And so on.

Hey look. A sock.


and a half…I’m behind a little bit. It’s starting to be a little monotonous. (Really Steph? You don’t say…) I’m beginning to get the urge to knit this, or this, or this or this or……Never mind. Socks are us. All socks. All the time. Sigh. I’m trying to take comfort in wee things. Like a really beautiful heel.


More Q&A? (Has anyone caught on yet that I’m using this Q&A thing to add interest to the blog when I’ve got nothing to say? Is it completely transparent.?) Tracy wrote:

I’m curious about what order you will do your step outs in. You know, each stage is further along in progress and takes longer. Will you do longest to shortest, so it gets easier and easier to get each one done, or shortest to longest, to count completed ones faster? Or will you do them at random to keep it interesting? Dumb question, but I am curious, it tells something about one’s personality and way of thinking, you know?

I have decided, in my infinite wisdom (stop that laughing. You, in the back. Get up off the floor.) to do the longest ones first. I labour under the delusion if I do the biggest job first that then, as my interest wanes, I shall have less and less to do with each sock. The folly here of course, is that my interest waned about midway through that first sock. I have now developed a couple of strategies to take the edge off of the rest of the identical socks.

First line of defense: A series of rentals from the local video joint. I have watched every episode of every season of Six Feet Under, I have seen Mission Impossible one, two and three and I am stalking the place waiting for season one of Deadwood to turn up. (I want this one really badly. So far my rental guy has refused to tell me who has had it for weeks, perhaps suspecting my plan to “procure” it from their private home. I am not through with him.) I have knit my way through Pride and Prejudice (the BBC one) Other suggestions for entertainment during my internment are appreciated. I hear good things about Firefly.

Second line of defense: I have reserved a few of the “example of a variation on a theme” socks to break up the monotony. Admittedly, they are still socks, but at least they are socks of another colour or style. There are only a few of these left to knit – since I did the lace one and the cable one and the small one while I was waiting for my yarn to arrive, but the option to knit a pastel sock when the green ones begin to erode my tenuous grasp on everything I believe to be real this process is a lifeline I’m looking forward to.

Third line of defense: Cleaning. That’s right, there’s nothing like scrubbing out a bathroom or taking a swing at whatever that sludge behind Sir Washie may be to make you think that sitting on your arse knitting green socks is really not such a bad job. It’s all about perspective my friends.

Fourth and final line of defense: Lay’s baked chips, Strong drink and cookies. I’ll be drunk and fat (and likely that mother the other mums whisper about at the parent council)…but I’ll have the damned socks done.