Wool pig

Megan called, I flew.


The Fleece Artist box had arrived, and I dug in. (Megan pretended not to be appalled as I rooted through the wool in the box in the exact same manner that a pig roots for truffles.) I chose this:


That’s five skeins of the same colourway, headed to be identical socks for the step outs. Identical. Socks. Lots.


and so it begins. Again.

To keep from snapping from the all-sock-all-the-time monotony, I observed “Tuesdays are for spinning” for a whole 20 minutes.


Baby camel/silk (50/50) spinning on my wee Spindlecat spindle. The stuff on the bobbin is what I’ve finished, I transfer it from the spindle when it fills. the stuff on the spindle is 20 minutes worth. This is, much like knitting…very slow magic.

Luckily, I have a 12 year old daughter to entertain me with interpretive dance. (I swear it. It was a 4 minute program.)


Ever get the feeling that it might not be dull over here?

(PS. Since it is hard to find I wanted to tell you that Megan has Sea Silk back in stock.


I freely admit that I have known this for a some time, but there was one that I was saving up for and I didn’t want anyone to buy it before I could. I’m going to do the one-skein seasilk shawl thing with it. I was briefly ashamed that I was keeping this information to myself, but then I remembered who I was.)

112 thoughts on “Wool pig

  1. I can’t believe that nobody has made any comments yet.
    Have fun with the socks. Have had my own little personal trauma with them recently, but I’m not doing one a day.

  2. I am so happy for you! To get that much yarn in all the same colorway is not an easy task. My only question now is…what will you do with all the half finished socks that you make on the show? Will you finish them and add them to the “gift” pile? If so, I would like to add my name to the gift receiver list ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait to see you on Knitty Gritty and really enjoy your blog every day!

  3. Oh, Seasilk – I bought some a month ago and had to put it out of sight after winding it. Otherwise I would have no finished projects!

  4. Your place definitely doesn’t look dull. How could it with three teenage girls and a mom trying to knit socks like she’s never knit socks before? Love the Fleece Artist, just finished a pair for myself.

  5. Ahh, interpretive dance. I have seen it myself. Many. Times. My little dancer is 21 now and is actually a joy and wonder to watch when she performs with her college dance group. But for many years, I watched the process unfold….it was a wee bit painful. happy knitting.

  6. I have no idea how much intestinal fortitude it will take to knit that many “identical” socks. But god luv ya for doin it! And in a colorway that’s awesome, too.
    Now quit reading comments and get back to knitting!

  7. I’m curious about what order you will do your step outs in. You know, some each stage is further along in progress and takes longer. Will you do longest to shortest, so it gets easier and easier to get each one done, or shortest to longest, to count completed ones faster? Or will you do them at random to keep it interesting? Dumb question, but I am curious, it tells something about one’s personality and way of thinking, you know?

  8. You are really focused. You left some Seasilk for the rest of us! (I typoed that “seasick” at first… didn’t dare leave it that way!)
    On with the socks! I do understand the monotony; I’ve been doing hats (not all the same yarn, at least) and I have to finish one and rip out another and reknit it because of three freaking stitches.

  9. I have customers who enjoy rooting through boxes of new yarn too. It’s wonderful — except when they scarf up the books and patterns before I’ve even had a chance to look at ’em! Gotta love the interpretive dance–my daughter is currently into rehearsing Shakespeare lines for her English class, or playing improv drills. I’m improving at both she says. Happy knitting!

  10. snort. life can never be dull with a 12 year old around. think of the sea silk as your reward for living with one (as delightful as they can be, they do have those kind of moments)

  11. Oooohh, new Fleece Artist sock yarn. That stuff is gold. I have a skein currently sitting in the stash waiting for inspiration to strike.

  12. Drool Drool Drool. That yarn is pure yumminess! But you have my admiration on the multi/same sock boredom. I will not feel bad now finishing a pair of socks requested by my MIL. In boring black wool.
    And I love the dance!

  13. I’ve seen you with a delivery box in that shop. That’s why I stayed home. Much safer. Not nearly as entertaining, but safer.

  14. You? A wool pig? I thought it was your mission in life to convert the masses, not to conceal the glory of wool inside your own closet. Shocking.

  15. Okay, now I would REALLY like to get my hands on that one-skein shawl pattern, but I live in Oregon, so the odds of me making it all the way to Ontario to visit Lettuce Knit and purchase the pattern are slim to none! Help! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I tape Knitty Gritty daily, so I’m eagerly awaiting your segment, even though I have not yet made even one sock! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Congrats!
    Oh yeah, and always be true to yourself (cheesy, I know). I find it very easy to say that because I do not live in Toronto and have never been to Lettuce Knit (yet). Therefore, I shall just have to look for seasilk elsewhere.

  17. So you’re going to end up with a pile of identical hand-knit famous socks? You could raffle them off for charity.

  18. Should we be worried…all sock knitting and no lace make the harlot a dull girl.
    Shoud we send the men in white coats round…
    Good Luck! I’m worrying that I’ll not be able to knit 7 socks in 4 weeks, let alone 7 in 7 days.

  19. Do you have the slightest idea, between the charity knitting and the holiday knitting and the spinning that I would really like to get back to someday, how much time I have to knit that shawl? Yes, that’s right, “none” is the correct answer. I think the prospect of knitting all those part-socks has driven you to pure evil.

  20. Spinning, eh? Did you ever finish spinning the yarn for Joe’s gansey? When do we get to see the final product?

  21. Love the dance photo! Sea Silk. Oh my. I talked my DH into buying some, the catch being that I’m not allowed to so much as ball it up before my birthday or Christmas (I haven’t wanted to age so much since I was 12 364/365ths.) But–I got the box from the mailman, I know where it is (he doesn’t!) and I get to sneak it out and pet it every now and then. You think it feels nice–just wait till you start actually knitting it up. Better finish those socks first.

  22. Oh, and I’m gonna try to bake something for the knit nite tomorrow as pennance for my smartassedness in your time of trouble. You’ve been warned. And if it doesn’t happen, remember the operative word was “try”.

  23. I don’t let other people touch my sea silk- maybe when I knit it up, just maybe. Good luck on the socks, you’ve inspired me to try again since I always knit an evil pair of socks that breaks me, than after awhile, I go back and knit a good pair. My last pair I did my gauge on tiny needles but than picked up larger needles accidently and when I realized I was knitting a sleeve for my weightlifting neighbour instead of a sock I had some issues. I lurve the red ones!

  24. oh my gawd that yarn is gorgeous. what in the world colorway is that (sock yarn)???
    i am in love!!!!!!!

  25. I must say, I would find it hard to stop at the necessary spot on each partial sock, put it down, and start the next. I admire your strength.
    Perhaps some awesome contest will be in order later on, to dole out all of these matching pairs of socks you’ll be left with. Something to benefit MSF?

  26. I just recieved Alice’s beautiful Knitted Wings pattern in the mail a few days ago (Toronto to Ottawa in two mailing days; Denny must have put a spell on the package). I’m using it and a skein of hyacinth coloured seasilk as a reward for finishing up a whole lotta chores chez nous.

  27. So,that’s a pair for each of you,right? five pair-all matching..You can be like those families that have identical shirts or outfits when they go to amusement parks–so all the clan is easily spotted..think about this–you may be WAY ahead on your christmas list!

  28. hmmhmmhmm… love it all, such exquisite taste you have, that sock color will rock on-camera. And the Sea Silk… amazing stuff, maybe I’ll own some someday.

  29. Oh boy, the Sea Silk. Droooool… The colorway you chose for the socks look great. If anyone can knit all those partial socks, you can. How many days to go??

  30. I’m kinda afraid to ask this because I don’t REALLY want to start spinning, but… why would you choose a drop spindle over a wheel to spin with? I thought drop spindles were for times when a wheel wasn’t available. Just curious.

  31. Gorgeous yarn and spinning! I want to know – as you rooted through the box like a truffle pig, did you snort? I have this horrifying, yet fabulous visual going through my head.
    Just curious.

  32. Oh I wish I could dig in the box of yarn! (I did get firsties on the sock yarn at the yarn shop yesterday, it came UPS while I was there!)
    The seasilk looks so nice!
    I love the pink socks. Please post the recipe when you are not on sock over load.

  33. Gorgeous yarn and spinning! I want to know – as you rooted through the box like a truffle pig, did you snort? I have this horrifying, yet fabulous visual going through my head. I want to know if I need to add audio.
    Just curious.

  34. I just had the brilliant idea that it might be possible to start with one or two complete socks and unravel to the various stages between takes.
    But the stages would be in the wrong order. Me stupid.

  35. Yarn Harlot, Yarn Hog, same thing n’est-ce pas?? The important thing is the undying avaricious obsessive love of exquisite fibre flowing through your fingers and the totally unselfish and highly amusing way you allow us to enjoy it with you. Merci mille fois.
    (see Stephanie, we’ll get you up to speed on your french so you’ll come back to Montreal sooner rather than later…smell the bagels, taste the squeeky cheese curds…although personally I prefer those curds melted over fries and smothered in gravy…took 7 years after moving here to acquire that taste!)

  36. Ahh…Sea-silk…I just knit a “yo, p2tog” dressy scarf (i.e. it doesn’t keep you warm; it just makes your favourite suit or jacket look *fabulous*, Dahlink!) in orange-and-green for my kid sis’ birthday…and I have purple SeaSilk (heaven) for the Swallowtail Shawl from IK Fall ’06…for me…whe-e-e-e!

  37. Okay, now I clicked on the link to see about the ne skein shawl and I read that Lettuce Knit moved one door down.
    So, I am standing on the street very near to where I needed to be and no one knew the yarn shop was RIGHT THERE! They must need a new sign. A very big sign. It’s really not fair that if you don’t know where the store is you cannot find it easily. How did we miss all the yarn that should be in the window?!
    We drove up and down that block several times and never saw the shop! we never knew how stupid we were till now.I am off to take my husband and I to have our eyes checked.

  38. If it makes you feel any better, a friend and I were at our LYS last week. One of the sales reps was in and we happily sat and pawed all the new yarns and colors with the store staff. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And then today there was a WHOLE BOX of lorna’s laces sitting there in gorgeous colorways. And so we pawed through that whole box, ooing and aahing over it.
    So.. it’s not just you ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. I’m loving the interpretive dance!! My youngest daughter is four, and she likes to tell me stories while I’m knitting.
    We’re still working on things like…plots. And continuity. And not telling mommy stories about SEVEN dwarves in FIVE trees with SIXTEEN pearls and NINE shovels while Mommy is trying to count to sixty…sixty-something…drat…

  40. That Fleece Artist is lovely. Good luck with the sock parade. Which Sea Silk did you get??? Hopefully not the one *I* am coveting!!! (I was at LK on the weekend…)

  41. Not that anything at your house could ever be dull (although I’d be worried your entertainment would entangle herself in a half-finished sock for TV while dancing around)…
    The color pattern you picked out for your socks is gorgeous!

  42. Ahem. I thought the idea of the step outs was to make it look like the *same* sock, further along (like you’re actually knitting that fast in the show). Those socks will *not* look like the same sock – only like sisters but not identical twins. Are you sure Knitty Gritty doesn’t demand that they look like the same sock (a solid color, for example)? …. just sayin’

  43. *emerges from lurkage, grinning*
    “Megan pretended not to be appalled as I rooted through the wool in the box in the exact same manner that a pig roots for truffles.”
    There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with the nose-down-tail-up method of hunting wool!
    Just think of it as being (very) focussed on your goal…

  44. A couple of questions:
    Will Lettuce Knit take online orders for the shawl pattern? And what kinds of yarn are appropriate for making the shawl? I have one beautiful skein (see the picture on my website) that needs a beautiful project, but I don’t know if it’s suitable for this pattern.
    And I just wanted to mention that I have watched Knitty Gritty shows where the colorway was in a different place from stepout to stepout, and it’s not hard to understand what’s going on.

  45. I love the green yarn for the step outs, but isn’t green your favorite color? Aren’t you afraid that color aversion will occur after working on the step outs? Good luck!

  46. Whoo! Good luck knitting the step-outs Stephanie!
    I had an idea, btw, which might help make the endless knitting of the step-outs a little easier to stomach.
    What if, once you finish your appearance on Knitty Gritty, you finish the socks and then auction off the various pairs, with the proceeds to benefit MSF?

  47. You know, Stephanie, I’m betting Megan would have put that one skein of Sea Silk aside for you. Just sayin’. I think that’s yarn I need to pretend I don’t know about. Must. . . knit. . . stash. Know anyone with a couple hundred feet?

  48. People keep saying 5 pairs of socks. But if the 5 step-outs match each other, isn’t that really 2.5 pairs?

  49. You don’t mention whether there were any casualties on the way to the shop. Or within it, as in those people unfortunate enough to be standing twixt you and the box . . .
    Seasilk. *sighs* I will try it, for that shawl, if and only if I reach the end of the holiday knitting in time. The prospects for which, since I’ve come down with bronchitis, are looking somewhat dim, since every time I reach a critical moment in scarf knitting — I cough and drop the dang stitches!

  50. Hi Stephanie. The Fleece Artist colourway is gorgeous! I’m delighted that you’re going to be on Knitty Gritty, as we get that here ๐Ÿ˜€ Are you going to take all the “partials” you’d completed? A good chance to show off gorgeous socks, IMO.

  51. Mrs Harlot? Colorways on the Fleece Artist
    pul-eeeze?? Your pics are so much richer in color than their website. Closest I can come is to guess Rain Forest on the new stuff. I can’t even speculate what the colorway is on yesterdays browns-blues sock, but I love BOTH! MUST HAVES! Can you share the specs?

  52. Should you find yourself in need of a recipient for those gorgeous pink feather and fan socks, I’d be happy to volunteer. ๐Ÿ˜€
    *drools over sea silk*
    I wonder if my husband would consider driving to Illinois (the nearest yarn shop that carries it) this weekend? He did say he wanted us to do something “fun”…and what’s more fun than yarn shopping?

  53. I heard your interview on Radio Noon (and Freestyle for the knitting Olympics but that was awhile back). I’m just sorry that I missed being able to meet you in person later that evening. I’m now just discovering your blog and am up to June 2004.
    I’m inspired through, and I’m thrumming along as well, though does it count if it is 2 years too late?
    Thanks for sharing your passion, and resparking mine!

  54. Love the interpretive dance, my 12 yr old son is into musicals and often breaks into song to entertain me. I’ve learned to enjoy Guys and Dolls without complaining or you may end up listening to the Wizard of Oz (over and over).

  55. Stephanie,
    Yesterday you wrote
    “Special thanks too, to Pick Up Sticks (a new Canadian mail order joint I didn’t know about.) for choosing this exact week to mail me some really fantastic new sock yarn that I can’t knit right now. You’re killing me. Spinning Bunny hand dyed by Susan “Roses for you” colourway and a skein of Painted Yarns Merino 2 ply (this lady is Canadian too..) in “Spring Greens” It’s the dark side of yarn stores. Temptation. I’m going to have to bury this yarn in the back garden for a while just to stick with my mission.”
    I am so jelous! You get FREE yarn from various Yarn Stores to try out just because you are the Yarn Harlot? I too want to be a Yarn Harlot! Maybe we should start a club. We could create a Webring, and a button to put on our blogs of fellow Harlot readers to chat amongst ourselves. Just a thought.
    So, how can I get on this random free yarn list…who do I have to pay? LOL!

  56. So this is the first time I have commented on your blog. I have been a reader for quite awhile, I just adore your writing. The main reason I am writing this time is to say THANK YOU for motivating me to try socks!! I just finished the second sock of my first pair and I am officially addicted!!
    Can’t wait to see you on Knitty Gritty. I have read all your books and am anxiously awaiting the next one!

  57. Just in case you get tired of showing us your socks–or think that we might get bored looking at them (not a chance!), you could always just post some wedding pictures and fill up your blog that way. We’d all love it!

  58. One of the reasons I love to read your blog is that in your world, sock yarn is plentiful and beautiful. The sock yarn sections of the LYS’s around here usually consist of less than 10 skeins of Regia (of which no two are the same colour). *Sigh*

  59. Interpretive dance…wonderful… my kids need to broaden their horizons–most of their attemps to entertain me fall under the “what can I do to make the cave troll make that bad noise” category…

  60. I admire your restraint. I think I would have to have a few extra skeins for myself, you know, as a reward for getting all the step outs done.
    I second Thorny’s idea: You could finish up the socks and auction them at ebay or something with the proceeds to go to MSF.
    I also like the matching-socks-for-the-whole-Harlot-clan for Christmas idea too.

  61. So do you have other sock yarn in that box….maybe you should share- it is that special sharing time of year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. All that yarn looks so beautiful…so pretty. I want it all (yeah I’m being selfish).
    I’m very disappointed that there is no “oh look, another sock” today…I’m ready to cry, really. I wanted to see the latest.

  63. Kids ad hoc performances can be amazingly well thought out. It makes you wonder what they see in their heads as they dance, sing and otherwise amuse the adults around them. Congrats on getting the yarn and good luck with the step-outs!

  64. You know, you could take the identical socks and make pairs of them, then offer them as prizes for Knitters Without Borders donators, or for some future contest.
    Also, as others have asked, which colorway is that?? It looked kind of like Rainforest, but not quite. Those happen to be my ultimate favorite colors in the world, and they’re all together! Beautiful.

  65. Socks and I are not on speaking terms at the moment. I fell asleep with my knitting beside me, lost a needle and a whole host of stitches off a pair of gift socks for a friend. I’m currently reasonably pissed at them and refuse to knit them right now, though I did stick a needle through the mocking dropped stitches. That’ll show ’em.
    In other news, I saw a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab oil called Harlot and thought of you. If you’re at all into sniffy stuff, you should check out the lab (http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com). It’s a whole new world of addiction waiting for you. Though I totally understand if your only signature scent is wool fumes.

  66. Aaah, interpretive dance. When I lived at home, my three sisters and I would indulge in dance, sock-skating in the kitchen, and show-stopping musical numbers at the drop of a hat. My husband, alas, was not fortunate enough to have been raised in such a home. He looks at me strangely when I begin singing about the knitting, or dishes, or the messes the children are making on the floor.
    And when I saw your daughter, she reminded me of my littlest sister. Who, I have just realized, is no longer twelve but nearly fifteen. Ack!

  67. Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhh that sock yarn is yummy…and as for the Sea Silk, well who among us would not have done the same thing?! Which one did you choose?
    I am sooooo happy,just have to share,Thanksgiving in the US will be Thurs and our God-daughter and her father are arriving from out of state tomorrow…her one request was that this year I teach her to knit!!! Now is that a Thanksgiving or what?! Another Muggle slipping over to our side!!! Even have a trip to the LYS planned!!! Life is good…can’t wait to see your tons of socks…and the shawl!!!!!

  68. Must you have physical stepouts? Lazy me would take a pair of socks to the local repro center, take one sock *unravel section, stick some needles in, make a color copy, yank needles out, *repeat for however many stepouts you need.
    Maybe keep it in mind for Plan “B.”

  69. Either you are going to have to stop recommending people or I am going to have to stop reading your blog! You’re costing me too much! Oh well, 30 days of bliss until the credit card comes in ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rock on…Personally I think Megan is the bestest yarn pusher ever!

  70. So what will you do with all these finished identical socks? Perhaps raffle them off to raise money for Tricoteuses Sans Frontiรจres? That is, assuming you can tolerate the sameness enough to finish all of the step-outs.
    Good luck!

  71. even with the all-socks-all-the-time stint here, you still CRACK ME UP!!!! I would never assume that it is EVER boring at your house though. love the socks, they’re great, and I just wish I had the DIY network on our satellite programming!! ๐Ÿ™ best of luck!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Like Shelley, I nearly said, “What? No sock?” Then looked more closely (the yarn distracted me) and noted that yes, of course there was a sock in pic #3. It’s just really close up. And plain stockinette. [g] Gorgeous, gorgeous color!! And oh yeah, we gotta know the colorways! Old and new. When, like, you know, things slow dow–
    ::stricken pause, as I realize once again, I can be slow – the *other* kind of slow::
    This is never gonna happen, is it?
    And SallyT (if she reads back) said: “why would you choose a drop spindle over a wheel to spin with? I thought drop spindles were for times when a wheel wasn’t available.” Not always, Sally. Could be because of short fiber not able to hold together while spinning on a wheel (wheels put more tension on the fiber – even light tension can make it slip apart before you get it twisted, or break yarn); may be easier for a spinner to spin really fine on a drop spindle; you’re using a specific spinning technique; may just be spinners’ preference for that particular fiber. Even with lovely wheels, spindles still have their place!

  73. Oh be careful with the sea silk. It’s true what they say, once you try sea silk you never go back. It starts with a one skein shaw and then your trying to figure how much exactly would it cost to knit a body suit out of the stuff, because you want to cover your body in it at all times, but still be able to feed the children. So the children still have the energy to learn and dance and not do their chores. But maybe if you just ate pb&j for a week or two you might be able to acquire more, or what if you played survivor and let the kids forage for food in the backyard, or tell them that they have been naughty so all they got this year was coal in their stocking, or…
    As you can see the Sea Silk surely makes you lose your head, just saying be careful with the stuff. I’m a goner already so if you need to save your self from the craziness I’m more than willing to take it off your hands. Word to the wise ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Beautiful fleece artist for a fabulous fiber artist. Anyway, let me know if you need help knitting those 1/2 , 1/4, 1/8 done socks after the show is over. Or do you have a frogging party planned so you can do a fleece artist sweater?

  75. Now that last photo- is that the Sea Silk you took home or the Sea Silk you left behind at the store?
    Love the interpretive dance. In our house we have Toddler Opera, where they sing along to themselves as they play. Today’s aria: “You’re a naughty buuunnnnny, you have to eat your cruuusstts, so you can fllyyy”

  76. How about a sock-knitting meeting at your local LYS? Call in the troops and let them knit some of the “half-finished” socks under your supervision. Bribe them with coffee and cake (or beer where appropriate).

  77. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I’m gonna have to get me down to Lettuce Knit soon to check out their stash!
    I’m so impressed with the uber speed at which you devour yarn for socks. You are truly an inspiration to an amateur sock diva such as myself. WOOT!

  78. Are you getting your nails done for the show? Most of the time the knitters have these fabulous manicures. Something to show off the color of the socks perhaps? Or a classy, shiny clear?
    And hey, we can all see what your wedding ring look like! Hoo-rah!

  79. I met Megan’s Mom at a garden party during the Summer.
    Although you are a terrific spokesperson for Lettuce Knit, you should know that Megan’s Mom does an even more amazing job of supporting her daughter. She is very proud of the store’s success.

  80. Say, YH, do you or someone in your vast network of fibre friends know whether Seacell is now or will soon be available as a spinning fiber?
    Want some. Bad.

  81. ” but then I remembered who I was.”
    Wonderful! I keep telling my husband I want sea silk for birthday/anniversary/Christmas/any random Tuesday, but so far he’s not biting.

  82. Am I the only one doing the math in my head and boggling at the number of size-whatever DPN’s you need to have in your posession to keep all those part socks on the needles for demonstration? No wonder I have to mail order my DPN’s from the ‘States’. You’re not only a wool pig, you are a DPN hog ;). But I’ll forgive you because I take solace in knowing I am not the only one that gets to watch long, “interesting” dances from a child. Only mine is seven, and her choreography is all her own. Tee hee!

  83. Hey Steph, I’ll gladly come…umm…”watch” your stash for you while you’re busy knitting on those step outs! I swear I’ll be…umm…gentle with it! (Yep, that’s the story…hehehehe)

  84. Ooohh, what a nice big box of yarn. What is the colorway you chose? Love it. If I had such a big box of yarn, I would lay on the floor and have someone dump the box on me (stash yarn would not be the same). The joys of interpretive dance. My husband did an interpretive dance to the Law&Order theme song last night. Very funny to see a 6’2″ ungraceful man dancing around. Sometimes I’ll shout out, “INTERPRETIVE DANCE” and he’ll bust out some moves. I love that man. Happy sock knitting!

  85. It must be genetic-my daughter and the 2 next door neighbor girls spent hours “letting” me watch their dances, their cheerleading and their baton twirling!! I learned to nap with my eyes open. Now my daughter’s daughter is doing the same thing. Quite a genetic bond we all share.

  86. Nothing wrong with hoarding vital information about yarn availability (or good wine, cheese, chocolate, etc)

  87. I knitted a Swallowtail from my one skein of seasilk and everyone want to touch it, it feels amazing. I need to get some more! Good luck on the sock knitting.

  88. Dude. Custom spindles? You are so trying to lure me into spinning.
    Love the interpretive dance–glad to see I’m not the only weirdo, er, creative spirit dancing in my living room.

  89. I bought the second-to-last skein of sea silk at knitty city last month, and it is unspeakably beautiful. I am saving it for post-christmas knitting, not sure what it will be, but it’s lovely to have around just for inspiration!
    Best of luck with the identical sock project…such a sacrifice you’re making for your fans! we do appreciate it, you know.

  90. I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying… I can really relate to being a wool pig.
    Good luck with this socksanity. I really wish we got DIY, on the TeeVee.

  91. ok, i’m going to ask this even though i risk being chased from the cyber-room by dpn-wielding more experienced and knowledgeable knitters. but here goes: what exactly is the point of spinning? can’t you just go to the yarn shop and buy it already done for you?? i am not trying to be scornful or superior, i am completely ready to be enlightened and if need be, converted. it’s just that….. i don’t really get it.

  92. Uhuu, I feel like a grumpy old woman. Everyone has given such lovely comments about the yarn and I agree it is beatifull.
    But if you wan’t to show techniques infront of a TV-camera this yarn is to dark and the colors are so different in strength that the colorvariation will cath more interest than the technique. Do I make any sence? I feel my english lacks the exakt words.
    Sorry for being such a grumpy one, Just thought it could be nice for you to think about before it’s to late.

  93. If you like Science Fiction, the Hubby and I enjoyed Farscape and Babylon 5. (We check out of the library…We also really liked Dead Like Me, which only ran two seasons, so it’s not as long a commitment…that was a shame too, because it’s fascinating…a girl gets killed by a toilet seat from the space station, and becomes a Grim Reaper, taking the souls of people who will die in accidents, etc. It’s on our Sci Fi channel right now, and we liked it enough to watch it from the beginning. Whew! Sorry I’m so long-winded! I’ll letcha get back to all those socks…just think of all the ready-made starts on Christmas you have with the “unacceptable” ones, though! Chin up! You’ll make it! We have faith in you!

  94. Well, if you really have to knit a barrage of socks, I couldn’t think of nicer yarn for it. Luscious. I do love Fleece Artist (and one or two other Canadian things..)

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