I could use more daylight

Sorry pets, sorry. I did not go into the mall and not come back (although the promise of needle wielding rescue missions promised in the comments were very reassuring), I did go to the mall and get the few store-bought items on my list (and it is not for nothing that this family calls the Dufferin Mall the “Sufferin’ Mall”) and I did buy screech for the nog and I did buy bits and bobs for Santa to put in the stockings, and I did go out to the Anniversary/Christmas party at Lettuce Knit where I gave Denny her present (see that? I knit it in secret!)


Whisper scarf 2, from Fiddlesticks Knitting, in Misti Alpaca laceweight.

and where (in a moment of festive joy) random street roaming carolers suddenly turned up at the yarn shop and regaled us with carols (including singing “The Grinch” in whisper mode so they didn’t wake the babies – although they had already woken a few) and in return in true mummer style we gave them beer and food and bid them well into the night.


(I don’t know about the other knitters, but it was a fine moment for me when they said that the yarn shop was a lot more fun than the pub across the way. Duh. I’ve been trying to tell everyone that the yarn store is the happiest place on earth for years.) Then, sated and happy I made my merry way home and went to sleep and woke up with a wicked, wicked flu which took me down hard. I was literally FELLED by it. (There were moments yesterday when, while I was sure that I would survive, I wasn’t sure that I was ok with that.)

Today is a little better, but yesterday was hopeless. I scarcely knit, I scarcely moved. Coughing and shivering were my hobbies, and ones I threw myself into. (After all, if you’re going to do a thing, do it right.) In my brief lucid moments I entered names and donations on my little excel spreadsheet…Truly, in fine solstice fashion it was the longest night I’ve had in a while, and also in keeping with the yule, today is better. I’m still not fit for the public, and I’m still making desperately slow progress on the knitting…



I’m reassuring myself that there are worst things than not finishing the knitting. (It’s not like it hasn’t happened before. I think my family is pretty used to receiving a bag of half knit bits and wool, along with an explanation. ) I’ll do my best, but I’m sharing knitting time with the tallying of your generosity, and knitters… Have you seen the total?

Knitters are the best people on earth. The total is only current for emails (almost) through the 18th too….so you can watch the total climb for days yet. Days. I’m so impressed with you.

For now, I’m taking some more tylenol, embracing the knowledge that the sun will shine a little longer today than yesterday, and that knitters are a force for good on the earth. (If a force that doesn’t always finish all the presents in time.) I’ll blog tomorrow. I have a tip sheet for how to buy a knitter a present that some of you may want to print and leave around for your muggles who haven’t bought you a present yet.

133 thoughts on “I could use more daylight

  1. wow—-I get to be first!?
    hope you are feeling better soonest, and a merry christmas to you(I, too, am celebrating my first “married” christmas, though it only feels different in very subtle ways frlom the ones before) DOn’t hit the screech too hard ~_~

  2. Ohhhh, I hope you feel better soon. Going into the holiday weekend feeling crummy is not good!
    Wishing you and yours all the best of the season and a happy, healthy and knitterly productive 2007!

  3. Oh no – you have what I just got over (and you can’t blame me I am miles and miles and miles away from you) it lasted a little over a week for us (DH had it first and gifted me with it) yesterday was my first day out and about – and I was surprised at how tired I was at the end of the day – it really takes a toll on your body.
    Just what you wanted to hear right? But it does get better – honest….
    feel better soon….

  4. Hope you feel better soon, Stephanie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

  5. Oh I’m so sorry to hear you’re unwell. I too got whacked yesterday, but with a wicked head cold that is now on it’s way out thanks to the wonder which is Zicam (have you heard of this stuff???? Unbelievable, I tell you!) Anyway, here’s hoping you feel better very, very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. It’s great to hear that you made it out of the mall alive! I must confess that I checked your blog multiple times yesterday to see if you had made it out of there.
    I’ll be sending good karma vibes your way, and remember this–there were times when you didn’t think you would finish Hardangervidda in time, and look how that ended up. =) (There may or may not be more knitting now than there was then, but we can disregard that point for now, right? Right? =D)
    Get well soon and I hope you have a great Christmas! =)

  7. Thank you for being a part of my life this year thru your blog; get well today, not just soon; and you and yours have the happiest of holidays.

  8. I am astounded by the KWB total. Please, please…promise me you will only use your powers for good!

  9. We’re on the same page, my friend. But here’s my strategy: rather than wrap the half-finished cardigan that I promised to complete for my husband for Christmas, I purchased a very nice bottle of gin and tied an IOU to it. I’m hoping he won’t even remember about the cardigan once it’s opened…

  10. A party at your LYS for Christmas! Oh, how fun is THAT?!?! Lovely scarf too!
    Happy Holidays, & have a wonderful First-Christmas-Of-Being-Married!
    (It’s that for my husband & I as well. Poor guy — 4 years of dating/engagement, & I didn’t pick the knitting needles back up until after the wedding. He unknowingly married a knitter, having no clue I even knew how to knit, since I’d set it aside when my children were babies.)

  11. I hope you feel better soon and that it’s not the virus which has been making its way around the University where I work. That’s been very nasty, turning into other things like broncitis and pneumonia.
    Thanks for the many smiles you’ve given me (and my husband and several of the people who work for me who happen to wander in when I’m reading your blog– which I then proceed to read out loud to them) this year. I hope there are many more to come for many more years… Merry Yule/Christmas/Holida.

  12. Get well soon! I made up my own sheet of knitting books I want and am working on yarn for the up coming year, I look forward to your list as well!

  13. Stephanie… I don’t comment in knitblogs lightly, and I especially don’t ask for information unless it’s really, really, really important. So please: the bottom picture in your post. What is yarn. What is stitch pattern. Eeeeeee it’s so cool!

  14. Regarding the more light “theory”…I was watching the Weather Channel this morning and tomorrow (12/23) is actually going to be one minute shorter in the morning than today…really put the harsh on my “day”. Feel better anyway. And forget the ‘nog. Drink the Screech (what the h&$$ is that anyway?) straight.

  15. I’ve always thought it odd that Disneyland claims to be “the happiest place on earth.” Surely that distinction belongs to yarn stores.
    Sending healthy vibes your way…

  16. Everytime you’ve blogged about being sick since Thumper was born, he and I have also been sick. (Seriously. We get sick and then I check here and you’re sick too. Every damn time.) Is this some kind of twisted birthday twin curse? If so, please take better care. We’re running out of tissues and tylenol down here.

  17. All wishes for good health to you. You probably know this, but I am compelled to remind you that if you’re going to combine eggnog with Tylenol, PLEASE don’t add alcohol to the ‘nog, unless you wish your liver to take revenge upon you. So be well, be love(d), be good to your body and have a peaceful and joyous holiday.

  18. Be well soon. It’s staggering to think that with a few well chosen words, we as a group can raise $100,000 in approximately three days.

  19. Oh, poor Harlot! Survived the mall only to be felled by the flu . . . life just isn’t fair sometimes. Of course, now that you’re married Joe knows that it is his husbandly duty since you are sick to do all of the cooking/cleaning/gift wrapping/stocking stuffing/cookie baking and to bring you hot nog in bed, right? (We’ll exempt him from the knitting.)

  20. Oh wow, I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick. Rest, relax, maybe watch some holidays vids? Add in some nice mulled apple cider — it’s wonderful warm, and very soothing to the throat.
    Knitters rule. That’s all I can say about that total. We rule. Next up, world peace maybe?

  21. Bless you Sweetie, sounds like you picked up the nasty from the mall…so glad it didn’t take you down before the gathering at Lettuce Knit. BTW that is a stunning bit of lace you knit for Denny, it’s beautiful.
    Take good care…looking forward to ‘the list’, and yes, I’ll print that baby off and if not used this year….hopefully next year, making several copies, you know.

  22. I’m glad you survived the mall; I’m still not goin’, no way, no how! Get well soon and have a very happy and peaceful holiday!

  23. Dear Harlot – Be well soon. Healing smiles coming your way like shawls of light. I want to echo what Robin said: “Thank you for being part of my life this year through your blog…” and thank you for the tours and the books and just being the incredible person you are.
    Merry, merry, cheery, healthy, happy return of the light.

  24. Wow – I hope you feel better. I was were you are about 2 days ago, so I can sympathize! There is hope! But in the meantime, it is the thought that counts even if the gift isn’t finished quite yet! (Yeah, I’m there, too!)
    Have a joyous and Merry Christmas!

  25. That’s some pretty neat magic you’re working on that ombre yarn in the bottom picture. I would have passed it by at the store, but now I’ll have to give that yarn a second glance!

  26. Hi stephanie,
    take eggnog (yech, seen it, don’t want to taste it) take your medicine and knit woman, knit and you’ll soon feel a lot better.
    Beautifull scarf, great carollers but who cares?? just you get better ok???
    Take care and whish you and family a merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year.
    regards. Valeria.

  27. And now it straightened itself out.
    I love the knitting, especially the beaded socks and the lace scarf. You’re just amazing.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  28. Best wishes, best of luck with the knitting, and a VERY happy Christmas to the entire Harlot clan!!

  29. While you may not have made it out of the mall completely unscathed, we are so glad to hear you made it out at all.
    Love the scarf. Love the pink/white/blue yarn.
    I will most likely be handing out at least one half-knitted gift. Its my first time trying to express my love with wool. I think I’m getting my recipients started with the appropriate expectations.

  30. I’m sorry you’re sick, but if that flu bug got passed to me on Wednesday and hits tomorrow morning I shall be decidedly upset with you.

  31. And really, every knitter deserves to have a gift received as joyously and appreciatively as yours was by Denny. I love my Denny.

  32. Just want to add my wee voice to the Christmas Chorus. Sorry to hear that you’re sufferin’, and may you be able to make merry very soon. Happy Christmas, Harlot, to you and your lucky family. You are one extraordinary human.

  33. I think I got sick in sympathy for you before I knew you were sick. I feel like someone has been pouring glass shards down my throat all day.
    It isn’t helping me finish the mittens I am knitting.
    Hope you feel better soon and have a great Christmas.

  34. Ooooooooh no! Feel better soon, Steph! I’m hoping the germs are all gone in time for your holiday celebrations.

  35. One time I was unable to finish the sweaters I was knitting for my twin neices. So to make sure they had something to open at Christmas, I knit swatches of the yarn and wrapped them with a note that the gift would follow in January. The girls were fascinated with the swatches. My brother claims they spent more time playing with the swatches then with the other toys they received. I have now stopped worrying if I have to give unfinished gifts. It doesn’t seem to matter. The recipients have fun anyway.

  36. My heart stopped when I saw the pink and grey sock-in-progress. Please share the yarn and stitch you are using. I’m in love, they are very beautiful. Warm regards this holiday season.

  37. What a lousy time of year for the flu to hit! Sleep lots, drink lots of non-alcoholic liquids, delegate, delegate, delegate. Hope it disappears in a puff of smoke. And remember the Zicam for colds – great stuff.
    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all in the Harlot home. And we’ll tackle world peace next, eh?

  38. We had homemade cookies and cointreau cake and chocolate butter cream at our LYS, washed down with Bitch wine (appropriately, a screw top). It was a garter stitch night.
    Family remedy- totally natural. Tea, with honey and rum. Or JD, or Bourbon. Or the Captain…You will feel better…once you actually begin to feel at all.
    Happy Christmakwanzakkah to y’all, and to all a good (k)night-

  39. dr. inky suggests you take the juice of two bottles of scotch.
    and that denny is a lucky woman.
    Merry Ho Ho, and I’ll email my pledge to you pronto!

  40. We’re always hearing about “the wisdom of the body.” I myself am convinced that my body doesn’t have enough sense to pound sand in a rat hole.
    But yours.
    Listen up and listen tight — that body of yours is Einstein. YOU’VE GOT AN OUT!!! And you’ve got what your baseline needs. Lie down, drink fluids and sleep.
    It’s your duty to dance on Christmas. Don’t blow it.

  41. I hope you’re feeling better soon Stephanie. I’ll be sending you warm chicken soup and fast knitting thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜€
    How much do I love that you call the non-knitting public “muggles”? It always brings a smile to my face.

  42. I wish i could bring you some nice veggie broth and some toast. I’m sorry you’re feeling crap, but i hope you get some much-needed rest. You seem to fire on all cylinders all the time, so maybe it’s time to give yourself a little break.

  43. I am soooooooo sorry to hear that you are ill…I will send good vibes along with everyone else for you to get well soon. Ok…I HAVE to ask…what is Screech please? Anyone? I must be missing something…and I hate that lol….also I am way to nosey…hehehe
    I hope everyone has a wondeful holiday!

  44. Perhaps the Mall gave you the Flu. Good reason to give people bits of yarn from Lettuce Knit.
    Hope you recover soon. Have you ever tried Boiron Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief? I took some last time I felt a flu-ish variant coming on and some Norma meds, slept lots, and escaped the flu. Sending warm wooly thoughts and imaginary elves (they always get the dirty work) to clean the Harlot house.

  45. Do be careful with the flu. I hope you feel better soon and are cozy-warm until that happens. Your schedule is really something, so that is good you are resting.
    Gee, the pix of the beaded work is so very pretty; I think I’ll try some of that soon. I do agree – there is a wonderfulness about yarn people; perhaps not to be amazed at because we teach each other, we share a lot, encourage, do math, work soo hard at this, cry, swear, focus, frog, re-do and then GIVE someone a unique made-with-them-in mind item.
    I actually did ask for a ball-winder and swift for Christmas…really really did. Santa was so happy to have something to ‘get’ that he got it…it is IN the house ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t see it until Christmas morning, I can’t stop smiling.
    Take care,

  46. Oh I meant to ask…being a new knitter (since this past summer) I am still learning and expanding my skills (according to my lovely fellow yarn addicts at the local shop here who say that they are amazed that I have only just learned … they are such lovely friends) …anyway my next challeng during my school break is to begin doing lace items…I have been inspired by Ms. Harlot and others….ANY adive at all from anyone would really be appreciated (can contact me via email or my blog) …..Oh yes I also forgot to say before…..YES YARN SHOPS ARE WAY MORE FUN THEN ANY STINKY OLD PUB! My yarn club proved that last night…hehehe with lots of yummy food and lovely wine!
    Once again Happy Holidays to all!

  47. I too would love to know not only the last yarn pictured but also what project/stitch that is. Simply gorgeous, and if possible I must reproduce whatever it is you’re knitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. The scarf is beyond lovely…what a wonderful gift! So happy you made it back from the Mall and had a wondrful party at the yarn shop! And so sorry you have the flu I have also come down with…it truely is nasty…I understand it is important not to do too much as you recover (yea right..tell a knitter that!) Hopeing you feel better soon and have a wonderful holiday…the KWB contributions are OUTSTANDING!!!! Oh yea…I am super interested in that list for Muggles.

  49. get well soon vibes headed you way. what what what on earth is the semi-knit item in the second unfinished knitting picture? i need to know what pattern, what yarn and what provisions i should be tracking down so that i can start one of whatever it is IMMEDIATELY! i’m in love with it and i don’t even knwo what it is.

  50. Best wishes to you and yours for bright and brilliant holidays and a grand new year that fulfills the hope of its beginning.
    And many thanks for luring me back to the delights (ahem and frustrations) of knitting.
    Cheers, Karen

  51. Muggle is also a very old term for BC skunkweed. I find this absolutely hilarious. Louis Armstrong even recorded a song called Muggles.
    Which totally explains that slightly paranoid look non-knitters get on their face when they say, “I’d never have the patience to do that.”
    I’m giving my particular muggle my Amazon.ca list of knitting books and calling it a day.

  52. {Chicken soup to you} The knitting is gorgeous as always. A shawl in secret? Only you. Thank you in advance for the list, it will be printed and glued to the family member with the most money and the others too. Sure hope you feel better fast. Happy daylight!

  53. I just love it when people use that word. Muggles. It’s just too cute a word.
    And that list sounds interesting.
    Get well!! Knitting is a good cure for anything.

  54. I’m so happy to see that beaded stocking making another appearance … and only you would or could knit that gorgeous shawl on the sly while still providing us all with adequate amounts of blogfodder knitting to disguise your nefarious secretknitterly activities.
    Have a very merry one!

  55. Bless your heart. I hope you’re feeling better. I totally feel your pain. I’ve been laid up all week with the flu. Suckage to the max.
    Embrace the pain and knit through it.

  56. You poor girl. The flu at Christmas is one of those unkind gifts of the season nobody wishes for. I am sorry you caught it but glad that you are feeling better. Sip a little screech in warm tea and honey.
    Don’t worry about the unfinished projects, they will understand. Any perfect gift is worth a teeny bit of wait.
    Caroling used to be my favorite thing to do growing up. I wish more people did it here in the states. Of course knitters are more fun than the pub. Yarn fumes and beer….mmmmmm knitter heaven
    continue to get better Dear Harlot and Merry Christmas to you

  57. Whatever that pink and grey thing is, I want it.
    Sorry about your flu. I hope you feel better, quicker than quick. Me? I lost a crown this morning, then broke the temporary. Thank heaven, the dentist hadn’t quite closed the office for the four day weekend, yet!
    Feel better. Don’t forget, that hot buttered rum is the best thing in the world for a sore throat.

  58. I sure hope you get better soon! And WOW on the scarf (and other knits) I haven’t been able to pick up the sticks for days, I’ve been sewing traditional X-mas eve jammies for the family.
    And my father’s home concocted sore throat remedy…
    1T lemon Juice
    1T honey
    1T whiskey
    Mix together and ahhh. Feel free to add more whiskey if needed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. Well, that just sucks rocks! At least you’re on the mend and your knitting is just lovely. I really do have to work on some lovely stuff soon.

  60. I’m a lurker but must tell you that I have taken up knitting again thanks to a knitting friend and your blog. Thanks you for that gift. Collapse, relax, drink fluids and let your family do the necessary things for the holidays. Just get well. You are an admirable woman. BCA

  61. The bottom sock picture. Oh my. The yarn looks like Marbles from the Novemeber Rockin’ Socks Club, which I happen to have tucked away. The pattern?
    Sleep and screech.

  62. You know it’s the flu if you spend the first 24 hours afraid you’re going to die of it, and the next 24 hours afraid you WON’T!!!

  63. Dearest Stephanie – AND fambly – sending wishes for a perfectly wonderful holiday in your house from here. *I* just this evening developed a serious feeling of “coming-down-with” – before I read your blog, but it’s just further proof that we’re all psychically connected, see how several of the sisters are getting sick, have the flu or are just recovering….and NO, it’s not a ploy so we can sit swathed in blankies sipping something warm and knitting (although….works for me!). My recommendation, as my superb Genuine Jewish Bubba Homemade Chicken Soup wouldn’t do for your vegetarian self: HOT lemonade, with honey. The lemon has vitamin C, the heat soothes the throat and the honey provides NRG (and is tasty). Making some for me even as we speak. You’re like my menorah, but *every* day, not for just eight: every day is a little brighter than the one before, after I’ve read your words. Merry Christmas, God Jul, Merry Meet the Solstice, &c &c. Here’s what we say to the children(in Plains Indian sign language) as they leave our Museum:
    May the Creator make sunrise in your hearts!

  64. Happy Solstice!
    So glad you made it out of the mall alive – sorry to hear you’ve been felled by the flu – perhaps some screech will help banish it?

  65. Even though I am checking the MSF total several times a day (okay, almost hourly) to see if we’ve met your goal in one mere week, I hope you are allowing time for some proper rest.

  66. Hope you feel up to par by Christmas and manage to chase the Mr. ’round the tree (catch him too) Christmas Eve after the children go to bed.

  67. I bet those darn mall germs attacked while you were busy swiping your card. They are sooo sneaky. Feel better soon. I’ll check in tomorrow.

  68. Flu germs, yuk! The “mallers” to blame, of course. I’m sorry you are sick but glad you feel better. Seriously, do you actually read all these comments? Anyway, I check everyday to see what the new MSF total is; I am so proud of all of us and of our “pack leader.”

  69. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Can’t wait for the list. Do you think it should be knuggles instead of muggles? Just wondering

  70. Someday, perhaps when you get sick you’ll only get A LITTLE sick. Sadly, whatever do you, you do completely all the way….
    Continue the upward climb.

  71. Poor Stephanie — that flu is wicked, evil stuff.
    Your description reminded me of a time I was trying to describe to someone how sick I was and he said, “OH! I get it: first you’re afraid you’ll die; then you’re afraid you WON’T.”
    I hope you’re past that and on to drafting the not-quite-finished-knitting explanations ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Poor Steph, I think your body called a halt for a day or two to let itself rest and catch up. Sending you lots of healing thoughts and suggesting some detox tea.
    Oh and BTW, what is that neat pattern you are doing with the pink and gray yarn?
    Do I see $90,000 already and still counting? WOW!!!!

  73. I do hope you are better by the time I am posting this. Nothing is worse than flu for Christmas. I have to know what the pink, white and black yarn is going to be (looks socky to me)? Is it self patterning yarn? What patter are you knitting if not self patterning? Nothing like a list of questions to attack with when you arn’t feeling well. But I love what ever it is you are knitting.

  74. I’m with Kat in wanting to know the yarn and pattern in the bottom pic. Hope you are feeling well soon. Maybe you got a little more than you shopped for at the mall.

  75. Stephanie — so sorry to hear you are sick! I do hope you will feel well enough to enjoy the festivities, and that the family will stay illness free as well. As for the knitting, my UFOs far outnumber my FOs, so you certainly have company!

  76. I hope you feel better soon. BTW, your knitting looks as fabulous as always. Drink plenty of fluids and get some rest, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  77. You know, I was thinking… this type of inspirational leadership to rally others to do good – isn’t that the kind of thing they give out the Order of Canada for?
    Who knows how to start a nomination campaign? (No, really, I’m serious – recognition for this should not be limited to the knitterly and our respective muggles).

  78. Wow, you know how to make spreadsheets on excel? I bow down to your computer knowledge.
    Yes, feel better. That has happened to me more times than I can count…getting sick just days before Christmas. It’s the running around like crazy with not enough rest. Ugh, it’s no fun.

  79. The pink and black yarn project–is it a pair of socks? a scarf? What is the stitch pattern? It’s soooo awesome!
    I just finished a hat today after ripping in back twice and recalculating the math more times than I ever have for a sweater–so it can be done! It’s blocking now and hopefully it will be dry in time for Christmas. Feel better and good luck!

  80. To Kit who posted @ 11:43 p.m. on Dec. 22–google “Order of Canada” for info and nomination form–contact me at barbieostudio@hotmail.com to discuss further.
    And to you dear Ms. Harlot, family lore has it that great-grandfather would head to bed with a bottle of scotch (substitute screech) and wake the next morn with a hangover but no more cold/flu–would just like to re-emphasize previous commenter’s caution of no tylenol with alcohol.
    Best wishes to you and your clan for the holiday season and the coming new year and I have my Christmas wish (one of Santa’s elves whispered in my ear earlier this evening)–my stocking will be very “flat” this year as it will simply hold a donation in my name to DWB–will let you know the amount when I open it Christmas morn–can’t wait!!!!!

  81. Boo, flu. Sucky. Hope you’re better soon.
    Pink/grey/white sock-like picture… what kind? what pattern? Love it, love it, love it!
    (sorry this comment turned into all about me… really hope you’re feeling better)

  82. I do hope you feel better soon! I too want to know all about the pink/white/black? sock yarn and pattern. Do tell Do tell!! Of course when you are feeling better ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Oh, poor Harlot – it’s so hard to be sick & to be sick at Christmas just seems extra cruel. Hope you’re feeling much better soon!!!!!! (love the pink & white & gray socks!)

  84. Well, between you and Carol at GKIYH, I’m damned glad I got my flu shot last week. Of course, I woke up a bit prematurely this afternoon choking on mucus from the cold I’ve apparently picked up, but it beats the hell out of the chills. Hope you feel better quickly.

  85. Stephanie, I just got your book, At Knit’s End, for Christmas and I love it! I am compelled with so much knitting related things. Super exciting. Thanks!

  86. One by one, our family of five has fallen to the flu. We have missed two Christmas parties, and today we’ll miss the third. It may be the most relaxing Christmas I’ve had in years. Of course, I’m the last to not have fallen… good wishes to you for the holiday and for feeling better. I’m enjoying watching the total climb with great glee. I’m only sorry you have to knit while sick.

  87. Dear Sick Harlot,
    I hope you feel better soon. As someone who has spent much of the last month feeling like crap, (I’m finally feeling better) you have my most sincere sympathy! Just remember to rest easy because you’re not alone in your gift giving. There will be thousands of other knitters all over the globe who will be giving half done items for Christmas. You’re in good company. Somehow though, I have the feeling that your half knit bits will be much much nicer than mine LOL! Feel better soon.

  88. I am relishing the image of knitters as tardy super-heroes. Needle wielding Wonder Woman flies through the air, shouting, “Hold on! I’ve almost finished that parachute/net/rope to save you! No, wait, really! If I could just bind off! Oh, damn it, I’m a few yards short! Do you think the LYS is open on Sundays??”

  89. Hope you are feeling better, tough time to get sick! I have to tell you that my husband is anxiously awaiting your post for muggles who are shopping impaired. Happy Holiday!!!

  90. It’s somewhat refresshing to hear that I wasn’t the only one feeling incredibly miserable on the longest night of the year. I too was felled by some nasty flu/stomach virus type thing. I knew I was really sick when I had NO desire to knit! Hope yours goes away quickly. Happy hollidays!

  91. I have so got to get that cheat sheet for my muggle mother!
    How long did it take you to do the edging for the snowdrop shawl? It’s taking me FOREVER and a day, and I have no idea why.

  92. Okay dearest. Here’s what you need to do. When you can scrape yourself up go to the nearest health food or other crunchy store and buy a neti pot. You fill it with salt water and run the water through your nose. I know, sounds crazy but it feels good and will clear you up. If you use it every day in the cold season you will not be sick again. I am living proof. I’ve had one cold since I started using it 2 years ago and that’s cause I stopped using it too soon in the spring. Really. Look it up on the web for more info.

  93. Hope you feel better soon–bad time of year to not be able to knit.
    Here’s how my friend and I handled the no-time-to-knit present: we wrapped up the yarn and needles. When our quilter friend unwrapped them, we offered knitting lessons–OR we could just knit the scarf for her. (Although she chose the latter, we would have been quite happy to supply those lessons and suck someone else into the knitting vortex.)

  94. here’s yet another wish that you improve in health. No one should ever be that sick – it’s just nasty.
    Your local yarn store looks like the best one anywhere !I think I need to fly in and visit it.
    I began knitting some lace yesterday – aarrgh – perhaps I’ll have figured it out before Jan. when you’re down here by us – otherwise, I’ll be the one with the knot of alpaca around her neck that is masquerading as a shawl.

  95. My office is located in a mall that contains Walmart as an anchor store, and I know exactly that fear of being swallowed up this time of year. When I leave for Christmas, or on Fridays for that matter, I don’t want to go near that mall. It’s a madhouse and smells like work…
    Feel better! Maybe you’re working too hard and your body sensed the letdown and finally allowed itself to get sick. I know it sounds strange,but it happened to me every year I ran the Christmas Bureau in North Vancouver.
    Merry Christmas,
    Li – Life’s a Stitch

  96. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! You know you’re sick when you can’t knit even the simplest stockinette! Glad to hear that the mall trip was successful, even if you did pick up something you weren’t planning on!
    I’m dying to know what that last pic of pink and black and white (that’s what it looks like on my monitor anyway) goodness is! Can you share after the holidays?

  97. Hubby and daughter just left the house for last minute shopping. That list would have been a great thing to leave lying about. Darn. Ah well, Valentine’s day is around the corner….
    Feel better soon.

  98. I don’t have a blog to tell people to go look, but the little kangaroo’s on the “google” page are knitting!!!
    PS As always, love your blog!

  99. I also NEED to know what pattern you are using with the STR pink jasper (or whatever its called). I was ambivelent about the color and have been making a short row scarf, but your sock is gorgeous!

  100. You’ve been generating such great amounts of Goodness (tour, book, MSF/DWB, etc.) that the Universe had to take you offline for a bit. To really rest. To really recharge. It’s a good thing.
    Dear Stephanie and family – much Yuletide love
    to you in Toronto. Hail the return of the light.
    Fiddlestix in SC, where it’s 75 degrees and

  101. Glad to hear you’re up and about today…even if just barely.
    What I want to know is: Is it wrong to give a baby blanket with needles still in it? Sure, that works with the husband, but I’m not sure if it’s worse to give a baby needles or just to not sleep for two nights…

  102. What’s the dark lace scarf with the beads? Please, please, somebody clue me in. I saw that picture and unabashedly screamed “I WANT IT!” loud enough to scare both my cats, even the snarky princess who never scares.

  103. My goodness, the flu really throws a wrench into a holiday. I hope you didn’t knit deadly germs into anything. Can you block with Lysol? No, right? Oh wait – if you have the eucalyptus wool wash, you can boil the leftover blocking water and throw a towel over your head…unless it’s the other kind of flu. Then I’d just block with Lysol.

  104. oh dear, you know I need to stop knitting when instead of “FELLED” I read “FELTED” and wonder what percentage of wool you are. ๐Ÿ™

  105. Hi Stephanie,
    First – please feel better.
    Second, I fear my email to you is not getting through – I’ve emailed you once a month for the last three months.
    I would love to talk with you about an event I am doing next summer. It is a new fiber arts fair called the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair – http://www.FiberAndFolk.com. I have advertised in SpinOff, FiberArts, and Wild Fibers magazines with more to come.
    A major focus is workshops – education. I would love to have you come do a workshop!
    And, we are planning to establish a new fiber arts scholarship. There will be a fundraiser dinner and live entertainment. I hoped you might consider being part of the live entertainment…there will be many people there who would get a great deal out of your presentation!
    I am not asking you to donate your services – I would like to discuss all this further. We have a LOT of interest in this event and it is going to draw a large crowd the very first year. There are many vendors signed up already, and this is early!
    Please contact me to discuss? You can reach me at the email here or at the phone number on the site.
    Merry Christmas!

  106. Sorry to hear about your flu, Stephanie. If you still have it, you should try a hot lemon drink – use your favourite – and put a shot of something in it. I tend to use Scotch, but you can substitute rum or rye.
    Feel better.

  107. I thank you for posting the pic of your granite yarn in the Rock N Weave. I’m not much fond of the Arches pattern and am trying to decide what to do. See that? You help other knitters in ways you cannot imagine!

  108. Wow–for the first time I’m sort of glad I got to your post late…I’m so primed for a bug that I probably could have caught yours over the net! But I hope you’re feeling better–I’ll be reading avidly for the next 1/2 hour to see! And I think your knitting is beautiful! This year I finally caved to the demands of children and Christmas and just went to the Bodyworks store on the 24th and saved myself some grief….

  109. Hi Stephanie,
    WHAT is that gorgeous thing, charcoal lace with black beads??? It’s just lovely, do you give/sell the pattern?
    PS Happy New Year

  110. Stephanie, a while back you said something here about “too busy to knit what with earning a living / feeding the children…I can’t believe I keep falling for that!” I couldn’t find it and thought it was so funny; what is it exactly? Thank you from Iowa

  111. My life’s been basically bland today. More or less nothing seems worth thinking about. My mind is like an empty room. I’ve more or less been doing nothing to speak of. Not much on my mind recently.

  112. Not much on my mind right now, but it’s not important. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me. I just don’t have anything to say right now.

  113. I just don’t have anything to say right now. I haven’t been up to anything recently, but it’s not important. I’ve just been sitting around waiting for something to happen, but shrug.

  114. I haven’t gotten anything done recently. I’ve just been hanging out doing nothing. I haven’t been up to anything these days, but it’s not important. Today was a total loss.

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