had to rip it all out. Any hints for ripping lace? Darned laboring women demanding my attention while I’m KNITTING….

  66. Laceweight is thread! Just like preparation for nursing is best done with clothes pins (tell me I’m wrong!!), this is another one of those details that isn’t fully explained!! But I found some very lovely laceweight to get my feet wet – a mallard superlamb (don’t know what that means) and a garnet merino that I bought from Skaska Designs at Stitches Midwest. I am still giddy from my two lacemaking workshops I took this weekend. So many talented knitters! I have ripped out the mallard 2x already and think I will go with a “palatine” before I dive into any version of the Orenburg shawls. I got smart and tried the stitches out on cotton and size 6 and have a hefty dishcloth for my efforts.

  67. You’re coming to Wisconsin – I braved the train in Chicago and hurray here you come! – would it be too weird if I came to see you again or just downright creepy? I’m really not weird or creepy, well…I don’t think. In any case, happy birthday to your dear daughter – many more!

  68. I guess I’ll have to delurk too….you’re coming to the KNIT OUT in New York! Hooray…but only one problem…I will be in Korea…I’m tempted, but a 14 hour flight is just to much to endure, even for the Harlot! I’ll have to catch you on your next visit to Broadway. (Union Square is on Broadway)

  69. OH NO! Now you tell me, my first lace project IS your Snowdrop shawl. I have been working on it since DEC. I am 24 rows away from casting off the main part. I hope to show it to you when your are at Third Place Books on Sept 3.

  70. A happy birthday to Meg!
    The Shropshire shawl (say that one three times fast!) looks like it’ll be stunning once it’s complete. Not that it’s not stunning now, of course! But lace knitting always blows me away, and I get the feeling this will be no exception!

  71. Happy Birthday Megan! What a well-rounded meal, impressive! These days I ask for potato croquettes and my mom sneaks in all kinds of vegetables with the meat and potato, shredding them so I don’t notice. Or can’t complain. Or can’t pick ’em out. It works and it’s delicious anyway.

  72. Happy, happy birthday Meg!
    We’re very happy that your mum is going to make it to NYC. Yahoo!

  73. Meg is the prettiest of all your middle daughters. Happy birthday! That is one fine breakfast, and dinner sounds pretty good too.
    I recently discovered that although I can plan a main course, I suck royally at side dishes. I admire your choices. I think if it were up to me, dinner would be “the biggest chai creme brulee ever made”.
    Love the shawl. It’s going to be absolutely stunning.

  74. Steph,
    I’m emailing a problem a SNB knitter here in Columbia,SC had on a plane this past weekend. Her knitting was in her checked (not carry-on) baggage, and the needles and knitting in progress were removed when the bag was checked. Just a heads-up for your tour!

  75. Geeze, they moved your Portland visit site. You must go visit the big Powells at SW 10th & Burnside. They call it the City of Books. It’s not to be missed. A whole blockful of bookstore. I’ve only ever seen bumper stickers with “keep ______ weird” with Portland in the middle, not Austin. But we can promise you good beer. In fact Close-Knit ( has a brewpub across the street and they let you carry a pint over to their wednesday night knitting. Between you and our Portland knitting community, I think it’s going to be way to small a venue. Oh, well. I’ll be there anyway, rubbing elbows with your other fans.
    Lori Rode

  76. Happy Birthday Meg! I am astonished at the growing up my daughter is doing in this her 15th year. The “this could take a little longer than I thought” does not apply to children!! Enjoy 15!!

  77. Happy birthday, Megan! Mid-teens, ohboy; the good and the bad. Hang in there through the ups and downs, and remember – in another 15 years, things won’t be nearly as hard. [g]
    Stephanie – the Hawthorne Powell’s? Whee! Closer to me! And I’ve never managed to make it to that one yet. (I tend to go the Mother Ship.) Cool, Hawthorne is a very funky neighborhood. We may be hangin’ out the windows, but around there, who’ll notice? Um…and there’s a yarn store on Hawthorne, too. The Yarn Garden, 1413 SE Hawthorne. Never been, heard it’s a leetle expensive, but good. πŸ˜‰ If you’re at a hotel downtown, it’ll be right on the way back…

  78. Happy Birthday Megan!
    Stephanie…if you want pointy lace loving addi-esque needles, order some of knitpicks new needles. I sold all my old needles, they are that good. I’ve never been able to knit lace faster!

  79. Jeez, Steph…my eldest is THIRTY today…and no longer under my roof to clebrate birthdays with…enjoy your time with the marvelous Meg…

  80. Yeah! Eau Claire, WI is only a 2 hour drive from my house. The Yellow Dog Knits blog mentioned they will have to find an ‘off-site’ location to accommodate the number of your adoring fans so keep that in mind when updating your touring page.
    The lace looks awesome.
    And happy birthday to Megan- what a cute photo. Sue

  81. Happy Birthday to Megan!
    Beautiful shawl! Astounding! Yes, lace is quite addictive. I may do a sweater here and there and occasionally get sidetracked by socks, but I always come back to lace. There’s just something about it. Or maybe it’s just plain insanity.

  82. Happy Birthday Megan. Til lykke med foedselsdagen.
    I dag er det Megan’s foedselsdag
    hurra, hurra, hurra.
    Hun sikkert sig en gave faar
    som hun har oensket sig i aar
    og dejlig chokolade med kager til.
    Many happy returns to a beautiful girl.

  83. Well, happy bithday meg! I loved (in retrospect) being 15. it’s an age when you feel so damn mature, but not so much is demanded of you.
    And i am so EXTREAMLY happy you are comming to Brooklyn! The parkslope B&N is a favorite haunt of mine and there is defintally not a shortage of amazing places to eat close by (for one there is a thai place a block a way that my family and I are on first name basis with).
    And then I will see you again the next day at the knit out. I’m packing a lunch and a whole lot of knitting (not to mention the husband is comming along too, the non knitter that he is). =)

  84. Happy birthday to Megan! And I must say I’m totally verklempt that you’re coming to Eau Caire in Sept. I don’t even have to road trip! (Mental note to self: tell hubby he’s got the kids for the evening, ’cause momma’s got a date with a Harlot!)

  85. Did I read that right? You are coming to the knit out in nyc. I am doing the happy dance here. Wait, has NYPD been notified yet? It will be worse than Rockefeller Center during Christmas.

  86. This is the first time I’ve ever commented here (that I remember, I may have once before, but my over 40 brain is like a steel sieve).
    First Happy birthday to Meg. 15, does this mean she’ll be driving soon?
    Second. Colorado, I think you need to come to Colorado. Anywhere in Colorado I’ll manage to get there (I’m kind of in the middle). Please consider Colorado.

  87. I have to agree with all the Portlanders that we’ll be quite cozy at the Hawthorne store (but I love it there!). And so what if we “have” to spill over into the food shop next door? The cheeses and olives, and everything else, are fabulous!
    And, yes, I’d love to see the fiber washing method on the blog. I have a big bag o’llama upstairs waiting for me to get a clue. πŸ™‚

  88. Me thinks Powell’s vastly underestimates the size of the knitting community here. That is a REALLY tiny venue for all those pointy sticks πŸ™‚ No matter. I’ll be there.
    Thanks for the answer. I have been winding by hand and it takes forever. Literally think I could spin it myself faster than winding it up. Ballwinder is on my list.

  89. While I’m a little bummed that they’ve moved you from the big Powell’s downtown to the one in SE Portland just be glad that you don’t have to trek all the way out to the Beaverton Powell’s to give your talk. By the way do you get to stay at the same hotel as last year or are they putting you up somewhere else just as fabulous?

  90. The Shropshire shawl is lovely! Will you put the pattern up, or in a book, or make it available somewhere? Pretty Please? I’m so glad you are coming to Brooklyn, NY, land of my yout (pronounce it correctly, please, refer to My Cousin Vinny for help). I hope I get to go!

  91. Maybe the Hawthorne Powell’s has a secret door to a humongous basement or attic or . . . something. Lordy, I sure hope so ’cause squeezing us all in there is gonna be as crazy-making as trying to p5tog with a baseball bat.

  92. Happy birthday Meg!
    ‘Gross but effective’ sounds ideal, and I would like to learn how to wash fleece even if it didn’t sound quite so intriguing

  93. My 10 year old daughter read your post today, and her comment for the waffles was “yummy, yummy, yummy!” and her comment about Megan was “Gosh, she’s pretty!” So our compliments to the chef and the birthday girl!

  94. Feliz cumpleanos, Meg!
    Esta su quincenera!
    Todos des personas en Tejas mandan muchos besos a ti!
    (Just a quick Happy Birthday from the crazy Texans!) And to let you know that in Mexico and Texas, when a Latina turns 15, her mother and father provide a coming out party that usually rivals or exceeds her wedding in flamboyance, cost, raiment, etc! Aren’t you lucky you live in Canada, Steph? πŸ™‚

  95. Happy Birthday Megan!
    Stephanie, could you ask the person incharge of organizing your tour dates, if and/or when you will tour western Canada? I would love to see you in Calgary!
    PS: I’m new to the blog and am slowly working my way through the archives… that is a lot of reading!

  96. *sob* I can’t believe you’re finally coming to NYC, and you will be here for my birthday, and (this part I think you’ll really understand) I will be in San Diego providing labor support for my friend, if the baby/uterus/bag of waters cooperates. Birth before knitting. Actually, quite a lot of knitting before the birth (14 rows left on a blanket, and 1.5 booties completed) but you know what I mean.

  97. Happy 15th Birthday, Megan! In the states, it’s in the 15th year that a young person can begin learning to drive — the aim being, for many, to be able to take the test for the actual driver’s license on (or as close as humanly possible to) the 16th birthday. Is it so in Canada?
    See you in Eau Claire! ; )

  98. Happy birthday Meg! The dinner sounds YUMMY.
    As for the knit/purl 4tog… some wrangling and a small crochet hook is usually what I will resort to. Carefully get those 4 onto the hook, pull the yarn through, and put it back where it belongs. Maybe a bit spazzy, but I can’t do 3+ togs of anything.

  99. Darn it all, you go to Eau Claire, WI and not Milwaukee? We have great beer here. Ever hear of Laverne and Shirley, based on the old Schlitz Brewery downtown that is now a cool, hip, new condo thing.
    And Happy Birthday to Meg.

  100. Happy Birthday, Meg! I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that I’m not the only person on this earth who loves a good Birthday Pie. Forget the cake. Bring on the pie!

  101. Happy B-day Megan!! 15 is great (as I recall). Ohhh. Harlot – info on cleaning fleece – Yaaaa! I told myself I’d not clean it myself, but buy it cleaned already – but now I am finding I know folks who actually own sheep and llamas! They actually want to GIVE me fleece – imagine that!!

  102. Happy B-day Meg! All of those meals sound divine.
    California Latinas also celebrate their quincenera, and I read an article a few months ago about an enterprising young woman who started a business helping young ladies prepare, with dance lessons, dresses, etc. — sort of like a wedding consultant. She was doing booming business.
    The lace and the spinning — I am staying away from lace and spinning for now, I am so not ready. Maybe when I retire from my day job.

  103. i love the shawl! it so pretty.
    i have suggestions to answer those questions you asked, and someone may already have said them but here they are:
    the knit rows are easier to slide along the needle, because traditionally-worked purl stitches use more yarn (and are therefore looser) than knit stitches. same for YOs. to make the purl rows easier, you need to loosen up your tension on the knit sts a bit.
    for that K4tog, knit the first st of the 4, then transfer it back to the left hand needle, and pick each of the next 3 sts over it and off the needle 1 by one in sucession. then transfer it back to the RH needle. it’s tedious, but it works . . .

  104. Happy, happy birthday to Megan! My how you’ve grown in the past couple of years! (go figure)
    And thanks for the new-to-knitting-lace info. I, too, have become quite intrigued thanks to all the beautiful work you have shared with us.
    How do you feel about knitted toys? I myself have just cast on a sheep and am quite obsessed with the idea of them (including puppets and mittens). Any experience? Suggestions?

  105. Happy 15th Meg, and full marks for the color-coordinated berries, nail polish, china and shirt. Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Stephanie, the mosaic backsplash is fabulous — did you get to break the dishes yourself?

  106. Powells has most seriously underestimated the number of knitters who are waiting for the Portland visitation of the Yarn Harlot. No way will we all fit at the Powell’s Home and Garden store, unless they have an enormous subterranean cavern below the store that no one knows about! On the other hand, there is plenty of good beer and food in the vicinity and at least one very large yarn store.
    And, gee, what if Stephanie runs out of yarn while she’s in Portland?!! Has anyone told her about Close Knit, Abundant Yarns, Lint, Farmhouse Knits, Northwest Wool, Knit-Purl, Tangle, or any of the other zillion fine LYS in town? Does she know how many of the Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarns they have at Farmhouse, and that it’s worth a drive even if it’s way the heck out there in Beaverton? My car knows right where it is if she needs a ride.
    Has she been properly oriented to our many fine brew pubs? We all love McMenamins and Bridgeport, but what about the Lucky Lab, the Rogue, the Old Lompoc, Widmer, Mactarnahan’s/Portland Brewing, and so on and on?
    I am very concerned.

  107. The shawl is looking great so far, I have the Kinzel books and love that pattern, what a great idea to work it as a triangle. I’m jealous of your ball winder, I don’t own one at all and wind all my lace weight by hand!!! Someone had told me you couldn’t wind lace weight on a winder so I never bothered to get one. Guess they were wrong! I bet you just have to go slower. Mmmmmmmmm, waffles…….

  108. Hey, I’ve got one turning 15 Monday. It was a long hot summer in ’91! It blows my mind how quickly the time has gone. Happy Birthday Meg!
    That shawl is looking pretty, hmmm, maybe I should stop haunting blogs and go knit my Birch.

  109. First of all? She’s gorgeous. Happy Birthing/Birthday to you both. This post was a total deja vous. I swear you wrote something so similar about another birthday meal….

  110. 1. How they reasonably expect to fit you in the smaller store in Portland is beyond me. They need a city block. There are a lot of knitters out thataway.
    2. Has anyone sent you some of the knitpicks needles yet? I know they don’t ship internationally, but some of us could probably be convinced to pick some up for you. Ahem. (They are POINTY. Like, ALL CAPS, Pointy.)
    3. Happy birthday, knittergirl!

  111. Happy Birthday to Meg! She made some great food choices. Salad with goat cheese and pignoli? I am so there. (Actually I just used the rest of my pine nuts yesterday in a basil pesto…so I’m off to the store tomorrow to get more).
    Thanks for the lace pointers, also. I’m simultaneously scared to death and totally addicted to lace. My first (pathetic) attempt was the branching out scarf from Knitty and I failed miserably. I’m working my way through convertible but I do need to concentrate when I’m working on it, so it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I am full of hope, however, that one day, I, too, shall knit lace…and have a product to be somewhat proud of. πŸ™‚
    Have a great week!

  112. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo…..I will not be home for the NYC Knit Out. I will be in Virginia.
    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……I want to be there.
    Am resorting to childish whining because I REALLY want to see you in person…and you ARE COMING TO NEW YORK….but I won’t be here.

  113. You’re coming to Eau Claire!?! Woo-hoo! A simple little 2-hour jaunt from me. I just e-mailed my local knitters to see who’s up for the road trip. You made my day!!!
    btw, I started and frogged (11 frickin’ times!) my first lace project, a scarf, this weekend. Kid silk haze (lovely and absolutely a bear to frog), three different patterns, each one easier than the last, until I just gave up and cast on a pair of gauntlets with STR instead. It’s to be a birthday gift and there just ain’t time for a lace miracle to happen.

  114. Megan, happy gorgeous 15th b’day!
    Please come plan the menu at our house next week and tell your Mum that the easiest, sneakiest way to work a K87tog is to slide a crochet hook through the whole shebang and get it all over with at once.

  115. Happy birthday Meg!
    (I would have chosen the plate of sauteed mushrooms myself. With half a birthday cake. But I have a terrible diet like that. πŸ˜‰ )

  116. Excellent, Happy Birthday Meg– you’re lucky your mum’s the Yarn Harlot–I don’t think my kids are going to survive ’til 15…
    Excellent bit on lace knitting–thank you!…I’m going to wait until I have no small ones to interupt the reading of a chart…and by then, my eyes will be going–c’est la vie!

  117. Happy Birthday, Meg! Boy, that waffle looks GOOD. And…Birthday Pie? Is this also a tradition, or something she chose for Her Day?

  118. Happy Birthday Megan! You rock!
    Still no DFW?
    *rends clothing, throws self on ground, wails in despair*
    *picks self up*
    Ok, then.

  119. Happy birthday to your daughter Megan, and MY daughter Megan and I are hoping to see you in September in Oregon!

  120. Happy Birthday Megan, from one whose youngest DD just turned 15 about 3 weeks ago. That blue nail polish looks familiar. So does the necklace.

  121. About those lace comments: yes, it’s addictive. I’ve just started my first ever–Madli’s shawl from Interweave, for some reason. It was close to impossible at first, but by now (21 0f 31 repeats done, one border to follow) I am seeing the pattern and really loving it. So much so, in fact, that I am thrilled about my sister’s upcoming wedding. . . partly because it means a total of 12 hours prime lace knitting time in the car en route! However, I do need to boast of the “nupps”–Estonian madness involving PURLING SEVEN STITCHES TOGETHER. Yikes. I use the tiniest, pointiest, nearly-a-sewing-needle I can find, and yes, swearing is involved. . . I think I will do something very bulky and simple once I’m done!

  122. Happy birthday Meg. Your kids give me hope that a parent who loses her temper occasionally and is not ALWAYS the picture of calmness and empathy can still raise children who are not totally hateful from the moment they turn 12…

  123. Happy birthday, Meg! Good food choices. I love how the shawl is working up! I need to get back to working on some lace after all the Christmas presents are done (yes, I am trying to be good and get them done. I figure I will go insane by October and go on a lace knitting binge that will result in three shawls for myself)

  124. Happy Birthday Megan! When I got to choose the meal at her age, I always picked fairly healthy meals as well. My favorite still to this day is my mom’s hamburger pie. YUM!

  125. Go BROOKLYN! I can’t wait to see how many knitters Barnes & Noble can squeeze in (this is not one of their larger stores.) If you need a yarn fix there’s a lovely little yarn store just a few blocks down on 7th Ave. and Lincoln Place (Stitch Therapy, no affiliation.)

  126. Happy Birthday Meg!!!
    Woo hoo! New York!
    I’m sure you’ve already heard that you will be expected to check your laptop if you fly. The thing is, an average laptop hard drive can withstand a three foot drop. An average baggage handler will throw your bag a lot further and harder than that. If said baggage handler breaks your computer, the airline claims no responsibility. The advice going around the computer industry right now is to or leave it home.
    I’m working on my first lace project right now and it is your snowdrop shawl. It’s a fun pattern.

  127. Beautiful lace work in the shawl. Happy birthday to the daughter, and congratulations on surviving a year raising a 14 year old … she looks like a very good person.

  128. Happy B-Day Meg! She eats healthy? How is that possible?
    AND my Koigu arrived. This weekend I need to wind it and start my sock, so it can meet your sock.
    Eau Claire WI . . . New Glarus Beer, Spotted Cow. Countdown Harlot 25 days. . .

  129. Lovely daughter, lovely lace, but what happened to Icarus? Have you finished and I missed it? About thost multiple knit togehters, I just finished the Trellis Lace scarf from Interweave Knits with its “knit 7 into 5″s and, after the first one, I followed the suggestion to purl very loosely on the row before. Also, pointy ebony needles helped a lot.

  130. Damn, those are some good lookin’ waffles-but nothing compared to the young lady holding them.
    Happiest of birthdays Meg! From what your mother writes, you are just as beautiful on the inside as the outside, and you knit too-so you are pretty damn cool in my book.
    Hope your 15th year is your best yet. Keep on rockin’ the needles, and try not to give your mom too much of a hard time (well, maybe just enough to keep her on her toes).

  131. Happy (late) Birthday, Megan! (And a happy day to you too, Stephanie–we moms should get more credit for our work on that day!) I love the birthday meal tradition, and Megan’s sounded so yummy! I think we may start the same tradition around here…
    P.S. Joe’s gansey is awesome!

  132. Thanks for the tips. I was wondering how excited I should be to get to those p5tog’s on the Swallowtail shawl i’m working on (from the recent IK). Now I know. Wine acquisition and consumption will commence shortly.

  133. Happy birthday from one Megan to another. πŸ™‚
    i’m loving the shawl & wishing for a trip to NYC in September!

  134. Happy Birthday Megan! What fantastic looking birthday waffles. Your shawl is beautiful, I can’t wait to see it blocked. Does this mean you finished Icarus??

  135. Happy Birthday Meg. 15 is great – you can still live life without having to worry about what you’ll do with the rest of it…
    Are you wearing a golden A on your shirt? Does anyone else see the Hester Prinne reference?

  136. Happy Birthday Megan!!
    Powell’s on Hawthorne??!! I agree with everyone else, THEY ARE NUTS!! But I can’t wait, this will be a great experience. Now to see if dh has any good home brew specially for you!!

  137. Stephanie,
    Can you tell me where I can get a copy of the pattern of this shawl. I really like that pattern!! So lovely!
    Becky in the heart of USA

  138. “Saturday, September 16th I’ll be at the Park Slope Barnes and Noble in Brooklyn at 7:30.”
    YAY!!! I hope to be there with bells on! Dizzy’s Diner for dinner afterwards and Uncle Louie G’s for Italian ice.

  139. Holy Cow! The Eau Claire event is nearly close enough to drive to! Only 6 hours! One way! (Hey, we used to have to drive 4 hours round trip to get McDonalds… and I have driven to Eau Claire for my neice’s hockey games).
    Happy Birthday, Meg. Many more.

  140. Some tour predictions.
    Lets see… Los Altos, California 5:30pm on September 9th, Wisconsin 6pm September 10th. Its at least a 4 hour plane flight. WI is 2 hours ahead of CA. Throw in some tavel time and airport security… and…
    I have you getting most of a sock done, 5 inches of a shawl, and needing 2.3 beers when you arrive in WI.
    I’m looking forawd to seeing you in California!

  141. not sure if this has already been posted… but I just finished a shawl with P5TOG’s and I slipped three as if to purl ppurled two together and slipped three over. The finished result looks identical.

  142. What a nice surprise to come back to…you posted my question and gave me some great advice on first lace projects. Thank you. It took me a day to respond as I was “back to school” shopping in Fargo, N.D. (200,000 people and 1 mall) despite the fact that I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis (3 million people and very over-retailed!). Only a grandma could inspire such a trip. Anyway, back to the lace…my desire to jump into a lace knitting project exceeded my patience to wait for good advice. Does this ever happen to anyone else? However, I think it is working out. I’m trying Knitty’s “Branching Out” pattern with Trendsetter Yarns Super Kid Seta in a lovely shade of cornflower blue. I did not take the author’s advice to start with a heavier Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool, as I had just created 3 pillows for my sofa with that yarn and needed a break. I figured a project that is only 31 stitches across at the widest point should be manageable! Luckily, it is working out and I have about 16 inches of scarf and it looks lovely. Thanks again for the tips, I love the shawls you suggested, and I think a shawl will be next now that I’ve tried laceweight in a manageable scarf size.
    Oh…and birthday greetings to Meg (a day late).

  143. Happy birthday, Meg! I have been a fan of the sauteed mushroom since I was 12 years old and consumed about a pound and a half that my mom had cooked and foolishly left unattended (covered) on the stovetop while she fired up the grill for steak. OOOH Wee! I am also glad to see that someone else likes apple pie with cheddar cheese. Most people in my part of the world look at me like I have three heads when I request it. Enjoy this day!

  144. September 16th is the ONE weekend in September I think I’m actually going to be in Brooklyn (I live there)! I’ll have to stop by with one of my own socks to meet you!

  145. Best wishes to the birthday girl. She is beautiful and so very fortunate to have such a wonderfully talented mother, but if she is a typical teen she probably doesn’t want to hear that last bit. The shropshire shawl is wonderfully beautiful (can’t think of adjectives good enough to describe how wonderful I think it looks). A big YES, please do show us how you wash fleece on your stove. And lots of heartfelt gratitude towards you dear Stephanie; the proverbial cup overfloweth with it. You are a true treasure of the knitting community.

  146. Harlot, us canadian knitters are sadly lacking in viewing opportunities! my suggestion is you come back to british columbia at least, specifically, the wonderful little town of Nelson, BC. There are plenty of knitters, spinner, and even weavers who i’m sure would be as delighted as i would if you came to visit! Also, if you come, i’ll give you an alpaca fleece.

  147. Happy Birthday Megan! My Megan will be 17 soon. I can’t wait until your Salt Lake City visit on Sept. 8. I have to drive from Wyoming but should be well worth the drive.

  148. Happy 15th Birthday Meg! And a beautiful 15 year old at that!
    As for the lace – it’s looking gorgeous! Congrats and we want the pattern when you are done. πŸ˜€

  149. You poor thing — Utah, the SF Bay Area, and Wisconsin in THREE DAYS?? Maybe I’ll have to bring you some good Napa wine when you’re at Full Thread Ahead….

  150. Happy Birthday Meg! You’ve made your mother proud.
    The lace looks absolutely wonderful! I would be really iterested in a first-time spinning seies (as a new spinner!) I’ve got my ticket for Eugene, OR! And a time-trade with a co-worker so I can actually attend!

  151. Happy Birthday Megan!!!
    Steph– I really like how the shawl is turning out. You gonna post a pattern? (hint, hint)

  152. Happy belated birthday Megan!
    I always thought that the purl-facing rows were harder to pull over the join because I have an annoying tendency to knit tighter than I purl. I get that CONSTANTLY in the lace stole I’m working on now.
    Powell’s moved you to the Home & Garden bookstore? That’s lame, they’ll never fit everyone in there. It’s not that big of a store — maybe they have some kind of secret back room I’ve never seen. On the plus side: close to the Bridgeport brewpub.

  153. I finally conquered the knit 4 tog with a small crochet hook. Of course, I learned to crochet before I learned to knit! That could be the reason but it works beautifully and there is no cursing.

  154. Happy birthday, Meg!
    My jaw just hit the floor, Stephanie. Not only are you coming to New York, but you’re coming to my neighborhood (okay, I don’t exactly live in Park Slope, but I’m only two stops away on the subway) two weeks before my birthday. Could this day get any better? I don’t think so! Now I can’t wait until next month. πŸ™‚

  155. Happy Birthday, Megan! And I, for one, would love to see how you clean fleece on the stovetop. Thanks.

  156. A day late, but sincere nonetheless.
    I hope your first official day into your 15th year was filled with love, laughs and more virtual video games.

  157. Love the shawl! Would love to have a pattern too. Happy Birthday to Megan, old as I am, I remember 15.
    And just out of curiosity Stephanie, what exactly is your idea of a decent Shiraz? One of my favorites is called Ubet Shiraz (say it real fast).

  158. I’m sorry your tour won’t reach southern California. I asked Yarn Lady ( to invite you. Maybe next time?

  159. I have been admiring your lacework, like so many others! I have just finished my first shawl and it was a definite learning experience. I would like to learn how to design my own triangular shawl and wonder if you have any advice? I have read the lace tutorial on the See Eunny Knit blog and have also read her fabulous article on shaping lace in the last issue of Interweave Knits. But it was pretty greek to me. Just wondered if you had any other recommendations. Thanks!

  160. Happy birthday, Meg! I’m 15 too! ‘Tis pretty awesome. Plus I get to drive soon… heh heh heh.

  161. It’s a few days late, but happy birthday to Meg! πŸ™‚ And the waffles with all of the fruit on them look really good, that looks like something you would get in a restaurant.

  162. Stephanie, I’m with Katrina….Los Altos CA one evening and Wisconsin the next??? I’ll try my best to bring you some Peet’s Coffee chocolate covered espresso beans to eat on the plane if I can make it down there. So sad you can’t come up to Sacramento – maybe next time……there’s wine!

  163. a vary late HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU magen AND mom!
    for every birthday we have so do our moms. (they were there too!) yau share your day with my wonderful 5th son ian who is now 14!
    i am just getting to use my hands again after spending almost 4 months on crutches…they squished all the feeling out of the last 2 fingers on both hands…so as the feeling comes back i can knit again!!!yah!!!

  164. Happy birthday. I mean it, happy. I was depressed when I was 15 and no-one cared because teenagers are just weird and annoying and it’s a result of inconsistent beating in earlier age.
    The scarf is cool. I don’t knit scarves as I don’t wear them, though. Oddly enough, most people I know consider home-knit things as something inferior, something for those who cannot afford to buy things…. so most of the stuff I wear myself or give to those few appreciating friends. Sweaters and tops. I have five.. no, six? of them started around now.

  165. Hi Steph, darn it.. i’ll miss you again.. this will be my first year of not going to the knitout in nyc since it began.. and i was alwyas a volunteer teaching various peoples to knit… or crochet.. darn it.. and i can’t even fly out there cause it will be kori’s 11th birthday weekend.. and i can’t leave her.. or even afford to bring her with me.. so buggerss… haha..
    but the weekend before kori and i will be taking 5 of her new classmates.. even one boy.. to the Arizona DiamondBacks Baseball team vs. St Louis Cardinals for a Stitch N’Pitch.. and then the group country kinda pop She Dazies are going to be there performing too.. you certainly can’t beat that for a wonderful Birthday present/party!! and the goodi bag should be great too! i’ll have to think of something to make for the kids.. there is a sock pattern.. but there is no way i’ll get that done in 3 weeks.. for the 7 of us! maybe some quick ponchos.. but i think it will still be very HOT here september 9.. hugs and have a blast in nyc without me.. πŸ™ Karola
    ps i even made my own knit out when they cancelled the regular on for 2001 after 9/11.. i felt it gave the group of 5 of us a better feel for togetherness and those photos should be in my album

  166. Oh good! I’m closer to the Hawthorne Powells than the downtown Portland Powells. Can’t wait. (Happy birthday, Meg!)

  167. retty much nothing seems worth thinking about. My life’s been completely dull , not that it matters. I’ve just been staying at home waiting for something to happen.

  168. My mind is like a bunch of nothing, but I guess it doesn’t bother me. I haven’t been up to anything recently. I’ve pretty much been doing nothing to speak of.

  169. Not much on my mind right now, but it’s not important. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me. I just don’t have anything to say right now.

  170. Basically nothing noteworthy happening right now, but eh. Today was a complete loss. I haven’t been up to much recently. I’ve pretty much been doing nothing worth mentioning.

  171. My mind is like a bunch of nothing, but I guess it doesn’t bother me. I haven’t been up to anything recently. I’ve pretty much been doing nothing to speak of.

  172. I haven’t been up to anything today. I don’t care. I’ve just been staying at home not getting anything done. Basically not much happening right now. Maybe tomorrow. I guess it doesn’t bother me.

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