I don’t even unpack anymore.

I am throwing wool into a suitcase to catch a 12:15 flight to Lake Tahoe for SOAR where I am giving the keynote address. I’m very nervous. To help ease my anxiety (and because I leave at 10:00am and arrive at my hotel at 9:00pm tonight…that’s some time on my hands) I have packed a mitten kit, three socks in progress, three things to spin, a backup skein of sock yarn and my knitpicks options so that if I run out of yarn I can still go get more and have needles. I am still wondering if I should take more. (Maybe a shawl….)

Today is my darling Joe’s birthday. We’re not celebrating properly today (what with the plane) but I couldn’t let the day go without marking it. I’ve said nice things about him on his birthday before (here and here, for those of you so compelled) and I only care for him more today than ever.

There is nothing more that I can say about this sweetness of a man this year, except that I love him, he’s a good learner, he is more ethically decent than I could ever convey in words and he’s handled an extraordinarily difficult few months with grace, good humour, and less whining that you would ever believe possible. I’m truly proud to be his wife and I’m glad I’m with him every day.