Be The Pin

One rainy New Jersey evening, two knitters blocked a wedding shawl.

They started with a soak a little Eucalan and warm water.


The shawl did not disintegrate in water. (I always fear this.)

We put down Juno’s interlocking foam floor tiles (they are freaking brilliant) and ran blocking wires through the top edge. This was a reasonable expenditure of human time. Then we began to pin.


This was an unreasonable expenditure of human time. It took two quick pinners one and a half hours of total pinning immersion.


We pinned out the centre line, we pinned out the large points, and then, oh then my gentle knitters, then…

After a while, time suspended. Pins were placed. Pins were replaced. Pins were adjusted. Arses cramped. Thighs seized, Spasms set in places where we didn’t know we had places. It became almost meditative, like entering a trance to walk on coals.


Each loop of the crochet cast off was pinned out. Every. Single. One. By the end we were blurry and folded, more or less permanently into this position. (If you see us at Rhinebeck, know that it is a blocking injury that has reduced us to our crone-like posture. Waving some yarn above head level may help to unkink us.)


Each pin in place…we spritzed it with water. (It has dried a little bit much while we pinned.)


Imagine the pins. Boggle.


Pain for Beauty. The shawl, in all it’s glory is being has been transported to Rhinebeck (we draped it over our luggage in the back of the Jeep so it didn’t lose it’s block)


…where I shall take it’s portrait and wear it the whole day. I’ve very proud. It might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made.

477 thoughts on “Be The Pin

  1. Holy gossamer bat wings, Wonder Woman – that is a gorgeous piece of work. That deserves a second honeymoon.

  2. You’ve outdone yourself! That shawl is amazingly gorgeous.
    While at Rhinebeck, please fondle some yarns for all of us who can’t be there.

  3. Just as well it wasn’t finished in time…
    That thing would have overshadowed the rest of the wedding. (Like you know how your bridesmaids aren’t supposed to be prettier than you are?)
    To be honest, I thought it was fantastic before it was blocked, even. I like that ruffly kind of thing.
    But wow.

  4. It really is heart-stoppingly beautiful Stephanie. I hope you are feeling uncramped and stretched out! See you tomorrow!

  5. Stunning! Simply breathingly stunning! What an heirloom to pass down to your girls…and now you don’t have to rush and get it finished for their weddings!! Enjoy wearing it.

  6. I literally gasped for breath as the finished, blocked shawl scrolled into view. I didn’t think anything could be more stunning than Icarus, but it looks like I was wrong.
    Those waters truly are magical!

  7. It’s so beautiful that tears sprang into my eyes!
    I’m also rather speechless as to describe just how beautiful it is… *sniff sniff*

  8. I’m so disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to see you, your shawl and Rhinebeck. Next year?
    Have a wonderful time!

  9. GORGEOUS!!!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!
    I can’t wait for Monday to hear all about Rhinebeck. Pet some yarn for the homies who couldn’t make it there.

  10. Wow…. I thought it was pretty pre-blocking, but it looks like a cloud, or angel wings, or… something else very ephemeral and wispily beautiful now.
    I might start blocking the stuff I knit, if that’s what happens! πŸ™‚

  11. so – when ya’ gonna cast on the next shawl!! LOL. It is a vision of beauty. I wish I had the nerve to take on a project like that. I’ll stick to socks and such. Bravo – nice job. You Rock!!

  12. Magnificent.
    Next time, sawhorses with 4×8 foot plywood, and the foam squares on that? πŸ˜‰ Or just put the plywood on a blanket on the dining room table, work on there, and eat out.

  13. Oh, and where does one get interlocking foam floor tiles? That looks like a much better idea than putting a bunch of towels over the grungy carpet and hoping whatever nasty crap the previous tenants spilled on the carpet doesn’t seep up into whatever’s being blocked.

  14. It’s gorgeous!!! And definitely worth every pin. My Knitting Olympics project (Rose of England) involved 320 fricking pins. The fingers start to hurt after pushing so many in, but I stayed up until 2am doing it because I’m convinced that pins = awesomeness.
    I’m sure everyone all over blogland who is going to Rhinebeck is going to be on the lookout for your wedding shawl, and I can’t wait to see those pictures!

  15. Oh my the beauty, and the magic…. but—you do look as though you are positively bent over worshipping at the altar of that lace….;)
    gorgeous. I feel fulfilled. An dnow must finish this stupid Print o the Wave Stole I started in July…. border edging repeat # 16 completed… you have given me hope… all hail the harlot;)

  16. That is SO beautiful! You deserve to be proud. Go ahead and brag, it would be imposible to brag too shamelessly. I wish I could be at Rhinebeck to catch a glimse of it. For God’s sake don’t snag it on anything. I did that once the first time I wore a new shawl, thank goodness it was fixable.
    You were so lucky to have help pinning it, Juno deserves a big thank you.

  17. There’s nothing I can add that hasn’t already been said, but I will say this anyway:
    Completely and astoundingly beautiful.
    And I was one to the two people who voted for the closed leaf instead of the open. I bow down to you, for you are a knitting goddess. The open leaves are stunning and I don’t know what I must have been thinking with the whole closed leaves thing!

  18. ps— always fear lace will disintregrate in the water too… (terrorists should NEVER get near eucalan and swap it out for acid…. that would suck … knitters would become quivering piles of jelly) whole countries would be left in shambles… just knitters consoling themselves with coffee ummm other beverages… and chocolate ) Any way…the pulling stretching and pinning?…. absolutely more frightening than any stephen king novel.
    always afraid something will *snap* and ruin months of work.
    that is all… I promise;)

  19. Your shawl (and those interlocking foam floor cusions) are the bomb! Your daughters may want to wear it for their someday weddings, so keep it in a safe place.

  20. I keep staring at the screen, saying “Oh. my. God.” The people around me at work are beginning to believe that I’m a little touched in the head. (Well, maybe not just beginning.) Hopefully, I’ll get to see it up close and personal in Rhinebeck this weekend. I’m bringing my younger daughter along. I’ve turned her into one of us. Hope to see you there. I promise not to drool on the shawl.
    A work to be proud of, Steph!

  21. You should be proud.. you should be sh*t-eating grin proud… beaming from ear to ear. I’m not a huge fan of lace as it stands…but that is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. Job well done!

  22. We are not worthy. It is past gorgeous, it is almost suprahuman it its beauty.
    I am two exits south of Rhinebeck, and we are monsooning. Be careful; Rhinebeck (tomorrow at least) may not be worthy either.
    Interlocking foam floor cushions?

  23. I can’t wait to see it! I am afraid blocking will dissolve anything, not just lace. But more so for lace. And foam floor tiles – brilliant!
    This is my first Rhinebeck, so I’ll be another Stephanie but quivering in a corner somewhere muttering about sheep.

  24. How beautiful! I could weep for you, because you didn’t get it done in time for your wedding, what a shame. But this is an heirloom shawl, so beautiful…..

  25. Arses cramped! Hahahah! Have I ever been there. You and Juno are truly my heroines. The pinning is SOOO my least favorite part of the knitting process. If I could stop being a control freak long enough to let someone help me pin, it could be fun. Or at least somehwat less agonizing. Kudos to you both! And I hope you went for massages afterwards.

  26. Oh wow, that’s incredible! I hate pinning, so I bow to your awesomeness and the awesomness of friends who will help you with it. Congratulations on finishing such a monster and I hope it’s beautiful and one of the most comfy things you ever wear.

  27. W-O-W OH WOW OH WOW! It was totally worth all the 880 stitches a row and block/pinning pain! That is so totally GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see it on you!

  28. I’m absolutely drooling! That is, quite positively, the most beautiful thing I’ve seen! I don’t know if it inspires or intimidates.

    The shawl is lovely, take the wedding photo’s again but with the shawl
    Show that shawl off!

  30. “…unreasonable expenditure of human time” – I think not!!! It’s absolutely gorjuss and fantastic. I wish I could be at Rhinebeck to see it – oh, and you, too, of course πŸ™‚

  31. I knew you could bring that one across the finish line. I’m glad to hear you’re happy with the finished product. Have fun this weekend. Tell your kids they have to keep this shawl in the family for at least 3 generations or you will haunt them. Good story for Halloween… ‘this is the shawl your great great grandmother made…’

  32. “Boggle” does not begin to cover it. That is so incredible…it defies description.
    Incredible work. Just incredible. I hate pinning almost as much as I hate cleaning under the kids’ beds. So you can imagine my admiration. πŸ™‚

  33. The wedding shawl is just too gorgeous for words. Several people have already posted the same comment, but what a joy to have two beautiful daughters that could wear that amazing shawl for their wedding.

  34. I don’t usually comment, but that shawl is stunning. I’ve never seen knitted lace like that. My grandmother used to crochet lace tablecloths, and this is even more beautiful (we just won’t tell her that I said such a thing)
    enjoy it!

  35. You have definitely made an heirloom. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am so covetous (is that a word.)

  36. Not only is your shawl beautiful, but it’s inspiring! Congratulations on both your marriage and finishing you shawl!

  37. Oh God Steph, it’s completely … well, there are no words. The beauty of that thing resonates in every cell in my body.
    And you are going to wear it outside by farm animals and chocolate carts.

  38. Fantastic design, great knitting (yes, great long rows too ;-), amazing pinning. One fabulous shawl!!!
    Now, tell us more about those brilliant floor tiles, please! Material, where to find them, …?

  39. Oh. My. Freakin’. God.
    Absolutely delicious. It made not have made it to the wedding, but it will be a big part of the marriage, which is so much more important. Just think of how you’ll feel seeing each of your daughters walk down the aisle (if they choose to) wearing that heirloom.
    Wear it with pride, Dude.

  40. You can stop knitting now. IT is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You will be walking three feet above the ground when wearing it.

  41. Absolutely breathtaking! You’ve created an heirloom for your daughters’ weddings (if/when they marry) and they will look gorgeous in it. In the mean time, you get to wear it yourself. Walk tall, strut, and enjoy the gasps of awe from onlookers.

  42. Oh
    that is amazingly gorgeous. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
    Is there nothing you can’t do?

  43. I don’t know how you decided or finagled the border – but it is a triumph. It enhances the shawl absolutely wonderfully. Kudos from a lurker.

  44. Amazing. Gorgeous. Wow.
    I can’t think of any more adjectives, but that’s beautiful. What a great wedding related memory.
    I am jealous that you get to go to Rhinebeck though….

  45. “…It might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made…”
    It may well be the most beautiful thing you have ever *knitted* but *made*?
    I’m thinking of Amanda, Meg, and Sam, of course, who are stunningly beautiful, each and every one.
    (Now, about those shawls for *their* weddings …)
    You seem to outdo yourself with every project – the shawl is beautiful beyond words.

  46. It is so beautiful that I plead with you… PLEASE DON’T WEAR IT AT RHINEBECK. Think of the hazards that await there– a llama could sneeze on it or some sort of hula hoop sheep toss accident could occur. Joe needs to see it while it’s still pristine and gorgeous!

  47. Freakin beautiful. Makes one want to knit lace . . . almost. Working on the that sadly blogless thing . . .

  48. WOW. It is really, really beautiful (and I am hit-or-miss on liking lace). Congrats – what a lovely thing to have made, wear it with pride!

  49. That is breathtaking, Steph. I hope to see it in person tomorrow, because I’m sure it’s even more beautiful in real life.

  50. If it’s not the most beautiful thing you have ever made it is at least the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. What an incredible handknit!

  51. I. Must. Figure. Out. How. To. Make. That. Shawl. I am flat out speechless. So gorgeous. If you ever leave Joe (heaven forbid), I will put you on a pedastal and bring you coffee and more yarn forever, just to be near you. Amazing. Congratulations!!!!!

  52. Now THAT’s dedication. You are a Wonder Woman (or should that be Super-Steph). You are wearing a shiny unitard under your street clothes aren’t you? There’s a great comic there, I can tell. Your arch enemy The Moth. Your kryptonite – crochet.

  53. It almost makes me want to cry, it’s so beautiful. Just amazing. I can’t wait to see more pictures.

  54. That is so beautiful! So, so lovely. You’ve created an heirloom that your daughters and their daughters will wear with love and pride on their wedding days!

  55. Astounding!!! Absolutely luchious!!! I for one cannot believe you are going to wear it around barnyard animals OMG it makes my mind boggle. But then when you really think of it, if it weren’t for those same animals it wouldn’t exist would it ? All hail to barnyard animals and sheep in particular. Wear it with the pride it deserves and good for you .

  56. Wow, gorgeous (and I agree, worthy of a honeymoon). I was reading and how overwhelming it could have been to have to do the job alone!

  57. I think I just became a shawl fan. I used to just think that shawls were awkward, largely useless, and not particularly attractive garments, but your shawl is stunningly beautiful. I especially love the border. Congratulations on finishing it – it’s gorgeous!

  58. Wow – that is beautiful!! Simply amazing. One question – 880 stitches – does that mean 880 pins?!?! yikes. Simply breathtaking.

  59. Steph, I think it’s one of the most beautiful things that ANYONE has ever made. Do you have province fairs in Canada? Definitely a Best In Show for that shawl. (Mind begins to spin… what if the shawl toured and entered every state fair…. )

  60. That reminds me of pinning a quilt to prepare to quilt it. It’s maybe not quite as painstaking but I hobble around after doing that. I hate doing that.
    The shawl is absolutely amazing. Wish I could see it close up.

  61. holy shit.
    It defies words. Tears in my eyes lovely. LOVELY. Okay – so, now, go do the getting married thing again with the shawl.
    I’m with the others, too – Interlocking foam squares? What do we ask for at the local home center?
    Have fun at the fest. I’d worry more about flying creatures than the four-legged beasts… Just saying.
    L O V E L Y.

  62. “…might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made”
    You are a master of understatement.
    The beauty of that shawl has just about reduced me to tears.
    Wear it with pride, Stephanie.

  63. It is GORGEOUS! Please, will you be giving us the pattern? I want to knit one for my sons’s wives to wear when they are married – and I’ll need to start now!

  64. Need
    Truly awesome, Steph! I have been reduced to thinking, “Wow” and using the exclamation point. Nuff said….Wow!
    Now, you must don your truly amazing shawl and wear it like the super-hero cape it is. Spin around so that it flares out as if you were flying while you perform super acts of amazing knitting like the goddess that you are. Dazzle ’em with your daredevil designing skills and leave them stunned by the speed of your needles! All hail the Harlot!
    PS. Pet some way cool fiber for me too this weekend.

  65. What a magnum opus! You are in trouble now, though – what will those girls of yours want to get married in?
    Inquiring minds, however, want details! Pattern, yarn, etc. And tell us more about those floor tiles!

  66. I think it is one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever knit. Made, however, your three girls are the most beautiful Yarn Harlot influenced product.
    I must get me some cork or foam tiles!

  67. Freakin’ beautiful. And what you have, what you’re feeling today as you walk (or sit,)the quilters call “baster’s butt.”

  68. As everyone has said, that is beautiful! I think you need to do another ceremony in order to wear it! Is that your own design?

  69. If I weren’t a knitter, I’d say you should have spritzed with a water-white-glue mixture. Or starch. However, I know better. And it is a thing of beauty. Oh my, the pinning. I admire your fortitude!

  70. What happened in my cubicle as I scrolled down to the shawl:
    *jaw drops*
    *whispered* “Oh my God!”
    *another gasp, this time with hands steepled over face*
    I briefly considered, then decided against, giving up knitting after seeing this…I just cannot fathom having the skill and/or patience to ever make something this beautiful.
    But I can’t quit – who would knit the world feather and fan afghans in bulky yarn then?

  71. I bow at your feet, there are no words for its utter exquisiteness (is that a word?) Congratulations on this work of art, and patience.

  72. Absolutely stunning. I just keep looking at it (and all those pins!) – it’s just beautiful. Hope I get to see it in person at Rhinebeck!

  73. It IS the most beautiful knitted item I have seen, ever. The MOST beautiful thing you have ever made is your family.

  74. I was wondering how the crochet cast-off holds up after blocking. I did the Peacock Feathers with the crochet cast-off and it hasn’t held up too well, so I’d be interested to see how yours holds up. I have heard that you can put a little spray starch on the chains to help keep it’s shape, but I’m a little leery of spraying starch on my -precious- shawl. Your thoughts?

  75. That, I believe, IS the most beautiful thing you’ve ever made. I don’t know what all you’ve made, but that shawl is stunning. It definitely does merit a honeymoon.
    I’m reminded of the answer you made, earlier on in your blog, to this question: “If you could only knit one thing, what would it be?” You answered, basically, “A wedding ring shawl, because they can be as big as you want, they have teeny tiny stitches, and they can go on for ever and ever, but still go through a golden wedding band.”
    I wonder if you knew, when you answered that question, how right you were! So, now that you’re on the other side, what do you think of that as the only thing you’d knit if you had to pick just one?
    Have fun at Rhinebeck!!!

  76. First off, the shawl is stunning.
    Secondly, Interlocking foam floor tiles?!!?! Genius! I’ve been wondering how the heck I was going to be blocking things in my new apartment w/ hardwood floors.
    Off to the flooring store. Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  77. oh, my freaking …
    I have 153 unread Harlot posts according to Bloglines, and this is what I drop in on. I cannot even stand it. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Makes me forget to be grumpy about missing Rhinebeck.
    Nah. Not really.

  78. 1. Truly exquisite shawl. I can’t wait for more detailed closeups.
    2. Where, oh where can I get interlocking foam floor tiles? Please tell.

  79. OKay…the sleep deprivation couldn’t do it. The gang war at my school yesterday didn’t do it. The baby giving me a big smile as I left her with the babysitter today didn’t do it. But that shawl did it’s thing and seriously moved me to tears. It’s fabulous, simply amazing. Congratulations.

  80. Hmm, I’m beginning to wonder if you weren’t telling the truth when you came to Abq and said that you run from heirloom knitting…cause that is truly a beautiful heirloom. Gorgeous work.

  81. words fail me… EZ would bow to that……
    now.. where the heck do you get those floor tiles?

  82. I’ve been lurking for a while now, but this exquisite piece of work has forced me out of hiding. That is absolutely the most gobsmackingly beautiful thing that was ever knitted ever! I am widely known as the Queen of the sweeping overstatement, but I’m fairly certain no-one is going to argue with me on that one.
    Incidentally, I’ve been catching up on your archives between lurking sessions, and I think we were separated at birth.

  83. Stunningly gorgeously …. There are not enough words. A beautiful wedding shawl, worthy of a beautifully wedded bride.

  84. OMG. Stunning. You must get married again.
    To be honest, I wasn’t too sure how it was all working out, using part of the pattern, what shape it was going to be. But I’m glad I was confused because now I’m blown away. Makes me want to drop the lace baby blanket I’m making and start something new. White. And Lacey.

  85. Breathtaking…inspiring… Wow. That really really really makes me want to pick up a lace project again.
    And no wonder Cassie was worried about you guys forgetting to pick her up at the station, if that’s what you were up to!

  86. Keep the red wine away from *that* future heirloom.
    I think each of your girls should have their own. (ducking)
    And could your wonder-publicist put the shawl on tour???

  87. Wow… I’m speechless. The shawl is just incredible, it’s breathtaking!!! I can’t believe you made this beautiful piece (I think if I had to make it, I’d go insane).

  88. Beautiful!! And the pattern is available where?? I really do think Book Five should be on lace knitting. You could do it up right!

  89. Oh Stephanie, that is exquisite. Exquisite all over. But the edging brought tears to my eyes. Seriously…

  90. There are simply no words. None. Just – Wow. Please *makes doe eyes at Harlot* DON’T wear it too near the barns and the mud! And you know you won’t be able to resist the chocolate coffee and wine throughout an entire day so Please!! It must remain pristine and perfect.
    *sighs and waves white flag* I give up. I must try lace. In the space of less than a year you’ve drug me through cables, multiple projects at once, socks (just ordered my first STR yarn) and now, I must try lace. Where can I find me that Peacock or Wave pattern anyone?

  91. It is amazing and beautiful – I take back what I said about trying to cover a Canadian Province…
    What *I* want to know – and I’m amazed a gillion other knitters haven’t already asked (come on guys!) Is where did you find the edging motif???????
    It totally makes the shawl a thing of wondrous beauty – not that the Kinzel body is anything to sneeze at either – but that edging really makes the shawl spectaculatious!!

  92. It is amazing and beautiful – I take back what I said about trying to cover a Canadian Province…
    What *I* want to know – and I’m amazed a gillion other knitters haven’t already asked (come on guys!) Is where did you find the edging motif???????
    It totally makes the shawl a thing of wondrous beauty – not that the Kinzel body is anything to sneeze at either – but that edging really makes the shawl spectaculatious!! (I had to make up a word even to begin to describe)

  93. It looks stunning. I wish I could see it in person. This is your own design, too, is it not? Wow. I don’t have any other words for it…..

  94. The cosmic vibration of your most exquisite shawl can be felt around the world. Everybody say “Om.” I hope you will be wearing it on Sunday too…

  95. OH!!!!
    That is so lovely, Stephanie! I can hardly wait to see the formal portrait.

  96. As we say in Maine, the wedding shawl is wicked awesome! When you return home, you must strip naked, don the shawl (only) and have a second honeymoon!

  97. That is the most beautiful knit shawl I have ever seen. Something that gorgeous is worth every frustrating inch and painfull pin. Of course that might be easier for you to say after the pain is gone.
    Have a great time in Rhinebeck!

  98. Wow!!! That shawl is beautiful! I’m still working on your snowdrop shawl, but I’m waiting until after Socktoberfest (gotta finish those socks ya know). I hope I can be awed by the blocking process too:)

  99. Stunningly beautiful! It truly is an heirloom. Hmmm. I’m thinking about how you will model it for Joe… Never mind, he’ll love it, too.

  100. …excuse me for not immediately commenting.
    I’m having a seizure.
    OMG, it’s f$%&ing beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  101. That is a spectacular thing of beauty. I can imagine your daughters wearing it at their weddings, and handing it to *their* daughters to wear.

  102. worth every stitch, every hour, every panic attack, every pin, every aching muscle
    it’s beauty is proof of your love for Joe

  103. Religions have been founded on things far less awe inspiring.
    Congratulations on the _lovely_ affirmation of your talents and tenacity.

  104. Congratulations on finishing a perfectly gorgeous shawl! I am well and truly boggled. I’m lucky my hands know the keyboard so well because my eyes have fallen out. Congrats!

  105. I’m in agony. The thought of that pristine perfection being worn at a crowded fair, rubbed against farm animals, marquees, crowds of shoppers with bags containing pointing sticks (well obviously!) and hoardes of lusting knitters wanting to grab, worship and, inevitably, make grubby that gorgeous shawl, it’s physically painful! It should be encased in glass, lit carefully like a museum exhibit and admired reverentially from behind a velvet rope.
    On the other hand, if I’d knit that, I’d never want to take it off. Ever.
    Perhaps you could laminate it? I’m going to be biting my nails with gut-wrenching anxiety until we hear that the shawl survived Rheinbeck unscathed.
    Gosh, you really are a clever old stick.

  106. Fabulous. Absolutely beautiful (and yes, blocking is *magic*)!
    With all those hours to finish, plus pinning and blocking, aren’t you glad you decided not to try to finish for the wedding? (Although it is stunning, and would have been lovely for the event but I agree with the previous post that suggests it may have been the focus instead of an ‘accessory.’)
    Wear it with pride, you deserve it!

  107. Absolutely gorgeous!
    What a shawl! Congrats to you in the knitting and to you and Juno in the blocking. It is outstanding.

  108. It looks amazing! And I love your blog and books! But please: it’s = it is.
    Rock on, you crazy knitter!

  109. I don’t know what I’m more amazed by: the beauty of your shawl or the fact that you have close to 300 comments and you just posted a few hours ago. My boyfriend’s mother just bought me all your books. Have fun at Rhinebeck! I can’t go :(, so I’ll be reading your books all weekend!

  110. Loverly, Stephanie, just loverly.
    What a beautiful keepsake for you to mark your wedding to Joe…and a beautiful family heirloom for weddings to come.

  111. it’s supercalafragilisticexpealidotious! i mean, they’re just aren’t words. there is no doubt that it is the most ethereally beautiful knitted item i’ve ever seen.

  112. It is gorgeous!! Maybe the most beautiful thing you’ve ever made…maybe the most beautiful thing ever made by anyone. It is gorgeous!! Enjoy it; be proud…you deserve it! Wow!!! Ruth in NJ

  113. You’d best marry him again, just to wear that absolutely fantabulous shawl! Well done, knitter, well done! πŸ™‚

  114. That is one beautiful, inspirational shawl! I’m another one that had tears in her eyes looking at it, or was that sypmathy for the blocking pains, not sure. It’s enough to make me continue to improve my knitting and keep working on lace.
    Can’t wait to see you in it, have fun storming Rhinebeck!

  115. I started reading. Then there were pictures. Goooooorgeous pictures!! Then my eyes played tricks on me because surely you weren’t putting pins into hardwood?!? I backed up, read and it all made sense.
    What an accomplishment. I’m in awe. If I ever get the chance to meet you IRL, I’m afraid I may not meet you in the eye because you are truly at a different level than I.

  116. Wow with the shawl for sure for sure, but please someone tell me about the Juno interlocking foam floor tiles. Where? Who? What? Am I the last one in the world to know?
    I’m wowed to pieces, thankful for all lace knitters, and anticipating blocking joys ahead.

  117. I can add nothing to the superlatives. An heirloom Wedding shawl that should either be worn by each of your girls on their wedding days, or by you at each of their weddings (just in case the bride should prove recalcitrant, as brides often do).

  118. Forgive me if someone else has already asked this as 238 comments is a bit much to read tonight, but…
    Which daughter are you willing this to?
    Because you realize you must do one equally as stunning for each one of them. Otherwise there will be a HUGE fight at the wake! LOL!
    Stephanie. OMG. That’s truly sublime. You have to do the wedding all over again!

  119. Wow!! So beautiful. I think I’d have to hang up my needles after doing something like that, because how could anything else compare.
    I better step up my skills so I can make one for my daughter, she’s one, so I have some time.

  120. Swiped from
    mas‧ter‧piece  [mas-ter-pees, mah-ster-]
    1. a person’s greatest piece of work, as in an art.
    2. anything done with masterly skill: a masterpiece of improvisation.
    3. a consummate example of skill or excellence of any kind: The chef’s cake was a masterpiece.
    4. a piece made by a person aspiring to the rank of master in a guild or other craft organization as a proof of competence.
    ’nuff said.
    OMG! I’m going to be in the same general area as you tomorrow!!! I’m so excited!!! If you notice someone taking your picture from afar and then running off into the crowd, that will be me. Unless I forget to pack the camera batteries.

  121. Congratulations! I feel for you about the blocking. It’s crippling. I used to block on my attic floor a lot. By the end I could no longer just get up and go on. I had to roll over and do leg excercises before getting up. Now I try to avoid that and block on a bed whenever possible. It’s no replacement for a hard surface, though. And what a result!

  122. As proof of the power of blocking, open a second browser. bring up the pictures from yesterday’s blog, the finished-not-yet-blocked shawl…and a second with the finished/blocked shawl. Compare the pictures. The difference is mind boggling…
    The first one took my breath away. This finished product about did me in for good.

  123. I must say that is gorgeous. I’m not actually a knitter myself, although I spend a great deal of time *near* various fiber arts, and share my home with a yarn-dying company (Curious Creek, which you recently have encountered). I see enough knitting happening that I can appreciate the work you’ve done, and the beauty of the finished object. Well done.

  124. I love it. I’d say that it was totally worth all the hors of frozen time and hours of pinning, but I’m not that patient. But you know… I have this really nice cashmere/silk stuff. If you come by San Diego, which is WARM and SUNNY, you JUST MIGHT get some! Not from me of course, you have to buy your own! ^_^
    But I think it’s beautiful. And I use those foam floor tile things that little toddlers and babies play on? You know? The ones that have letters and numbers in a different color and they’re like puzzles? Those are softer and really really cheap. It keeps my blocking off the floor and my mother not angry at me for wet rugs.

  125. oooooh…………….
    I think I just knocked out one of the tenants downstairs because my jaw just sank through the floor.
    geez… I can’t even inagine how astonishing it must be to see it in person…

  126. Absolutely stunning and clearly worth every frustration, ache, cramp and physical discomfort. It is a credit to you.

  127. MAYBE???? That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Hey, if you happen to see a 6’9″ guy with his mom selling remarkably familiar Lincoln fleece…. Feel free to smack the two of them for me. πŸ˜‰
    Have a wonderful time… I’m so jealous.

  128. I’m utterly wopjawed. I expected it to be gorgeous, but oh. My. Goddess. Seeing it blocked, goosebumps. I got the same feeling I did at the Tut exhibit; you just want to sit and stare at it for several hours, until your brain finally wraps around the total beauty. Steph, please, if you can get a really large pic of it spread out in all its glory, it’d make an absolutely incredible desktop wallpaper for knitters! Or heck, the cover of bookbookbook4!
    Has anyone else noticed how the larger motifs and the edging combine to look like beautiful Art Nouveau flower blossoms? Morris and Mucha and so forth would weep with envy. Not to mention the pre-Raphaelites. That shawl is worthy of an empress. Can hardly wait to see you wearing it, Steph!

  129. Oh. My. You are a goddess. That is freaking incredible! Enjoy the trip. I am so jealous. πŸ™‚

  130. That is absolutely gorgeous and totally worth being temporarily crippled for. I think I’ll go home and start my first Pi shawl…

  131. Absitively Posolutely Lovely.
    And I am still waiting to see some more wedding pictures. You promised!

  132. OMG! It’s absolutely beautiful…looks like it was knit by dainty fairies or knit with spider webbing. I’m so impressed!

  133. see, single-minded devotion worked! that is the most stunning thing i think i’ve ever seen. wear it on your one month anniverary. that counts!
    swooning with delight over here.

  134. you give me hope. i’ve got 350ish stitches on “the forest canopy shawl” from margene’s blog. it’s my daughter’s wedding shawl, the largest piece of lace i’ve ever made, and:….i’m worried to near coma that something will break when i get to blocking it. from me to you; “sigh, wow that’s beautiful, i’m proud of ya”, and from you to me, i’m sure, wishes that mine will be fine.
    it will be won’t it?
    disintegrate in water….hehehe…

  135. Stephanie, I am certain that some sort of knitterly Butterfly Effect has happened here. By knitting this shawl, you have done something to change the order of the universe. There has been a shift in the time-space continuum. Something.
    This is the most spectacular knitted object I have ever seen.

  136. Stephanie……speechlessness…..this is truly amazing. It is my plan to become a good enough knitter to make this. I’m a guy and I would wear this just to display its greatness. I would wear it proud too. Still, speechlessness….

  137. WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!! You are super women of knitters! That is so very pretty, and I so very much want one too. If only I had time and less small children to mess it up.

  138. The most beautiful thing you ever made….does that include your girls?
    It is a breathtaking masterpiece, and a truely stunning number of stitches. Insane, we are, us knitters, but you are the queen!

  139. Holy wow, Stephanie. That is incredible. I can’t wait to see more pictures!
    Have you ever thought about making your pictures clickable so we can see a larger version of your photo? So many times I’ve wanted to take a closer peek…
    Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  140. Steph, it is absolutely beautiful. Wear it with pride and don’t let any of your daughters “borrow” (ie steal) it! Ok, maybe (and this is a big maybe) for their weddings…

  141. Stephanie, not only am I in awe but also inspired to finish the edging on my step daughter’s shawl (that was supposed to be for her wedding last July) I too ran out of time and it took a back burner to other projects. I now know it too will be just as amazing when blocked and I can’t wait to finish it!

  142. You must write a pattern. I must buy the pattern once you write it. It must be mine. It is so beautiful. Now… if I ever got around to knitting it is a whole different story, but that is gorgeous! =) Definitely an heirloom piece!

  143. I’ll just agree with everything said above, and add this – not having read ALL the comments – I’m amazed at how tiny this magnificient shawl appears when soaking in a small bowl of water.
    (Okay, this plumber’s widow really wanted to say “lavatory” but I realize this is a multicultural site and someone might grossly misunderstand so I decided to call it a “bowl”)

  144. Meh. It’s okay, I guess, if you like that sort of thing.
    And as to all the absolutely sick people commenting that Stephanie should get naked and “have a second honeymoon” WEARING ONLY THE SHAWL, are you off your head? If it’s a bad idea to wear white lace to a sheep and wool festival where it’s at risk from llama spit and rain, what about putting it in the line of fire of even more dodgy substances? Like hell she will.
    PS: before someone leaves me hate mail, I was being ironic. I thought what this list of comments needed was a bit of variation.

  145. It really is addiction, but of course we all have known that secretly. In addictions counselling they explore the subject by asking if you feel a certain anticipatory anxiety that leads you to a OCD type plan of the upcoming action that is relieved when the deed is done,
    And to think I just have to find that lace shawl to meet Steph in the flesh and blood,
    I think I hear sleigh bells, I better go to sleep so I can wake and leave…

  146. I adore the edging. It’s so feminine and elegant… and that’s not to take anything away from the center, I’m just completely entranced by the tri-leaf and crochet edging.

  147. That is one amazingly gorgeous shawl! And you designed it and did the cast off in how many hours? No wonder it didn’t get finished for the wedding…
    Only problem is that it is white and will get many grubby paws all over it at Rhinebeck.

  148. It’s more than a shawl; it’s a work of art! Bravo Stephanie!
    And please telll us more about the interlocking foam tiles.
    Have a great time at Rhinebeck.

  149. I’m in complete awe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a knitted creation as beautiful as this.
    Bravo Stephanie!
    This is an heirloom your great-great-great grandchildren will cherish.

  150. Oh wow. That is perhaps the most gorgeous piece of knitting I’ve ever seen. I want one. I want five. I want the pattern so I can make one…or five. I don’t even particularly like shawls and I want one.
    Good lord, I think you’ve created a miracle in yarn.

  151. It’s the most beautiful shawl I’ve ever seen! Wish I had the patience.
    Hope you get lots of yarn waved over your head.
    Wish I was there too.

  152. You should have video taped the whole thing. Then you could fast forward it and have a work out video for knitters, thus ending blocking injuries forever. It’s gorgeous, congrats.

  153. Dear Yarn Harlot,
    In the unlikely event of your de-cronifying yourself for long enough to sit upright at the computer to wade through 323(!) comments and getting this far…
    I love love love the photo essay and I don’t have much more to offer beyond what’s already been said.
    Except that maybe you needed some Tibetan Monks who were a bit tired of doing sand mandalas to help…

  154. Being 6 very slow inches into my very first lace project, a scarf no less, and having three other projects awaiting blocking, I am simply in awe. You have patients that I will never acheve. That’s why I normaly knit small projects. Fast start, fast end no blocking on a sock. WOW

  155. Unfreaking believable! It’s gorgeous! I am ashamed to admit that I’ve got 2 shawls completely finished…except for blocking. It scares the hell out of me and this did not help! So where are these amazing floor tiles, google came up with nada!

  156. I stand and clap my needles together.A knitters standing ovation. WOW. Ok where is the pattern???????

  157. It is absolutely breath-taking!
    (and Joe doesn’t feel bad that it wasn’t finished for the wedding, but it was for a knitter’s function?) :o)

  158. Oh my…..I cannot catch my breath! It is beyond lovely…well worth any cramp, ache and pain! I am speachless…and believe me, that takes some doing!!!

  159. Where would one get those interlocking foam floor thingies?
    That shawl should be on display in a museum somewhere…of course then you wouldn’t be able to wear it. That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen (and I’ll bet that it’s even more amazing in real life).

  160. WOW – it’s beauty takes my breath away. I think it may be the single most gorgeous knitted item I’ve ever seen (& I’ve been knitting for over 40 years)!!!!

  161. I don’t comment much but holy crap that might be the most beautiful knitted object I’ve ever, and will ever, see in my whole life. Great job and congrats on the nuptials!

  162. It is! It is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever made! Actually, I don’t think I’m qualified to say that, seeing as I haven’t seen everything you’ve knitted…but I am pretty darn sure that this shawl is the most beautiful thing that you have ever knitted…oh my goodness

  163. Just got out of the hospital… I could read your post and see the pictures and ooh and aah via my cell phone, but it wouldn’t load the hundreds of comments to get down to where I could add mine, so it had to wait till I got home so I could say, wow! You don’t need me to tell you that’s gorgeous, but oh, wow, that’s so stunningly beautiful. Bien fait.

  164. Sweet Jesus! That shawl is breathtaking. Exquisite.
    Also, it’s strangely validating to see that the on-the-knees-hunched-over-with-arms-extended position on the floor is used even by the pros. All this time I thought there had to be a better way, but it turns out, it just is what it is. So painful.

  165. Yay Stephanie (and Juno ? for helping)! It is indeed beautiful, in fact it should be awarded Ms. Lace Shawl of the Universe, 2006! Now go have fun at Rhinebeck and bring back lots of loot and photograph same so that those of us who have to attend Rhinebeck vicariously and voyeruistically can “attend”.

  166. It’s got to be the fourth most beautiful thing you’ve ever made (amanda, meg, sam being, in no particular order the first three). It’s the most beautiful piece of knitting I think I’ve ever seen. Fantastic work, and have fun at Rhinebeck.

  167. Staggeringly, stunningly beautiful! I think you might be right about this being the most beautiful thing you have knitted. Please, more pictures, so we may see in total.

  168. That is beautiful, what an entrancing piece. My 12-year old son saw it and was equally impressed. That’s saying a lot!

  169. Since hubby had hip replacement on the 2nd, I’ve checked in once in awhile, but not each day as I would have liked!! To see the thing that wouldn’t get finished FINISHED!!! It’s a thing of rare beauty, and if it weren’t for the specter of giving it up–it should go into a wonderful museum of art somewhere, I think. But I can see where your fingers (and eyes, and back, and shoulders, etc.) would NOT want that!!
    Glad it’s done for you!!

  170. Holy crap, that is most gorgeous shawl I’ve ever seen! Absolutely breath-taking. I bow to your goddess-level knitting skill! Words cannot describe it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  171. Since hubby had hip replacement on the 2nd, I’ve checked in once in awhile, but not each day as I would have liked!! To see the thing that wouldn’t get finished FINISHED!!! It’s a thing of rare beauty, and if it weren’t for the specter of giving it up–it should go into a wonderful museum of art somewhere, I think. But I can see where your fingers (and eyes, and back, and shoulders, etc.) would NOT want that!!
    Glad it’s done for you!!

  172. Just wondering what you were pinning it to? Looks like a wooden flooring! Absolutely beautiful shawl. Thanks!

  173. It’s GORGEOUS. I’ve been needing a kick to try knitting lace, and I think you’ve pushed me over the edge!

  174. I don’t know if the comments still get read when you’re in the 300ths, but the blocked shawl has actually taken my breath away. Oh my… really, I think it’s the most beautiful thing that *anybody* has ever made. Wow.

  175. that is absolutely breathtaking. wow. i’m in total awe here. and i fully admit i would never ever EVER have the patience for that many pins. wow.

  176. Are there any adjectives that haven’t been used yet? Your shawl is beyond stunning. I would be scared to wear it. What if it caught on something and… I was thinking about how the most beautiful things, and the things that often have the most work put into them, are often small. Like newborn babies, famous art masterpieces, and exquisite shawls.

  177. Oh, Steph, it is such a gorgeous shawl. What pattern is that? It is absolutely exquisite!

  178. You know, it occurred to me after I made my earlier comment, drunk as I was on the gorgeous-ness of the lace that I would like to know more about the interlocking foam floor tiles you used for the blocking. I don’t really have a good place in my house to block something like that and having something that I can dis-assemble and put away sounds like a good plan.

  179. Hey, can you loan me a spatula so I can scrape my jaw off the floor?
    That is freakin’ gorgeous.

  180. Holy freaking h e double toothpicks! That is a stunner.
    Now, as for Rhinebeck – on the one hand, all the knitters present will fall at your feet and grovel in admiration and awe. On the other, there is the chance of llama spit. Tough choice isn’t it.

  181. That is stunning, beautiful work!!! Did you enjoy Rhinebeck?? I just came back and of course spent much too much money, but purchased gorgeous yarn!!

  182. Late to the comments (I was at a wedding. . no shawl in that one. . just medieval garb) It’s basically all been said but I’ll just bet your tush doesn’t care one bit about the cramping while people are melting in awe over that shawl of yours. I hope you get so many compliments you go hoarse from saying, “thank you.” (that might have come out wrong but I mean it in a good way–really!)

  183. Unfreaking amazing. That has to be one of the most beautiful shawls I’ve ever seen. You have every reason to be proud of your work on this.

  184. Stephanie, it is beautiful. I’m saying this aloud, with only the dog to hear. What a fitting and genuine tribute to your love for your husband.

  185. Steph, it’s just gorgeous. Well worth the wait… and the blocking.
    And, secretly, I’m always afraid of shawls falling apart in water too!

  186. Really love the shwal! Gorgeous!! Very beautiful!
    You are really inspire me with your knitting effort and blogging and travelling and writing book!!
    Once again.. that are lovely..lovely shawl..Great Job!

  187. Absolutely stunning. I saw you in Rhinebeck and at Sheep’s Clothing, but didn’t want to stalk you…again… πŸ™‚ The shawl is more stunning in person! I bought some lace yarn at the festival, perhaps I’ll try uh, a scarf.

  188. Oh Steph! I think that is the most beautiful piece of knitting that I have ever SEEN! OMG!
    No wonder I worship, uh idolize, uh stalk, uh respect, respect, yeah that’s it. Respect you.
    That’s what I meant.
    (going back into silent lurcher mode now)

  189. Oh Steph! I think that is the most beautiful piece of knitting that I have ever SEEN! OMG!
    No wonder I worship, uh idolize, uh stalk, uh respect, respect, yeah that’s it. Respect you.
    That’s what I meant.
    (going back into silent lurcher mode now)

  190. To borrow your own phrase (I think), that is so beautiful, my lust for that shawl burns with the fire of a thousand suns! More beautiful than I could have imagined, and I thought it looked pretty darned good unblocked. Ha!

  191. This is unbelievably beautiful. Normally I don’t comment, but this definitely deserved it. Congratulations. Maybe you can get married again, just so you can wear it? πŸ™‚

  192. Gorgeous! Yet another wool masterpiece.. inspiring.
    Though I agree with Lorinda that your children are still your greatest creation. Drape this beauty on your lovely little women and make a portrait of your four greatest achievements to date. Add yourself and Joe to the portrait for your fifth greatest… a truly happy family.

  193. After seeing the entire shawl, I thought that it was a testament of your “True Love” for lace shawl knitting and for Joe. I wish I could see it at Rhinebeck. πŸ™

  194. What a georgeous shawl! I have knit a few recently. One from Folk Shawls, the Irish Diamond shawl. It is simple, but huge!-56″ square. And I made the Swallowtail from knit picks-49″x 23″. When I wear them they get a little wrinkled, so I smooth with a bit of steam. How do you store your shawls? I was wondering if I should fold with tissue paper between? I can’t have them laying over everything, as I share the house with DH and DS! Some suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  195. The shawl was beautiful. I admired it from a distance. (You were surrounded by so very many bloggers that I just could not add myself to “the crowd”.) It was good to see that you were able to become upright once again after that Herculean blocking of the Beautiful Shawl. Hope you enjoyed Rhinebeck.

  196. Wow, wow, wow… The shawl is stunning! Someday, I will complete a lace project… (Still haven’t finished the Olympic one yet.)
    A few posts ago you were spinning for a scarf and recommended a book about dyeing – do you have a good recommendation for a book on how to spin for certain projects (like how to aim for the weight you need?) So far I’ve only spun for the joy of it, but I think I’m ready to do some spinning for my knitting projects. Any suggestions? My yarn “experiments” are encroaching my stash space!

  197. We saw you at Rhinebeck on Saturday, about 45m before closing, and you looked completely exhausted. Now I know why. I noticed the shawl first, though, and it was ridiculously beautiful.

  198. WOW!WOW!WOW! That is absolutely beautiful! What a piece of work, I would totally wear it when you can, even though you may not be a shawl person. I am in awe!

  199. It was for sure the most beautiful thing I saw at Rhinebeck, just a few microns ahead of the chocolate-and-coffee vendor.
    I jest, of course. That shawl is truly awe-inspiring.

  200. That shawl is breathtaking. It’s absolutely beautiful. And I’m sure it made all of the back-breaking and finger soreness of pinning worth it. I hope we get to see you model it for all of us that can’t be at Rhinebeck.

  201. Man, if you even GET to this comment it will be a freakin’ miracle.
    You are so right to be so proud of that shawl. It may be one of the loveliest knitted things I have ever seen. Congratulations!
    So many people, so little time! Too bad we didn’t get to chat a little bit more this weekend. Oh well, maybe next time!

  202. OMG – I’ve been silently observing the blog for a while, but had to comment on this. It’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen!! Congratulations on the shawl AND your wedding!!!!!!!!

  203. That is truly the most beautiful knitted item I have ever seen in my life. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see a picture of you modeling it.

  204. I have to admit that I was the crazy blonde in the blue shedir hat standing behind you in the buffet line at Moorehouse Merino with her jaw on the ground- it was all (mostly) because of that shawl. Holy cow! I was too embarrassed to say hi because I didn’t want to be that girl who stuttered “oh hi! I’m a great fan!” and then drooled on the precious shawl. I could picture you thinking “Oh god, I pour my life into all these books and all I get are groupies that drool on my knitting.” Anyway, it is truly a work of art and it was lovely to keep seeing you at the show from afar so I could admire your knitting goddess-ness.

  205. That is…I have no words for how beautiful that is. I think my heart stopped for a full two beats. You, my dear lady, are my knitting hero.
    And the wonders of blocking never cease to amaze me.

  206. I saw it in person yesterday at Rhinebeck. It is beautiful. Even if you weren’t a famous knitter you would’ve turned heads in that gorgeous lace!

  207. Oh hey, on the drive back Dr. Steph. was babbing on about spinning wheels. We’s got us another one.(she said we all look blessed out when we do it.(spin)

  208. Aside from my granddaughter, that is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in years. Kudos to you and to Juno for being such a good friend to you.

  209. Aside from my granddaughter, that is the most beautiful thing (figure of speech, the child is not a thing) I’ve seen in years. Kudos to you and to Juno for being such a good friend to you.

  210. I must apologize. I ran into you at Rhinebeck and immediately became a complete drooling, jabbering idiot. More so than usual. I fondled your shawl without your permission, fer God’s sake. Clearly, it was only your, ahem, very proper upbringing that prevented you from smacking me down to. the. ground. Deservedly. You definitely had that glint in your eye that says, “If one more damned groupie gets between me and the yarn, I’m going to get out the 14-inch double-pointed size 000 needles and just run them through.” My apologies. I hope you got lots of Grafton Fibers batts.
    And that is one hell of a shawl, girl. Find yet a third way to marry Joe and wear that piece of ethereal genius for the photos.
    And thank you for being.

  211. Juno’s love for you can never, ever be questioned. An hour and a half of pinning? Gawd. I think after half of that I would’ve sat my arse in a comfy chair with a glass of wine and let my ‘help’ consist of verbal encouragement.

  212. I am in awe! I just bought some lace weight yarn to try my very first shawl and am having trouble getting it started. Then I see your work of art and just sigh. I know I’m going to give my shawl another try because if it even comes close to the beauty I see here, I know the effort will be worth it.

  213. That shawl is just amazing – words fail in the face of such beauty. Remember, “il faut soufrir pour etre belle” (one must suffer in order to be beautiful), the pain of blocking is SO worth the outcome. Can we hope for a pattern? Pretty please with whip cream and dark chocolate????

  214. Beautiful Work!!! I am actually interested in learning mor about your “Homemade” Spinning Wheel. I have (3) Daughters, and would like to build one (maybe 2)for them. I wondered what info you might be able to share with me?
    Brad Welch

  215. Its, its, its!!!! Not it’s!!! Unless, of course, you mean “it is” rather than the possessive.

  216. “…the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made…”
    As befits a shawl made for a wedding that celebrated the other most beautiful thing you’ve ever made!

  217. The shawl is absolutely stunning. You did an unbelievably wonderful job on it and the hours and hours of blocking were worth it!

  218. It’s exquisite. Glorious! (But I’m still too scared to try lace. Yet. Lace socks first….)

  219. Boy, you are some knitter! Every photo of your work shows beautiful things.
    I add my plea to the dozens before me for the dragon mitten pattern. I have two little foster-nephews that really deserve something special from “Aunty”.

  220. It is fantastically beautiful – and it didn’t lose one ounce of its glory after blocking (I saw you wearing it at Rhinebeck). Absolutely incredible.

  221. De-lurking to say “HOLY CRAP!!! That shawl is gorgeous!” Congrats on your wedding, and I may steal your orchid/rose combo for my own bouquet. Cheers!

  222. WOW! I am so impressed! So very impressed and it is beyond gorgeous. Definite clapping.
    Maybe you could renact the wedding a bit to take new pictures wearing the shawl over your red dress.
    I am also going to get me some of those blocks. What a great idea.
    Namaste, Susan

  223. wow. i thought i was going to be original and tell you how AMAZING that shawl is but apparently 431 other people out there are just as equally impressed as i am. bravo. really. bravo.

  224. It is absolutely beautiful! Maybe you need to wear it somewhere and give it it’s own party since it didn’t make the wedding. Now I am starting to dread the blocking of my shwl that’s on the needles now.

  225. holy merino… it looks fabulous on the floor, even. i bet you dropped knitters to their knees with that amazing shawl. the muggles truly wouldn’t understand.

  226. Again (as usual), I bow to your skill (and I’m not placing pins). I also bow to the fact you have such wonderful friends . . . especially one who would help you pin such a masterpiece. I mention blocking and all but my 5 year old bolt for cover (although it is a very effective tool to get my 12 year to practice the violin!).

  227. Amazing! So, I wonder if any of my work would look like that if I actually did all the pinning etc.?
    Your patience and endurance payed off…big time! Enjoy!

  228. I don’t have words for how beautiful that shawl is…..
    But I do have a couple of questions! How many pins – any idea? And what about those floor tiles – would they be available at any flooring or home improvement store, perhaps? Gotta get some of those.

  229. I loved what you said about not allowing ourselves to take credit for our efforts. I especially was taken by the singing birds quote. Certainly that has improved with age for me. Now just the doing is worthy of patting my own back. I guess I thought that motivation was a by product of criticism. Boy, I was wrong!

  230. Stephanie, This has got to be the most beautiful shawl I have ever seen. It is absolutely breath taking!
    Wear it with pride and don’t down play the effort and skill that went into it!
    Yours in Awe,

  231. I know this is horribly late, I haven’t had Internet for months now and I’m trying to catch up, but your shawl is the most beautiful thing I have seen. I love it so much… it makes my eyes tear it’s so lovely

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