It’s coming.

Hey look. A sock.


Hey look. Another sock.


Good Grief. (Is this getting old yet?) Both socks are Fleece Artist. Both socks are patterns in my head (I’ll write them down after the Knitty Gritty thing) and both are variations on the basic pattern that I’ll be knitting until the delivery of Fleece Artist that has the yarn for my step-outs in it arrives.


I spoke with the producer on Friday and yes, she would far prefer that the step-outs all match. (Note “far prefer”. If I had been truly upset or off the deep-end about it I think they would have let me do as I please. I was however, completely helpless in the face of a polite well reasoned request backed up with intelligent discourse and….I agreed. I hate it when people cloud issues with facts and logic.) The producer did say that my metal needles were fine…the issue apparently is noise. Wooden and plastic needles make less noise than metal ones do, and it’s easier for the sound guy to contend with. Instead of either them replacing all my needles or me replacing all my needles (both of which are entirely inane) I shall do my level best to knit quietly.

In the meantime, I need to procure several matching skeins and it’s Fleece Artist to the rescue, with a shipment to Lettuce Knit arriving any minute. Embedded in this shipment is the yarn that I need. I can’t wait. (Megan assures me that coming down to the shop and waiting with her for the box to come for as many days as it takes would not be the best use of my time. I am not sure I agree.)

Special thanks here go to shops and suppliers who supported me in my faithfulness to this project and attempted yarn rescue missions. Jo-Anne at Four Seasons Knitting here in Toronto offered, Nancy at Colorsong went through her inventory to see what she could find…Sheri at the Loopy Ewe offered too. It reaffirmed everything that I have ever thought about yarn store owners that they would take the time to do that. Decent folk, the whole bunch of them. (If Megan had not had the order coming already I would have been all over them like sequins on Cher.)

Special thanks too, to Pick Up Sticks (a new Canadian mail order joint I didn’t know about.) for choosing this exact week to mail me some really fantastic new sock yarn that I can’t knit right now. You’re killing me.


Spinning Bunny hand dyed by Susan “Roses for you” colourway

and a skein of
Painted Yarns Merino 2 ply (this lady is Canadian too..) in “Spring Greens”

It’s the dark side of yarn stores. Temptation. I’m going to have to bury this yarn in the back garden for a while just to stick with my mission.

I’m going to go sit on the porch now. Megan has my phone number and I have my shoes on. The minute she calls I’m out the door to raid the box and get my yarn. Maybe I’ll go to the bus stop. Maybe I’ll go to the coffee shop near Lettuce Knit. If you live in Toronto and you’re thinking about racing me there because you’ve worked out that a Fleece Artist shipment is arriving? I wouldn’t. I’m highly motivated.

136 thoughts on “It’s coming.

  1. Don’t you just hate it when they derail you with reasonableness?
    Good luck, and mind you don’t run down any elderly grannies on the way to the yarn shop (grin).

  2. You’re good! I couldn’t resist the Pick Up Sticks stuff at all, but I’m weak. And they’re in Newmarket. Which is in my backyard. Oy! my budget is shot…

  3. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it comes really soon. And that always works you know. Continued good Karma on all the socks to come.

  4. What gorgeous socks ? Do you ever have time to sleep ?In the forward for the Ehrman tapestry catalogue Hugh Ehrman states that the ‘knitting fad’ seems to be fading (particularly in America) and is being replaced with other forms of needlework , I wonder if you see any signs of this in your travels ?Thank you for your great blog , you always make me smile ( and usually give me something to think about).

  5. You do paint such a great mental image of you sitting on the edge of your couch clutching your metal needles, shoes on. Ready, set, GO! Out the door she flies! Good luck! Let those needles fly!

  6. Zero comments? That can’t possibly be right… I couldn’t be first… could I? Gorgeous pink socks. There’s a comic strip called Mutts wherein a kitty character has a favorite toy (a sock)which he serenades by singing, “Little pink sock, little pink sock , oh how I love thee, little pink sock.”

  7. That new yarn is really nice – what self control you’re showing by not casting on right now! I love Fleece Artist sock yarn and can’t wait to see you on the Knitty Gritty.

  8. 7 comments in the time it took me to type mine. We’re very quick out here in internetland and, also, all apparently waiting with bated breath for your posts.

  9. Beautiful socks! Sock envy is never boring.
    Totally off subject, I need to thank you. I was given a copy of your book “The Secret Life of a Knitter” back in May. My dh was gravely ill, since recovered and doing fine, and in the hospital. I would read your book and it lifted my spirits and made me laugh at a time when everything around me made me cry. You truely are a lifesaver!

  10. So, I hope you realize you do not need to churn out pairs for the variations — from what I see you have onesies of the latest but you started out with pairs. Did you know, Nancy Bush only knit one sock for each of her patterns in her last 2 books?

  11. Well, I’d like to echo that last comment…you are a life-saver, when all about me is grim, your blog and its endless socks cheers me up no end. Thank-you.

  12. Fantastic new sock yarn, eh? Was Rachel H. right? Will you be distracted, Or will you resist?
    Love the red/pink socks- waiting for the pattern.

  13. Sit on your PORCH and knit? I’d intended to ask how the battle of the non-furnaces was going, but forget it. You have antifreeze for blood. We’re south of you and just chinned ourselves above freezing (see how I dodge the Fahrenheit/Celcius trap?) an hour or two ago. I don’t care if it’s Screech or coffee in your woolly little veins, get back in that house. And put on a sweater.

  14. My LYS owner told me that sitting in her shop for two weeks waiting for my spinning wheel would not be good either…They always rain on our parade when it comes to the idea that being in the store will magically make shipments come in faster. Good luck in the knitting of socks, and resist the temptation to knit with the new yarn. Um, if you need a place to store it…. :oP

  15. Gorgeous socks. Hope you’ve lined up friends to help with the step outs. Bet you’d get lots help. Ship some to London if you want. I could bring them to TO with me next Monday when I come to One of A Kind.

  16. There should be some kind of international law against using resonable arguements against a knitter on a deadline. Make that anytime.

  17. Awww.. Harlot- we would knit for you— next time- let us help knit up the the examples! We’re here for you! πŸ˜‰ we wouldn’t even tell. shhhh a knitters secret…;)

  18. You seem to think we’re bored by your so-called “boring” posts about socks.
    I mean this in the nicest possible way, truly I do, but you are SO WRONG!

  19. The socks are looking lovely! And that new sock yarn is very lovely as well.
    I totally understand your compulsion for the yarn, I remember waiting once for my Upgrade CD for my Mac (yes, those dreaded upgrades that you hate that Joe always installs. Joe and I are very much on the same page when it comes to the upgrades…) FedEx wasn’t supposed to come to my house until 2 pm, so around 10 am, I went driving around town (a very small college town at the time) looking for him. I spotted his truck and followed him to his next stop where I begged for my package. He was a bit weirded out, but I got my software…
    I have yet to do this when waiting for yarn, but the day will come soon enough.

  20. Ooooh – I’m spinning some Targhee in the Roses for You colorway right now. I hope mine will look as pretty once it’s finished.

  21. Oh isn’t Susan’s (Spinning Bunny) Roses For You colorway just to die for? I bought my wheel from her,.. and my very first fiber purchase was her Roses For You targhee.
    I need to order her merino/tencel sock yarn in the same colorway. I can’t get enough of those colors!

  22. It’s unfortunate that I happened to have skimmed through your Knitty Gritty blog the day you mentioned the show. Having been a TV/film producer, I would have questioned their lack of information. A good producer is focused on detail and mentions (actually, obsesses about everything that can go wrong and proceeds to ensure otherwise) what is EXACTLY needed and then follows up to make sure that it has been done. Having seen you in Brooklyn and watched you knit, I really doubt that your metal needles will interfere with the mike (check with Joe). Your mike should be pointed towards your mouth. Also, part of knitting is the clicking. That’s the charm of the “sport.” You will be great on the show! Just be yourself. I love the socks…so will the audience. BTW, you better have the patterns ready by airtime because you will probably get lots of requests. Keep clicking those needles!

  23. Your socks are beautiful and my enthustiasm for socks has returned
    A couple of weeks ago I broke my wrist and am actually unable to knit – maybe in a couple of more days. Thank you providing me with humor and encouragment during this trying time. I’ve been reading the archives! I can’t wait to try Latvian mittens.

  24. Do you realize that 1) I am at work 2) I have a meeting in 2 minutes? There is no way I will ever get to click over to Pick Up Sticks before they sell out, much less beat you to Lettuce Knit. The world of fiber arts can be cruel sometimes.

  25. I don’t get Knitty Gritty and I don’t know that anyone in town gets that channel But I feel like a Stage Momma, thank you so much for sharing all this preparation stuff. Trust me — you can’t go wrong. Clacking metal needles. Oy. May that be the worst worry they ever have the whole length of their lives (as my mother used to say).
    Between you and Colleen, I have been inspired, btw, to at least dig out some lace-weight yarn (at this point I think it’s only 8 yrs old so it should only be about 1/3-way down in the stash) and my treasured antique knitting pins. Furthermore you’ve all inspired me like MAD to finish up the toques so I can splay out in all weird directions free of mind and clear of heart. Blessings upon the lot o’ you!
    PS: taped the History Channel show about the Separatists and the Mayflower last night and I’m glad, because I see some caps that look interesting that I may try to replicate, albeit 100 yrs earlier than my usual pursuits. I always make a big Soap Box about the Wampanoag at our Thanksgiving tabe — so that creaking sound you hear (this year or evermore) is the swivelling eyeballs of my poor put-upon children.

  26. I’m sure someone has made this comment, but you don’t need a pair for every step out. The way I’m counting you need about 8 stepouts and 1 complete sock.Of course I can see that it would help if this was all in the same colourway. Then you can knit the mates to the stepouts at your leisure or better yet make it into a teaching tool, then you never have to finish the mates and you can go spin that cashmere that Rachel writes of so seductively!! Then you can pull the fancy lace, beaded, hippopotamaus socks from your stash of socks that you wear, just to show off a little!!

  27. Stephanie, I’d be really happy to keep that tempting new yarn in a safe place for you — go ahead, just send it down here. . .

  28. Love the socks and that new yarn is yummy. But I must comment on the patterns in your head…isn’t it a wee bit crowded up there right now with everything you have going on? Wouldn’t the safer course of action be to write them down and free up the gray matter for the next thing on your to-do list(s)? Just a thought…from someone who wants a sock pattern or two.

  29. Spinning bunny is yummy. I would gladly hold on to it to help you resist the temptation. I’m nice like that.
    (is that the tencel mix?)

  30. Just curious, how many pairs of socks do you think you have knitted? Sock knitting has been a lot of trial and error with me, but I can safely say now that I am addicted and starting my 10th pair.
    On another note, I have finally crossed the finish line at the Knitting Olympics and am happy with my new top. I posted pictures on my site. There must still be others out there finishing their projects.

  31. Noisy metal needles? As if you don’t have enough to worry about appearing on a tv show.. now you have to worry about knitting quietly? Or change your needles? Who are these tv people? They are insane. Insane! (insert random mumbling here about people insisting you use a certain kind of needle.. bah!)

  32. Have newly arrived at your blog site and thoroughly enjoying going through the archives (starting at Jan ’04) waiting to read the daily blog. And those comments…almost as funny as you–love “rams'” comment today about getting back inside and putting on sweater–can’t tell by name if male or female but spoken like a true parent!!!!
    And I have my own dilemma (not NEARLY as serious as your knitty gritty sock conundrum but mine none-the-less)…Witness part of email to dearest best friend not so long ago….
    “Gave myself a treat this past week–the Yarnharlot came to town (Montreal) swinging through on a book tour, promoting “Knitting Rules”. I swore I wasn’t going to buy it as it talks about stuff I already know and I’d spent so much money in Halifax and she WAS so funny the way she described things and really I wasn’t going to buy the book, all the way in line to get her to sign the book I wasn’t going to buy. Then I bought it –well I had to didn’t I because she signed it and made it personal–she put my name in it and how many other Barbs were going to pick up this book with their name in it so really I DID have to buy it. Almost got you one too but then I figured you probably had it already, seeing as how you were the one who got me on to her and she IS insidious and no matter how hard you try, once you start to read those pages and begin to laugh you will convince yourself you need this book despite the fact that you already know everything she talks about but she DOES make you laugh about it which most manuals/instruction books don’t so really you should support her because you want her to write more thus you MUST buy the book. Am I right or did I miss the perfect gift opportunity….OOPS.”
    Sure’nuf, not only did best friend not have it she had also given away her copy of “At Knit’s End” to a knitting friend in desperate need of a good laugh (note to Jan Miraglio–if you thought the first book was funny get this one as well. Even funnier–impossible but true) And now dear reader (Stephanie?) back to my dilemma… where can I atone for my sin of omission and purchase a personalized copy of “knitting Rules” AND “At Knit’s End”???? Can I get from you directly and you ship to BF or can we make a deal to purchase, sign and leave at Lettuce Knits for pick-up??? PLEEEASE let me know what do do (I understand you are bribable–what do you want…heh, heh, heh)

  33. I love the new socks, especially the cable that splits off at the heel flap! Both of the colors are beautiful (though in totally different ways), too.

  34. I LOVE THE CABLED SOCK!!! Ooooh, I have to have the pattern, pretty please? With coffee on top? (forget whipped cream, too many calories for me)
    You’ll do just fine, sorry about the matching yarn stuff πŸ™

  35. Tag team knitting… I love it! Run run run. I can’t imagine that anyone will get in your way as you storm the doors of the store. Let me also say that those socks are glorious. This has not (did you actually hear that… really NOT) gotten old. I am more impressed with each passing time. How much time do you have left again?

  36. Hey, as long as you can bring the sock knitting, what’s wrong with going down and helping Megan watch for the Fleece Artist shippment? As I sit here arguing with the air conditioner guy that my staff did NOT make the AC freeze up and something else is wrong, it sounds like heaven to be able to go sit in a really nice yarn shop, knit a sock, and wait for yarn. What a great job you have…

  37. If you see a shadowy figure in the bushes saying bad things.. just ignore it it’s just me too late to grab the box..
    I am awaiting some nice fun new sock yarn to play with too.. lucky for me Knitty Gritty turned me down!!

  38. I was going to be a smart aleck and say that matching socks are highly overrated. But then I realize I’ve never done mismatched socks so … I guess I have to keep my mouth shut. (Are you sleeping? That’s all I want to know.)

  39. Oops–previous comment soooo long, I forgot to mention part 2 of my dilemma–while being regaled with your knitting witticisms at McGill bookstore, my eyes were beseechingly tempted by that exquisite entrelac wrap (done in Noro is my guess) worn by Barbara (Nov 15 blog)–sorely tempted to sneak up behind her and ever so slyly slip it off her shoulders but good manners prevailed and I did want to hear the end of your chat so…Barbara with the entrelac wrap from Montreal, can you email me info on the pattern to…pretty please?

  40. Oh wow, that pink sock is gorgeous. Good luck with tackling any sock yarn meddlers. You may be short but I’m sure that you can kick the booty of anyone that gets in between you and your Fleece Artist!!

  41. I love the socks, especially the pink one. So when you write these patterns down will you share!! I love both of them. Great job.
    When I picture you sitting on your porch waiting for the phone call I think of the song that was in Runaway Bride by Dixie Chicks I think it’s called Ready to Run. Then I picture you running through the streets with these awful white running shoes on pushing people out of the way. Okay so sometimes I have an active imagination but I’m laughing about it and that’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

  42. I found Pick up Sticks a couple of weeks ago and could not resist a skein of Mind’s Eye “Pumpkin Patch” sock yarn. I also adore Fleece Artist yarns. The Canadian – US exchange rate is my new favorite thing!

  43. I’m making my first pair of socks with FA even though I’ve had a bunch in my stash for a while now. I love the sock yarn…it’s so springy! And not in a seasonal way. If you know what I mean.

  44. Far be it from me to stand between you and a Fleece Artist delivery. (smart ass I may be, but I’m not stupid. mostly)

  45. If I were one to brag I’d say I live just across the harbour from the Fleece Artist studio… about 20 minutes away, though I’m not one to brag, β€˜sides it may send the Harlot over the edge.

  46. Ah, socks. I’ve been in a “plain sock” groove lately; I think it’s time to move out to some patterns again! One of these days, I’m going to write a post about how lucky we spinners/knitters/weavers are in the Rochester, NY area: One of the reasons is Susan of Spinning Bunny.
    I do envy you the ability to almost always bend the time/space thingy to your will!

  47. We have all noticed the warping of space and time when certain high profile knitting projects were involved. I for one would be happy to knit as slowly as possible and see no apparent progress on my work (even my Christmas projects!) if somehow the speed could be diverted to our favorite Harlot to finish her step-outs.
    Those of you with programmers for partners, please get them on this ASAP.
    A beautiful sock a day isn’t boring at all. But I hope you are ignoring the nasty notes that your unfinished projects are leaving to you in the knitting basket. Or have you put a stop to that recently?

  48. Oh, MAN! Dirty pool, using facts and logic and worse! Politeness! The scoundrels…
    Now of course, I’m envisioning you sitting on the porch watching for UPS trucks and calling poor Megan every time you see one heading in the right general direction. It’d be something I might do. “Is there now? How about now? Now? But! I just saw a REALLY BIG TRUCK heading your way!!”

  49. The “watched pot” analogy leaps to mind . . . but you’ve inspired me once again, this time to start another pair of socks. My friend with the odd-sized feet for whom I knit them thanks you!

  50. I am throughly enjoying you prove your point about knitting a sock a day. You used to hear, “An apple a day,” It should be, “A sock a day keeps the mood swings away.” Well, I can only speak for myself!

  51. I love the socks, especially the pink one. I can’t wait for the pattern but I will be patient, especially as I haven’t actually knit an actual sock yet so should probably start with a basic one first. But that pink one is on the (ever-growing) list of socks I want to make.
    Good luck with the show. You’ll rock their socks off. πŸ™‚

  52. Well…. I mean, who REALLY neeeds matching socks? I don’t. That and it becomes like your own personal flair to never wear matching socks. And you’ll be the one that wears un-matching, hand-knitted socks. So totally original. But be careful! The next thing you know, EVERYONE is going to be wearing un-matching hand-knitted socks.

  53. Don’t forget to breathe.
    Sending fast and positive vibes to your hands, that they may do exactly what you ask in a speedy and efficient manner.
    You’re an inspiration!

  54. Clip the studio condenser mic high on your collar under your chin and either wear a little neck-scarf that you can tuck under the mic, or tuck a piece of foam sponge under the collar and beneath the mic, out of sight. This will put a damper between you and the “tink” of the needles.
    I use the same trick when I have a cat with a loud purr to display in the weekly “Adopt A Pet” spot on local TV.
    Try to keep you hands about one foot away from the studio mic; you shouldn’t have a problem.
    P.S. — don’t think of them as step-outs, think of them as Christmas gifts that have been on TV. Finish all the step-outs in the same yarn, and give pairs them to different people for Christmas. Tell them they are the socks that were on your TV spot. Kids especially will get a hoot out of this.

  55. Highly motivated and in possession of a number of pointy metal sticks. Beware all those smart asses in Toronto. Now is not the time to be cute.

  56. I have a suggestion. Call in a favour and have another knitter help you. Ken might really like having his knitting appear on TV. You could be depriving him of a wonderful opportunity.

  57. I have to say, a sock a day is, frankly, terrifying. I have only just re-aquainted myself with dpns anyway. Opal now do sock yarns inspired by the work of Hundertwasser, if you need inspiration.

  58. “But sir, you is making a mistake! These socks is matching!” (or words to that effect).
    If they all match, Dobby the house elf will be sorely disappointed. πŸ˜€

  59. Knitting FAD shows signs of fading? Wishful thinking on his part so Erhman can schill his stupid tapestries.
    The Roses For You is luscious … and I am SO not a pink person.

  60. I met those Pick Up Sticks girls at the Kitchener Knitters’ Fair, and they were delightful!
    Beware all slow walkers in Kensington Market! Beware!!

  61. that’s totally wrong. cooking shows only have 2 or 3 step-outs and please, does the star of the show actually prepare them all? I do not see what is wrong with different colorways for step-outs.

  62. OMG!! I love the socks! I especially love the blue/brown/green/yellow/etc. colorway! I want that colorway! No, I NEED that colorway!!
    Pretty please, what’s the colorway? πŸ™‚

  63. You always make me laugh! Thank you. Love your socks and your colorways. Fleece Artist is one of my very favorites, hard to get where I live.

  64. Love the colours…Mmmmmmm….sock yarn……I have currently given up socks until you have finished your spot on Knitty Gritty. I’m developing severe cramping (not to mention a noticible eye twitch) trying to keep up with you. Can’t wait until you write down the pattern for the lacy one…It might inspire me to return to socks before christmas.

  65. Sure, whatever, your fantastic and I love your blog but today you’ve caused mayhem….mayhem I say. I jumped over to Pick Up Sticks because of you….and they offered a discount becuase YOU mentioned them….I then proceeded to buy more yarn. It’s all your fault.

  66. Poor you! You have to start all over again? You can knit on larger needles without feeling like you’re cheating, right? Good luck, and I’m sending positive vibes to help you fight off the monotony!

  67. Mrs Harlot – you saved the day on Friday. I was petsitting, I locked the birds and fish IN the bathroom with the food dish in my hand OUTside the bathroom, and panic ensued. But who came to my rescue? You did! With the story of the knitter rescuing the 2 year old locked in the bathroom. I ran for a knife, wiggled the lock, and popped right open.
    You are my hero! And the birds are pretty thankful too, seeing as their owner will be away for another whole week still, and that is a long time to be locked in the bathroom.

  68. “I shall do my level best to knit quietly.” I hope you had your left hand raised and right hand on your bible (whatever that may be), or is it right hand raised and left hand on the book?
    Cracking up here, and that hurts a bit with the sore throat I have.

  69. The artisans at Fleece Artist are very helpful about finding or dyeing skeins to match. I’m once again sorry that we don’t get the DIY channel.
    Your tour schedule stopped about Nov 10, so I’m hoping that you have a LYS stop planned while you’re here in LA for the taping of Knitty Gritty. Please, please, can you update??

  70. The artisans at Fleece Artist are very helpful about finding or dyeing skeins to match. I’m once again sorry that we don’t get the DIY channel.
    Your tour schedule stopped about Nov 10, so I’m hoping that you have a LYS stop planned while you’re here in LA for the taping of Knitty Gritty. Please, please, can you update??

  71. Those are beautiful colours of sock yarns. I just picked up some Sweet Georgia on the weekend and always feel like I can never have too much sock yarn!
    I’m also wondering if now is the type of situation where you wish you lived in Nova Scotia and could DRIVE to the Fleece Artist for sock yarn?

  72. You do know that you are really really going to raise the tone of Knitty Gritty. You and Anne both.
    I’ve never actually been so eager to watch an episode or two.

  73. I think it’s amazing that you can knit a sock-a-day – I’m very envious!
    I need help with a problem. I just felted a tote bag and it’s flared and kind of warped at the top edge. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  74. I almost hate to mention this idea, with you being so busy and all. Maybe Joe could be “influenced” to do one of those little video streamers (I don’t know what they’re called) where video is on the blog–of the time you’re on Knitty Gritty–to completely and totally please all your readers who don’t get that channel? That would be so very cool and wonderful. We would all raise our sticks in an arch of honour throughout the world. Really. Please?????

  75. Have you ever thought that it might be stress that makes your hair curl? I’m sure that’s why mine stands on end all the time. If we ever really chilled out we’d have completely straight hair.

  76. I just wanted to know if you have a myspace page? I think it’d be great for reaching the untapped tween to twentysomethings who’ve yet to discover your unique loveliness. Yet another way to lure in the next generation! I love those pink socks. I keep trying to figure out….are they feather and fan or old shale? I know you said they’re in your head but I was wondering about their inspiration.

  77. GO STEPH GO!!!!! I thought the bionic woman was just a tv show from years ago? Go figure.

  78. Youre like those crazy parents that wait in line for four days for the playstations for christmas. Im gonna beat you there, steal your yarn, put it on ebay and make you buy it for 300% mark up. Muahahahahahahhh.
    You know you would.

  79. Lovely Socks! Lovely Yarn! I don’t think I would bury it in the backyard, tho – too many sock bunnies around waiting for just an opp to make unwanted messes everywhere. If you need a place to hide that yummy yarn, I volunteer. πŸ™‚ I’ll even vacuum pack it so it stays fresh.
    I hope you’ll let us (lettuce-sorry) know when your episode will be showing? We can all send a mental “Hey! I’m a groupie of that lady!” shoutout while watching it – even if it’s prerecorded. …UGH! Wait – I don’t get DIY! sob. I can’t watch. sobsob.

  80. Just as an idle comment here, in another day or so I’m going to start salivating at the words, “Hey look. A sock.” AKA the Harlotty sub-Pavlovian response. It’s not bad enough I’m suddenly obsessed with socks, now I’m obsessed with what new gorgeous colors of sock yarn I’ll be seeing every post. Plus links. (And KT, thank you for the Simply Sock Yarn site! May your blessings increase! Bookmarked. [g]) I love those Feather & Fan socks, and have simply got to get some Fleece Artist!
    For a bit it was even worse, ’cause I was clicking and yearning, as I’ve literally socked my budget for this month. πŸ˜‰ Until I reminded myself the reason for that was my own little handpainted sock yarn stash from Fearless Fibers and KnitPicks, and got a lovely warm feeling. I mean, 2 socks in progress and enough yarn for 12 more pairs is, y’know, enough. For a while. Until next month. ::snicker:: I need more sock needles… (FF, people, is Deb at – oh my. Lovely colors, great prices. She’s just on the other side of Portland from me, too, so you can imagine how fast I get stuff in the mail. The woman is evil. I’m sure she planned it that way.)

  81. You’re kicking some serious sock tail. The sound guys are always so bitter on set. Don’t let them scare you with the glares in your direction, though, for even “quiet knitting” will never be quiet enough.

  82. SO sad don’t get Knitty Gritty here in Canada – LOVE Vicki Howell’s book with kids stuff in it – perfect for knitting for my 2 little boys.
    I think if I had to do a sock a day I’d need 9st/4in gauged yarn…honestly you’re ability amazes me!

  83. OOoohh! I have one skein of fleece artist and I’m almost to afraid to use it (not sock weight). As you are anxiously awaiting your yarn, I too am anxiously awaiting a shipment. My new computer! A black Mac Book!!!!! (Can you say, “bigger, better, faster, more!”?) I can’t wait to see you on the show. . .which will be a mild difficulty since I don’t watch TV and I don’t have cable but that won’t stop me!!

  84. Wouldn’t it be nice if DIY would make available the show so all of your fans could purchase it? It could generate a lot of revenue, even at a low price. Perhaps someone could mention this to them. Hint hint. BTW, I do love the socks!

  85. So, aren’t you going to post the web/email address and the snail address for those nuts on Knitty Gritty for us to complain to and tell them that we want to see LOTS OF SOCKS and LOTS OF COLORS?
    I would…and I bet there are a couple hundred others here who would, too…

  86. Anyone who thinks the “fad” is fading (“especially in America”) has not been to northern California where all kinds of people are discovering the therapeutics and fun of knitting.
    Maybe it’s just the crowd I hang out with, but it just seems like knitting is growing in leaps and bounds. Some teachers are even teaching it in their elementary grades, starting with finger knitting.

  87. Jane sticks her head out of the house in Chilly Hollow as a blur races past on the road. Must be The Yarn Harlot headed towards her yarns. I can tell because there are dozens of socks in her wake.
    They swirl in the wind as I pull my head back inside. I’m allergic to wool and besides, they are too pretty dancing in the air to actually catch and wear!

  88. Just think– The Harlot is going to have a Christmas tree all decorated with SOCKS!!! Can’t get better than that can it ?

  89. I’m sure none of us would mind, ehm, urh…Safekeeping!(yeah, that sounds right) your lovely yarn for you. (hehehe..wait, is this showing?!)

  90. As much fun as it is to watch and hear about this race against time, why can’t friends/children/SnB partners be enlisted to get the job done? Just wonderin’…

  91. You never cease to amaze me. Your stuff is beautiful as always, although I still think that you are indeed insane but that could be why I like you so much πŸ˜›

  92. Stephanie,
    Someone commented that you will need something in the neighborhood of 8 step-outs, and that you could finish the mates later. Couldn’t two step outs be mates for each other, thus a) meaning that you only have to make 4-5 pairs of socks in the same colorway/style [do I see matching family Christmas presents? also an aversion to that color for 6 months?] b) reducing the effect of the dreaded ‘second sock syndrome’ you warn us about? You would already have the second sock in progress, so it would be easier to finish it. And maybe for the two earliest step outs you could just tear them out before you go batty making 10 matching socks. So like frog the one that is a cast on and the cuff only? Just some ideas. I wish you the best of luck and know you will be great. Remember, I drove two hours to meet you in Philly, and still swear that it was totally worth it! πŸ™‚

  93. “It’s the dark side of yarn stores. Temptation.”
    Yarn stores as Temptors?! Hah! *You*, my dear YH, are a Temptress, too, just by mentioning the shop…let alone constructing a link, which I just *have* to follow…!!!
    Marg in Calgary

  94. Great minds think alike. I knit that same sock in October for my daughter. Just sat down and started knitting and that is what came off the needles. Best of luck on your show.

  95. Beautiful socks! You never cease to amaze me! And I’m going to be on “Knitty Gritty” too, I wish I could meet you on the show, but I think I would know if you were the guest designer for that day!

  96. Susan of Spinning Bunny is as nice as her yarn, maybe nicer.
    Can’t wait to see the sock patterns. Keep on sockin!

  97. No presure, but that pink sock is just gorgeous! A pattern would be very, very lovely. Good luck on “Knitty Gritty” . . . after a million shows on how to make fun fur sassy (not possible) and other ick, I look forward to watching one in which I am actually interested.

  98. Please share your trick for untangling Fleece Artist skeins. I think I have tried about 4 different kinds, and every time I find myself in for about 2 hours of severe untangling – even with a swift and help from my mother. What are we doing wrong?
    Lisa in Toronto

  99. Wow. I’m glad I’m in the US. Otherwise, I have a feeling I might be run over — and oh, thank you, for writing down the patterns when you get a chance. I covet that pink sock unreasonably . . .

  100. Yeah! Someone else who admits to being a yarn stalker!
    Well, my “stalking” is more virtual right now, where I keep checking known websites, and I have to remove the drool from my keyboard…
    I’m well known by a couple friends for having an extensive sock wardrobe, and I think I need some serious competition here. Maybe I’ll rustle up a respectable representation and post a pic on my new blog one day…enough socks for each day of the month yet? If not, keep knitting! Be proud!

  101. The sound guy wants you to knit quietly? Because he’s having trouble with the sound?!?
    Yo, sound guy dude. If you’ve got some kinda problem with sound control, maybe you chose the wrong career. And knitting is but one of *many* things that women don’t do quietly. Put that in your microphone and jack it up, buddy.
    Knit loud, knit proud, honey. And have fun.

  102. I was thinking this now means you have to knit even more socks now, right? As in still one a day, but now needing a greater total at the end since the non-matching socks are now kaput? Why don’t you call an emergency meeting of your S&B together (or maybe a daily meeting up until your appearance) and have everyone start knitting a sock a day with you? Surely it’d be more fun and productive and there’d be wine?

  103. I LOVE the pink sock. I am now going to wait to make my daughters their socks until you post that pattern.
    It is SOOOO lovely!!! I don’t know if I can stand it!!!
    You can do a sock a day. Just because it took me a month and a half to make my pair (so far.. I’ve just finished the gusset in my second), but my husband hasn’t found the joy of handknit, yet… hopefully soon… If he’ll try just one pair on…

  104. I know you’re busy so I don’t really expect an answer, but if you have a spare minute sometime over the next few weeks I wondered if you could help me.
    My question is this:
    Do your hands hurt with all the knitting you do? I can’t get enough knitting right now and my hands always want to be knitting something, but I get bad pains and cramps in my hands. I work all day at a computer and I think that’s only making the problem worse. I could type all day or knit all day but not both in one day. I don’t want to get surgery and my doctor says that apart from stopping knitting (I can’t really quit my job so that I can knit, not really feasible, but preferable) I can’t really do anything about it.
    The last thing I want to do is stop knitting. Any advice for hand pain? It’s nothing terribly evil. It’s just some carpal tunnel syndrome. But it’s not really the best thing in my life.
    Any advice you could offer would really help.
    Good luck on the socks! Let us know when you’ll be on the telly.

  105. Ok, I’m a dunce. What’s a step out?? Your socks are gorgeous and I’m ok with wearing unmatched socks at the same time. Who ever invented wearing matching socks was a true, uninspired conformist!!

  106. step outs,eh? i fail to understand how the producers of Knitty Gritty prefer to show imaginary knitting instead of the real deal which includes the lovely noise metal needles make and “works in progress” but; i will be watching for ya.

  107. I GUESS WE’LL JUST HAVE TO SHOUT OVER YOUR NOISY METAL NEEDLES! (Looking forward to seeing you on Knitty Gritty!)

  108. I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my checking account for being my new crack dealer. I clicked on that Pick Up Sticks link. I was being strong until the words “All Prices in Canadian Dollars” worked its way into my brain. That and the Yarn Harlot discount and the stuff was practically free! Or would have been if I hadn’t had to have so much of it. Really, at least two skeins are for Christmas presents! Yeah, that’s it. I bought something called September Sky that no one but me even gets to touch, much less wear. Oh, the guilt.

  109. You have inspired me with all of these socks! I’m a crazy knitter, as well, that has always shied away from the whole sock arena. So, in an effort to be a Knitter and not just a knitter I have cast on my first pair. Unfortunately, they look like they could fit a Clydesdale. I am hoping this is just the “hand-knit sock look”. I’ve tried it on my foot and as long as hand-knit socks are supposed to fit your foot without making the fabric stretch even a whisper, than I’m right on. It feels more like a sweater for my foot than a sock. Perhaps this is the attraction?! Anyway, your prolific knitting is an inspiration.

  110. What size needles are these socks knit on?
    My friend Amber had an epiphany when she realized that I use 2’s, not 0’s as she does, which is why hers were taking four times as long. That and the fact that her husband’s feet are about 6in. longer than my feet!

  111. No fair! Two pair done already? I’m still on sock one of my very first pair. *pout*
    Just kidding. They are marvelous. I look forward to when I can knit up socks that fast. Gotta finish these and then a few more before I’ll reach a pair of socks in a weekend.

  112. Okay, I can’t stand it anymore! What colorway is the cabled sock knit in? Every time I look at it my desire to make it mine increases. I looked at the Fleece Artist website, but I’m so bad at making the connection between hank and knit fabric.
    The sock are beautifarific!! I love seeing the new ones day after day. You are going to rock the show!

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