A little free time.

I’m feeling better and I’m in New Jersey. I’m not sure if those two things are related, but I’d be hazarding a guess that you could expect that if you take a slightly flagging mum/wife/knitter/writer and absolve her of maternal responsibility, toss her on a plane, install her in a good friends house, hand her a glass of wine and promise her a fabulous sheep and wool festival that she’ll perk right up.

In fact, while I do miss wiping orange juice off the kitchen floor and arguing with teenagers because it is my life’s work to deny them all the things that would make them happy, this time away from home (I know. It’s only been a few hours, but that’s enough if you’re the one who cleans the toilet.) has already paid off.


That’s all the pieces of the Diarufran sweater, knit, but unblocked. Looks okay to me. (That’s an understatement. I love it. I love it deeply and passionately and if it does not fit me in real life the way it does in my imagination I shall be sorely ticked.) It needs a swish, a sew up and a neckband. (I am contemplating more picot edging.)


And this….


This is the wedding shawl, finally finished.


There’s a 6.5 hour crochet cast-off on that bad boy, and I love everything about it. Now, I know what you’re thinking…you thought it would look better, but do not forget the magic of blocking lace. This shawl will be a very different thing after the ritual blocking. That brief dunk into miracle waters, the adrenalized application of wires and guy-lines, the assiduous and thorough pinning of points and edges…the enraptured reveal of detail and lightness…


Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah. Blocking lace just never gets old. I can’t wait.

191 thoughts on “A little free time.

  1. Yay, I have the first comment of the post! Maybe you could could get divorced, then married again so the shawl can be at the second wedding?

  2. I’m so glad you’re feeling better… and that lace is going to be gorgeous! 6.5 hour crochet cast-off? Mercy!!
    I love the colors of your sweater… can’t wait to see the pic of you in it.

  3. I think the shawl is a vison of wonder just how it is – can’t wait to see it blocked and lookin’ top notch!! Nice job – be we expect no less from The Harlot!!

  4. That’s a long cast-off! I usually complain if it takes me more than 30 minutes to cast something off the needles. It’s going to look gorgeous though!

  5. Wahoo! I might just be first. Beautiful shawl and almost sweater. Looking forward to the full beauty of finished, blocked items. Have a wonderful weekend and don’t melt your credit card. Good thing fiber doesn’t weigh much,or they will be charging you for overweight luggage.

  6. everytime i block something lacy I think of you. When i unpin it i want to run around the neighborhood flying it above my head showing it to every living soul i meet. It’s so damn cool.
    haha, and i had a dream about you latnight. I dreamed that you camne to Booklyn again to interview me for some reason. Weird.

  7. Glad you’re feeling better. The shawl and sweater are gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend away.

  8. So very glad you’re feeling better. That shawl looks gorgeous as it is – and has thoroughly convinced me that while I have been tempted by The Harlot into trying socks (someone pray for my sanity, cause me and double pointed needles don’t mix and I have no idea how much yarn to buy, as not a single sock pattern I’ve found tells me yardage!), I will stand firm and resist the temptation to try lace.
    But that shawl is gorgeous. Really. And would be so useful this spring — someone talk me out of this!

  9. I have often contemplated knitting a lace shawl, and I shall someday, but in the meantime, I love looking at yours.
    Since you didn’t get to wear the shawl at your wedding, I suggest you block it, and then when dry, wrap yourself in it (with nothing else), present yourself to your hubster, and say, “Shall we renew our vows?” πŸ™‚

  10. unblocked looks incredible–if blocked can get better i’d better not see it or i might drop that sweater and take up the never-ending harlot shawl of doom. πŸ˜‰ gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
    how do you do that sweet picot edging? it’s so cute!

    I suppose this shouldn’t be so shocking. You are The Harlot, after all. But, for those of us with a weak constitution, this is truly amazing.
    Congratulations on finishing this (another) masterpiece.

  12. Hi Stephanie,
    Love your books, blog and your knitting. I know at some point either this year or next you will have a donation/fundraiser and you will have give aways. I have a couple of books I would like to donate.
    One is folk vests and I’m at work, my brain is gone (because of work) and I can’t rember what the other two are, they could in fact be patterns that I have outgrown. May I donate them to you as reward for people donating? Being the book and yarn hoarder that I am, also knowing that I can never knit all that I have makes me want to donate to those givers who make the world a better place.
    Patty in Baltimore Maryland

  13. Fantastic! It’s amazing what some wine and a promise of a fibre festival will do for one’s well being. I absolutely can’t wait. I’m looking forward to seeing you and the wedding shawl! Just don’t expect to see me in Eris…

  14. That shawl is absolutely glorious. And the sweater? At least over the Internets it looks like a little ray of sunshine – so sweet!
    I’m already feeling the knit-goddess glow of having the Harlot in MY STATE! Whee!
    Please send any additional words of wisdom about how to handle my first Rhinebeck experience. Tips on jujitsu moves to take down anyone between me and the fleece are also appreciated.

  15. Enjoy your holiday!
    I continue to be amazed at the amount of time it takes you to knit a sweater. I’d be 3/4 of the way up the back at this point. Wow.
    And isn’t it something, the way unblocked lace whispers of the glory that, once blocked, it will become. That shawl is just gorgeous.
    Breathe deeply of the wool fumes this weekend!

  16. Its stunning already, even before blocking. Glad to hear you are in New Jersey (where I live!). Anywhere near Chatham perchance?
    Can’t wait for Rhinebeck – roll on the weekend. Sadly I can only be there on Saturday but I’m hoping I can cram everything in on one day. My schedule looks a little like a military operation. Hope to see you there.

  17. Gorgeous…both of ’em.
    But 6.5 hours? Of crochet? It’s a testament to your commitment. Either that or a testament that you should be committed. Naaah, I’ll go with the first!
    Glad you’re feeling better, too! What wonders are wrought by an impending fiber fest, good friends, and a distinct lack of toity scrubbin’ responsibilities. Have fun!

  18. Oh, no you don’t. You’re just showing us lacey pretties (“Look! Something shiney!”) to distract us from the fact you’re going to Rhinebeck and we’re not. I have dark suspicions about the preceding illness, too — a transparent attempt to elicit sympathy in advance so we don’t turn on you…
    Speaking of turning on one, everyone watch out for your mailboxes. I’ve got a message, ostensibly from MSF, with “Reimbursement!” as the subject line, claiming to be interested in giving me back extra money I donated. All I have to do is click on an address which is totally unrelated…. I’m sure you’re all at least as smart as I am and wouldn’t touch this with a 36″ circular either, but it’s a shame to see MSF’s name used like this. At the very least I’m sure they’d hire someone capable of writing English….

  19. Enjoy the time away from home – you deserve it! I am looking forward to both the finished, blocked objects, and the haul that is Rhinebeck. Take lots of pictures, so we can shop vicariously through you (and everyone else going there. SO. JEALOUS.)

  20. The shawl is exquisite. Period.
    Can’t wait to see what comes home in your suitcase from the fibre festival.

  21. Ohhh, how beautiful! Your wedding shawl (maybe you should rename it your marriage shawl, since it missed the wedding but will be a part of the marriage) is absolutely gorgeous, blocked or not.
    I just have to ask – I’ve searched your blog and googled on shropshire shawl, but can’t find any references to the pattern. Would you, could you, please please share your pattern source? Pretty please with yarn on top??

  22. I am so entirely smitten with that sweater’s colours, I am beside myself. Can hardly wait to see the shawl blocked, for this I will happily be patient.

  23. Yowza! If your lace looks that I great sans blocking, I may just start drooling when you post a photo of the finished item. You are going to look gorgeous in it. Maybe you could treat Joe with the finished shawl, and only the finished shawl, when you get back to Toronto. ::wink wink, nudge nudge::

  24. I can’t wait to see the blocked shawl! Maybe you could humor us and put your wedding dress back on and pose with your wedding shawl in full wedding garb. And if those post-wedding, wedding pics somehow ended up in your actual wedding album – who’s to know the difference πŸ˜‰

  25. Love the sweater, love the shawl (even unblocked). Hate the fact that you’re going to Rhinebeck and I’m not. Don’t forget to show us all the Grafton Fibres batts you buy…

  26. Ahhhh the beauty and quiet of being away from home and children.. that is something I havn’t had in.. in.. uh well hmm can’t remember!Oh well.. I can still be determined to enjoy the sheep and wool festival! See you there!

  27. The sweater and shawl are both sooo gorgeous, stunning, and breathtaking! Typical high caliber work from the Harlot. Have fun at Rhinebeck.

  28. With due respect, you do not know what I was thinking. I was in fact thinking “she is just showing us the unblocked shawl so that she can dazzle us once again with her gift of the GAB (Glory After Blocking).
    It’s nice to be right once in a while.
    (Oh, and the sweater is not OK. False modesty, thy name is Harlot.)

  29. I love that sweater. It is gorgeous. I may be the goon in this bunch but I like the curvy look to the edging. I know that will go bye bye with blocking but I like it anyway. Rock on.

  30. The sweater looks wonderful. I think a picot edge on the neckline would be just the thing.
    But the shawl. Oh. It’s fabulous now. It’ll be stunning once blocked. Looking forward to seeing it. πŸ™‚

  31. If I happen to run into you at Rhinebeck, i might try to create some sort of distracttion so i can nick that sweater, but then again, it’ll probably be on your back, so that won’t work. Hmmmmmm. It’s just wonderful.
    The shawl looks simply exquisite, even in its unblocked state. I can’t wait to see it in all its glory after blocking!
    Safe travels to you.

  32. The shawl is beautiful! 6.5 hours of…well, I don’t want to think about it. But it’s gorgeous. The colors of the sweater are great – what yarn is that?
    Enjoy Rhinebeck!

  33. I am loving the Diarufran sweater – in a different colorway because that one would make me look jaundiced – don’t you think it would like to be blue? I am pretty sure I will find the wedding shawl stunning, as even unblocked it doesn’t look like a tangled mess of dental floss. Have fun at Rhinebeck, while I’ll be at home freezing my tail off. Maybe I should knit something…

  34. Oooooooo. It’s already lovely. And I can’t wait to see the Post Miracle of Blocking version.
    I’ve got some delicious fingering just waiting for a shawl. But first, I’ve got three more Denizen sweaters to get through, and then a baby blanket, and four unstarted (but carefully thought out) (stop. laughing.) Christmas presents while IN OTHER NEWS someone in my kith-n-kin just announced that she is having TWINS…
    If only paycheck-job-type pressure could be as dark-chocolate-bitter-sweet as the ‘I have so many people needin’ woolly expressions of love’ is.

  35. I don’t have that much experience in blocking. After something has been blocked the first time, do you have to do it again everytime it is washed?
    P.S. It it beautiful.

  36. The sweater, I can’t wait to see. The shawl is gorgeous and will surely look fab after blocking. Could it be the one-day-we-are-going-on-some-exotic-honeymoon-shawl?! (although, such a honeymoon was not so fun for me…but that’s another story)

  37. As usual, I am speechless at the speed you knit. Both the sweater and the shawl are beautiful. Let the miracle of lace blocking begin!

  38. Pattern! Pattern! Pattern!!!! Please please please please please?
    I really promise I’m not a jerk who runs around to all the blogs asking them to post the patterns for every little thing that I’ll never make, but oh! oh! oh! That lace!
    It’s just Gorgeous, and thanks for sharing it. And I just consider your ability to make it through a six and a half hour crochet bind-off marathon as proof positive that your marriage must be working well. Clearly, you can get through anything, and clearly, you know how to work towards great rewards.

  39. Gorgeous! Both of them! Well, especially the lace. Have fun at Rhinebeck. Wish I were going this year, but can’t make it. When is Book 4 due out?

  40. You are a fast knitter! That sweater took what, like a week? I’m hoping to finish my mom’s sweater by Christmas. That could be a stretch.
    What yarn did you use for the sweater?
    Love the lace. Looks fabulous even without blocking.

  41. πŸ™‚ so incredibly wonderful on all counts. The “mystical waters” have me giggling, I’ll write on that one day (when I have something that deserves blocking) I’m looking forward to my first Rhinebeck. You are awesome.

  42. Beautiful shawl! What a family tradition you have begun! Your girls can each wear the shawl on their wedding day. I think you are amazing to have made the shawl and contributed to your legacy for your girls. They are very lucky. Will you rent it out, in the meantime, for fellow knitters weddings? Might be a good way to pay for three daughters weddings!

  43. Ack! We have to wait to see the blocked shawl? I will pout now. But then I will be happy that you FINISHED it! Congratulations!

  44. Seriously, if the shawl looks that good before blocking, I just can’t imagine how wonderful it will be afterwards. Just amazing.
    The sweater, too. I was at Rosie’s last week and saw some of the yarn in person. It’s really beautiful. I wished I could think of what to do with it that would show it off as well as your sweater does. Someday, maybe…

  45. Other than looking a bit wrinkled, I think the shawl is lovely and can’t wait to see what it look like blocked. I haven’t been a big fan of the Dia… yarns for some reason (expense, perhaps?) but maybe I’ll have to reconsider. Enjoy the festival!

  46. Congratulations yet again! A sweater AND a shawl. I will be ensconced in my booth at Rhinebeck, and after the frazzle of last minute preparation(Is there any other way?), I hope I am conscious enough while there to recognize and greet you in all your sartorial splendor as you make your rounds. Have fun!!!

  47. Wow, that sweater looks great – I love the warm golden tones. And, recently I have fallen in love again with picot edging. Can’t wait to see the wedding shawl blocked – what a labor of love, but totally worth it.

  48. I’ve got to tell you, I’m loving that sweater pretty deeply, too. Definitely more picot edging. And the shawl is gorgeous, too! I didn’t have my wedding shawl for my wedding, either (SIL left it behind), but it makes a nice spring/summer coverup so I’m still happy.

  49. Wow!! Double Wow!! Your children and grandchildren will fight over who will inherit the shawl!!!! And the sweater is sweet–I love the picot edging. Your are a brave and accomplished knitter!

  50. If the shawl looks that great unblocked, it’ll be stunningly amazing once it’s blocked, I’m sure.
    My one consolation for not being able to attend Rhinebeck is being able to read everyone’s blogs about it. I’m looking forward to that as much as I’m looking forward to seeing the wedding shawl blocked.

  51. and wow that shawl looks divine even unblocked! πŸ™‚ have a great time at the sheep and wool festival πŸ™ i want to be there whimpering.. well i don’t miss the cold.. it is nice and 80F here.. but it has been getting around 65F at nite.. still manageable.. i keep the windows open.. i love it.. fresh air.. no pollution from nyc.. oh and say hi to the various friend of mine that will visit up there too.. from the UWSKnitters @yahoo and the SNBNYC @yahoo… and who ever else you bump into and mention my name.. hee..hee.. i’m almost as famous in nyc as you are around the world.. hee..hee.. hugs karola

  52. Our dear Harlot shouldn’t be too hard to spot at Rhinebeck: Look for the lady wearing blue striped socks, a gorgeous tannish colorway sweater, a reversible scarf that looks like a sunset, all topped in an enormous lacy shawl. She will be petting and patting all the fiber batts, trying to do math in her head.
    Wish I were there to look for you. Any chance we might see you at the Wisconsin Spin In or WI Sheep and Wool Festival in 2007?

  53. Totally beautiful shawl, even un blocked.
    I second Aura’s suggestion for vow renewal (sly grin)
    Cant wait to see the finished sweater.

  54. Being from New Jersey, welcome to the Garden State. Cannot vouch for curing your illness but I do hope that you get some much needed rest. Both of your objects of art that you knitted are beautiful. cecilia

  55. Rhinebeck, I wish. Maybe next year I’ll have the sense to send cash to a personal shopper. Maybe next week I’ll just look at everyone else’s purchases and go buy something nice online – after all just look what I saved on the airfare.

  56. The shawl is beautiful even before it is blocked. The sweater too… can’t wait to see them both finished and in action.
    Wish I were at Rhinebeck πŸ™ Jersey is just so FAR from Oregon.

  57. Of COURSE you’re feeling better because you’re in New Jersey. This is the Garden State, you know. It’s very healthful, just as soon as you get out of the New York City sprawl….
    Congrats on finishing the shawl–it already looks beautiful, and after blocking? I can’t even imagine!

  58. YAAAAAAY! Doesn’t it feel so good to finish?!? It’s fantastically gorgeous, and the sweater, along with the Harlotty socks, will make a wonderful combo.
    You deserve an extra glass of your favorite wine, and while you’re at it, have one for me: pregnant ladies can’t drink. Grape juice will have to do, and I’ll toast to yarnie goodness!

  59. Would you be able to feature the blocking of your shawl in a post? I’m knitting lace for the first time – or at least that’s what I think I’m doing. I have yet to experience the euphoria of blocking and I wouldn’t want to do it wrong.

  60. You CROCHETED for six and a half hours. Wow! It’s beautiful though. My sis is getting married and I’m learning lace just to make her a wedding shawl. Wonderful picot edging on the sweater also.

  61. It’s (the shawl) really pretty unblocked so I’m sure it’ll be fab blocked. I keep saying I’m going to learn the picot edging but haven’t gotten a round to it yet. Too busy knitting stuff for baby X(Y) these days–and son who rips everything I knit off himself in abject refusal. (and he’s only 2!)

  62. The shawl looks beautiful already. Please give your lovely NJ host a big hug from me and the Thump.
    (and one for you too. see you both soon!)

  63. Tell Flat Scout to wave to her father in NJ. “Hey dad! HOLLA!”
    Bev will pick her up at the Spirit Trail booth!
    Thanks again chica!

  64. The Wedding Shawl is stunning the way it is, Steph! I can hardly wait to see it blocked. Now, how is the Gansey??? πŸ˜‰

  65. Beautiful! I haven’t blocked any lace yet, but can’t wait to. I have two lace shawls on the needles right now, and one of them needs to get finished, just so I can experience the blocking.

  66. Welcome to New Jersey, land where everything fits perfectly and blocks smoothly (and don’t you forget it, else a horse head appears in your bed). Perhaps I’ll spy the sweater at Rhinebeck… if my giant, pregnant belly doesn’t eclipse the sunlight, thus preventing anyone from seeing the sweater.
    Next up? Finishing the gansey? Perhaps a threat from Vinnie the (k)needle cracker will help?

  67. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. (Sweater, shawl, and trip.) Have fun at Rhinebeck – I agree with Alexis, it’s too blasted far from Oregon! Just watch out for obsesssed knitters trying to sneak off with either shawl or sweater. Anyone would be tempted!

  68. Ohmigoodness, if the shawl is that beautiful unblocked… the mind boggles! I wonder how long it will take to lay it out to block? I am amazed at the differences in shawls when they are blocked! Did you see the dramatic difference in Wendy’s moth shawl? Freaky. Congratulations on finishing the shawl and getting away!

  69. Wow – two big FO’s – the miracle of peace and quiet. The sweater is just amazing (as is the shawl, of course.)

  70. nothing in the world could make me happy about 6.5 hours of crochet cast-off–except perhaps such a beautiful shawl. Even unblocked, it looks like it’ll be worth it.

  71. The sweater and shawl are going to be AWESOME! Hurry up and finish blocking so we can totally DROOL on them!!! Glad to hear you are feeling better – I have always found distance from a home in need of MOM is always spirit lifting….

  72. Wow. That shawl is gorgeous unblocked. I can’t wait to see what it grows to after blocking! And the sweater seems lovely. The yarn sounds intriguing, and once I get my first paycheck from the new job, I may just splurge on some.
    Enjoy Rhinebeck!

  73. You certainly know how to build anticipation! Ever considered a second career creating “buzz” for movies?
    I can’t wait to see the sweater put together and the shawl blocked. Congrats on finishing the shawl!

  74. The shawl is already breathtaking, I’m sooooooo looking forward to seeing it finished. (The sweater too…but the shawl has sort of an epic quality to it…) I want to feel better. And in New Jersey. My powers of teleportation have shorted out…I’ll just read your blog tomorrow…

  75. The shawl is already gorgeous and I really can’t wait to see how it looks after you get done with the pinning and stretching (or is it stretching and pinning?). I think the sweater will fit just exactly like it should – surely it wouldn’t be so cruel to do anything else.

  76. That is the most beautiful shawl I’ve ever seen. There are few words I think to really describe it’s wonder. I just want to blow up your picture and hang it on my living room wall. I bet the finished shawl will be legendary!

  77. So happy that you were able to finish the wedding shawl and can’t wait to see it blocked. All of the other comments are so “nice.” Do you ever get tired of “nice”? How about a little sarcasm or greed or something…okay, I give you self-centered and greed: Who won the Scrabble thingy? Was anyone able to anwer Lene’s question before she asked it? Please take lots of pics at Rhinebeck to share with those of us who didn’t get to attend (pretty please?). And last, but not least, where are the wedding photos you alleged?

  78. *meep* ~HELP!~ Many things to do, not enough time – ever – haven’t knitted in days – have misplaced sanity (I know it’s around here somewhere!).
    Am also considering running away sans kid – possibly to Bali, or Australia. They have sheep in Australia and I shall knit them before they throw me in the loony bin.
    Hey, look, a shawl! Can’t wait to see it blocked. Blocking is magic – it’s like this wad of string is reborn into a beautiful thing that you *made*.

  79. Is it just me, or is the amount of time spent crocheting some kind of record for you? Have your feelings changed at all?
    Enjoy every minute of being Not On Duty!

  80. Wow. The shawl and sweater both look totally beautiful, even unblocked.
    ESPECIALLY the very floral leaves on that wedding shawl. Amazing.

  81. The shawl is going to be a work of art. After it’s all blocked you and Joe need to get dressed in your wedding clothes and “fake” a few pictures – no one will ever know the shawl wasn’t at the wedding. I’ll be looking for you at Rhinebeck – I can’t WAIT!!

  82. Wow! I can’t wait to see everything all blocked and to see what you come up with from Rhinebeck–I hafta live vicariously through all of you lucky folks who get to go!

  83. Rhinebeck, stand down. The Harlot’s coming. Your wool’s not safe.
    I am soooooooooooooo jealous.
    Can’t WAIT to see them fibers!
    Irene, in still hot, Austin.

  84. ::: whimper ::: New Jersey? The closest I’ve come to seeing the Harlot in Joisey is the books at any number of stores, including Michaels.
    Figures, I know some Jersey folx who are headed to Toronto this weekend, too.
    Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  85. Hey Rams, I got that email too. I figured it was spam. (I’m pretty sure the folks from the real MSF capitalize all the initials. This guy didn’t) Sadly, I can’t be part of your ‘we’ today because as I’ve mentioned before, I AM going to Rhinebeck. No, I haven’t finished my sweater, but I bought new jammies. I figure that’s more important to the folks I’m rooming with.

  86. Block with authority! Eminently quotable Maureen Mason-Jamieson as advised Stitches Midwest (she’s Canadian – do you know her??) πŸ˜‰ Now to finish some lace to block!

  87. The shawl is beautiful even pre blocked! I too am also in awe at the magic of blocking. I think it’s the magic that keeps me knitting lace! Hope to see you at Rhinebeck!

  88. Stephanie:
    You should be very proud. Your shawl is beyond beautiful. Had I not known already that it’t plan in life was to be a wedding shawl, it would have been my first thoughts. You deserve a round of applause for such a beautiful, beautiful creation. I raise my glass to you. Here, Here! Good job.

  89. Nice to hear you’re feeling better! OMG! The shawl is majestic! Are you wearing your new sweater to Rhinebeck? I look forward to the Rhinebeck Report!

  90. Greetings from Disney World! Holy cow, that shawl is gorgeous. So delicate. Awaiting how it looks after blocking.

  91. Wow, that shawl looks amazing even unblocked. I can hardly wait to see it once you block it! You should get a medal after a castoff that takes that long!
    Enjoy Rhinebeck in your fabulous new sweater. I can hardly wait to see your booty you collect this weekend. πŸ™‚

  92. Congratulations!
    Congratulations on the sweater!
    Congratulations on being in New Jersey and not clearning a toilet!
    Congratulations on the shawl. It is beautiful!

  93. That wedding shawl is incredibly beautiful already. I can’t wait to see it blocked. I’m also glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Enjoy Rhinebeck!

  94. Love both items… so different, and yet both so you…. gorgeous lace and green sweater. I’d know your stuff anywhere! Will you be wearing the sweater at Rhinebeck? Maybe I’ll see you there. Yes, I’m going!!! Very excited (can you tell I’m a festi-virgin?). I’ve been told to bring cash (vs. relying on the ATM or credit cards). I’ve got a little refund check sitting here that DH does not know about… think I”ll get myself to the bank tomorrow.

  95. the shawl is stunning even in its unblocked state… the pattern is lovely! and i really really like that stripy sweater. is it a picot hem at the edges or something you added at the end?

  96. Just have to say I’m in the “shawl zone” right now. Not sure I will exit with my sanity. Its so inspiring to see your wedding shawl. My shawl starts with four size 11(US-too lazy to look up the conversion) wood needles with two stitches each. Ugh!!!!! All the increases are YO’s too. Even the wooden needles drop out. Good thing I knit reasonably tight. I’m not sure if I’ll ever work with laceweight again, but we’ll see. Thanks again for the inspiration!!

  97. Enjoy your fiber! I want to knit lace, but reading the 880 stitches and 6.5 hr BO makes me almost ill. You are the queen!

  98. Did you read (or see) the Jewel in the Crown – the Raj Quartet by Paul Scott? Your wedding shawl picture looks like the lace Bobbi gives the girl (I forget her name) -butterflies caught in a net. I haven’t thought of that story in years – just came to me when I saw your labor of love. thanks.

  99. Both are gorgeous, I haven’t been able to bring myself to knit lace, fear pure and simple, but it’s next on my list of must dos.

  100. Speaking of Rhinebeck, you are keeping us in suspense real well…nothing on the Tour page…but since it is day after tomorrow, any details yet? Or how about a hint? When, where and anything else you can share? Or are you planning to attend incognito? πŸ˜‰

  101. It’s beautiful! I don’t really want to knit a shawl but your looks so great it may change my mind. You are my hero.

  102. Your shawl is lovely (and inspiring). Your past and present comments on the miracle of blocking are the only reason I can persevere on my “shawlette”, which currently looks a lot like a rather large spiderweb that someone whipped a stick through.

  103. Will you stop waving shawls at me, please.. they look so beautiful, but I’m still struggling to finish my aran I wanted to finish for the Olympics….
    I’m almost finished on my first lace type knitting … a Cloud scarf… and I go wrong on that simple pattern. How you knit that shawl with three teenagers running about is beyond me.

  104. What was the word? You should probably put it in soon, or some people will be pretty mad.

  105. Can’t wait to see the blocked shawl. And the sweater? Why is it that I have been struggling to get a sweater done – for like the last month, and I still have 8 inches on the body and both sleeves to go? Just askin’.
    PS I love picot edging.

  106. Stephanie, you’re silly. I never for once thought that shawl was anything but gorgeous. I love the leaves and how they cluster like lovely flower petals (to me anyway). Simmply stunning. Can’t wait to see the sweater — enjoy your much deserved break.

  107. How did you make that picot edging? I’ve seen some blogs explain how to do it, but doesnt make sense to me. What reference do you recommend?
    Thanks- Rebecca

  108. Even before the dunk-dunk, swish-swish in the bath, the wedding shawl looks amazing! The flowers are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see that baby in all it’s afterbath glory!

  109. It looks in the picture as if every point of the picot edge is the same caramely/beige. Were you really so clever?
    BTW, I also got the MSF spam scam that an earlier commenter warned against.

  110. If you discover any method of using wires that does not lead to facial tics and swears, please let me know immediately.
    Aside from that, enjoy the festival! What do you think Joe and the girls would say if you came home with a sheep? I am practicing my “I don’t know what you’re talking about, we’ve ALWAYS had a large woolly dog that lives in the backyard” speech.

  111. The shawl, even in this state, looks beautiful. Congratulations on finishing it and also for the wonderful event (or better, ongoing series of living!) that it celebrates!
    I have yet to truly dare lace. It will be my next knitting ‘plateau’. I still don’t know it well enough to ‘see’ the stitches so if a mistake happens — boy! does it happen. Rescue rows may rescue me at least in an early attempt.
    The challenge after that would be learning to wear sucy a beautiful shawl with grace and flair. Thus far, due to much inbred klutziness, which I blame on lack of depth perception, my shawl/scarf draping looks more like swaddling and tieing rather than something elegrant and in the style of Hepburn, Bacall or Kelly. Ahhh… one can dream…
    Congratulations again (much smiling here for all the events!!) and have fun at the festival.

  112. Nice shawl dude you blocking now?
    If so, drink the white wine, you know how at home she could “go big” too.
    Drinking red……….stand back from the shawl.

  113. The shawl is lovely but, for heaven’s sake, it wasn’t done for the wedding because it is a marriage shawl, not a wedding shawl. A great work of art which is what a great marriage is, too.
    I liked that image of butterflies–but not the net part. πŸ™‚

  114. The wedding shawl is awesome! Now that you’ve established the would-be tradition for the women in your family, you’ll have to repeat that 880 stitch/row feat three more times – one for each daughter!

  115. “I know what you’re thinking…you thought it would look better…”
    Pshhh…Personally I think it looks pretty fantastic even when it’s unblocked, but hey, may your blocking reveal all that you hope it to reveal.

  116. Absolutely stunning. I think you should redo the wedding photos to include the shawl. Rosie O’Donnel had her daughter, Chelsea, lazered into the family Christmas Card picture when Chelsea couldn’t be at the session. I think you could do that with the shawl.While some may think I have mad cow many would agree that a shawl like that is worth it!

  117. That shawl is worth every stitch and every multi-dimensional minute that it took. I’m giddy at the thought of seeing it blocked. (I love knitting magic!!)

  118. I lived in NJ for more years than I care to admit; I prefer to believe that your improved health/outlook have more to do with friendship, wine, yarn, and Rhinebeck than with my home state…but that’s just me, I’m sure.
    your shawl is already stunning-I look forward to post-blocking blogging(say that 3 times fast!)

  119. I can assure you, from someone who used to live along the Pennsylvania – New Jersey border, that being in Jersey is NOT what’s making you feel better πŸ™‚
    Finishing that gorgeous, gorgeous shawl is DEFINITELY what’s making you feel so good! It’s absolutely stunning!

  120. You call that bad?!? Dang, if my “this will look better” looked even half that good I’d be one happy knitter!! That is simply gorgeous, and I am completely envious. You rock.

  121. Fabulous shawl and beautiful jumper!!! I can’t wait to see the shawl blocked it is a true work of art!!

  122. Dear Yarn Harlot,
    While I admire your prowess and patience in knitting that glorious effervescence that is your wedding shawl, please do not think for a moment that I am steaming with jealousy because I am too much of a scaredy cat to try lace (yet).
    Equally, while I can appreciate the beautiful autumnal golds and bronze green glows of that fabulous sweater with the adorably picot edging, I do not covet it with every fibre of my being. Don’t think so for a moment.
    The merest suggestion that I am currently writhing in agonies of envy because you are going to Rheinback and I am not will be refuted, in writing and with witnessess if necessary. I am not desperately wishing I was going to be there and playing blogger bingo with everyone.
    Just to make it absolutely clear, you understand. I’m not eating my heart out at all.
    Yours covetously,
    The Green Eyed Monster

  123. Your shawl looks amazing, can’t wait to see it after the miracle of blocking. I love picot edging, hope you jumper is all that you wish for.

  124. Teenagers … arrgh. They do eventually become lovely adults and peace reigns. The sweater and shawl look very beautiful.
    Enjoy NJ.

  125. Now it’s easy to see why it was taking you so long to do a row but wow, what a beautiful shawl!!! If it took you 6.5 hours to do the bind off, it would take me a week LOL! I’m probably the world’s slowest knitter, but I really enjoy it. Have great fun at Rhinebeck. I’ll be there all weekend too. What a blast! I’m helping my friend Kay set up the tents today for Sliver Moon Farm and it’s supposed to rain all day and be ridiculously windy. Please think warm, dry, and non-tent destroying good thoughts!
    Even though they’re hard to resist, try to leave a couple of Linda’s batts for the rest of us. Your scarf looks too nifty not to try and I really like Navajo plying!
    Happy Shopping!

  126. I love the pieces of your sweater too! I imagine that when you put up pictures of the finished item, I will be green with envy! And I may have to go buy some of that yarn. Those colors are luscious!

  127. What a wonderful finished object parade. Your shawl looks wonderful already. I can’t wait to see it blocked. Enjoy the fiber festival!

  128. Man, I’d be depressed if I was in NJ too….lol…just jokin. I’ve got to tell you, even unblocked, that wedding shawl is a beautiful thing to behold. Can’t wait for the final pics.

  129. That shawl is beautiful, now I have a challenge that will hopefully capture your imagination…either that or you’ll have too many comments to get to me and I will have to keep plugging!I have just cast on 1,500 stitches onto 10 circular needles..we are using it as a local fundraiser for the Sara Lee Trust(they do complementary therapy for cancer patients….anyway it does take quite a while to complete a round, about an hour actually and I can do a reasonable speed, but what I would like to do is turn this giant tube into a record breaking sock…I want it to capture the knitting community’s imagination and send it on tour across the UK to the USA and Canada and have other groups work on it, to create a blog for it where we can all post photos and follow its progress as it grows. What better than a world record breaking sock completed around the world?

  130. Beautiful creations, Stephanie.
    Looking forward to tomorrow! Hope to see you there.
    ps. NJ can’t be all bad if one of your best friends lives here. Too bad the weather is not cooperating for your visit. It has been really a beautiful fall.

  131. Congrats!! I know the shawl will be more beautiful when blocked, but it’s gorgeous now. Enjoy the break and celebrate the marathon cast-off.

  132. I guess ya just gotta get married again now that the wedding scarf is finished..I’ll book my flight
    Need more towels?

  133. You can’t just say Jersey – it’s really three different states – North, Central and South – and none of us claim the Turnpike area or Secaucus. Hope to see you at Rhinebeck tomorrow.

  134. The only way I get my kids excited about Rhinebeck is with bribery. I guess that “wool gene” skipped a generation. Your Grafton scarf intrigued my teenager. He made me promise to spin and knit one for him. So guess where I’m headed Saturday morning… See you there.

  135. You are my idol – the shawl is beautiful! I would like to add that this is truly the “Super Woman Cape of All Knitters”. BRAVO!!!

  136. PLEASE bring it to SOAR, won’t you?
    Oh, of course you will. If I were you, I’d wear it for about three weeks straight. With pjs. With overalls. With curlers. With nothing. Oh, yeah…..

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