It’s coming.

Hey look. A sock.


Hey look. Another sock.


Good Grief. (Is this getting old yet?) Both socks are Fleece Artist. Both socks are patterns in my head (I’ll write them down after the Knitty Gritty thing) and both are variations on the basic pattern that I’ll be knitting until the delivery of Fleece Artist that has the yarn for my step-outs in it arrives.


I spoke with the producer on Friday and yes, she would far prefer that the step-outs all match. (Note “far prefer”. If I had been truly upset or off the deep-end about it I think they would have let me do as I please. I was however, completely helpless in the face of a polite well reasoned request backed up with intelligent discourse and….I agreed. I hate it when people cloud issues with facts and logic.) The producer did say that my metal needles were fine…the issue apparently is noise. Wooden and plastic needles make less noise than metal ones do, and it’s easier for the sound guy to contend with. Instead of either them replacing all my needles or me replacing all my needles (both of which are entirely inane) I shall do my level best to knit quietly.

In the meantime, I need to procure several matching skeins and it’s Fleece Artist to the rescue, with a shipment to Lettuce Knit arriving any minute. Embedded in this shipment is the yarn that I need. I can’t wait. (Megan assures me that coming down to the shop and waiting with her for the box to come for as many days as it takes would not be the best use of my time. I am not sure I agree.)

Special thanks here go to shops and suppliers who supported me in my faithfulness to this project and attempted yarn rescue missions. Jo-Anne at Four Seasons Knitting here in Toronto offered, Nancy at Colorsong went through her inventory to see what she could find…Sheri at the Loopy Ewe offered too. It reaffirmed everything that I have ever thought about yarn store owners that they would take the time to do that. Decent folk, the whole bunch of them. (If Megan had not had the order coming already I would have been all over them like sequins on Cher.)

Special thanks too, to Pick Up Sticks (a new Canadian mail order joint I didn’t know about.) for choosing this exact week to mail me some really fantastic new sock yarn that I can’t knit right now. You’re killing me.


Spinning Bunny hand dyed by Susan “Roses for you” colourway

and a skein of
Painted Yarns Merino 2 ply (this lady is Canadian too..) in “Spring Greens”

It’s the dark side of yarn stores. Temptation. I’m going to have to bury this yarn in the back garden for a while just to stick with my mission.

I’m going to go sit on the porch now. Megan has my phone number and I have my shoes on. The minute she calls I’m out the door to raid the box and get my yarn. Maybe I’ll go to the bus stop. Maybe I’ll go to the coffee shop near Lettuce Knit. If you live in Toronto and you’re thinking about racing me there because you’ve worked out that a Fleece Artist shipment is arriving? I wouldn’t. I’m highly motivated.