In lieu of

I am not packed. This is a problem, considering that my flight leaves in a few hours. (I had to go into the stash for some yarn for a class…I thought it would only take a minute, but…well. I had to go deep.) In lieu of a blog today, I give you a podcast.

When I was at SOAR at the beginning of November, I recorded this very giggly interview with Amy Clarke Moore. (It is very giggly. In our defence, it was the last night and we were both a little overcome by fun and wool fumes.)

The interview is here. Enjoy, and remember that you don’t need an ipod to listen to podcasts. It will play right on your computer. When you get done listening to me, there’s one with Amy Singer here.

I’m going to go pack. I’ve made the very virtuous decision to only take unfinished objects with me. Maybe if I have nothing else to knit I’ll make some progress.

See you at Madrona!