That Flat Scout

Some time ago (too long really, but I plead book related insanity and shortages of time) Flat Scout came to Toronto. Flat Scout is the two-dimensional buddy of the Real Not Flat Scout, who did a fabulous job of shepherd(ess)ing me around Albuquerque when I was there. Since The Real Not Flat Scout was not coming anytime soon, she sent her way less interesting envoy. Flat Scout. Our Mission? Show her Toronto. We did our level best. Our first attempt? We gave Flat Scout and a camera to the children and sent them out into the world. This was not as effective as one would have hoped. (Next time we shall send the children with Flat Scout, a camera and spare batteries.)Several wonderful opportunities at The Canadian National Exhibition (it’s like a county fair, but for the whole country) were lost, though the girls did try to get Flat Scout and the Canadian International Airshow in the same shot.


Those planes are fast though. Undaunted, the girls stopped in to see Hank. Undaunted by laminated cardboard hotties, Hank immediately grasped the importance of his guest and dressed up in his Spiderman muscle suit for the occasion.


From there, Joe and I took over. Armed with fresh batteries and faced with an epic rainstorm, we took to Toronto’s streets. What the hell. We do it all the time with a sock.

Where to go first? Our favourite…


Little India. I thought that since Flat Scout was used to hanging around fibre artists she might enjoy an Indian silk shop. She was moved I think. (That’s more than I can say for the owners. Their son tried to translate about what we were doing, but the words “Flat Scout” “New Mexico” and “Knitbloggers” apparently don’t translate well into Punjabi. We settled on calling her a “Tourist”. )

We continued East and went to The Beach,


and proved to Flat Scout that there is surfing on Lake Ontario.


We like to pretend she was stunned. (Frankly, not much seems to impress her.) We took her to Toronto’s Historic Distillery District.


It’s Toronto’s only pedestrian only district and full of galleries, arts centres, dance and things to do. (There’s a Spa too. Flat Scout made some noise about that. We looked the other way and went to Chinatown


where Flat Scout did no better at identifying vegetables than we do.

We hit Old City Hall (1899)


New City Hall


We took her to Yonge Street, the longest street in the world, and to the Financial District.


Joe wanted to take her to eat a breaded eggplant sandwich in St. Lawrence Market


but I pointed out that she needed to still be “Flat” Scout when she left. (If you do nothing else in Toronto, eat the eggplant sandwich at Mustachio’s at the bottom of the stairs in the centre of the market. I hate eggplant, but I love these. Turns out just about everything can be yummy if you slice it thin and deep fry it.)

We were almost done with Flat Scout, but there was one more thing we wanted to do with her.


We took her for a pint (or two) at the ‘Shoe. The Horseshoe Tavern (Do call it “the shoe” if you want to sound local) is a club that’s been open since 1947. On any given night of the week this clubs got the cream of the crop hanging out, and there’s no end to the interesting people you’ll met. Flat Scout sat in a room that’s hosted Blue Rodeo, Bryan Adams, The Tragically Hip, Melissa Ethridge, The Watchmen, Big Sugar, Amanda Marshall, Wide Mouth Mason, Great Big Sea, Stompin’ Tom Connors, The Band, The Blues Brothers, Prairie Oyster, The Police, Hootie & The Blowfish, Wilco, Ben Harper, Leahy, The Ramones, Cramps, Dick Dale, Bruce Cockburn and, in one of their surprise Toronto events (1997) The Rolling Stones. (The Stones actually have a close relationship with Toronto.) In any event…Flat Scout seemed unmoved by all of that too…and unlike Real Not Flat Scout, she can’t really handle her beer.

We pitched for home, where Flat Scout hung out on top of the piano for a while (I was writing a book and getting married) until today, when I showed her that I had finished some socks:


Opal colour 226, 2mm needles, my standard sock recipe

That I was thinking about some more socks with some really special yarn.


More about that on Monday…


and I proved to her that I’m still working on the Wedding shawl, even though it missed the wedding.

Who gets Flat Scout next?

153 thoughts on “That Flat Scout

  1. My partner in crime is going to be up there in November….the pictures almost make me want to brave the cold to come up to see the place.
    Thank the powers that be that there’s a wool fest near San Antonio the same weekend. Hehe…

  2. I’d love to show Flat Scout around Madison, Wisconsin. She could gallavant all about the city, going to brew pubs, bury herself in yarn from the LYSes here, and who knows what other kinds of trouble we could get ourselves into…… πŸ˜‰

  3. We got a hold of a similar deal called Flat Stanley. He got to hang out around the Geological Survey and go inside a coal mine. He came out a little bit dirtier than expected though!

  4. Oh am I first! Cool places to go with flat scout! Oh I think she wants to see the great windy South west! She should come see Oklahoma when it isn’t a convection oven!

  5. I’d be glad to show Flat Scout Philadelphia and Lancaster’s PA Dutch country…with Stitches East in Baltimore thrown in for good measure πŸ˜‰

  6. Wow… Flat Scout had a helluva time… and I’ve got to tell you, as a fan of Tanya Huff books, I get a ginormous kick out of seeing stuff I only read about in books…Scout may not have been that animate (this weeks vocab list, btw) but I certainly got all exuberant. (Next weeks:-) They named a yarn colorway after you…it doesn’t have to be a windy day for that to totally blow me away… (it rhymed, hu-yuk!)

  7. It looks like it was a good thing Flat Scout was laminated for her trip to Toronto. Sh might have been melted by the rain, surf and beer otherwise.
    It looks like an amazing city β€” and what a great way to show it off.

  8. I’m glad to hear the deep fried eggplant sandwiches are still there! I remember them from years ago and have been wanting to go back… so it’s good to know they can still be eaten. Mmmm….

  9. Harlotty colorway on Socks that Rock? Where can I get this iconic blend?
    I think that flat scout needs to go to Southern California. She looks like she could teach us a thing or two!

  10. Hilarious. I love these virtual tourist things, like the Chub Creek dolls. Why isn’t Flat Scout a Knitted Scout? Dang.
    Normally, fried eggplant sandwiches wouldn’t do much for me, but DANG, it’s lunchtime, and I am hungry. So hungry that my mouth is watering for fried eggplant.

  11. Yes, she certainly got around, but if I were a sock-in-progress (there must be more than one) I’d be jealous.

  12. Flat Scout would love it here in the East Lansing/Okemos area. We have knitters, spinners, weavers, and the Llama Fest at Michigan State University. We have a fiber museum on campus and a great woven arts gallery (Woven Art in East Lansing)that is also an awsome shop for yarn, supplies, and lessons.And then there is food, food, and more food to be found. Chocolate is it’s own food group here. Send Flat Scout on out. There is always room for one more in the “shop hop” caravan.

  13. I’d be happy to help BJ show Flat Scout around Philly and even take her to the Poconos (everyone needs to see the Poconos sometime). I mean, we have Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Rocky statue, Elfreth’s Alley, lots of places. Oh. And lots of yarn. Or — we go take her to Atlantic City and see what she things of the casinos . . .
    Come to think of it — shouldn’t Flat Scout be going to Rhinebeck, since as far as I can tell, just about everyone else here is going to Rhinebeck?

  14. Oh, there’s an idea. A Flat Harlot can be sent to the Quad Cities since the Not Flat Harlot can’t seem to hit us in between Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin. *pout*
    Writing a book, having a family, let alone a life, *piffle*. Yes, *piffle* I say!

  15. Flat Scout could come down to Houston and Galveston for a quick trip. Every Scout needs to see an island. πŸ™‚

  16. Send her on over to Chi-town, of course! We have Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, more artery clogging food than you can shake a stick at, and a brand new bright pink El train!

  17. Flat Scout would love Colorado….top of Pikes Peak (if the road is open), fall is a pretty week here πŸ™‚ My kids send off Flat Stanley, either this year or next I will be sending him off to another victim…er…host.

  18. That’s going to be my default advice for everything, in the future: “Slice it thin and deep fry it.”

  19. Roggey – I didn’t know people still said *piffle*. We need more piffle in our lives…
    I’m not sure Flat Scout would appreciate Aurora, after the Distillery District, and the ‘Shoe will be very hard to follow, but if she’s interested in a small town suburb, send ‘er up!

  20. (laughing out loud at rams’s comment)
    Mmmm, sliced and deep fried.
    And you’ve been keeping the Indian Silk Shop from Juno? Oh, on the other hand, maybe that’s a good idea. If it were me, I’d go into some silk coma and all my money would be gone in 5 minutes.

  21. That was great…and I’m still snorting at the ‘slice it thin and deep fry it’, I’m not so much into eggplant either but I love to grow it, it’s such a beautiful plant, and the blossom, and the ‘fruit’, yes, it is officially a fruit.

  22. mmmmm…. i love those eggplant sandwiches at the St. Lawrence Market. My boy works across the street, but i don’t get there often enough!

  23. “Slice it thin, bread and fry” could sum up most of the appeal of Southern U.S. cooking. Okra? Yes, thank you. Old shoe? The same!
    Can’t wait to see the new special socks.

  24. What a lovely site seeing trip!
    I have to admit to casting on to make one of your “one row scarves”, but my design doesn’t look like squares (like yours, heavy vertical lines with subtle horizontal lines). All of my K’s and all of my P’s line up…and it really just looks like ribbing? I’m not sure how I could mess up a 1 row pattern….but it seems that I have.
    I’ll knit another inch or two and see if I can figure it out….then I guess I’ll visit the frog pond and dip my toes!
    I really enjoy hearing about your knitting adventures!

  25. Was Flat Scout ‘laminated’ before or after The Shoe?
    And thanks for a new idea for storing fabric. Hanging from the ceiling like the Indian Silk Shop really works!
    Please send Flat Scout or 3-D Harlot to Washington DC!

  26. WOW – your own STR colourway! Now you’re really entered into the pantheon of famous fibery persone!

  27. Wow, it’s going to be hard to top that sightseeing tour! LOL, you must be getting (in)famous in Toronto for taking photos with strange objects in them. Did Flat Scout make it to Lettuce Knits knitting night?!
    Love that STR colorway…

  28. Right…um…forget that bit up there ^^^^^. I am really rather red in the face. I was putting a K2 on either end…and the k1b, p across. WHOOPS! Sheesh.
    Can’t leave me alone with these pointy sticks for a minute! Ya just look away for a second and I’ve made a complete a$$ of myself!

  29. Oh I can show her the former capital of Germany if she is interested, send her over πŸ™‚
    Nice think to have an own colourway from STR.

  30. We had a flat Stanley who came over from New England. We took him to see the oak tree where Robin Hood used to hang out, the church where Robin and Maid Marian were married (no questions about authenticity please), a tram, the North Sea. He had a great time. The next person in line to host him lost him. Poor Stanley.
    If Scout wants a UK leg to her tour you can send her to me. I have a six year old who would show her a good time (no sniggering there at the back please)

  31. What, no Hockey Hall of Fame? Some tour guide.
    Seriously, my cousin who lives in Toronto just got engaged. I’m hoping that she has the wedding in Toronto rather than Ottawa (home town) so that I’ll have an excuse to see more of the city.

  32. I think she should come to the Twin Cities. We have lots of knitting shops, a knitting guild and it’s cold, so it will be foreign to Scout. It’s even snowed recently. I bet one of the native knitters would love to take her around; maybe they’d even give her lutefisk or teach her Norwegian.

  33. ooo! pick me! I would love to take Scout around the lovely town of Lawrence, KS. Hip place. you should check it out. hint.
    in second grade we had a project where we made flat selves and sent them off to loved ones to take on adventures. Flat Susan ventured to Washington DC. grand time. but Scout has a little bit more pizazz than Flat Susan. alas.
    PS I enjoy the surfer. he looks awkard. haha

  34. I somehow forgot you live in Toronto. Toronto is one of the areas I’m considering moving to. I’ve been trying to get up the guts to expatriate to Canada for a while and I think I finally found the spine to do it. I’m looking at schools right now. I know I’m headed to Canada, just not sure exactly where in Canada at the moment. Might be a bit different from Memphis, TN, think?

  35. Oh, what a tour of Toronto the Flat Scout received!
    I think she would love a trip to San Francisco. It’s still sunny and pleasant out west!! =^.^=

  36. Doesn’t she get to go to Lettuce Knit? I heard that’s the only reason (besides the ‘shoe) she wanted to go to Toronto…

  37. PLEASE, PUH-LEASE! Please can Flat Scout AND Flat Harlot come to Berkeley, CA???
    I would show them the LYS’s and all the great places to eat, the Albatross pub, and the great dog park nearby and…of course, Telegraph Avenue in all it’s colorful glory, next to the UCBerkeley campus! and…oh! definitely Flat Scout needs to go to RHINEBECK FIRST!!!
    then to Berkeley. please? PLEASE???
    :o)have a great weekend!

  38. OOOhhhhh me!!! Pick me!!! {stretching arm really high, wagging my hand but trying to remain seated}
    Flat Scout would love Angus and I’d give her a front seat for the Fastest Knitter contest at the CSNF next week. I will also be doing some very cool jewellery classes – the Diva in Flat Scout just might like that.

  39. I’d like to suggest that Flat Scout come visit me in Victoria BC! From one side of Canada to the other …. a nice way for Flat Scount to get the Canuk experience πŸ™‚ I would offer to take her on a yarn crawl to The BeeHive and The Loom.

  40. Would Flat Scout be interested in hanging around with the offspring of an Indian scout?
    Granted I live in Toronto but go to my rez quite frequently, am in Windsor and Detroit a lot, too.
    Plus I’m going overseas in the new year. I could give her the tourist version of Paris and London and then pass her off to a local.

  41. If I climb into a panini press, will you take a flat beadslut around Toronto?
    Otherwise, flat Scout should come to the Twin Cities to meet all the people you did in Eau Claire. She could spend a couple of days at each of our fabulous yarn stores, meet knitter stashes, go to the Mall of America, ride the Wild Thing, you know…

  42. She could check out London Ontario. It’s close to Toronto, so she wouldn’t have far to go. We have some great tourist attractions, which you may be didn’t get to see when you were on book tour here last summer.

  43. Flat Scout would like Oregon, she could get a tan since it’s still 73 degrees during the day! She could also visit the Pacific Ocean if she is so inclined. She could also hang out with Flat Caroline who will be visiting later this month. Flat Scout could also go to the art museum in Portland with my Mom she is a docent there and could give her a really good tour.

  44. About that wedding shawl….. Are you going to write the pattern the way you’ve done it when you are done? It is so beautiful! I’m not sure I have the patience to finish one but I’d like to try.

  45. I grew up in the Beach, and those pictures were a wonderful blast from my past. Especially the Beach one–that was always my favorite weather for the boardwalk. I get back to TO every summer, but it’s not the same as living there.
    However, Quiara, make sure you visit in the winter before you commit (although the weather is a good reason to always be knitting warm things)!

  46. I see Lauren in Chicago has beat me to it, but I think Flat Scout needs to make her Midwestern debut here in the Windy City. Lots of stuff to see and do!
    Oh, and how long is Yonge Street anyway? I’ve heard it’s the longest street in the world before, but never how long it actually is.

  47. Now that was most definitely worth the wait. Thanks so much you. I laughed out loud and can’t wait to show the family. I’ll send you the name of where she gets to go next.

  48. We had the same thing and it was Flat Stanley. Our Flat Stanley basically got to go around the world, China, Austria, UK, Japan. In fact he went more places than I’m sure I will every get to go.

  49. New Mexico Rules! (Yes, I know that wasn’t really the point of your blog entry, but New Mexico is mentioned so rarely outside of… well… New Mexico, that we Native New Mexicans feel a compulsive need to support our state whenever she shows her beautiful face. New Mexico Rules!)

  50. Send Flat Scout to Cleveland . . . there is the Rock ‘N Roll HOF, the Great Lakes Science Center, the Cleveland Browns Stadium, the William Mather, lots of water (with surfers too) and we didn’t get the snow that Buffalo got yesterday. There is also some awesome LYSs and, of course, my stash which keeps growing and growing (I think its breeding while I don’t look). I promise I won’t take her to any of my MBA courses . . . unless she knows how to do the dumb arse stupid managerial accounting problem(s).
    So I can hardly wait to hear about the “Harlotty” Socks that Rock! Tell, tell.
    Please, send Flat Scout here . . . my family spent a couple days in Albuquerque this last summer and would like to reciprocate for the love, kindness and joy we had there.

  51. Flat Scout really needs to come to KC, MO.. there are sooo many things she can see… The orginal Farmer’s Market.. open for over 100 years… the wonderful gambling boats,, the awesome lys, the chance to be in 2 states at the same time! The historic homeplace of President Truman, the history & exciting places are too numerous to name.. Please…. let her come here.. she’ll have a blast!!!1

  52. They named a sock yarn for you!? How did I miss that!? I may have to take up socks just so I can buy the yarn. Unles I can figure out another use for it . . .

  53. Me thinks the real Ms.Swag had better hire some help with her dyeing now LOL.
    And I think FlatScout should come with me for a one-legged hop around Stitches West in February πŸ˜‰

  54. i think Flat Scout should come to Alaska! we’ve had our first snow and while the dogs aren’t running with sleds yet, she could pet some fine sled dogs (and maybe even check out the cool yarn folks spin with dog hair – yep, it’s true).

  55. I have found a new way to stash yarn. So you know those weird Indian-ish hanging beads that kinda act like doors/curtain thingys? And so I figured that if you could get like one ball of yarn to stretch out and make it like:
    you then attatch them to the doorframe via however you like, you’ll have more room! Even if you have a shoebox house, there has to be more than one door… you could even use it as a door/curtain thingy for closets and stuff. ^_^ I’m not sure if it’ll work, I’ll let you figure it out.

  56. I sure hope that Flat Scout goes to visit someone who’s going to Rhinebeck.
    I’m with Juno…2 trips to TO in the last year and I had no idea about the silk shop. I’ll have to add that (and the Distillery District) to the next vacation trip.

  57. Flat Scout! How fun!!
    My nephew did this for a school project. I took him to work (at a spa/salon) and to see a brand new baby. My hubby took him to work (at a graphic design shop).
    I think Flat Scout had way more fun.

  58. As a University of New Mexico graduate, I volunteer to show Flat Scout around St. Louis, Missouri, whenever she’s ready to visit.
    (& it’s great that you are still working on the wedding shawl.)

  59. Memememememe! Flat Scout totally needs to come to Greenville, South Carolina. Great scenery, good beer, bad coffee (but we’re working on it). Flat Scout needs grits.
    I may have to start a letter-writing campaign.

  60. WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T SEND FLAT SCOUT TO MADISON, WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!!! It will corrupt her in ways heretofore unkown to mere mortals. (umm. . . I don’t have any personal experience with this. . . no. . .none at all. . . I heard it from “someone”. . .yeah. . . that’s it)
    I feel like I’ve been on a tour of Toronto myself. It was like a visual vacation. Just what one needs after a week with sophomores!

  61. “Turns out just about everything can be yummy if you slice it thin and deep fry it.”
    Flat Scout is sliced thin…you didn’t deep fry her did ya?

  62. I would gladly show Flat Scout around Gettysburg, PA. I did the same when my cousin sent me Flat Stanley. It would be even easier now that I have a digital camera. Please send her my way πŸ™‚

  63. Gosh, what a good tour of Toronto. I’ll have to find some better guides next time I trek up there! I couldn’t find any of the places I’d heard about on blogs…left to Stratford 2 days early.

  64. Very cool tour for Flat Scout! I’m sure she was impressed, despite her demeanor. I mean, who wouldn’t be? It’s just, y’know, she was probably being, like, kewl. After all, a two-dimensional gal has to maintain her cool. (Especially when being held by cute surfer dudes.)
    Speaking of cool – *very* nice on the Harlotty colorway! I’ve been wondering when we’d see that. Yay, Socks That Rock! Especially as it’s made in Oregon. When I go to Blue Moon’s site, I keep counting up how many colorways I’ve been to, LOL. Scaponia – which has *got* to be Scappoose and Vernonia combined – and Hwy. 30 give me gigglefits every time, since I used to live midway between the two towns, and graduated from Scappose High. And you travel Hwy. 30 from Portland to get there. πŸ˜‰ It’s hilarious to think of people far away knitting with yarn named after places in my home state.

  65. (With hand up) ooohhohhohh, pick me, pick me! Flat Scout would love hanging out with me at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and knitting while watching cars go around, find out that corn and soybean fields when freshly harvested, can remind you of natural/organic wool, and see that the Midwest is really a pretty wonderful place to be!

  66. Flat Scout should visit New Zealand!!
    And she shouldn’t come alone. Although we’ll show her a good time if she does. We have dolphins, small fluffy birds, great beer, fabulous coffee, hot and sunny Christmases and more sheep than you can shake a pointy stick at!
    You should ALL come to New Zealand. It’s lovely down here.

  67. Let’s bring her back to Oklahoma. The weather is nice now, very fallish,, the leaves are getting wonderful, and we will sing to her as we did to you! Then she can explore the wonderful knitting experiences Tulsa has to offer.

  68. Let’s bring her back to Oklahoma. The weather is nice now, very fallish,, the leaves are getting wonderful, and we will sing to her as we did to you! Then she can explore the wonderful knitting experiences Tulsa has to offer.

  69. Perhaps Flat Scout would like to visit a farm. This farm has been in the family for over 100 years. If she doesn’t have straw allergies, please consider it. Tell her she doesn’t HAVE to wear the overalls.
    The farm is just north of Toronto.

  70. I see someone has already requested Flat Scout for San Francisco. As long as she makes it out here I don’t mind missing her.
    Lots of neat things to see and do in our beautiful city.

  71. Rams is soooo right. I am an advertising copywriter and I’m going to use that perfect phrase whenever an issue arises…
    Let’s just…”Slice it thin and deep fry it.”
    And that is FINE sock yarn. You’ve always deserved a color of your very own!

  72. Flat Scout is almost as cool as The Real Not Flat Scout. And she travels a lot more than I do! I know hubby is going to drag me to Phoenix next March….why oh, why can’t they have baseball spring training in New Mexico?
    I SO need to learn how to put pictures on my blog. For that matter, I need to learn how to get them off my phone!

  73. Gee – Stephanie, maybe your next book should be an alternative tourist guide to Toronto. Love that STR colorway – I recently found out that it is made about 60 miles away from me. Knitting daughter & I will probably go one day next spring (right now she’s almost 8 months pregnant & not feeling like long drives.

  74. further to the last post …She could go visit with eclair over in NZ and then come to me … we have sheep in OZ too y’know…

  75. Ah, a female counterpart to Flat Stanley. I once gave Flat Stanley a tour of NYC, including taking him to the theatre. If you think people look at you funny when you take pictures with a sock, try taking pictures of a paper guy on the Long Island Rail Road.
    I love that sock yarn. Yes, we need to hear that story….and find out where we can get some of that yarn for ourselves.
    What the heck am I doing up so late? Goodnight, all.

  76. ME, ME, ME! wait…..How much do I sound like a little kid? also, my life is so boring; would I really want to bring it into the view of many people?!?!

  77. Don’t you just hate it when you try to please such a flat spicy scout and all she does is drinking beer and unbehave??…
    Hanging around on a piano, making funny noises when trying to make her enjoy everything you take her to…
    Please let her go somewhere else and send her as far as you can…the netherlands perhaps??? *big grinn*…..

  78. Um, is the ‘Shoe’ in TO anything like Franklin’s version in Chicago? And how curious that you got rain, and today the New York Thruway was closed due to heavy snow – or were the photos from earlier?
    Oh, I also plan to wear the kilt to Rhinebeck. See you (and the sock, I hope) there.

  79. Hey, is that the same sock (or socks, plural) that you hauled all over the western US? I wondered what was up with that (those) sock: Is that her travel sock? Does it ever get finished? Does she actually knit on it while she travels or is it strictly a model, forever to linger in a state of unfinished-ness?
    In any case, they’re lovely. And I have to tell you that you’ve inspired me to knit socks, something I always thought of as silly before. But I was so wrong! They feel so wonderful, for so many reasons, on my feet! AND, I think I can actually knit a pair for each family member as a holiday gift without going bankrupt of money and/or time.

  80. Flat Scout would fit in well in Chicago. And, if she got here before Friday, she could take a little side trip to the Kentuck Art Festival in Alabama. (Alas, no Rhinebeck for me; they always conflict.) I could show Flat Scout the Water Tower, the “bean” (aka by its proper name, Cloud Gate), beautiful dancers (some of whom are about as flat as she is), and Lake Michigan. She would have to bring some warm clothes because it is cold here…

  81. I would love to show Flat Scout around Muskoka (2 hours north of Toronto)! However it’s snowing today …no try raining..correction snowing. Maybe i’ll stay in and knit.

  82. Flat Scout is welcome to join my knitting buddy, me and our husbands at SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) October 27th. And then experence College Football (American sytle) at the South Carolina vs. Tennessee game on the 28th. And then a Halloween party on the 31st.

  83. Does Flat Scout knit or just admire knitting? Definitely, definitely take Flat Scout to Rhinebeck. She can help you limit yourself to only a dozen or so batts from Linda at Grafton Fibers.

  84. VERY slick, Steph. You segued a Candian surfer into a Dick Dale reference. Sweet. Flat Scout may not be impressed, but I am.
    Dez, who once had the privilege of having a beer with Dick Dale while his crew packed up after a show at my huband’s bar.

  85. I would love to have the honour of showing flat scout round Newcastle upon Tyne (North East England). How can I persuade her that a visit to the foggy tyne in is much more attractive than any of the above exotic sounding locations? Perhaps I have to get a few bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale to her, is she a beer-drinking kind of a gal?

  86. Seeing Mr. H. in his ‘handsome suit’ made me remember that I saw the 2007 Dragonology wall calendar at WBB on Edward and it has a reddish pink cover. Maybe just the ticket…

  87. Seeing Mr. H. in his ‘handsome suit’ made me remember seeing the 2007 Dragonology wall calendar at the WBB on Edward. It has a reddish pink cover so could be just the ticket…

  88. Bet you never thought you and Arnold Schwarzenegger would have something in common! He was on the Tonight Show this week with a Flat Scout for his son.

  89. Sorry about two posts (duh!) – first time doing this and when it didn’t pop right in I figured I had slipped up. Always enjoy your blogs and as a result, recognized That Laurie in her stained glass seater at the Downtown Courtyard the Big Weekend. I wonder if those ‘handsome suits’ come in big sizes…I’m pretty taken with it.

  90. How about sending Flat Scout to the other side of Canada?
    She could see the largest piece of granite in the world, Whistler, Victoria, the lovely city of Vancouver…
    Actually, so could the Not Flat Harlot!

  91. I like your little Flat Scout, but aren’t you a newlywed??? Aren’ you supposed to be paying more attention to that hunk new husband of yours???

  92. My nephew sent me Flat Stanley (a project to coincide with his class reading the book by the same name) and I took pictures of FS all over Colorado and then sent them back to the class. I was the hit of the second grade!

  93. Oh man, do I love Toronto! I have wild fantasies about getting a job at UT once my dissertation is finished… {sigh} Thanks for the refresher tour–it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been able to visit.

  94. I’ve been vaguely amused all weekend by the thought of vegetarians having trouble identifying vegetables… (no, I don’t get out much. why do you ask?)

  95. My son had to send a Flat Stanley to California two years ago. That was fun for him. This is such a cute idea. What good sports you all were to do this. I’ll have to tell Scout to send Flat Scout to Eau Claire, WI. Congratulations on your wedding and the book finishing!! YEAH!!

  96. I volunteer to show Flat Scout around the Big Apple — she can even come to our Tuesday night stitch-n-bitch in Long Island City!

  97. I volunteer to show Flat Scout around the Big Apple — she can even come to our Tuesday night stitch-n-bitch in Long Island City! You could hand her off to me next weekend in Rhinebeck; I’ll be there on Saturday. πŸ™‚

  98. After Flat Scout has hung out wih the New Zealand sheep with Eclair she’ll probably need to pop over to South Australia and tour the wineries here. Maybe the whole beer scene just wasn’t quite the right style for her? We could promise a visit to the usual iconic australian furry things (koalas kangaroos wallabies etc), and then take her to bury her face in some truly remarkable merino. She could have a nice hot xmas (or end of year celebratory occasion of her choice) instead of freezing to death in the northern hemisphere! We plan to spend the (choose your own gift-giving celebratory occasion) day on the beach and in the water. She’d be welcome to join us and thaw out.

  99. Tha flat thing can come on a “blogger’s road trip” to the Rhinebeck.Maybe she can get in the front of the line at the Grafton Fiber people.
    Come flat thing ,come with the crazy van of knitters on the road trip, many many bloggers to meet.

  100. oooooh. I read this whole post but I don’t remember much of the end because my mind went to mush as soon as you mentioned the hip. Can’t make words. Thinking of Gordon. Love bald men.

  101. How fun is that! We had the storybook character ‘Flat Stanley’ as a guest at our wedding. I’m sure that we confused the hell out of our photographer when we got a bride shot with Flat Stanley poised on the bouquet.

  102. I’d be more than happy to show her around The Birthplace of Biotech. She can see the actual birthplace, check out the wind organ, go to a tortilla factory, get some donuts at the drive-through donut shop, etc.

  103. You can send Flat Scout to Albany! I can take her on a grand yarn tour and take her to the coolest pre-K around!

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