My joy is green

Dudes, I could not be freakin happier. It is my pleasure to announce that as of 10:35am today, I am done the damn step outs for Knitty Gritty.


Step outs, for anybody who missed it the first time around, are a TV thing. (I just learned that. I had no idea what they were until I had to make some.) Since I will only have 30 minutes to show how to knit a sock (and that’s impossible) through the magic of “step outs” I can show the whole thing. It’s like a cooking show, you know, where Martha puts batter in the oven and pulls out the baked cake next to it? For Knitty Gritty, each place where you change technique or do something interesting has to have it’s own “step out”. Understandably, in order for this magic to work and the viewing audience to be sucked into our deceit, they all need to be the same yarn. (I actually think this would not have worn on me so if I was able to mix it up a bit.) Here’s the steps.


1. Needles and Yarn for demonstrating cast on.

2. Ribbed cuff, ready to begin leg.

3. Leg done, ready for heel flap.

4. Heel flap done, ready for short rows.

5. Short rows done, ready for picking up gusset stitches.

6. Gusset stitches picked up, ready for gusset decreases.

7. Decreases done, ready to do foot.

8. Foot done, ready to decrease for the toe.

9. Toe done, ready to be grafted.

10 Finished sock.

Even though I have a few socks-a-day left to knit for this, they are not green. This has filled me with a glee I have previously reserved for successfully putting together IKEA furniture. I am knitter. Hear me roar.

258 thoughts on “My joy is green

  1. Here’s a question for you: will you go back and finish all those socks when the show is over???
    And: will you ever knit with that yarn again??
    Great job! I can’t wait to see the show!!!

  2. So, you knit a heel flap and then short rows? Is that your invention? I recently looked at the sock chapter in Knitting Rules, but I didn’t get that. Can you explain/elaborate?
    Love, love, love reading your blog, and loved hearing you talk about breasts and knitting in CT, though I didn’t ultimately step into line to greet you personally. Next time.

  3. So – after the show, will these socks ever get finished, or will they be forever consigned to the Closet of Shame? Anybody want to speculate? πŸ˜‰

  4. Well done! They look beaaaaautiful! I’m thrilled to pieces that you got them done before you went into terrible sock ennui that had you throwing needles into corners for untold amounts of time. Did you have to buy all those double points, or did you already have them? Or did the show provide them?
    Just wondered.

  5. WOO HOO! So glad that you are done! So when ARE you starting your holiday knitting?? No pressure…eh? I’m still waiting for a new pattern from you based on the pink bra and panties!

  6. TV Star Socks should be auctioned off for Knitters Without Borders! I’ll betcha there’s a billion readers out there who would donate big money for a Yarn Harlot Sock. I’ll start the bidding at $50 for a finished pair.

  7. Whoo hoo! Great job! They’da had to lock me in a padded room long before now what with all that sock making!
    (ah, who am I kidding!?! I’d never have that many socks…..I’d still be working on that first sock which just needed to have the ribbing done! …lol)

  8. Congratulations!
    “TV Star Socks should be auctioned off for Knitters Without Borders! I’ll betcha there’s a billion readers out there who would donate big money for a Yarn Harlot Sock. I’ll start the bidding at $50 for a finished pair.”
    I second that…I’d totally bid on a pair of Famous TV Socks! Or even just socks made by you, for that matter. πŸ™‚

  9. I am thrilled for you (and those of us who are entertained by your blog)that you are done…Yayyyy! I snorted when I read the reference to IKEA. The IKEA “episode” was approx. the same time I first began reading your blog (and discovered all the knitting on the internet… big smile here). Do something nice for yourself, please. You more than deserve it!

  10. Now how many poor suckers out there will take up knitting under your influence only to be heartbroken and downcast to discover that they cannot, in fact, fill their sock drawer over the course of a couple of evenings?
    I think it will be a lovely sort of family togetherness thing that you’ll all have matching socks!

  11. Congrats!
    Hope doing the show is way more fun than doing the prep work for it.
    Doesn’t it freak you out to have that many unfinished socks just sitting there looking at you like that? Does being sick of them make it easier to not pick them up and finish a couple of them?

  12. I think you should eventually finish all 10 socks and give them away for Christmas gifts. Think about it – you’ve got almost 5 pairs of socks there, plus the ones you’re doing in different colors! πŸ™‚

  13. I would’ve been crawling the walls at that many green socks. Just like the movie “Groundhog Day” — you wake up to the same project every day but you don’t make any progress. ACK!(Add my name to the $50 bidder pile.)

  14. Congratulations! Bask in your relief awhile, you deserve it. Believe me, it feels good–I finally finished my twelve-page research paper for my English class yesterday and went home and knit, uninterrupted and guilt-free. =)

  15. WhooHoo!!! You did it!!! I knew you’d triumph over the forces of green sock entropy. Now relax, breathe, do something fun for yourself, feel proud, before going on to the final push. I wish I could see you on TV, showing off the fruits of your labor.

  16. I feel your pain. I once did a cooking show on local cable where I made a Chinese tea-smoked chicken. It required 4 chickens in various stages of cooked-ness to get the job done. On the other hand, it was a great party when I invited my friends over help me eat them all before they spoiled (can you say “of course everyone would love green socks for Christmas..”?).
    Also, the actual taping of the show was relatively painless after all that prep work – may you find it to be the same!

  17. So glad you’re finished! Now, after all those socks, have you any wisdom to impart about avoiding that doggone hole that always appears (no matter how much or how little wine has been consumed) after picking up stitches for the gusset?

  18. My observation is…since you have 10 steps partially knit you acutally have 5 pairs of green almost completed socks. Bonus for you! I think you should auction them away like they are famous…”As Seen on Knitty Gritty”. Donate the funds to charity. Or, perhaps, donate a pair to your neighbor. Green should go well with gold shoes and pink undies.

  19. So when the show’s over……then what? Obviously you graft up the toe on that Sock #9 so you have a pair….but what happens to the other 8? Can we have ’em?

  20. So, after this… will you actually finish all the socks, or will you rip them all out and find something else to do with all that yarn? πŸ˜€

  21. Congrats! And now you have a great start on Christmas knitting, as long as everyone on your list wants green socks.

  22. So I’m curious…did you have 9 sets of double points in the same size sitting around, or did you need to go buy more? 9 sets seems a bit extreme, even for you. 😎

  23. I hate to say it at this point, but… what exactly is the point of sock 7? Isn’t it just like sock 2? How many times do you have to say “continue in stockingette stitch?”
    On the other hand, I have seen what happens when you forget to stop decreasing, and it isn’t pretty.
    Socks for charity! At least one pair, please?

  24. Tres tres bien, Cher! (that’s about 1/3 of my French vocab). We’re all so proud of you, and hope you feel smug, superior, satisfied and very ultra-cool (because you ARE). I’m about to take my nearly-finished cuff sock over to my Brilliant and Talented Friend (and sock-knitter extraordinaire) for a demonstration of “picking up stitches”. I’ve made socks and can here admit to having sneakily darned up the ever-present little hole in the gusset, but I KNOW there’s a way to do it where that doesn’t happen. Anyone know if these DIY shows can be purchased on DVD or wossname? I’d surely spring for Stephanie’s show instantly! Now…. where did I put that toque…

  25. Roar away! And a pair of green socks for everyone in the house, if they’re not auctioned off.
    Oh, and they’re not quite identical- the sharp-eyed knitters will notice the color/striping variations.

  26. Wow, that’s impressive! Are you planning to finish all those socks once you’re done with the show? Or just letting them languish in a drawer forever since you’re so sick of green yarn? I wouldn’t blame you πŸ˜‰

  27. I am confused! I’ve only been knitting socks a short time, and I always did heel-flap/gusset socks. Then I was making the teeny stocking ornaments from Last Minute Knitted Gifts last week, and they had a short row heel, which did not require picking up any gusset stitches! I fell in love since I HATE picking up gusset stitches and declared I would only knit short-row heels on all socks from now on, since it was such an awesome way of avoiding picking up gusset stitches. And now you tell me that you had to knit short rows AND pick up gusset stitches? Is this true?? Was I only able to avoid picking up stitches on the ornaments because they are so tiny and this does not translate to real world socks?? My world has come crumbling down!

  28. Congratulations! Now, when you finish all those socks, your whole family can have matching socks in which to step out on their own.

  29. Yay!!!! Way to go! Now, if the Jolly Green Giant needs socks for his kids you’re all set. πŸ™‚

  30. I will not ask if you will finish the socks and auction them for charity. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame you if you handed them off to members of the audience and then walked away!
    But if you do need somewhere to be entertained, you can bring your other socks down to Philly. Where I will be — I hope — successfully putting together some IKEA furniture to replace a collapsing desk and table. There will be much merriment (and possibly wine) involved, I’m sure!

  31. I am a sock virgin, but this looks like it’s going to be a great resource! Will the broadcast be immortalized somewhere for download or even purchase?

  32. Ha! Of course, that makes sense! Are you prepared to finish all of those socks? I mean, aren’t you a wee bit sick of the same sock? What will you do with 5 pairs of green socks? Gift knits?

  33. Yes, I love the sense of accomplishment one gets after building a bookcase in 20 minutes! Long live Ikea.
    The step-outs are great. I only wish I could watch the show, so I could learn directly from the Mistress of All Things Socky. Alas, our satellite doesn’t carry DIY. Neither did our old cable. Is being televised on an unavailable channel like being published in a magazine with no distribution?

  34. Congratulations!! πŸ˜€
    That is the worst second sock scenario I could ever imagine. Glad you finsihed it off so you can move on to a new color. πŸ˜‰

  35. YAY! so, are tose 5 pairs of socks going to be finished by you? Meaning do you get to keep them all and have a green fleece artist Christmas?

  36. I can understand that all socks should be the same pattern but why must they be the same color? Why does that matter??? Hum…

  37. The Knitting Sensei is victorious! I never doubted you for a moment, Stephanie. So excited you’re going to be on Knitty Gritty. I’m recording that espisode for sure. My heart felt for you when they asked you not to use metal dpns! Oh the pain.

  38. A smartass question, (unintentional) are you going to finish the step outs when you’re done airing? A huge congrats for a woman who can knit socks at the speed of light, but also can put together furniture. Brava!

  39. Woo HAH! What a mind-numbling ordeal those step outs were — what a glorious feeling indeed to be done with them. Congrats!
    Add me to the list of folks who think auctioning them off as is to Knitters without Borders would be a great idea.

  40. Your socks are lovely, I am so happy for you! I know you must be sick of socks, but I am feeling the urge to order myself some fleece artist… Also, because I do not have cable (don’t watch much tv) I am desperately trying to figure out who gets the DIY channel. Can’t wait to see the show!

  41. You know, I just watched one of those forensic shows last night, where they couldn’t find a missing person. They eventually had to find a psychic to find him. The old man had died while hiking, but they couldn’t find him because he was wearing all green.
    The moral of my story is: Green is a lovely color, but if you wear too much of it, they can’t find your body.

  42. First Belly Laugh of the Day Award is herewith presented to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.
    Kudos for sheer willpower, lady. I’d’ve been setting the house on fire, just to get out of it.
    Now quick! Go knit something not-green!!!!

  43. I’m certain you know by now how well your socks would do on auction. Hell, I would bid on one single, unfinished sock to hang above my computer as inspiration.

  44. Yay!!! You are so awesome to get that many done in such a short period of time. Oh, and in actual sock yarn, no less. Me, I would’ve used DK weight instead, but that’s me.
    You rock!!

  45. Oh man, that is a whole lot of green. I bet it is months before you knit anything in that shade!!
    Enjoy your non-green socks!! (I can’t wait for the pink sock pattern to be posted! :))

  46. I suspect the whole family will have new green socks for Christmas. I mean, the step outs WILL get to become full socks one day, yes? It’s just too sad to imagine them lingering in an eternal state of partial-sockhood.

  47. While they are all green, at least they are Fleece Artist green. I mean, they could be green acrylic or something. I may very well have to upgrade my television package just so I can watch your show!

  48. That was truly heroic knitting, Stephanie. Olympic-level, even! πŸ™‚
    I also hope you’ll get around to finishing them–but if you can’t bear the thought of it, you could always rip them all out and use the yarn for a gorgeous shawl. I mean, it’s Fleece Artist, after all! πŸ˜‰

  49. Instead of I am knitter, hear me roar, maybe it should be I am knitter, hear my needles click!

  50. I wonder if your producer’s office is keeping track of this.
    If so, they must be glad to see how well prepared you are, and to know they’ll have a show that looks and feels really smooth and professional. I note that with eight in various stages of completion, The Socks might make a great present for a chilly octopus.
    Have you got dates for the taping yet, so your publisher can arrange a couple of appearances? And also, perhaps, a half day at a very luxurious spa before that taping? You deserve that much, at least.

  51. Auction off the step-outs as-is. Steps 10 and 1 as a pair, 9 and 2, etc. Proceeds to charity after subtracting an amount to replace dpns.

  52. Very cool, Dude. Did I mention green is my favourite colour? (In case you needed to be rid of the excess socks. I’ll even finish the knitting…)

  53. So glad to see all the step outs finished. Beautiful, and I’m giving a huge sigh of relief for you. $50 a pair sounds reasonable for the completed sets, especially for charity. However, my feet are much larger than most, so will have to knit my own.
    Sorry, everybody, but I checked DIY website and they don’t have tapes, or dvd’s of the shows. Too bad, cause they would sell a bunch.

  54. Ooooooohhhh, pretty. Maybe a pair of those should cross the pond…I’d pay gladly! Of course my DH would probably be a bit taken aback the first time I announced “I’m wearing my Harlot socks today!” LOL
    Way to do it. Wish I could watch the show, it’s going to be great!

  55. In the immortal words of Keanu Reeves…
    It’s amazing how one can find pleasure in the simple things…like not knitting any more green socks.

  56. As sick of it as you must be, I still think that’s lovely yarn. I’m thinking of getting cable just so I can see the result…

  57. I hate to ask…but don’t you need one that’s just cast on, ready to join and show the ribbing? Just wondering. Sorry.

  58. YAY! Congratulations, I am so happy for you!! I think I would die from boredom long before even getting to half the place you did! I can’t wait to see you on KG!!

  59. Nice job! Horray for finishing the green!I’ll be curious to see if you go back afterwards over time and finish all the step outs into matching pairs of socks… πŸ™‚

  60. Flap-and-gusset socks *do* have short rows–that’s how you turn the heel! Knit (st st or heel stitch or whatever) the flap, then knit just past halfway K2tog K1, turn, Slip 1 P 5 (or so), P2tog P1, turn, Slip 1 K to st before previous decrease K2tog K1, turn, Slip 1 P to 1 st before decrease P2tog P1, repeat until all stitches are used.
    Those are short rows, but that’s not a “short row heel.” Clear as mud, no?

  61. Green is the best color because it rhymes with Riin.
    Congratulations on finishing what must have seemed like a fiendish project by the end. Did you do a happy dance?

  62. Wow. I guess I never thought about how they do it all in one short segment. What a pain … but if you finish all the socks, you never have to worry about mismatching again!

  63. That’s pretty darned neat to see the sock evolution.
    Would a person get whacked for wondering if you’ll eventually finish all of the socks? πŸ˜€
    I can’t help thinking that there are 5 pairs of almost-done gorgeous green socks right there…

  64. Wow, they sure look great and would make Christmas easier but I have to say IKEA furniture is much harder. Socks do not invlove an argument with one’s husband who always thinks he doesn’t need the directions and then complains loudly and obscenely when it’s discovered he’s missed the most important part.

  65. So I’m not the first (dang it) to suggest auctioning off socks for KWB. But I’m compelled to do it anyway because it is so evil to suggest finishing the socks to raise money for your favorite charity. Just when you hated green…
    Also, this is exactly what is wrong with tv. How lame do they think we all are that we can’t figure out the holy stations of a sock by looking at different colored examples? Sheesh! Because I thought Martha could totally make and bake and frost a cake in 5 minutes. How disappointing.

  66. Look at it this way. At least you have a couple pairs of socks. I will admit they are all green, which is probably a yarn you never want to use again.

  67. Congratulations! And you’ll be amused to know that as my husband and I were watching Knitty Gritty today (messenger/folk bag, designer Vickie Square) he looked at her step-outs and said, “I don’t see why they all would have to be the same color.”
    (He also watched her picking up stitches to crochet a contrasting border and said, “Oh! So that’s all you have to do!” I don’t know whether to hit him or hug him.)

  68. Very cool! Go, Steph, Go! I’m on sock #2 of my own very plain green socks and I’m just about sick of green socks myself. I have yet to do a sock in a day, but with luck, I can finish this pair before Saturday. Having started them last Saturday, that’s a pair in a week which is not bad at all, at all for me.
    Did you know you are the awesomest superknitter ever? ‘Cause you are.
    Stephanie String Powers, GO!

  69. Is the producer at Knitty Gritty bothered by the fact that you have now given away their deception and we won’t be sucked in?
    Most of us wouldn’t be anyway, I hope. I would, however have believed that 5 & 6 and 9 & 10 were the same sock. Except you’ll probably show the finished sock before you start?

  70. That’s a lot of green socks. I know if I were you I would never want to knit another green sock!
    I look forward to seeing you on Knitty Gritty!

  71. It’s not ez, being green…spending each day the color of the leaves, when I think it might be nicer to be red or yellow or orange or something more colorful like that…
    Sorry, I just quoted Kermit the Frog–it’s all I’ve got. I just put my novel to bed, and I’m in awe of your beautiful green socks, and my 2rd period class is about ready to eat each other… I’ll just look at your pretty pictures and wish I got the channel w/Knitty Gritty on it…. I’d love to see you shine:-)

  72. I am in eager anticipation of your appearance on Knitty Gritty, I watch it all the time, even the repeats, you’ll be more famous than you are now. So……question, how about an appearance or two while you’re here, we have a great LYS in Riverside CA, and I’ll personally round up all the knitters I can find. Love the Blog, love your knitting and your general philosophy. You are truly a talented person.

  73. Congratulations! Steppin’ out with the step outs. If only I had digital cable so I could see the show. I think it’s my cable company’s evil plan (what other type of plan could it be coming from the Comcast??) to move all channels of interest out of the expanded basic line up and to the digital side of the house. This may be the compelling event that pushes me over to digital…

  74. DON’T FINISH THE SOCKS! What if you ever appear somewhere that requires you to demonstrate the steps to knitting socks and you have to do this all over again?
    I think you should relish the fact that these are WIPs that never should be completed!!!

  75. And just think – since it’s an even number of step-outs, you can even end up with 5 full pairs of socks out of it! 5 pairs of green socks. All the same. One pair for every weekday, LOL.

  76. Ok, yeah, the charity auction thingie sounds great, but, at the risk of swimming against the stream, so to speak…
    Don’t finish the socks.
    Sometime in the future, you will be asked to appear on some other show, and they will ask you to knit a sock in 30 minutes. Pull out your ziplock full of step-outs, and keep knitting your lace shawl or whatever turns you on. Just sayin’.

  77. Wow, Congratulations. I think you knit all those socks while I have been toiling away on a pair of gloves. I can’t wait to be finished with these, of course my brother asked for a pair that are identical to these.

  78. Congrats, I was wondering this am how they were going. Are you going to be there filming at the same time as Amy or did they schedule the Canucks at different times. I figure you would have different episodes but I do know that sometimes they film a couple of episodes in one day.

  79. makes me want to download Fred Astaire…stepping out with my baby…can’t go wrong cuz i’m dressed right…it’s for sure and not for maybe…that i’m all dressed up tonight…
    laalaa la la la laaa…

  80. First, the socks look great. I love that colorway (although you probably loathe it at this point.) And, you could look at it this way: these step outs could all be transformed into Christmas socks for your friends and relatives.

  81. I know what everyone on your Christmas list is getting this year…… socks! Put those
    babies away in the finished object box just as soon
    as the show is done being taped. Oh yeah, but you actually have to finish all the steps! Now I’m laughing….you actually have to finish all of the socks. You are far from done, but at least, you’re done for the show.

  82. That’s some heap ‘o green socks. Maybe you can dye some of them after the show is over? Or give them to your neighbor when she is out and about? Or give them to your girls to wear over their heads when your neighbor is out and about? Or just be really, really prepared for St. Patrick’s day this year?
    Now go knit something orange! Or at least blue.

  83. They are beautiful. So, are you gonna save them as is for the next time you need step outs? Or are you going to reward yourself by wearing them, as soon as you can stand to work on them again and finish at least one pair?

  84. W00t! I can’t wait to see you on tv!
    This is encouraging to me as one of my (slowly moving) Christmas gifts is a pair of socks.

  85. It isn’t easy being green. πŸ™‚ Glad you were able to tough it out without attacking underpants woman.

  86. Congratulations! the socks are wonderful! What’s the name of the colorway? they’re so pretty (if you never wanna knit that color again, and they need a good home… haha. i’m kidding…)
    Happy knitting!

  87. Okay. So here’s a continuation of my idea on how you can screw with your neighbor and perhaps inspire her to knit fabulous things to cover the ratty pinkwear.
    Place one unfinished sock in thy psycho neighbor’s window each day; you should really mix up the stages. Keeps her focused; keeps her guessing. Then finally, POW! Leave her one finished pair (one or two cookies may not be a bad idea either). Be sure to watch from 2 houses down on the opposite side of the street.
    To add my own awesome story for today, I may have inspired a new knitter!!!!! Yay for me!!! I was at the doctor’s office this morning and there was a Mennonite family sitting next to me. One of their girls (perhaps 5-6 years old) kept looking at me as I was knitting. I moved my coat so she could sit next to me to watch. I showed her the knit stitch a few times and asked if she wanted to try. She was very shy (think it had more to do with the culture) so I just handed them over. She looked at the needles for about two seconds and then just grabbed them from my hands!! With very little additional teaching, she was able to knit a stitch all by herself! Woo hoo!!!
    Her mother said that she used to knit, but hasn’t been able to since she now has five kids. Hopefully, the experience will encourage her and her daughter to keep trying.
    On a related side note, just before this amazing experience, I had some coffee. How anyone can drink coffee and then knit is completely beyond me. My hands were shaking so violently from the effects of caffeine and sugar that I could barely knit a stitch! Purling was practically impossible. Don’t know how the little girl was able to see what I was doing well enough to pick it up herself.
    Might have to just stick with tea.

  88. Stephanie, WHEN did you take those photos??? I’m in Toronto, and it’s been alternating misty/raining/very-ominous-cloudy all day!
    There must be something special going on with the weather directly above your place! Perhaps it’s to do with the finished socks? (Which by the way are awesome – well done on sticking to it!)

  89. Yaaaay!!! You must be soooooo thrilled with a capital T! Ah, so the whole family will get matching socks when this is over?

  90. Congrats on the instructive step outs! Will you save them forever???
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, what happened with the underwear lady next door?????

  91. So should I ask how many pairs of DPNs you had to invest in so that you could complete all these socks? πŸ˜‰
    Congrats by the way. It takes me a month to get a pair of socks done, so I bow down to you, oh, sock goddess. πŸ™‚

  92. Meow πŸ™‚ is all I would be able to muster – I wouldn’t have the energy to roar after all those socks in such a short period of time!
    What on earth are you going to do with all those step-outs after the show? If you need to find them homes, Id be happy to adopt a pair and finish em πŸ˜‰

  93. Long time listener, first time caller.
    I am wondering, with all the socks that I have seen cross the pages of this blog (many intended for members of your very own family), why do you have to knit even more socks? Are they just for examples? If so why not just bring in the scores of handknit socks that I imagine to be lying around your house. Some of the newer ones must be only slightly worn, and who’s to know?

  94. Finish the socks for KWB/TSB. I’ll bid on a pair.
    FYI, I made sure to wear new undies today. Just in case, ya know?

  95. Is anyone else wondering/willing to lay bets on what the Harlot will be knitting to recover from her green sock binge?
    I’ll say lace, though that requires small yarn and small needles, too – perhaps she will go through a similar chunky-yarn/big needle phase as she did post-Olympics?
    Or perhaps there are Christmas gifts looming…?

  96. You are my knitting hero! I can’t wait to see the show…. do you have an info on when it will air? I need to program my TiVo.
    I feel like one of those “oh gee.. I got to talk to a STAR” people. (Call me a knitting groupie, I guess)

  97. As amazing as it would be to have 5 pairs of matching socks, I think it would be wise NOT to finish the unfinished socks. You are, after all, an author, and you may be invited to do something like this again… would you really want to have to DO IT AGAIN ???!!!
    Congrats, we all can’t wait to watch you make TV magic!

  98. Those socks are gorgeous. Once the pressure of the whole thing about the show is over, I imagine the colors in that yarn will easily pull you back into finishing them, one gradual pair at a time, separated by other projects so that you get a balance of textures and colors in your knitting life.

  99. You are completely awesome; well done, and congratulations on surviving the process!
    And, of course, they’re beautiful. But, well, duh.
    You make me wish I could see Knitty Gritty. Alas, no cable TV. /cry
    –Kristine in VT

  100. Green afghan, green socks, the – no, we weren’t going to speak of that ever again… How about a nice chunky Red Scarf in an interesting but very simple lace?

  101. Better watch how you roar there, dude. You never know what impact it’ll have on that neighbour (or questionable friend of your neighbour).

  102. WOW! You go with your bad self. Can’t wait to see the Knitty Gritty. Do you know the air date????

  103. #1–I can’t wait to see all of these socks in action on the air…and #1.5–I think it’s funny that they are called “step outs” and they are socks. I know I have a lame sense of humor. #2–I’m dying to know if you are ever going finish them all and have a kajillion matching pairs.

  104. I noticed that all of the needles are the same color. I am impressed. Long live the sock queen!

  105. Stephanie – there’s a little something you are forgetting. You are not going to have 30 minutes to teach. You are going to end up with about 7-9 minutes after all their editing. There’s this little thing called commericials, which they pack like styrofoam all around the fragments of the show (not having a tv that’s how commercials seem to me – oh so strange!) and then there are all kinds of snippets of this and that they throw in, plus you will be spending a few minutes chatting with the Knitsters, which is not part of your teaching time. So figure on each of those 10 step-outs getting about 45 seconds of showtime. I didn’t know this before I filmed and I am sure it was a good thing, or I would have gone mad anticipating disaster. But it actually all works out and you will have loads and loads of fun, believe me. I can’t wait to watch you . . . in a year or so, which is about how long it takes for them to appear on tv.

  106. I am reminded of an old cheer that my high school used to chant after a game…*clears throat*
    We are proud of you, Say, We are proud of you
    hay, hay, hay!
    We are proud of you, Say, We are proud of you!
    Totally can’t wait for the Knitty Gritty to be on. Here is an idea for getting a copy of the show out there for others who; maybe we all who get the show should try and tape it some how and start a pass it on type thing. Think about it, we all sign up on a web page, both those who have the tape and those who want it. When one person is done with the tape he or she passes it on to another knitter who didn’t have the pleasure of viewing it. What a brilliant idea Marly!
    Let me know if you are interested!
    Anyway, Stephanie, just a thought. Like I said in a prevoius comment, there was another lady who demonstrated how to make socks on KG some time ago. Instead of having a “show and tell” of variations of the sock she made she brought a variety of socks that she had made (I think, they never really made it clear) and at the end of the show Vicki, the Guest, and the knittsters (the random guests that are on the show knitting while the host and the Real guest are demonstrating the item being made) all put their feet up on the coffee table with knit socks on their feet. It was cute…just thought I would let you know what others have done incase you want to bring other pairs of socks you have made to show (like the sock pattern in REALLY, I am not trying to tell you what to do…mearely giving suggestions!
    Love your work and truely enjoy your blog. Yesterday’s was to-die-for!

  107. OH MY GOSH! My last post was right after Cat Borhdi! WHAT A STUD YOU ARE STEPH THAT YOU HAVE CAT-FRICKEN-BORHDI WRITTING YOU COMMENTS! I am now so totally going to write Three Books to get on the Free Yarn list and the Cat Borhdi leaves me a comment list!

  108. Sheesh…heard the roar all the way out on the west coast. What is that saying about genius…”1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”? I think if you had any more genius there’d be nothing left but a puddle. The step-out pix look like something you can use for the next book…made me laugh out loud. I’ll be paying friends to sit in front of their TV sets for KG.
    Thank you

  109. Congrats, Stephanie! I am very happy for you. The step outs look great. Please knit a bit for me, as a finger procedure has just taken me out of knitting for a few days. And less than a month from Christmas. Why didn’t I schedule the procedure for January?

  110. As insanity-inducing as they clealy are, those step-outs are a really good idea.
    They make it easier for something like myself who’s new to knitting and never knitted a sock before to visualise the construction process.
    Being able to see how each step ‘looks’ in advance is very helpful and makes it seem less confusing/daunting. It’s a “Ohhh…so THAT’S what its meant to look like..I get it!” moment.
    I guess it all depends on how your mind works, & mine’s visual.
    Thanks for the 2nd pic with the numbered steps. If you don’t mind I’d like to copy that image & keep it as reference for my immminent sock-knitting maiden voyage if thats OK with you?

  111. Superfrngalisticespialadoshes or any other word to say WELL DONE. My bet is now you will work on Joe’s “Gansey”

  112. Congratulations!
    Do you think that the TV audience will notice that as the sock gets longer the ball of wool attached is getting bigger??

  113. ROAR! Indeed! You ROCK! And you need never mend a hole in a green sock again Talk the producers into making DVD’s for this show please, after your day at the spa. Again, you’re an inspiration to us all – thanks! πŸ™‚

  114. I guess it would be evil to mention the fact that because you bought so many skeins of the green, and have so many partially finished socks, that you may in fact have to revisit (and finish) that many more same green socks. We mustn’t talk about that.

  115. Oh, they’re beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the show since you are responsible for my current sock obsession. Before this year, I’d only made one sock and it had a lot of mistakes in it. Knitting Rules finally made the whole process make sense to me. Now that I understand how a sock is constructed, I’m off and running with seven pair down and several more on the needles. It will be fun to watch the show and make sure I understand everything correctly (although my socks look good to me!). Here in NY, we’ve had unseasonably mild weather this year and, apparently, next week it will actually feel like winter. I might finally get a chance to wear these socks I’ve been knitting. Go figure. I hate cold weather and I’m waiting for it so I can wear socks.
    When will the show be filmed?

  116. Yay!! Congrats, Stephanie!
    Should your stick-to-it-iveness ever get called into question in the future, I think you have every right to go, “Oh yeah? Ten step outs, pal. Let’s see you stick to THAT!” Or, you know, however you might choose to phrase that. grin!

  117. You know, I should have posted this earlier. I’ve been on “Knitty Gritty” twice– as a knitster, not as a designer. Both times, the designer asked us to knit some of the step outs for her. We didn’t mind at all. If you knew who your knitsters were you could have asked them… now that your done this information doesn’t help you, but at least you are done.
    They look great!

  118. If you don’t have plans for the socks, might they go to a Knitters Without Borders raffle? The socks will be famous tv socks! And being knitters, we can finish knitting the darn rootin tootin things ourselves.

  119. They look so cool lined up like that, especially with the balls of yarn still attached. Can’t wait to see them on the show!

  120. So the question is (she asks while ducking a flying stitch marker), are you going to finish them & have 5 pairs of socks?

  121. Auction the socks off for Knitters Without Borders. It can be a …. SockTion!
    Congratulations! I admire your perserverance. I would have called in sick.

  122. Way to go Stephanie!
    I can see your whole family in matching socks on Xmas morning. That is if you can stand to look at the yarn, let alone knit on it once Knitty Gritty is done. BUT you are so very close to having so many presents ready. Can you pass up the opportunity?
    From one who always says she can knit more presents than time will allow.
    Again clap clap clap, wine, chocolate, wild clapping.

  123. congratulations on getting them done..
    I wish they were for me. πŸ˜‰
    but.. what I’m looking forward to now that they’re done is reading you struggling along with me to get the christmas knitting done!
    that misery loves company thing.. I am seriously suffering from shknitsplints at the moment, with no end in sight.

  124. Steph, I think you need to get one of those deep framed box type things that you can hang on the wall.. and do a display. Hang those babies up on the wall…

  125. So glad you’re done with the green socks! I was worried that you’d overdose on socks, and never knit another sock!
    But, but…what happened with the indie film of the female in used to be pink undies?

  126. Bully. Not even I, at this point, could breathe the word “gansey.” Or even “Tuesdays are for…” unless they’re for “healing up.” I say stash-diving and self-indulgent spinning.

  127. Did you know there’s a Nitty Gritty store on King and Jarvis? Seriously.
    It doesn’t have the “k”, though.

  128. WOOHOO! Congrats. Green is my favorite color to knit, but had I had to knit all of those, I’d probably never look at green again.

  129. I put together Ikea furniture in the wee hours of the morning before every huge crisis.
    No crises, okay? May your afterglow be far, far better than mine πŸ™‚

  130. Yeah! they look great! Can’t wait to see the episode…Vickie Howell comes across as a fun and funky person I am sure that the making of the show itself will a lot of fun compared to the prep. work. She seems like she has a great sense of humor and would be fun to “play yarn” with!

  131. Woohoo! Congratulations on getting this finished! Now, if only my cable network carried the DIY network so I could watch the show!

  132. Three Cheers for the Knitting Queen!
    I’m wavering between the three camps of A): Knit them up and give away/Christmas thing, B) Keep them for the future, C) Auction them away…I’d sure pay a good amount for Harlot-made socks! Amazing Stephanie πŸ™‚ You are an inspiration for all of us.
    I also agree with people about circulating your show..perhaps someone could tape/burn it and then we could all ship them money for a DVD or something? No cable here πŸ™

  133. I watch Knitty Gritty when they aren’t making disco wear or hideous fun fur creations and I find that Vicki Howell (who seems like a lovely woman) can really rush guests along (I am sure she has to) and also has a tendency to reduce everything that is being said to the lowest common denominator (it is a DIY show, after all) – I guess what I am trying to say is I am really looking forward to seeing you on TV and hope that Vicki won’t cut you off or restate everything you try to say. πŸ™‚

  134. Hi Stephanie!! I’m a 14-year-old knitter from San Antonio, Texas. Let me first say I love your blog. I love it so much that I’ve been reading it for 3 months, from the beginning. I only JUST caught up to today. I made a deal with myself that I would get caught up before December, and I did! Yay! Given, it’s 11 minutes past my bedtime, but I couldn’t help it. I don’t think my dad will mind too much. Anyway, I just want to say that you are an awesome person. I love your first book, and asked for the other two for Christmas. You inspired me to start knitting again when I stopped a few years ago. Now I’m really into it. I’m even trying my first sweater!! So yeah. Just know that you have another faithful reader, and if you’re ever in SA, be sure to look for me! This blog ROCKS!

  135. Hallefreakinlujah. You did it! Congrats! What a lovely sight all those sockies are. Have a Screech. Have a second one. Howsabout another Screech? (Sorry, I seem to be channeling Nanny Ogg… Although that may not be a bad thing. She’d take care of the undies woman in a hurry.) Side note: Crissy in Oregon, *love* the prison lineup comment! You’re totally right!
    As to what to do with ’em after the show – I’m in the keep ’em as is camp. Not only in case of another TV show, but what about detailed step-by-step photos if you go more deeply into socks for a future book? Although if you swore off ever doing another TV show featuring how to on socks, at least you could get photos now, in case of future book need, then either finish and wear, or merrily rip out and make into something else. Whatever you do, enjoy a mad stash-dive and different project(s)!

  136. Well done with the socks! It just made me wonder… now that you’ve got plenty of half-made socks, are you going to finish them all or unstitch them and use the yarn for something else? In case you’ve got a spare pair at the end, I would be glad to receive a pair of famous TV-socks πŸ˜‰ Just kidding (I think…)!

  137. hooley dooley that’s a lot of green not-quite-socks! Well done Ms Pearl-McPhee. I really do love that colourway. Now I’m feeling inspired to make myself some green socks.
    But what I’m really wondering is on how many of those step-outs did you find yourself on auto-pilot and work past the point at which you were meant to stop? πŸ™‚

  138. Are you going to be on Knitty Gritty? Neat! πŸ™‚ When is that going to be?
    One time I was watching a quilting show and the guest had several different examples plus the steps and i remember thinking wow did that guy have to go to a lot of work to get that all lined up for the show.

  139. What fascinates me is that all those step outs still have their yarn balls attached! I can only assume this means you will be finishing each one of them after the show. =)

  140. Wow! What a buttload of work. I hope this hasn’t swayed your love of socks. The producers of that show better love you. Oh, and by the way, you should find out exactly how much time you will have, because I have watched that show and you won’t be getting anywhere near 30 minutes. Within that 30 minute window, count on at least 10 minutes of commercials, and 5 minutes of chitchat with people knitting on the couch. I am guessing that the guests get about 10 minutes of actual talk time, when all is said and done. I may be totally off base, but you should check with them before you go on.
    PS – Don’t look at my blog. I’ve been knitting a ton and even designing, but I haven’t posted in months. New Years resolution to get it in gear…

  141. You should have your own show! Can’t wait to see you on KG. Save the step outs; you’ll be doing this again.

  142. HURRAY for the Harlot!!!! You did it! Amazing! I think I would have just lost it after the fifth sock. (And you wonder why we are all your adoring fans.) I think that now you deserve to knit a present for yourself in something wonderful and not green. How about Quivit! Or maybe you should spin some lovely llama down or something else that’s amazingly soft, warm and squishy! I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. I do have to tell you though, as I was looking at all your work one thought kept going through my mind…
    Thank God you didn’t tell them that you would knit a sweater!!!!!!!

  143. now what are you going to do with all the stepouts after the show? everyone in you family get a pair of green socks? : )

  144. So, is Sam ending up with five pairs of identical socks? Or are they going into the long range planning box – which is now, for obvious reasons, the short range planning box? You could offer the finished socks as MSF prizes; I myself would totally go for that, since I have decided that an excellent way to increase handknit production in my house is to convince others to knit for me.

  145. Congrats!
    Love the colors too! It’s like nine degrees where I am this morning, it would be nice to have a pair to keep my toes toasty! I should get to work on some myself.

  146. let’s see – 10 partial green socks =>5 pairs … yay – christmas socks for your entire family! – and you won’t even have to stay up all night christmas eve to finish them. best of luck on the show – this is so cool.
    nice Helen Reddy imitation btw,(those who didn’t grow up in that era have no idea what they are missing πŸ™‚

  147. Nice work !! altho I am a non-knitter so far(do buy and read knitting stuff tho) I know the pain of having to force yourself to keep at a project you are bored with (laundry, cleaning the house, etc). Have you thought about running a life-line/safety-line where you need to start working on the stepouts on TV ??? that way WHEN you need to do this again, you won’t have to go thru making new ones, just rip out back to the line ??? Cause I don’t know that you’ll be wanting to finish knitting the started bits. I don’t think I would.

  148. Haha, I agree with whoever above said that TV is deceptive! Who knew that you couldn’t bake a turkey in 30min. either? I haven’t had a TV in over 4 months now, and I plan to keep it that way. Watching mass media gives me a headache these days, and if that doesn’t do it, it’s the holiday consumerism in the advertisements in between programs. I know I sound like I’m 75, but I’m just about to be 30…
    Well, and I love the green, I know you’re sick of it, but I think it’s beautiful. Of course, I have knit with Fleece Artist, so I am already partial.

  149. Hi Stephanie, What a great job! I scanned the comments and wanted to give you a few more hints/suggestions for your TV performance.
    1) A TV performance is like a wedding…lots of prep and then it goes soooo fast. You may want to ask the producer to give you an idea of exactly what they are expecting from you and what they want you to demo so that you are not disappointed or feel cheated.
    2) I would bring along (don’t kill me) your yarn as a hank before it was wound. Check with the producer–but I would anyway, that is if you have any left.
    3) Keep your product for your next book!!!! You may want to have a professional take shots that could be included in the book and then auction them if you want.
    4) Did you get any shots of yourself knitting the socks? Your shots would be great for your next book too.
    5) It would be a good idea for you to wear your own socks while being taped for the show. You may want to bring a pair for your host as a present. Do you have any shots of Joe or your daughter’s wearing a pair of socks you have made? If they are good quality shots, these photos would be good for the producer to use as clips before and after your piece.
    Enjoy the experience! You’re fabulous and the audience will love you!

  150. I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but would it not also be helpful to have a step-out with all the stitches cast on, divided onto the needles and ready to join in the round? Just a sugestion.
    Rock on with your bad sock-knitting self!

  151. Congrats! I’d have gone nuts with all the green long ago. I know that others are suggesting auctioning off the socks, but I’d suggest frogging them all and making a sweater or something.
    Right now I’m doing one skein “sledding scarfs” for white elephant christmas parties because I’m sick to death of all the sweaters. 2 more to make before christmas– but they’re for my boys, small and fast.

  152. Congratulations on finishing your step-out socks (I’m sure you already made this pun, but HA! all the same) in time for the show! When you get to L.A., be sure to get in touch with my buddy Wen so she can play with your hair for the TV (she’s all about that) and show you around town.
    I sure hope the link worked. πŸ™‚

  153. What a gal! It is a marical you could even still knit after the run in down the street. I would have has to poke my eyes out with my DPN. They look great, you are a super dooper knitter. I wish I could knit a sock in a day, and so do my family members waiting for socks.
    I wish I could watch you on the show, no cable tv here.

  154. I wish I was on your taping! Alas, I’m not! But have fun! And I’ll definitely be recording your episode! (Especially now that I’m making my first pair of socks!!!)

  155. If it has been said already then forgive the repeat, but what you could try as a fun experiment is take the socks and your handy camera and take a photo of each of them separately. Then print the photos on card stock justified right, leaving a wider left margin. Then staple annd presto – a flip book. Knitted sock in under a minute!

  156. I love the idea of auctioning of these pairs for knitters without borders. What a great way to turn your torture, uh – hard work, into some $$$ for a great cause!

  157. Is it possible for you to post that photo of the growing green socks so blog readers could enlarge it? I think it would be very helpful to newbie sock knitters (well, to me especially). Thanks!

  158. You have at least a portion of 5 pairs of socks. At least one pair should be completed by the end of the show (finished sock+grafting the toe on-air=complete pair) Can you bear to finish knitting the other 8 socks? If so, I suggest that you will have 5 perfectly fine Christmas presents. And it’s only the first of December!!
    I would certainly suggest giving them away somehow. I imagine you’ll be sick of them by now.

  159. You have the makings of 5 pairs of socks there. Can you bear to finish the 9 that still have knitting left to go? If you can, I would certainly suggest giving them away. I don’t know if I could stand the sight of so many socks that are all the same. As luck would have it, there’s a holiday coming up where gifts of hand-knits would be appropriate. I think you just got a jump on your Christmas knitting, and it’s only the first of December

  160. I didn’t read all TWO HUNDRED OR SO comments, so this may be a repeat, but these socks remind me of those internally stacking Russian dolls. . .

  161. Stephanie, I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. Anyway, many have suggested that these socks are to be Christmas gifts. My suspicion is that you have other Christmas gifts planned, and that you’ll have a mad rush to the end to get them done. How much has getting ready for Knitty Gritty put a crimp in you getting ready for Christmas?

  162. it looks like you’ll be giving green socks for christmas this year. if you can stand to look at them again to finish them.

  163. Only 9 socks!? You’ll have to knit another one to have 5 complete pairs of green socks. You are well-prepared for St. Patrick’s Day. Or maybe you could go outside clad only in green socks and get back at that woman.

  164. Congratulations on your perseverance! There seems to be a (mis)conception out there that one day these will be 4 or 5 pairs of complete green socks. All that stick-with-it-ness will now leave a blind spot for green socks. Too many other pretty things have been neglected. And what if (god forbid) you ever had to do this again? Photo document well enough to last you through a couple more books. I imagine one pair of green socks completed (one more grafted toe to go)and 7 more singles stuffed behind the stash.
    Maybe you could auction the PARTIAL socks and yarn for KWB. Does gauge really matter? “Look at my sock! The Yarn Harlot knitted half of it.”

  165. Congrats on meeting your goal!
    What are you going to do with all of those half-pairs of green socks when you’re done with the show?
    I bet you could auction them off (in their current state) for Knitters Without Borders if you can’t stand to look at them anymore. Or I bet lots of your peeps will be getting beautiful green socks for Christmas.

  166. Congratulations on finishing the step-outs. Do you know when you are scheduled to be on the show? Good luck!

  167. Okay so post show… Are you going to finish all the socks? Also did you make the remaining ball of diameter portional as you knit the step outs? Are they willing to cross that line so you can really go utterly insane?

  168. The way I see it, you have 1 pair of socks practically complete – I mean you just have to graft the toe and a whole pair is complete. As for the rest, maybe if you bury them in the garden, they might turn into a sock tree?!

  169. Dear Mrs Yarn Harlot
    Can you please tell me how many sts I should cast on for my man’s socks. He has a size 11 shoe. Congrats on making so many socks, I made my first sock last week it took me a month to complete it, but it is too big in the width of foot. I got your book its fab and very hilarious.
    Keep on socking!!! Orysia

  170. hee-hee! they are like a row of growing gremlins! the great thing is, you have TONS of replacements for the ones that wear out (or someone doesβ€”you might not want to see them again after this)

  171. Wow. Now that is impressive!
    You are a knitter extraodinaire – I was going to say knitting machine but that seemed a little insulting.
    Look at how many near-pairs of socks you have churned out!

  172. as a new-ish knitter who has “socks” rearing closer and closer to the top of the to do list, i have to say that (even though it sucked for you) i’m totally bookmarking this page so that when i’m at that point where i say “this looks totally weird, how the hell is this going to be a heel” i can look at that picture and say “ooooohh. ya. i see it.” πŸ™‚

  173. So, what are you going to do with these socks? Are you going to finish them? If you do, what will you do with 5 pairs of the same socks???

  174. WOW!!! That was something! I bet you are not going to be able to knit socks for a while now… and certainly not Green, huh?!! LOL
    I cannot wait to see you on the show! πŸ™‚

  175. Ever notice how the stick people in the IKEA instructions are always smiling while putting the %*$@)& stuff together? In order to accurately portray the process of putting it together, the stick figures should be scowling, swearing and arguing with each other.
    Oh, the socks look great !

  176. You’re lucky you’ve got your step-outs completed before your shoot. Hopefully you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself the night before!
    I only had five step-outs and the finished project (and no socks!). I haven’t decided what to do with them now… perhaps I’ll rip out one of the earlier ones to finish the next to last one and ball those in the middle. I’m so sick of my bag’s colors and those 17s. For me, returning to socks made my fingers smile!
    (Your little bald friend from Chicago encouraged me to finally jump into the fray of your blog, as opposed to just lurking from afar. Thanks, FH)

  177. Wow…it’ll be like one of those odd cooking shows. “and here’s one we prepared earlier”…
    Congrats! I’m be off my nut if I had to look at the same color for so long.

  178. Well done!!! Now when you complete them, you will have 4 pair of socks.. LOL Matching…
    You rock!!

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