Rhinebeck Hangover

In place of words (or a very great many of them…) I give you the weekend in pictures.


Three bloggers finish their sweaters on a long car ride.


This sheep likes me.


I like these wheels.


Sheep again.


More sheep. (There are a lot of kinds.)


Stitchy signs books. (Gads I laughed. See the cookies? They are $15.95, but they come with a free book. Stitchy tells you this after you take a bite.)


Some girl playing some instrument. (Actually Hannah Mason, playing the nyckelharpa, thanks to the folks who told me.)


Bloggers fill the hotel lobby and freak out the staff.


Cate teaching a complete stranger how to spin. (Another one bites the dust.)


Bloggers as far as they eye can see at the meet-up, a good time had by all. I’m going to go lie in my new wool until my plane home.

It was grand.

136 thoughts on “Rhinebeck Hangover

  1. Oh it all looks so wonderful! Thanks for the pictures (even if NOT ONE of them is of you in the Shawl Of Wonder and Amazement), and wrap yourself in lots of wool. You deserve it!

  2. I was trying to describe that girl playing that instrument to Carole, except I couldn’t remember what the instrument was named (except that it’s the national instrument of Sweden). Thanks for the picture, I’ll make sure to tell her to check here!

  3. I Know you wore The Shawl because someone else has posted a picture of you in it! Congrats on finishing the sweater! Looking forward to more pics and pics of your purchases!

  4. It was wonderful to finally meet you. I’m SO incredibly sorry to be a complete and utter freak. I kept blabbing about how cool it was to meet you, or talking about blogging in general, and it seemed every time I did you were there, hearing me be a total DORK.
    I was the weirdo in the long dark hair, burgundy leaf lace shawl, and the dark plastic frame glasses. The one who got married the weekend after you did. The one who kept swearing she wasn’t stalking you. I swear, it was all Michelle’s fault I was at Morehouse Merino too. I didn’t even know about it till she dragged me there!
    You seemed very calm for all the starstruck fan type people who I’m sure bugged you all day and night long. At least I kinda hope I wasn’t the only one. Lastly, congratulations on the shawl. I was quietly ogling your shawl, in complete awe. Of course I didn’t say anything, that would be too obvious.
    I’m a dork. I hope to meet you again someday, when I can act like a normal (eh?) human being. πŸ˜‰

  5. I love the sheep pictures. When you get back to the basics, it is all about those sheep. Thanks for the pictures. I plan to attend next year.cecilia

  6. I am seriously impressed you managed to post today! Glad you had fun, I am already planning my weekend for next year.

  7. Wish I could have been there, but glad you had a good time. Snuggle and pet the new wool for me. Alas, I am broke and without new wool. So sad.
    This too shall pass.
    The sweater looks faboo, and I eagerly await more pics of the Wedding Shawl. I am sure that after such a weekend you are KAPUT (can I call you dadoo?), so rest up and get lots of snuggles and sweet smoochies.

  8. your wedding shall was even more stunning in person! (duh!)
    and i’ll trade ya blog names in a heart beat.
    have a good roll in the wool.

  9. My sweater class instructor arrived yesterday without sleep straight from the festival. Can’t wait to see some more!

  10. Ahh the instrument – wasnt’ that cool? It is a nyckelharpa. For more info you can see http://www.nyckelharpa.org or http://www.nyckelharpa.com. You can even buy a kit to make your very own!. Sorry I didn’t see Steph, but I did see flat scout! Got some yummy wool to spin up. I’m still learning how to knit. I have 1 1/2 socks done. My husband offerred to frame the first sock, so I wouldn’t have to make the second one. I should have taken him up on the offer!

  11. It was more than grand, it was perfect! I met the wonderful Nancy (unfortunately blogless)in The Fold who enabled in the best possible way. Took me to meet Dave the Kiwi adapting man, sat me down for a first spinning lesson and even helped me buy fleece. At the end of the day, as I was carrying my wonderful new wheel to the car, I bumped into you. Was so busy shaking your hand and blaming you for the new spinning obsession that I forgot to say how stunningly beautiful the shawl looks. Which it does, it is really gorgeous. So much happened in 8 hours of Rhinebeck – its time I started a blog. This fiber obsession is getting the better of me!

  12. Thanks so much for being so gracious. I interrupted you on your way to lunch and you stopped and posed for a picture with me and my completely disinterested seven year old daughter. I put it up on my blog; hope you don’t mind. You were very nice about my forgetting to introduce myself. Bumping into you like that completely threw me. By the way, the wedding shawl is gorgeous. I hope the line for food wasn’t too bad by the time you got there.

  13. So did you buy more wool from Sue Grafton? We need pictures!
    Wow that looks like fun! That first sheep has the cutest face!
    Your shawl in yesterday’s post was AWESOME, BEAUTEOUS, INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFICENT….

  14. Did you notice all of the men in utility kilts and hand spun, hand knit sweaters? Was it wrong of me to want to pack them all into the trunk of my car and take them home with me?

  15. Good to see you! Thank you for letting me pet the Wedding Shawl. Imagine this: after all of the temptation, I still resisted the urge to spin.

  16. It was loads of fun. And I see you captured the “national instrument of Sweden”. Or at least that’s what Martha told me it was called. I think she was sniffing too much wool because I’m Swedish and I’ve never seen anything like that.

  17. Well, I tried to get over not being at Rhinebeck by going to the Bishop Hill Spin In. The only we had missing was you and live sheep.

  18. The fun of reading everyone’s Rhinebeck posts *almost* makes up for not being able to be there in person. Looks like it was a fabulous time!

  19. OH! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. πŸ™‚ Or letting me live vicariously through you, anyway…between the new job and the PTO, I haven’t been knitting with friends in eons. πŸ™ Well, months, really…but when I read your blog, it’s like I’m at least _visiting_ with a friend. πŸ™‚

  20. Wow! All those lovely bloggers! So did Flat Scout go to Rhinebeck too? I don’t see her. And, so , really now, how many batts did you buy from Grafton Fibers? Please show us (-:

  21. It looks like so much fun!! I love the sheep pictures..I would love a shawl picture too!!! Can’t wait to hear even more about the whole thing and see what you got!

  22. I keep thinking how the colors in the sweater you knit were reflected right back by the leaves on the trees behind you. How cool is that???
    I had never heard of Rhinebeck until a couple weeks ago. Must do a search and find out all about it for next year maybe.
    Looks like scads of bloggers had a great time. (muttering Must find out more)

  23. I have a fabulous pic of you and two friends mesmerized by the pumpkin chucking. Will send it over email. Keep an eye out for a message w/attachment from me.
    Lovely to see you!

  24. GO CATE!! Corrupt them all !! World Spindle Domination! (although not a spindler myself, as I prefer a wheel, I can relate)
    Did anyone see the Golding’s wheels and spindles? Simply amazing. The triple flyer high speed wheel they had set up was a dream to spin on, it’s the buggati of the spinning world.

  25. It WAS amazing, wasn’t it? I looked for you, but only saw you in other’s photos. πŸ™‚ So, do you spin with a drop spindle, too? I want to learn, but I was too freaked by the crowds to stand and ask someone to show me! πŸ™
    See you in two weeks in CT!

  26. I was only able to make it on Sunday, but it was just as stunning and spectacular as I dreamed. I was moved to tears by all the wool and the many happy yarn folk! Disappointed that I didn’t meet you, but someone would have to poke me with a very pointy needle in order to draw my attention away from the lovely yarniness.

  27. Sorry to have missed it, sounds like a blast! I have been spindle spinning this weekend and dreaming of spinning wheels. I would like to meet that Stitchy, she sounds like a clever woman!

  28. I love sheep. I love scrunching my fingers into their wool.
    What new wool??!!! (please tell us – better still, show us when you have the chance)

  29. Hi Stephanie,
    I am the person who said she loved you. In case there were more than one, our brief encounter was around noon, and you were getting a coffe, I think. I said I loved you in a very non-modern way. You politely laughed. Thank you for that. It was really very nice meeting you, although I wish I had had a conversation with you, instead of embarrassed myself. Unfortunately, I missed your visits to my area (NYC, Long Island).
    Anyway, here are a couple of things I wanted to tell you on Saturday.
    1 – Your shawl is L-O-V-E-L-Y. The pictures don’t do it justice.
    2 – Congratulations on your wedding. Also congratulations on having met your partner and built your life before the ceremony.
    3 – Congratulations on your bookS.
    That’s all for now. I’ll be back, though.
    Take care,

  30. Hope you had a nice time at the festival. A little bird told me you were MOBBED with people – so when I saw you on Sunday, I just admired your beautiful sweater from afar (I’m still fond of your original Rhinebeck sweater). Nice to see you in upstate NY!

  31. As always, it was great to see you and your knitwear. As always, it somehow managed to be both sensory overload and too short. As far as new wool is concerned, I was very very bad. Please do not tell my husband. I have to go read your wool-hiding tips again.

  32. Looks like you had a great time at Rhineback! My best friend and I did as well and it was our first time there. We did see you in your beautiful shawl (in building A), but you look like you were enjoying yourself so we decided just to let you go about your way and look at more yarn.
    What an amazing place!!! I liked the alpaca best!!!

  33. But that cookie was pretty good, wasn’t it? πŸ™‚
    (also, please note that Stitchy is only pretending to sign a book. I left the stupid cap on the pen. I’ll never make it in Hollywood.)
    It was great to see you! *smooch* Your shawl is a Thing of Wonder.

  34. I hear Saturday was packed, but thought Sunday was just right… lots of beautiful, soft yarn, crowds of the size to make you want to reach out and touch the knitwear but not be crushed, and of course running into you was a special treat! Today Irena and I skipped school and work for a little R&R. Hope you get some too….
    PS — that lovely instrument is a key-fiddle, national instrument of Sweden we were told. Gotta wonder if Canada or US have a national instrument?

  35. I’m sure that somebody’s beaten me to this, but that instrument is a nyckelharpa. I have an old friend in the SCA who played, and if you ever have the opportunity to listen to a musical group called Vasen, it’s essentially a nyckelharpa player, a viola player, and a fiddler, you’ll hear some fine examples of that instrument being played.
    The funny thing is that I went on Wikipedia to look up “nyckelharpa” to provide some more information for you, and you’ll never guess whose picture is there…

  36. They are wonderful pictures…but where is the Wedding shawl and its wonderful creator?? Wonderful sweaters, btw!

  37. Looks like a grand time was had by all.
    Where are the pictures of you in your shawl?
    Aren’t sheep great? baaaaa!

  38. ooooh look part of my head made it on your blog! It was nice to see you!!! And don’t worry you’ll make the cut!! I know it!

  39. Yes there’s nothing quite like Rhinebeck! Glad you had a good time. It was great seeing you and your shawl was even more beautiful in person!

  40. Ooooh, sheep! Aren’t they cute? Dumb, but cute. Thanks for all the pictures. We poor souls who couldn’t go appreciate it.

  41. The shawl was beautiful as I said on Saturday, and I did see you fondling some fiber on Sunday. I just need this damn workday to be over so I can play on my new wheel!

  42. Yes, yes. Lovely sheep (really, they lose their glamour when you’re surrounded by 40 million of them). Lovely bloggers too. And I’m assuming the shawl survived unsnagged as you aren’t sobbing or in therapy…
    Show us what you bought!! I’m one and a half hours from the nearest real yarn shop here! I have to live/shop vicariously through you!
    Show me the fibre!

  43. Is it normal to still be in shock? I’m back at work today and…wow.
    You looked great both days, though I declined to accost you either at the festival or Morehouse to tell you so. (Cassie and Juno weren’t so lucky, I think).

  44. 34.000 people thru the gate on Sat; like Grand Central at rush hour. Rhinebeck’s biggest Sheep and Wool ever, and your first. Coincidence? I think not.
    I’m glad you liked it. And wasn’t the drive up beautiful? Say, yes, ’cause we paid extra for those hand painted leaves!

  45. OK, Steph, YOU, I will exempt, because you have made me laugh eleventy-billion times in the last couple months alone. But anybody else blogging about how freakin’ wonderful Rhinebeck is: I may just spit in your hot cocoa. I’m serious. Envy is an ugly, ugly thing, people.
    I’m so envious I’m contemplating giving up my job, moving to the country, and raising sheep just so I can go, “Yeah, well? Me? I LIVE WITH THEM EVERY DAY, HA HA HA!!!” And I’ll post tons of pictures of them, in all their sheepy cuteness. And neglect to mention their runny noses, vet bills, and the fact that they like to lie down in the mud right before shearing time.
    HOWEVER! I am now (shawl) going to use (shawl) subliminal (SHAWL!) messaging (shawl) to tell you without (SHAWL SHAWL SHAWL) words something I’d like to see (shawl) in (shawl) action (shawl).

  46. I’ve been walking around telling everyone that I met the yarnharlot at Rhinebeck. They think I’m nuts!

  47. This was my first year at Rhinebeck, and I was amazed. Just amazed. Your wedding shawl was part of what amazed me. Thanks for chaperoning Flat Scout on Saturday night!

  48. Just wanted to say congratulations – our local independent bookstore sent around the glossy calendar of “what’s new in bookland” (inspiration for Christmas buying) and “Knitting Rules” was featured on the crafts and hobbies page. Too cool.

  49. Happy knitters with completed sweaters; all sortsa fiberylicious stuff; enabling right out in the open, in front of god and everybody; bloggers in the wild (LOL, looks like a fan convention; those regularly freak out hotel staff too); music, food, entertainment; and (in honor of my mother, daughter of a sheep-ranching family, who used to scream precisely what I’m about to type at the top of her lungs whenever we saw *any* of ’em while driving along somewhere, thus scaring my dad – the driver – out of his wits to the ensuing endangerment of our lives):
    Looks like a great time was had by all. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the pix, and thanks everyone commenting who had pix on their blogs, too! Can hardly wait to see the new stash. [veg]

  50. Talk about sensory overload!! It was my first Rhinebeck and I had a very, very, very strict budget. But lo and behold, I got home late (and perhaps a little lit)Saturday night from a party and their was a letter in my mail from the NYS Tax Dept. Oh hells bells, said I. They must want some money. But the yarn gods and goddesses were smiling on me. It was a big, fat, unexpected, totally random, tax rebate check.
    I spent it all!
    My favorite part was the llama jumping contest on Sunday.

  51. Would love to see the shawl again…ON YOU!! Please pass along my compliments to the aran sweater/cable knitting lady…FABULOUS
    …wouldn’t mind seeing some close ups of that puppy either! Enjoy your festival, I know I would. Sheep are the sweetest!

  52. Although, I am so far down here that there will probably be no one reading this:
    Who makes the wheels in the picture? I have a sneaking suspicion, but I’m not sure.
    I didn’t go to Rhinebeck. Not possible. I did not go to the Fall Fiber Festival in Corydon on Saturday, either, though it would have been more possible. But I wanted to.

  53. It was great seeing you again on Saturday (and everyone else). Rhinebeck just completely overwhelmed me, but now all I want to do is dive into my stash and try to dye some lovelies like I saw there.

  54. And now for even more useless trivia: “some girl” is actually named Hannah and “some instrument” actually cost $2,600 USD (or about $10,000 Canadian). I had to ask because I love obscure instruments. Even thought about getting one, even though I am Norwegian/Icelandic…

  55. All day people kept saying, “Did you see Stephanie, I just saw her at ______” But nooooo! All I saw were lots of men with kilts and hairy legs – and the worst sight of all, people lined about, five deep, waiting to eat lamb chops! That just didn’t seem right. But I also saw lots of wonderful yarn and beautiful bloggers. Congrats on a successful trip.

  56. It was great to see you at Rhinebeck with the gorgeous shawl. Thanks for helping me with my Blogger Bingo card! See you in Gransby.

  57. *sob* Poverty’s a bitch. Until my semi-loaded father in law bites the dust (or kicks the bucket. Which ever one floats your boat…ok, i’ll stop now) (Not that I want him to die, he’ll pobobly leave his money to his oldest son anyway…) I can’t even afford to buy some silk yarn for a sweater I want to knit…much less miss a 4 days of work, be surrounded by temptaion at every moment, and 2 round trip tickets to new york (gotta bring along mom. she’d love it).
    Ya’ll are just doing this to rub it in arn’t you?
    PS love the sweaters!!

  58. I want to see the pictures of people looking dazed and stunned by the beauty of The Wedding Shawl. Where are those pictures?

  59. Well, I saw a photo of you wearing the shawl and you had this giNORmous bag over your shoulder that had a bazillion hooks and straps and other metal pointy things and all I could think was “Nice shawl, but she’s going to catch it and rip it all to shreds!”
    Oh wait, that would be clumsy ME doing that, not the harlot!
    Nice shawl. πŸ™‚
    Some day when you visit Juno I think I’ll go to work for fedex and send some chocolate that I’ll deliver just so I can meet you (and Juno). That’s not considered stalking, is it?????

  60. OK. So am I the ONLY one that did not see THE Stephanie? I saw everything else. Sheep, llamas (you gotta love the llamas, too) lots of gorgeous fiber, farmers, knitters, spinners, fleece, wheels, looms, but NO STEPHANIE……and I was really, really looking. Really looking. πŸ™

  61. Awesome to see you again. I was only able to go on Sunday (A mistake I will NOT make again)so i didn’t see the wedding shawl.If i haven’t said it a hundred times already, Brilliant job. Your friend with you (the tall one, i can’t remember her name) she was sweet. I asked which pattern her shawl was and even before she answered me she handed me the corner to feel. I love knitters! And i love wearing a dressy shawl with jeans and a tee shirt just to show it off.

  62. I like that sheep.
    That sheep likes me.
    We experience synergy.
    It’s short lived.
    He’s no fool.
    He knows all I want is wool.
    I like that sheep.
    This we know.
    Because he’s made of Me-ri-no.
    Thank you sheep
    Who eats and spits.
    You make it possible to knit.
    The End

  63. No final pictures of you and Flat Scout? πŸ˜‰
    I’m glad you had fun. I actually think I might need to go next year…..

  64. Your sweater looks great-very nice colors for you. Those wheels look like Kromskis to me-I have their Minstrel. Super nice, compact wheel and the hi-speed (25:1)whorl fits it, too, although they only list it for the Symphony/Polonaise. Not that I’m trying to tempt you or anything…
    Looking forward to seeing your haul :~)

  65. Stephanie had fun, and is it just me or does that sweater match the socks? And this is my take on Rhinebeck now.
    Rhinebeck (noun): A place where one sees too much yarn, too many sheep whose fleece could become yarn and too many people encouraging one’s addiction to knitting. (verb, -ed): What happens to an individual who looks at all the new yarn (and/or sheep) and realizes just how much was spent the day before . . . As in, you’ve been Rhinebecked!
    I want a sheep. Of course, since one sheep would be lonely by itself, I want several sheep (of varying breeds) plus a few goats, which means further that I need to think about a house . . .

  66. Does it count if I was in Rheinbeck on Thursday last week? Probably not. We visited one child in college in Connecticut, did yarn and antique stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, and were in Rheinbeck eating at the restaurant in the church whose name I can’t think of at the moment, and then had to go see our other son row at the Head of the Charles in Boston. Kids, even when they don’t live at home any more, they get in the way of fun! The shawl is stunning.

  67. Your hair looked very pretty at Rhinebeck. We got the back view. Oh, and the shawl wasn’t bad either. πŸ™‚

  68. ack! I think my daughter posted an ‘f’ as a comment – sorry about that….
    Anyhow, just wanted to say that I’m sorry I missed you at Rhinebeck. I went on Sunday, when it was far less crazy. While it would’ve been great to meet all the bloggers, I’m kind of glad that we missed out on the insanity our first time at Rhinebeck. Ahh, but next year, we’ll definitely be in the midst of the craziness next year!

  69. It was grand, wasn’t it? I wish I’d spent more time with more people and wine and talk and relaxing, but now I know for next year.
    And I really, really, really want a Babydoll sheep now. They’re about the same size as my dog. I could so fool animal control with the right shearing schedule…

  70. Clearly I am not one of your brightest blog-readers. (I’m the one who thought the wedding ring photo was for your twenty-fifth anniversary.) Sorry to have bugged you for your Rhinebeck “Harlot on Tour” itinerary. I never figured that you were attending Rhinebeck as a civilian. Next time I will note the lack of response and figure better.
    Thanks for pretending that total strangers walking up to you and asking to pet your lace shawl are perfectly normal people. That’s really good manners.

  71. i am sure there are plenty of pics of you in the wedding shawl. i got a terrific one of you from the back, b/c i was too shy to introduce myself. the shawl was almost impossibly lovelier and more impressive in person!!!

  72. Funny thing about the nyckelharpa player. I was talking with her briefly about we had a nyckelharpist play at our wedding, and she said, “This is really strange, because you are the second person to tell me that today.” And, no, my wife wasn’t the other person.
    It was a pleasure to meet you at Rhinebeck. And Franklin sends his best.

  73. You get tons of blog comments each day, so hopefully, you’ll actually get this one – May I ask where you get the wedding shawl pattern? I’m getting married in 08 and I’m planning on knitting my own gown (no I haven’t started it yet) and thought your shawl would be a lovely compliment, if I don’t get too overwhelmed after the gown… And yes, your shawl is beautiful.

  74. Yup. That about summed it up. I’m now back in my humble abode and eagerly awaiting sleeping in my own bed (with lots of woolly dreams, of course).

  75. hey it looks like soo much fun.
    I saw you and the wedding shawl in some pics on another blog – it looks great on!!!

  76. Hey! I recognize a few of those sheep! You must have been there on Saturday; didn’t see you in Sunday’s crowd.
    Did you amble by Anne Barclay Priest’s Blue Island booth? I found her nifty little memoir, “Trafficking in Sheep.” Haven’t read it, but it looks like a good read.
    The shawl is drop dead gorgeous.

  77. I LOVE the sweaters in the first picture.
    I would LOVE to know where she got (made?) the pattern for the brownish? with lots of cables!!!
    Yes, I am one of those Knitters that cannot pass up a good (or any!) cable!
    pictures look great!

  78. And a wonderful time was had by all! Rhinebeck is simply amazing! I was all by myself, but it gave me a great thrill to be surrounded by fibre people. (It was like going to an actuarial conference with my husband…absolutely the only time he gets to talk to other people who are excited about theory of risk, etc.)
    I enjoyed admiring the wedding shawl, and felt like I was meeting an old friend, on the basis of reading the blog for years and hearing you speak at the East Rutherford library. (I’m the one who brought “Canadian comfort food” for you that night, i.e, butter tarts.) Thank you for being so gracious to all of us!

  79. Starting to save now for next year’s fest. Our state fiber festival was quite small but I did get to meet some adorable Navajo sheep and joined the ranks of spinners with my first drop spindle. East Coast fibre freaks seem to have it going on.

  80. OK, three knitters finishing sweaters in one car? Man that is some powerful knitting mojo there. I’ll bet sparks were flying out of the car!
    And that sheep totally likes you! You can tell by how he is looking at you.
    I think knitters should be more careful about freaking out muggles. Maybe take a lesson from Harry Potter and try to disguise the magic a little when they are looking.

  81. I have a Rhinebeck story. This past Saturday, my husband and I set out in happy anticipation of a day of sheep and fiber. On the very slight chance that I might see you there, I grabbed my copy of “At Knit’s End” and a pen. After an extremely pleasant afternoon(I spent a lot), but no Harlot, we decided to wrap it up with a hot chocolate at the 4-H stand. As I reached for my cup, not 3 feet away from me was the most exquisite lace shawl that I have ever seen. You had your back to me at the time, but as you walked to a nearby picnic table with several friends, I debated as to whether I should approach; I decided not to intrude. There’s always next year!

  82. Okay, Stephanie – I love a cute sheep photo as much as the next oddball fiber addict, but you PROMISED shawl photos! I was expecting a portrait of you, looking bride-ish, in the shawl, or at least you looking giddily proud of it draping on your back.

  83. It was good to get to meet you, but I’m kind of wishing you’d given me the Canadian quarter instead of the US one.
    Now I have to finish the other kilt before Spa so you won’t see me wearing the same damn thing.

  84. Ooo La La. . . the cable sweater is to die for, as are the others. Any chance of getting a closeup photo or finding out which patterns were used?

  85. How come you had cute sheep?! All the sheep where I live are ugly and stupid, so much so that I think they deserve to be eaten (and I’m a vegetarian!). I haven’t worked out how something as cute and photogenic as a bouncy new lamb turns into something as ugly as a sheep.
    Congratulations on the shawl. It is just so beautiful that I can’t imagine anybody not falling in love with it.

  86. I’m one of the random people who nodded at you like I know you. In my case it was in the bathroom as you were trying to get to the sink to wash your hands. It was nice to see you even if I didn’t say anything at the time. I hope you enjoyed your trip to NJ/NY I can’t wait to see more pictures of your new wool.

  87. Fun weekend! Like the others, I want to see the amazing shawl. I recognize the instrument as coming from Sweden (a Swedish friends’ father plays one). Darned if I can remember the name of it though.

  88. The wedding shawl looked even more stunning in person! You were definitely the belle of the Fairgrounds in that beauty!

  89. I’m sorry I missed Rhinebeck… I’m sure my daughter would have understood the call of the fiber, as she’s a knitter too, but her new husband wouldn’t have. I did finish her wedding dress BEFORE the wedding… barely (was sewing on a rose which had been misattached in my sleep deprived state less than an hour before the wedding.)
    We have pictures… http://www.zarquon.org/gallery/kgwedding

  90. “That girl” playing the nyckelharpa is Hannah Mason, from Coventry, New York and I take weekly group Swedish music lessons with her and a bunch of other folks from all over Central New York. That instrument is the modern, chromatic version of an instrument that dates back to the 13th Century. It has four major strings that you play with a bow and all the rest of them are slightly below, so you don’t hit them with the bow, but they ring sympathetically, so it is a very loud, ringing tone. Great stuff.

  91. Those spinning wheels are Norman Hall. I have not idea why he had them there as he is not selling them or taking orders.
    I heard Norman mention that he was working on his 1999 orders!! And that was before the boom in interest in fibres, just think of how many are left to do.
    Even Robin wheels are a 2 year wait, but they looked so great I put my name down for one.
    Rhinebeck is better, in my personal opinion, that Maryland, in that there was more space to move around in. Maryland S&W is so squeezed for space now whereas Rhinebeck you could go down all sorts of lanes etc.
    I managed to grab the Grand Champion Mohair too, amazing.
    p.s. saw you there Stephanie but didn’t want to intrude on your fibre bliss!

  92. I knit, and have for (eep!) 20 years. I also play bagpipes, and have done that for 11 years. People often ask me if it is hard to play the pipes, to which I say “Yes! Very!” That occasionally ends the conversation right there, but usually it continues.
    One of my students started lessons saying “This is NOT rocket science” and lately is saying “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!”
    Here is some of my knitting: http://trinity.aas.duke.edu/~bryn/acanthus.jpg (this pic is HUGE)
    and here is some more: http://www.franklinstpiper.com/gallery/SCA/spike_bag
    and http://www.franklinstpiper.com/gallery/SCA/arabic_bag
    Shawl next.

  93. Greetings! Looks like everyone had a good time! and for the pretty lace shawl? I wish I could crochet that good,{let alone Knit something like that!} I’m a Knitting/Crocheting Guru! meaning I sit back, watch{well, listen} to a movie/TV Show,
    and just enjoy the garter or stockinette stitch.
    Take Care~

  94. So I go to Rhinebeck because I found the link on one of your articles somewhere and, once I regained consciousness and had a wander around, who do I see but the Harlot herself!! This was just too much. I wanted to go up to you as you were buying something to eat, but I figured you were probably ready to go postal if one more person bugged you by then (it was toward the end of the day on Sunday). And I was afraid of coming off as a total geeky-groupie type. So here’s what I would have said had I had the nerve at the time: Thanks. For the books, for making me laugh, and for all the truly inspirational messages you post here.
    And your shawl truly rocks.

  95. i love your blog
    im only 13 but i have knit everything in the world
    i love hearing about your experiences!

  96. I recognize that last sheep! That’s our ewe lamb, Lucy, from Sugar Maple Merinos in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Wow! Now she’s famous!

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