Sigh. I am not well, again. This is definitely starting to wear a little thin on me, although in an attempt to be optimistic, I’ve decided to note that a little illness for a knitter can be a good thing. It is an excellent excuse to sit and knit the better part of a day, and absolute permission to drink tea quietly on a cold and rainy day while making pretty snappy time on a really big shawl. (I can’t be the only knitter who has ever fantasized about a vague ankle sprain that would keep me seated and choreless for a week or so…can I?)

In the meantime, to distract you from the fact that this is a total blog cop out, I present a game. Last night Ken and Sam played Scrabble.


Here’s the board:


Here are Ken’s letters.


(Really. Bummer, eh?)

Needless to say, Sam won that game, but I’ll send some snazzy sock yarn to the person who can come up with what would have been his best option…as judged by Ken. Ken’s a pretty interesting guy. There’s no way to predict what criteria he may use. It is equally possibly that he is looking for total points scored or charm. No way to know and I’m certainly not going to fence him in.

Do your best.

(Answering Lene’s question before she asks in the comments. Yes.

Your try has to be in english. Danish is totally cheating.)