Who do you call for this?

I have been quietly and consistently adding up the donations for MSF, and watching the number for Knitters Without Borders grow, fantasizing about the moment that the total might reach the goal. When Susanna and I met some time ago and she urged me to aim high, to try doubling the number and….well. To put it in the gentlest possible terms, I thought she was an extraordinarily optimistic human. (This is code in our family for “a few elves short of an effective workshop”…if you catch my meaning.) I explained that the last time we did this there had been a very visible emergency (the tsunami) that had galvanized people into giving…to all causes. I thought that without that sort of worldwide enthusiasm, that 120 000 was a lot to ask of knitters.

I was wrong. I underestimated knitters. (Me. Of all people.)

I asked you knitters to give on December 15th, at 9:28 am. I started entering the amounts in the emails as they came. I fell behind really, really quickly. Today I was entering emails from the 19th – trying to catch up….and lo….I looked at the total and….

On December 19th at 11:04 it was done.

That means that it took 73 hours and 36 minutes for knitters around the world to say “$120 000? I can do that. Actually, screw $120 000. We’re going to blow right past that.” I have hundreds of emails left to sort and Dudes. You doubled it. This means three things are true.

1. There is nothing….Nothing that knitters will not do in the name of decency and good behaviour, and that’s because we know how to share. (Ever had another knitter just hand you a ball of yarn because you needed it? Ever seen what happens if a knitter runs out of yarn mid-sleeve or says they have never tried wool? I should have known this.)

2. This is a very, very big team. There is no way to guess what that number will be when you are done with it. A quarter million? Half million? You are legends. Who do I call to report this sort of thing? Surely there is a list of good human effort I can put you on.

3. The muggles should not vex us, for we are mighty, we are organized and we now how to make big change…one small stitch at a time.

I’m honoured to have even the vaguest possible association with each and every one of you.


185 thoughts on “Who do you call for this?

  1. Mazel tov!
    And many thanks to you, Stephanie, for harnessing this energy into a force that can change the world.

  2. The most amazing thing to me, following the links to others blogs, etc. Is that WE support many things and can always open our hearts to more. The boys say, “Yeah, Go Harlot!”.

  3. It means one more thing. It means that this wide net of knitters have, just by reading the marks you make on …well, virtual paper… developed such a profound respect and effervescent affection for you, Stephanie-Yarn-Harlot, that our hearts are primed to cooperate when you ask a small, good thing. Take out that particular, personal factor and whatever good things might happen, they would lack this explosive level of hilarious, militant compassion.
    Good job.

  4. Ha, ha. Yes, I remember how you looked at me that day. I didn’t think it was so much that I was “a few elves short of an effective workshop”. To me, it looked more like you were thinking:
    “Can’t believe I have wasted perfectly good knitting time on this insane woman – get me out of here NOW!” I was a bit sad that afternoon, feeling I had blown any credibility I might have had with you.
    There really aren’t quite the words to tell you how incredibly happy I am that we were both wrong.

  5. Just remember, Stephanie, that it was your inspiration that got us started on the donations. I can’t wait to see how high the total climbs!

  6. I want to thank you for inspiring us all. I am not sending money to Doctors Without Borders. For whatever reason, I just can’t make myself give money to an organization like that. Even though I believe they are one of the best ones, I still feel like I am giving money to a top heavy organization instead of directly to someone who needs it.
    But there is this guy named Bob. He is homeless and as I learned yesterday he lives on the earth with his brother and a friend of theirs. He stands on a busy corner near our house and he smiles and waves to everyone. I swear, I watch him and feel like he is performing this service of cheer and connection and showing me that no matter what the circumstances, you can be friendly. I have been giving him money (though I used to not do that so that I wouldn’t be contributing to drug or alcohol purchasing). After I read your post I decided to buy him some warm stuff and food. I guess he is my Doctors Without Borders. I’m gonna see if my dentist might be willing to help him get some dentures too. I needed the encouragement to connect with him, and I got it from your post. Thank you.

  7. Hey… MSF is going to have to add “Yarn Harlot” to the drop-down “what prompted you to give us money” menu. Actually, I practically expected to see it when I donated…

  8. I’m so proud of all of us. This is easily the best thing I’ve been involved in this holiday season. Thanks for all your work organizing and totaling it.

  9. Holy Moly!
    Isn’t it just a little scary. The hairs on my neck are standing up. Just think of the possibilities!!!
    They’re endless…… We are awesome!

  10. This brings tears to my eyes. I am proud to be a member of this team.
    (You missed the fourth truth: Stephanie’s blog is one of the best ways to spread the word of anything to knitters.)

  11. It’s all your fault! you gather us together, and together we can do more than any one of us could do individually.
    Its a good thing you only use your power for good, otherwise,lemming like, we might follow you over a cliff!

  12. It’s absolutely amazing to me what this knitting community can achieve. I am so proud to be a part of it and congratulate each and every one of you.

  13. Woo hoo, we are the best!!!
    Really, I didn’t think my little contribution would do much, but like you said, one stitch at a time & look what we can do.

  14. Now, could you please have something just for U.S. Knitters? Could you possibly come up with a real live way we could impeach the lying spying son of a dog & a test tube who is occupying the White House and get our troops home where they belong? Please? You’ve already seen what a power you are.

  15. Yea, all of us! For we know that MSF is an incredible organization; my niece (who used to work there and has strong opinions) assured me that the money is incredibly well spent — as Stephanie reminded us, every $5 can do a lot. And we raised a ****load more. Thank you, Stephanie, for bring out the best in each of us.

  16. Knitters Rule! I never doubted us for a second..why? Because people who knit understand two things well: need and the value of money. Hats off to Stephanie was just being herself and then actually being so cool as to show us a need many of us didn’t know about at all. Hey Stephanie, what’s the next need we can help you with?

  17. Hooray for us! I contributed on their website, but noted that I was inspired by knitting without borders–hope my little bit helped toward the total. Knitters do rock, and more than that, we care–even those of us in the USA, despite our misguided leadership!

  18. I am awed. I can’t wait to see what the final total is! Is it the knitting that makes us compassionate or is it the compassion that draws us to knitting?

  19. Done *did* it!
    And are still doing it. I am *so* proud to be a knitter. Thanks, Stephanie! (And Susanna. Let’s not forget Susanna.)
    Anyone else feel like standing up and screaming wildly in one gleeful mass chorus? [g]

  20. You could always notify MSF. And I believe there was a radio station (in Montreal?) that had a noon time knit-along. I donated a couple of knitted squares to a project for which they were creating blankets for the homeless.

  21. What would you like us to do next? Just name it. Each of us is a tiny strand in a very strong rope*, and together we can… the mind boggles. I am truly honored to be part of it.
    *Nice metaphor, don’t you think?

  22. I am in tears. I don’t think I ever doubted that the total would be at least $240,000, but in 73 hours! Wow! I just called my Field Partner contribution in and asked that they not send me the print newsletters. I did tell the person that you were behind the donation. I hope others have told the people on the phone what brought them there. Congratulations to us all and to you, Stephanie, for articulating the goal.

  23. The Harlot (for having the brilliant idea in the first place) and all Knitters (who so generously donated) ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Wow. I am so impressed! I posted on my blog about the same time you did, to try and raise $2200 for breast cancer research. I’m doing the 60-mile 3-day walk. Knitters have been equally generous over there, even with my teensy tiny readership, I’ve already gotten over $150 donated.
    Knitters are the best. I’m so thrilled for Knitters Without Borders. Great job Yarnharlot!

  25. I knew we’d do it. I even suspected that we would exceed the goal. But…wow–so fast! And the Harlot isn’t even done counting! Can hardly wait to see where the total ends up.

  26. Hi Steph, I rarely comment but I have to say WOW! I am amazed and honored to be associated with knitters. These donations are absolutely incredible. It really does make you wonder what would happen if knitters ruled the world, doesn’t it? Common sense and kindness for all, that would be the battle cry!

  27. Wow!! Just gobsmacked that the goal was reached so quickly! And so happy to be a teeny part of it. Thank you for inspiring us 🙂

  28. It’s a good thing that you only use your powers for good…..
    amazing what a little bit here and a little bit there can add up to over a huge number of people.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention – I’m waiting to see what the next year will bring.

  29. I knew that we would be able to reach the $120,000 mark. I just didn’t know we’d do it so quickly! This is absolutely amazing and this kind of goodness and generousity in the world brings tears to my eyes.
    Thank you Stephanie, for being the catalyst that brings knitters together to make huge changes in the world. I can’t even imagine how far that amount of money will go to help those less fortunate.
    It feels like we’re making the world’s largest afghan – each dollar is a stitch – and we’re wrapping the world in the warmest, softest and fluffiest yarn we can find.

  30. See what you started? Now, when can the real fun begin?
    Headline News: “Knitter Caught Embezzling Funds, Spends $240,000 on Sock Yarn!”

  31. I’m with Rams — yes, knitters are wonderful beings, but we needed that leader with the spark of inspiration to get going. Haven’t given yet, as Toys for Tots and the car took up all available cash this month, but I’m skipping the Eggnog Lattes this season and will contribute that once the New Year roles around . . .

  32. I knew KWB would make it, but wow… just over three days?! That’s astonishing.
    And yeah – the Mean People of the world ought to watch their step, because really… don’t mess with the knitters, man.

  33. What a beautiful way to step into a new year! It seems increasingly clear that we can no longer wait for the “leaders” of the world to address humanity’s problems, but look at the power we have, one person at a time, one simple act at a time. We can keep heads and hands warm in cold climates, we can fund basic medical care all over the planet, we can feed hungry people in our neighborhoods, we can support fiber-producers in developing countries. Our power is limitless, and we are stepping up.
    Stephanie – Bet you didn’t know, when you started your blog, that you’d be the de facto leader of a revolution, did you? There be angels at work here, I think!

  34. And what does it say that 90 minutes after posting you already have over 60 comments? I think that you underestimate your “contribution” in this some how.

  35. Isn’t it amazing what power we have? I feel so ineffective on my own, but my little contribution is part of this wonderful group, I’m so proud!

  36. Jeeze louise….started on the 15th and you’re still on donations from the 19th….that means you’ll probably get to the donation I made earlier today and emailed you about…say…sometime next week? with luck? This is just beautiful, heart swelling beautiful.
    We’re all very honoured to know you,too, and obviously more than happy to join in together to make a difference in the world we live in.
    We’re all with Rams. Peace to you.

  37. I thought all of you should see copies of 2 emails: mine of 12-19 to the US MSF office and theirs of 12-22 in response. I am so pleased that they actually responded and so quickly. I like that in an organization, don’t you?
    I just wanted you to know that my donation of $100 today was inspired by Ms Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a knitter and blogger in Canada. MSF is her favorite charity and she has challenged her many readers to show “the world” how caring and committed knitters are as a group. She wants us to donate a total of $120,000 to MSF and inform her of what we donated so she can keep a running total for what she calls “Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres” or Knitters Without Borders. It might impress you to know that as of this morning, the group total was $80,000 and she issued the challenge last Friday. Her blog is http://www.yarnharlot.ca and you might like to read the posts for Dec. 15 and Dec, 18. Knitters are powerful, caring and generous.
    Thank you.
    Dear Dee,
    Thank you so much for your generous donation to Doctors Without Borders. I will make sure that Stephanie gets credit for your donation. We have received a lot of inspiring mail from Ms McFees readers and she is doing an amazing job. Thank you again for your gift and for your support.
    Kind Regards,
    Donor Services
    Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières(MSF)
    I am so proud of us all.

  38. I have been watching the number grow. I check almost every day. Knitters are a great bunch. I was given fiber and a drop spindle by friends because I told them I wanted to learn to spin.

  39. Ever since I read “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, I’ve been determined to help the Central Asia Institute any way I can. I truly believe that when women in Muslim societies are educated, valued and gain economic and political power in their society, that terrorism will wither and fail – and an organization that builds schools for women and schools that compete with the Muslim fundamentalist “schools” is truly doing blessed work of the “teach a person to fish” variety.

  40. When the right leader steps forward, things happen for the good. There’s so much work involved in totalling all that up, and watching the totals grow helps the whole thing keep snowballing. Wow!
    My concept of heaven: someday, each person whose life was touched by what is given because of your efforts, getting a chance to thank the person whose funds were directly involved, and you. Personally. With arms thrown around each other in instant recognition.

  41. Wow. I clicked on the comments planning to write that I knew we would do it, and here I am in tears reading everyone else’s comments, overwhelmed by a feeling of being connected to all of you for the betterment of the world. Knitters without borders, indeed! You make me really really really glad I learned to knit, and not just because handknit socks feel so good.

  42. If we knitters can do this much good in 73 hours, think what we could accomplish in the long run! All we need is a little encouragement from someone we admire . . .
    how long until world domination, dear harlot?

  43. oh that is WAY cool! and wendy knits! has also been sponsoring a fundraiser that is nearing 40K!
    we are SO awesome.

  44. You started it.
    Never, ever underestimate the pebble you are in the world-wide pool of knitters.

  45. Stephanie, this would have NEVER happened without you! You’re awesome. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

  46. I say call Good Morning America! They love stories like this… and they make even accept donations for the same cause on their website. Its worth a try!

  47. Hurray for us! Hurray for MSF!
    Now how about a pool for guessing, say, the total that will be reached for donations made by midnight Dec. 31, 2006? If you are interested email me at hiredhandsDOTcaATgmailDOTcom and I will keep track.

  48. Knitters are some of the most giving people i’ve ever known!!! at My school we have a knitting club and i don’t know why but we have had people come to knitting club with out needles and with out yarn! and in just a second ( and i mean a literal second!) some one will offer a spare pair of needles. and some times they will never be returned! but it doesn’t matter it’s just the joy of knitting!

  49. Hurray not only for us, but for you as well for inspiring us to donate! I got tears reading your post, I am so proud of us all!

  50. Thank you for spotlighting this cause! I’m so pleased that so many can be so open, kindhearted and generous. A light in a dark world.

  51. You know the saying, “Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness?” Well we just lit a big ol bonfire! Yay knitters.

  52. Go us! And go you for asking it of us and motivating us!
    Love ya Steph! You’re an amazing woman, mother and knitter!

  53. When I told my mother about this – after donating my small amount – she told me it could not be done. I am so happy that she has been proved wrong and to think it took only a little over 3 days. She hopefully will not mind since it is for a good cause. Go Knitters!

  54. Steph,
    Aw come on.. You doubted us? You who should know by now that knitters are a force to be reckened with? heheheheheh I love it. Now that that has been done. Give us another challenge to do in a few months. This warm & fuzzy feeling is awesome!

  55. Who can we tell? I for one told Oprah and Rachel Ray (in email form)! Spread the word? use the media!

  56. Doesn’t it just give you a fit of the warm fuzzies – without a shred of mohair in sight!
    Rams put it perfectly. Well said!

  57. I’m sure I speak for a good many of us when I say, we’re just as honored to have been called upon by you!!!
    Dianne R. in Pinellas Park, FL

  58. Ditto what Rams said. We knitters are an amazing resource, but it took you to tap us. What an honor to count myself among this group.

  59. I hope that you know that each and every one of us contributed at least partially (mostly?)because of how much you mean to us. It shows you that it takes one shining light to lead all of us out of the dark.
    Thank you for being our shining light.

  60. Woman, you have power. You can ask people to do something, and they do it. Ok, it doesn’t work when you ask the girls to pick their dirty clothes up off the floor, but that’s different. You have the power to inspire people though, partially because we know you will only use your power for good. We trust you and love you. Mark my words, some day you’ll have a Nobel Peace Prize.

  61. WOO HOO!! Call everybody. All of you, call your local newspapers. Better still, send a letter to the editor at your local paper, telling him of this amazing outpouring!! Then send a letter to the editor at your nearest city (if you’re in a small town like me) paper, saying the same thing. Call the CBC – Call CityTV in Toronto – Call Canada A.M. – Good Morning America…. Call OPRAH!!!!! Come on knitters – we can ALL spread the word here!!!!!

  62. I’m proud to be a part of something that feels good with no guilt attached…and that I can talk about at dinner. Thanks, Stephanie.

  63. Wow. I am totally blown away. I didn’t get around to donating until the 23rd – I can’t imagine how much we’ll have raised by the time you get caught up with all the emails.
    Knitters rule.

  64. Stephanie, you have been the force behind this great generosity. True, we knitters have stepped up to the plate, but we probably all get multiple requests for donations — you put it in perspective. You’re right that I would squeeze an extra gift for a new family member, so I donated when I thought I had been tapped out for the season. Thanks for letting us knitters show our muscle for a good cause.

  65. Does Doctors W/O Borders know what hit them? Do they know it was knitters? should someone tell them?

  66. This just shows the amazing readership you have. I’ve never seen a blog with the number of comments you have, and I read a lot of blogs! It absolutely amazes me. The fact that you read the comments, hundreds sometimes, amazes me even more.
    Never underestimate a group of people with a common interest. What you’re saying is true. We could have an indepth conversation with someone we’ve never met and feel like we’ve known that person for years. That’s what common interests do for you. That’s why we can bind together this way.
    Amazing. (I used that word way too many times in this post!)

  67. I have a question and someone above me may have already asked it, but I have just jumped to the bottom here…
    Do we have a deadline for this? I get paid tomorrow and do want to make a donation for the New Year as I did not for Yule. Is that okay?

  68. Amazing, SPM!! You are excellent!
    I received a Holiday card from your brother-in-law. I was touched, and very happy to be a part of this amazing effort. Thank you.

  69. Thanks for the inspiration Steph.
    Knitters rock! Actually, anyone with a yin for fiber, two sticks or one hook or a spindle

  70. How does it feel to know that you can command such a response? That hundreds of thousands of knitters out there know you, admire you, and belive in you and your decency enough to give over 120,000 to a good cause?
    All you had to do was say “hey, you know what would be a good idea?
    You, Mz Harlot are a powerful woman, and not mearly because you are well known, clever, and funny. But because you are right and just. You use that power for the benifit of the poor, powerless and voiceless. You speak for those who cannot speak. You are a force to be reconed with.

  71. We are knitters, hear us roar,
    In numbers too big to ignore. . . .
    Steph, you’re an amazing person, and I don’t think you understand your own power. (And Susanna in Seattle also gets enormous credit for encouraging you to try this).
    And for those who were prodded or inspired into doing something else, whatever it was, to light one tiny candle against the dark, thank you.

  72. Whoo, I wondered how fast we’d do it. I still have to send in my donation (waiting for a very late paycheck) and it’s wonderful to be a part of such an amazing community.
    Thank you for making the goal for us, Steph, because every ship needs a rudder. MSF/TSF forever!

  73. The magic in in your gift with words and the hearts of knitters.
    PS. Also, all of the above

  74. My heart is warm all over again and again every time I see the total rise.
    I have given to DWB/MSF before and I’ll give to them again, but I’ve never had so much FUN giving to them as this time. Because of your effort I doubled what I’d usually give. I get solicitations from them in the mail, so I mailed my donation in with that, and wrote in red along the bottom of the form

  75. Amazing and wonderful. A deep bow to you for calling us forward. (When I phoned in my donation, and the lady asked how I heard of MSF, I said: yarnharlot, I’m a knitter. She said Ah Hunh! Thank you! Didn’t drop a stitch.) I guess this is more proof that making pretty things helps open our hearts. Thanks a million and a wonderful, open-hearted New Year to you and all of us.

  76. First- let me wipe the tears from my eyes!! Now(big sigh)- We Knitters have created an act of “tikkun olam” – repairing the world. We are awesome and awe inspiring! I am soooo proud to be part of this group of loving generous people!! Stephanie- remember from little acorns grow mighty oaks!

  77. This makes me so freaking proud to be a part of a community with no freaking agenda other than to do a good thing. Thanks, Stephanie, for giving us all this place to show how much a small, decent gesture can accomplish.

  78. 120,000 is a *huge* number. How many knitters does that represent? Do you even track that? If you do, maybe let us know what a big group we a members of – and from how many countries we hail (There’s something about staring numbers in the face that is really fun, don’t you think?)
    knit on!

  79. Giving up a latte or two per week is not going to hurt me–and when I added up the amount, it kind of shocked me. So I sent my donation to DWB/MSF. And I’m going to do as much as I can in other ways, too. My kids and I gave each other Heifer Project gifts this year–we’ve all got way too much stuff–and it was good. Thanks for being the conduit to all this good stuff going on!

  80. We are knitters…we try to warm the world with our love…(read knitting)…We are about as human as it gets…and I am proud to be associated with each and every one of ya! Blessings on you all.

  81. As I was trying to fall asleep last night I was thinking about this: I am a knitter without borders. I am part of this community. I blog, I read other blogs daily from all over the world, I podcast, I get fiber gifts from people I may never meet but love “talking to”. If I’m confused or have a question I can ask and quickly receive help and support (if it’s not already a tutorial on someone’s blog). I knit along and love seeing what other people are making, what is going on in their lives. I am part of something bigger than myself without it being weird, smaltzy or just plain odd. Thank you Stephanie. Thank you all. It is wonderous.

  82. They totally need to add “yarn Harlot” to the dropdown on the MSF site! “other’ just doesn’t begin to say it.

  83. Well honey it’s like what that nice king said to the 4 wee hobbits,at the end of the lord of the rings
    You bow to no one.
    You threw the ring in the fire to make this happen,it all started here. That and so much more(hi Rachel H) thanks.

  84. stephanie, if you were an american i would beg you to run for president. surely someone with your decency and common sense could reshape the world. since you are canadian, i guess i will have to hold out for a us/canadian knitters party. can’t you see the history books explaining how it got started 200 years from now? “see, there were these knitters who were mad about tariffs on yarn between the united states and canada and then they got upset about their countries’ failure to care for other people in faraway places and…..”

  85. To our community of knitters: You are all remarkable in your generosity.
    To Stephanie: You are amazing; please use your power only for good!
    To AlisonH: What a beautiful concept of heaven!
    Peace to all.

  86. What a wonderful tribute to the spirit of the season. Knitters truly are generous people.

  87. You are the meaning behind the Helen Keller quote:
    “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”
    And we are grateful for your superb example.

  88. I have a mug my teen group gave me a few years back with that Margaret Mead quote on it, you know the one?
    “Never doubt that a small group of dedicated people can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    Show me a being more dedicated than a knitter, and I’ll show you an ant.

  89. From a beginning knitter and a doctor-to-be (four months and counting to graduation!), I say THANK YOU.
    Knitting is a new and wonderful joy to me, but less new is the profound satisfaction of taking part in healing another human.
    Being able to combine the two even in a small way is a unexpected pleasure. Now….how to sneak my knitting into the ER without looking too weird…

  90. From a beginning knitter and a doctor-to-be (four months and counting to graduation!), I say THANK YOU.
    Knitting is a new and wonderful joy to me, but less new is the profound satisfaction of taking part in healing another human.
    Being able to combine the two even in a small way is a unexpected pleasure. Now….how to sneak my knitting into the ER without looking too weird…

  91. WAY TO GO HARLOT!!! Thank God you aren’t a Lemming, or we would all follow you over the cliff into the sea LOL! I am constantly amazed and awed by the generosity of Fiber people. ( Besides knitting, I also spin, weave, and dye so I get to hang out with all sorts of very cool people.) I am always amazed at how much they share. You gave us a way to show the world how much we care and we took it. Now just look at what you started! Hurray Knitters!!!!!!

  92. Beats the heck out of those “total number of people visited” counters, doesn’t it. Good work, everyone all around. What’s next?

  93. They did it because they love you. Thanks should go to you first. You inspire all of us in hundred’s of ways with every entry. Thank you.

  94. I never really doubted that it would be done, but for it to be done so soon? Wow.
    Thanks, Stephanie, for pulling us together again. I’ve been grinning ear to ear since I first read this post.

  95. Our power is awesome, isn’t it? Do crochet-ers and quilters and cooks and bikers and video gamers do this too? Or does it take the incredibly inspiring challenge of Stephanie the YH? Can’t wait to see how high it goes. Next year – $1 million?

  96. Seriously. You didn’t know this already? 😉
    In September I put a post on my blog offering to spin custom handspun for anyone who donated to my spinning wheel fund, because I honestly didn’t see any other way I was going to procure a wheel, you know, what with the needing tires and tuition and whatnot, and with the naysaying husband and all. In one week I had enough money for my wheel *and* a donation to Charkhas for Africa.
    Knitters are fabulous.

  97. Thanks to you, Stephanie! You made it easy for us to mobilize and to fit all together in a big yarn boat. Happy New Year, everyone, with wishes for peace.

  98. I’m sure this has already been said (I haven’t read through all the comments), but I think this is a great news story. Perhaps MSF would be interested in getting the story out. Or someone who is media-savvy could contact CBC, CNN, Oprah, major newspapers. Surely one of us knitters must know how to go about doing this? We can do anything 🙂

  99. Wow!
    Who do you tell? Everyone. Have your publicist send out a news release to the AP (Associated Press) newswire and see if any major dailies pick it up. In the mean time, Letterman would be a great place to start and you’d get a cool trip to New York…too bad we don’t have any late night television shows here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Another really good option would be Time magazine, because they just did a huge spread on the impact of blogs and online information from individuals versus the diminishing role of mainstream media.
    Stand tall, knitters – I’m proud to be part of the gang.

  100. What rams said..
    As for whether quilters etc do such stuff. Yes, we do. Memorably, many years ago back in the dark ages of the internet, we had on compuserve the fiber forums. One of our number passed this earth and we got together and raised money for the American Quilters Society Museum, which was being built at the time, so this must have been 1989 or so. So, somewhere one the wall of donors, is an enigmatic entry – from the CISters, in memory of our friend. (And a shout out to all of you who remember the CISters)
    But normally what we quilters do is make a honking big quilt and raffle that sucker off for the chosen cause. We’re good at raffles, we quilters! LOL!
    And I just got my latest DWB newsletter. If they don’t write you up for the next issue, there ain’t no justice.
    and speaking of which – have your publicist or editor drop me an email about the webbys……because, when we think of webgods, Steph is right up there with Prince, Al Gore, Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf. (and if you don’t get that, don’t worry, it’s a old-timer internet user comment)

  101. Rams really hit the nail on the head. Now we need a contest to guess how high the total will rise. We could call it the “Donation Olympics” and there would be a medal . . .

  102. Do they know we are knitters when we donate. I didn’t find a spot to mark that we are donating through you????? I hope our donations make a difference in the services they can provide in the future!!!

  103. You are a force with which to be reckoned, Stephanie. Thank you for always reminding us that we are capable of doing good if we just put our minds (and hearts, and sometimes wallets) to it.

  104. Patti, *lol* at your comment. Maybe if Stephanie becomes President of the U.S. Bono can be her V.P.?
    Linda S., if I ever end up in the E.R. and find my doctor with a sock-in-progress in her pocket I will feel comforted and secure. (Remember Stephanie’s story about the brain surgeon who said she didn’t have the patience to knit?)

  105. A group with a strong charismatic leader can make things happen. We’re blessed to have such a fine one.
    I can’t be the only one dropping in and refreshing the page to find out what the number is today. Stephanie, can you provide us math geeks with some stats when most of the data entry is done? Or provide a selected math geek with anonymous data to provide other math geeks with stats?

  106. Has anyone else had trouble with their web browser window hanging when trying to open one of Stephanie’s archives? It can’t be that I’m using a mac, because so does Stephanie, although it could be because I’m using mozilla. But I can’t get to The Return of the Light, neither through the “recent entries” list, nor through the link in the text.

  107. Too bad you’re not a US Citizen. I’d nominate you for Prez any day. You’re way better than Hillary.
    Oh, well. Maybe you’ll have to settle for just ruling the entire world. I think you’ve got enough supporters.

  108. Shivers! and it’s not that cold here just to the west of Trawna in beautiful downtown London.
    Stephanie and Susanna, you rock! Knitters rock!
    As for who to tell….
    please call the CBC. It’s a fabulous story and may encourage others to donate too!
    It will be a Happier New Year! Thank you.

  109. um? Steph? while I agree that knitters are great people, I’m thinking you could do w/ a healthy dose of credit – all by yourself.
    Here, take just a little bit. You deserve it.
    happy Christmas & all that jazz.

  110. I swear, maybe I am just the over-emotional sort, but I have read that post twice now, and each time I tear up. Bravo to knitters, bravo to you – for galvanizing and rousing.
    It goes down in the Big 3 (at least for me) of Yarn Harlot postings for 2006. The other two? Well, 1. The Breastfeeding Post 2. The Surprise (at least to most of us) Wedding.
    Thank you Stephanie, for writing, for getting up on your yarn box and touching all our lives with humor, wisdom, and socks. Happy, happy New Year to you and your family.

  111. happy happy to you and yours, and thanks for the uplifting spirit that prevails on your site…and for all the smiles you have provided…cedar

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