Do not start with us

Okay. Look at the total. You guys started donating on Friday. It is Monday. From about $120 000 to about $180 000 in that space of time? Does anyone else find that sort of deliciously scary? That isn’t even all of you. I know some of you are yet to donate, and there is an alarming amount of mail still in my inbox. (I’m going as fast as I can. If you haven’t had an email from me, then your donation hasn’t been added to that total yet.)

People seriously underestimate knitters. Seriously. It is a good thing that we do not use our powers for evil (mostly) because if we ever took it into our collective heads to mess somebody up I shudder to think what would happen, and how quickly. You people are a force to be reckoned with and if you weren’t feeling powerful when you got up this morning, then dudes…you should be now. I think we should get tee-shirts that say “Be nice. I’m a knitter, and I’m on a big team.”

Before we carry on I want to take a minute to ask a favour of all of you who are yet to send in your donation. When you send me the email to tell me about it…..don’t apologize. Many of you are writing to me and saying “Sorry it’s such a small amount” or “I’m sorry, but this is the best we can do right now”. There is no need for this. Look at the amount in the sidebar. You aren’t one person…you’re part of a team, and teams are formed because one person can’t do all of the work. This is just like just like knitting, where an individual stitch (or $5) may not seem like much, but if you repeat it enough times….Besides. You should ask the MSF people if they think $5 is a lot of money. Considering that most of us can’t fix our lives with our whole paycheque…it’s stunning what they can fix with $5.

The one downside to your incredible generosity is that adding it up cuts pretty seriously into the Christmas knitting time. My first priority was to make mates for all of the single socks that I’d knit…


And now I’m working on the green socks. (And two scarves, and a hat, and some other socks and…..can you tell it’s Christmas crunch time? I’m going to have to make a full accounting tonight. I sort of don’t want to. Ignorance is bliss.)They don’t bug me so much now that I’m allowed to finish them. The whole delayed gratification thing was painful. Funny how if it’s never bothered me to leave half knit stuff all over the house until now. Joe would say that this is because I am one of the most contrary women alive. Tell me I should be finishing socks…I leave them in bits around the house. Tell me I’m not allowed to finish them? The urge is overwhelming. Maybe someone aught to tell me I’m not allowed to do housework.

143 thoughts on “Do not start with us

  1. You are utterly and totally forbidden to do housework….after Christmas. Before Christmas you are forbidden to knit.
    (How’s that work for you?)

  2. You know what I am sorry about? That in the email I sent you I forgot to thank you. So–better late than never–thank you so much for taking the lead on this. I used to work upstairs from MSF in NYC and I know what amazing people they are.

  3. See, I don’t know that that approach to housework has ever worked. If you tell me I have to do the housework, I dig in my heels, get increasingly stroppy, and don’t clean. If you tell me I *can’t* do the housework, then I just go back to my normal method of ignoring it until the loose fur becomes too egregious.
    The TSF total is awe-inspiring.

  4. Wow! That is so cool! $50k in one weekend! And that’s with the biggest spending time period of the year!
    When your eyes start to bug out from looking at the numbers, there are two options. You can either work on something plain and/or chunky that is easily seen, to keep your eyes in their bugged out state, but allow them to rest, or you can work on something incredibly complicated with a tiny gauge that forces you to squint and pop your eyes back in place. They don’t get to rest as much, though. =)
    Happy holidays!

  5. The analogy of many stitches making a sweater is perfect — and you’re the cast-on row!

  6. stephanie you are not allowed to do housework.
    you must sit on your arse for the next 4 days doing nothing but knitting.
    no housework… someone else will get to it…ok i almost said that without laughing.
    hugs good luck with the socks…can i have a pair;) j/k

  7. I tried to give over the weekend but couldn’t get connected to their site. Maybe they were too busy getting donations from others? I just gave my money now. I am sure a lot of others will give now that the crowd has thinned out a bit. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  8. Thanks for reminding all of us what this season is really all about. I just made me donation and it was simple and painless to do on-line.

  9. The world DEFINITELY needs more bad-ass knitting t-shirts. Rather than being condescending, as my boss is (“Oh, are you LEARNING to knit? How quaint.”), people should shudder in fear when they see pointy sticks. Grrrrrrr.
    Bravo to knitters uniting for a good cause!

  10. No donations for me yet, I’m trying to knit (and earn a paycheck to have funds to donate). I will get around to it after the holidays when I get a chance to take stock of the damage. Go knitters!!

  11. I would so buy a t-shirt that said that…
    Enjoy the holiday knitting, I know I’ll be knitting to the very.last.minute.possible…
    I’ll make my donation and let you know about it *after* the holidays…..or is there a time limit on this drive?

  12. Hey, if you don’t finish presents, you can just point to the total ($ and email), and say, “That’s your Christmas present time.” Somehow, I can’t imagine your family will bitch. [vbg] They’ll probably join us in saying, “Waytago, Steph!” Concentrate on the stuff for the kids, and wrap up the partially-done items for adults. That tactic didn’t start recently, y’know. My mom was doing it with presents she sewed back in the 60’s! (Oh, and it’s all your fault I now have green Fleece Artist for my own Christmas present. Egads. You and the Simply Socks store are a deadly combination. Thanks!)
    Bbw – you’re not allowed to have chocolate, revivifying drinks, the occasional cookie, get take-out or food delivered instead of cooking when it gets overwhelming, listen to soothing seasonal music, stop worrying about finishing in time, or take a minute here and there to unlax! I think that’s covered a lot of things… Any other stuff we should be forbidding??

  13. You’re not allowed to knit. At all. End of discussion. The kids are not allowed to do housework. Enjoy! Julie

  14. I’m waiting for all the recent changes to my bank account to clear before I donate…have to actually have money to be able to give any…
    But I will give. I can hardly wait to be one of the ‘stitches’!
    Hooray for TSF!

  15. Stephanie, not only is that climbing total awe inspiring, but the fact that you were the one who instigated it is awe inspiring!
    You should run for President, or Prime Minister, whatever it is in Canada….. I would vote for you, you know, if I was a citizen…
    Socks look GREAT and I say you have earned the right to do no housework!
    Love Tye x

  16. I can’t even tell you how many times I checked the site over the weekend…and how many times I said, “Honey, look at this! Look at what she’s done!” Because it is all because of you, dear Harlot. I’m sure I can’t be the only person who would have never heard of DWB were it not for you. You enabled all of us to make a difference, and what a difference it is! Have a chocolate and a drinkiepoo or two (or ten)…you’ve earned it!

  17. Steph
    You delegate and get that Tshirt done and I’ll get in line for one. In fact, line forms behind me!
    Jeeze, I thought I was one of the first in line, but haven’t heard from you yet. What does that mean for the TOTAL? OH my Gosh!
    I still think that KWB should be in the list of why we gave to DWB.
    Susan, Nokomis, FL and Tolland, MA

  18. I think many of us are in a Christmas Time Knitting Crunch. I have actually resorted to Knitting (Heaven help me) in church. That’s right…during Sunday’s service I was sitting there finishing the second sock of a pair. What has happen to me? I am totally blaming it on you LOL.
    That is not all, I am also knitting while I work out on the treadmil at the gym. Takes a little more concentration than normal but hey…all for the cause. Multi-tasking at it’s best!
    I guess during Christmas it really is “no holds bar” as to what is acceptable or not.

  19. I never thought about knitting on the treadmill. i will have to try that. Thanks Marly.
    I would so help you tally if I could, but I think the logistics would get in our way more than anything else. Thanks for letting me know about this. Someone posted it at, and I think it’s really going to take off.

  20. So. After the holidays–go to Cafepress (or elsewhere) and definitely make that T-shirt available, with the Yarn Harlot blog logo on the back. Profits to go to MSF. It’ll be a hit, I promise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. I love the fact that the total has jumped. We are knitters hear us click!
    I want the tee shirt too!
    When I took up knitting again (I learned at age 9) someone asked me “and HOW OLD are you?” Like knitting is for the aged, infirm or perpetually maiden nun aunt types. HA! We ARE a force to be reckoned with and I love it.
    Blessings to all!

  22. I’ve never doubted the power of knitters. I mean who hasn’t seen a man – a manly, manly man – brought to his knees when he has to enter a yarn store full of needles and yarn and knitters, oh my! We are a force to be reckoned with… a force with pointy objects and wool!

  23. We are knitters, hear us roar! That total is AWESOME. And for you apologizers out there, remember, $50,000 made up from 50,000 $1 donations is just as powerful as $50,000 made up from one donation. In fact, more so, because it has the good wishes of 50,000 donors to go with it! I, for one, wouldn’t have gotten around to donating without the Harlot’s eloquent reminder. Here’s to you Stephanie! Now go clean house. I mean it. Really.

  24. I totally promise to donate as it such a worthy cause, but righjt now I seriously have nothing, but cometh the new year, cometh the student loan payment. Well done in taking the lead!

  25. That’s a beautiful thing to see and I’m pleased to be part of such a great team. Thanks as always for being our spokeswoman.

  26. That’s an awesome power you have there. Is it hereditary? We could forbid the girls to do housework, clean their rooms, share their stuff, put the milk in the fridge…
    Speaking of awesome power: WE ARE KNITTERS, HEAR US ROAR!

  27. If such a tee-shirt became available to purchase, I’d definitely buy one! or how about “I have two pointy sticks and I know how to use them….any questions?” The last time I flew,you should have heard the grumbles from the people in line…how dangerous my needles were….if only they knew, right?
    Much holiday joy to you, dear Harlot!

  28. I would so buy a shirt (or better yet, tote bag)! I love it.
    Congratulations on organizing such a wonderful event that helps us remember the meaning of the holidays.
    BTW – I’ve been tempted to knit on the elliptical, but have an image of impaling myself on a DPN. Shudder….

  29. That must be why I am so compelled to do a bit of extra laundry, sweep up dust bunnies, and sort throuugh stacks of old mail when it is exam time and all I can really handle is cramming for the next Calculus test! (Yes, I am one of the wierd ones who enjoys math. I think that is why I knit!) I too will be donating when the student loan payments are in ; )

  30. can you send me an email?
    (unless the canadian postal system is miraculous, i suspect sending a package to
    the yarn harlot,
    toronto canada
    just won’t work)
    i would like to make a donation, but truly have no cash to spare.
    but, not to long ago, a warehouse went banktrupt, and i scored (before they hit the dumpster (do you canadian use the US word or the english? (skip)) pounds of yarn
    i’d love to donate some mohair.. i happen to have, well, more than it is decent for any one person to own.
    i’d like to donate some, and add to the incentive prizes for those who have a dollar or two.
    and next time you’re in NY, i’ll get you to sign Meditations, (being me, i managed to get your books in reverse order!)

  31. Way to go Stephanie, You are an awesome leader. Go for the tee- shirts & /or tote bags… we are a group to be dealt with. Thanks for the positive feedback.
    Now, you are forbidden to do house work for 3 weeks, the girls will be out of school, and that will be a great time for them to stay out of your hair by cleaning their rooms, their closets, the bathrooms, etc… lol
    Merry & Happy holidays- I’m off to see grandchild & spoil her!

  32. I just spent my t-shirt money on a donation! But catch me after the new year and I’m in for a shirt/tote bag. Go Team Go!

  33. Oooh, Stephanie, that’s how I finished my dissertation — told myself I was “not supposed to” (red flag in front of a bull) work on it right then. I would go right upstairs and write, just to show…. um, whoever told me not to, that they were not the boss of me.

  34. I have a law enforcement commission for real. You are hereby forbidden to do housework. YOu have much more important things to do.
    NOTICE TO TEENAGERS: being nice to your Mum, washing the dishes, vaccuuming, doing the laundry properly and picking up around the house will, in all probability, have a positive effect on your Gift Karma.

  35. That apologizing thing is partly a girl thing. When I used to play rugby …. (pause for you to comprehend that) the guy who coached us used to yell at us not to apologize when we tackled someone. It drove him crazy that we’d do these great tackles and then stop to check whether the woman we just tackled was okay.
    And just think of all the knitters that donate to other causes. You are doing great work but I have a different favourite international aid charity. You wouldn’t believe how many chickens and goats are being given this year (and it sure saves on the knitting pressure).

  36. “Joe would say that this is because I am one of the most contrary women alive”. Well. As long as he’s still adding the ‘one of’ in that sentence, it bodes well for your relationship. Cheers.

  37. Another stitch speaks up for the cafepress t-shirts: “I’m a knitter, and I’m on a big team” with the Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres logo. Just think of the opportunities to spread the word when people ask you about your shirt!

  38. We watched the total go up all weekend. My three boys think you’re totally awesome. The oldest is 12 & you should take that as a big compliment. Then you emailed me & the coolness rubbed off, I got to be cool in their eyes for doing something I’d been meaning to get around to for weeks.
    Prime Minister, great idea, I love to see you kick Harper’s arse!

  39. If I remember the story correctly, Baby Jesus was born in a cave (stable) amongst animals and straw that was probably laced with animal crap. Fresh, steaming, heavily scented animal crap. Lots of it.
    And you’re worried about housecleaning?
    WWJD? He’d finish the knitting.

  40. Woweee! We knitters are mighty! I forgot in my email to tell you that I sometimes work with Dr. Robert Glew here in NM. He works with/through DWB in Africa studying- among other things- breastmilk. He and his co-researcher, Dorothy Vanderjagt have helped to build schools where medical clinics can be held and have wells drilled for clean water. It’s quite a story these two have to tell -and they talk to med students about DWB service every semester. They are two of the most amazing people. Award winners, too, but you’d never know it if you didn’t read the little faculty bulletins. :0)

  41. ๐Ÿ˜€ I am grinning from ear to ear at we knitters are accomplishing! ๐Ÿ˜€ And the 7th grade boys at my school want me to teach them to knit hats now after seeing me knitting. How cool is that??

  42. I will not say I am sorry ever again for what I can give. You are so right, we are part of a team to make a whole. Love the socks. I am almost done with a Christmas pair and then that’s it, I know I won’t get anything else knitted. lol

  43. I didn’t get an email from you and I donated on Friday night. Are you counting in reverse order?
    I just can’t believe you’ve collected so much money in just one weekend. Well done everybody! And thank you Steph for instigating this.

  44. Counting stitches, counting dollars, counting socks… who has time for housework? Yeah, we are a on a team – your team! Team Harlot does need t-shirts. Any graphic designers out there?

  45. I’ll be donating again this year. Where would this team of knitters be without a great captain? Thanks for organizing, inspiring, and motivating the players. And good luck with the Christmas knitting. I was sort of missing the angst-filled posts and was wondering if a) you (gasp!) weren’t knitting anything for Christmas or b) you were (gasp!) finished way early. Clearly the choice was c) none of the above.

  46. I need a physical address to send money to. Hubby won’t do internet money things. Last time I almost convinced him to let me order my text books online, I had a key logger warning come up on my system just before I started the order. Online money won’t happen from this house as long as hubby is alive. I went to the link and found this:
    Mail to:
    Doctors Without Borders USA
    P.O. Box 5030
    Hagerstown, MD 21741-5030
    I might not be the only person living with an internet security freak. Snail mail works. Happy Holidays!

  47. Knit. Housework can wait or maybe some elves/daughters will do it? Makes me feel good that you and everyone else here is a bit behind on the gift knitting too.
    Um, I gather now we’re in a fundraiser? I’m desperately saving for a car downpayment to replace my perpetually-broken baby, but let me see what I can do.

  48. This stitch says YAY and WOO-HOO for all that we’ve raised:)!!!! Some team swag is definitely in order. And housework should only be done in severe cases of imminent arrival of guests.

  49. Dude… that so won’t work with housework! Glad that it is working for your partial socks tho. I love the T-shirt idea… I would definately buy one. Be expecting an email from me re donations.
    Happy knitting!

  50. How many knitters does it take to . . .?
    A Rising Tide Lifts all Ships. Baby, we’re a Tsunami – the good kind.

  51. You go, girl! Love, love, love the T-shirt ideas… can it be tied in with (yet another) donation? If there’s any way to set the price at a dollar or two above the actual cost of the T-shirts and donate those couple bucks to DWB, wouldn’t that be a very good thing?

  52. Ok, I’m sorry I said I’m sorry – oops! I said it again! And I do want to lodge a small protest against people out there who think that Stephanie does this sort of thing for fame and self-aggrandizement. She does it because she wants to and she can. If you don’t want to participate or can’t afford to (and there are many who have logged on saying this last but cheer the effort anyway) then don’t, but please don’t criticize the efforts of someone else to do good. It’s fine to find your own way and encourage people to try that, which is all that Steph is doing. Give to someone else in any way you wish to, in any amount you can. I’m sure no knitter out there wants to crush anyone’s else’s good will toward those less fortunate, no matter what form it comes in.
    As for myself, I’m happy to be just another stitch, and am grateful to those who provide a way for me to do that, Stephanie and MSF among others. If we’re crowing a little, it’s because of the excitement of the group effort – our individual contributions are not what count. I don’t think anyone who posted a donation amount here meant to brag about it.
    Knitters rule.

  53. What happened to all of your step-out socks for Knitty Gritty? (step-out? yes? or did I make up a word again?) Anyway, I bet you could sell-auction them off for a pretty penny, proceeds for MSF/DWB, assuming they haven’t been put to any other use so far.

  54. WOW.. 60,000.. That is all and more of what we need to rebuild the Earl’s house in Missispi.. I wish I could get close to that..
    I keep plugging away..

  55. You’re still doing housework? No wonder your Christmas knitting isn’t done. I finished all mine. No drop in visits unless you like dust bunnies the size of wombats and drinking out of a dirty glass. Just so you know ;).

  56. It will have to be after the new year before I can donate too…but I am SO proud to be a tiny stitch in your knitting, Stephanie!

  57. I am alternating between wrapping gifts, working on an abstract for a grant proposal and watching the numbers climb. This is way more fun than waiting for Y2K.
    Dave reminds me that our own official attitude toward housework is, “Did you come to see us, or did you come to see our house?”

  58. Now here’s another thought — anyone out there with connections to a t-shirt/bag company who could get them to donate a portion of the proceeds to DWB? Me, I’d buy something like that (even if the price were slightly higher) in a split second.

  59. “Mrs. Patch was a perfectly incapable housekeeper, and things in her house was generally dusty when they wasn’t sticky.” Thomas Beer
    All I ask is to rise above Mrs. Patch. At least the sticky.

  60. This just confirms what i’ve long suspected: knitters are amazing, wonderful people.
    Oh, and no housework for you, ok?

  61. You’re right. You’re not allowed to do housework. That’s why you have kids. Have them do their own bloody laundry. My mother did that to me when I was in 6th grade, they can manage. ^_^ Seriously. Tell them to do it, then they’ll realize that they should be cleaner since they have to pick up after themselves. It’s brilliance.

  62. Thanks, Stephanie, for calling us into this. What’s happening reminds me a bit of the American mid-term elections in Nov. The PEOPLE TOGETHER – each casting ONE vote – turned the future of the world around.
    Last Sunday Eleanor Wachtel interviewed Jean-Christophe Rufin, one of the founders of Medicines Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders. He made me thing of Mandela and Ghandi … we are blessed.
    Oh, yeah .. almost forgot. CDN$25

  63. I’ve been watching Stephen Lewis, he was recently on “The Nature of Things” and an eye opening show that was! Thank you, Thank you for drawing attention to Doctors without Borders. I am happy to be just one of many stitches. You Rock!!
    Housework is highly overrated. My Aunt (who was an amazingly talented spinner, dyer, weaver and knitter) had a sign on her fridge that read “Only Boring People have Clean Houses” I adored her. She passed away this past Summer but would she ever have approved of you!!

  64. I hope you’re all right. I know that I’m heading, inevitably, 1200 mph, towards IT. I’m a slow knitter, and have convinced myself that I can finish a pair of socks, 2 scarves, a pair of wrist warmers, a pair of baby booties, a set of finger puppets, and a wrap in time for Christmas. Even though my IQ’s fine, I think I may be mentally impaired. The day someone finds a way to time travel is the day knitters will rest easy, in their diligent avoidance of IT.

  65. Stephanie et al,
    As I said in my email message, I feel privileged to be a part of such an amazing group of people, and I am grateful for the kick in the arse I needed to think beyond myself in this season.
    You are right, with this kind of power, we can change the world, one stitch at a time. I am probably that twisted stitch, way down in the fifth row, when you are on the 52nd.

  66. I have had a sign in my kitchen for years which says “A clean house is the sign of a mis-spent life.” Not only that, but my husband cooks! I’ve always said that the best thing my mother-in-law ever did for me was teach her little boy to cook.

  67. now, why would i tell you you shouldn’t do housework? that would detract from holiday knitting, and we all know how important that is!
    and i’m tapped out right now, but i’ll be donating the first of the year! promise! (remind me, i’m in a holiday frenzy right now, and any promises made are null and void unless you remind me later!)

  68. I am so with you on not liking to do housework! Bring on the T shirt, that slogan would be great ….. I too am excited to be a part, and am in awe at the numbers, I bet we make it before the end of the year easy ….. it will be Happy Holidays for MSF!!!!

  69. Knitters ROCK!
    I’m SO in love with those Fair Isle Socks. I wanna make some. Wahhhhhh!!! When will all my holiday knitting be done?? I even stayed up all night knitting on a scarf and playing bingo on Pogo. I slept from 6am-11am…and i’ve been busy all day. Where does the time go?

  70. Maybe someone should forbid you from raising money for MSF. How would you react to that, hm?
    There’s a sign in my house that says “make yourself at home, clean my kitchen.” No takers so far, tho.

  71. “Be nice. I’m a knitter, and I’m on a big team.”
    That’s my favourite thing I’ve read in a really long time.
    You are encouraged to do housework (so don’t). But those socks ain’t gonna knit themselves, woman. Have at ’em. The total will still be the total (and even more of a total!) after the gifts are gifted. We’ll wait for the numbers…

  72. No housework, Stephanie. I loved Austin Val’s comment about the stable. I just came home fomr seeing The Nativity Story, and it wasn’t clean! (Great movie, BTW)
    Congrats on the fundraising. Great cause!

  73. honestly with me telling me I can’t do housework DOES make me want to do it. Of course it has to be for a valid reason. Like when I cracked my knee. Or when I gave birth C-section.

  74. Must tell you a funny story about the “I’m sorry” thing……Years ago I was driving with my daughter when she let out a screech. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I broke a fingernail,” she wailed. “Oh, honey, I’m so sorry.” I said.
    “And you did it on purpose!” she yelled. I was shocked, then we both started to laugh. “Mom, she said, “You apologize waaaay too often!” I try to remember this when I’m tempted to apologize for things I can’t help.
    Knitters are awesome. I’m proud to be part of this group!

  75. Personally I think that we knitters should take over the world. Trouble is, we are probably too nice a bunch of people to do it! My father has said he doesn’t want a pressie and I’ve pursuaded him that I should give the cost of whatever I would have bought him to the fund.
    Stephanie – I’m surprised that you can even look at knitted socks for the moment let alone make partners for all those odd ones. Your determination is amazing.

  76. Has anybody read more of the Wizard of Oz books than just the first? I belive in Ozma of Oz a bunch of women take over the captal city with their knitting needles as weapons! We are knitters! Hear us roar! hehehehe

  77. Way to go knitters! Just a thought. I think to have your amount count in the total you have to actually email Stephanie with your donation amount. No? I’m not sure that the amounts that have been posted in the comments section count in the total unless you email Steph with your amount. She posted her email address on the blog. I am so supposed to be working right now and all I want to do is knit! Forget the housework. Stephanie you rock!

  78. We could totally use our powers for evil. I’ve seen that quiz…I know Juno’s evil, and I took it and am pure evil. Push us the wrong way, and fuggedaboudit.
    I will get my donation in by the end of the week. Hubby just got a Christmas bonus and we’re waiting for the check to clear!
    Oh, and your sock knitting prowess continues to amaze! I’ve knit 2 pairs ever, and one took me 6 months to get to the second. I’ve got to change that!

  79. I keep checking in to see that total rise. It’s exciting to see the power of knitters.
    You do good work girl.

  80. Hmmmm seems to me if we can all pull together for this…we can also show up at each others houses and clean..then knit..then drink….then eat..then off to the next knitter’s house and so on and so on….A Round Robin of knitters cleaning and knitting…You know…this could bring world peace if done right!!!!
    Thanks Steph for getting the ball rolling…it is an honor be involved with so many incredible knitters!

  81. I just made my donation, Stephanie. You totally rock, and have a wonderful holiday. Please send us your fair isle, sock pattern< it is so neat!

  82. Housework is overrated. I used to have a sign saying “Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here.” Can’t figure out where it disappeared to, though.
    Love the T-shirt idea, and it sounds like a great fundraiser for the “swag shop.”
    There’s a reason my little brothers refer to knitting needles as “weapons of mass destruction” (insert evil laughter here).

  83. Syd T., put me on the list! I am so up for a worldwide round robin of cleaning and knitting. Sometimes I think I discovered quilting and knitting just so I could hang out with other women who hated housework.

  84. I cannot figure out how to email you, so just wanted to let you know I donated ($15). Please don’t put my name in the prize pot, tho, I won last time I donated & should take myself out of the running!!

  85. Miss Ewe, you are a much nicer person than I, wanting Stephanie to wait on the totals till she finishes her Christmas knitting. To that idea I say Bah! Humbug! Bring on the totals!
    Because really, Christmas isn’t Christmas for me until I get to see the nice knitter lady turn into a crazed, adreneline powered hamster on a caffeine high because of her self-imposed deadlines.

  86. An added benefit to being a KWB/KSF stitch is that we *will not be frogged.* Regarding housework, a few years ago I discovered that one of the British terms for dust bunnies is “slut’s wool.” I thought that was hysterical. If the term is not widely known in Canada, you can certainly consider the dust bunnies a conversation piece, but only if you leave them where they are!

  87. You are right, five bucks is actually quite a lot of money.
    I have been working since 1987 in Rural Development as a NGO coordinator and coalition person developing co-ops and doing Emegency Aid. Since 1997 I work with the poorest women imaginable here in Mexico
    five dollars on the table could accomplish the following:
    a good breakfast all week for a child over 4 years ( in case of malnurished children in medical treatment; it includes concentrated vitamins etc )
    formula or cereal ( oatmeal, rice etc and milk ) for a week for a child up to four years. Also in case of severe malnurishment.
    Three meals a day for any child for a week.( We feed three meals a day and medically treat a child for 22 dollars a month )….
    It vaccinates three to five children
    It buys 5 liters of electrolyte replacement and thus saving the life of a child or even two.
    It buys a combination seed package to plant a home garden and can feed a family of five all growing season
    Five dollars can also buy quite a nice amount of medicine ( even donated medicine has still a cost like shipping, warehousing etc )
    I could go on with the list, but I am sure people get an idea…..
    BTW; Five dollars is exactly the minimum wage for a days work ( 9 hours ) here in Mexico and many families live on that…..
    This group is really awesome !!!
    I have grown to be in awe of knitters everywhere……I was impressed when I participated in the Knitting Olympics but am proud today to call myself a knitter.
    Albeit a lonely knitter, since Mexico has no knitting culture to speak of, no yarn unless it comes from the US and sold at black market prices ….but the weaving here is unbelievable……..
    During this Season of Light sending you all Best Wishes for Peace profound
    Mexico City

  88. OK, Suzanne, I gotta watch out for you. That’s the first time I snorted tea up my nose reading the comments & the first time I’ve commented on a comment. We will not be frogged! I want that on a T-shirt, KSF logo on the back.

  89. The amount of money raised in such a short time is truly astounding. Here’s a trick I have used to dupe my son into voluntarily doing housework. It might work for your family, although they are probably too old and wise to fall for something like this. My son is 7 and I can still bamboozle him. Start vacuuming and comment on how fun it is and laugh and dance around as you vacuum. Sure enough, he wanted to try it but the vacuum was too unwieldy for him. He switched to mopping and boy is it fun! Yee ha!

  90. How about a t-shirt that says “Team Harlot: Knitting the world together, one stitch at a time.”
    (Or is that actually the secret plan for world domination?)
    Great total, great work.

  91. Awesome idea and a great cause! I will buy any of the t-shirts or maybe I should say All of Them! I have only been knitting for about 9 months but I am so happy to be a part of such a great group of people. I’m always amazed when I walk into a yarn shop how it just becomes a family, no matter what your skill level is. Knitting is truly a wonderful ‘sport’ that I plan to enjoy for many years to come.
    Keep up the great work, Stephanie!

  92. That is an amazing amount of money for such a short period of time. Knitters really are such a giving community of people. Great job!

  93. That is an amazing amount of money for such a short period of time. Knitters really are such a giving community of people. Great job!

  94. Kirsty,
    I would love to wear such a T-shirt, especially with such a great slogan…….and if part of the sale would go to a good cause, even better……
    But then thinking of it…..I would wear one, no matter what…………….maybe the Harlot, after finishing her knitting, doing the housework , baking the cookies and maybe even sleeping for a couple of minutes before celebrating Christmas could open one of those blog related shops……..?
    The possibilities……lol……
    Mexico City

  95. Hi Stephanie – just donated $50 dollars USD to DWB at the link above. I figure it’s a buck for every belly laugh you have given me since I started reading your blogs!
    Have a great holiday – Laurin

  96. You knitters have absolutely made my day today!! This is just awesome – I’ve always said that knitters and crocheters are among the most generous people in the world, and you can see that with the women who made over 3000 items this year for my group, Crafty Angels, which are being distributed to homeless folks in Chicago as we speak. I’ve posted info on the fundraiser on my blog, too — so I hope that will bring some more folks over. Let’s see if we can hit $400,000!!

  97. Yes, I’d like to order one of the t-shirts about us being on a big team and carrying pointy sticks. In your FREE TIME, you can get around to
    designing those and shipping orders. (just kidding) Just keep remembering to hit the SAVE button.

  98. I’m not entirely sure…. why are you knitting mates for the socks? I mean, can’t you just match them up by size and give people one blue and one purple? It would be much more colorful, and save time!

  99. I kept checking back over the weekend, watching the total go up and up (kind of like a telethon but without the cheezy announcer guy). We are SERIOUSLY an awesome team. I bet we hit the 240K goal by the end of the week, if not sooner.

  100. Knitters are the BEST, but I have to give kudos to crocheters too. Our S&B organized a “Knit-In” for Save the Children, and the crocheters made much more than half of our 54 little baby caps donated. I am forced to admit that sometimes the speed of crocheting can be a really good thing! Steph, thanks for inspiring us to do good!

  101. As Little Man would say: Woo Woo!!!!
    It is so true that every dollar makes a difference. Our church has an alternative gift fair each year. You “buy” something to help another person out, and this is what our son does for his grandparents and uncle instead of a physical gift. Most things are pretty inexpensive but make a difference. For example, $6 buys a pair of glasses for a kid in Guatemala. $3 Buys a day of school for a kid in Palestine. When you break it down like that you really see how even a few bucks makes a huge difference!

  102. My biggest problem this season is to be careful to NOT knit projects for people while visiting with them. Hence I have about 4? projects going at this time and carry at least two in the car and one one my person in order to have something for everywhere I go. How very wonderful to have so many friends and family to visit and so much yarn to knit. I am off to the donation site.

  103. Go knitters! And wow that’s a lot of sock knitting you’re getting in there.
    Kristi and I have gone off the deep end. I’m selling almost all of my yarn for TSF. And that’s a lot of yarn. I’ll let you know what the total is in a month or so.

  104. Yay! That is so cool. Knitters rock. And yah, I am totally in the Christmas crunch. I have a whole pair of socks to go – and they are for big feet. Crap!

  105. that total is so beautiful i could cry! and then if you ad in the total that wendy has raised so far for heifer . . . well. (sounds of plopping tears on keyboard)

  106. Until today I didn’t realize how sickeningly wealthy I really am. I have bins of yarn stash while some people don’t have clothes. I have a huge TBR pile while some kids don’t have any books. I have an elaborate fountain pen collection while some people don’t enough food to eat or water to drink.
    Am I rich by American standards? Not at all. But I’ve worried only once about where I would sleep and once about if I would get food and both times the circumstances had nothing to do with my family not having enough money.
    I am rich with good health. I am rich with good friends. I have a warm home to go to tonight where I will have a good dinner, spend some time with my pets and my best friend, and go to sleep in a comfortable bed. I will have my choice of breakfast foods tomorrow. I just never understood what kind of a blessing all that is.

  107. So, are you ever going to be able to look another green sock in the heel flap again without cringing? Love the Fair Isle b/w sock.

  108. Woo, poor college student credit card donation ahoy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Again!
    You’re still alarmingly amazing, Steph. Can I be you when I grow up?

  109. I think the t-shirt thing is an excellent idea. How ’bout this: Cafe Press – will produce your logo/artwork/whatever on to just about anything – mugs, t-shirts, etc. You can have a portion of the sales go to dr. w/out boarders!! You can continue to raise money!! I have repeatedly said that world peace can be solved if we teach world leaders to knit!! Just think of it!! and now a request – ’cause I had to ask you last year – expaln Boxing Day to us USA residence – please. Such a nice holiday.

  110. OK, between Stephanie’s post and Angelika’s list of what $5 can do, I’d have to be made of stone not to donate now (given my relatively rosy financial situation – no slight on those who can’t right now: I’ll be a stitch holder for you!).

  111. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I admire your talent! I want to ty for the scarf pattern (oct 12 post) I had all but given up on finding a pattern for husbeast when I saw yours! we have had a rough year and I need to use my stash.
    Thank you again

  112. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I admire your talent! I want to ty for the scarf pattern (oct 12 post) I had all but given up on finding a pattern for husbeast when I saw yours! we have had a rough year and I need to use my stash.
    Thank you again

  113. The folks at MSF are Big Damn Heroes and no mistake. I will catch them on the next go ’round. I really wanted to donate to this but this week we needed to help out some folks locally. They lost everything material, but they made it out with their cats and their lives, after a housefire on the 21st. Local friends and family have raised over 8,000 for them. Between that and watching the number in your sidebar grow, I am reminded of the goodness of people and think that there is really a lot of *heart* out there on the planet. Near and far, for those we know and those we don’t.
    Thanks for being a big damn hero too.

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