Wool pig

Megan called, I flew.


The Fleece Artist box had arrived, and I dug in. (Megan pretended not to be appalled as I rooted through the wool in the box in the exact same manner that a pig roots for truffles.) I chose this:


That’s five skeins of the same colourway, headed to be identical socks for the step outs. Identical. Socks. Lots.


and so it begins. Again.

To keep from snapping from the all-sock-all-the-time monotony, I observed “Tuesdays are for spinning” for a whole 20 minutes.


Baby camel/silk (50/50) spinning on my wee Spindlecat spindle. The stuff on the bobbin is what I’ve finished, I transfer it from the spindle when it fills. the stuff on the spindle is 20 minutes worth. This is, much like knitting…very slow magic.

Luckily, I have a 12 year old daughter to entertain me with interpretive dance. (I swear it. It was a 4 minute program.)


Ever get the feeling that it might not be dull over here?

(PS. Since it is hard to find I wanted to tell you that Megan has Sea Silk back in stock.


I freely admit that I have known this for a some time, but there was one that I was saving up for and I didn’t want anyone to buy it before I could. I’m going to do the one-skein seasilk shawl thing with it. I was briefly ashamed that I was keeping this information to myself, but then I remembered who I was.)