Make it count.

So I got home yesterday, and I’m leaving tomorrow. Just long enough to wash my pants (and everyone else’s) to pick up my train tickets, recharge the yarn supply in my suitcase, talk to the girls in person, wash the kitchen floor and keep on trucking. I’m trying to squeeze so much into this time at home that it’s ridiculous.

The schedule for the next three days is a sort of last minute spontaneous swing train ride east, with stops along the way. It’s so spontaneous that I’m going to need some help spreading the word. If you’re a knitter and you know a knitter who might be interested (or a knitter who is totally going to send me some aggressive email later for not giving them enough warning that I was coming and therefore ruining their chances at having a chance to come to a knitting roadshow.) could you please let them know? I know I don’t read all the blogs I read everyday, so I’m sure thats the way it is for everyone else.

Wednesday November 8th (that’s tomorrow.) I’ll be in historic Kingston, Ontario from 7-9pm at the Chapters at 2376 Princess Street. (You can just show up for that one. No RSVP necessary, I think they are likely expecting just a couple of knitters and I sort of like the idea of surprising them.)

Thursday, November 9th I’m doing not one, but two events in and around our Nations Capitol. I’ll be at the Yarn Forward on Bank Street in Ottawa at 2pm for a signing (not a talk) and then at the other Yarn Forward in Kanata (474 Hazeldean Road) for a talk/signing at 7:00…Please RSVP to them if you are coming by calling 613-831-8027.

Friday, I get a chance to freak out a whole other province and I’ll be in Montréal, 5:30 pm at the McGill University Bookstore, 3420 McTavish. Note: this talk will not be an opportunity for me to display my completely humiliating french, and will be me in all my anglophone glory. I do promise, as a nod to our other national language that should I feel the need to use strong language, I will indeed swear in french, assuming that there are not too many bagels in my mouth at the time.


While I’m on the train (I love riding the train. It’s such a humane and comfortable way to travel.) I’m going to try and sort out the beaded cuff for the Kitri socks.


I’ve knit both socks (just about, there are only a few rows on a toe to go, and you’ll notice that the toe isn’t grafted. That’s because the needles


those very pointy 18cm/ 7inch ones, as well as my safety pins, were deemed perfectly safe to take on my flight, but I was asked to “surrender” the blunt darning needle stuck in my purse. I swear I am never going to get the hang of thinking like the TSA.) and then I pick up stitches from the provisional cast on and start the cuff, which…as near as I understand it, is knit perpendicular to the knitting for the sock. I’m feeling a little nervous. I have my reasons.


1. I’ve never beaded knitting before and I’m feeling uptight about it.

2. Provisional cast ons give me hives. (I cannot be the only person who always manages to knit into the wrong part or miss a loop or do something that totally guarantees that they won’t un-zip when they are supposed to.)

3. The beads are prestrung on the yarn for this cuff, but I have become possessed of an incredible fear that I will do something that will make the beads come off. In the world of my imagination they spring free on the train, scattering throughout the car and I never find them all, or I find them all but don’t know what order to put them back on in, or I don’t know how to put them back on or…I don’t know. I’m very worried.

Perhaps I shouldn’t do this on the train. Perhaps I should do this in a hermetically sealed room with a white unseamed floor and walls to prevent bead loss while I am enveloped in a cone of silence to protect me from mishap? Perhaps I should read about beaded knitting before I just leap in and do it? Maybe I should study it, or think about it or find some blogs where people are knitting beaded stuff and bad things aren’t happening? Is it really that hard? Who’s done this? Is it fussy? Should I do it on a train?