R is for Router.

I swear that I am a woman on the edge. I swear it. Other than a trip to Knit Night at Lettuce Knit….Oh, wait. I have got to show you pictures. We have the best knit night in North America. I’m sure of it.


That’s Denny. What’s she doing? I don’t know. Something with a half knit sleeve. (It’s totally cracking Ken up.)


That’s Julia, the Julia from Vesper Sock Yarn. She brought her mum and her sister (good cookies) and a box of her yarn and she was freakin’ mobbed. I was only about 10 minutes late and the colourway I was most hoping for was gone. It was really good fun watching it walk out the door at a million miles an hour. (See the arm reaching for yarn in front of her? Wild crowd.)

Julia is holding a green sock, because all I have done for the last nine days is knit socks and for the last three days it’s knit green socks and now Joe has upgraded the router and I think I might really be losing my cool.


Aren’t they starting to get to you?

As many of you will know, Joe and I share our house/home offices now…and for as long as Joe is “between opportunities”. We’ve been learning how to (with rather limited success) share space, coffee, air and phone time. Joe gets about 22 phone calls a day. There is no point in me answering it. I have three teenaged girls and a work from home husband. I assure you that that phone call is really not for me. Likewise, if your phone is ringing, I can assure you that it is not me calling you, since I would have to either have to have drugged every member of my family into passive, drooling unconsciousness to obtain said implement of communication, or be alone in my house…which is likely going to happen again sometime in 2011 when everyone has gone to University and I take a small, secret apartment across town where I sit, alone and talk on the phone uninterrupted and take baths uninterrupted and I make meals for one person and then I eat them uninterrupted… but now I’m losing track of the router story. Ahem.

So everybody is on the phone all the time and the router (which provides me with the internet, the only form of communication I have left to me) isn’t working. The thing is ass. It only routes when it wants to and it doesn’t want to much. I keep trying to get on the internet with my laptop and the router keeps laughing in the face of my attempts. Everything was tried and eventually, yesterday, the router was summarily replaced with a new box of wonder which promises to route the daylights out of the internet and direct glorious uninterrupted bandwidth right to my lap and lo – it is good.

Joe hooked the thing up and damn, it routes. Routes good. Routes so well that I am forced to admit that Joe was right, that upgrades can be good and that I am very happy with the routers routeing. The Router continues to fulfill my every wish and routes real good until 9am this morning when it stopped.

Then it started. Then it stopped. I don’t know if you could say that it quit really, since Joe’s computer still had internet, and the family computer still had internet. Just me. Just my laptop. The bulk of today has been spent with me trying to convince Joe that the router isn’t routing (which is not his experience, since the plugged in people keep having internet while only I – who has the only wireless connection in the house, has none.) Joe doesn’t want to hear this because (at least it seems to me) that he is on the phone every time I’m trying to tell him that the wireless is out. By the time he’s off the phone and comes back upstairs, the wireless is back.

It’s like when your kid’s really, really sick so you get an emergency appointment and take them to the doctor and their fever goes away in the cab and by the time you get there they’ve pinked right up and are playing tag with their sister while demanding a nine course meal while you try to explain to the doctor that you really aren’t a psychotic parent and you swear that the kid was half dead 16 minutes ago? The router is like that. Joe goes downstairs to make a phone call….router stops working. Joe gets off the phone and comes back upstairs to see what’s wrong with the router, router starts working. Infuriating….and I’m an idiot. It took way more phone calls than it should have for me to catch on that it isn’t a cruel coincidence that Joe is on the phone while the router isn’t routing….

The router isn’t routing because Joe is on the phone! The phone and the new router are incompatible. Completely incompatible. Something about the phone’s signal messes with the routers signal and the phone wins. If the phone is on, the router wireless part of the router is off.

Clearly, since I have a work from home husband and three teenaged daughters, The phone screwing up the router is a really big problem. Investigations are being made. Channels and antennae are being changed, nothing is working so far.

I suspect, as I reel from the apex of situational irony in which we discover that the router was purchased because I need it to communicate because I can’t get on the phone, only to discover that the very thing which was purchased to fix the phone problem is now a victim of the phone problem itself… and I know you suspect as well that if enduring this were not enough, that to add insult to injury, I am about to discover that the first principle of interior decorating now applies to home electronics.

You know the first law, where you buy a new chesterfield and your curtains are suddenly crap, so you buy new curtains and now the carpet doesn’t match and…….

I have a new router and my phone doesn’t match. Any bets on where this ends?

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  1. Your router/phone problem brings back horrid memories of assorted cars which either made funny noises or just plain died when I was driving, but just purred right along when my husband was driving. I feel for you!!

  2. Ooh! I can probably help!
    To avoid this sort of problem, wireless routers have a series of channels (basically like slightly different frequencies) they can use. Switch the channel on the router (and on your lappy) and you should be OK. It might take a bit of tinkering to find a free channel if you have a lot of stuff going on, but you can probably solve your problem that way.
    I hope.

  3. This happens with the car for me. Makes horrid noises, and then stops when the hubby gets in. To make you feel better, I did get a little revenge. Drove the car home, parked it, everything was fine. Hubby got in to run one little errand….and the alternator went out. Keep breathing, and I’m sure this is a problem strong drink and some eviction notices can fix.

  4. I hope this doesn’t seem too rude for a first time poster, but, what the heck is it with you and green yarn?! I am thinking of the green afghan, now it’s green socks. I see a pattern.
    Sorry to come off rude, but it’s interesting is all. 🙂

  5. This doesn’t happen to me – but it happens at my neighbors and it’s really annoying. We had to change frequencies on the phone and wireless surround sound speakers to get everything to work properly with the wireless router.
    I feel for you.

  6. I found a thread on the Apple discussion forums to check out: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=1187045 Also try searching for “cordless phone” in the Airport discussion forum there.
    It seems like 2.4GHz cordless phones cause the network to drop out but older 900MHz or newer 5.8GHz phones should not cause this to happen. But you might want to try it with a friend’s phone first to make sure. There also seem to be some settings you can adjust on the router or phone.
    Good luck, Steph!

  7. Reaching for yarn? Is that what that hand appears to you to be doing? Even the expression on Julia’s face, somewhere between frozen and stunned, suggests that in four seconds someone’s wrist is going to be slapped…

  8. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I see a plasma TV in your future. Just the natural progression of electronic purchases! Good luck!

  9. Sorry for your inconvenience – but it made me laugh out loud. Hope you can get it worked out. Our cordless phone does weird things if we use it in an upstairs bedroom that adjoins the neighbour’s home office (we are in a townhome). The other day it started making random faxing noises….
    As for the green socks, Kermit would be happy 🙂

  10. The phone interferes with the router?!? Damn, I’ve been having trouble with my router for months now and it never occurred to me that it could be the phone…

  11. It looks to me as if you’re only a day or two away from finishing the socks. The one you’re working on just has to go as far as the gusset completion; the next one to a completed heel flap ready for the pickup round; the next one just to the completion of the leg. And the one after that is nothing–just the ribbing at the top!
    I figure the work yet to do as no more than the equivalent of two socks. Which will give you a full set for the show, and put you within just a day or two of finishing several pairs when you’ve completed it. You can do that much on the plane going home. Yes! The end is in sight.
    Do not let the socks and partials out of your sight until that show is over. You may have to put the partials on spare yarn to get through airport security, but carry them with you.
    When you have your travel dates, you might want to ask your publisher to arrange an appearance or two for you in the area.

  12. I don’t think I’ve got a wireless router/phone problem. But the sound on the cordless phone is less-than-what-you’d-want when they microwave is running.

  13. We had the exact same problem. It was the megahertz of the phone interfering with the wireless router. No, I didn’t figure that out for myself. My husband is one of those computer guys who talk and all I really here is “Waa Wa Waa Waaaaa” from the Peanuts holiday special.
    Anyway, as I was saying, the way to fix this (and your husband will be just thrilled) is to either get a different band letter router, or replace your wireless phones with different megahertz.
    I know, it seems silly, but apparently there are only a few available channel thingies, and the phones interfere with the wireless.

  14. What Chris up there in the comments said. Change the channel on the phone. This happens often when I’m at home, and it is always because the person on the phone has pressed the “channel” button. When I took electricity and magnetism last year at school, we learned why this happens…. but I don’t think you want to hear the explanation. 🙂
    Good luck knitting all of those socks without going insane.

  15. And here I thought that crud like that only happens to me! I am sorry Dear Harlot. I have no suggestions other than alcohol or chocolate (or both)
    So once all the socks are finished do you think you will ever knit anything in that green colour pallet again?

  16. OMG you can turn ANY situation into a laugh-riot (even though you’re probably tearing hair out in frustration)!!
    Finally able to break away from reading Yarn Harlot blog archives so I could get back to my knitting, and I’m sitting there, missing the humour when, EUREKA, it occurred to me…WHY NOT DO A TAPE/CD of your knitting meditations from At Knits’ End or your stories, huh, huh??! I know with utter certainty there would be a gazillion orders from people who would love to knit to the sound of you telling your tales—all those who agree say “Aye”.
    Now I suspect this thought has occurred more than once and by people far wiser and more media savvy than I (Joe’s a record producer, no?) so there must be a very good reason why this venture has not been attempted so far. If it’s a question of raising funds, perhaps hardcore Harlot fans could pre-order and pay in full to get the ball rolling…would love to hear your thoughts on this…after all the step-outs have been done for Knitty Gritty and the router problem has been sorted out of course.

  17. I’ve had that a few times.
    First, as has been pointed out, change the channel on the phone (easier than on the router/computer combo) and see if that helps.
    Second, are the computer and the router next to each other? If they are, seperate them. Even a few feet can make a difference.

  18. My husband is a computer geek in private life and that makes me one lucky woman. I just scream, throw a fit, cry, wail, and yell and he’s at my beck and call. I’m a graphic designer and my computer is my job. And the printer in my home office hates me. So my patient husband puts up with this nonsense because he loves me. That’s the bright side. More coffee!

  19. A friend and I harbor a secret fantasy……Someday, we are going to sneak off from our families, hole up in her parent’s cabin in upper Minnesota (knitting socks and blissfully ignoring our children), and then sneak over the border to Toronto (a mere 4 or 5 hours away) to attend Knit Night at Lettuce Knit.
    The fact that we both currently live in Washington State, doesn’t seem to be an impediment.

  20. Oh my, I feel your pain! And sad to say, I’m now confined to the distance of my ethernet cable. I have wireless internet beamed into my house via a radio reciever, which didn’t play nice with our phones OR our wireless router. So I now have a phone WITH a phone cord and an ethernet cable long enough to snake out the window and onto the deck for those (rare) sunny work days in Oregon.
    The socks look awesome, and still more colorful than the black boring MIL Christmas present socks I’m still plugging away on.

  21. Check the phone and router and laptop channels. Sync the phone and laptop as far away from the phone channel as you can. Also, check the neighbors. I kept having phone problems — the phone would develop the worst static ever — and finally learned that it only happened when my neighbor was on the Net.
    And, have you thought about — ahem, limiting phone time? I realize this may be difficult with Joe — but the girls are another story! After all, you deserve the phone too — they have to learn to share!

  22. Oh for crying out loud! Maybe it is a sign that you really just need to go on retreat for a while? I will tell you that I use a Netgear router and it is specially formulated to have eight different channels that its own little brain switches between to avoid interference like the kind that comes from telephones. It has worked perfectly for me.
    I work at home and some things simply cannot be born.
    Good luck!

  23. Dear Lord, I *love* Barbie O.’s idea of getting you to put all your books on CD. What a terrific idea! I’d be more than happy to order up front to get this rolling and I’d lay odds that I’m not the only one. Keep your loving fans happy, please, dear Harlot!
    On the socks, as Kermit said, “It’s not easy being green.”
    PS – Bug your publisher about the CD idea, please, please, please, please, please …

  24. YES! I had the exact thing.. right down to work-at-home husband, only my wireless was affected blah blah. In the end, I replaced my phones. It is the cordless phones that are the problem. When I replaced mine with newer 5.8GHz phones, the problem was solved.
    Though, it had been such an ordeal and went on so long, that the special feelings I had developed for my husband during it all lingered a little longer than was probably necessary 😛

  25. Someone else said this, but I second the motion: 5.8 GHz phones will not interfere with wireless signals.
    I love green, especially green socks, especially THOSE green socks. If you have too many green socks when this is all over, I’d be happy to take some (like say, two) off your hands (feet). Or I could just try to get some of that Fleece Artist, if there isn’t a shortage now for some weird reason…

  26. Oh geez, I am so sorry! I HATE when our wireless goes out, I feel utterly cut off from the world!
    On the upside, I am loving the colorway of your step outs! I know you must be going insane from knitting them. I think a nice shawl or sweater might be in order as a reward for all of those socks!! 🙂

  27. We had the same problem in our house. At first I thought it was an excuse for my husband to buy a new phone. Now we have a 900 MHz phone and it works fine. I love the green socks and can’t wait to see them on Knitty Gritty!

  28. I’m sitting here, saying to myself over and over, “the ROW-ter isn’t ROO-ting”. The Canadian English, she is very hard.
    Cheer up, your socks look great, and at least squirrels haven’t eaten through your telephone lines, as they have mine.

  29. Been there, done that with the router thing too.
    Another wildly impractical but potentially amusing solution would be to replace the cordless phone with an old-fashioned corded one. It could have unintended side benefits, such as cutting down on length of calls (since the talker is forced to sit in one place for the duration of the conversation). Also greatly reduces the likelihood of someone screaming, “Has anyone seen the phone?”. I could go on, but you get the picture.

  30. Oh, I feel your pain, I really do, but I couldn’t help dying of laughter as I read this. Thank god your sense of humor is still compatible with your various consumer electronics.
    The poster above who suggested changing channels is probably right…and I’ve also heard that most routers have problems with Macs, so that might be the issue too. Good luck!

  31. I can’t help with the router; but in a show of moral support, I ordered some green Fleece Artist merino and it came today (of course, I had to order 3 hanks to get free shipping – the things I do for you)! If I become addicted, it will be all your fault. (I went with the “moss” colourway – I wouldn’t want to copy).

  32. It’s true that cordless phones can interfere with the wireless part of routers if they are going out at the same signal strength, such as a 2.4GHZ phone with a 2.4GHZ wireless router. Quite a pain! Tell Joe to use a corded phone and see if that makes a difference. Or tell him he can upgrade his phone too

  33. Obviously all your phones need to be replaced with old fashioned connected-to-the-outlet-with-a-wire type phones. & if anyone complains, threaten to find them rotary phones instead.

  34. Geez! talk about stress and frustration! Knitting the “same sock” over and over again. And now the computer! Sorry.

  35. Once she lets Joe upgrade the phone, shall we clue her in about the microwave ovens? (If I listen to streaming audio on my laptop while I’m cooking dinner, I get “interesting” effects from the microwave. Can’t replace it; it’s already the upgrade!

  36. Harlot on audio books! Fab idea. I get so much knitting done when listening to books on audio. a little bit of heaven is listening to knitting stories while knitting! Technology is so frustrating, good luck.

  37. I had router problems recently too. Yes, you can go with a corded phone. But long gone are the days when people would stand still and talk on the phone!!
    After 27 calls to technical support (trying to find a nice Indian person who could speak English), I found out that I had to restore the factory defaults to the router and start over again configuring the wireless network.
    Tell Joe to try that, it solved all my issues. On my Netgear router, there’s a little hole in the back that you have to stick a knitting needle in and hold it for 5 seconds! 🙂 See – they come in handy for computer geeks sometimes too!

  38. Here’s a thought that should (might? may?) help you get through the green-sockiness that is overwhelming your life: these socks are perfect to go in your Box of Advance Preparation or whatever it is that you’re calling the box that you’re not calling your Christmas knitting.
    See? So not only are you knitting for TV – which has an innate coolness and wow-factor – you are also preventing a Christmas Eve all nighter! You rock, woman.
    I just hope that you’ve got friends/family with feet that size that you were planning to give presents to anyway.

  39. Please forgive me if this has been said before…but the techy in me is SCREAMING. Is Joe and the girls using a CORDLESS Phone??? Would it happen to be a 2.4 GHz phone? Is there a chance that they are using said phone between the router and your computer?Um, if so, that is your problem and WHY it comes back when they get off the phone. See wireless routers work at 2.4 Ghz as do these phones. They are easily confused (much like me, but still).
    Solution: Get a 5.8 GHz phone (or an older 900 MHz); sell Joe and the girls for yarn money; or refuse to allow them any more phone time?
    Um, I happen to know of some phone sales in the states. 🙁

  40. I’m so sorry I missed the knit night, BUT I did get some of that yummy Vesper sock yarn (2 skeins) first thing Thursday morning. Julia hadn’t arrived yet when I stopped by briefly Wednesday night. I still walked away with the One-skein SeaSilk pattern AND a Fleece Artist thrum mitten kit (I need warm mittens this winter). When I picked up the Vesper today, I was ambushed by Mission Falls superwash (for Christmas gifts – dinosaur hats). The Vesper is all for me though!

  41. I remember clearly hearing my neighbour’s phone conversations on our baby monitor, many years ago! We changed channels on our receiver and that was that.

  42. Ooo ooo I can help!
    As lots of folks said you can change the channel settings on your wireless router and your laptop, but if you can pry the phone out of the hands of your husband and daughters, a lot of modern phones have the ability to change the channel that THEY’RE using which is much much much easier than messing with a router. On my phone (which is several years old and utter crap) there’s a button at the bottom marked “channel” and when you push it it gives you a message of “scanning” … I suspect it looks for an open channel, so maybe if your wireless were on it would adjust itself off that channel? Or if it were a manual change, I would just keep changing the channel until your wireless starts working?
    I hope any of this is useful. It’s funny that I spent all blasted day at work messing with the hub and router to keep our registers running, and then came home and saw this post. Who knew?

  43. Your geeky knit friends to the rescue. Indeed, you almost certainly have a wireless phone, wireless router issue. Not uncommon. What you need is to get a 5.8 Ghz wireless phone. Because otherwise, your phone and your router are going to be trying to talk on the same frequency. An oldfashioned corded phone will also work, but the probability of getting a teenager to use one is 0 although it might be fun to try! So, the solution is to go to Radio Shack (or the Canadian version) and spend $30 for a new 5.8 phone.
    Switching the channel on the router or the phone might work, but I doubt it. I’ve spent alot of time over the years tweaking wireless systems, and usually, it’s easier and cheaper to switch the freaking phone. If the phone allows adjusting the channel, try picking one on one end of the allowed spectrum and putting the router way the heck on the other end. That just might do it, but if you are tweaking from a Windows system, you might be insane before you get it all tweaked. Spend the $30 and save your sanity.

  44. I love all the green socks, glorious colours and so many of them. I would buy CDs of you reading your books, they are terrific.

  45. Steph, it took me for-freakin-ever to figure out that the cordless phone in your house interferes with the wireless router, which, like you, goes to MY computer, so of course Dave has constant, uninterrupted cable-hardwired access to pictures of car parts while I languish every time ANY phone is in use AND anytime the cordless phone is not on the charger-stand-thing, even when it is NOT in use.
    So the irony here is exactly like the decorator’s dilemma. We got CABLE internet to replace the dial-up internet so we wouldn’t have to wait until late at night or do without the phone to have internet … and I got a wireless router for my computer because Dave and I are capable of sharing everything, including the exact same size blue jeans, but we cannot share a computer … only to discover that the cordless phone interferes with the wireless.
    I’m gonna go and knit a green sweater for awhile now.

  46. Heee, yeah, had the same problem here too. Except it was my computer, and my mom’s phone. So for her birthday, I got her a 5.8 gHz cordless to replace the 2.4 gHz one. I suppose it was one of those presents that was more for me than her, but still, it saved her from endless annoying whining. 🙂

  47. P.S. in my first sentence in the last post where I said “the cordless phone in your house” I meant the cordless phone in ONE’s house, just using sloppy Southern-speak.

  48. Firstly- I must sympathise. Our router, which was purchased solely so that my DH could have faster internet from my fancy new cell phone, will not take a USB connection. We called the company and they said to go get an adapter. I spent countless hours on the internet, at Best Buy and at Radio Shack. There is no adapter for female USB to internet connector cable. sheesh and crap.
    Secondly- I want to thank you (I am thrilled actually) for showing my sock yarn on your blog. Still sock potential material but interesting and certainly not green.
    Thirdly- cheering and more cheering. Go Stephanie! There is light at the end of this tunnel and it is not green. BTW is it against the rules for another knitter to be helping you with these sock parts?

  49. First time commenter!
    Just wondering…couldn’t you have had some of your many knitting friends help make all these socks? Although that would require coordinating the effort and answering questions, which would also require your phone…I look forward to seeing you on ‘Knitty Gritty’

  50. Around here, there are many (and I really don’t know how many) routers in the basement and only one router in the office. Why you ask? DH is a furniture maker. The first thing I thought of was don’t you have enough on your plate without taking up woodworking?

  51. I can’t help you with the router/phone issue but had to say that your green socks are most lovely! I know you’re probably very sick of it (or will be) but the color is puuuuurty.

  52. My father cut off half his pinkie finger with a router, so be careful! He was once a wonderful piano player. Now, not so much. Please use all precautionary equipment before using routers!
    Oh. You mean THAT kind of router. Really should read on before posting…

  53. Any chance the phone is wireless, too? You might be able to solve your problem by getting a wired phone. Only use the wireless when you’re not on the computer. (Do they really need to be able to walk around while talking?) Otherwise, I’m no help at all. Hope you get it all settled without losing your mind!

  54. I hooked up our wireless router (the 1st one & then the 2nd)and I was totally self-medicating my way through it. I love on-line – it’s my favourite place but the route(r) there is a special circle of Hell.
    Good luck!

  55. Green socks, green socks ,green socks !!! Are you having night mares yet ? As for the router. My sister asked me what I was up to this morning and i said “I’m routin” around in my stash” haha So be it with my knowledge of all things mechanical and especially all the new terms for computers etc. I know it should have been “rooting” but she knew what I ment as she is illiterate with these new fangled terms too . As long as i know the knitting terms I think I’ll be ok. LOVE the pics of your stitch & bitch chums— laughter is the best medicine .

  56. It ends with you on a tied down on a stetcher, bald headed for having pulled out every last stitch of hair on your head, and Joe explaining to the reporters that it all started with socks!
    I was having troubles with my computer a year ago. My non-computer-using hubby suggested I upgrade, and I refused. I went for a whole new system, was just cheaper that way. (I foresaw the never ending upgrade coming if I didn’t.)

  57. Wow. That’s a lot of ironic frustration to pile on top of quite a lot of green yarn. Have you been taking NaNo breaks from knitting? (Yes, it’s my job to keep nagging you for one more week. 🙂

  58. 5.8 Ghz phone is the way to go. Took me a while to figure out why I was getting knocked off the internet at my mountain home. Finally figured out that it was the 2.4 Ghz cordless phone. Might even be the cell phone. I just make sure my husband is far away from my laptop when he’s on either phone. My new 5.8 Ghz phone(s) are in a box for us to take up next time we go skiing. And that should be the end of it.

  59. I have some questions that hopefully won’t send you, dear Harlot, screaming into the night.
    What are you going to do with all. those. socks? Will you (or have you been) knitting the mates to all. these. socks?
    And should these questions, oh, Harlotty one, in fact send you screaming into the night…
    Can I have your sock yarn? *wink*

  60. I bet you’ll end up with a new phone system, a new router, a new laptop, a new family computer, and a new book deal to pay for it all.
    And a new definition for “insanity.”

  61. Oh. My. Rams said about the same thing i was going to. Get outta my head, will ya Rams?? It’s scaring me. First the Yurt (which there apparently is still MUCH need for) and now this…
    Ummm, that hand in front of Julia, in NO way, looks like it is grabbing for yarn! Nope. No yarn. And damn, that hand looks so needy and everything…’scuse me, getting hot in here…

  62. Wow – that brings back memories – last Christmas, we ordered a nice new couch for our family room/den, decided we should paint the walls, only to discover that under the wallpaper is crappy particle board. We replaced that with nice pine tongue and groove walls. That led us to think that the old carpet on the floor needed replacing, which led us to find out that the slab under floor had pyrite and needed replacing. Then, we decided that the only old thing in the room was the windows which also ended up getting replaced. So, our $1000 couch ended up costing us a $8000++ renovation. On top of all of that, we ended up calling back the couch store to cancel the couch until the renovations were finished!!
    Bon courage – as we say in Quebec – at least you can knit while they’re on the phone until the problem is fixed!

  63. Maybe I’m missing the logic, but it seems that it would be smarter to get the apartment across town for some alone time NOW, rather than when everyone leaves home to go to college when you won’t need it because everyone’s gone.
    Just sayin’
    Good luck on solving the router problem.

  64. Sure, getting all new 5.8GHz phones would solve the problem. But if for some reason that’s not feasible, there’s one solution that might be more practical than wired phones: a wired connection for the laptop, to be used during maximum phone traffic times. (Joe or Ken will know how to do this for you.) Sure, it makes the laptop – and you while using it – a little less mobile. The fact remains that while using it you are typically stationary anyway; at least more so than a roving teen or husband talking on a portable phone.

  65. Hey Denny, I think I recognize that UFO on your head, and I’m pretty sure it belongs on your right arm! I myself am going to attempt the Sand Dollar Pullover (admired in the store about a month ago) as soon as I find the time to come to T.O. to buy the yarn. Oh, and Stephanie? Not to put more pressure on you or anything, but what ever happened to the Roundabout Leaf Tank?? Mention of it stopped (I believe) some time in July, when it all seemed to fall apart at the seams…

  66. Once you solve the wireless problem, you might look into Skype at least till the end of 2006 while North American calls are free. That could be the equivalent of a second phone line.
    Good luck.

  67. There is no way I am betting against a woman who is knitting endless piles of green socks.
    Of course maybe you can put some of them on your husband’s phone and the yarn will block the signals that are blocking the router?
    Ok, it’s nuts but I’m trying to make sense talking to a woman who is churning out socks without Internet access.

  68. Are you using wireless internet? Are you using a cordless phone? If so, they’re probably on the same frequency. You’re going to need to go to the store and buy a 5.8 GHz phone (you probably have a 2 point something GHz phone now). A decent one will probably set you back sixty bucks, but uninterrupted internet is priceless. This used to happen to me until we bought a 5.8 Ghz phone. It used to drive me crazy. My husband, an engineer, tried to explain to me why it happened. My eyes glazed over. Just buy a new phone. Trust me. Unless you want my engineer husband to explain it to you. But, your eyes will glaze over. Save the glaze. Buy the phone.

  69. You know, my wireless won’t work when the microwave is on, and I’ve been know to unplug it, so that the screams of anguish when it does not work alerts me to the upcoming crashing of my network. Get a crded phone. Make those children suffer, like we did, with the younger sibling able to track you straight to the hall closet by following the phone cord. Builds character.

  70. Steph, I do hope you enjoy the new telephone, the new router, and whatever Joe finds at Electronics-R-Us to resolve the problem. Good luck getting all the step-outs to the TV production place. I hear airport security is being particularly difficult these days.

  71. Another thing to check: does it route when the microwave is going? Or when the vaccuum cleaner is on? Both mess up my friend’s router. But the phone….that’s just wrong.

  72. My decorating strategy for this type of occurrence would be to decorate the wall with the router. With the correct trajectory and force, the hundreds of pieces the router would fracture into (being careful not to use the word break)and litter your carpet with, would ensure that the carpet would continue in your current esthetic scheme.
    Any electronic minded male would surely do everything possible to make sure my strategy wouldn’t need to be used – no?

  73. Still laughing my ass off…wait, wait…witty comment bubbling up… nope. Still laughing… *sigh*, *whew*. I have every faith that this will end with a completely new home computing system that is phone compatible. And I’ll lose weight without trying.

  74. uh…maybe it ends with you comming over to my house so you can use your laptop in Peace?
    c.u. soon

  75. Yikes! It reminds me of one dreadful week in September/October when our computer decided to upgrade iTunes and my husband had to “upgrade” his iPod because his old one was no longer compatible.
    Someone has probably asked this already, but is the phone cordless? Maybe a corded one wouldn’t interfere…?

  76. Now if it were me, I’d be working at blaming the missus for the router problem and the necessity for buying a new phone and, consequently, use that as justification for buying some yarn for ME! (You really have to learn to turn the situation to your own benefit!)
    When my old Lappie died and I got the new Mr. Lappie, the router settings and something else were screwed up. Just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster and my blood preasure rise. Oi. Hope it is fixed soon.

  77. Are you sure you have applied the proper swear words? The correct choices make a difference, you know.

  78. We had the exact same problem with our phone and router. The phone lost out; we bought another one that would play nicely with the router and summarily executed (tossed in the trash) the ill-behaving one.

  79. I thought we were the only ones who had this problem! Sheesh! And because I am such a dinosaur, it took forever to figure out our newfangled fancy cordless phone (actually over 5 years old and probably 2.4gHz) was the problem. We are using a very long curly cord on our phone now, but it is starting to crackle now too. Sigh.
    Please tell Alyson that northern Minnesota is, ahem, a little farther than 5 hours from Toronto. Sorry.

  80. I had the exact same problem with the phone/Airport – the Airport ran on 900 Mhz, and so did the cordless phone. Not a problem if you only use the landline one, but tricky if you want a cordless to wander around with. I think there are newer Airports now that go on a different frequency, but we ended up getting new cordless phones, and *voila* problem solved.

  81. it’s your htz, you need a cordless phone that runs on a different number of htz. I swear it will work, happened to my parents. (I’m also sorry I don’t have time to read to see how many other people have commented with this answer. Really, I don’t know how you do it, I can bearly keep up with the feeds I subscribe to, let alone all the comments everyone leaves. Good on you)

  82. Even with a new router, you’ll end up with a new chesterfield. That’s just how these things work. Plus all this waiting around means more knitting green socks, as terrifying as that sounds…. Good luck!?

  83. A weirdly quasi-similar experience happened to me just today… The computer was fine, then all of a sudden no internet. We thought it was because eveyone was busy on-line shopping, then turned everything off and on a couple times, finally called the company where a very nice computer voice suggested I unplug the router and plug it back in. Aha, the router had become unplugged during the day (at approximately the same time dh and dd were watching a funny movie, hmmm), and now I can read your tale of woe and laugh at the irony of it all.
    As for the overcrowding, I am reminded of Virginia Woolf’sbook, A Room of One’s Own… brilliant stuff.

  84. Sorry about the router, technology can be a frustrating thing sometimes…Usually the best option is to upgrade to a 5.4 GHz phone, so that the phone and the router speak different languages.
    Also worth noting, some microwaves can interfere with the router too. And I imagine that this could be a potential issue with the way your teenagers consume all that food. Just a warning. 🙂

  85. My wireless internet connection doesn’t work when the microwave is running. I put food in the microwave to warm for dinner, go to check my email and remember – d’oh!
    BTW, Firefly is amazing, as is just about everything else Joss Whedon has put on television.

  86. Honey, darling, let me ask you one thing: Do your neighbors have wireless internet? If so, please feel free to mooch off their internet.
    And it’s okay. you can either return the router, claim that it came as faulty material, OR get a new phone. But I still like the stealing wireless from your neighbor. If you have a good enough wireless card, you can pick up signals from EVERYWHERE. Ask Ken about it, he should know.

  87. My week in ROUTERS GONE MAD was spent crawling under the computer desk (every 5 minutes) and unplugging/ replugging modem & router while we talked with cable & router techies trying to track down the problem.
    Took 3 calls to cable people before they admitted they were having an “our upgrade messed with Linksys routers…maybe” problem.
    Router people solved problem 2 calls & a live chat later; once we got past the language accent barrier. “You want me to do WHAT?” Climb back under the desk and read off the model & version numbers? Longer arms don’t help in dark places with microscopic sized writing!
    (From comments, now it seems I have to worry about our 2.4 ghz cordless phone & microwave? jeesh!)
    I’m also attempting a “sock a day” …in a show of solidarity?! Knitting Unto Others: socks are getting smaller at the end of week 1 🙂

  88. Question: what are you going to do with all those green socks AFTER the taping? Surely you’ll be too sick of them to actually wear a drawer full of green socks.

  89. You’re such a breath of fresh air. There are so many times when I feel as though I’m being driven to distraction by various home devices.
    It was Thanksgiving here in the States on Thursday. I made pecan bars. They were to be absolutely magnificent.
    They burned over onto the oven bottom. It’s a self-cleaning oven. Only the stench of something burning lingered, and lingered. There’s a limit to how much one wants to air out a house when nighttime temperatures drop to freezing.
    Odd. The burner stopped working. The oven won’t work. I got out my Reader’s Digest book on fixing things. Oh! You mean to say that could be the smell of electrical wiring on the fritz?
    Apparently so, I turned off all electricity to the stove and the air is so much better in here. I guess you already know where this will likely end.
    It helps to get online and read about your router. Sorry it happened, though.

  90. I’ve read all about this problem when I was having connctivity issues with my PC. (tho, it didn’t help, since, I wasn’t wireless, lol!)
    Even before I got to the last few paragraphs, I was thinking, unplug the dang phone! But obiously, the renting of a seekret flat is the real winning choice. I long for the days of peace and quiet… The year 2021 can’t come soon enough.

  91. We had a phone and baby monitor problem. My husband insisted on getting the very expensive baby monitor system with walk-talkie feature and everything else except actually rocking the baby for you. We took it home and plugged it in and it freaked out. Took it back, got the $20 version which worked just fine.

  92. Is anyone else concerned that while operating under all this stress, our Harlot insists upon working with double-pointed metal needles? Maybe it’s her way of having Room Of One’s Own without actually having a Room Of One’s Own, if you know what I mean.
    Never corner a stressed-out knitter. Especially if she’s surrounded herself with five sets of metal dpn’s!
    I humbly offer that this might not be the optimal time to ask her to record meditations on CD.

  93. The router thing, I can’t help, I avoid such things, and until I started reading I thought you were talking about a woodworking router.
    As for the Q&A, I like it! In fact the last Q&A was one of my Qs and now I have an A! Knit on Steph!!

  94. We had that wireless/phone problem. A phone call would drop the wireless connection but I was able to reconnect. Irritating. We finally replaced our phones (with a different frequency).
    Now, another subject: You may not have noticed since you are so busy with your step-outs but Christmas is coming. May I suggest green socks for everyone on your Christmas list this year ??

  95. Oh, lordy. I LOVE that colorway on the Sock Parts For TV. Just love it. 🙂
    Many hugs from California, and I also adore the idea of losing the phone battery… 🙂 🙂 Evil, but effective!
    Hang in there!

  96. Oh my. Well. The green socks look wonderful (my favorite color, thankyouverymuch) and I’m sure you’ll find a solution for the router issue. Breathe deep and remember, you don’t have enough back yard to hide four bodies….just in case that had occurred to you as a possible answer to the phone/router conflict.

  97. Cars do the same thing as computer parts and children. Ever notice that the dealer or mechanic can never hear the noise the car made as you pulled in? And that the noise starts again ten minutes after you leave?
    Oh, and good luck with the new phone!

  98. 1) Yes, please, when the dust clears, Yarn Harlot on audio tape, please – and Barbie, thanks for the notion; 2) all these wireless/cordless problems were the stuff of science fiction novels when I was a girl. My daughter insists Paul and I are being dragged, dug in and pinwheeling, into the late 19th century. We had a router problem too – and discovered that putting the router on top of the desktop monitor fixed it. Now I can use the laptop in the living room while the boss is on the desktop. The problem was a metal file cabinet between the router and Daisy-the-Laptop. SHEESH! (Sneak out to a coffeehouse with free WiFi for a respite, coffee, chocolate and access – it’s lovely!)
    Much of this is why I spend my weekends in summer knitting at my campfire in the woods somewhere, far from any cords, wires, batteries, plugs, &c &c. As you’re my sisters and brothers of the Needle I’ll make a full bare-hearted confession, swearing you all to silence: YES! After the weekend I *do* relish coming home to the laptop, the flushie, the CDs – but I delightedly replaced my electric stove a few yrs ago with a good honest gas range. If God meant us to cook on electric coils you’d find them in nature. FIRE makes good food. Or food good.
    Steph, hopefully all the loving attention pouring your way (not to mention sympathy &c) will ease the pain of the Green Sockitis, and you have no shortage of volunteers if you want to give them away “afters”.
    We may be the last people in North American who don’t have cell phones, though….

  99. Yup, I had this problem. All solved once we “accidentally” picked up a 5.8 gH set of cordless phones. Whatever number we had before (who remembers?) was incompatible with the wireless router. We had been having trouble with the phones, not the computer so much. We were looking at phones, and some pimple-faced kid comes up and says, “Do you have wireless internet in your house?” We snapped, “Yes,” because we figured he was trying to tell us something we didn’t need. He said, “Then you should be looking at the 5.8 gig phones, because the (whatever other number) conflicts with wireless routers.”
    Then he was gone. Just like a pimple-faced angel.

  100. You just go out and buy one of those 50 foot long cables and directly attach the laptop to the router. No more wireless, but then no more problem either.

  101. I am weighing in late, but I feel strongly about this as I was laid up last winter with colitis and the flu. Much knitting ensued.
    BUFFY – its a natural
    ANGEL – if you like Buffy
    GREY’S ANATOMY – edgy and funny
    GILMORE GIRLS – funny
    and finally the very best (but sadly short lived)
    knitting show every.
    DEAD LIKE ME!! Don’t know anyone who did not like this great series.
    K1 P1 Jan

  102. I am weighing in late, but I feel strongly about this as I was laid up last winter with colitis and the flu. Much knitting ensued.
    BUFFY – its a natural
    ANGEL – if you like Buffy
    GREY’S ANATOMY – edgy and funny
    GILMORE GIRLS – funny
    and finally the very best (but sadly short lived)
    knitting show every.
    DEAD LIKE ME!! Don’t know anyone who did not like this great series.
    K1 P1 Jan

  103. “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is now stuck in my head: “one router routing” (although it doesn’t really fit in the song, can you get Joe to get another router so it could be ‘two routers routing’?).

  104. We have that exact problem, with only one phone in our house. If you’re on it, it kills ALL internet, as all internet in our house is wireless. The really ironic part is that we have internet-based phone, and you can use the phone! Apparently there is some weird RF transmission from just that one phone that knocks out all wireless. No big deal, really, until you’re working from home (supposedly), but actually taking a nap, and your boss calls, and you answer the nearest phone (next to the bed), and she wants you to look up something on the server. Whoops? Internet is down. And I know why, but hesitate to explain it, and tell her I’ll call back when it’s back up. From another phone.

  105. This happened with my car when I was in college, and after the upteenth time of telling my father “The car did that thing again” (which it never did when HE was in it), I got a new car out of it. Well, not a NEW new car. It was actually a used Plymouth Horizon, and he only put the downpayment on it, I still had to pay the rest of it off. Still, beat the heck out of the old ’77 Mercury Monarch.
    I pulled my first knitting all-nighter last night, by the way. I’m a relatively new knitter, and I was trying to figure out a pattern for a sweater (while “watching” Indiana Jones movies). I wasn’t keeping track of time, and suddenly realized that my sugar was crashing. When I went into the kitchen to get something to eat, I realized it was almost 4:00 in the morning (Pacific time) and my sugar was crashing because I hadn’t eaten anything in 10 hours.

  106. You are so totally deluded. If you didn’t have anyone else to cook for you wouldn’t cook at all, and would gradually expire when air food like rice crackers and anything else that explodes to dust in your mouth (and maybe some wasabi peas) proved insufficient to sustain life long-term.
    And I agree that technology begets technology, and you really do most likely see a new phone in your future. Buy one that you can set to turn off after 15 minutes…

  107. I HAVE to add my voice to the chorus of those clamoring for YarnHarlot Audio books!! I WOULD SO BE THERE!! I would be willing to pay in advance to ensure that I’d get it. I think Meditations and Secret Life are naturals for Audio! Heck, they all are! I’d love to hear your cute little Canadian accent reading your funny stories and thoughts. I already kind of imagine your voice in my head, now I wouldn’t have to imagine!

  108. New house, I’m afraid. It’s the only solution 🙁
    I love your blog by the way – I’ve been reading it for months and months and always intend to comment but never quite got there before. Maybe wine helps. Yes, I’m sure it does.
    Good luck sorting the router problem..wireless can be a horror at times.

  109. It ends with a new house, clearly
    Also the sock-ness, how do you do it? My boyfriend has requested a pair of red-and-black striped socks for christmas so I have been knitting like a woman on fire for the last couple days. I have just started nearing the end of the first ^%#& sock and still have another two balls of knitpicks essentials staring at me insisting sockdom.
    This may, of course, have something to do with his MONSTER size 10.5 mens feet (which require somewhat more knitting than any of the 6-7 size womans socks I have done before)

  110. I had no idea SCRUBS was so funny until we rented it on DVD. Also, if you haven’t seen the Masterpiece Theater BLEAK HOUSE, that would provide you with hours of knitting companionship. It made me want to read the book, which I am now enjoying immensely.

  111. Hi…delurking to post..love your blog and books….I, like several others, thought you were talking about a woodworking router until I read further. I thought to myself, “Sheesh…isn’t she busy enough? Now she’s taking up woodworking? How does that fit in with yarn?” I had a good laugh about it. Sorry about your internet woes…does sound like the phones are fighting the router.

  112. Holy cow, Steph. Do they have Netflix in Canada? It’s a flat fee like i get three at a time for 19.99 a month. You pop them in the prepaid envelope and get the next one back in like 2 days… goes really fast.

  113. I’ve decided you should be known in the future as: superknitter, superwife & supermom. You never cease to amaze me.
    Any idea how one could become a “knitster” on your Knitty Gritty episode?

  114. And there I was thinking woodworking and how when my husband got his new router he smuggled it in to the woodshop (right behind the computer desk) and commenced making teeth grinding noises while he got acquainted with his new toy.

  115. Might I suggest that you stare at the modem lights while someone is on the phone, ensuring that it really is indeed still connected to the internet? I just installed a dsl modem and convinced the phone company to send a tech over, who poked at the phone box outside and came back holding an offending chip like a dead mouse. It seemed like it just needed to be removed.
    Also, install some filters (tell Joe that they’re dsl/phone filters) on the cordless.
    And get yourself a basic basic cell phone. Also Good to hand to the oldest daughter when she’s out with unsavory elements (or just out).

  116. I’m sure one of the 138 comments ahead of me has already mentioned this, but have you considered going wired instead? You can buy cat5 cable in absurdly long lengths, and Joe seems like the sort of fellow who might enjoy crimping up his own cable.
    Alternatively, it can be purchased for an absurdly good price from this seller on eBay:
    (I’ve bought cable from him several times – it arrives fast, and works great.)
    Or perhaps you can buy a normal length of cable, and relocate the router near your laptop.

  117. The phone is a red herring. Your problem is the same one as was noted by several people above with regard to cars that cease all misbehavior when approaching the mechanic’s: its technician sensor is working perfectly. All complex (and some simple) devices have built into them a technician sensor, which determines the location of the closest person with relevant expertise, and instructs the device to perform perfectly when near that person. When the technician leaves, the sensor shuts off and the previously noted misbehavior may then resume.

  118. Your cordless phone is probably 2.4Mhz and your wireless network most certainly is. You can now upgrade your phone to 5.4 Mhz or downgrade to less, either way, your phone choices become much more slim and, of course, more expensive… however, totally worth it… I only know this because some guy on an airplane when my Darling Husband was making me move from a warm place to Pittsburgh spent a bunch of time talking about how he plotted the building of his new home and wirless network all at the same time…including confusing details that my Hubby explained to me and said we would need to get a new phone if I wanted to have a network, good thing I mentioned it. go figure. good luck.

  119. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading “At Knit’s End” while recovering from surgery. Would like to add– you know you knit too much when the pre-op nurse demands, “Give me that knitting bag!”

  120. Hey, my wireless does that too. When the phone rings….it interupts the wireless signal. I was thinking that maybe I need to relocate the phone. Since there are more than one portable phones here, I have yet to find out wich one has the offending signal. I’m pretty certain that the wired phones, (the ones that you can not walk around with) are not the problem. If you find a solution, let me know. I know I’m frustrated.

  121. As a short-term fix, can you switch with Joe and give him the wireless connection, while you plug in? Since he is the one on the phone, it is fine for the connection to go down when the phone is in use (unless he multi-tasks and needs to do both simultaneously).
    You have my sympathy–tech support issues can turn even the calmest person into the Incredible Hulk (you’ve already got the green socks).

  122. You have many technologically competent commenters, Steph. I am not one of them. The cookie offer still stands, however.

  123. Could you get Joe a cell phone? And encourage him to work from the local library/coffee house/pub?
    No, I suppose not.
    Good luck with the router situation.

  124. Hey! I can help with the Vesper dilemma! I know, I am a big fat enabler, but so what!
    If you email her, Julia most likely will get you that colorway. She is sooooooooo super cool-I had to do that to get a skein of halloween yarn when I went to dinner with the in-laws. I can guarantee that she rocks with customer service!
    Good Luck!

  125. So, after all the step-outs are done and the final taping for the program is over…are you actually going to want to finish the socks???

  126. Your story makes me happy that I have a young boy who isn’t too interested in talking on the telephone (unless it’s talking to Grandma). But with the baby girl on the way, *sigh*, it scares me. *sigh* Your green socks are lovely by the way!

  127. I’m in the midst of wathcing the Season 3 dvd’s of the series Six Feet Under. I read your post, and all I keep thinknig about is Season 1, when the dad died, and the eldest son found out his dad had secretly kept a littl shanty apartment on the other side of town. And the son goes in there, and as an audience we see flashes of images of either what dad did while in the space, or what the kid imagines his dad did while there. Either way, those little flashes totally cracked me up, and well…I think if anyone deserves a little secret hide-out, it’s you.
    I had one for 2-years until I couldn’t justify the expense. It was at this place:
    and for $180 bucks a month I had my own little place in a building that was teeming with creative life, free wireless, and peace and frickin’ quiet.
    Wonder if they have a place like that in your neck of the woods? I bet enough of us would toss in a couple of bucks you’d have rent for a year. You could skip redecorating at home and line the walls of your studio with your stash for insulation and inspiration and mabye you’d find all your tape measures while clearing out, and you could strecth them out and make kind of love-beady sort of curtains out of them for your new space.
    *grin* Ok, I’m gettin’ silly now. XO

  128. I have a fix! Get only phones with cords. No cordless phones that make it easier for the other members of your family to make calls. You will be able to make more calls as they will not be as comfy anymore. AND no more wireless signals messing w/the router! YAAAY!

  129. Yep, been there, done that! Several $100 spent on new and upgraded phones (no man will get a plain ordinary phone that basically makes and receives calls and takes messages — no, a phone system is purchased and a phone system is much more expensive than a phone.) and now my wireless works. My condolences and I hope everyone else in your house enjoys the new phone system.

  130. I meant to tell you I have to reset the router after the cleaning lady has been here. The vacuum cleaner makes it wonky every time. I asked tech support about it and they suggested switching to a broom.

  131. Okay, I am apparently really really slow, but you’re coming to LA? Are you going to be anywhere that we can mob, er, meet you?
    At least you picked an interesting color to knit endless socks with. Imagine if you had to do them all in some gruelly gray color…

  132. I haven’t read all the comments – someone may have told you this already. You probably have a 2.4 ghz phone and a 2.4 ghz (gigahertz) router. Go out and upgrade your telephone to a 5.3 ghz, 5.8 ghz or 900 mhz (megahertz) phone. Or you might be able to fix it by just changing the channels on the phone or the router. But hey, telling him to upgrade the phone might make him a little happy. Get a 2 line phone and a 2nd line while you’re at it! (Or maybe you should get VOIP … http://comparevoipproviders.org/)

  133. Sorry to hear you are currently experiencing technical difficulties. I’ve never had any troubles with my router or any router/mac issues of any sort but I also have an old fashioned corded phone.
    If you have no choice but to knit that many socks exactly the same… it’s great that you have such a lovely colour to work with (gotta love the green). Never tried Fleece Artist sock yarn but it looks great!

  134. I am never, ever getting a new phone. 2 weeks ago we got high speed and a wireless router. We run one desktop and 2 laptaps all at the same time. Giggling along, happy to have finally joined the 21st century. After reading all the comments I am scared out of my wits to even contemplate changing my mind while in the same room as a computer.

  135. Is there an internet cafe nearby? Or very far away? It might just save your sanity, as they all have wireless now, and you could knit in peace over a cup of coffee there… just a thought ;D

  136. I too resist upgrades. I was just happy as can be with my 20 gig hard drive, and it would have been happy too if the man of the house hadn’t partitioned it.
    The solution? A new 200 gig hard drive, and a thing that I don’t know the name of, but makes it so we have more USB ports. I drew the line at a new motherboard, but still basically have a new computer- with no software installed on it.
    All this two weeks before finals. Can someone just shoot me instead?
    In short, I feel your pain (sort of- no teenagers here, just noisy dogs.)

  137. When my husband and I declared our adulthood by getting a land line phone, he went to the electronics store with only one criteria in mind: what won’t screw up the router? As a result, the cordless phones we have can’t be paged. God forbid we lose one of them in the cushions or something.
    BTW: I had a dream about you last night. Don’t know where it came from, but you were giving a final on yarn at my old university. Had to tell you as soon as I woke up.

  138. Ohhhhh Yea!!! I am in!!! Barbie O’s CD idea is brilliant! I just taught my darlin’ God Daughter to knit this week while she was visiting…left for home with 4 projects on needles!!! And a copy of your knitting meditation book….she is now a die hard fan of yours and no longer a muggle…would love it on CD!!!!

  139. I would definetly buy the Harlot on CD!
    And I am just getting so bugged by all the folks saying “change the channel on the phone” Did they not read your post? Ya know, like the whole thing?
    I quote you “Channels and antennae are being changed, nothing is working so far”
    c’mon folks!

  140. Welcome to my world. I’m the operations manager for a technology company.
    And there are days I *hate* computers and everything to do with them. Including routers, which fall within my realm
    Hang in there. What a about a really long cord to the laptop? Or would that put you too close to the voice on the phone?

  141. You know,if you found a coffee shop with wireless access it would solve two of your problems. Coffee and access. You don’t get to use the phone anyway…the bath issue is still an issue, can’t help you there. It got me to thinking. J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter at a coffee shop and it seems to have worked out for her. Any coffee shop I’ve been to doesn’t mind knitting either. Just a thought….

  142. Let’s see, A poster of Steph with wedding shawl, books on tape/CD’s, Green socks for Knitters without Borders….yup, looks like we got a new shop to order from, ladies. How ’bout it?

  143. Hi Steph: I am sorry about your router problem but I’m commenting today about yesterday’s post. I have a suggestion. Rent Sports Night. It only ran three seasons, unfortunately. It’s supposedly about the cast and crew backstage making a TV sports show. But because it’s Aaron Sorkin doing the writing, it’s about politics, humanity and ethics. It’s funny and touching and really really smart. Lots of words to listen to. About the socks: I admire you more than words can express. I could NEVER hope to do what you’re doing.

  144. I didn’t read the rest of the comments, so I’m not sure if someone’s already said this, but I had the exact same problem with my wireless. We bought a new phone that works at a different frequency than the wireless signal (the old phone was crappy anyway), and the wireless started working again. After that we noticed that the router came with little boxes to plug your phone into that plug into the wall and fix the problem. Did yours come with one of those boxes? If not, you might want to buy a new phone (to match the new curtains?)…

  145. You hit on the problem. Wireless routers work on the 2.4ghz frequency which is the same frequency as a goodly number of cordless telephones. I’d be willing to bet that Joe is upstairs chatting on a 2.4ghz telephone when your wireless is out. I recently replaced my cordless phone with one of the newer 5.xghz phones as I too try to use the wireless router with my laptop (who the heck wants to have a wired connection with a portable device!). If that isn’t an option, make him used a wired phone to chatter while you use the wireless.

  146. So by now you know it’s the 900mhz. I bet if you asked for the solution to world hunger it would be fixed very quickly too. The Harlot asks and she shall receive!

  147. My dad has the same problem. Is it a cordless phone? They are probably on the same bandwidth.
    If you figure out how to get it to stop, let me know?? LOL

  148. I have a Q (hopefully to your A), what are you going to do with all of these green socks when you are done with the show? Burn them? Finish them? Strangle the router/phone with them? Give them away? Auction them off? Frog them to make a this or a that?

  149. Reminds me of when our DSL would randomly start to drop out. It’d start losing signal especially when it would rain hard or for a long time (which happens pretty frequently in Seattle) and everything would get really slow. The DSL people FINALLY (months later, after lots and lots of our complaints) sent a contractor out to our house, who discovered: the the guy wire, the one that was supposed to be holding up the phone cable? It was the phone cable that was holding up the guy wire. And when it rained a lot, the cables both got heavier and saggier and there goes the bandwidth. Took 20 minutes and a shimmy up a pole for the contractor to fix it.

  150. I didn’t read through all of the comments but I had similar problems in my home office. I had a fancy two-line cordless phone. It sounds archaic but I bought a fairly cheap non-cordless phone. Problem solved. And, I love it. It is a Plantronics headset job–quite nice and it keeps me from multi tasking too much because I can’t wander. My memory is that I picked it up at Staples or Office Max for less than $90.

  151. Well, I just got a wireless router hooked up today and the guy who installed it told me that the microwave and 2.5 GHz phone does not work with them. I am with Time Warner (Road Runner) and I asked him if my 5.8 GHz is ok. He said yes. So it looks like you may have to buy new cordless phones. I hope that isn’t going to cause that domino effect. That would suck.
    By he way I love you books.
    Terri from Upstate New York
    little town of Mexico

  152. The same thing happens to me with my laptop! It’s like the phone jams the frequency or something. (or, like my dazzlingly intelligent co-highschoolers theory that text messages follow you through the air. Their suggestion to stand on the football field, send them a text message as they run the other way and see if it takes longer to receive it was met with laughter. Although that may have been more directed at the thought of words flying through the air behind you….)

  153. pisst… what’s a ‘chesterfield’?
    I couldn’t figure out why my husband wasn’t going to the big orange box store to buy a router… What are we doing at the computer store? I was looking forward to owning a router, I like wood working. Then he got this boring little box and spent the rest of the day playing with wires and not talking much. Dull. My computer works like a champ. I guess it’s all good. I knit him a nice afghan.
    Don’t sell the house. It’s got a front porch with history and you’ll never get the new Mr Washie out of the basement anyway.

  154. I am reading these rather late, but wanted to throw my two cents in. I had the same problem with my router and laptop and ended up getting a new cordless phone, I think it’s a 5.something. I’m still traveling so I can’t look at it, but that did the trick and I was up and running on my laptop!! Love your blog!

  155. This may have already been suggested (I’ve been away for Thanksgiving and haven’t caught up on all the comments), but all this sock knitting does have one bright side. By the time you are done, you will surely be well through your Christmas list.

  156. Ugh, I have a similar problem with the baby monitor:( That and I have a husband who thinks he’s a teenage girl and spends all his time on the phone.

  157. OMG…ROFLOL! How do you do this? Turn the least funny thing into the most hysterical thing? I can so feel your pain.
    And I kept remembering Thanksgiving 1974 – I’d bought my FIRST car a month or so before – a Chevy VEGA (I know…now YOU’RE ROFLOL!) I drove it off the lot, brand new. The alternator light would come on and stay on. Until I drove onto the car lot to get it fixed. It would go off. They’d keep it a day and drive it. The light stayed off. You got it – I’d drive it off the lot, the light would come back on. This went on for weeks. On Turkey Day EVE, I drove past the car lot on my way to a friend’s house out in the boondocks. The light was on. I thought, “Should I? NAW. It’ll just go off again.”
    And yes, it broke in the boonies at 7p.m. They CAME AND GOT ME…and towed it in, b/c they had insisted there was nothing wrong and there obviously was a serious problem!
    I got a new alternator free of charge, too.
    Oh, yeah, that VEGA? It was ORANGE (it was the 70s, what can I say?). I don’t suppose the idea of an orange car breaks the monotony of the green socks for you, does it? lolol!
    I hope the computer gods smile down upon you…

  158. Well it sounds like all you need to do is change channels to solve the router vs. phone problem, but the green socks, ad nauseum, you poor dear, I do hope you are very close to being done with those! Heaps of sympathy for that. Surely you can sneak in some time for a scarf, easy sweater or two, just to save your sanity!

  159. Okay, maybe I’m a late bloomer, but I figured out how to sneak yarn into the house- have it sent to my office and then bring home a ball or two every time I need another for my sweater project…hee hee, the hubby will never see it coming!

  160. Hey Stephanie- Have a suggestion of entertainment while knitting socks. Books on CD, you must listen to Janet Evanovich’s “One For the Money”, “Two For the Doe”….. the series goes up to 12. You can check them out at the library. That should be at least a couple of pairs worth of entertainment. They are extremely funny!!!!

  161. I feel your pain about the router stuff; we’ve been through the ringer w/ours (doesn’t help that our household wiring is circa 1944).
    Is that THE Ken? Ken of the his-n-hers matching wedding sweaters debacle?

  162. How about ending up in the secret apartment across town where you can use your laptop, talk on the phone and eat chocolate – all in the bathtub. You don’t really want to live there – being alone really sucks and I suspect you love your family lots.

  163. Good Lord, those green socks are beautiful!! If you make so many you run out of people to send them to, I’d like to be next on the list. Anita M-L turned me on to your blog and I’ve really enjoyed the reading. Even though I don’t yet share your hobby of knitting (I’d be as likely to change a transmission in a car as I would be to knit) I soooooooo appreciate seeing someone make beautiful, practical things by hand! I do however share your passion for alcoholic beverages and coffee! Good luck with your router.

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