Answers, questions and tea

Holy crap guys…you all really approve of a wedding! Many, many thanks for the lovely well-wishes, gentle teasing and lovely congratulations. Joe and I read all of them, and loved each one. It’s an overwhelming party in the comments, and we’re so very, very grateful. Thanks for starting us off right!

You get questions and answers today me lovies, since I’ve caught a wicked bad cold since the wedding and simply can’t be arsed to put any more of an effort into it than that. I’m here on the chesterfield with knitting, and blankies and strong tea (I never drink coffee when I have a cold. Just tea…I always know when I’m getting sick since coffee starts to taste funny to me. It’s my cue to go buy a box of cold medicine and take a kilo of vitamin C.) Here’s questions from the comments and private mail…

1. It’s you and Joe that got married…right? Yup. (Although wouldn’t it be funny if it was someone else?) After all this time Joe and I took the plunge. We’ve been common-law under Canadian Law for years and years and years, and though that makes him my husband, and me his wife…and though that affords us almost all of the privileges of legal marriage (pensions, taxes…etc.) there were a few rights that only marriage conferred. (More interesting stuff here about being married or not, though it is largely American info.)

Mostly, our reasons for choosing to marry now are reasons of the heart, and as such, are entirely private. I can assure you with full enthusiasm however, that I am absolutely not knocked up.

2. How’s it feel to be all “mainstream”?

Had you been there (and some of you were) that this wedding was not at all mainstream. I wore red, Joe wore boots. The guests laughed, the piper played “Love me Tender”, people were knitting, our girls got rings too and we were married by a lovely woman who was Humanist Officiant. (That means it’s legal…but still godless, to answer the “are you giving up the godless thing” question.) Still, the ring on my finger is oddly comfortable, and Joe keeps talking about how “really, really married” we are… so I think it feels pretty good. I love too, that unlike in our shacked up days, someone has written down and registered in a big official book that we love each other and are a family. I didn’t think that would matter to me, I thought I was too much of a hippy to care if anyone knew what I did, but it turns out that entering that information into the public record really meant something.

Who was it who said that a wedding was a public declaration of a private intention? It feels like that. Oddly raw and human.

3. Pictures? Eventually. I promise you some lovely ones when the get here. We’re still waiting for people to send them to us. I do have a sock picture or two, taken by my lovely friend Julia, to whom sock custody was relinquished for the evening.


(In which Julia helps me to prove that my dodgy sock pictures are clearly not just operator error.) From the far left, our daughters, Samantha, Megan and Amanda, my Best Man – Ken, my Maid of Honor – my sister Erin…then me (the short one in the red) then Joe (the big guy with all the hair) …Joe’s best Man- his brother Chris, then his groomsmen, Lorne, Jeremy and Jody. You can see we married by the lake and it was a big crowd. Friends and family from as far as Kelowna in the west and Conception Bay in the East, from the states…Joe’s sister Kate and her partner Carlos even came from Spain. It was the best part really. All of those fantastic people in one place was completely staggering.

I’ll tell you more about it as the pictures roll in. (I’m sure you’ll be thoroughly sick of it and the pictures by the time I’m done.)

4. Was there knitting? Yes knitters, there was. The place was filthy with them. I laughed and laughed when someone told me that one of the servers was pretty flipped out by all the knitting. The knitters knit while they waited, they knit during the service (not just allowed, but encouraged) they knit during dinner, they knit after dinner…..


it was brilliant. (That’s our lovely Juno, and I don’t believe those are all her beverages, but it could be so.) One of Joe’s uncles said to me “That knitter over there never stops. I’ve never seen a thing like it.” I followed his finger and lo and behold…it was That Laurie. Made perfect sense. (Both That Laurie and I had a good laugh last week that I was posting for her while she was blogging for me while I was writing a book and she was flying to Toronto.)

As if all the knitters weren’t enough, I had a knitted guestbook,


made for us by Emma. It’s a hand bound book made from her own handspun yarn. It’s beautiful.

5. Gonna change your name? Nope.

6. How do you do all this? I am not alone. Joe (who I deeply regret calling Bridezilla during part of the organization of this wedding- it was a bad day) did most of the work and our families were fantastic. Every time someone asks me how I accomplish anything at all I point to the team around me. I’m a loser who couldn’t manage her way out of a paper bag. They, however…are spectacular.

(Also…my house is trashed and not one person in this house has a pair of clean pants.)

7. Are you on a Honeymoon? Nope, but we did have 10 great hours at the King Eddie. Pillows excellent, ceiling height impressive, bed size staggering, bed-mate equally top notch.

Other than those hours, Joe and I are both back at work. The timing on a honeymoon wasn’t right, and since we as a family got married, then we as a family wanted to honeymoon…and that was financially over the top. We’ll get there.

Since we’re right back in our real lives, I trucked myself (cold and all) down to Lettuce Knit last night, hoping to catch some special company. ( Did I mention that I missed Tracy Ullman and Mel Clark at the Museum of Textiles this weekend and I shall never be the same? I love Tracy Ullman. I am ashamed of my feelings for her. I could have given her one of my books, I could have explained who I was…(I’m certain that would have gone well.) I could have babbled like an idiot and said things that would have had me lying in the road afterwards out of shame. I could have a signed copy of their book, I could have told Mel I really like that Euroflax skirt in there. I would have laughed at all of Tracy’s jokes. I would have asked them to hold the sock. Why don’t people tell me when this sort of thing is happening? I know I was busy getting married, but I could have worked something out for Tracy Freakin Ullman.) In any event, sick or not, I wasn’t going to miss out on anyone else. I scored big too.

I found Amy Swensen, author, designer and Yarn Shop Owner, fresh in from Calgary:


Amy’s got a crochet book out there and she’s doing a new one on all sorts of felting. She’s buckets of fun and contaminated me with a burning desire for the incredible yarn she was knitting, Curious Creek wool/silk handpaint. (Take me now.) I’ve been trying to stay off her shops page all day so I don’t hurt myself.

If Amy weren’t enough…


Jillian! Jillian was in town working on the photoshoot for the latest collaboration with our own Knitty Amy, a follow-up to Big Girl Knits.

I really adore Jillian. She’s centred and calm and funny and ….I just really really like her.

(I don’t know who else besides me would be stunned by this, but in addition to meeting those knitters, I also met Linda “Coach” Smith. If you don’t travel in IBCLC circles that might not mean much to you, but for me it was breathtaking. She was right there. Knitting like an ordinary person. No soft glow coming off her or anything.)

It was totally worth limping out and back with a box of Kleenex, especially to see all of the Lettuce Knit regulars, who I can’t thank enough times for the yarn shop wedding shower last week (see? It’s not just me who can keep a secret!) and for the wonderful gift they all chipped in for. I’m a lucky, lucky knitter.

For now though, this lucky knitter is going to curl up with season 2 of Lost, a big mug of tea, a whack of rather intense cold drugs and a new project. New projects heal. Pass the Neo Citran and that set of 4mm needles…will ya?

216 thoughts on “Answers, questions and tea

  1. Congratulations again. It sounds like it was a lovely knitterly day! I like the idea of the family being wedded together, not just you and Joe. πŸ™‚
    Don’t hold out on us… what was the bridal shower gift that was so great? Pictures, woman, pictures! πŸ˜‰

  2. Congratulations (I was late to the last post) on your public declaration and your many years of private intention (both past and to come).
    Now that you’re not living in sin anymore, that makes room for some new sin in your life, right? May I suggest gluttony in the form of an ill-advised purchase of Curious Creek wool-silk handpaint?

  3. A crappy cold has hold of me too. I’m assured things will improve – I haven’t even felt like knitting. Loved the photo of the wedding – I don’t think you can bore thousands of readers with more!! Take care of yourself.

  4. Boy! I am so relieved that you too can be starstruck.(makes me feel less foolish about my own babbling whenever I meet authors) My own wedding was on the winter solstice (on purpose) both godless and heathen. . . EXCELLENT.

  5. How awesome that you got married as a family! I hope you feel better soon – after all the stress, good though it was, your immune system’s a bit frazzled. Be nice to yourself for awhile. πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations to you and Joe, I’m happy for you. Take care of that cold and get well.

  7. Enjoy some down time! With all the running around, planning, writing, etc. you’ve done it’s no wonder you have a cold. Take care.

  8. kevin always says he likes being able to refer to me as his wife. makes him feel like a grown up… he is pushing 40…
    flying from st. john’s to toronto in 2 hours, hope you got good weather.

  9. Belated but nonetheless very sincere Congratulations! All my very best for lifetimes of happiness for your family. And, hope you’re feeling better soon…..

  10. You invited someone from Conception Bay? Even if it had nothing to do with your decision to get married in the first place, you are a brave woman.
    I congratulate you all, again. It is a funny thing about going public, isn’t it?

  11. The wedding sounds beautiful! Especially the knitting! I think I will encourage knitting at my wedding πŸ™‚ And I want my dogs to be the ring bearer and flower girl, so I’m sure mine will be interesting too! Here’s to totally unconventional weddings that freak out the muggles.
    Hope you feel better soon, although I do quite envy that you can sit at home on the couch and drink tea and knit, sounds pretty wonderful to me. I’m not quite sure about the whole Lost thing though…it doesn’t help my case for refusing to watch the show when one of my favorite knit bloggers endorses it…

  12. Sounds like a lovely time. I like the red dress. I was boring and got married in white, but secretly, I wanted to wear red.

  13. I love that the whole family got married. When my best friend got married, the top of the cake had a bride, a groom, her teen-age daughter, and their cats…all on top of the cake. They were drawn by a cartoonist friend of theirs and made out of shrinky-dinks LOL. Anyhow, it’s the not the cake-topper that is my point, it’s the whole family being together bit. It gets me teary-eyed.
    I hate having that kind of cold that comes right after the big dust settles. Feel better soon, and congrats (again).

  14. Wow, I guess it turns out that we get all mushymushy for babies and Public Displays of Affection in Red Dresses and Boots. It’s cuz it’s freaking romantic, yo. I have been giddy for most of a week, and when my husband asked, I said, “It’s cuz people I don’t really know got hitched in another whole country and I can’t stop smiling.” (Don’t worry, he knew I was a little loopy before.)
    Do we get a picture with all five rings? (Ooh, like the Olympics…)
    Damn, I’m still giddy.
    Feel better.

  15. Ack! I’ve been waiting for pictures! Lovely, lovely, lovely, but I do sorta wish you’d worn the cowboy hat. Just sayin. But maybe it made an appearance later in the evening… (don’t tell me, I don’t really want to know!) I’m getting all veeklempt!

  16. Congratulations again. I am so completely wonderfully happy for you.
    And, I just spent a weekend with Linda Smith – she was the featured speaker at our little LLL of Arizona conference. She honestly rocked my world. I think my head nearly exploded from all the information she had (particularly myths that she discredited). And, she knitted whenever she wasn’t speaking. I have a feeling if she wasn’t knitting intarsia/fair isle Christmas stockings for new grandbabies AND could run the PowerPoint demonstrations without her hands, she might’ve knitted thru the sessions as well πŸ™‚
    ~amey of the scorpion

  17. I’m with you — at one time I didn’t think public record was for anything but burying — I was wrong. It made a wonderful difference for me, too. Truly awesome and utterly appropriate that you were married as a family. Hugs and kisses and kleenix and lysol and hugs and yarn and tea and love.

  18. Wow. I thought I was the only coffee addict who had the ‘coffee-tastes-funny = early cold/flu warning system’ chip installed. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather.
    The wedding sounds like it was a BLAST! The funky, laid-back ones are the BEST KIND!!! πŸ™‚

  19. I’m soooooo happy for you–and Joe, and the girls! And so sorry you missed Tracy U. I adore her. The wedding sounds great and you write eloquently about the emotions involved. The best party we ever had was after my son’s wedding–formal wedding, reception here at our house, catered, champagne toasts, etc. Everything planned very traditionally–then after the not-so-close guests left, it evolved into the greatest night. Wedding party members ran off, changed clothes, bought more beer and wine, we put on the classic rock and just partied all night. My son and his new bride even put off leaving for their long weekend to stay and enjoy the good times. Weddings are wonderful, joyful times and I love them–all of them.

  20. Congrats again! It looks like it was a lovely wedding! How perfect that there was knitting at the wedding.
    I hope you get over your cold soon, but not until after you’ve had enough “just sitting on the couch & resting & knitting time”.

  21. Considering the number of people there, how on earth did you keep this a secret from us?
    We’ve got colds in Oz too. Hope you get better soon!
    Can’t wait to see more photos – people, send them in πŸ™‚

  22. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding! I got engaged in May and any talk of weddings makes me totally excited.
    On a totally unrelated subject… can we expect any Harlot sightings at the Creative Sewing and Needlework show in Toronto this month??? If so tell us when, we don’t want to miss it! (We is my mom and I, not the royal we πŸ™‚

  23. Curled up on the couch with hot tea and Lost season 2 sounds like the PERFECT way to get over a cold! Hope you feel better soon and can post more shots of the wedding. And all that family support is part of what makes you special. Hug them all for us and congrats again. πŸ™‚

  24. There were WAY too many comments the other day, so let me congratulate you both today. Way to go! I’m just surprised you didn’t get the “knitting” ring..the one that is cast in heavy silver from ACTUAL knitting! I have the cable one and wear it all the time. Maybe for Christmas….

  25. I have tears in my eyes. How much fun that wedding must have been!! I’m happy for you & your crew. (Very, very cool idea that the girls got rings, too.)

  26. congrats! congrats!! congrats!!!
    (I’m late to the party and posting quickly on a hospital computer before someone sees me doing “nonhospital” business while I scarf down the rest of lunch wishing I could simply be knitting with a cup of tea!)
    (if there is such a thing as being on the outskirts of the outskirts, I was there – cheering you on during the prep and crossing my fingers it went off without a hitch. Congrats again!)

  27. Stephanie and Joe, blessings upon you all five! My own muggle (the Jerry-Garcia-looking muggle in Eau Claire) bore my laughing at him uproariously for four years, every time he proposed….until I realized, embarrassed, that he meant it. You’re right – there’s a feeling of solidification along with the piece of paper. I was so tickled to see the picture, merci beaucoup! We married in a decommissioned 150-year-old synagogue with a few diverse souls in attendance, and it was fun! And 20 years later it’s MORE fun…and he encourages knitting and never pales when he sees the credit card slips from the yarn shops! Blessings upon you from all the gods and beams of love toward your home!

  28. (passes a cup of warm tea over to Canada) Hope you’re feeling better really soon.
    My husband and I had our honeymoon a month after the wedding, which everyone thought was crazy at the time. But it made that time together special, *our* time instead of something more public (which was also special, but in a very different way).
    I love a non-mainstream wedding πŸ™‚ We had a prayer written by an Athiest, and the phrase “fire is your friend” in the ceremony. But it was lovely and meaningful, too. Just not fussy or typical, which was just right.
    I’m so happy for you both. Marriage isn’t needed to bind two people together (I think most people marry each other in their hearts long before there is ever a ceremony), but it adds something to have the people you love share in that private vow.

  29. so you have family in Spain!!!! don’t you think is about time to pay them a visit???? and spend some time in Barcelona, and go to a Barcelona Knits! meeting on your way?? πŸ˜‰

  30. Same cold here out west, too, plus the first rain of the season. I’m casting on sweaters and repeating that I will NOT turn on the heat yet. Hope you feel better soon. Can you get Source Naturals’ Wellness Formula capsules in Toronto? An excellent potion.
    Wedding rings. Magical. On a tough day I can walk over, tap DH’s ring, and everything is suddenly good again.

  31. The dress is beautiful and I love that all five of you got rings. What a great family you are! Again, I wish all of you even more happiness together than you’ve had up to now. Rest and get well soon.
    M. Gail

  32. Married heathens! Congratulations! Yup, all about bringing your folk together for that public acknowledgement and celebration of what you’ve got.

  33. Congratulations, and many blessings to all of you!! I love being married so much that it makes me really happy to see someone else getting married (especially since you two are clearly meant for each other!). Take care of yourself and yes, please post more pictures!!

  34. I’m with you on the couch, Stephanie (sniffle).
    I’m raising my orange juice in a toast to you and Joe and the girls. How wonderful that you could share your wedding with so much family and so many friends. Congratulations!

  35. Hey, I know the Yarn Harlot AND Linda Smith…woohoo. I havent been active in IBCLC circles in a while (I am now an oncology nurse) but I have known Linda for over 20 yrs and yes she does rock. Now if you ask Linda, she may say, “Mary Alice who?” but I feel like I know her just the same. Congrats to the whole fam-damily.

  36. Duh. Of course a harlot would wear red to her own wedding…enjoy the internal newlywed glow!

  37. If I ever manage to get married (hey, we’ve been dating for five years, engaged for one, may as well wait a while longer, right?) I want it to be as much fun as yours seemed to be. πŸ™‚
    Though I have little hope of getting as many knitters as you did. (And that’s just plain rotten, we need more knitters!)

  38. It sounds absolutely and perfectly lovely. I can’t wait to see pictures of the dress (I am sure you know that in some cultures [Hindu, I think, is one] the bride wears red.).
    Many years to you, Joe, and the girls.

  39. Great answers! Great pictures! Great knitting! (I also wore red and got married near Kelowna on a lake. Save the dress – it works well at parties.)
    It looks like much happiness was had by all! Glad the cold waited until you were done.

  40. Congratulations again! I’m glad you had a wonderful time. I just got married this summer to my partner of 7 years, and wasn’t sure why it all mattered, especially when we were planning the whole stupid thing But… it *was* great to have all our friends and family about for a big party. And I understand what you mean about the ring, and the public declaration of intent. Things feel subtley different, but in a good way. I’m glad you all had a great time!

  41. That’s the worst picture I’ve EVER seen of me.
    Is that the one Julia called “chinerific” and promised no one would ever see?

  42. Okay so I go off into dissertation-writing land for a few days and come back to the real world to discover that you are married!!!!! Congratulations!!! (And I love the red dress- in Chinese weddings you know, its customary for the bride to wear red. It signifies good luck.)
    As for the cold- get thyself some ginger, cut it into slivers and boil it until you have, warm, gingery “tea.” Also good is fresh peppermint tea (again, if you can get it fresh from the garden or store- boiled also). Both will make you feel better and the peppermint clears out the nose…

  43. Congrats and blessings!
    I never leave comments when they are at over a thousand (and well before that)
    I did know vaguely the event was happening (blame Denny) Looks like it was a great celebration.

  44. Your wedding ceremony looks/sounds like it was fabulous, and I think it’s awesome that you flipped out the waitstaff by having so many in-house knitters.
    Your LK SnB night chatter always makes me think maybe next week will be the night I finally get gutsy enough to come, too. Maybe next week… πŸ˜‰

  45. I am sooo happy for you & Joe & the girls. I bet Ken was a wonderful MOH. I still have that offer open to you for the bead-knitted purse :o)
    Get better soon. Peace out, Boop

  46. Breathing, brought to you by Zicam. Seriously, I’ve been soooo siiiick and now can breathe (still sickly but much easier when you can breathe).
    Best wishes for your weddedness to prove as happy as the common laws that have seen you through this far.

  47. My mom wore red when she married my dad. I think it’s a sign of good things to come.
    And I teared up when you mentioned the girls got rings too. I love that you included them in such a unique and special way.
    What a lovely day for a lovely family!

  48. You know what shocked me about our wedding. How loved I felt. Not only by my husband, because I expected that, but by our Families and Friends. I have never in all my life felt as loved and loved and loved as I did that day. I was truly an amazing a special feeling. It sounds like you had that too – for that I am so glad! Congrats again.

  49. Congrats again! I would have never guessed you weren’t “really” married. I am a sort of new fallower, so it is news to me! I have been married two times to the same guy… one at the park on at the church. It is great how the whole family got married and I am please to hear about the knitting. I hope you feel better soon, that sickness took over our house a few weeks ago, all 4 little people down and mom too. It was bad. Get well!

  50. Hope you feel better soon. Someday your family honeymoon will come and be great.
    It does matter that your names are in the big book of public love announcements. It mattered to me too.
    Looking forward to pictures of a knitting wedding.

  51. Congrats! I resisted that marriage thing myself for awhile. It is amazing how all of a sudden it felt “right”. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

  52. I’ve read you for years, I never miss a post, I own all the books…I turn my back (and turn off my computer) for ONE WEEKEND, and you go and have a life moment.
    Best wishes and congratulations to all of you.
    (I should have known. The gansey should have tipped me off. That’s a life moment kind of project, O Excellent Secret-Keeper.)

  53. I’m adding my congratualtions today since the original post was overflowing with commenting well-wishers. I wish you both the very best of joy in your marriage. Marriage is truly a delightful thing, and I think it’s miraculous how a publically-declared committment can still feel so personal and private (my husband calls me his “secret” – as even though we’ve been married for three years, no one could ever know or understand the depth of what that means to us). May society and law (yes, I’m from the US) one day allow this beauty and joy to be shared by everyone who wants it.

  54. What a lovely wedding! When I married my hubby, it was at the justice of the peace (he was in the Army, we had to have the official piece of paper for me to go to Germany with him.) He wore jeans and a nice white shirt with a black vest and his cowbow boots and hat, and I found a one of a kind beautiful wedding dress (that I got for a steal!) that made me feel like a princess. It was small, lasted about 15 minutes and perfect for us! I love the idea of having a wedding for the whole family… you’ve given me an idea for another anniversary…

  55. wow. Congrats, steph. (Congrats with Capital C) now realizing that perhaps my Harlot wine helped (a teensy bit) you get through this crazy/wonderful planning and execution of legal marriage, i am all the more happy to have given it to you. can’t wait to see more pictures.
    (and lucky you Canadians who can put your names in a book of public love, no matter who you love! but i digress… )

  56. congratulations! I love the red dress. I got married in red to. Plus a bridal shower in a yarn shop — sounds fab to me.

  57. I’ve been behind the times on my blog reading & just read the wonderful news!!
    Congrats to you & Joe!! Many many more years of love and happiness to you two.

  58. Of course we approve of your wedding! In fact, your type of wedding is the best kind: you got married because you wanted to. not because you wanted to wear a white dress and look like a princess; or you thought it was the thing to do because everyone else was or you didn’t want to be “an old maid”; or you didn’t want to let down your family; etc.
    You married a man because you loved him. Notice it’s not that you loved the man because you married him ~ you just wanted a permanent PDA in the record and had a party because of it. I can think of no better reason to get married and I defy anyone to not “approve”! Not getting married just to be anti-establishment is just as bad as the people who get married for the wrong reasons.
    Sorry, I’ll get off the soap box. Congratulations on your wedding, I love the knitting, it was such a yarn harlot thing to have there! I saw you when you came to Hollis’ store in Los Altos. May your life together be as lovely, funny and charming as you were that night. (and no disbelieving, you really were great!)

  59. Yes! In under 100 comments! Woo-hoo!
    Stephanie, I am so happy for you! I think everything about your ceremony just sounded perfect, including the timing! I am getting married in 5 weeks in an untraditional ceremony myself and I love the personality of your event!
    I wonder if I have time to knit a guest book….

  60. My husband and I also “lived in sin” for a long time, seven years, before we took the plunge. It’s odd, but something does change with the formal recognition. Odd, but wonderful. I wish you and Joe and the kidlets every possible happiness, knitterly and not! Oh, and the red was faboo!
    I always found when I lived in Calgary that orange brandy and tea kicked a cold almost overnight (or maybe I just didn’t care ’cause I was drunk!) It’s worth a try if you have some…

  61. Congratulations on a spectacular wedding! It looks and sounds like it was just a wonderful day for you and Joe, your family, and all your friends. Those are the weddings that remains in memories forever. I hope you feel better soon and can drink coffee again. It would be great to know what you think about season 2 of Lost.
    Congratulations again! Wheeeeeeeee!

  62. Congratulations! I personally think you got married the right way. People place a ridiculous amount of importance on their “big day” without realizing all the really important stuff happens after the wedding. Like learning to share a bathroom and deciding whose going to do the laundry or wash the dishes and having kids and changing diapers and dealing with financial problems etc. etc. I think more people would stay married if they had to do the marriage part first and the wedding part second.

  63. I’m a dope – I thought y’all were celebrating an anniversary!
    Congratulations, dear Yarn Harlot and family. I hope you guys are very happy in your not so unchanged state of now marital bliss. πŸ™‚

  64. Another belated but very heartfelt “Congratulations!” I know that I, like Bookish Wendy, was completely surprised by what an emotional high our wedding was. Just like you, all our favorite people were there , having a good time, there to show they cared. Just magical.
    (Also, it takes a surprisingly short time before accidentally leaving your ring off makes you feel naked.)

  65. Hi Stephanie. Congratulations! It’s cool that you met Linda Smith. I love her. I remember the first time I met her, and also Kathleen Auerbach, Jack Newman, all those people who are the “luminaries” in our field of breastfeeding support. I can’t wait to see more pictures of your wedding. I love the knitted guest book. What was your gift from the yarn shop? Curious…. Kathleen xo

  66. It was very nice to read the details – congratulations to the whole family πŸ˜‰ The knitted guestbook is brilliant!
    Best wishes~

  67. Glorious love all around, and all of us out here in blogland are enjoying the glow. Thank you to your whole family for sharing it with all of us. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Thank you, Stephanie!

  68. ooh, lovely! And now that you’ve blogged about it, there are even more records publically available about the big event! Oh, and isn’t it nice knitting with a manicure?

  69. Congratulations!
    Hope you feel better soon! And, LOST…I adore LOST. We bought season two and watched most of it as recap before season three started (last night). So much more fun to watch them on DVD though! Enjoy!

  70. It’s just a delight reading about your wedding. You do realize that you had a *much* bigger wedding than you thought you’d had. You have to add in all of us who were there virtually at the reception. THAT’S a big, big party! I’m sure we’d all like to raise a glass of whatever to the happiness and love of the whole Harlot family. Sigh. It just makes me happy to think of your wedding. Be happy, you two plus three; be happy.
    With great fondness and affection,

  71. You’re only on season TWO of Lost?!? Oh my God, I just watched the premier last night and let me tell you, even though season 2 can border on sucky at moments, stick with it. It’s worth it!

  72. Sorry about the cold, but otherwise, everything sounds wonderful! (Well, that and missing Tracy and Meg, but still….)

  73. When my husband and I were dating, I knew I wanted to get married but didn’t know why. It bothered me that I had this strong desire for the “institution of marriage”. I finally figured it out a month after we got engaged when two close friends of ours got engaged. They are gay and their engagement made me incredibly happy. That is what made me realize the importance of public commitment. That being married is not the same as common law or else I wouldn’t be so happy that my gay friends were getting married. Their marriage made me more excited about my own. It was great.

  74. I caught Tracy Ullman on Canada AM earlier this week, and immediately thought “she needs to meet the Yarn Harlot!” Why is it that every time another celebrity takes up knitting it is Big News in a “not your grandmother’s handicraft” sort of way? I welcome her to the fold (and also think that she should familiarize herself with Elizabeth Zimmerman). I guess knitting needs leaders and followers.
    On a more personal note, congratulations! I wish you, Joe and the girls many more years of Happy Togetherness.

  75. Oh I missed it yesterday! The one day I don’t check my bloglines and look what happens. I miss a wedding. Sheesh. Just boot me out of the blogosphere. I am not worthy.
    Congratulations to you and your family!

  76. Same way with us: seemed like a perfectly natural thing to do. Love hearing about the girls getting rings too!
    A big congratuations to you both!!!!!!!!!

  77. Wonderful.
    Thanks for answering the ‘why’, which I was too shy to ask since it’s none our business really, but honestly is the first question that springs to mind when you’ve been happily un-married for so long. And such a sweet answer, too.
    Happy, Happy.
    And look how happy you’ve made all of us by sharing.
    (The ‘bridezilla’ bit made me snork. I’m so glad, in retrospect, that my husband was a contintent and an ocean away while I ‘planned’ our wedding. It might not have happened otherwise…he, too, would have been ‘bridezilla’!)

  78. Congratulations! When we got married after our extended sinful lifestyle I also wore red, and we did the whole kid-involvement thing, and it was wonderful to be legally-legal and wake up in the morning and have those rings on, all glinty.
    For the ultimate surreal honeymoon experience, may I suggest the ultra-capitalist, environmentally frightning and always over-the-top Walt Disney World? It’s where we spent our entire wedding week with the three kids, and was totally worth it. It gave a certain altered reality feeling to the whole event, and life has been one long bizarre trip ever since. Now we’re addicted to a location so out of character with the rest of our lives that it’s just plain nuts.

  79. I know how you feel about not getting to meet Tracy Ulman… I found out the day after I made my flight arrangements to go see my new nephew, that you were going to be here, in Arizona, while I was in Ohio! I cried and then almost cancelled my trip.
    Congrats to you, Joe and the girls. You have a wonderful family!

  80. What a sweet and romantic wedding day you had!! How wonderful that you were able to have so many people in your family attend your wedding.
    I am thrilled to hear that after so many years you still are finding it to be a great addition to your relationship to make it a documented event in the eyes of the state besides just yourselves.
    Congratulations again. πŸ™‚

  81. It’s not so much that I approve of weddings, per se. What I approve of is love and happiness and going right ahead and saying goofy things about love and happiness right out loud where everyone can hear you and even join in. I think stuff like that should happen as often as possible, wherever it’s sincere. I am especially happy for such things to happen to people as openly and sincerely loving as you and your lot.
    I only hope you didn’t catch cold because you weren’t wearing your shawl. πŸ˜‰
    Best, best wishes to the whole married family.

  82. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m sure most of us are dying to see more pictures. The irony with me is that before I got married, I was pretty ambivalent about such things. Now, I can’t get enough, even if the pictures are of people I don’t even know. I’ll pore over bridal magazines while my husband just rolls his eyes.
    Hopefully you won’t get as much of the “Why didn’t you change your name?” thing as I do down here in the buckle of the Bible Belt. It’s almost as bad as the reaction we get if I make the mistake of declaring, well, another unpopular choice that we’ve made. Amazing how rabid people can get about choices and decisions that do not affect their own lives in any way…but that’s enough soapbox. Congrats again, and post pictures as soon as possible!

  83. I also wore red to my Weddding (as differentialted from the Going to the Courthouse to Get Formally Hitched, which occurred earlier((I wore black to that). Whatever works for you is perfect, I say! Besides, the big foofy white atrocities I kept finding made me look like a large, overpriced meringue.
    And my husband did about 3/4ths of the planning, including burning CDs of the music and creating the inviations. I firmly believe that this is As It Should Be.

  84. Congratulations to you and Joe and the girls! I love that the girls got rings too.
    I’m hoping for the day here in the US, that my partner Cherise and I can enter our names in that big official book that documents that we love each other and are a family. Keep your fingers crossed for us – will ya?

  85. I love it! Congratulations! I’m all for unconvention at weddings. I personally was barefoot at mine and had a Krispy Kreme donut cake.

  86. Hope your cold passes quickly. Another Congrats to you and your family and thanks so much for sharing your special times.

  87. Reading that you got married as a family just makes my heart glow. It is also lovely to see that you got married in your own style. πŸ™‚

  88. It’s so true that one of the best things about weddings is all the family and friends gathered together to celebrate. I’m so happy for you–getting to enjoy all that love.

  89. Oh, happy, happy, happy day! My dear husband and I got married three years ago after being together for 12 years (and living together most of that time), and are still going strong. Best wishes to you and Joe!
    You should see me. I had to get a kleenex. I bawl at/for/because of weddings, even if I’m not there. You should have seen me at mine! I was under the strictest of orders from my maid of honor not to shed one tear, as it would get her going. I went, I married, I did *not* weep! A record. Not so lucky here. Lucky thing the keyboard’s not wet. LOL

  90. Congratulations on tying the knot. Now, about that cold:
    Marina’s sovereign cold remedy
    serves one
    Take your favorite large mug. Put a tea bag in it. Make it regular black tea; we’ll get fancy with it later. Pour boiling water in, but only halfway fill the mug. When it has steeped as much as you like it, add a heaping teaspoonful of brown sugar, a pinch of grated nutmeg, the juice and peel of half a lemon, and a splash of dark rum. Drink up.
    It won’t actually cure a cold, but it will anesthetize a sore throat, and eliminate laryngitis for a half hour at a time. It’s also yummy.

  91. Blessing and happiness to you, Joe and the girls for a lifetime! I’m feeling like the dullest knitter in the shop since I didn’t get it from the previous post that you and Joe were taking the plunge. With the right mate, it doesn’t matter if it is public or private…it is just bliss!

  92. YAY!!! congratulations!!! I completely understand about the special feeling when all those people come together for the 2 of you, to support you and witness your (re)commitment – it’s awe-inspiring πŸ˜‰

  93. Best Wishes to you and Joe and the Girls!
    Thanks you for all the sharing you do!

  94. Already married here, but if I wasn’t, I think the best thing about getting married now would be that I would do exactly what I (and spouse-to-be) want, something more unique and individual (like yours) and less generic and bridal magazine-ish. Ah, well.
    Hope you feel better soon, I had something similar and had to drink lots of tea.

  95. Seee–another breastfeeding mama/coach who knits. It’s the vibe, I tell you. And there probably was a glow, just the others couldn’t see it.

  96. Okay, official congratulations on the family wedding! And the dress (and groom) are both gorgeous! Nothin’ wrong with getting married in a color you like . . .
    In place of the godless heathen union of sin, may I suggest substitution of continuous yarn lust? you can join me. ‘Cause, damn, you just pointed out another yarn I must get . . .

  97. Congrats again on the wedding. When we got married 11 years ago, we also included the kid. She got to say stuff and got a ring and everything. We took said kid and my neice and did the Lake Superior Circle Tour for our honeymoon. 14 days, 1400 miles… Odd, but we liked it… So much so that we took our kids and some add ons and did it again 10 years later, to see what had changed.

  98. I feel like a matchmaker! (But not for putting you together with your sweetie.) You got to meet Linda Smith! We met her at a retreat for the leaders of the United States Breastfeeding Committee. She was knitting a Christmas stocking for her new grandbaby and talking about an upcoming trip to Toronto. We suggested that she should immediately read your blog and plan a trip to Lettuce Knits! I’m so glad it worked out. (Off to send her an email that you mention her!)

  99. “Reasons of the heart” and “A wedding was a public declaration of a private intention? It feels like that. Oddly raw and human.” How beautiful. How well put. Stephanie, Joe, girls, everyone, you were beautiful, looking forward to more photos,oh, and don’t fret about it, we won’t get bored.
    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  100. what a beautiful post. in the end that’s what made my partner and i decide to go from being shacked up (it had been a couple of years) to married… we wanted it to be, as you said, a public declaration. we wanted our friends and family around us to say hey, we love each other and we love you all too, and we want you to know that we’re together forever and please support us. and let’s celebrate with a nice big party and dancing! πŸ™‚ congrats again– it looks like it was beautiful!

  101. The red wedding dress that Winona Rider wore in “Beetlejuice” (remember that movie?) was what my high school pal and I both always said we’d wear. Red is a great wedding color!
    (For the record, my pal had a NASCAR wedding with a white dress and I had a mostly traditional wedding with a ivory brocade dress that was 17% metal.)

  102. I only found your blog recently and haven’t commented before but a big Congratulations seemed like a good one to start with!

  103. Thank you so much for sharing the details. I can’t think of a knitter who wasn’t waiting to share it with you (even my husband, but I’m not allowed to tell anyone he knits).
    I was really against the idea of a public wedding for us–I hated the idea of all those people staring at me. HE picked the spot, the invitations, the food, everything, and it was a far greater day than I could ever have imagined. Due to time constraints, we had to wait 6 months for our honeymoon, and it didn’t make a whit of difference. (Except, we had plenty of sleep by then, and no more wedding stress, and could enjoy it all the more.)
    I love that it was the five of you that got married, too. Just…perfect.

  104. Maid of Honor giggles here, My husband’s best man was his best friend, she’s skinny,blond,georgeous,and looked amazing in her tux. I met her 2 days before the ceremony and had 5 minutes of irrational envy, then realized what an incredible human being she is and we have been friends for 17 years. Completely freaked out the bishop preforming the ceremony!
    And since I always feel like an idiot asking you to sign your books, it’s nice to know you can be star-struck:)

  105. Oh bliss! “Love Me Tender,” a red dress, and a godless union, lots of knitters/friends/family… Steph, that sounds perfect. If I ever do it legally, I want “Love Me Tender,” a godless union, and… and… ooh, maybe a red and gold dress!

  106. Funny, I caught a horrible cold just after my wedding, too. Flew into London for our honeymoon where I ended up sleeping for most of it. Romantic? Not so much. The ear pain in the plane’s descent had me screaming in the aisle.
    Now I suppose you spread it to everyone at Lettuce Knit and they’ll all thank you for it next week. πŸ™‚

  107.!! I won’t get tired of hearing about it, I promise. And I’m all about curling up with Lost season 2..but I have to wait one more week..

  108. They knew and they didn’t tell! They kept a secret from the rest of us . . . You had a yarn shower? You have the best friends!
    Congrats to the whole family. Very cool that everyone got rings!

  109. A friend of ours just got accepted into the (totally weird) Jack Daniels Tennessee Squire cult, the benefits of which apparently include permission to enter the Jack Daniels “secret room” (I’m not making this up) and the deed to a postage stamp sized parcel of land in Tennessee. The land deed includes the phrase “to have and to hold”. It’s very creepy to me, although not at all surprising, that the same language, the language of property ownership, is used in traditional vows. I’m pretty sure, however, that your vows were anything but.

  110. Congratulations, Stephanie! Wow, that must have been difficult keeping your secret…. I think I would have burst long ago. Love the knitting at the wedding idea. Best wishes to you and Joe!

  111. That is the best explanation for getting married that I have ever heard. It lightens my rather cynical heart, and I offer you two my most heartfelt congratulations!

  112. Congrats Stephanie and Joe and Samantha and Megan and Amanda!!! As a person who has been living for 21 years in a (now not legal in NYS) Common Law Marriage ( sheesh) I absolutely understand where you were all coming from. Since you were led by your hearts, it is all the more thrilling and real and special. My best to you. Namaste, Susan

  113. Juno my darling, if I’d been there when the photo was taken I could’ve warned you that goofy photos taken with Steph’s camera and promised never to be shown have a tendency to end up here. Ask me how I know.

  114. wow, great and wonderful! the rings for the girls is what got to me, what an absolutely sweet idea.
    You *did* have cake, didn’t you?
    and I think Juno looks positively. . . . enchanting.

  115. Okay…but how does Mr Washey feel about the marriage thing. Was he invited? I know your relationship with Washey is very special. Enquiring minds want to know….

  116. My mother guilted me into NOT taking my knitting to my cousin’s wedding earlier this summer, telling me she thought I’d appear rude! I can’t wait to show her this post!!
    Congratulations to the whole family! You continue to amaze and inspire!
    (first time commenter! woot!)

  117. Please post photos of yourself! The guest book’s lovely-it looks a bit like buttery popcorn.
    (It’d be kinda cool if you and Tracy Ulllman and a buncha other knit-writers had a gettogether. Like a knit-con.)

  118. Enjoy season 2 of Lost–and enjoy the family Honeymoon I know you’ll take…go somewhere cool, with lots of sheep…like Wales or something… (and if you think I’m not insanely jealous of an empty house, a remote that’s all yours and a whack of cold medicine, then you’ve had too much cold medicine…) Congratulations again…

  119. I am so glad to hear another human being make that comment about coffee when you’re sick!!!! For years I have said, “I can always tell when I am getting sick because coffee first thing that morning tastes funny to me”!!! People then look at me like I have Lobsters crawling out of my ears! We must be kindred spirits! Congrats on the wedding. I married my second husband when my son was 5. He went with us to make most of the decisions. Vendors would try to convince us to spend a lot on money on their product by saying, “you only do this once”. I’d point to him and say, if that’s true, who does this child belong to???? He also got a ring and loved every moment of it. He’d say, “Mom, you remember when me and William married you?” Indeed I do!

  120. I really loved this post. I hope there will be more pictures of you in your amazing red wedding dress! I completely approve.
    Your wedding celebration sounds grand. Full of love and highly reflective of who you and Joe are as people.

  121. I knew your wedding couldn’t possibly be mainstream. You’re way too cool for that.
    Re #6, you know, I was actually going to email you a couple of days ago asking you how you have the energy to do everything you do because you seem to have 1847 times more energy than I do, so I was wondering if your secret is just large quantities of caffeine or what, because I can’t manage to accomplish even a quarter of what I want to do, but I never got around to writing the email because…I…didn’t…have the energy. Hmm. Yeah, I need help.

  122. Looks like one heck of a party — congratulations again! I love that you got married as a family; you and Joe rock as parents.

  123. Stephanie, thanks so much for more detail! We’ll eagerly await any more you feel like sharing when you get the energy; you know we will. πŸ˜‰ Awwww re Joe and “really, really married” – Joe, we knew it already, but you’re *such* a sweetheart. So are the girls, and the thought of you all standing up together with everyone else makes me start happily sniffling again. Also have to giggle about so many of us having had similar experiences. (Although purple dress here, not red – hey, it was a sundress, in Reno, 99 degrees – then recovering from bronchitis at the reception party about a month *after* the wedding.)
    Now, keep relaxing, take your time telling us. We ain’t goin’ anywhere! Sending virtual hot lemonade with honey and liberal helpings of 150 proof. And hugs for everyone!

  124. Congrats again! And thanks for sharing a big part of your life with all of us. Wishing you many happy years together! πŸ™‚ And a very short cold. πŸ˜‰

  125. Sending you some virtual TheraFlu for your cold. It must be a “Continental Cold”, as it’s going around the San Francisco area, too.

  126. Betcha Tracey Ullman would’ve squealed right back at you!
    Love the wedding pictures – keep ’em coming if you can.
    And Jillian! She’s a goddess!

  127. That’s a very sweet picture of your family getting married.
    Size 4mm needles? I hope you’re not knitting lace weight while you’re ill!?

  128. I had no idea the wedding was for you and Joe! As I read it I just kept saying AAAWWWWwwwww!!!!
    ~~~~~~~May your lives be forever cabled.~~~~~~~

  129. aw. number two made me tear up a little bit.
    i would personally recommend a honeymoon to lawrence, kansas. great place. i would know. ha. congradulations again!

  130. I know that this is a little bit goofy to mention, but we’re all a little bit goofy. This week i *officially* decided to put off applying to college until next year (taking a year off) so that i will have time to take the SATs and apply to the school i really want to attend: University of Toronto. So i guess if anyone started wishing me luck now, i’ll have a ton of it built up when i actually apply!

  131. OMG- LOST! *flails* anyways, after meeting you in february in tacoma, i finally get around to comment! CONGRATULATIONS! the dress looks lovely (I want to wear red in mine too.. ) and Im glad you are happy! The new book is going to be bloody bullocksy amazing too love!!

  132. I can’t help adding to my congratulations – the second best part of my wedding was the amazing experience of having almost all of your favorite people, from all over, there to celebrate with you and love you. I wish we could do it again every day, without all the planning and expense! Also, I wanted to say that I believe marriage is a choice you make every day – I think that’s a lovely thought. And you and Joe have been making that choice for a long time, you just celebrated it big last Saturday!

  133. Yes, please, more photos!
    I think my wedding was a lot like yours, right down the the french manicure on unaccustomed hands and the 12 hour honeymoon…alas, there was no knitting at mine, but there was a lot of dancing! We, too, happily dispensed with traditions left and right, and had exactly the wedding we wanted…something to be said for getting hitched in middle age! Our 1 month anniversary is tomorrow-and I wonder how long it will be til we no longer get giggly when saying “husband” and “wife”…
    Post as much as you want about the big day! Love it, and can’t wait to hear more!
    Many Blessings to you, Joe, Samantha, Megan and Amanda, always.

  134. Oh, gosh, now I’m going to cry! I’m so very happy for you and your beautiful family. My hubby is sitting here looking at me wondering why my eyes are welling up. I told him and he thinks it super great too. Congratulations again! cls

  135. Well that sounds lovely. I’m glad you guys are enjoying married life, and I’m glad to hear that it does actually make a difference. My boyfriend and I have been shacking up for about five and a half years now, and our married friends keep telling us it’s somehow, magically different, but to hear it from someone who was with their SO for such a long time to get married makes me actually sort of believe it. πŸ™‚

  136. What a beautiful and meaningful day. Thanks for sharing your joy with us — and for answering our nosy questions!

  137. Your wedding sounds wonderful! And knitting during it! Even more wonderful – I’ll have to keep that in mind! Thank you for all the answers – I had most of those questions in my mind, but don’t know you well enough to ask them.
    Hope that cold leaves you very soon. πŸ™‚

  138. Congrats, Stephanie! My wonderful Jim and I have been married for 20 years and are going on our “honeymoon” in January. Marriage is great when the person is your Mr. Right as you know Joe is. I hope your life together continues to be as full of the best as it has already been!

  139. Looking forward to the wedding photos. But I have a question. Your last name is a hypenated maiden name? I always assumed *silly me* that the Pearl was from Joe and the McPhee was your maiden name.

  140. My family is also watching Lost Season 2 on DVD. We didn’t see any of Season 1 on network TV and the buzz about it just got so overwhelmingly loud that we finally gave in and started with Season 1, Disc 1, Episode 1 from Netflix. We’re up to Episode 8 of Season 2 and completely hooked but can’t talk to anyone about it since they’re always on Season 3 on network TV. We have to put our fingers in our ears and sing, “LA LA LA LA, don’t tell me anything! I don’t want to know yet!”
    I wouldn’t advise trying to knit lace and watch Lost at the same time, but then, I’m not (yet) quite as talented a knitter as you.
    I’m still totally thrilled for you and Joe and the girls. all fahrklempt….

  141. Congrats Stephanie and Joe! Good for you to wear red! I wore an off white dress with lime green high top Converse sneakers, my husband a black suit and red tie, and our girls wore their favorite colors: my daughter~lavender, and his~~one wore red, and one wore ice blue. My mom was rather horrified and his family was amused. And so our marriage, a second time around for us both (he was widowed and I divorced), is a lovely blend and truly blessed. I wish the same for the two of you.

  142. You must admit, you have the most unusual “guest book” of any bride. Hope you can print it out and save it.

  143. gah! I walk away from the blogosphere for one frickin’ week, and you and Joe run off and get married! that’s it, I’m telling my employer I’m going to need more time off in order to properly keep up with my favorite blogs.
    Speaking of blogs, I’m playing with a new thing, where I post little cartoons I’ve made about knitting. Anyone who drops by, please tell me what you think. (

  144. I love that store.
    Okay, I only visited Make1 a couple weekends ago, but it was so lovely that I plan to spend lots of time there!

  145. Linda Smith is coming down my way later this month for a talk I am going to. I didn’t know she was a knitter! πŸ™‚

  146. Uh-oh mixing heavy duty cold concoctions with a new knitting project. I hope it’s not lace!
    Are you going to Rhinebeck this year?

  147. Congrats, & thanks for the update. Knitters are resourceful if nothing else. Take plenty of cold stuff, & drink that tea… We want you back healthy!…hugs….PS. Im going to try socks… wish me luck!!! You encourage us all!

  148. It is indeed a wonderful thing to be surrounded by friends and family. You are blessed.
    I know exactly how you feel about coffee v. tea when you have a cold. My hubby made a pot of coffee this morning and I decided that I wanted tea. By the time I got to work my nose was running and my throat is getting that sandpapery feel. Vitamins, tea and knitting, the perfect prescription.
    Hope you feel well soon.

  149. Man! I’m redoing my wedding…I didn’t get a bridal shower, as I have like one friend that’s a girl, and I want a knitty shower too. I am just so jealous. Think of all the yarn I could’ve had…ah well, I’ll just ask for yarn for the baby shower. May I suggest an under the weather project? Kleenex box cozy…I hear they are all the rage.

  150. Perhaps we approve of the love that a wedding suggests (inferred since you are not in fact knocked up). The horrible cold is part of the “cram two or three landmark events into one week” program. I had the second-worst cold ever on my honeymoon. Freshly-minted husband was dispatched to find a cold remedy, never mind that he only spoke a few dozen words of the local language.

  151. i do understand, lol. i got married 2 weeks before you did, and i was calling MYSELF bridezilla. everywhere i went, my tag line was “can’t sleep, flowers will eat me.” i was doing all the flowers for the wedding (silk).
    and we had a yarn swap bridal shower for me at my favorite LYS. it helps having a matron of honor who knits as well, lol!

  152. I find that I rarely get sick when I’m in the middle of a really stressful time. It’s usually afterward, when my blood is no longer 50% adrenaline, that my body decides it’s finally “allowed” to get sick. So enjoy your tea, your chesterfield, your knitting, and your still-godless married family. You’ll be better before you know it!

  153. Well, we don’t talk enough I guess for me to know you weren’t already married. I assumed … so wished you a happy anniversary, silly me. I’ve been distracted I suppose.
    Congratulations on your marriage. May you and your family be blessed for many years to come.

  154. I don’t know who it was who said that a wedding was a public declaration of a private intention, but I should, because we had my grandpa (who officiated our not-terribly-traditional wedding…actually, it sounds like it was quite a lot like yours, except that I wore green, which is good as I look hideous in red!) read a passage which included that line at our wedding last year. He let us pick all of the words we wanted to have said, and those really rung true to us. There is something different somehow about having it all in the public record (we too had lived as married for awhile before, but not nearly long enough to be considered married under common-law even if such a thing were possible in Ohio, which it’s not anymore).
    Also, since I did not chime in on the earlier post (nor have I really chimed in ever, I’m awfully shy on these blogs that gets bajillions of comments), I just wanted to say congratulations! Best wishes to you and your whole family!

  155. Hi Steph! Whew, it’s no wonder you’re sick — I have no idea how you juggled so many different events & projects and were still able to keep all the balls in the air! Nothing short of miraculous! Best wishes to you and yours for many happy years together! So nice that you made this a celebration for the whole family. Congratulations and lots of love to you all! Sue

  156. The perfect cold or virus remedy: gargle with Listerine. It kills everything and clears your sinuses like a mofo.

  157. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather but your plan of lots of tea, season 2 of Lost, and a new project should get you moving in the direction of feeling better. (If that combo doesn’t, I don’t know what would!) Loved reading about your wedding. Thank you so much for sharing. I was quite unprepared for the announcement last week and was so touched by how you presented it and that beautiful photo of the flowers with yours and Joe’s hands. Stunning.

  158. congratulations! My “husband” and I have been living togehter for 18 years, have 2 children and have not yet gotten “officially married”. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic enough that I’m considering taking him up on his offer of “hey, let’s get hitched….whadda ya think?”
    who if ever does get hitched will not change her name and may very well just do it in her backyard.

  159. I was married on Earth Day this year with a traditional Celtic handfasting performed by my mother on a beach. We really freaked out the family audience that had no idea it wasn’t going to be religious. The heathens are taking over. πŸ™‚ Soooo many congrats again to you and your lovely man.
    On a side note, I inspired a new American male to pick up your book while at the Hollywood DMV on Monday. In the inner circle of hades that is waiting for one’s driver license replacement, a car salesman sat next to me and asked what I was reading that made smile so much. When I said that it was a knitting book, he was very confused. I went on to say it was knitting humour. More dazed looks. I handed over the bookbookbook2 and let him read a small passage, then gave him a Post-It with the title. He thanked me and continued his surprised smile as I took my turn with DMV employees. One more person on your plot to take over the planet…

  160. Sorry you’re sick, but think of all the good lounging and knitting you’re going to get done. I can’t wait to see all the pictures – I’m a complete sucker for a wedding picture (or a hundred – whatever).

  161. I must be unusually hormonal today because I’m all teared up. And the phrase “we as a family got married” and the thought of your daughters witnessing and participating in it just about does me in.
    The dude abides!

  162. Congrats!! Bet you heard a lot of “It’s about time” comments and just looked blankly as a response… Well, okay that’s what I would have done.
    On another note, I am not sure if you knew this, but Tracy Ulman is an avid knitter, and I KNOW she would have appreciated your chatting with her.

  163. I hope you feel better soon!
    Since you’re doing Q&A… you never did say whether you liked that McMinnamins beer I gave you when you were down in Eugene ^_~

  164. Awww you guys rock so hard! I’m so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to see more pictures! I love that you wore red. Who needs to be traditional when you can be fun?!

  165. I just want to congratulate you! I know a bit about unconventional weddings, too–I got married in royal blue, told the bridesmaids to wear whatever they wanted, and had a candle of a castle with a moat monster on top of my wedding cake. πŸ™‚

  166. Oh, I’m so happy for you both! I am happy to say that Jesus was NOT invited to my wedding last July, and God was only there for the people who felt like invoking her personally, since we were married in a civil ceremony performed by a Juvenile Court Judge.
    I’m glad that your wedding was everything that you wanted, and blessings for your future!

  167. Stephanie,
    Why are you GODLESS? What happened in your life to make you that way? I feel for you… sad.

  168. Hey there:
    Congrats on the wedding! Curious Creek Yarns are on their way to you – that was the yarn I showed you when you visited us. I enclosed some in the packages being sent to you from the store. Kristine, the fabulous owner is doing a couple of programs at the store in a couple of weeks. She’s got an incredible color sense.

  169. Congratulations on your wedding Stephanie. No matter when done, it is always a momentous occasion. Affirmation that love and committment and connectedness are of primary importance in this world of many superfluous things.
    On a totally different note, I know, what timing, when are you going to make an appearance in BC? We need our chance to overwhelm you too!

  170. I feel so insignificant trying to comment on your blog with all these other hordes of commenters. I almost never bother… but this is too big to stay silent.
    I wish you all the happiness possible. And even more…
    We married because others wouldn’t see us seriously as a couple until we got legal. My brother stood up for me (Dude of Honor) and Brian didn’t have anyone stand up for him. I wore a turquoise silk dress and we had a jam session for our reception. We did what was right for us. It was a really great time!
    And yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. We’re still crazy about each other. I wish you the same, now and always.

  171. Am I just search-inept, or is there actually no link to be found to That Laurie’s blog?
    Sincere congratulations on the nuptials. Need better pictures. Maybe someone should give you a better camera for a wedding gift?
    And did you really put the Oklahoma Rose Rock on your windowsill?
    — a devoted fan

  172. Congratulations to all 5 of you! Thank you for sharing all of this with us. Sounds like such fun. I’m very impressed by the secretiveness. It give me hope for humans, for some reason.
    I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve been to where the bride, groom, or both get horrible colds either on their wedding day or the day immediately following. And, I’m right there with you on the sudden distaste for coffee being one of, if not the very first sign of getting sick. Hmmm.

  173. congrats on your most lovely family wedding!
    ~love, luck & happiness,
    Seattle Stephanie

  174. Best wishes! I hope you have many more happy years together (and lots and lots more yarn). My now-husband and I were together for 11 years before we ran away to Vegas (from Australia)- happy to report that things are still wonderful after 2 years of marriage! I wish the same for you.

  175. I haven’t commented before even though I read your blog but I just have to say Congratulations!! And you picked a wonderful day to have as an anniversary. Scott and I were married on this day 28 years ago. It’s a great time of year for an anniversary. (Hint – try Cape Cod, MA as a honeymoon trip – it’s wonderful this time of year!!)

  176. Stephanie, I’m late to the party, as it were, but congratulations and best wishes for many more years of togetherness to come.

  177. How absolutely lovely. Congratulations. You are evidently perfect for each other, may your happiness continue always. Post more pictures please so we can see you in your dress!

  178. Congratulations!
    I was in Toronto these past 5 days and I visited Lettuce Knit. It’s so tiny and I’m amazed that there are group events there! I kept wondering if maybe there were 2 stores but I’m pretty sure there’s only the one!

  179. Best wishes to you and Joe in the rest of your future life together. Yours is the best kind of relatinship — you have lived with each other, know each other’s flaws and quirks, Weathers hardships and annoyances, and still want to be together. I hope that your bond remains strong throughout your lifetimes and you continue to love and respect each other as you have in the past.

  180. Heartfelt congratulations to you! I would be a hippy if I had even remotely liked the hippy hand-me-downs I got to wear during the 70s and 80s, but they were polyester, badly-fitting, and scratchy. For my own wedding, I told Ma that I was going to wear my favorite overalls (I loved those overalls) and just go to a Justice of the Peace. To her credit, she found a wedding outfit (I didn’t have to wear a dress!) that was shiny (my favorite color) and didn’t have buckles (important to her). We got married by the mayor of the village where I grew up, which means more to me than getting married in a church any day of the week, and our wedding and reception were held at my grandma’s house. Just goes to show that you can have the best weddings without the giant annoying dress and budget.

  181. A long overdue congrats, girl! Whenever I read about someone getting married, I’m reminded of that scene from “Moonstruck” where Olympia Dukakis asks Cher, “Do you love him?” and Cher answers “Yes”, at which point Olympia Dukakis rolls her eyes, sighs, and says, “If you love him, he’ll drive you crazy.” πŸ™‚
    best of luck to you both,

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