Madrona: Day one

Ten things to make note of:

1. Dude, if we are on a plane together and you hit on me for five solid hours and each time you try (although, really congratulations on your tenacious nature. It’s really a gift for you) I say things like “Thank you, my husband thinks so too” or vaguely wave you away for my movie or put on my headphones or stare really intently at my knitting, the answer is still no. Thanks anyway.

2. Pilot? If you remind people to check for the exits closest to them when you begin your descent? That makes us think we are going to need the exits.

3. If anybody tells you that you are crazy for taking more than one knitting project on a plane, then laugh them off. I finished Joe’s socks with 20 minutes left and (perish the thought) no knitting. Luckily, that left me free to defend myself from my neighbours advances and check my exits. I am taking way, way more knitting on the flight home.


Joe’s socks, my basic sock pattern, upsized to 72 stitches around and knit in …oh nuts. The ball band is at home. Any guesses?

4. I am signing books here at Madrona Fiber Arts on Saturday from 5-6. There is no reason you are not welcome, even if you aren’t signed up for the retreat. Furthermore, there is nothing stopping you from shopping at the market. I am going to try not to, so it is very important that you all buy a lot so I can live vicariously through you.

5. There is a three hour time change. It is kicking my arse. I couldn’t stay awake last night (I had big plans to seek out social knitters, but had to settle for meeting Teyani in the lobby. It was lovely.) and this morning I am awake at, by Tacoma time, at a horrendously early hour.

6. I have no plain socks to knit. I may drop by the Blue Moon booth. If you see me with more than one skein, please take me down with a sedative blowdart like in Wild Kingdom. (Am I the only one who thought that Jim had a really hard go on that show? I mean, it was always “As we can see from the safety of the jeep, Jim has attracted some unwelcome attention from a pride of hungry lions. )

7. Tonight I am giving a talk about Knitters Without Borders. I am going to try not to suck. It’s at 7:30, and you could come. If you do, then you get a double treat. Not only do you get to see me song and dance, but you can listen to Diane Formoso talk about Caring for Kids.

8. Someone sent a bottle of Plum Mead to my hotel room. I don’t know who you are, but it is very yummy, and I love you.

9. Amanda, if you don’t clean your hampster’s cage before I get back I will not speak to you until you do. In some countries, you would be old enough to have 3 children, four goats and be scrubbing your husbands laundry on a rock in the local river. There is no reason for that aroma to be wafting delicately out of your pit room.

10. I forget what 10 was, but I’ve got to fly. I’m taking a class on The mittens of Rovaniemi in an hour. Susanna says it’s advanced and to bring patience. I’m unreasonably excited about this.

Ps. There is a big mountain right outside my window.