Madrona: Day one

Ten things to make note of:

1. Dude, if we are on a plane together and you hit on me for five solid hours and each time you try (although, really congratulations on your tenacious nature. It’s really a gift for you) I say things like “Thank you, my husband thinks so too” or vaguely wave you away for my movie or put on my headphones or stare really intently at my knitting, the answer is still no. Thanks anyway.

2. Pilot? If you remind people to check for the exits closest to them when you begin your descent? That makes us think we are going to need the exits.

3. If anybody tells you that you are crazy for taking more than one knitting project on a plane, then laugh them off. I finished Joe’s socks with 20 minutes left and (perish the thought) no knitting. Luckily, that left me free to defend myself from my neighbours advances and check my exits. I am taking way, way more knitting on the flight home.


Joe’s socks, my basic sock pattern, upsized to 72 stitches around and knit in …oh nuts. The ball band is at home. Any guesses?

4. I am signing books here at Madrona Fiber Arts on Saturday from 5-6. There is no reason you are not welcome, even if you aren’t signed up for the retreat. Furthermore, there is nothing stopping you from shopping at the market. I am going to try not to, so it is very important that you all buy a lot so I can live vicariously through you.

5. There is a three hour time change. It is kicking my arse. I couldn’t stay awake last night (I had big plans to seek out social knitters, but had to settle for meeting Teyani in the lobby. It was lovely.) and this morning I am awake at, by Tacoma time, at a horrendously early hour.

6. I have no plain socks to knit. I may drop by the Blue Moon booth. If you see me with more than one skein, please take me down with a sedative blowdart like in Wild Kingdom. (Am I the only one who thought that Jim had a really hard go on that show? I mean, it was always “As we can see from the safety of the jeep, Jim has attracted some unwelcome attention from a pride of hungry lions. )

7. Tonight I am giving a talk about Knitters Without Borders. I am going to try not to suck. It’s at 7:30, and you could come. If you do, then you get a double treat. Not only do you get to see me song and dance, but you can listen to Diane Formoso talk about Caring for Kids.

8. Someone sent a bottle of Plum Mead to my hotel room. I don’t know who you are, but it is very yummy, and I love you.

9. Amanda, if you don’t clean your hampster’s cage before I get back I will not speak to you until you do. In some countries, you would be old enough to have 3 children, four goats and be scrubbing your husbands laundry on a rock in the local river. There is no reason for that aroma to be wafting delicately out of your pit room.

10. I forget what 10 was, but I’ve got to fly. I’m taking a class on The mittens of Rovaniemi in an hour. Susanna says it’s advanced and to bring patience. I’m unreasonably excited about this.

Ps. There is a big mountain right outside my window.

207 thoughts on “Madrona: Day one

  1. Welcome to the West Coast. Madrona sounds so tempting I might brave the border guards and come on down. Have fun with the mittens!

  2. Her name is Tahoma, although most folks call her Mount Rainier. Rejoice if you have a clear view of her; we’ve had a cloudy winter.

  3. I don’t know whether I’m more jealous of the beautiful socks or of the mountain outside your window.
    Okay … I’ve decided. I think it’s the socks. They are beautiful and I’m sure Joe will LOVE them.
    Have a wonderful trip and stay away from the crazies on the plane trip home.

  4. Someone hit on you for the entire planetrip? Wait, let me rephrase that. Not that I’m surprised someone would do that — I’m just shocked you’d put it in print. You do realize that now your husband, having read this, may find it necessary to accompany you on every trip, thereby limiting the opportunity to acquire ever larger amounts of yarn for the stash?

  5. Ah, I remember the aroma of over-ripe hamster cage. It really should be dealt with. I love that colorway in the socks too. They are very masculine, but not so boring that one would be bored knitting on them by the end of the ribbing. Have fun!

  6. Mt. Rainier – you are a lucky harlot! I miss my home state. Too bad I learned to knit after we moved away. Enjoy your trip!

  7. I’m so envious! I don’t know which I’m more envious of – all the yarn/patterns/fibery goodness, or the mountain. It’s really a toss up. I hope you enjoy it all tremendously!
    P.S. I’m sure your talk/signing will go fantastically.

  8. hehe…you rock those socks!
    And a mountain and a gift of mead…lucky girl!
    Seriously….is it possible to be unreasonably excited about a knitting class?
    Didn’t think so.

  9. Sounds like loads of fun. Wish I were there. I will be checking out some of the vendors’ websites though. Thanks for the link!

  10. A view of Mount Rainier or Tahoma can be rare indeed. Don’t miss the glass museum – cool (or hot) stuff and a short walk from the hotel. There is a bar/pub/restaurant not far from the hotel and museum which has quite a variety of local brews as I recall. Next year, Madrona!

  11. Don’t think of it as harassment, but as validation of your many charms….Surprised you didn’t “accidentally” stab him with the dpn’s, though.
    If you visit here for the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival I’ll make sure you get local beer and *fresh* squeaky cheese. Is it a deal?

  12. And it’s the Rovaniemi mittens that have sent an unseemly bolt of jealousy right through my heart. Peace and quiet in a hotel room, plum mead, STR — I can cope with not having those. But those mittens?? I love every picture I’ve ever seen; please torture me with–no, I meant share–pictures of this week’s.

  13. i’ve used the silent treatment on my kids more than i can tell. hope the hampster gets a nice cleaning sometime soon.
    we’ll see pix of the mountain yes?

  14. I see that it isn’t just Joe’s chest with a wide diameter. I come from the family of wide feet and the widest around I’ve ever done is 64 stitches. Yow.
    And remember, sock yarn doesn’t count.

  15. Remember Jim & the Anaconda? I thought he was a goner. It was later that someone enlightened me to the fact that if they didn’t get the snake under control, it would have been the Anaconda who would have been the goner. Hey, what did I know? I was just a kid. Anyway, thanks for the link, they actually have the clip on that site. Have a great time in WA!

  16. I love the socks. Phil keeps hinting at the fact that it isn’t fair that my feet are nice and warm and his aren’t..or says things such would be nice ot have nice cozy wool socks. I guess the man couldn’t be more clear. I should knit him some socks.
    Since they took my needles away in Portugal, leaving my shadow shawl with loose floppy stitches, I’m afraid to take my needles on flights. I’ll be testing the waters when we go to Chicago though. I just can’t be without knitting for 4 days. That’s..well, wrong.

  17. I am drooling just thinking about the marketplace and your mitten class–cannot wait to see what you come up with–you are definitely a Knitting Muse!!
    Annoying as it may be, the silver lining to your fellow passenger’s persistence is that after 3 kids and steady partnership for xx number of years, you’ve still got IT!!

  18. Oh, yarn harlot, I am so jealous! Appreciate Tacoma like mad–I’m at school in NY and miss it dearly. There is a lovely little yarn shop in the (shady) area of town called the Lamb’s Ear, and I encourage you to go look! Also, if you need some alone time, the Grand Movie Theater (on 6th Ave) is a fabulous indie place. (Ask for Phoebe or Zowie.) If you have time, check out the Museum of Glass, or if you’re feeling like spending money on a great meal, the Pacific Grill is excellent.
    Have fun in T-town!

  19. Why is it that every time you post one of these things I think of the Gin Blossoms?
    I wouldn’t dream of attempting to guess the yarn, but the socks are great. Such manly colors. (But stripes? Joe wears stripes? Be still my heart.)

  20. Some people are just so DENSE that they can’t fathom why anyone wouldn’t be interested. After 5 hours of you beating him over the head with your husband, however, you’d think he’d have caught on. What a moron.
    Love the socks! I couldn’t get the podcast thingie to work, but I had a great laugh reading her topic headers. I’ll have to try again tonight.

  21. It seems logical to me that, if your seat-neighbor hit on you for the whole flight, then you had the right – nay, the duty – to return the favor and *hit* him back. I do know that Canadians are so much more polite than Yanks, but self-preservation cancels the need to be polite in return.
    My friend Joni just suggested that you should have called the flight attendant and explained, not quietly, what the “supposed gentleman” was doing, then request that *his* seat be changed. That would work, too, and would have served to reinforce the idea that “no means NO”.

  22. Does anyone else think that “I have no plain socks to knit” is a somewhat weak excuse to buy Socks that Rock? Since it clearly means that you have complicated socks to knit, as well as a variety of other UFOs along? No? Just me?
    Enjoy Tacoma!

  23. Plum Mead? Wherever does one acquire Plum Mead? It sounds heavenly.
    Some times men are pigs. No offense is meant to the pig.

  24. Be still my heart. My inlaws had a great house in Pt. Orchard that had an incredible view of Mt. Rainier (and Seattle). Glass on all three stories. Very 70’s, but very cool. It’s for sale right now (by new owners), but I can’t afford it…

  25. Have no fear, her room will forever be a pit, and it will always smell. i think you should take picture and involve any new yarn and the mountain outside your room.
    have fun at class~

  26. Dude– you got hit on? That like totally ups your cachet with the husband…and the fact that you blew off this loser, I mean (in version two) dashing multilingual ripped and gorgeous runner up for the lead in LOST for the husband’s perfect and humble self, well, that just makes you an even better catch.

  27. You remember Wild Kingdom!! Marlin Perkins lived up the street from me when I was a kid. Well, not really, but a guy who looked just exactly like him. Maybe it WAS him, no reason it couldn’t have been. I always stifled the urge to ask him where Jim was when I saw him out for a walk in the neighborhood. Poor Jim. He was wild animal fodder. Although his part was probably more interesting than Marlin’s.
    Also, Plum Mead? My man makes mead, but never Plum Mead. I think I may just find myself picking up a few plums at the farmers markets this summer. Because that sounds heavenle.

  28. Ugh, I hate sleazy people on airplanes. At least when I fly with my knitting it usually creeps people out too much to talk to me. One guy looked at me a whole 3 hour flight like he was going to get cooties if he got near me.
    Have fun in Madrona, and don’t buy too much yarn! Heh πŸ˜‰

  29. Welcome to Washington! I hope you have a great time…am just barely restraining myself from driving down from Bellingham. Enjoy the mountain–it’s free, and we have several more should you get bored of that one. (Just try not to think about the fact that they’re volcanoes, albeit gentle, sleeping volcanoes.)
    You have more self-control than I, because Mr. Hotpants would have gotten an “accidental” poke from the needles…

  30. Oh, I can’t believe you are here and I can’t drive down there! I really wanted to take the class on spinning novelty yarns too, but I still have my 4-month-old to think of… I am definitely signing up for Madrona next year. Have loads of fun!

  31. With regard to number 9:
    Sometimes I wonder when you write about your kids:
    Is this for comedic effect (’cause darn, it’s funny) or is she utilizing the power of the blog (akin to my own mother’s circa 1978 threat of “don’t think I won’t spank you in public”) to get the kids to do her bidding?
    Amanda, might I recommend using rubber gloves?

  32. OK, I am *not* a knitter, but am married to a woman who knits constantly. I read this because Harlot is funny (and maybe just a touch unbalanced, but in a wonderful way). This is all an intro to simply ask the following: what is a ball band? I would ask my wife, but I really try hard not to look to ignorant of the fiber arts.

  33. You could have told this intruder in the seat beside you that you were being transported back to the USA to have a hearing about wounds you inflicted upon your husband ((Bobbit style) haha I would bet anything he would have changed seats or at the very least been VERY quiet for the rest of the trip. The socks are lovely –what ?? You are going to buy yarn ? What happened to all the UFOS you took to work on ? Have fun and enjoy everything .

  34. Is the sock yarn Meilenweit stripey stuff (very technical name there). I used the Meilenweit for a pair of socks for my brother and it looks like the same stuff.

  35. Oh no! Please please do not tell me, a fellow frequent traveller, that the headphones / knitting combo didn’t do its usual deterrant magic. Great. I am getting on a plane tomorrow and now I am doubting The Force. Seriously though, the mittens class sounds fabulous! Please share the wealth on your return. And safe travels, always.

  36. oops. well. I wasn’t going to drive down, but now the winds have shifted and perhaps I will. The beautiful thing is I can cover any yarn spending with pregnancy brain! woo! “Oh, I guess I did have some socks that rock, I forgot, ah well, I have more now!”
    You are irresistable to all. Face it.

  37. oops. well. I wasn’t going to drive down, but now the winds have shifted and perhaps I will. The beautiful thing is I can cover any yarn spending with pregnancy brain! woo! “Oh, I guess I did have some socks that rock, I forgot, ah well, I have more now!”
    You are irresistable to all. Face it.

  38. You haven’t even started the classes yet and it already sounds like ridiculous fund. I should just save all of the money from Xmas gifts and birthdays for my sister and put it towards our own stay at the retreat next year. Oh, fiber retreats… yum yum yum. Tell us all about the mittens?

  39. What? You’ll be in Madrona and there is no scheduled trip north? Are you sure you don’t have time to hitch a ride up to, say… Port Angeles and take a ferry to Victoria? You know that BC loves and would love for you to visit! In fact, we have a new knit group in Victoria and wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing for you to drop by and knit with us Tuesday night? Yeah, you know you wanna. πŸ˜‰
    Have fun in Madrona!

  40. Do you watch 24? If so, do you remember the scene last year where Chloe tasers the guy hitting on her in the bar? I was so.jealous. We all need one of those.

  41. Socks are gorgeous.
    #9 had me laughing so hard – I needed that after the bad morning I had
    Have a great time in Madrona!

  42. For some odd reason, I’m feeling this strong pull northwards. Is there a Yarn Harlot tropism? Lovely, lovely socks! Airplane guy – when you run into future specimens, I suggest (if you can overcome innate Canadian politeness) stating *very loudly*, “No, I don’t want to join the Mile High Club, my husband would object.” Not that it’d dent Insistent Dude’s over-inflated ego much, but he might be embarrassed by everyone within earshot staring at him. Or then the stewardess might offer to move him for you. Possibly with help from U.S. Marshalls. And you can *see* Mt. Rainier? I’m. So. Jealous. (Above and beyond Madrona in the first place.) Have fun!

  43. Old enough to own a goat, I will have to use that on my 14-year-old! Fortify yourself with plum mead and have a great time.

  44. The great thing about jet lag is that you are up ungodly early with no one to pester you. All the coffee you want, plus uninterrupted knitting time. Have a nap before your talk, and you’ll be all set for the evening, too!
    Have fun!

  45. #9 made my pop come out of my nose! Ow. That scene is to familiar in the Niss household. Now add in bunnies, kitties, and a dog.

  46. Ooh, I hope you take pictures of the mountain outside of your window. I love mountains. We don’t have enough of them in Florida.
    I have to give a speech today, too. I’m taking a college speech class that they insist I complete before they’ll hand me my little piece of important paper. The *fun* part is that I’m taking it online. Right now I’m procrastinating from setting up my webcam and headphone/microphone thingie. The only saving grace of this is that I get to give the speech while sitting in the middle of my bed. When I’m done, I am _so_ going over to Blue Moon’s website and ordering myself a reward for getting through this thing. I’m going to go donate to Knitters without Borders first, though. It never hurts to have Karma on your side.
    Crossed fingers for both our speeches. (Bet yours is more interesting!)

  47. Like you could suck at talking about KWB/TSB?!
    a) it’s a phenomenal concept
    b) it’s phenomenal that anyone (save someone threatening Eternal Damnation for non-participants) can inspire a bunch of people who don’t know each other but who share a hobby to join together and kick some butt
    c) you can blush modestly when someone accuses your of creating a cult of personality rivalling Stalin and Mao.
    Talk On, Sister!

  48. Honey? He LIKES married women; he thought you were emphasising his similarity to your previous selection.
    The BAD news is that you WON’T speak to her if she doesn’t clean the cage? I’m reminded of the kid on Third Rock saying to the stern gym teacher who was sending him to sit with the girls for refusing to climb a rope “Let me get this straight — if I don’t climb the rope I go sit with the girls? I’m failing to see the down side here…”
    And Joe, who won’t wear contrasting top-stitching, is going to wear yellow-striped socks? You’re using his love of handknit dress socks to jimmy open his horizons, aren’t you?

  49. I’m soooooo looking forward to my Bohus class with Susanna tomorrow–I was afraid that her mittens class would kick my ass.

  50. I visited that beautiful mountain last August for the first time, during a very difficult inlaw-related visit. (I tried to convince my husband that we should postpone the visit until January so that I could attend Madrona, but he said No. …He still owes me big time!)

  51. Great socks! Whatever the mystery yarn is, it knit up beautifully. Meanwhile I have a very nice 72-stitch sock in my closet (the result of a bit of a guage accident) that would fit Joe quite nicely. Shall I send it? (Of course, you’d have to knit the other one. I would include the rest of the ball of Trekking XXL, though I believe the pair would be, due to the nature of this lovely yarn’s rather uneven striping pattern, paternal twins.)
    Meanwhile, perhaps you could fend off future dim-witted Don Juans on planes by holding Joe’s socks up and saying something like “Look at how enormous by husband’s socks are–you know what they say about men with big feet, don’t you? I don’t know how anyone else could ever compare. If they tried, I’d have to point and laugh.” That should do it.

  52. I’m so glad Mr. Mountain came out to visit you. He’s been rather friendly lately. He’s decided to come out from the clouds and sunbathe for the past three days. (Translation: Whoop-de-doo we’ve had three whole days of sunlight!!!!!!! Woot!)

  53. Oh, I’m so excited that you’ll be signing on Saturday!!!!
    Isn’t Teyani a hoot? And I’m so glad Mr. Mountain came out for you too.

  54. Aaaaooooowwww!!! The dealers’ room is free and open to the public? And I’ll be there *next week,* after they’ve all gone home? Not fair!
    Nice socks, by the way.
    Next time someone annoys you on a plane, just tell the attendant, “This man is annoying me. Will you please separate us?” No more free upgrades for him!

  55. Plum Mead sent to your room without a name? (I’m not sure what Plum Mead is, either)
    You don’t suppose Dude has a needle fetish?
    Where do these creeps come from??

  56. Ooh, Linda V nailed it…
    You can smell the hamster cage from Madrona?
    If the cage isn’t clean when you get home,
    the hamster is history.

  57. John – I too am not a knitter, but a crochet junkie, and a quilter. I just love to read about Stephanie’s adventures. She’s the best!!
    I am preeeeeety sure the “ball band” is the strip of paper around a ball of yarn that tells you the information about the yarn, i.e. whether it’s cotton or wool, or a blend, how many ounces it is, the price, the manufacturer, etc. etc. You get the picture.

  58. Mashers on planes. What a P.I.T.A. I like the idea of oops with DPNS. It goes kinda like…nudging your ball of yarn so it falls on the floor and rolls a way. You excuse yourself to fetch it, making sure all your DPNS are grasped tightly between your fingers. You stumbleyou put out your hand to break your fall…. DPNS first. Should work…..
    Rodents in home are not a good thing…caged or uncaged.
    Have fun at Madrona. Maybe next year for me.

  59. Can I say I am horribly jealous you are in WA state?! I learned to knit after I moved from Seattle area and have never tasted the yarn life out there. I feel like I have an empty void in my soul now.
    Any how, enjoy the mountains, the Puget Sound, and all the fresh air, even if it is filled with rain.

  60. I really wish I could take credit for the plum mead…I am ALL ABOUT plum wine. *flutter*
    It’s a real head-scratcher that there is actually a dude out there who is simultaneously clueless enough to continue hitting on a woman who is clearly not interested, much less who is attached/married…and confident enough to do so when said uninterested woman is wielding a handful of sharp objects in close proximity to any number of sensitive areas.

  61. I don’t know what the yarn is, but I want some. I think my husband would like that too. It would have to be three pairs down the line though.
    I sincerely hope you come to Kansas City sometime. We dont’ have mountains, but we have beautiful skies, some great local brewerys, and I personally know quite a few knitters who would love to meet you!

  62. Welcome to Tacoma! It’s actually really nice out…. Well, it was foggy this morning, but yesterday it was very sunny and crisp, as it is right now. I hope to stop by tomorrow-it’s a 10 minute drive from campus (minus parking, which will probably suck). I have between 8:27 and 10:55 to leave Aural Skills and be back before German. Think that’s enough time to check out the marketplace? I may be running.

  63. It’s so cool that you’re only a few miles away from my home town! I’m jealous that you’re going to Madrona. If I still lived in Seattle I’d be all over that place.
    Anyway, have a great time.
    Tell the mountain that I miss it!

  64. that mountain is something you were scared about for your daughter in mexico. *whispers *its really a volcano..
    and i cant believe it that you are in tacoma. i was there a couple of years ago in that very hotel. but not for something as wonderful as the fiber arts festival. i was there for work.
    sigh but i did have a suitcase full of yarn since i was there for three weeks. i would have loved to have been there when they did the xray of that bag:)
    hugs hope all is well in washington- i miss it and want to get back some day.

  65. You needed Jim on the plane. Note how the lonely male traveller starts the mating dance with the rare & exotic female knitting traveller, she rejects his advances and he prepares to repeat the attempt. Lets see how he reacts when Jim places himself between them while I sit up here in the jeep…

  66. Oh my gosh– poor Jim– he had to do all the dirty work!!
    Marlin: We are going to show today what happens when someone picks up a hippopotamus’s tail in the middle of a poop! Jim go ahead.
    Jim: (WTF?? I swear I am gonna feed this old man to the alligators someday) as he get S*** on!

  67. Poor Amanda and her hampster, Blogged!
    There are times when I wish that I could open the door of the plane and shove people out. Not because I want them to die, only because I find them annoying. You could have jabbed him with a few needles but he might have taken that as foreplay.

  68. Hi, love your blog . It has helped me so much as i am new to knitting. What is your basic sock pattern ? Thanks so much for all your help, Judy from Alaska ~~~

  69. Dear Lovely Person Who Sent Stephanie Plum Mead,
    I do not have to meet you to know that you are a person of grace, talent, generosity and intelligence. I for one would welcome an opportunity to shout your praises to the world. Therefore, please send another bottle of mead home with Stephanie that I may be so lucky as to partake of this ambrosia.
    With great thanks and respect,
    p.s. It would be prudent, perhaps, to give this second bottle only in the morning on the day Stephanie is due to come home. I trust her like no other, but I’m not stupid.

  70. Welcome to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The weather calmed down just for you! AND The Mountain is being gracious enough to show herself to you – welcome from all directions!!!

  71. Love the socks. I am surprised you can knit on planes. I don’t think it is permitted here.

  72. It is a big mountain, and we all fervently hope it does not explode any time soon. Especially when you happen to be visiting because then you’d never ever come back, would you? And you think Mexico is dangerous.

  73. Hey, I am glad that I’m not the only one that remembers the anaconda show! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stooge?! Just think of who you would want to do your dirty work while you set back all cool calm and collected. Come to think of it was that concern on Marlyn’s face or was he hoping for a new stooge? Enjoy Madrona and the mead.

  74. Congrats on being hit on. I was hit on a while back and if I weren’t so seriously married, I’d have happily left my feet prints on the smoky windows in the back of his car. He was so smokin’ hot that I wanted him right then and there. But then, I don’t get out much and I have been monogamous a very long time. I made my friend with the camera phone take a picture of him so I could prove to my husband that I get hit on. I was 1) Thankful that anyone wanted to hit on me and 2) Thankful it was a Dude.

  75. I don’t know if the silent treatment is necessarily a punishment to a teenage girl from her mother — you might want to re-think that one. πŸ˜€

  76. I really like the socks. The colors and striping are great. I was hoping to make the 7 hour trek north to Madrona but it has not worked out. Here I have been hoping you would come to the west coast and now I cannot make it. Hmph. I hope you have a really nice time – and I hope we get to see mitten pictures.

  77. Hah, for a moment there I thought you had written “Maradona”, I thought “yaaay, footbal!” (and yes, I know they call it soccer on this side of the Atlantic, but I refuse to, so I call it football).

  78. Where-oh-where can I find a photo of this almost-mythical creature, the Rovaniemi Mitten? I find mention after written mention of them, each detail more tantalizing then the last, but no pictures whatsoever! You guys are killing me here!!

  79. I moved to Washington from Australia just for that mountain (ok and my husband). I may just venture out of the house if its on view (no, I had no intention of leaving the house otherwise). My hubby asked this morning if I wanted to go out and buy some yarn (Best Husband ever)then I saw this Madrona thing on your blog…oh dear, hide the credit cards. Now if I’m just up to fighting the traffic through Seattle and Tacoma…

  80. Welcome to Tacoma! That’s my DH’s home turf, he was born and raised there, but tells everyone he’s from Seattle instead. If I didn’t have kids to get from school, a 5 year old birthday party to plan, and other stuff, I’d be in the car heading north as we speak! How did I not know there was a cool fibery event going on close to me?
    And as for mountains, I can usually see 2 out of my home office window, if it weren’t so darned foggy in the wilds of Oregon today…
    Buy some yummy yarn, go ahead, it’s ok.

  81. It’s so unfair… I am never in the motherland when you are…
    My mother (a mere 20 minutes from the hotel) was planning on going to the Marketplace this morning where her “child of the Depression” ways will not allow her to buy yarn she deems too expensive. (She’s a great, but somewhat cheap knitter.) She’ll just have fun looking and touching. B
    If she had known about the book signing, she would have done it for me, the youngest of her three girls and the only knitter in the bunch. However, her age dictactes that she go early, be home before dark, and only go once.

  82. OK, So my dear hubby tells me I should be flattered when some moron hits on me, but seriously, how many times to you have to poke them with a knitting needle to get them to go away?? Geez. Flattery my foot. What to flatter me? Buy me yarn and paint my house!! Enjoy Seattle – went a few months ago.. fun fun fun – went to LaConner too (i think that was the name – cute yarn shop!!

  83. Really nice socks! Joe is a lucky man to have such a dedicated wife:) Good job on keeping your cool during the plane ride… I swear sometimes men just don’t get it! Or choose not too…

  84. Okay, I went home last night and turned on the laptop and an angel smiled at me. I know this because, for the first time EVER, I was able to get a podcast to work and spent 20 blissful minutes on my couch knitting a sock and listening to you giggle and talk about awesome spinning stuff.
    Shortly afterwards, while still in the podcast afterglow, a thought began to materialize in my head. The clearer it became, the more brilliant it seemed, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to become a reality.
    I have four words for you: Yarn Harlot on DVD.
    Please. It would mean so much to me. Seeing that I live in the heckish hot desert of Arizona, and you live in the Great White North, the chances of us running into each other and becoming instant best friends resulting in endless hours spent at each other’s homes, knitting, laughing, sharing, our families going on vacations together, cracking up for hours when we open each other’s gifts at the holiday and finding we hand knit each other the same pair of socks? Well, that just ain’t gonna happen.
    But if you did some instructional DVD’s, giving hints and tips while sharing funny stories, well, it would be the closest thing to having you over for some tea and a bit of sock knitting. Just think about it. It’s how EZ and I got to be so close.
    just sayin.

  85. I love the socks and can’t wait to hear about the mittens. We finally need them here in NY. I guess winter remembered us!
    What is plum mead? Is it a wine?

  86. Having reread the post, I was reminded of my son’s hamster. He not only forgot to clean the cage, he forgot to feed it. When he found the corpse, he had the nerve to cry. I sympathized but secretly rejoiced. It was not a nice hamster.

  87. Mittens of Rovaniemi! No way! I just went to Rovaniemi for Finland! Some pics are on my blog. It’s very beautiful! I wish that class were close to me so I could take it! On another note, hamster poo–yuck! Maybe she’s hoping it’ll desintegrate on its’ own so why should she clean it if that’s the case then? Just a thought.

  88. Oh, my gosh! I haven’t thought of Wild Kingdom, with Marlin Perkins and his trusty sidekick Jim, in years! Even as a child, I thought that Marlin was obviously some sort of chicken for sending Jim out to meet the wild animals up close and personal….

  89. Okay, big hint about hamsters. Girl hamsters reek. Boy hamsters don’t. The reverse of this is true in human life. Believe me. I have 4 boys, and only 1 girl. Humans that is. Not hamsters…..

  90. Welcome back to the Northwest! I would have loved to come to Madrona, but I have to work this weekend. It’s a drag, but it does pay for more yarn!
    Enjoy the view of Mt. Rainier! πŸ™‚

  91. I always did think poor old Jim got the short end of the stick on Wild Kingdom.
    The socks are lovely.

  92. Oh, I guess I’m advancing in my years, but if I a guy (who wasn’t a total mouthbreather) hit on me I’d be purring for a week. Flirt, girl, flirt. You’ll not be seeing him again. And he’ll not be seeing anyone of your calibre ever again in his lifetime.
    Just flirt, mind you.

  93. John – Dorothy is absolutely right. That’s what a ball band is, and when you have as large a yarn stash as Stephanie, it behooves one to keep track of one’s ballbands, which convey crucial information such as what the heck you are knitting (wool or acrylic or silk?) whether it’s machine-washable or hand-washable-only, and **most crucial of all** whether you might run out of yarn before the end of the project! (And if you are squeeking though the end of a skein, it also lists the lot and dye number, so in an ideal world, you could match the second skein exactly to the first).

  94. Well, you’ve certainly had an interesting day. So sorry about your plane ride, and a knitting-less 20 minutes!?!?!? That’s more than anyone should have to go through. Have fun shopping and knitting mittens that would probably push me over the edge. Have a great trip!

  95. Oh my, how did I not know you were coming to my state? I am trying to decide if I can make it out there, it’s about a 5 hour drive and I am really supposed to do things like homework on the weekends…But maybe I can make it saturday for the book signing. I hope you are enjoying WA, but I would like to say that the eastern side of the state is a bit nicer-less damp, more space. I sure hope to get to meet you this weekend!

  96. Been reading knit blogs for quite a while. Not a sock knitter …until I saw THOSE socks! Do not fail to tell us what you knit them in!

  97. My sister lives in Tacoma, and I almost booked a flight. As for that guy, if he couldn’t have your positive attention, then he was perfectly happy enjoying annoying you. I’m with the ones who say, next time ask the steward/ess to move him the heck away from you. Even if they didn’t, any more out of him after that, and you have to call over to the flight attendants again, at that point the guy’s disrupting the flight and interfering with the crew if he doesn’t move.

  98. I really, really wish I had known you were going to be in my state. Not that I could have come but then I could have thought about coming, felt bad about not going, and then moved on with my life. This way I have to go through all of those emotions, all at once. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your view of Mt. Rainier (lovely, isn’t it?) and the plum mead and I really, really hope that Amanda has cleaned the hamster cage by the time you get back.

  99. I am *so* checking out the shopping at the Blue Moon booth… …I’m actually having a business meeting at the Tacoma Sheraton that day (scheduled with a colleague who is, yes, also a knitter), so I’ll be there Saturday afternoon. Perhaps I’ll catch you there…
    And the mountain? It is gorgeous beyond sense or measure. Every time I see it (or as we say around here, “when the mountain is out” – ’cause it isn’t always) my heart stops. I can hardly imagine a better way to get it to stop, again and again and again…

  100. How I wish there were a Madrona on the East coast! So far, I’ve only fornd Stitches East and the Sheep and Wool Festivals in MD, VA and the New England ones are a little too far.

  101. To John at 12:47
    The ball band is the narrow piece of paper wrapped around a ball of yarn in the store that gives all the vital stats: brand, name of yarn, color, guage, yardage, etc. It is not a medieval torture device. There, now go buy your lovely wife some yarn.

  102. Excited to hear you are hanging out here in the Northwest. You know, we have many wonderful knit shops in the Portland, OR area just down the way. Any plans to visit this area and give one of your inspiring talks? Happy Knitting!!

  103. I am so completely and utterly jealous. You’re going to Madrona AND someone hit on you?? (Can you tell I’m 40??) I just wanted to let you know that I bought some “solidarity” sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts after reading your post about their banking woes. Holy cow–er, sheep. I’m now totally hooked. And I blame you.

  104. Ah, the hamster days! My middle son(now grown and finally somewhat neat) had such a pit for a room and then a really bad pit for a car!! He had a mouse living in his car for about a year. It did very well on the leftover fries, burgers and I truly believe he drank the cokes left in the cup holders(envision a mouse at the top of a straw, holding on for dear life while he sucks coke) until he finally passed on from old age. We had a funeral.

  105. Oh, and yes to the DVD idea-think of all you could teach us about knitting-and it would be great to have a “regular” woman without dyed hair and long red talons talking and teaching. Sometimes I feel like I need to dress up to watch instuctors! This is a compliment-I feel I could watch you in my old torn underwear. Luckily you don’t have to look back at me!LOL

  106. ok, couldn’t think where tacoma was at first, so thanks for the link. and do you get paid to go to all these fun events? sweet deal! and i like the socks. πŸ™‚

  107. I thought No. 7 said you were giving a talk about Knickers Without Borders. It sounded interesting! πŸ™‚

  108. Once you get used to it, you’ll find that Pacific time is TONS better than Eastern time!! For one thing, you don’t have to stay up late to watch the end of a football game! LOL! I was at the market today – had hoped to see you somewhere, but didn’t! WAAHH! Maybe next time you venture west to the Seattle area! Have fun!

  109. I’m so far away from AZ right now. Not that I’ve ever been there, but now there’s a BORDER in the way and not just the Mississippi.
    Good luck wandering over to the Blue Moon booth. I hope you don’t get darted too many times.

  110. The big mountain is Mount Rainier – It is an active volcano (well technically). I promise it won’t erupt while you are here. BTW, Tacoma is right in the path of the Lajar (a pyroclastic flow from a volcano – thanks Spencer, our resident high school science wiz). Rainier beer (now defunct) was named after Mount Rainier. The important thing to know about Rainier beer. Really cute commercials for beer that tasted like piss-water.
    I can’t make it to Madrona, although it is only 45 minutes from my house. Above mentioned science wiz turns 16 on Saturday.

  111. Nice socks! Imagine finishing them on your flight – last time I flew to the West Coast from Ontario it only took 5 hrs. That is some fast knitting lady! Nice work.

  112. Ooo…I found a stalker on public tansportation this week! Nice to know I’m not the only one who attracts the odd ones.
    Nice socks
    Much Love.

  113. Lucky You! I just moved to the other side of those mountains. I had no idea this festival was there! Gasp! Now I know… πŸ™‚

  114. Welcome to the Greater Puget Sound Region. That mountain is beautiful, no? Rumor has it that the next couple of days should be beautfiul. Check out the sunsets if you get a chance!

  115. Next time West, remember: Calgary is only a few hours (by plane, including waiting, Customs, etc.) away from Tacoma/SeaTac. Note to Self: stay 1-2 nights in Calgary. Visit the LYS. See/meet new knitters. Sleep in a lovely Canuck bed. Get over part of jet lag. Then go to Washington State…or other points West.

  116. Loved your soapbox at Madrona. We left money (beaucoup bux) and more will follow! You are amazing and inspirational. See you at the mentor sessions.
    Eileen and Dee

  117. I had fun at Madrona today. I did my best to try and buy up as much as my checkbook could handle! I hope to meet you on Saturday at the book signing. Sorry I couldn’t stay for the evening talk about Knitters without Borders – I had a 90 minute drive home ahead of me. Enjoy the rest of this weekend!

  118. Please, please report back on your Rovaniemi class. I’ve been trying to find out how to knit them for ages and would really appreciate a hint on using the stick for holding the yarns.

  119. what to do what to do?
    Convince the other half that we should pile the kids into the car for a 4 hr+ drive to Tacoma, going through the border after the first hour, and hope to meet the Harlot in order to get the books that I have here signed (well read books) or stay here and go to a local book signing for another knitting book?
    I’m torn! I don’t know what to do!!

  120. Love your blog:)
    I just love the socks!! you always tell what kind of yarn you use and this one time you didn’t! πŸ™
    would you let me know?? i really like it.
    and about the hampster been there done that
    won’t go back again!! also they have to have there
    nails clipped did not know that one.

  121. There’s an article in The Onion today that reminded me of you: “You Look Like You Could Use Someone To Talk To On This 5-Hour Bus Ride”

  122. For tips on flying with knitting, go to the US gov’s TSA site:
    They suggest taking plastic or bamboo needles, but say that security does have the right to deny any needles if they feel like it. That said, during the last 3 flights I took, I had size 4 metal dpns in my purse with fingerless mitts in progress. My bag went through every scanner and was never examined. Those little needles, all bundled together must not have looked threatening in any of the airports I went through.
    You just have to be ready to give them up, if they ask though. sigh…

  123. Regarding daughter’s pit of a room–my 30 year old, when she was 15 or 16, mounted a campaign to get new carpet for her room. I noted that one could not see the carpet for all the clothing, etc., on the floor, therefore, why get new carpeting? I also noted that she already had the most expensive carpeting in the world–the piles of clothing all over the floor. None of my arguments worked to convince her, nevertheless, she never got new carpeting and her floor was never visible!!

  124. (This was meant to be a comment on yesterday’s post, but it didn’t want to be)
    Hi, Stephanie,
    so nice to hear you. Far, far away from Canada and the US I think this is the only possibility. Thanks a lot!
    btw, my husband IS skinny, but he’s not that fond of handknits. He’s to blame ;-). Have a good time at Madrona.

  125. Steph, I admire your mountain view and envy your socks.
    Did you mention to the Plane Creep that not only are you married, but that you are married to a Big Man of Canada? Of course, the dumbass saw the size of the socks you were knitting, and persisted anyway, didn’t he?
    I suspect he was not impressed with mention of your husband because he was probably married himself and looking for some action on the side. Probably one of those ghastly men who has an excuse list that goes like this: “sex with someone besides my wife doesn’t count if we are in international waters … or above 30,000 feet … or if she keeps her shoes on …”
    Yuck. What a creep.
    Next time someone does that to you, try throwing up on him. Worked for a friend of mine once.
    And Amanda … I am a humane officer … you need to clean the cage more for the hamster’s own good than for your mom’s nose. You are neglecting this little animal, and that simply isn’t right. Try the shoe on the other foot: would you want to be locked in a cage for life, with no toilet and only wood shavings to relieve yourself in … and to be entirely dependent on someone EXACTLY LIKE YOU to provide you with fresh food, water and a clean place to live each day? Give that some serious thought. If you can’t keep the little guy clean, give him to someone who will.

  126. Linda, I think I love your sense of humor… πŸ™‚ BIIIG socks!
    Those of you advocating puncture therapy–don’t. If someone is actually injured by knitting needles, it will result in them being banned!
    Try a well-placed elbow in the stumble scenario instead…much less evident and won’t mess up your needles. πŸ™‚
    Have fun, Stephanie….I want to fly up and I cannot, and thus am feeling *most* abused.
    Enjoy The Mountain; it’s a special sight.

  127. Have a great time and maybe the next time someone wants to “talk” to you on an airplane you can point out the sharp metal sticks you have in your possession.

  128. I’d join you at the book signing, Stephanie, but I have church obligations πŸ™‚ I will, however, try to convince my driver (well, my dad) to drive me to the vendor faire tomorrow morning. I live about 25 minutes southeast of Tacoma and have never been to Madrona before. I am going to sign up next year πŸ™‚

  129. What a ball band is not: a tool with which to restrain creeps who hit on you as you run frantically in the outtahere direction and hope the hell you didn’t drop a dpn in the process.
    A ball winder, on the other hand…
    Oh, nevermind.

  130. ? about yarn stash.
    I’m relitively new to knitting and currently my “yarn stash” is the yarn needed to complete the 2 projects I have going at the moment, I know it’s sad, (I know it’s sad because the lady down the street looked at me and said “only 2??” and shook her head)
    Anyway back to my ? how many skeins of any one yarn should I pick up if I don’t have a particular project in mind for said yarn?

  131. Oh! Wild Kingdom!! We still make the joke, “I’ll sit back in the safety of the Land Rover while Jim tries to lasso the charging rhinocerous”. And then there was Jacques Cousteau and umm..was it “Phillipe”? “We watch from the Calypso as ‘Phillipe’ swims through the chum…”. We used to wonder if “Phillippe” was really “Jim” in a wetsuit!

  132. Ew? Hamster cage not cleaned? I would NEVER tolerate that in my room. My room isn’t the cleanest, I have stuff all over the place, but seriously. This is pretty bad. My opinion is that my room can be as messy as it pleases, as long as it doesn’t infect other rooms and as long as it doesn’t smell funny from outside my room. And the door must be shut to hide my messiness.

  133. I just finished reading “Knitting Rules” in one sitting I might add. It was like coming home. As a type B personality who has knit since the age of five growing up in a type A family where everyone made lists and set goals and deemed to put up with my crafting craziness, it was nice to find that there are in fact others like myself. Though I find they are few and far between. I have also found a solution to the stash storage problem. Almost every empty wall space is covered with those foot square metal cubes that fit together. Whenever I need more space I just buy another set of six. Though I must admit I live alone, except for the two cats, and my friends always find ways to meet at their houses. I look forward to getting your other books. It is so nice to find someone who can teach so well with such a great sense of humor.

  134. OH, so many memories with this entry. I lived in the Seattle/Snohomish/Lynnwood area of WA back in 79-80. I would go back in a heart beat if the situation presented itself. Pike Place and the outlet shopping by the Sea/Tac mall…enough said.
    Since I’ve logged more than 140K miles last year (not counting the award tickets), I can tell you I get alllllllllllll the crazies sitting next to me going coast to coast! Mostly Atl to Calif…like the 400+ pound very sweatie guy who asked…is it ok if I don’t put the arm rest down? then sat on my bad hip for the flight until I couldn’t take the pain anymore. Or the 23 year old headcase from Savahanna, GA who had to boss everyone around in the ‘cheap seats’ as if he were entitled to everything Daddy buys him to impress his girlfriend. Such a big mouth from the cheap seats I tell you. My all time favorite, was the guy heading to GA back a year ago in December who was ‘concerned’ about my knitting at the beghinning of the flight. Once I explained that my needles were no more an issue than the pens, pencils, keys and credit cards in his wallet…and would request they were removed if my needles were gone, he shushed up. However, as we landed and I’d finshed more than one beanie..he requested buying it from me! ahahaha…not a chance mister whiner.
    May you have a seat mate one the way home such as I did a week ago Friday-the best, nicest, sweetest passenger EVER in all my flights-Michael from ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. The flight was very bumpy weather wise, but he was the nicest I’ve sat with yet! No business man’s hurd thundering onto the plane, no prima donna behavior, no crabby attitudes, and no 8 year olds kicking my seat for 5 hours all night long.

  135. I had the misfortune to sit next to a nose picker that wiped his ill gotten gains on the window, I’ll trade your masher to nose picker anyday. I was so glad to have a knitting project that day, however the project reminds me of my row mate, alas it remains unfinished. Trish not at Madrona waaaaa

  136. These comments cracked me up. The Anaconda episode is the one I remember best (even my kids still talk about it). I thought for sure somebody was going to die on national tv.
    Thanks for the memories and the laughs!!

  137. I love your list. Hope you are having a most excellent time at Madrona. As for being hit on… I hated it when I was younger but at 44, have to say, it’s kind of flattering. If nothing else, the lines are always good for a laugh. My favourite was last week I was selling this guy a bed and he said he was buying it for his birthday. Then he said, “If it comes in on time, may be you can help me celebrate!” My co-worker started laughing so hard she had to leave the till and run to the back.

  138. I love your list. Hope you are having a most excellent time at Madrona. As for being hit on… I hated it when I was younger but at 44, have to say, it’s kind of flattering. If nothing else, the lines are always good for a laugh. My favourite was last week I was selling this guy a bed and he said he was buying it for his birthday. Then he said, “If it comes in on time, may be you can help me celebrate!” My co-worker started laughing so hard she had to leave the till and run to the back.

  139. Innocent little Audi E… Yarn stash grows over time. Yarn stash grows when we’re not looking, at an astonishing rate. I only started knitting a year ago. My stash is now overflowing seven plastic storage bins, of 35 quarts each. And I live in LA, where people stay home on the two or three nights a year that it’s cold enough for a proper wool sweater to be tolerable!

  140. Sat pm — just got the Madrona marketplace report from my mom. I was right, the best her “Child of the Depression” wallet could do was an $11 hat kit, and only because it came with a cute, hand made button as well. She just slays me. All that yarn and not a passing interest in buying it.
    On the bright side, she kept the list of vendors and promised me a trip to Shelton, WA this summer to see Fancy Image Yarns. There is hope and trip to “do” yarn together is even better.
    And a bit of humor. She and her friend, Mrs. B., (both just past 70, both knitting for 40 years or more) marvelled at _Knitting Rules!_ Did it mean “rules one must follow” or “knitting rocks”? Mom at least recognized the name; apparently her friend’s reaction was “I don’t need rules, I just knit.” Me thinks Mrs. B would prefer EZ to our beloved Harlot.
    Ahhh, enough missing Tacoma and my mom for now.

  141. I’m so jealous! You get to be in my home country (AKA the Promise Land) before I get to head home. Hopefully you will be coming back to visit. Either that or coming to Boston before I leave. Have fun and enjoy my mountain for me!
    PS the rest of Western Washington is really much more lovely than Tacoma. If you have a chance, try to wander over to Seattle or the Kitsap Penninsula (Poulsbo is a fun little town) before you leave.

  142. Help!! You are the only person I can turn to! You are goddess of knitting knowledge–or at least you can find answers through your network. I just finished Debbi Bliss’ lace alphabet baby blanket, in which one knits the alphabet in lace. I want to make a corresponding blanket with the numbers from 1-10, in lace, but I have not been able to find any patterns for making lace numerals. Do you know where I could find such patterns? Or, do I have to make them up myself??

  143. Okay, I really like this tiger yarn. Could you please tell us what it is when you get home?
    Sigh. Why does one always assume that a five-hour mashing is a sign of the guy’s stupidity instead of one’s own irrestibility?

  144. Do you have an updated book signing tour for 2007?
    I was just wondering if you were going to be in my area this year?
    Thank you for making me smile each day when I read your blog or a page from one of your books.

  145. this has absolutely nothing to do with this entry, but here goes.
    i was reading your book At Knit’s End today when i got to page 99, and at the bottom you said that no one has ever been killed or maimed by knitting, no matter how pointy the needles.
    i shall tell you the sad story of my mother, who is also a knitter.
    she was going to the meeting of her knitting friends group, to return her friend some knitting that she had bought more yarn for. she tripped and fell on the bag of knitting and was stabbed in the heart with a size 11 needle.
    she was taken to the emergency room where they cracked open her sternum, but one stich in her left ventricle and wired her sternum back together. she was in the hospital of 6 days and couldn’t drive a car for 6 weeks.
    then she developed breast cancer for the second time…but that’s a different story.

  146. I didn’t read this post until after coming home from Madrona, so when I saw you in there at Blue Moon fondling the sock yarn, I didn’t realize I should be monitoring you. Fortunately for me, because I bought three skeins, and if I’d known the Harlot could only buy one, I would have thought “well who am I that I think I should have THREE?” Phew. Dodged a bullet there!

  147. Stephanie, I just got back from a very fun knitting retreat here in Wisconsin, put on by Susan’e fiber shop, I met a fascinating women by the name of Hazel Carter, and saw such beautiful lace work, done in shetland single strand , it was gorgeous this women says she does it without markers and knows the different patterns by heart. She has some books out. I looked up and you can still find her books,I don’twhat else to say except WOW!

  148. Mt. Rainier maybe—My “baby” Bro lives near Tacoma. We were hiking the Mt. a few years ago. Breathtaking. . . . literally!
    Man. . . .I remember the days of getting hit on. So the glamour wears off? Well, maybe after five hours it’s just creepy.
    And OMG! Random knitter’s post!!!! Yikes!!!
    PS: I have three weeks to go and we still haven’t picked a boy’s name (suggestions from any and all welcome).

  149. “””Know what I hope? That the plum mead was not sent by Mr. Can’t Take A Hint from 23B That 23A Is NOT Interested. Eeeew.
    Posted by: Dr. B. at January 25, 2007 12:17 PM “””
    I can personally guarantee that the mead was not from the creepy stalker guy. Both the actual giver and myself are pleased that Stephanie enjoyed it.

  150. Sitting at an office desk at 4.20pm in Melbourne, Australia, with neither a mountain nor skein in sight. Can I be you, please? (Especialy the bit where you’re not five months pregnant).

  151. I, too, vividly remember the Anaconda episode (where Jim repeatedly got dragged under the water…oh, Jim??). But seriously, anyone who grew up with a name like Marlon Perkins probably took enough crap in grade school that he deserved to sit in the safety of the jeep in his dotage while virile young Jim wrestled the deadly salt water crocodile or the surly silverback gorilla. And I applaud your restraint- Dude #1 would probably have been wearing a dpn as a less than desirable piece of body art after less than an hour had he been sitting next to me. (Oops, now where did that pesky needle go? Gosh, it always distracts me when arrogant buffoons blather at me while I knit…)

  152. It was so lovely meeting you. I was looking for my “made milk” shirt to wear before I left but I couldn’t find it and my “boobies are for babies” shirt was dirty. Alas! Either way thank you so much for signing my book and for being so down to earth.

  153. sorry guys, I am envious of those that can meet Stephanie, I don’t think I will get that chance any time soon, so I expounded on Hazel she is amazing at 79. thanks

  154. Oh, Steph? After drooling over reports about Madrona and everyone’s S.E.X., I was comforting myself by reading up on Oregon’s Black Sheep Festival and the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival – events I could actually get to, y’know. [g] In bouncing around umpteen links that those led to, I found what might be a temptation for you. Just a little one; a *lovely* shawl pattern from Toots LeBlanc & Co. Then there are the snowflake socks…and the Celtic bunny hat… NAYY, just thought of you as soon as I saw the shawl. πŸ˜‰
    The shawl’s the first thing you’ll see there.
    Now I’ve gotta go write up a post about all the links I found. Man, there are all sorts of little places fairly close by I’ve never *heard* of! Oh yum.



  157. It was great to meet you last weekend – thanks so much for the nice non-embarrassing mention (you know what I mean). I owe you one πŸ™‚
    Your talk was inspiring – you definitely did not suck. May your fund raising exceed your wildest dreams.
    I hope that you return again soon to our Pacific Northwest. It was great fun to have you in a bunch of classes that I was in(albeit ever so slightly intimidating!)

  158. Oh, Madrona…sigh! Someday I will make it up there. The sad thing is that I drove right through Tacoma on Friday. My excuse is that I was at a different, week-long knitting retreat on San Juan Island (with the wonderful & amazing Cat Bordhi) and had my family with me (since my almost-two-year-old son is still nursing like a six-month-old and couldn’t be left at home with my poor unable-to-lactate husband…). They were quite sick of all things knitting-related at the end of that week and so I think I would’ve had mutiny on my hands if I would’ve suggested a stop at Madrona. I had to settle for a trip to Ikea instead. It almost made up for it…

  159. I took a class with Nancy Bush this weekend, and somehow posting on blogs about the class came up. She then shared her version of the story of “busting” you for the start of the Knitting Olympics in her class, and I could NOT stop laughing about it.
    She is an amazing teacher, and yet I kept wanting to get busted for doing something bad. She did force me to knit my socks on DPNs…
    I’m e-mailing you about the podcast. Just so you know in case the spam filter tries to eat it.

  160. Alyson–Ranier Beer is now defunct?? Say it ain’t so! I lived in WA when I was age 8 to age 11 and can still sing the jingles from that time. I haven’t been back since I’ve been of drinking age… so I guess I’ll never know.

  161. Loved the comment about Wild Kingdom! And wasn’t the old guy usually sipping a drink when he sent poor Jim into the jaws of death?
    Like Jacque Cousteau sending his poor son Phillipe into the waters with the mating whales and man eating sharks! NON PAPA!! NON!
    I was wondering Dear Harlot if you might pass on that pattern for those wonderful socks that you made. I have (sadly) big feet and need a good plain pattern to start knitting socks. I have some needles and some sock yarn but no pattern that isn’t trying to kill me with the pattern. Plain, simple and Plain!! That is the ticket!!!
    I’m begging!
    Ann in Annapolis, Maryland

  162. Ann:
    The Harlot’s basic sock recipe is in her marvelous book “Knitting Rules!” Well worth the price of admission.

  163. Stephanie, Now I really understand about your laptop. My computer got REALLY sick on Thursday and is in the shop getting an advanced diagnostic and repair. They told us it might take a week to fix it. In the mean time I have to share my husband’s computer. I have been getting knitting done though.

  164. I’ll take your knitting-supplies-on-flights advice to heart. I hate nothing more than being stuck in a line, waiting room, or anywhere with idle hands when I could be knitting. Also, it’s good protection from people you’d rather avoid socially. Pointy objects and all, I mean. And the coolest moment in my school year to date? Dude! I got to meet Jim from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Really. He was at my school with a group of young-ish animal managing minions who did his bidding. I was so excited! He always did Marlin’s dirty work. Well, now he’s got his own people. I did get to help hold some humongous snake, which impressed my 6-yr-old class no end, but seeing him was the best. And the younger teachers? Had no clue who he was. Heh! Their loss, I guess.

  165. Hello Stephanie and fellow readers,
    I have a question but I need to tell the tale first…
    My grandson was on the playground during recess. A younger girl kicked him where it hurts after she called him a few names. He (my grandson) pushed her into the sliding board in retaliation. My grandson served his detention but not before asking the principal why doesn’t she have to serve detention. His answer, she’s a girl and you shouldn’t hit girls.
    This was and is the age old question from my boys. If a girl hits/hurts you why can’t you hit/hurt her back?
    This is my question guys. Does anyone have the answer?

  166. Helloooo Harlot? Are you home? If Amanda didn’t clean the hamster cage, please at least talk to us. We would have cleaned the cage for her if it meant we didn’t have to wait to hear more about Madrona and all the other fun goings on! Please come out and play soon, we miss being entertained. You aren’t by chance arranging a marriage for Amanda where she will have children and goats and a husband to wash clothes at the river for, but no hamster? Are you???
    Chris S.

  167. Harlot you okay?? I’ve been reading/enjoying you for one year now – I’m new to knitting but it’s become a passion and I knitting away to catch up on my thirty pre-knitting years…hope you’re back soon!

  168. Ummmmmm what? Did the dude call when you got home?
    Did he get better looking after days of travel and crazy knitters? Have you run away with the dork on the plane…
    No- the Harlot- is only a Harlot when it comes to yarn— I am assured of your integrity!

  169. Dude. I am worried about you. Please post something-even just a single sentence-so we know the crazy man from the plane hasn’t kidnapped you.

  170. hope you’re not down with more computer problems. I’ve been checking in every couple of hours to catch you…

  171. A day without Harlot-y goodness is a day without sunshine. We’ve been in the dark for sooo long… come back! We miss you!

  172. Dear Stephanie , I hope you are busy and the computer isn’t down , we miss hearing from you, Here’s wishing for your safety and hurrying back.

  173. I think i’m officially in harlot-withdrawal. where is the talk of fleece artist yarns? Or tiny metal DPNs? Or sock knitting? Or how variegated yarns pool and stripe with no warning? I mean, at least people who quit smoking get nicotine patches…I think I need a yarn patch.

  174. (I accidentally added this to the wrong post, whoops!)
    She has collapsed into a coma from yarn overload
    She had to use her laptop as a weapon to keep creepy guys from hitting on her
    She has forsworn technology and has become a Luddite
    Her laptop has exploded into a firey mess
    Or…maybe she’s just busy.
    Whatever the reason, I’m jonesing for a post!
    Hey, Steph, if you can read this, find a coffeeshop with internet access and leave us a comment that you’re still around, we miss you!
    Celebrity is a demanding mistress!

  175. I somehow put my post on the wrong blog day. We need some kind of acknowledgement that you are ok. I am going through Harlot withdrawals!!!

  176. This is off track, but I give up! I have looked everywhere for the yarn used on the socks in your June 2005 posting. Short row heel, blue yellow, black… Please share.

  177. This is off track, but I give up! I have looked everywhere for the yarn used on the socks in your June 2005 posting. Short row heel, blue yellow, black… Please share.

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