Ironic: characterized by often poignant difference or incongruity between what is expected and what actually is; “madness, an ironic fate for such a clear thinker”; “it was ironical that the well-planned scheme failed so completely”

The irony is not lost on me that I have spent the last few days buried under an unexpected avalanche of knitters responding to my complaint that the number of knitters is frequently unexpected. (Side note to Alanis Morissette? That’s ironic. Rain on your wedding day is not, it just sucks.) I spent the weekend doing four things.

1. Celebrating Samantha’s 13th birthday. She’s officially a teenager and I, officially, now have no “children”… just three teenaged daughters. May the force be with me…and with her, actually. Adolescence is a rough gig.

2. Trying to get Police tickets for Joe and Ben and failing miserably. How fast do you have to be to nail those? I was on the internet, on the phone….still sold out before I could get a credit card number in there. Then they put up another show and that was sold out in a blinding flash too. How does anybody ever get anything from Ticketmaster? (This is actually a little ironic too, since we found out that the Police were coming to Toronto just after Joe watched them on the Grammys and said “If the Police ever come to Toronto there is no such thing as too much money for a ticket”. It would be more ironic if I were willing to pay anything (which I’m totally freaking not, there’s a limit to how much money I’ll give rich people ) to get them and still couldn’t buy any…but perfect examples of irony are very rare. ) Do you suppose Sting can be bribed for tickets with handknit socks? Don’t answer that. I’m knitting a bohus.

3. Reading every single comment on that previous post and trying to figure out our next move. After careful analysis (and calling Jayme-the-wonder-publicist to figure out what she’ll let me get away with) I’m starting to rough out a plan. Points I’m thinking over:

– Obviously, I underestimated the number and enthusiasm (there’s that irony again) for the idea of allowing knitters to represent, so I’m thinking that maybe the idea needs to be a little (lot) bigger? What if we did this (what I’m about to suggest) at every stop? What if this was the “Representing” tour? (Er, if we think this is a good idea then we’re going to have to find a way to break it to Storey Publishing. I think they thought this would be a book tour. Maybe we don’t tell them that we’ve completely co-opted it for our own purposes.) Might take some of the heat off of you who want to represent but can’t make it to NYC?

– Pre-Boarding. Jayme and I are both sort of worried about some of you enthusiasts who are coming a long way, so we’ve decided to do some pre-boarding, just like on a flight. On the off chance that we get more knitters than space, (Which I don’t think will be a problem but we’ll cross that bridge if we get there) I don’t want someone who made a crazy effort to get there to be left out, but I also don’t want to make a judgement call about who deserves a guaranteed spot and who doesn’t. Therefore, because you all have always been reasonable and thoughtful knittters, I’m proposing that you use your own best judgement and do the following.

If for any reason at all that seems fair to you (you have a disability, you are pregnant, you have a nursing baby with you, you are old, you have come a long way…. whatever, it’s your call…if honestly feel that it is not reasonable for you to take your chances in a first-come first served sort of thing, then all you need to do is email Jayme-the-wonder-publicist and she will guarantee you a spot, no questions asked. Fair enough?

Jayme can be reached at publicityATstoreyDOTcom

(You change the AT to @ and the DOT to . )

– Fire up the travelling socks, because dudes, nothing amuses me more than the idea of meeting in central park for a picture. My sock would love the company. I’m thinking we should do it here?

– Yarn Crawl. What we need here is a list of NYC yarn shops and a suggested 4 or 5 routes to all or some of them. Knitters can then choose a route that interests them and take it at their own pace. We’ll work on this. (I suggest, should you decide to do a yarn crawl that you do it in packs. Freaks out the muggles better.)

– A display of economic might. I’m not sure that asking the knitters attending the event to tell us what they have spent on yarn in the last year will do anything to convince the world that we are sane and important. (Plus, the money we spend on yarn is really only interesting to yarn shops, and that’s like preaching to the converted.) However, what about asking each person attending to give a volunteer at the door their estimated disposable income? (In the interest of privacy you could write it on a slip of paper or something) We add it all up…and whammo. You would have a number that really meant something to bookstores, banks, restaurants and other business’ who would like our collective business.

– Representing if you can’t come. What about finding a business or volunteer(s) who would be willing to receive knitted hats? (I have to admit that I also adore the idea of the worlds largest afghan, but realistically, managing that many squares is going to be the worlds largest pain in the arse. They need to be sewn up, they are always different sizes and fibres….too complex for this short a lead time.) Hats though, hats come finished, are useful in many sizes and fibres and can be donated to tons of wonderful causes afterwards. If every knitter who wanted to be there and wasn’t going to be able to make it to a later event, sent a hat….

– Who would we donate it to? Since knitters come in all kinds, a cause that we could all give to without political or religious thought is a must. A cause needs to be politics free, religion free and…because we’re messing with NYC here (or other towns as this ball gets rolling) I would love for it to give back to people who live in NYC.

Other ideas forthcoming. Volunteers will clearly be needed at some point. (Jayme’s got a twitch over her eye already.)

4. I knit on the bohus.


Early trials and funny looking episodes have proven that the thing fits. Every so often I slide the body stitches onto more circular needles and put it on. While it is on I stand it front of the mirror and make completely inaccurate estimates about how much further I have to go and where the decreases should be. So far, this has not been a catastrophe. I could go on and on here about how well this project is going and how nothing bad has happened and I haven’t had to frog anything and it’s all just so easy, but that would be begging for a knitting goddess smackdown, which would probably be…you guessed it. Ironic.

451 thoughts on “Ironic

  1. I still totally love the idea of masses of knitters ordering/buying your book ON launch day.
    I also think the idea of a virtual launch with some sort of link to major metros might be an awesome thing for the book and for knitting.
    And the suggested that a pack of knitters show up and knit at the barricades at the Today Show seems like an entirely sane idea.
    As does moving to a MUCH larger venue.

  2. First one? Can this be? My vote for the yarn crawl is Seaport Yarns in NYC….it’s a cool store, PLUS maybe my son could participate for me (he could REPRESENT me, so to speak) as it’s near his dorm…

  3. “Jayme’s got a twitch over her eye already.”
    How do you not have a twitch over your own eye? You sound amazingly sane for all of this. (Hush. Don’t tick off the knitting goddess!)
    I’m starting to make plans to trek to NY. Have to make sure I can get the time off from work. I’ve only made one pair of socks before, I’m not sure that asking me to try my second pair in the midst of Chaos To The Power of K is a good idea, but maybe the goddess would be so distracted, it would work. Thoughts?

  4. I love the idea of tons of knitters, en masse, with socks in hand, taking a picture in central park. TAKE THAT to all my friends who laugh at me for bringing knitting _everywhere_. Can’t wait!
    The bohus is exquisite. There are no words for the beauty of that yoke. It’s inspiring…

  5. Woo-hoo! I may be the first commenter! I like the hat donation idea. Wonder if local NYC guilds could coordinate the donations?

  6. Possibilities for donations include chemo caps to Memorial Sloan-Kettering, hand knit anything for Covenant House… ok, those are two I can think of off the top of my head

  7. I always cringe at the idea of standing outside the Today show, no matter how many family members ask if Im going to do it. But for you, I will drag my butt to the F train at 5 in the morning=>

  8. Since I can’t get to New York and all, the hat idea sounds good to me. I may have to mail a sock to a friend in New York and force her to see how many knitters there truly are by sending her to Central Park!

  9. I would SO love to be there, but finances prevent me from coming to NYC from CA. And it’s a bummer because I adore New York. But I would definitely knit a hat – nice thinking on an alternative for those of us who can’t represent in person!

  10. I’m in NC, and can’t make it to the city for the launch, but I have no doubt that there are plenty of cold noggins in NYC right now.
    I can have a hat on the needles by 6 pm tonight. Just let us know where they need to be sent.

  11. I asked my almost-eight-year-old how we could get more people to know that we knit.
    He said, “It’s not important for people to know that you knit. It’s important that you’re nice people.”
    I mulled this over in silence the rest of the day. What I came away with is that knitters should be a force against cold.
    What is the “Represent!” tour collected and donated knitted items (hats, scarves, socks, sweaters, what have you) to whatever local group could distribute them to homeless people? The bonus is that THAT angle will always be perceived as newsworthy to all media outlets. The particular charity could be selected by the local knitting guild.
    Muggles could care less how many people sit at home and knit. Or meet at the bar and knit. But a silent mass of knitters just helping? That’s being good people. They can’t miss that. And even if they do miss it (they can’t help it, they’re muggles for a reason), we know we’re doing something good.

  12. I’m for including the whole tour, no way I can make it to New York. But if you make it anywhere within a few hours of Kansas City, I’m so there.
    Hats are a great idea. I would suggest maybe Children’s Hospitals.

  13. I love the idea of all of us lauching your book to the top of the bestseller list pronto..and just tell me where to send my hat..

  14. I’m for including the whole tour, no way I can make it to New York. But if you make it anywhere within a few hours of Kansas City, I’m so there.
    Hats are a great idea. I would suggest maybe Children’s Hospitals.

  15. Just a thought–as many hats as you’ll probably receive from this and with so many charities having requirements on what fibers or ackrylic they can be made from, perhaps something very general should chosen, like homeless shelters or something or you’re going to run into having to sort them out by fiber and washability and talk about twitching in more places than just over your eye…I do wonder how the Today’s show security would react to roving packs of knitters showing up at the barricade with needles in hand. That would have to make the national news.

  16. meetings in Centeral Park are a nice idea, but NYC is still pretty cold in march (the blizzard of 88 (1888) was in late march–snow in march is not unknown!
    there are lots of SnB’s–and we can be counted on doing something to help– (making up list/links for LYS, for 1)
    I think its going to be a great day, i just hope Jamye the wonder publisist gets some real media coverage.
    The View, Regis and Kelly, and Martha and other NYC based entertainment shows should have you as guest–either in the AM (before FIT) or the next day, so you can talk about the representing–(Martha’s studio is steps from FIT!)
    (Jolie (of Purl SoHo yarns) is a close friend/has Martha’s ear–maybe she can help be a go between?)
    if you get onto any of the shows, knitters could be members of the studio audience too..
    (hey what about an appearance on Conan OBrian? he is zany and you’d fit right in with him/and his audience!)
    (next up, you need to get your union card, so you get scale when you appear on a talk show!)

  17. How about standing outside TODAY, GMA AND CBS THE EARLY SHOW? Let’s hit all the morning shows…

  18. That sweater is so gorgeous, it’s making me salivate. The colors are so rich together and that’s in a picture. I can’t imagine how rich they are in person!
    I’m with you. It could be totally over the top and so knitters would have to be on their best behaviour but I love it and I think New York would totally embrace being a part of such an effort. Seems so fitting that it should start there.
    You know, you need a project manager to give full range to all of these wild, wacky, wonderful ideas of yours. Let me know when you’re in the market for one!

  19. NYC Yarn stores:
    Yarn Connection- Madison & 36th
    The Point – Bedford in the village
    Knitty City – West 79th between Amsterdam & Broadway

  20. I saw The Police in Austin in 1982. The tickets were $15, which was a lot of money for a law student.
    The price for the best available Dallas tickets is 200 times the 1982 ticket price to income ratio.
    I think I’ll stay at home and listen to my CDs. The beer is colder and the bathroom lines are shorter.

  21. I’m not going to be in New York until the day AFTER the launch – I’m flying all the way from Australia and I’m going to miss it by TWELVE HOURS!! I think the best thing would be to have the yarn crawl late on the 23rd so that I could come too! *whimper*

  22. I live in Japan so I’ll miss out on this fantastic sounding event in person :0(
    (I got to meet you at last year’s Book Expo so I’m not a total Sad Sack.)
    BUT my knitting challenge for the year is to knit a hat a week. I’ve loved this challenge so much that I’m already working on hats for June. Being able to send in items for charity (I, of course, vote for hats) would be a great way for those of us who can’t attend to still be able to participate.

  23. Strawberry Fields would need a permit from NYC — which, considering we are protesting the fact that muggles think we are a minority, is likely to get the “oh, there aren’t enough of you” response
    can we rent out Madison Square Garden?
    Caps For Kids, Chemo Caps, Preemie Caps, most hospitals in NYC would take donations of hats — and there are a lot of hospitals in the greater NYC metro area.

  24. Hmmm…my top choices to add to the Yarn Crawl would be Knitty City, then Downtown Yarns and School Products. Oh, and we shouldn’t leave Brooklyn out, there are some great stores there (the Yarn Tree) that I’ve never made it to. Perhaps a pack of us could take that route. I’ll be happy to volunteer ( and thus be sure to get in the door, as I’m neither elderly nor pregnant) – will there a a way for those who want to help out to contact Jayme as well?? and as for where to donate the hats…NYC has a citywide Coat Drive every year where you can leave coats at various places such as police stations…I’ll try to find out more about it, that might be a sort of PC solution. Still think we should leave them on parking meters though…

  25. It’s ironic that the first comment was an astounded “GAH, no comments?”. If I can’t make it to NYC I’ll send a hat. What a great idea.

  26. I would be happy to volunteer in some way in NYC on that evening (day, whatever). Also, if there are going to be hundreds, possibly thousands, in Central Park on some kind of a pre-planned thing…errr…don’t you need a permit for that? Sorry to be the wet blanket, but I would hate to see the NYPD up against a gang of angry knitters.
    Also, School Products gets my vote for most interesting yarn store in NYC every time.

  27. You tell me where to send some hats, and they’re there. It’s a great way to represent all of us “there in spirit” knitters.
    (I can also send some fly fishing gear to represent that other underestimated crowd. My husband probably won’t notice if some is missing).
    The bohus just keeps getting prettier.

  28. Bohus maybe done in 70’s refrigerator palette, but the sum is greater that the parts in this case. The yoke just glows, the colors appear to vibrate.

  29. Happy Birthday Sam!! Welcome to the teen years. They kinda suck hard at times (ie- High School), but it’s also a wonderful time in your life if you do it right, and it will be completely unlike any other period of you life. So enjoy it!!
    I love the hats idea. Maybe we donate to homeless shelters and/or American Cancer Society? Also, I love Valeria’s idea of masses buying/ordering your book on launch day. Then maybe you could have numbers, like when a movie opens. That should shut up the other snooty authors when they “poo-poo” your books at convention-type things.
    Also, is this turning into a weekend thing maybe, or is all of this scheduled to happen on Thursday?

  30. I was planning to hike over to NYC (not like I told my boyfriend this yet, but he’ll have to find out sooner or later if he’s taking me- does that sound mean? I mean I keep forgetting!), but I love the idea of everyone knitting a hat or scarf or something for someone who is cold even more.
    Maybe children’s hospitals would be nice because everything made would be (generally) small, and that means MORE OUTPUT MORE QUICKLY. But yeah, weird restraints on certain types of yarn, whatever, could be hard. Personally (and I know this is a long shot, mostly because of how is could get very complicated very quickly– yet on the other hand, how could any kinning plans en masse not get this way?) I would like to see the knitted goods in a huge pile somewhere… all the hats,mittens (pinned together so that nothing is separated)… one big pile. From all over the world.
    Interesting imagery, at least. And a very long winded sounding comment.

  31. Strawberry Fields is perfect.
    I go for the whole book tour counting.
    Damn, Sting *was* amazing, well they all were but sweetjeezelouise….
    Have you tallied all the donations? I’ve not heard back….just wondering….
    I really wish I could be in NYC when it happens.

  32. Irony is, I live rather near Your Harlottyness (Waterloo, Ontario) but don’t belong to the local guild so missed you there, and now you’re so far flung, I’ll never get there! No way I’ll get to sock camp in April either, despite the fact that I will (I hope) be diligently diving into Sock Club installment #2.
    About the hat idea – rockin, and I’ve pondered something similar myself. I remember reading once that, at least in this area, the homeless and under-house (think, Mom and 3 young’un living in a boarding room) often have no trouble getting a winter coat from a charity – but can’t find socks and undies, hats and mitts.
    What about donating hats through a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, that sort of thing? And as another reader said, maybe the NYC guilds could help coordinate, as they’ll be on the ground there longer than your own tour team would probably let you stay.
    Just a thought – J in waterloo.

  33. I’m going to see who from my knitting group can muster up a trip to the city. We are all mothers with young children, however, so it may be too hard for everyone to coordinate. But doing some knitting for charity shouldn’t be too hard at all. Also, I love the idea of everyone getting together for travleing sock picture in Central Park. I can’t wait to see how this event shapes up! πŸ™‚
    The Bohus is beautiful, by the way.

  34. we got bonuses. someone should ask me what I spent on yarn in the past week. no, on second thought, no one should ask me. my husband might find out. GNP of a small country.

  35. I’m in for a hat, sure. And will come and represent if you get way out here to the San Francisco Bay Area.
    I confess to watching this whole phenomenon with great interest. I was betting people would reply in the thousands and I had the feeling you were the right person to trigger it. πŸ™‚

  36. If you are still thinking of working wiht the Craft Yarn Council, I’m sure they’d take your hats. They’ve got 100,000+ as part of the Caps to the Capital project… what’s a few thousand more! Of course, that might not fit the no political affiliation rule.

  37. we got bonuses. someone should ask me what I spent on yarn in the past week. no, on second thought, no one should ask me. my husband might find out. GNP of a small country.

  38. The Bohus is an inspiration.
    Tell me where to send a hat, and I will send one. I wish I could be in NYC for the huge event that will be.
    If I can convince my husband, I WILL be at Powell’s when you come to Portland. He got me a ball winder and an umbrella swift for Valentine’s Day, but I still think it may take handknit socks to convince him…

  39. I can’t come to NYC, but I can so knit a hat for charity. I cast my vote for the homeless. But I’ll be happy wherever the general consensus decides the hats need to go.
    Knitters RULE!

  40. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going to make this; even from VA! Yarn Crawls would be awesome! Volunteers are definitely needed. This looks like it’s going to be quite the event! I visited NYC last fall and went to Habu Textiles and School Products which, from what I understand, are within walking distance to FIT.

  41. Thank you for the updated bohus sweater pic! Now that I have had my sweater fix (swoon, swoon!) I can stop refreshing bloglines and go back to work!
    Oh, crap. IT’s almost time to go home. Oh, well!

  42. DRAT the powers that be!! If I’d had more advance notice, I’d be able to take off work/save the needed money/etc to be able to make it.
    Sadly, that is not to be.
    Where do I sign up for hats?

  43. I like the idea of Knitty City for the yarn crawl, also, The Yarn Tree in Brooklyn.
    I too like the idea of hundreds of knitters at the Today Show, who knows, maybe we can get Matt Lauer to sit and knit with us πŸ™‚

  44. DRAT the powers that be!! If I’d had more advance notice, I’d be able to take off work/save the needed money/etc to be able to make it.
    Sadly, that is not to be.
    Where do I sign up for hats?

  45. Fine, I’ll be in Oakbrook, IL along with all members of my knitting group. My sympathies on the 3 teen age daughters, I will be there in 6 years & I’m worried already. Especially given my sister’s experiences with her teenager (I blogged it today).

  46. There’s a lot of thinking of how to get there and back to Boston in a day. For planning purposes, do you know how long the event is intended to go for? If it starts at 6 at FIT, would it be reasonable to assume a whack of knitters (with hired car service?) could make it back to LaGuardia, through security, to catch the last shuttle back at 9?

  47. IRONIC is that I am going to actually be in NYC on the date helping chaperone 100+ High School students (from the Pacific NW) to a choir competition. Still trying to figure out a way to ditch my chapeone duties long enough to help REPRESENT. Having fun planning what socks to knit on the plane.

  48. My (muggle) boyfriend is even excited to come. I dragged him to your book signing in Brooklyn, and he’s now looking foward to any Harlot events πŸ™‚

  49. First, Happy Teenagerness to Samantha! The roller coaster ride is just beginning for her.
    Much as I’d love to be at FIT for the launch, the practical reality of travel to NYC in midweek just won’t permit. So, just let me know where to ship a hat, or scarf, or mittens.

  50. I can’t see how I can get to NYC for the bash (it’s all I can do not to weep) but I will:
    1) Knit a hat or two and mail it.
    2) Come to any nearby leg of the “represent tour” (you must be having one near home, right?) and do whatever you want/need at that time. Dress as a ball of yarn….sure. Drag every knitter I know with me….no problem. Bring a sock in progress to drape on that statue in front of the Hockey Hall of Fame……why not. Organize and enter stuff into whatever spreadsheet is currently crushing your soul……definitely. I’m all about the representing!
    3) Help retrain the Western world on the proper meaning of irony since Alanis really messed folks up.

  51. Suggestions for hat charities:
    St. Jude’s
    Any Ronald McDonald house
    my friend,, who volunteers at a school with a lot of underprivileged kids in MN.
    Any hospital neonatal unit anywhere.
    Any pediatric cancer unit anywhere.
    It’s a good thing you’re doing, Steph.

  52. I would definetly send a hat for the cause. I hope You’ll make it to the San Francisco Area again because I’d love to ‘Represent’ here too.
    Do we need to send extra e-mails about MSF donations from december? I donated after Christmas and I never got a confirmation e-mail from you… πŸ™

  53. Yes! to the tour of representing! I can’t make it to NYC, but come to New England and I’m there! I also have visions of a global event, like where every knitter stand on her front porch at 6 PM or something…

  54. I’m going to vote with the two Beths at the top of the post who suggested letting the local yarn groups work out the details of which charity the hats go to and how to distribute them. This shifts the whole volunteer organizing stuff to the locals, and helps reduce Jayme-the-wonder-publicist’s eye twitch. Having just met her this past weekend, she is too nice to have an eye twitch at such a young age! I love the sweater, and good luck with the Police tickets.

  55. Tshirts! (I may have even sent you a design at one point).
    Hats. The Minestrone Soup blogmistress is collecting fun fur hats for a children’s cancer ward in Boston. Maybe something in that realm? But, really, people would need to bring the hats with so we could get pictures of the thousands of donated hats all together (maybe in Central Park?)

  56. You know, if you asked The Police to open for you on your “Represent” tour, you probably wouldn’t need to get tickets to see them play….

  57. So…if you have a Represent sort of shindig happening at every stop on the tour, does that mean there will be Deadhead-style people following you up (or down) the coast? Those lucky ones who can toss their holiday time into a multi-state (or country) yarn crawl?
    The trick with Ticketmaster, by the way, is to request tickets one at a time in separate web browsers. (Separate browsers, mind you. The site will figure it out if you use two IE windows at the same time and lay the smack down.) Don’t give up until ~20 minutes after release time, you might be able to snag one that a scalper releases. You won’t get seats together, but it’s sometimes possible to trade seats with a lone concertgoer nearby, especially if you offer them the better seat of your pair. This has only backfired on me once, when I managed to get only one ticket to Tool despite much trying.
    And make sure you already have an account with Ticketmaster, complete with credit card details, before you start this entire adventure.
    If you choose the phone route, you *must* make sure you’re on the phone *before* tickets go on sale, and make the poor representative wait with you for the few minutes leading up to ticket release.
    Happy Birthday to Sam!

  58. My Mom is going through cancer treatment currently and I have made lots of hats for her and she swears that the hand knit hats are the only thing that are comfortable. Have you seen the other turban things? They hurt her head. Having witnessed first hand the horrific nature of this cure I vote for chemo hats. Make them loose, make them soft, make all sizes. Cancer unfortunately comes in all sizes to people of all sizes. I’m in for a hat or two. Muggles beware!

  59. A group of us NYC knitters (we’ve lovingly called ourselves the “whatchamacallits”) plan on attending the Represent. We’re gonna be wearing a specific type of hat and plan to go to dinner afterwards wearing our hats (and many more knitted items). πŸ˜€
    This is going to be fun!
    you guys MUST go to knitty city on 79th street.
    the yarn tree is 5 minutes from my house in Brooklyn so that would be great too! πŸ˜€ Not to mention that Linda, the owner, is the BESTEDEST!

  60. Hee hee – when I read your original post, my first thought was, “Did you learn nothing from the Knitting Olympics?!!! There’s not going to be enough space!!” My second thought was, “Damn, sure is a long way to NYC from Minneapolis, alas.”
    Perhaps hats could go to homeless shelters in NYC?

  61. What if all of us who suffer from ‘SSS’, sent them to a single location or selected locations in certain cities and then paired them up, or turned them into something (very unique scarves, golf club covers, Vulcan ear warmers, wine bottle cozies, etc.) and then donated them. There must be thousands in North America alone.

  62. Since you are aiming for NYC – you should see if you can get Rudy Giuilani to knit in public with you. THAT would be fun/funny/bizarre, although probably not ironic in the true definition. He’d probably do it too if he thought you’d vote for him for president. Maybe break it to him later that you’re Canadian? πŸ™‚

  63. I wonder if there is a way to, after something that shows the hats in the aggregate (huge honking mountain) that knitters could ‘adopt’ amounts to send/bring to those who need them. Here in cold MN, the receptionists at the county offices keep hats and mittens under the desk. When they spot someone in need, out comes the stash. Those kinds of things are quiet, but effective. And not without the potential for publicity.

  64. The best places for donated hats are homeless shelters, women’s shelter and you could also ask the local child services agencies if they can accept them and give them to the kids who come through there feeling less than wanted/loved/cared about.

  65. Mark & I had the same discussion about the Police & luckily 2 minutes after tickets went on sale we got ours, I had to go up from the lowest price but I’d have sat on a rafter to go. The first time I ever suceeded on ticketmaster for a big show. Thank you concert gods! Now affordable (but nice) hotel room in Toronto gods, I need your help!
    I’m working on the girls in my SnB to head to NY, but it doesn’t look good. I can probably get them & definitely myself, to Toronto if you’re going to do the Represent Tour.
    A pic in strawberry fields, terrific, I’d have to go there for a picture anyway & even if I don’t make it to New York, I can definitely send a hat or two or more.

  66. Can we also do this in California when you come? Please, please? And (here’s me hoping that the universe will work out in the best possible way for yours truly), can you come somewhere in the southern half of the state? I’ll be there. With bells on. Standing in the back if there are no more seats, causing havoc with the fire marshalls, and waving a sock bristling with needles. I promise. Meanwhile, though, I love the idea of having everyone who wished they could be at a stop on the tour sending a hat and then donating those to something in each city that serves folks in that city. Then, not only do we show the world that there are lots of us, but we show (as many knitters have so often done in the past) that we are generous with our knitting! I guess I’m really getting into the represent thing, huh? (Which could explain the aggressive sock knitting I did today in a meeting…)

  67. What if there could be simultaneous “knit-ins”? If we can’t all be in NYC with the Harlot, we can all be someplace with our knitting and our caps at the same time doing the same thing: making the world a better place with warmth.
    I volunteer to be a New Jersey affiliate, with unlimited chocolate available, and to be a hat drop-spot.
    If media coverage could be coordinated in advance this could be a mighty statement. I also agree on the homeless and the cancer wards for hat recipients.

  68. Wool is magical. It has healing and protective properties. I understand you have a considerable quantity, but with three teenaged girls, you may need to buy more. While those years can be difficult for all involved, they can also be pretty neat. I hope everything goes well for the NYC event. I haven’t yet been able to figure out a way to attend. I will follow the plans with great interest and participate in whatever way I can. I hope your book tour brings you a bit closer our way. I certainly enjoyed your stop at Threaded Bliss in Nashville, TN. Congratulations on all of your success. I hope you get your concert tickets.

  69. I’m sad that New York isn’t on my list to visit this year (as much as I’d love to be there). However, I was just surfing the ‘net looking for cool hat patterns to use up leftover yarn from fair isle projects – voila! Now I know where to send them!

  70. I WILL be at Powell’s in Portland, since there’s no way in hell (frozen over or not) that I could go to NYC.. my husband is trying to convince me to find another knitter to go with tho. ;p Maybe some of us in Portland could do a mini yarn crawl in June? I know of at least 3 supposedly fab shops in the area (ok, I’ve only been to the Yarn Garden)…
    Happy Birthday Samantha!

  71. I absolutely love the hat idea for people who can’t get there in person. I will make one soon as it will have to get over there safely from New Zealand. Just let us know exactly where to send it and it will be there! (with bells on even?? πŸ™‚ )
    PS: I have your book on pre-order – am looking forward to it πŸ™‚

  72. Ok – now that I’m done hitting on the sweater and have time to re-read yesterday’s and read today’s posts – though I can’t make it to NYC on the 22nd, I would *LOVE* to be in some small way present – I would definitely knit a hat if that’s the way you want to go.
    Also, my husband has no idea how so many people could doubt knitters when they speak – I think he’s witnessed a few too many knitting circles for that!!!
    Happy Birthday Sam!!

  73. Oh, man. The thought of yet another Free! Awesome! event in NYC that you can’t get into because it’s Free! and Awesome! and therefore you will have to wait overnight for a spot… It brings me to tears. You can stand around in the park for 18 hours to get a ticket to Free! theatre. You can sit in the park for 7 hours to get a good spot for the Free! movie and still end up being so crowded that 3 hours before the movie, you have to have a final lockdown of the blanket, with no parties allowed to leave their positions, lest you all end up on top of each other in the crowd.
    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it shouldn’t be Free! It just has to be Free! and Adequately Accommodating! For the love of everything, for all the knitters who have previously STAYED AWAY BECAUSE OF THE CROWDS, please please please get a big enough space and someone with serious crowd moving expertise. For example, I know someone who managed the “host committee” for the Republican National Convention in New York at Madison Square Garden.
    Or maybe some portion of it can be not-quite-free but free-with-purchase-of-book-or-free-with-hat-to-be-donated. I know it’s short notice this go-round, and presumably someone (like, oh, the publisher?) will be paying for this book event, but, um, perhaps the insane numbers can convice them that investing in a real crowd management strategy-person would be worthwhile?

  74. First, Happy Birthday Samantha! Welcome to the teen years. Second, did anyone get Stephanie a present too? (I’m thinking a bottle here . . . three teenagers at once?!?)
    I can send hats/scarves/mitts even if I get there – I ran a little overboard on the holiday knitting. I vote for a charity helping homeless families. There are so many children who have a working parent, but that parent just can’t afford the cost of an apartment. Some fun, pretty knitted wear to brighten their day . . .

  75. the girls from NJ will be representing at the afterwork portion of the days festivities. i am a little concerned about the mass yarn crawl. most shops in the city are tiny.

  76. I’m all for giving the hats to the homeless – the people who are bearing the brunt of the weather and most vulnerable and unprotected. I have one I could send right now. Say where.

  77. All yarn store listed are great, Happy to volunteer
    Wish I could say that I was coming a long way, I am already planning what time I will have to leave work to camp out at FIT. Our company uses that hall for our coroporate Town hall meetings and you really do need a BIGGER space. Here in NY you need a permit for ANY gathering outside. Can’t wait

  78. I’ve already started making hats! When the time gets closer, be sure to give up the address where they should be sent!
    I am thinking of putting out a call for all knitters in Missoula, MT to gather at a park downtown on the big day.
    Good luck with the all encompassing trials of teen-dom.

  79. I would love the Representing Tour, however you cobble it together. It will also save strain on my marriage (honey, I reallyreally need to go to NYC for this knitting thing that’s really a feminist kind of thing) and my job (o.k., I know that you’ve only been my boss for two weeks and I’m already taking all of next week off for my kids’ spring break, but I reallyreally need to go to NYC for this knitting/feminist thing).
    CHICAGO. ON THE MAP. Easy flights from Toronto available all day long. Trust me, socks will be just as spectacular in Millennium Park as your vision of them in Central Park. All of them held up around the Bean? An iconic moment.

  80. Thanks so much for venting about the Police and Ticketmaster scam/debacle. My best friend and I were both online this morning the instant the tickets went on sale and neither one of us could get 2 tickets. When (once) I got one it was behind the stage. It just seems like it is impossible for regular people (not ticket brokers, etc.) to get a ticket. The same thing happened to us before with U2. Sure, if you can spend $1000 on ebay or somewhere for tickets you can go, but what if you can’t? Anyway, sorry to ramble. It was just comforting to hear that someone else had the same frustrating experience. I’d love to be in NYC for the representing, but will have to knit a hat instead.

  81. I would be afraid to see the Police and sting at this point in their career. I would be heartbroken if they didn’t meet my dreamy, drooly fangirl expectations.
    I don’t see Chapel Hill, NC on the schedule yet, but I’m sure we could find some place to hold all the knitters in the area.

  82. I wish that I could make it to NYC, but that’s not in the budget right now. πŸ™
    I would definately like to help with organizing something for when you come to visit my great state of Minnesota on April 4th!
    Happy Happy Birthday, Samantha!

  83. Happy Birthday Sam!
    I am sad to miss out on the NYC shindig, but I will see you in Portland. I am excited beyond belief. All the NYC knitters should make sure they attend the exhibit “Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting” at the Museum of Arts and Design”. I spotted info about this in the Spring issue of Knit It(page 4). Visit for details.

  84. OMG The Police are doing a tour and I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT? Damn it all, someone’s gonna get a smackdown.
    PS Announce the grand plan and I will coordinate my life accordingly.

  85. OMG The Police are doing a tour and I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT? Damn it all, someone’s gonna get a smackdown.
    PS Announce the grand plan and I will coordinate my life accordingly.

  86. I’m with girlfriend Liz from Illinois! We’ll all be there for the Oak Brook event. I even work right across the street!! Should I over there tomorrow and let them know that they’re in for a whole load of knitters??? I’m all for the hats thing too! Just tell me where to send them! I can’t wait to meet you and all the other beautiful knitters who will be there!

  87. OMG The Police are doing a tour and I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT? Damn it all, someone’s gonna get a smackdown.
    PS Announce the grand plan and I will coordinate my life accordingly.

  88. I’m with girlfriend Liz from Illinois! We’ll all be there for the Oak Brook event. I even work right across the street!! Should I over there tomorrow and let them know that they’re in for a whole load of knitters??? I’m all for the hats thing too! Just tell me where to send them! I can’t wait to meet you and all the other beautiful knitters who will be there!

  89. Our norcal knitters will send a box ‘o hats when we get the address. Wish I had ideas about NYC distribution points, but I bet someone at one of these places could help do lots of things for this knitters’ mighty confluence of space, time, compassion and disposable income.
    http://www dot woolworks dot org/guilds/ny dot html

  90. Oh my. You do it at John’s place in CP and I’m going to get seriously sniffy when I see the picture (gosh I’m tearing up just thinking about it).
    Wish I could be in NY, but I’m in CA (as in lifornia) and it’s too far. But you come here, and I’m with you. You bet.
    I’m so enjoying that knitting is becoming a movement. πŸ™‚

  91. Happy Birthday Sam!
    Awesome sweater!
    How about donating all the traveling socks (post documentation photo, of course) to nursing homes? I know quilters often make wheelchair lap blankets, but I bet their feet get cold. And knitters make such warm, beautiful, show-offable socks that might really please some cold feet.
    This is such an awesome idea!

  92. Before I get into irony, allow me to say that the Bohus is spectacularly gorgeous, and those are not my colors. I would not have thought I would be moved to fly to Toronto on the off chance of pilfering something in those colors while its knitter was asleep, but we live and learn. (If you discover it missing, please blame Hank.)
    I would totally love it if you did this at every stop on the tour. (Your tour will be coming to somewhere near Boston, right? Please?) If that doesn’t work, I would totally knit a hat, or two. I am now desperately racking my brains for a totally religion- and politics-free cause. That’s going to be a tough one, since there are people out there who think MSF is a far-left conspiracy. Save the Children? IRC? Dammit, I’ll think of something, or someone will.
    You could also ask everybody to donate $1 at the door to whatever this worthy cause turns out to be. Or would that be too pushy?

  93. Freshgroundknits said: “I don’t see Chapel Hill, NC on the schedule yet, but I’m sure we could find some place to hold all the knitters in the area.”
    Knitting in the Smith Center? I think so…
    I’m told Save the Children’s Caps to the Capital project is still collecting, even though their initial delivery has been made. Their website — — has info.

  94. They did something reminiscent of “pre-boarding” at the Los Altos event. Those of us to make reservations months in advance (pre-permit) were able to meet and greet you in earlier batches, give and take the babies, elderly, injured, whatnot. The idea was to have a group allotment so that you could leave at the appointed time and at least everyone knew they had a fair shot.. though you you wore on late into the night and gave up beer and relaxation so that everyone could be seen, but I digress. It DID work better than being told “sorry!” after planning for 3 months and driving 10 hours that the locals were in line faster.

  95. I think you should do a West Coast location too. I would love to go, but it’s so far away that I would have to take off 3 days from work, which I just can’t do. How about San Francisco? SF is a crazy eclectic foodie town which would LOVE to have you!

  96. I am almost there with convincing my son and husband that New York would be a good day trip from Baltimore during his college spring break and while we’re there Mom needs to leave the group for a little bit. Almost there….

  97. I’m full of ideas today (yeah, just like everyone else, huh?).
    1. I don’t know if your publisher is making any other YarnHarlot swag for sale (mugs/pins/totes/t-shirts), but I think they could make a good buck on a few things. Perhaps you could arrange for part profit to go to MSF/DWB.
    2. You might end up with a whole lotta lotta knitted charity stuff. Scary lotta knitted charity stuff. New York Cares is a local charitable organization that works with a whole lotta local charities to organize and coordinate donations and volunteers for all those different charities. You might start there for where needs what and where to look to give stuff.
    3. It would be pretty easy to get volunteers to sort charity donations. Once you have some recipients lined up, big warm hats get sorted for the homeless shelter that said they need stuff for adult males, little soft hats get sorted for the preemies, etc.
    4. I know Dulaan is a personal interest of yours, probably a lot of your readers would be happy to do “apolitical OR Dulaan,” they could designate with a tag?
    5. Many yarn stores will not have normal hours to be open that evening, but if you could coordinate with New York 1 (NY1, the local cable access) to get a shout-out, perhaps at least some of them would manage to get a tv in store and concurrent “special knit nights” so they’re open for shoppers and will be able to participate via satellite?
    6. There are SO MANY yarn stores in NYC. So Many. Maybe one bit of swag that your publisher could offer would be a $1 map of them all with addresses and info? Because yes, we would all really love that.
    7. Please say that Jayme the Wonder Publicist loves her job and doesn’t have anything else to do for the next… how many days?

  98. 1. GORGEOUS Bohus
    2. I’ll be here on the 23rd
    3. Tell Jayme I’ll be a volunteer. Seriously. I missed you the last time you were here, so this time I want to be there as much as I can. Give her my email if you like (margarita81184ATgmailDOTcom)
    4. GORGEOUS Bohus
    5. I’ve got a sock all ready for some pics. πŸ™‚

  99. in the interest of *representing*, if anyone would rather do squares I’m collecting to make blankets for AIDupont Children’s hospital in DE. I’m calling it “Can you spare a square?” is my blog post for more information.
    Basically I’ve contacted Dupont and they need blankets, so I’ll collect sqaures all year and for each square donated you get a ticket for a monthly prize drawing. First drawing to be the end of March.
    I would make sure the hospital would know this is the knitters way of “representing”. Knitters representing and showing the love!

  100. Since I won’t be able to come to NYC for the big event- hubby, kids, work, money- I spoke with several of the knitters I e-chat with regularly. We have decided in honor of your book, we are going to “storm” our local bookshops and have a knit-in on March 22. So far, the response has been positive. Pass it on:-)

  101. Oh yeah. As for ticketmaster, I hear the trick is to call an office on the other side of the country from where the show is taking place. Those offices are typically not being bombarded by calls and you are more likely to get through.
    Never tried it, but my boyfriend has succeeded with the Stones and other bands.

  102. Love the ideas! Hats are better—we would all send one and you’d have thousands!
    The Bohus is one beautiful sweater.
    On another subject: Your books should come with warning labels: Do not read this book in bed after your spouse has gone to sleep. Stifling the laughter is not only painful, but can cause said spouse to wake up thinking you are having a heart attack.

  103. I love the fact that you are attracting so many knitters and that you are coming to my LYS (The Yarnery — St. Paul, MN) in April BUT, does Jayme-the-Wonder-Publicist realize that the Yarnery is the size of a postage stamp? It can barely hold their “knit night” if 8 people show up. I have no idea where they are thinking of putting you, me and all the other knitting peeps that are sure to show up!!

  104. Dont spose you would consider donating to the Dulaan project? That way knitters could send their hats directly to F.I.R.E. the wonderful people that ship all the knitted goodies over to Mongolia to try and keep the children there warm. Plus it would totally freak Ryan out (In a good way) that so many items were being donated.

  105. I can’t make NYC…but I will be there for your Ann Arbor tour date. Can I bring a hat there to donate to the cause? I’m really looking forward to this!

  106. Happy Birthday Sam!
    I like the hat idea and I vote for sending the hats to the homeless and school children who need them. Is it just me or is it a horrible reality that one of the most wealthy cities (and centers of finance) is an island surrounded by people who could really use a helping hand or wooly hat? Alas, I wish this could be ironic.

  107. I can’t make NYC…but I will be there for your Ann Arbor tour date. Can I bring a hat there to donate to the cause? I’m really looking forward to this!

  108. How exciting to be lecturing at FIT – I had the pleasure of attending school there. Try to talk yourself into their clothing archive. Heaven for coture clothes…
    You know, if space is an issue – Madison Square Garden is almost right around the corner. (Insert evil cackle). That I’d come across the country to see. You’d be a much better draw than the Knicks. Seriously.

  109. I am in for a hat too! I can’t get that day off from school, bummer. Hope that you make it into Central/Upstate New York again. Be sure to put “The Pointe” on your list of shops. They have wonderful yarns and coffee/tea and treats.
    Happy Birthday to Sam!

  110. yarn stores in New York:
    the best one I’ve ever found is the insanely wonderful (but very dangerous Yarn Connection, across from the Morgan Library
    as for charities, can I suggest Housing Works, which arranges housing for the HIV+ and which conveniently runs a remarkable, and very roomy, bookstore/cafe (one of the few used bookstores left in Manhattan, and more than large enough for a very well attended book tour stop indeed) and a thrift shop which sells online (in case they, say, wanted to auction off hats for funding)

  111. I’ve been drooling at the thought of such a wonderful time in NYC, however it is simply not feasible from where I am in Ontario. What I propose to do is this:
    my favourite charity for hats is the Wesley Centre in Hamilton – it’s a street mission with a heart and they can always use hats, scarves, mitts, etc. Anyone who would like to send their hats to me (just in an envelope) may do so and I’ll pile them up and take pictures before the NYC date. I’ll send the pictures to Stephanie and Jayme – with a “head count” of how many there are – then I’ll deliver the hats to Wesley.
    If anyone is interested, please e-mail me and I’ll get the address out to you.
    NYC would be great – but this I can do!
    Chris S.

  112. I have one suggestion for the knitted hats if we are aiming for baby/infant/premie sized. I have twins in the NICU right now and one of my other children spent two weeks there as well. I think that we could donate them to hospitals.

  113. I think rain on your wedding day is ironic because it’s supposed to mean good luck for the married couple.
    Anyway, I will think about the rest of it and be thankful that I am not Jayme and my job does not depend on keeping you under any semblance of control. πŸ˜‰
    Happy birthday to Sam! (I can’t wait to see what she does to follow up Meg’s act!)

  114. you may want to reconsider strawberry fields. it is a respite to many and they discourage huge (which we will be) gatherings.

  115. Hats – yes! Local homeless shelter or organization. Or maybe a world cause – probably harder to keep the politics out of that one.
    Hope you have an appearance scheduled for Massachusetts somewhere.
    Sympathies for being the female shepherd of teenagers. I have two of each (teenagers, one boy 16, one girl 13) and not (one boy 11 and one girl 7). So far the teenagers are okay (doing the occasional dish and shoveling a bit of snow) and basically staying out of trouble, but I suppose that could change at any time.
    Remember when they said “lellow” instead of “yellow”?
    Knit in peace,

  116. I LOVE the idea of the “Represent” tour! I would love to see you come to St. Louis again, but we will have to do better this time! No way I can come to NYC, but I will definitely send a hat to represent! If you do come here though, I would love to volunteer to help with anything you need volunteers to help with! πŸ™‚
    Hope Sam’s loving 13 more than I did – I’m with you Steph – it’s a rough gig being a teenager.

  117. I cannot wait. I’m making the falling leaves socks with my great adirondack soxie yarn and I think that yarn would love Central Park in March. Yes, yes I do.
    Whatever we do for NYC, I think it should NOT be 9-11 related. Aren’t there programs to get kids off the streets? I’d like to do something with that.

  118. I love how the Bohus is looking. I admit to a moment of doubt when I first saw the colours…yellow and gold have never really appealed to me…but in the pattern it’s lovely. It reminds me of a sunrise, or something – the way the brightest yellow, at the mid-point of the yoke, radiates. It’s a bit reminiscent of the flag of BC.
    Speaking of the flag of BC, I will happily represent at Saxe Point in Victoria. It’s great, marshalling us all into some kind of order, but I’m a bit worried about how much work that will mean for you, and your team. The Olympics looked kind of exhausting, and I have a feeling a continent-wide, physical organization of tens of thousands of knitters will require even more energy….volunteers notwithstanding.
    It’s just that if you burn yourself out, that’s not good for your family.

  119. Since we all have our favorites, and there is enuf wool for all, perhaps if there are sseveral predetermined “hat” options; premie, chemo, homeless, etc, : with dedicated bins for each?
    *Really* big! ones! Don’t -ironically-underestimate us!- remember medicins sans frontieres?.
    This way, at the end of the day, there is a great photo op, your point is proven, NYC benefits, and the hats are already presorted, and can be delivered to the appropriate agencies. Which, also, might want/need to be notified in advance.
    Have Jayme the wonder publicist let the local news shows know; esp. the morning/local talk shows (it’s a great human interest story from loads of angles. And a great shot for Good Morning America, don’t you think? πŸ™‚
    Knitters are organizers, too. Please, find your muse, and let some of us help.
    P.S. Bohus makes me drool. I don’t even do pullovers, but this one, I want.

  120. How about having a knit in at Bonaroo? Then you can see the Police and others. And many teenagers will be exposed to the power of knitting. it might be easier to get the family to go if you can offer the muggles a treat too.

  121. Stephanie, my dear Harlot
    I can’t believe what you just said:
    “- Obviously, I underestimated the number and enthusiasm (there’s that irony again) for the idea of allowing knitters to represent, so I’m thinking that maybe the idea needs to be a little (lot) bigger?”
    “- On the off chance that we get more knitters than space, (Which I don’t think will be a problem but we’ll cross that bridge if we get there)…”
    Now, should we do a little “ironic” analysis of these two statements out of today’s post. What part of this eludes you?
    In addition, you are being guilty of just what that yarn store with 10 chairs did. And you castigated them, rightfully IMNSHO. You are UNDERESTIMATING the number of knitters who will show up. The comments from the last post ought to show you that they represent OVER 750 KNITTERS right there. And they didn’t have time to tell all their friends who’d want to go. I know you are underestimating the knitters due to “uncertainty” of your new status in the knitterly world. Face it! You have groupies, er, enthusiastic admirers. Give it a little more time and people will be saying:
    “How fast do you have to be to nail those? I was on the internet, on the phone….still sold out … Then they put up another show and that was sold out in a blinding flash too.”
    Sound familiar?

  122. Hats are perfect. Let me know where to send them. I would love, however, for the Representers to be limited to one hat, and for the hats to be displayed at the main event, so people could pretend there’s a person’s head inside it.

  123. To the MN folk: I talked to someone from Storey Publishing at the Knit Out this past weekend and they are renting a hall for the Harlot’s visit. Smart people. πŸ™‚
    I’ll be knitting a hat or two to send to the Represent Tour. If you’re taking votes, I vote for the idea of tagging things with “apolitical” or “Dulan.”

  124. I just got a wonderful visual of hordes of knitters with pointy sticks squared off against the NYPD…in Strawberry Fields! Hysterical! Would definitely make national news (probably international as well!)
    Suggestion: Have the yarn crawling knitters pick up as many dontaed hats from FIT as they can carry and deposit them on unsuspecting recipients on their way to their prospective yarn shoppe! Lots of street people in NYC! Perhaps a donation delegation at the Today Show? πŸ™‚ Make us famous, dude!

  125. NYC’s a bit far from Dublin (the Irish one) I’m afraid, but I really, really love the hat sending idea.
    I agree that the charity should ideally be non-political and non-religious, but that will be really difficult for everyone to agree on anyway – my suggestion would be that you find one big one that you are happy with (admittedly my political and religious views seem similar to yours so it’s easy for me to say), and then a general local cause, e.g. homeless shelters. Sorting a mass of knitted items into two piles shouldn’t add too much to the work I’d hope, and that way people have some choice in where their items go.
    p.s. When are you coming to Ireland for a book launch?

  126. First and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMANTHA! Woo hoo, thirteen!! (My almost-nine year old is envious – she firmly believes life BEGINS at thirteen and everything before that is just WASTED TIME.) (She says happy birthday too.)
    I love the hat idea!! No way I can make it from CA to NY, but a hat? A hat, I can send. Especially since it doesn’t require a babysitter…

  127. I was ready to book a flight, call my mom, ask her to drive the 8 hours here to watch the 3 bigger kids and get ready to come with the nursling to NY. Then I thought, wait, it’s spring break, I am going home to visit, I want to see my family. And my Navy man can’t take time off. I was so very willing to drag myself and our baby to NY…

  128. That Bohus is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s killing me to not order one a zillion bohus kits right now, but I have another zillion kits & patterns in queue & I know it would be nuts to add this one to the mix. My resolve is weakening, though…

  129. Any chance of coming somewhere closer to DC? I actually had a friend who was going to make the road trip with me, but now she has a conflict….. πŸ™

  130. What a project! New York Cares ( is a large volunteer organization in the city that may be able to help with the cap distribution. They work with homeless, hospitals, schools, etc., and organize an annual coat drive. I volunteer with them and I’d be happy to contact them once there’s something of a plan in place.
    Possibilities are endless, aren’t they? Amazing!

  131. I love the donating idea! Baby hats are great. I’m a newbie and even I can pick up a beautiful, fluffy yarn for a break between projects and pop out a cute hat in about an hour or two, that I generally donate to my Mom’s hospital for the little bundles. However, while in a recent yarn shop they had fliers for donated baby hats to be sent to third world countries where babies die from not having hats to keep them warm.

  132. Ann Arbor? There’s an Ann Arbor stop? Hmm… I have inlaws there we owe a visit to…. only 5 hours from here…

  133. Stephanie, I LOVE the idea of hats (mostly because I’ve only recently knit my first one and know I could!) Perhaps you could choose several charities if one large one is not an option, and folks could choose one of the three, or just know that the hats would be equally divided amongst them all.
    I also like the idea of doing something in each city, but perhaps even coordinating something online. Put up a webcam so we can all see what’s going on where you are, and perhaps have a chat room or some sort up. Just imagine how great to say “yes, well, there were 1200 knitters at the door with a combined income of 600,000 dollars, from 15 different states.. but there were also 750 thousand hits on our website to view the streaming video..” or.. an additional 10,000 knitters registered online and attended the chat, with an additional 2 mil in income or some such. πŸ™‚
    That, dearest Knitactivist, would also allow you to show the number of knitters and the power of them in other countries – at least those who are fans of you!
    I wish I could travel from Atlanta to NYC for this, but I’ll just have to hope you add a date down here!

  134. I vote for spreading the Representing into a tour so that everyone can be a part of the fun. Maybe you’ll even get some Harlotheads that follow you from city to city.
    I’m sorry to say that I will be out of town (and the country) for your Chicago visit, so you’ll just have to swing by again… its not like there is a lack of knitters here.
    Happy Birthday to Samantha! Good luck being a teenager.

  135. There are homeless and preemies in every town. There are also those on chemo. All of which are usually in need of hats, caps, etc., and I would think none of which are political? (But what do I know?)

  136. Oh, I’m so bummed! I can’t make it to NYC and the Police aren’t coming anywhere close to NC or SC. Please, please, please come and visit the South (Charlotte, NC) sometime soon. We have an awesome amount of knitters down here.
    By the way, to freshgroundknits, I saw the Police in the early 80’s and Sting a couple of years ago. Sting is still the best! Some things only get better with age!
    Great looking Bohus!!

  137. Is there anything MSF/DWB can do with knitted goodness? It seems like that is already a pre-determined good place to donate.
    PS – I finished my first pair of socks this weekend – thanks for the recipe, it is a slippery slope I have entered upon ; )

  138. OMG! Peeve, up near the top of the comments, is coming from Australia and missing you by 12 hours — I’m the opposite, GOING to Australia and missing you by 12 hours! What a small world.
    Jayme, couldn’t she come to Australia? How’s that for an idea?

  139. I hope I’m not repeating; I’ve only skimmed the comments thus far.
    Donations: I like homeless shelters, baby wards, especially preemies. (I had one of those.) March of Dimes? From hats on up, I’ll start knitting.
    I’d love to participate in NYC, but it’s 4 hours away and I have a kid who still nurses to sleep. I can’t even get out at night in RI. But if you come to RI, or nearby CT, I will come, too, knitting in hand.
    I feel your Police pain. I loved the Eagles in high school. I said, if they EVER get back together, I will pay the price. Except then the tix started at $90. I was in high school. This was–late 80s dollars maybe? Way to stick it to the fans, there… (Perhaps these older bands think all their fans are older, too, and thus flush with cash?) So, no, didn’t get to see the Eagles.
    You know, we can tell her and tell her but I don’t think Alanis is ever going to get it.

  140. You know what else is ironic? I came home last night to the stereo blaring Don’t Stand So Close to Me. No wait, that’s just a coincidence.
    And rain on your wedding day is good luck. :o)

  141. Time to delurk.Love it when you get a wonderful idea! Saw you at Lord and Taylor. That was fun! Wouldn’t miss this! However, any chance one could get a name on the list ala Lord and Taylor. That way if the LIRR is late, at least I know I can still get in! Looking forward to it. Will bring Chocolate from Long Island! One must stay fortified! And….the knit hat – Maybe Norma’s cupcake!

  142. Can’t make it to NYC…I’ll be in Boston teaching at the time. If you do a talk while you’re in town for the BEA in the summer, I’ll definitely make it then…I’ve been wanting to see you for a long time now.
    As for a charity: I used to volunteer via my temple for the Midnight Run, a group that goes throughout the city at night passing out food, clothes, blankets, coffee, and toiletries to homeless people. it’s not religious, though various religious groups participate. They have use for all sorts of items, including hats, I’m sure. And I bet the recipients would like to know they’re handmade with a bit of love. πŸ™‚

  143. This is the coolest thing ever, and I’m going to be in Las Vegas to go to my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. I tell you, Stephanie, if we hadn’t already bought the plane tickets, I’d be there, and then you aren’t going to be in New England again for the whole rest of the tour!! πŸ™ I am seriously considering flying to Portland, OR, just to get to the signing out there (long story about why that’s reasonable).
    If there’s a charity-knitting project, I’m totally in.

  144. The hat’s idea is great! I’m totally in!!! (I’m excited already, and I can’t even go to NYC–I would just love to show the vainglorious prickweenies I work with that I am part of a force to be reckoned with…)

  145. I totally agree with 1) buying the book wherever we are on launch day and 2) donating hats (I was one of many to suggest it, hehe) and 3) putting our incomes into some form business etc would understand and respond to. AWEsome!!
    I’m am agog (use that in a sentence, it’s fun) at 855 comments!!! That’s a representation if you ask me!!!
    Count me in for hats!! I’ve been needing to make some, haven’t donated in tooo long!!

  146. I suggest for the NYC trip contacting Flying Fingers Yarn Shop. They are my favorite LYS and have the YARN BUS. See my blog for our adventure on the Yarn Bus with Vickie Howell and also my Best Friend Brian and I were featured in the New Yorker on the Yarn Bus.
    I am sure Kevin and Elise from Flying Fingers will be all over this idea and may donate a chauffeured yarn bus ride to the Yarn Harlot on her adventure in NYC.

  147. I really like the Children’s Hospital idea. There are enough of them around the country that they would benefit anywhere your tour might lead you.
    Also… I would LOVE to see you on The Daily Show… Jayne, can you make it happen??!?

  148. Glad to see you’ll be in Alaska. (Wish it was Fairbanks, but pretty sure I can make it down to Anchorage.) Love that Jayme-the-Wonder-Publicist has booked you at a local-owned book store.
    Planning to bring my DH along – he’s learning to knit, but has been an awesome weaver for about 15 years.
    Let us know if the hat thing is going to be NYC-only, or at each stop.

  149. I won’t be able to attend the NYC shindig, but I’d like to cast my vote (and a couple of hats) for donating to homeless shelters and hospitals.

  150. Strawberry Fields could be terrific, but I have another idea. You get David Letterman up there in the North Country? You know how they sometimes (rather frequently) close the street outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for some Letterman stunt? I think he films at about 5:30….if he’s filming that day, any chance Jayme the wonder publicist could get you booked for an appearance with your fans knitting & purling in the street outside the Theater? (I presume it’s too late to hijack all the tickets for that day’s show so we could all knit in his audience.) Possibly could even knit something for Dave….the world’s longest stocking cap or something that people could come and add a few stitches to all day. Or the assembled masses could knit for charity outside the Ed Sullivan. Then off to FIT after the Letterman gig….. It’s a thought….. You definately should get some TV time, some how. Hmmmmm…..I have neighbors who are Channel 7 (New York’s ABC affiliate) news reporters…..just remembered I have a call to make. Later. Jude in NJ

  151. unfortunately, NYC during a weekday won’t be possible with my family duties and the distance (8 plus hrs away). like idea of hats to represent/donate.
    any chance of getting the tour to include vermont or elsewhere in new england (Mass.? Maine?)?
    you are sooo right that knitters–and the craft of knitting in general (in spite of the so-called trend)–are treated as quaint, cute, etc.
    gets old quick!

  152. When birdwatchers were trying to make themselves known as an economic force, someone came up with the idea of having business-sized cards printed and giving stacks of them to all conference attendees for distribution. They said something to the effect of:
    “We’re bird watchers visiting your area, and we’re spending lots of money here.”
    We left them in hotels, restaurants, and every where we spent money. Next time we attended a conference in the same area, there were signs welcoming birdwatchers.

  153. Funny…I was just looking to buy tix for the Police for my husband’s 30th birthday, and I had the same experience as you. Just now. And then I clicked on The Yarn Harlot site, and well, you know the rest of the story. Maybe Sting could give a concert just for knitters and their beloved partners? Could Jayme arrange that? ;-P
    I can’t make it to NYC, but will be happy to send a hat! It’s a great idea.

  154. Wow, Stephanie, I’m actually a little misty-eyed at the prospect of melding my knit-love with Strawberry Fields, and hence, my long-time adoration of John Lennon. We share a day (his death, my birth, albeit a year later), and I had so wanted to make it to NYC to spend some time in Strawberry Fields to sort of commune with his essence, you know?
    I think I might make all kinds of effort to be there to represent with y’all now. πŸ™‚ Yea!

  155. What if we gave the hats to the actual “doctors” of the Doctors Without Borders showing them that knitters are more than just about the money – we care about them as persons!

  156. I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but on the Strawberry Fields link it says, No organized recreational or sporting events.
    But, on the subject of bribing Sting … He did a video in the early 1980’s, wearing an intarsia sweater with Tintin & Snowy on the front. He might well take hand-knit socks.

  157. How about Project Linus? There is are several in each state (I think also in Canada)
    project linus’ mission is to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.”

  158. Thank you for going to Alaska, I used to live there and still consider it home. “They” will love to see ya there. I e-mailed Powells to have them be aware that we shall not be a small group!!! Hats can be done!!! We, your obedient servants, await further instruction from our great(but humble)leader of the mighty knitting horde(very similar to a whack of knitters but just slightly more outre)…

  159. Hey!
    If you don’t remember, I am the one who can’t come beacause I have opening night for a show I am in. Well, I talked to my friend Briana, who also knits and is in the show, and we are going to knit in the dressing room. Also, I am even going to be knitting in my scene. Perhaps I will make handouts too…=)
    This is fun!

  160. The sweater is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Speaking of finished sweaters, did you ever finish Joe’s Gansey or is that still haunting you? πŸ™‚

  161. Haha! My mom can’t stand that Alanis Morissette song because nothing she says is ironic really is. Another good example: the other night my 7-week-old fell asleep at 10:30 p.m. (usually it’s more like midnight) and I was so excited about being in bed before 11 that I couldn’t fall asleep.
    I will totally knit a hat.

  162. Hats: you could give them to NYC public schools. It does get cold enough there. and there are plenty of kids who need them. Also, encourage folks to just give hats and mitts to their local schools (especially the ones in poorer neighbourhoods).
    I bet Storey could come up with a wee marketing questionnaire that would ask a bunch of standard questions like household income, age, etc. etc. They might have a use for that data, too (i.e. to decide to sell more books to this crowd) and might share the data for your nefarious purposes πŸ™‚

  163. We’re not alone in suffering disrespect, and the unfortunate fallout of trying to function in a world full of people entirely capable of ignoring the concrete evidence immediately before them. Here’s a for-instance: The New York Times Bestseller List rewrote its own rules just so J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter books wouldn’t continue to ride the top of the fiction list forever and ever and ever and ever. “Bestsellers” no longer include “Children’s” or “Young Adult” titles. By fiat, not by fact. So “the” list that purported to tell us which books Americans most want to own is pretty much useless. (And it has largely been replaced by sales figures, which are presented unfiltered.)
    So, while I applaud the intelligence, enthusiasm, and creativity reflected here, I don’t expect the situation to change much. The sort of folks who are determined to prove that we all “really” want to read violent phallocentric fictions are the same sort of folks who are convinced that knitting–and other predominantly female arts and crafts–are intellectually silly, culturally vacant, financially insignificant, and socially meaningless. Any data that does not fit that hypothesis will be, I fear, discarded.
    But that doesn’t mean that knitters should not gather in wild packs to celebrate our love of craft and our joy in each other. We should. Not because the Today Show, or the Wall Street Journal, or anybody’s loan officers will give a damn, but because it will be fun and make us happy (like knitting).

  164. There’s really no way I can make it into NYC on a Thursday night. (Heck, I live 35 miles away and have literally been into Manhattan twice in the last seven years–going in on my own at night when I have to get up for work the next day? Really not an option for me!) But, buying your book ON that day? Love to! What else can I do??

  165. Greetings from Chicago! I can’t make it to New York, but I would certainly knit and donate a hat (or two). Would you like me to knit your famous likeness on it? I need to practice intarsia anyway… πŸ™‚

  166. Can’t make it to NYC (sob), don’t know ANY non-virtual knitters, but will be happy 2 send hats. I’ll be watching the news on the 23rd and your site to get any yarn recommendations for hats.

  167. This is a beautimous idea. It would be so utterly PERFECT for me too, if I could just get my arse to New York ONE DAY earlier than I already am scheduled to be there. We are travelling to NY from California on March 23rd for my nephew’s wedding. There is NO WAY I can change our plans. You don’t know how much this bums me out. I will just need to represent from afar and participate any way that I can. Knit on.

  168. This event is such a great idea that I’ll stop being shy and finally leave a note!
    I only went through about half the comments, but I don’t think anyone mentioned guidelines for the charity knitting.
    A lot of the charity knitting guidelines I’ve looked at encourage similar guidelines, the usual being “No Acrylic”, and for warmth, use thick/doubled wool yarn, and add mohair. For example,
    – Warm Woolies –
    – The Dulaan Project –
    – Ryan’s Dulaan hat patterns –
    I also recently knit a cancer cap, and guidelines for those are really necessary – stratchy hats are just cruel! I didn’t find very specific guidelines online, but here’s my experience:
    – the softer the better – fine (that’s thin and smooth) yarns, cotton, and smooth and generally thin textiles (stockinette st, not too textural, and not necessarily lace).
    – wool, the scratchier stuff, and tickly stuff, is not recommended. However, I ended up using a worsted weight wool/acrylic? blend, and knit Yarnboy’s “Halfdome” ( in the round (, and my recipient seemed really happy with it and wears it a lot, so I would recommend that pattern for simple cancer caps if that’s the cause you choose.
    I hope that helps and makes every knitter’s contribution truly beneficial!

  169. The Bohus is luminous! I am fervently hoping you will wear it when you come to St. Paul. Though perhaps packing it to bring to St. Paul will guarantee us warm weather that week? My personal irony of the day: I will miss the NYC event because I will be, of all places, in Toronto. Maybe the Canadian book release event will happen while I’m visiting Canada?

  170. Since I can’t be in New York, I am going to try to organise a group of knitters in Sydney (Australia) to knit in solidarity. Probably just outside the opera house, so we can send in pretty pictures. There is also a group meeting in Canberra (our nations capitol city). We’ll be a few hours ahead, due to the time difference.

  171. Have you tried for Police tickets? Stubhub usually has tickets to sold-out events (for a price of course). I tried checking for you but they are currently down for “routine maintenance”.

  172. Wow, a nordic-ski-style baby tee. Cropped, with cap sleeves even! You’re DONE honey, wear it now! Seriously, that looks uber-cute. I’d stop. Of course, your three girls would probably steal it from you.
    Re: representing hats – what about a delegation to the mayor’s office in each town, stating that these are hats for the homeless and to please distribute them? That’s sorta sneaky-political, but in a nice way. πŸ™‚

  173. Like others have said, I can’t make it to NYC for the event and (sadly) you don’t have any FL cities on your tour (whyever not?). However, I will talk to some good folks in the area and see what we can do about organizing a knit out in solidarity. Is that OK?

  174. And does it really matter who runs a charity, whether it’s a church or a secular group? Would you refuse to donate chemocaps to St. Luke’s or Mount Sinai because they have religious roots? It’s the people who are helped, not the people who do the helping who matter …

  175. Steph, I’m with you and ordinarily don’t ask people from all walks of life to donate to a charity with a specific political or religious agenda. However, I second the motion for Covenant House. It is a terrific charity for the homeless, especially homeless teens. It falls into a bit of a grey area for your criteria, because while it is run by the Catholic church, it is non-political and its primary mssion is to provide for the needs of homeless kids, NOT to convert them to Catholicism. It’s not like the kids have to listen to a sermon as a condition of getting shelter or a meal, as some “religious” charities do. They are a well-organized, low-overhead, high-performance charity (excellent output-to-managment ratio), and believe me they will distribute as many hats, etc. as we can manage to knit. No affiliation, in fact, I am a recovering Catholic, but Covenant house has always stood the test of being honorable in their work.
    I continue to vote for hats, they are a fast, easy way for us all to “represent” and to further this end, before tonight is over, I will post my one-size-fits most anybody hat pattern on my blog:
    LOVE YOUR BOHUS! It soothes my eyes and my soul.
    Happy Mardi Gras!
    Dez in Baton Rouge

  176. Bohus is beyond beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in person.
    As for Police tickets… helps if you use a wheelchair. A friend of mine spent an hour calling, hanging up, calling again on Saturday, only to be told that the Sunday show was sold out, but did we want tickets for the Monday show. Then when she said “wheelchair tickets”, magically, there were seats (so to speak) for Sunday. You should probably not tell Joe and Ben that I’m going. Unless they have disabled friends they could use for the same purpose, it might cause grown men to cry.

  177. Dear Harlot and the Harlettes out there –
    Maybe I am the last to know this, but even Second Life has a yarn shop!!
    The muggles simply aren’t paying attention.

  178. If you get to the left coast, namely SoCal, how about the convention center in downtown L.A.? It’s not central to yarn shops but it’s central to the highest concentration of potentially amazed business people.

  179. How can you make a point about how many knitters there are to the muggles? Easy. Simulcast the event. Have the event broadcast in venues all over where knitters can congregate. Not everyone will be able to come over to NYC, but we can sure pile into a screaming mob armed with pointy stickscheering collection of stitchers in other places.

  180. Is it completley bizzar0 of me, that my eyes welled up with tears at the thought of a picture at strawberry fields.?.?.
    Rock on with your bad self!
    This ball is rolling, and I think there is no stopping it!

  181. You are truly amazing and this new “project” sounds amazing too. I wish I could make the NYC trip, but seeing as I have a new baby and a family that could not function without me I’ll have to settle on being a volunteer if I can…and that’s just fine by me.

  182. that really is going to be a lovely sweater. πŸ™‚
    I feel your pain on the police tickets, having lived that same scene trying to get backstreet boys tickets a number of years ago. at least I can see why police tickets are so important! that backstreet boy thing kinda escaped me. but it was important! and the first time I failed just like you did but.. they came back! not much later.. or.. I don’t remember now what happened.. maybe they just added another night to the stop.. whatever, I did get them tickets eventually. keep trying. enter all the radio station contests you can. oh! find a radio station with tickets to give away and go be interviewed. heck, you have a lot more options/leverages than I do.. the socks might actually do the job.. rofl. πŸ™‚
    hats.. I’ll knit a hat. causes.. is it even possible to please everyone? I mean I’m not fussy.. I can make a hat and if someone needs a hat then I’m happy for them to have it.. some people may put more restrictions on than that but.. maybe there’s some kind of volunteer central in nyc.. there is here.. that puts people willing to donate time or stuff together with organizations that need time or stuff.. there is much bigger than here so there must be, maybe they could take a pile of hats and divide them amongst people and/or organizations needing hats and kind of remove that bit of politics from the equation.. hats will go where they’re needed.. and if we don’t know where, then we can’t get worked up about it. right?

  183. Most metro libraries have video conferencing capabilities. Would that work? Then those that couldn’t make it to NYC, could make it to Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Houston, etc… Not that I’m not shopping for a plane ticket to NYC. lol!

  184. I will definitely knit a hat, my budget may not be able to withstand the glories that will go in New York, but a hat I can do!

  185. I LOVE all of the ideas you have for the Represent Event. The more public the massive migration of knitters, the better. I’ll send a knitted hat to every single one of the events I can’t attend . . . and unless you’re planning a stop in Spokane, Washington, that will be all of them. ;o) (I live in the gloriously forested but very uninhabited panhandle of Idaho, just south of BC, between the very uninhabited high desert of Montana and the not-quite-as-uninhabited high plains of western Washington state, and can’t travel far due to family concerns.)
    I especially like the idea that those of us that can’t attend can still show up by proxy. Just post addresses for where to send these hats, and I’ll start knitting in the meantime. I like the idea of giving the hats to a local charity–or sixty.
    Represent? Oh, baby . . . Will We Ever.

  186. If there is something on West Coast please announce it for all of us Left Coasters. Make sure to alert the media.

  187. I need to be in the city anyway on that Friday. Thursday/Friday–it don’t matter none when flights are $39 e/w, and I have a place to stay. But I can’t compete with the sheer volume of the Tri-State area. If I get in, I get in. If I don’t, I’m heading up to ACK (that’s Astoria Crafty Knitters).
    If everyone can’t get in, would Thursday night NYC groups coordinate themselves to welcome out of towers?

  188. A Represent Tour sounds great! I hope it includes the Cleveland, Ohio area or I could even travel to Columbus, Ohio. Could we include scarves with the hats? I’ve never done a hat and would hate to foist a beginner’s hat on some poor soul. Happy B-day to Samantha! My youngest, Drew, turned 13 at the end of January.

  189. Hmmm. I posted a reply hours ago… or tried to, but got a message that it would be moderated?
    Anyway, the gist was this:
    Smaller park–more community-friendly (eg. flat), less rambly terrain, fill those borders!
    Masses of knitters fit better in subway trains, restaurants, parks, and other public spaces rather than teeny tiny NYC postage-stamped sized yarn stores (exception being Smileys out near Jamaica, Queens).
    I’m in for a warm hat if it’s going to NYC Cares, or a chemocap for Sloan-Kettering or the like.

  190. I adore the hat idea because no way can I make it. I think there is a charity that is linked to September 11th. Homeless shelters would definitely benefit from that sort of thing. Or women’s shelters.
    I also adore the idea of a TV show appearance. Seriously. Something where we can populate the live audience with knitters. Conan is great for this because he loves weird stuff.
    If you really want to make this a success, you have to hit up the city of New York in a big way and the people who live there. I don’t know if this is a bad word but have you thought of getting in touch with Debbie Stoeller? What about the DIY network and doing a Knitty Gritty episode in NYC during this whole mess? There are also many celebrities and fashion designers who knit and a ton of them live in NYC as well. Maybe this is a good time to reach out to them as well and draw some star power? We know how much the media loves them and they’d freak seeing them in the front row(s)! This could seriously be HUGE. LOL Madison Square Garden anyone?

  191. I would love to take part in something like this. Although finances and passport-getting issues being what they are…I don’t know as it could happen for me this time. What about and American tour and a Canadian tour? I’m already contemplating coming to see you in BC, since (so far) you have no Alberta dates…

  192. What if you tried for the Guiness Book of World Records–Most people knitting in Central Park or Most People Knitting Socks in One Place. Or you could do sort of a Virtual Book Tour Kickoff where knitting shops all over North America could host “Yarn Harlot Night” even if they couldn’t be with you in NYC and you could have it broadcast on the internet so everyone could see it live and participate.

  193. I live in New Jersey (hour and a half bus ride to NYC)and would love to be there…BUT, catching a bus late at nite to get home is really not feasible. Will you be doing anything in the afternoon? That I could do! I came into the city for the knitout last Fall to say hello to you! Will look forward to hearing about any daytime action…Ruth
    P.S. I took the Bohus class with Wendy Keele around when her book came out. Fascinating!! Also bought the kit for one of the sweaters from the gal who researched & duplicated the yarns. It still sits in the box…but you are inspiring me…this may be the year I actually get it on the needles…..

  194. Answer to the Police question: you have to be the fastest person in the universe and have a LOT of luck on your side. They sold out both dates at Madison Square Garden in 14 minutes flat. After a ton of panicking because “holy crap, why why why did I say no to those tickets behind the stage? Now I’m not going to get any tickets!” I managed to snag some (2 instead of 3, boyfriend gets left behind because he was on the fence about it and Mom and I MUST SEE THE POLICE) for the Wednesday night show instead of my original Friday night preference. It was an incredibly stressful time. Why do they let you know that you have 1 minute to complete the info on a certain page? I don’t deal well with pressure! Good luck on your ticket hunt.
    And I’m sure it’s already on the list, but Knitty City is my vote for the NYC yarn crawl – it’s my favorite store in the city. And Strawberry Fields would be perfect for a giant knit out. And convenient…it’s a block away from my boyfriend’s apartment. πŸ™‚

  195. I live about 6 blocks from FIT and have a fairly flexible work schedule – work from home. I would be happy to volunteer if you need someone in the neighborhood that day.

  196. Here’s an idea. What about all those not able to travel (being on the other coast) gather in larger cities near us-Portland, Or for me to donate those hats, have photos taken of our traveling socks and have a volunteer that sends the info on to you of our disposable income? You may be planning on this for a later date…

  197. Ok, I haven’t read the comments so this may have been suggested already, but how about baby hats for neo natal icu’s? Or grown up hats for homeless shelters?

  198. My daughter Brie and I share a love of knitting and your column. She called yesterday to say that you were going to be at my favorite bookstore in Anchorage. Imagine my extreme disappointment when I realized that of all the trips I have to make to Anchorage, I wasn’t going to be there. She called again today to say that you were coming to Denver during my next visit there.
    YIPPEE! It really takes something amazing to come near the thrill of seeing my daughter and grand daughter (Brenna), but this is it.
    Thanks to the knitting goddess for lining up my travel so that I can see you too! Of course we’ll buy books. We love books too.
    I like the idea of of letting local knitters identify their own charity. Delegate, delegate, delegate. It’s the key to having enough time to knit!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Denver,
    Beth in Juneau

  199. So glad to hear you might make this a whole tour thing. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to get to NYC and represent… but, with two six year olds that I’d have to bring with, I’m thinking it ain’t gonna happen. That doesn’t stop me from coming up with plans, mind you, but unless Mary Poppins blows in with the wind, I shall have to represent from afar.

  200. I would love to participate in some way, but I can’t be in NY. I could possibly be a hat coordinator. Let me know what you need help with.
    We could do things in many major cities, making it easier to get to whatever major city is close to you. Can’t wait to see how this develops.

  201. Thank goodness a hat can represent me, as I work that day and the next–at the BEST LYS in Atlanta!!
    Come see us, Stephanie!

  202. Well, I vote we get as many converts as is humanly possible. I’m up to 5ish + the misc. masses that I have inadvertantly influenced with a KIP session, and I’m only 18, which shows it’s not too hard
    If we double our numbers and bring knitting back to its pre-massproduced strength, someone will have to take notice.
    Much Love.

  203. I heart Bohus! Happy Birthday Sam! I wish I could make it to nyc to represent, but, alas, I live in Chicago. I will DEFINATELY knit a hat and send it along. And I am going to leave work early to make it to your Oakbrook booksigning! I was bummed to miss you the last time you were in the area, but I am a northsider…going to the south side is a PAIN! But Oakbrook I can do. Plus I used to work there so I know the area. I am so psyched for your new book! Can’t wait to meet you!

  204. I didn’t read through all 222 comments up to this point so I don’t know if this is a repeat suggestion, but I am a pediatric oncology nurse and I know that my little beautiful bald patients love knitted hats, especially when it’s cold. My beautifully bald teen patients love knitted hats to wear to school to make it a little less obvious that there is anything different about them. I don’t believe you will be coming to my area, but I think if there are some children’s hospitals along your route and in NYC, you’ll definitely find willing recipients for freshly knitted hats.

  205. With regards to the economic might, I had a friend who used to get $2 bills before going on tour to see the Grateful Dead. It was his way of showing ‘we are everywhere’ and we have money to spend. Just another example of a community that was underestimated – and often thought the worst of. If anyone is thinking of trying this, pls note his bank did need a little advanced notice to secure the bills πŸ˜‰

  206. Hi there – I too am coming out of ‘fan-from-afar’ lurkdom world to say ‘EXCELLENT!’ I love the idea of all us knitters showing our financial might to The Unbelievers.
    There is an excellent organization (national and international) called Active 20/30 that is comprised of people in their 20’s & 30’s (natch) that help children in thier respective communities. There IS a chapter in New York, and there are chapters throughout America and Canada as well as other parts of the world. The national website is:
    and the NY chapter info is:
    Brentwood #1037
    c/o 2 Wyoming Ave, Bayshore NY 11706-5725. USA
    President: Mauricio Espinal
    Phone: 631-647-7217
    I was a part of that organization for several years and found it to be as rewarding as knitting is now.
    Wherever the decision falls for sending something for donation, I will send my part from the Central Valley of California . . . a trip to NY during tax season would surely send my CPA boss into a coronary!

  207. there is no way i can come to new york (having just survived the nor’easter trip from hell to look at schools with son #2 last week), so i would love to see you do some kind of telecast/podcast, anything at all to let me participate! couldn’t you get little yarn store all over the place to load up their stores for knit night with stephanie talking to us all over the internet? surely jayme can manage that little feat?

  208. Strawberry Fields is a good choice, but wouldn’t Sheep Meadow work too? Lovely day, coming up!

  209. While I can’t spend my yarn money on a ticket to NY, I could definitely make it to Chicago. Maybe a tour of two coasts and the middle?

  210. Um…Harlot?
    Just to play devil’s advocate (for fun). What if this whole gig in NYC creeps out the muggles so badly that they all decide to become knitters and then buying yarn will become something akin to trying to buy Sting concert tickets. Then we’re all screwed. Just sayin’. πŸ™‚

  211. I can’t believe how the colors in the bohus yoke GLOW, it’s crazy.
    You can buy tickets to Bonnaroo on Friday, the Police will be there, so will I (woot!). Kind of far from Toronto, but we’re talking about renting an RV…
    AND, I sent you an email with my yarn donation from my gmail account, did you get it? If not, I am at a loss, so I’ll tell you, it’s one 100 gm skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in “Wilderness”, and a set of 6″ Crystal Palace dpns(bamboo). Thanks- sorry for the wordy comment…

  212. TicketB**tards–grrrrrrr
    Keep checking the site–they hold back some tickets and release them sometimes the day before or day of the show. I’ve gotten 2nd row 24 hours before the show. It’s a pain to check them daily tho!

  213. I was excited to hear about the NYC night. I live in upstate New York, and it’s a long, long ride to NY, but I was ready to brave about 16 hours of driving in two days to get there for the weekend. Sadly, it’s on a Thursday, and there’s no way I can get there and back πŸ™
    Maybe we can have one in Ottawa? My knitting group would love it. We’d be there without bells, but I’m willing to bet that at least one woman will have something with beads πŸ™‚

  214. I’ll send a hat all the way from Tasmania, Australia. We need someone like you over here. You guys are lucky you have such a vibrant knitting community in the US!

  215. YOU INSPIRE ME!!! and make me smile. Thank you.
    As for the Canadian end of the book launch, what can I do to convince you to do it in your home town?
    I have recently (2 weeks ago)started a Knitting Meetup called Yarn-a-holic’s Anonymous which meets every Monday from 7-9 on Yonge Street (please see for details) which has almost 30 members, plus there’s another fab Stitch n’Bitch meetup group down two blocks from mine on Wednesday’s that has 540 members, plus the Downtown Knit Collective with their caboodle of knitters makes for a whole lot of super happy knitters that perhaps we can create a mirror event at the Ryerson Fashion School and do our group photo at City Hall/Nathan Phillips Square….Did I mention how great it would be to host the Canadian launch in T.O?????
    By no means do I intend to slight all of the other fabulous knitters throughout Canada, I’m just lobbying for T.O. cause we as fellow Torontoians are super proud of you and can guarantee a super large turn-out! πŸ™‚
    I also cannot speak for the gaggles and gaggles of knitting goddess’s in T.O., but beyond wanting to show-off our economic might, we do some awesome charity knitting.
    All of this is to say, we’re here if and or when you need us and although we may not be all able to be with you in person, know we are with you in spirit and give the muggles hell!!!

  216. Sting can definitely be bribed with lovely hand knits. Remember all the wonderful, clever sweaters he used to wear in the 80s?

  217. Hi, first-time comment here. “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” Sunday evening I was on the internet looking for different free hat patterns to knit, and since I hate wearing hats (I don’t look good in most of them) I wondered what I would do with the things. My vote goes for donating them for chemo caps and people in shelters. Lead on, and let the muggles beware!!!

  218. Happy Birthday Sam! Welcome to the teen years(you’ll be just fine)
    I am in for all of it-FIT, hat knitting/donating, yarn crawl….whatever. Also repeating my offer to volunteer to help with advance stuff…other than that, I have nothing to add to the growing chorus of support!
    knit on, everyone!

  219. Why aren’t you having your books put out on audio? Unabridged, of course? Can you imagine? Nothing would be more perfect than sitting down and knitting and listening to your books, because when a new one comes out I am completely frozen over what to do, do I knit or do I read? It’s a horrible choice I have to make, so, for my sanity, AUDIO the fabulous things! And pick a good reader for Heavens sake too, not one of those horrid squeeky ones.

  220. I love your idea about representing without being there, because I just can’t be there no matter how much I’d want to, but I would still like to take part in the fun! A hat is perfect, since it can be anything between a preemie cap and a grown man’s hat. I’m open to donating them to any worthy cause -homeless people, teen moms, cancer patients, otherwise needy… I’m in!

  221. You are the bomb – the absolute bomb.
    Hats – yes. will get knitting
    Traveling in packs (stun the muggles) outrageously clever
    A group shot in central park.. the BEST.
    and I propose group shots everywhere – with you in the middle rocking out, with a pile of knit hats laying all about you from people who wanted to be there. hmmm – me thinks they will be “Harlot Hats” I wonder how that would sit with the muggles
    what a perfectly wonderful idea.
    Tell Jayme to stop twitching, any of us would help πŸ™‚
    Many blessing to your daughter. May she survive the teen years unscathed.

  222. I’m sure someone’s already said this but I can’t sit in a chair long enough to scroll through the comments (pelvic floor ligaments are a b***h). Have you thought of just stopping the bohus there. I tink it look really cute with short sleeves and a hip-height ‘waistband’ rather than the full monte.
    Good luck with the representation – Canberra S’n’B in Australia have alrady organised themselves to fly the knitted sock!

  223. i would love to volunteer to be part of collecting hats and/or helping out any way i can. i think… there will be SUCH a flood of incoming hats with this request coming from you, miss harlot, that multiple charities might want to be considered. soft skull caps can be sent to sloan-kettering, acrylic easily washable and durable hats can be sent to homeless shelters, et cetera.
    I would actually love, LOVE to do a sandwitch-and-a-hat thing. I’ve seen groups do this, where they go into the city and do a few hours in each of a few different key locations and just let folks come up and distribute their stuff… anything not handed out by the end of the day is then given to a local homeless charity to continue to give out. i dont even know if this is practical, but if you’re even willing to consider this… i’m in for whatever.
    and i’d better start digging out my sock needles πŸ™‚

  224. I am afraid you may have to pay a scalper for those Police tickets (as may I, when they come to my neck of the woods)—I don’t know how many tickets they made available for the presale, but in my experience, tickets like those go within minutes (think about it, there are anywhere from 50-100 people at every ticketmaster outlet waiting in line and then you have people from all over Canada and the US calling Ticketmaster at exactly 10 am, not to mention those logging in to–it really is a wonder anyone actually gets tickets)–anyway, I would check ebay (if you haven’t already)
    Good luck!

  225. Happy birthday Samantha!
    A little thing I learned during the most recent U2 tour, besides a previous poster’s suggestion of checking the ticketb*stard site daily – there’s always a ticket drop at the box office the day of a show. Of course this may also mean you have to get to the box office at an ungodly hour and sit there for a great deal of the day, but worth a try. (Wish I’d known that for U2’s Elevation tour in 2001, but that’s a whole other story *g*)

  226. Do this for the whole tour, please!!! I’m from Mississippi and am freaking out that I’ll actually be on an Alaskan cruise and our port of call for Victoria, B.C. that Saturday is the day you will be there. I would love to “represent” the Mississippi knitters there!!!

  227. I don’t think there is a knitter on God’s green earth that has EVER admitted how much they have spent on yarn in a year – not even to themselves – it would be a world first!
    Love the bohus, 1970s appliance colours are hot!

  228. You really wanna get people riled up? Hand out the freaking hats to homeless people on the street. Nothing like coming in, taking NYC by storm, and then using your knitterliness to help the people they ignore every day. But that’s just me. Just sayin’.
    P.S.-the bohus looks amazing…it’s growing so fast! (although that’s probably just because i’m not the one knitting it)

  229. Would love to REPRESENT in NYC with a hat, just say where. Will REPRESENT in Ann Arbor in person (with socks in production in toe -HAHA-), and bring another hat, if that is what is decided. I was going to pre-order the book but will wait till the release date…more the better on that date I should think. Agree with books in audio format (with a good reader). I also suffer from the read or knit conflict. What a bunch of great ideas have been posted above. Good luck on sorting them out. As a devoted “Harlothead” I’ll follow your lead.

  230. At the risk of sounding totally corny, I have loved your blog for years and this post the most, I think. Why? Cause of the spirit and the care (no religious, political affiliations), and the accomodations for those that need it, by simply saying I need it. So, thanks for being smart and funny and articulate about things I care about.
    I am so looking forward to the NY events!
    And I love the bohus, too!

  231. Martha isn’t filming around 3/22…
    I just wanted to second the idea of having at least something organized to take place on either friday pm or on saturday–because I will be in nyc then but I can’t make it for the thursday.
    Also, I don’t want Smiley’s to be left out of the yarn crawl–even though it isn’t in the most fashionable area (it’s located in the part of Queens that some people might assume to be Brooklyn) it is a great yarn shop (especially for those without the largest disposable income).

  232. Okay, I guess my idea can’t be any more far out than what we’ve all come up with so far. One ball (has to be a ball) of yarn from each person who can’t make it to NY. Attached a tag giving the knitter’s name, city, state and price of the yarn. E.g. Tif’eret, Portland Oregon, $6.95. These are mailed to a designated saint in NY who puts two, or more, VERY TALL, VERY BIG AROUND cages of chicken wire SOMEWHERE at the lecture and fills them with the yarn. The yarn is later donated to a good charity or dozen. If knitters from foreign lands want they could order a ball of yarn from a NY knit shop to save postage. Yarn. Numbers. Economic and Visual impact. Oh, all right this is crazier than what’s been put up so far, but at least you know I’m ON THE TEAM!! Actually, it’s better than the first idea I had of photos of faces of knitters who couldn’t come to NY tacked to sticks and taking up a seat. Well…on second thought, maybe not. Go Knitters!!

  233. In the avalanche of e-mail, did you get mine about Skype & the podcast? Let me know. Meanwhile, I’m still scheming to get to NYC.
    Also, wrote Jayme-the-wonder-publicist awhile ago about the Harlot in Houston book tour, but alas – no response. Note to self: must call her tomorrow.

  234. By the way – 3 teenaged daughters. Wow. With just 1 teenage son, I feel so much pain for you. You poor thing. *sobbing a little at the thought*

  235. The Bohus is gorgeous!
    I am all for knitting a hat. Not sure I totally understood if everyone sends their hat to NY — I would have no problem with that. It would make sense for it to be central for the photo op or what have you.
    Brilliant idea about the anonymous disposable income reveals. Sadly, money talks.
    I don’t know where you fall on the old ‘we can always get a ticket at the door’ dilemma but it is possible.
    Ticketmaster tip: Once the tickets go on sale in your province you can call Ticketmasters in other provinces to order. The bonus is that their lines are not going to be clogged like yours – this works brilliantly in BC, not too sure how helpful it is in Ontario — you know, that pesky time difference.
    Wow 3 teenage girls. Hang on, this too shall pass (maybe in 10 yrs or so). It IS rough being a teen.
    And thank you for publicly telling Alannis what we have all been thinking for years.

  236. Just to make you jealous–I sat within a few inches from Sting and interviewed him for more minutes than was allowed–because he thought I was interesting(I got more time than MTV)! Ha!
    That was one of the perks I had when I had a real job ages ago. Sigh.

  237. I could not believe and was so pleased that you answered my comment about how much I enjoyed your book. I was fell into a blonde mode…lol.
    Seriously, you should come down south if you can. We would love to see you. I live in Western NC and we are a big fiber arts community.
    I am so jealous of all the NY’rs.

  238. Let’s just say That what I spend on yarn in a month could buy us car ( if we wanted one ) in a year ( secondhand that is but not a heap of junk). I prefer the yarn and sellers should respect the fact that I am a serious buyer .Is it any wonder the ownwer of the no 2 L.Y.S in our town knows my name ?I am sure there are plenty of other knitters who’d rather have a gorgeous skein than a piece of jewellery or a bottle of “Joy” .If blogs are anything to go by we stash the stuff just to admire , we all know that .

  239. i would like to cast a yea vote on the idea of expanding the craziness to the rest of the tour. while i won’t be able to make it to new york the first thing i did after seeing the tour update was sign up for june 8th as a vacation day so i could be at your portland stop. (i live in portland, but i work 2-10pm.) and along those lines if you need volunteers at the different tour stops i nominate myself for portland. and i like the idea of donating something at the door all along the tour. especially a hat because i love knitting hats.

  240. Will you accept crocheted hats as well? I know how you feel about crochet, but I can crochet a hat real nice and quick. Knitting….not so much. I’m still working on how to use four needles at once without stabbing someone else.
    Also, thankyouthankyouthankyou for putting Pittsburgh on your itin- iten- route. I have already extracted a promise from my mother that she’ll drive me to and from. I fully intend to show you my very first sweater while you nod politely, wonder how cotton could possibly pill that much, and repress a shudder at the crocheted sleeves. Because your cool like that, and I am so totally a harlotgroupie.
    And for heaven’s sake, warn those poor yarn shops beforehand! They’ll need extra salespeople!

  241. Another idea.
    What about the worlds largest traveling afghan?
    Someone does a square then sends it on to another knitter. And so on and so forth. Each person sewing their square onto the afghan before passing it on. Documenting where it’s from.
    Does that sound like a way to represent?

  242. I love the idea and hope you will do it for the entire tour. As a teacher in the midwest, there is no way I can attend something in New York while school is in session. Besides, to fill up large venues in many cities would really blow their minds.

  243. I work in NYC and would be happy to accept packages of knitted/crocheted hats to bring to Stephanie’s gig at FIT. I also don’t think that the Parks Department will allow a permit for Strawberry Fields. They won’t even allow people congregate there for Lennon’s birthday (the last I heard). Jayme has got to get to them soon to inquire. People are welcome to email me

  244. Besides needing a permit for Strawberry Fields, on March 22nd it is going to look nothing like that picture,(more’s the pity!) Altho we are south of Toronto, March in NY can be glorious, or like Eliot’s April, “the cruelest month.” You might want to plan on an indoor place, in case of inclement weather, like a blizzard or something.

  245. 1. The Bohus colors are like golden sunlight breaking through the trees in the dark woods. Lovely.
    2. My hat – I made a rolled edge hat from oh-so-very-soft alpaca, pattern from online – is ready to ship. Where do I send it?
    3. Most people don’t know from blogging yet. So much interest in knitting is hidden from them. They have much to learn about the Way.

  246. 1. The Bohus colors are like golden sunlight breaking through the trees in the dark woods. Lovely.
    2. My hat – I made a rolled edge hat from oh-so-very-soft alpaca, pattern from online – is ready to ship. Where do I send it?
    3. Most people don’t know from blogging yet. So much interest in knitting is hidden from them. They have much to learn about the Way.

  247. My fave NYC is Seaport Yarn. Fantastic service and selection. As far as Central Park Strawberry Fields goes, Washingon Square is closer to FIT, so for logistics (and so as not to use up all the cabs in NYC) you might want a group shot there.

  248. There’s another “represent” event in NYC just a few days before this one- an anti-war march on the 4th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, taking place on Sunday, March 18: If any of you who are coming from way out of town for the knitters day also feel passionate about getting the US out of Iraq, maybe you’d like to arrive a few days early and stay for the week. If you do and need a place to stay, let me know.
    I suggest Bethesda Fountain (and Terrace, perfect for knitting!) for the Central Park confab.
    Perhaps, by the wide Alanis Morisette definition that doesn’t really make sense, going to the big city twice in a week to help make a point about what big clans I belong to is ironic. I do hope both of them make the news in a big way, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

  249. Just tell me: Where do I send a Hat?? I think any of the shelters in NYC would by HAPPY to receive such a gift, maybe battered women;s shelters? any homeless shelter, etc??
    Can’t be there, wish I could — maybe could you come further south sometime? think about it, the weather is so much kinder!

  250. Thinking that from our home in Michigan’s UP, I could grab some knitting buddies-and my kids-and head east toNYC. Just drive thru wilderness and perhaps go over a little bit of water, and we’re there. This is actually something I would do!! if I wasn’t already committed to another road trip Fri night.
    Let me know whatever you’d like knitted, and I’ll send it.

  251. The sweater is beautiful and so are you for taking the time (amid other things – Happy Belated Birthday, Samantha!) to read all the comments. I’ll get a hat started and if it doesn’t work out to send to NYC, it will be ready for local donation. Does Jayme knit? If not, she may need to learn, I think it will help the twitch.

  252. You want a hat? You’ll get a hat. More if I have time.
    If I could make it up there, I’d be happy to be a face in the crowd. As is, I’ll wait for plans to develop, and see where I can be of the most use to the cause.
    Maybe donate what I would have spent traveling to MSF/KWB.

  253. I haven’t been able to knit a hat worth a darn – they always turn out the wrong size (but maybe that wouldn’t matter if I’m giving it away) so I crochet my hats. What about a scarf instead?
    What about giving to a charity that gives hats and scarves to kids in NYC?

  254. Yay! Yay! Yay! I love the idea of the WHOLE tour being a Represent tour. I wish I could make it to NYC, not sure at the moment, but I know a hat could. I really think that the homeless of NYC should benefit from our knitting.
    I agree with some of the comments here about media coverage. I also like what…hmmm, forgot the name, someone’s son said about us being good people. Point taken.
    The bohus is looking fabulohus πŸ™‚

  255. Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival ( has announced the Police as headliners for the June event. You could combine knitting and music with travel to the best part of the South for late spring! Tickets go on sale this Friday, noon EST. Be quick, Bonnaroo sells out in hours sometimes.

  256. I absolutely love the idea of flooding NYC with hats to represent all the knitters out there in the world. And even better is the thought that they will then be given out to those in need in the city. I’m off to raid my stash and get one started so please let us know soon where we need to send them!

  257. Just tell us where to send the hats … or could we bring them to the April 4 event here in St. Paul?

  258. Hi,
    I love your idea’s! I really love the send the hat idea. I love this because next to nothing big comes here, and If it did it would do it in the middle of the busy season and I would probly be tied to a steel grain bin anyways! I know that sounds weird but My hubby and I build grain bins in the summer(spring to fall) and have quiet at home winters. I don’t travel much outside of Saskatchewan. I love the idea of sending hats, mitten’s and scarves are good too but a hat keeps you warm and can be any size(depending on who will wear it and how they like it to fit!). I know there is a program here in Sask that takes winter cloths “Coats for Kids” and distributes them to those who can not afford them, maybe they have a cool program like that in NY too? . .. Just my thought . .. well I am off an running for the day!

  259. I am sad to miss out on the NYC event, but looking forward to seeing you in the Twin Cities.
    I’d send a hat for charity to NYC. I think that’s a great idea!

  260. A trip to NYC from Scotland would be great…but unaffordable. So hats it is. I already have 2 made that I can send along.
    Hope this is a big success as I am fed up with people taking the mickey out of me when I say I knit, and asking if people still really do such things!!!!

  261. I am all over knitting a hat for charity! My first thought was that the hats should be donated to the homeless of NYC. All hats could be used, as those without homes are men, women, and (sadly) children.
    Also, homelessness and poverty are problems all over the world. If the hat project became something done at every stop, the hats could be donated to local shelters, where ever the tour lands.

  262. I will be there! I’m just across the river in Jersey City. And if you’re taking volunteer requests, I’d love to help! Heck, I’m on sabbatical…

  263. I will be there! I’m just across the river in Jersey City. And if you’re taking volunteer requests, I’d love to help! Heck, I’m on sabbatical…

  264. Why does my computer always post every comment I make twice? At any rate, I wanted to add a note of supreme appreciation of your Alanis Morrisette comment. Boy, that song irks me. Although my husband and I do a really fun imitation of her waving her arms around spastically in a too-long sweater from the video…

  265. tickets: try stub hub dot come they usually have tickets at “fair” prices then most brokers.
    hats: why not donate them to a homeless shelter, that way they would be put to good nonpolitical use.

  266. hi, i can’t imagine that you will actually read this comment because it’s like #250. But here goes…I don’t think Strawberry Fields is big enough. It’s just a little circle with some benches and the pretty mosaic in the center that says imagine. Plus it’s at the top of a hill with trees and pathways around it. A better spot would be sheep meadow, the bandshell, the ball fields… When you speak to the parks dept. they will give you suggestions. You don’t want only like 25 – 50 people to fit at strawberry fields. Plus in terms of photo opportunities you need some SPACE!
    love the sweater.

  267. i think you’re right about the knitted afghan: see the gigantic response to the Water Aid knitted river over at the UK’s We Knit and try to figure out how to delegate all that sewing-up. boggled. please do let us know where we can send hats, if hats it is…

  268. A big vote for a stop in the south of the USA!!! I really hope that Jayme-the-wonder-publicist can work one out. Otherwise, there’s no way that I can make it to any of the “Representing” parts.
    please please please?

  269. Hats or any knitted item for the Homeless is the best idea. To be distributed by the the homeless shelters around NY? Give us an address to where we can all send them by March 22 perhaps? Piled high on the stage around you as you speak and then taken to the shelters afterward? I like it!

  270. I love your comments about being willing to spend any amount of money for tickets–but not to already filthy rich rock stars! Imagine if ticket prices covered only a ‘normal’ salary for the musicians, staff, and venue. Or, if they took any extra above a ‘normal’ salary, and used it to beef up salaries of people who do the overworked and underpaid jobs. Of course, there would be a huge debate on what would be a ‘normal’ salary, but really, does a hockey player need $3 million dollars a year?

  271. Whooot! The Represent Tour 07!! I will be in Pittsburgh. Just how early do we need to line up for a place? Anyone else from the area?

  272. Please put Los Angeles on the list!! I can’t convince my husband that this is worth a trip to NYC.
    The hat idea is fabulous. I will definitely send one. And I’m thinking of sending my muggle mother-in-law with a sock!

  273. I have not gotten a chance to wade through the comments (best of fun with that) so this may have already been suggested.
    I figure that the yarn and craft manufacturers and providers have done their research. Surely they know how much money they make off of knitters.
    Instead of asking knitters how much they’ve spent on yarn and supplies, why not ask them to estimate how much they’ve put towards knitting related charities? This could include money that they’ve put forward for fundraising drives through knitting blogs, or a calculation of the hours they spent knitting a project for a charity multiplied by whatever wage they think they deserve plus the cost of materials?
    Why not wow the media with how much knitters have spent for other people, and then sit back and smile while they scramble to find out what kind of buying power we have?
    At the very least it might give us something entertaining to watch while we knit!

  274. I’m in for a hat at least, and quite possibly a personal appearance. I try all the time to explain to muggles about this WHOLE BIG KNITTER WORLD…

  275. strawberry fields sucks, much as i would wish otherwise. bethesda fountain is a great place for a group picture, or one of the lawns, or the obelisk. or one of the ponds. hell, it’s all great but for strawberry fields.

  276. Steph; It doesn’t surprise me. Knitting is such a solitary pursuit. How anyone can knit with a lace pattern to follow in a yarn store with 4 or 5 people chatting in one’s face, is uncomprehensible. To come together for a lecture from our champion is like coming out of the woods after a long knitting hibernation and getting a pat on the back for all that focused work. I can’t wait for your visit here at Oak Brook.

  277. First of all, happy birthday Samantha. My twin boys, Robert and David, will be turning 13 on the 26th. The party will be this weekend. Twelve barely pubescent boys will be in my house. I’m hiding beer in various cubbies throughout the house in preparation and as a pre-emptive strike against total nervous breakdown.
    Second, I love the yarn crawl idea but can we combine it with a pub crawl? You know, hit a store, drink a pint, repeat. Only problem is someone would have to be the designated budgeter. I have spent many a night on Ebay after a few beers buying lots of yarn, necessitating bank account transfers.
    Let me know what you decide. I haven’t been to NYC in ages. This could be better than Broadway. Hell, it could be Broadway.

  278. Love the hats idea, and to have them distributed in the NYC, for maximum local impact. Got a blue Malabrigo ready to send.

  279. I like the idea of a “Represent” tour. Mostly because going to NYC in the middle of the week would be near impossible, and travelling there alone would be, well, lonely. If you decide to knit the hats, let me know. I love making hats.

  280. I can’t make it to NY either, but my mom and I will both knit a hat. What a fun idea! I had a random thought, what if instead of donating the hats to a charity, they were just given out to the populace at large? I’m not sure how that would work out logistically, but wouldn’t it be cool to just pass on the knitted love to anybody who wanted one? Everybody loves something hand-knitted, and it could be a way to get the man or woman-on-the-street’s attention. Just a thought…

  281. I’m going to comment on the Police ticket thing. First, they hold a presale for fan club members. Basically holding a set number of tickets for loyal fans. I believe the fan membership is something like $100. Now, as far as I know U2 started this. The idea is to prevent some of the scalping that was going on that prevented actual fans from coming to the shows. Then there is the public sale, and then there are also a set number of premium seat auction tickets. If you want the best darned seats in the house, and are willing to bid, you actually can still get tickets to Toronto. BUT, you are bidding – starting at $240 a ticket – on the best darned seats in the house that come with a free t-shirt or some such. Anyway go to and click on through and you can bid. However the auction is open for the next week.
    OTOH, perhaps Jayme the wonder publicist can co-ordinate a date with your tour someplace that coincides with the Police. And you can try calling your local Ticketmaster to get tickets to that distant site….

  282. It’s all like yeast — it’s alive and growing!
    RE: the afghan. If knit in sections, could ultimately be detached and donated to suitable groups.
    RE: the hats. Cool idea. Homeless charity? Randomly given as acts of kindness?
    Strawberry fields looks good. Maybe Sting will come…

  283. As per previous wristwarmer exercise, I’m collecting links to NYC Yarn Stores. They are here:
    Another display idea for the hats it seems you will be collecting in abundance:
    String them up clothesline-style – would work anywhere – on a wall, outdoors, across a stage. Could be minimal physical work, minimal damage to your location, great visual impact.

  284. OOH Goodie, I’m # 322! (probably not, someone doubtless beat me to it) OK — haven’t read them all yet, but had to answer tout suite: All sounds brilliant, and I’m starting a hat to send, at least one. (My beloved MIL of blessed memory was in Long Island Jewish Hospital, so any NYC or Long Island hospitals would be fine with me)…oh heck, WHATEVER you decide to do is fine. Got a book to edit, presentation to plan and five things “on the needles” — now then, what shall I use for The Hat? (LOVE all you fellow Harlot Fans!)

  285. Instead of the World’s Largest Afghan, what if, for the next Knitting Olympics, knitters around the world knitted an afghan or baby blanket not for themselves but for relief organizations, shelters, and other groups? I know it’s not terribly realistic for all but the fastest knitters to finish an afghan in only two weeks, so my suggestion is, instead of casting on at the start of the Olympics, the goal would be to cast off, seam, sew in ends, block, and ship the afghan to its destination by the time the Olympics end.
    In other words, the bulk of the afghan knitting would be pre-Olympic training.

  286. After you conquer New York, please, PLEASE come to San Francisco and do it all over again! What would be cooler than knitters meeting en masse in Golden Gate Park? We could be like the Critical Mass bikers, but with knitting!
    As for the hats, I’m sure there would be some way of donating them to San Francisco’s homeless, or otherwise doing something comparable to whatever you do in NY.

  287. I was honored you answered my comment.
    Let me say this is getting really big. It almost sound like a convention.
    Just know its freezing and can blizzard in NY in March(or April), and sending out-of-towners into the surrounding boroughs of NYC for a yarn crawl may be a tough go for some. I remember you posted about your own taxi ride to Brooklyn a little while back.
    A larger venue to pack them all in, an organized, close to that venue yarn crawl, and I don’t know what else might be easier on the masses and you.

  288. If you’re looking for a charity – may I suggest City Harvest? It’s apolitical, areligious and does a tremendous amount of good.

  289. My school’s knitting group would love to make some hats! Also we would represent in New Mexico!! Or colorado, if its on a weekend….

  290. ah MAN what a good idea! The whole thing, all the ideas, the donated hats which could either go for chemo hats or the Dulaan Project:
    teaching those patronizing disbelievers once and for all to wake up and smell the knitters. (that might be weird, but….we all have coffee, right?)
    I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when you said no one believes knitter drink (I know it was the last post, but I’m still laughing) – and even though I’m neither preg nor breast feeding (for the first time in 8 years) I’m SO glad you’ve made arrangements for those of us who are. (Is it wrong that I put drinking first and then the kids? hmmmm It’s the Guinness from last night talking)
    There are LOTS of smallish Convention Centers in Texas – there’s a really perfect sized one in Belton, Tx – which is a VERY good location because it’s only 5/6 hours from DFW and 3/4/5? hours from San Antonio – and it gets FREAKING cold in there, so THAT wouldn’t be an issue even if it were 120*F that day. (I literally turned blue in there and we went gladly out into the blistering heat to thaw out)
    Anyway – I don’t know if you need THAT sort of info, but there it is. lol

  291. I love the idea of sending donated hats! Just tell me where to send mine. I too am in NC and can’t afford to go, but wouldn’t it be interesting if every major metropolitan city had a blurb on the news about seeing tons of knitters out in public and enjoying their craft? I live near Raleigh, NC and I happen to know that there are a lot of us here. 3/22 could be “Get Out in Public and Knit Day!”

  292. 1. I *love* Carol’s idea of standing outside the morning shows – they tape the crowds on the street near Rock Ctr. Everyone could bring a WIP to hold up.
    2. Yarn shop crawl: Downtown Yarns (we’d fill it completely, even with a small posse), Purl, Knit New York.
    3. Please donate the hats to homeless organizations – it’d be nice to be able to get beyond the shelters, too, and somehow get them to the people who are on the street (not sure how to accomplish that – there may be organizations that do active outreach). I cannot tell you the number of very cold people I have seen on the streets this year. Come to think of it, mittens in various sizes might not be a bad idea, too.
    4. I think it’s an excellent idea to reserve space for people coming from long distances. I am local, and thus it is no skin off my nose to have to turn around and get on the subway again – I’d hate to take a spot away from someone who flew from Seattle.

  293. 1. I *love* Carol’s idea of standing outside the morning shows – they tape the crowds on the street near Rock Ctr. Everyone could bring a WIP to hold up.
    2. Yarn shop crawl: Downtown Yarns (we’d fill it completely, even with a small posse), Purl, Knit New York.
    3. Please donate the hats to homeless organizations – it’d be nice to be able to get beyond the shelters, too, and somehow get them to the people who are on the street (not sure how to accomplish that – there may be organizations that do active outreach). I cannot tell you the number of very cold people I have seen on the streets this year. Come to think of it, mittens in various sizes might not be a bad idea, too.
    4. I think it’s an excellent idea to reserve space for people coming from long distances. I am local, and thus it is no skin off my nose to have to turn around and get on the subway again – I’d hate to take a spot away from someone who flew from Seattle.

  294. how about sending hats to the homeless… maybe too political?
    how about chemo caps for kids?
    everybody loves kids and feels for those with cancer?

  295. Heh Heh. Poor Alanis. To be a Canadian and get irony wrong. She’ll never live it down!
    I’m so happy to see you’ll be in Victoria!! I can’t wait! Good luck with the New York launch. It sounds like it will be awesome. Would be great to have it stream live so we could all feel like we’re part of it.

  296. i love the idea of hats or something for those of us who can’t be there. your tour comes nowhere near me (FL). i have several hats here waiting – tell me where! what day is the book coming out?

  297. I vote for hats! Quick to knit, can be cute or functional, there will be a LOT of them and they can go to a good cause. As for sharing my disposable income–that dog don’t hunt. I’ll see you outside of Chicago and I would love to send a hat to NYC. Standing outside the morning shows is a good idea as well.

  298. “I had a random thought, what if instead of donating the hats to a charity, they were just given out to the populace at large? I’m not sure how that would work out logistically, but wouldn’t it be cool to just pass on the knitted love to anybody who wanted one? Everybody loves something hand-knitted, and it could be a way to get the man or woman-on-the-street’s attention. Just a thought…
    Posted by: lechatquitricote at February 21, 2007 11:33 AM ”
    That’s an awesome idea!

  299. I think a more meaningful way to show how much a knitter would spend on yarn or what her/his disposable income is would be in percentage form. $1,000 of a $10,000 a year income is a heck of a lot more meaningful then $1,000 on $100,000- 10% verses 1% of one’s income. To say that the average knitter has X% of their income as disposable income will get the corporate world’s attention. It will also make folks not feel weird about having to say what the actual number is.
    Making a donation of knitted items to charity will certianly get a good bit of attention. Being a former New Yorker, I think donating to the homeless or to underprivleaged kids is a good option. There are some rather shocking numbers about how many kids each winter are without adequate clothes- things like hats, scarfs, and mittens would be a big help. And could also potentially inspire a whole new generation of do-gooder knitters.

  300. I think a more meaningful way to show how much a knitter would spend on yarn or what her/his disposable income is would be in percentage form. $1,000 of a $10,000 a year income is a heck of a lot more meaningful then $1,000 on $100,000- 10% verses 1% of one’s income. To say that the average knitter has X% of their income as disposable income will get the corporate world’s attention. It will also make folks not feel weird about having to say what the actual number is.
    Making a donation of knitted items to charity will certianly get a good bit of attention. Being a former New Yorker, I think donating to the homeless or to underprivleaged kids is a good option. There are some rather shocking numbers about how many kids each winter are without adequate clothes- things like hats, scarfs, and mittens would be a big help. And could also potentially inspire a whole new generation of do-gooder knitters.

  301. Ironic – you want ironic? I’ll give you ironic.
    Ironic is the fact that while knitting hats for charity is a totally worthy thing in itself and certainly should be done (I’m in!), it will not make the slightest impression on the muggle world. No matter how many we make, no matter how much good they do. Charity knitting plays directly into the stereotype; it is exactly what muggles expect of knitters, exactly what they condescendingly dismiss, just as they condescendingly dismiss Yarn Harlot sales figures and fundraising numbers. We could cover the Great Wall of China in hats and the muggle world wouldn’t bat an eye. Most of them wouldn’t even notice; those who did would call it cute or silly and think no more about it.
    By all means let’s make hats and donate hats – for their own sake and for our own sake and especially for the sake of those who need them – but let us not fool ourselves into thinking that this is how we Represent in the eyes of muggles. It is how we Represent for ourselves, in the part of our world where the opinions of muggles are not relevant to us because we already know our own worth.
    BTW I really love the birdwatchers’ business cards thing – inexpensive and simple, and evidently with an impact beyond its cost and (lack of) splashiness.
    Happy birthday, Sam!
    The Bohus is gorgeous – I sure hope to see you wearing it in NY.

  302. My main question is: HOW do you get through reading all of these?!?
    I am Definately in for a hat. Let me know when/where. I can also do a child’s size sock… I have enough left over, and they are quick!
    Someone needs to organize! My husband will KILL me if I try. I’m still trying to educate him about how wonderful socks are, but haven’t gotten his done yet… oops!
    One of these days, I hope that he gets over some of his Muggle-dom, and understands–uh, at least gives up! he he

  303. Please please consider donating all these lovely knitted things to the homeless! Every stitch of something handknitted has love in it. Giving these things to the homeless would be like showering the world with our love! Talk about ‘represent’! Let’s represent the world with our love….
    I live in Victoria BC, and am so looking forward to Stephanie’s arrival in June. We have a struggling homeless shelter here in Victoria, and I will bring up the idea of supporting our shelter with hats from our Guild at the Saxe Point event. It would be a smaller scale than the NYC event. But think of the impact we could make worldwide if we did this at every stop Stephanie makes!

  304. I’d love to be there, but I live in Germany. I’d love to knit something for you though…but wow, can NYC use that many hats?? Another idea – in addition to, not instead of – could be knitting “snuggles” for animals in shelters. Sort of like the snuggles project (see to get the general idea). But whatever you decide, I’ll be knitting!

  305. My hat is totally there (even if I can’t be); just tell me when and where to send it (I suggest perhaps two ways to go with the hats: 1) the Children’s Hospital as commented by another; and 2) the homeless shelters (it get’s pretty darn cold in NYC and lord knows there’s a ton on homeless folks who would appreciate a hat no less than the Dulann folks).

  306. I’ll volunteer to help. I’ll email the wonder publicist and let her know that I can help…as long as she doesn’t take Pittsburgh off the list! πŸ™‚

  307. Happy Birthday, Samantha. Welcome to teenhood. My youngest daughter will turn 13 on March 9, my theory is that she can only improve, like fine wine . . . either that or she will be moving to the cloister (and yes, Cleveland still has one)!
    As for the donations, I think we should take a page out of the red scarf project. In other words, all yarn has to be WASHABLE. Period.
    As to what should be done, I also think that it is what you are comfortable with and tag it (chemo cap/homeless/transitional housing/babies, you get the idea).
    Sorry I won’t be able to make it.

  308. My spirit will be in New York. Me and my needles will be waiting to represent in Seattle. However, a hat – now that could make the trip from one coast to the other!

  309. Donating hats is a GREAT idea. Potentially I think you’re going to end up with a whole lot of hats…..more than I think one particular organization might know what to do with. So this is my idea that ties into giving back to New York AND gets you volunteers….involve the Girl Scouts. They aren’t politically or relgiously affiliated, love to do things like volunteer and frequently manage things like the hat drive. Plus, because the Girl Scouts of New York, are broken up into smaller troops, I think it would be easier for one body (the New York Girl Scouts) to still recieve the hats and make it manageable by breaking up the responsibility amoung the troops.
    If you decide this isn’t such a crazy idea and Jayme the wonder publicist decides to pitch it to them, she can throw in that this would be a great opportunity to have the girls work on earning knitting-related badges (Doing Hobbies or Art to Wear for Juniors; Artistic Crafts and Folk Arts for Older Girls), be involved in helping with your volunteer needs and help distribute the knit hats.
    Also, here is the New York Girl Scouts contact information:
    Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, Inc.
    43 West 23rd Street
    New York, NY 10010
    Phone: 212-645-4000
    Fax: 212-645-4599

  310. OMG. I’ll knit Conan O’Brien a freagin pair of socks if you can get on his show. That would be so awesome. I’m in for hats. I’m in for socks for Conan. I’m in for socks for anybody whose show you’re on – FOR REAL. I’ll dye the yarn too. A pair of hand knit socks for your interviewer on whatever show you’re on – I could do one pair and have them to you via express mail. Anybody else??
    Okay… those people probably don’t care about having hand knit socks. Or would they? Maybe it’s a better plan to have examples of the socks and hats, etc, that we made for the homeless of NYC? For underprivileged children in NYC?
    No matter who they’re for, count me in for socks, hat(s), whatever that plan is – I’m there. And seriously, if you need someone to speed knit a pair of socks for Conan O’Brien – I’m your girl.

  311. My office mate (we are in Virginia) got tickets to the Police’s Toronto show – that is ironic.

  312. how about simulcasting with some local yarn shops willing to host around the country? Webcast? Webcam to webcam?? If you’re going to go down the road, Harlot,Go BIG!

  313. Uhh… I see a bit of irony in the suggestion.. you want to hold an event in one of the largest cities in the US, bill it as “show of force”, and only have seating for 750 people??? Do you think anyone will even notice that it happened? As I was reading along, I thought you were going to suggest seating for 10,000 or so. You repeatedly turned out 300+ people at yarn shop events in small communities around the continent. I’d consider driving the 150 or so miles to go to a big event in NYC..
    I think if you’re really serious about making a statement in NYC you’ll need to think MUCH bigger. Course it might be nigh impossible to book a big enough space in only a month…

  314. Going out to get my hat yarn. Never made a hat before. Hat should be washable, no?? I’ll try for superwash wool since I HATE synthetics, but may have to bite the bullet for the cause. And trying to decide which of my 50-plus skeins of hand-dyed sock yarn is worthy of Strawberry Fields. Have to get sock and hat on needles and am months behind on a baby blanket – help! Just send out info when you have it – where to send hats, where to sign up to volunteer, where it will all come down and what time to be there! NYC won’t know what hit it – and I think we need an idea for the Empire State Building – they always light it up for special events – how could it be lit to look like a hat?? A light pompom??

  315. Heh. I saw a stand-up comedian once who did quite a good rant about Alanis’ lack of understanding of the concept of irony: “‘A traffic jam when you’re already late’ is not irony! Now…if you were an *urban planner*…caught in a traffic jam…on your way to a big important meeting where you were going to make a presentation about how your work had reduced gridlock in the city…THAT would be ironic!”

  316. On the charitable donation front, there’s about 30 different NY State organizations listed at WoolWorks:
    Most of them accept knitted products.. and while any single one would probably be totally overwhelmed by 1000 hats, scarves, or mittens (where would they store it all??), the donations could be spread out between many of the organizations. And while most of the listed organizations aren’t in the NYC area, there are probably enough to deal with all the knitted stuff we could generate in one event. The harder part might be figuring out how to collect, transport, and distribute all the donated goods.
    Personally my favorite knitting charity is Afghans for Afghans. And it looks like they’ve got an April 2007 deadline that might work well for us. Not sure how much quantity they can deal with, though. Or how we’d ship everything to California.

  317. love love love the hat idea. just tell me where and when, and i can send at least one (if not two or three).

  318. You can’t forget about The Yarn Tree! ( They are in Brooklyn, but they have everything and they also cater to the needs of SPINNERS!
    I’m planning on being there, perhaps carrying a sign that says “I Knit & have mucho disposable income!”
    Perhaps we need satellite locations with video feeds for the overflow crowd?
    How early will they let us in the auditorium? I’m more than willing to be there by 4 to mark my territory.

  319. Ok – I love the idea of satellite feeds. I’m in London, England and won’t be able to make the event, but I’ll definitely be there in spirit. Can this turn into a global event?
    As a mother of two lovely female ex-teenagers, I can tell you that in the end, everything you do as a mother will be appreciated. They’ll even apologise for the stretch marks – so don’t despair when they’re having an off day.
    My eldest has even turned into an excellent knitter!

  320. I don’t know if you’re reading this far down the list–I read a bunch then came down to comment. Sorry if this is redundant. It seems to me the $$$ knitters have raised for various causes (Knitters WO Borders, MS, Heifer Int’l, etc. etc.)would say something big is brewing here. Incredible! I doubt I can make it to NYC (sob!) from Cleveland, but would love to knit a hat for the homeless or someone else in need. You are always thinking! πŸ™‚

  321. I took a look at the 800 something comments on the previous post and decided I didn’t need to comment. But damn! This idea gets my giggle going too much to not respond. I’m gonna be there!

  322. Hats are great, but socks are better. Traveling socks are sort of your thing too, the socks will travel for those of us who cannot. For the sock squeamish baby booties are easily made, socks/slippers are endlessly useful for many sick and cold individuals depending on which direction the philanthropic needle is pointing.

  323. I will probably be pregnant, so I will send a hat. I would like to see the hats go to people undergoing chemotherapy and/or homeless/battered women shelters.
    Jen Wells, Indiana

  324. I think going on MARTHA is an EXCELLENT idea and I bet she would LOVE to fill her audience with knitters. She once put knitting on her top-something-or-other things everyone should know how to do! I don’t know if she knits, but I’ll bet a lot of knitters work for her. Have your publicist put in a call.
    Whatever you might think of her personally, she is a great teacher, has a thirst for knowledge and really respects all arts and crafts of all types and finds the effort valuable. Jen in Indiana

  325. At the risk of being repetitive…
    Billings, Montana has a Borders, a Barnes and Noble (we call it Barney Snowball’s), a real yarn store, local auditoriums, and scads of knitters within a couple-a-hundred mile radius who are used to driving long distances to get anywhere.
    I think there’s a micro-brewery, too. And a modern airport.
    Mon-ta-NA! Mon-ta-NA! Mon-ta-NAH!

  326. I have June 7 down in my PDA… you will come to the Bay Area again, won’t you? I was there at Full Thread Ahead–good thing they got the street permit!
    Wish I could afford to come to NYC–can’t find any deals anywhere! What fun that would be, though.

  327. I cannot be at the NYC launch (as I will be about 37 weeks pregnant and therefore unable to fly from MN to NY) but I am very excited to see you at the Yarnery in St. Paul. I just hope (a) there’ll be room for my 2 friends and me, and (b) there’s enough chairs for most of us. Either way, I’m very glad to see you’re coming to Minnesota, yah-sure, you betch’a.

  328. Stephanie.Pre-register with Ticketmaster so that in the future,when zero hour arrives and tickets become available(usually 10:00am on day x)you won’t waste time trying to give ’em your info. You only get a very short time window in which to fill out all the info and hit send before they cut the cord. It’s similar to “Buy with 1 click” on Amazon. Also bear in mind that extra seats are almost always made available for the big ticket shows very close to the day of a performance. I’m a huge Stones fan and, having been away when the tickets were initially offered, snagged 2 tickets on Level 2 at the ACC @ $60 apiece at lunchtime on concert day. There were about 20 of us who were the happiest clams in the place.Sometimes new blocks of seats are made available a week or a day beforehand. Worth the effort to give the venue a call closer to the day as these things aren’t usually advertised.

  329. If you want tickets, you have to pretty much pre-register AND stalk the concert times as fast as you can. Copy paste your info and get a REALLY fast connection. Trust me, it’s fun. This is how my friend’s mother scored us tickets to the concert Friday. How crazy and how hard do you think this teen knitter can party?
    And it’s amusing that this topic is “ironic.” Especially since I thought that I’d be done with irony after that unit in my BritLit class. How ironic. And I agree, Morrisset’s song ISN’T ironic, it’s just a long string of bad luck. But then again, the uneducated masses don’t know better. ^^;

  330. I’m willing to volunteer whatever I can. I have a background in both publicity and event planning. Or if you need me for something else.
    I won’t be able to make it to New York, or the tour (unless a date is put on there for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI) so I’ll try to whip up a hat for whatever cause we decide to donate to. Where should we send the hats?

  331. Paula and Jen ,the tin needle holder ladies, will be there. Sounds like we need to bring a few holders for the traveling socks! The updated ones are nice. We are sooo excited to be able to see you again! Any chance you can come to Connecticut? Sounds like you are going to need a few hundred semi’s to hold and deliver all those wonderful hats!

  332. I just wanted to point out that alanis morisettes song is titles ironic because that’s ironic, the whole point of the song is that there isn’t a single irony in there….

  333. Ditto what Ann said up a few hundred comments earlier…there are seats up for auction in Toronto. I think this falls under the “any price” category…the one I looked at was running at C$330. Anyway, I can’t believe they’re playing St. Louis but not Chicago.
    Oh, yeah, you need hats? I love makin’ ’em. Just put the word out and I’m there for you.
    Happy birthday, Samantha!
    And I just wanted to share one tale of the good you do, Steph. I lost a friend last summer. I wanted to donate some money in his memory, but I didn’t know where. Nothing felt quite right. Then you put out your call for money for MSF. I thought Rich, who had so much in his life…maybe not in terms of money, but in his loving family and friends…would have appreciated it. (This part of the story I told you in the original email I sent you.) Anyway, I mentioned the donation to his wife on Christmas Eve, and she thought about it for a minute and said, “He would have liked that.” She told a story about Rich taking his car to the shop one winter. The mechanic had to run out to get a part, and he started to leave without putting a coat on. Rich stopped him and asked about it, and the man admitted that he didn’t have the money for a coat (apparently he had a large family to provide for, and of course the kids’ coats came first). I’m sure you can guess that the mechanic went home in a coat that day, while Rich went home in his shirt sleeves. So thanks, Steph, for helping me find the right place…and for Rich’s family to find a little peace this first Christmas without him.

  334. Hi Stephanie,
    I love reading your blog, though I’ve never “posted” before. Unfortunately I’m another who won’t be making it New York, but I’m in on the hat thing, and I will definately be REPRESENTING when you are in Denver this spring! I’ve already requested the night off work… Can’t wait!!

  335. I think the yarn shop farthest south in Manhattan is Seaport Yarn at 135 Williams Street (a few blocks west of the South Street Seaport), and the farthest north yarn shop is Yarntopia at 974 Amsterdam (on 108th Street, a few blocks south of Columbia University and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine). That’s about 120-130 blocks as the crow flies, or about 6-7 miles.
    A more or less straight path between them would take you past the following yarn shops without going much out of the way:
    — Purl, 137 Sullivan Street (between Prince and Houston)
    — Suss Design, 281 Lafayette Street (between Prince and Houston)
    — The Point Knitting CafΓ©, 37a Bedford Street (off Carmine between 6th and 7th Avenues)
    — Gotta Knit, 498 Avenue of the Americas (between 13th and 14th)
    — School Products Co., 1201 Broadway (off 29th)
    — Habu Textiles, 135 West 29th Street (between 6th and 7th)
    — Yarn Connection, 218 Madison Avenue (off 36th)
    — Knitty City, 208 West 79th Street (btw Broadway and Amsterdam)
    — The Yarn Co., 2274 Broadway (off 82nd)
    — Yarntopia, 974 Amsterdam (corner of 108th)
    This route has the advantage of going right past FIT, which is pretty close to the midpoint between Seaport and Yarntopia. Or people could start at FIT and walk in either direction. The north route also passes pretty close to the Museum of Arts and Design, where the β€œRadical Lace and Subversive Knitting” exhibit is on until June 17th.
    If you can fill the FIT auditorium with knitters (and I’m sure you can pack it to the rafters), Strawberry Fields will be WAY too small. The big fields (Sheep Meadow, Great Lawn) will be closed at that time of year. Anyway, you’ll want to do the big photo somewhere near FIT before people start crawling off.

  336. admittedly, i did not slog through all 402 comments to see if this has been mentioned to you before, but Dulaan will take ANYTHING. acrylic, wool, qivit, alpaca, i thinkt hey would even take chiengora! and any size shape, style. as long as it will fit on a human head. that would be a great one to donate hats to (and i have to admit, i already knit for dulaan).
    are you going to be anywhere near memphis, tennessee in late june? (pretty please?) we’re going there for our honeymoon, and since that’s the only major town i’m going near, i’m hoping with all my desperately hoping heart?

  337. A second review of all this has me all puddle-eyed at the idea of knitting at Strawberry Fields.
    Insofar as the Strawberry Fields website sternly excluding “organized recreational or sporting events …”
    …who said this was organized, recreational or a sport? Eh? (She asks while jabbing a US size 2 sock needle at the computer screen.)
    And besides, I’m envisioning a conspiratorial smile on John Lennon’s face at the very idea of asking permission (!!!) to stop and knit awhile at Strawberry Field. He certainly would approve of the knitting — “you can knit a sweater by the fireside, Sunday mornings, go for a ride…”
    I can’t be there. It distresses me. I would love to knit some Nikki Epstein flowers and leave them as a remembrance at “Imagine.” I would leave a hat for a homeless person to find as well.
    I can’t help it if a whole whack of other knitters read this and say, “wow, what a good idea!”
    Dez, who was bundled in handknits, holding a candle and standing on the levee singing “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance” with hundreds of other people who gathered downtown the night after Lennon was shot.

  338. P.S. again: I know Strawberry Field is small. Knitters could walk through, a few at a time, in a steady stream. Like a parade.

  339. Great idea about the hats!! I’ve just volunteered at M.D. Anderson (the 2nd largest cancer hospital in the world) to teach kids in the pediatric unit and their moms (or dads) how to knit. There are groups that knit chemo caps for this hospital that services over 75,000 patients a year with over 25,000 new patiets every year. That’s alot of people needing head warmth. Also, I know you’re in Canada but their is a few websites that take in helmet liners for the U.S. Troops in Iraq as well.

  340. I love seeing progress on the Bohus. Am knitting something similar but simpler myself and struggling with the fit.

  341. Guess it is a hat for me – I certainly won’t be there. One of my knit buddies is spewin cos she will be in NYC the day BEFORE you are there! She travels halfway around the world only to miss out!
    BTW, something is wending its way to you.
    Happy birthday to Sam! A teenager. Wow.

  342. i know you don’t want an answer, but sting will trade tickets for socks, i just know it.
    suggestion for donated hats? (aside from joe’s police fund) local craft organiztions, help out a not for profit group that does so much for it’s members and community at large. craft year 07 missus. got to make it big.

  343. I’m a lurker…just getting started in the art of knitting, and so I hesitate to comment. But here goes….why not donate the hats to a place like good will, salvation army, etc. I’m thinking of the homeless. Thinking of NYC and these beautiful knitted hats being seen everywhere people look. It would make a powerful statement and serve a much needed population.
    Thanks. I love your blog.

  344. Why will you be all the way out in Oak Brook when you are in the Chicago area?
    I have to think the Windy City Knitting Guild collaborate on this…possibly with the Knitting Workshop? Most libraries have a big space.
    Women and Children First is also a great great great bookstore that has hosted big events at the Swedish Museum in Andersonville in Chicago.

  345. hello to you and you and you
    a place to send hats i like the idea
    SANTA MONICA CA they have patterns one may
    download tags mailing labels they go to the
    hospitals all over the country for the little
    thank you all what a good group you are

  346. Woo-Hoo! Road trip!
    I’m making plans for caravan of knitters to follow the Yarn Harlot up the West Coast – CA, OR and BC…though, maybe up to Anchorage is a bit ambitious. Think VW bus, sing alongs and tie-dye—opps! “shibumi” *smile*
    Thus, dear Harlot, let’s start in Berkeley, CA!

  347. I 100% love your idea to include knitters who can’t make it to NYC. I’m a DC knitter, and travel isn’t in the cards, but I want to represent! I would be happy to whip up a hat to send in.
    And I hope you plan to stop by the DC metro area on your tour!

  348. I 100% love your idea to include knitters who can’t make it to NYC. I’m a DC knitter, and travel isn’t in the cards, but I want to represent! I would be happy to whip up a hat to send in.
    And I hope you plan to stop by the DC metro area on your tour!

  349. I 100% love your idea to include knitters who can’t make it to NYC. I’m a DC knitter, and travel isn’t in the cards, but I want to represent! I would be happy to whip up a hat to send in.
    And I hope you plan to stop by the DC metro area on your tour!

  350. i’m very happy to see that kybr has put together a suggested yarn crawl route – but i am sad to point out that our suss design shop has closed. it’s sad cuz it isn’t there, but i’m thrilled cuz i got lots of alpaca for 70% off!
    i’m not sure if you’re going to make it all the way down to the 412th (or whatever) comment, but please let me know as you start needing volunteers. i’ll be happy to pitch in in whatever capacity.
    can’t wait!

  351. Hey, I can’t be in NYC but would love to represent! And send wooly goodness instead of myself. Also, I think TO should be given an opportuunity to represent – Just a suggestion.

  352. I volunteer to lead a beer-bars-friendly-to-knitters crawl! I am conducting ongoing research on this subject…..Also the Museum of Art and Design has an exhibit thru July called Radical Lace and Subversive knitting. It would be pretty radical if we all showed up there!

  353. Here’s a website that lists all the Yarn stores in New York City (watch out for that one that’s in Manhattan!):
    I’m also very interested in being a volunteer if you still need them in NYC.
    KYBR’s got a good list there. I’d add in String which by then will be at 130 E 82nd St, between Park and Lexington.
    I LOVE the idea of a photo of a bunch of in progress socks! I just hope the weather cooperates!

  354. Can’t make it πŸ™ I’ll try the hat thing. I’ve never made a hat. I’m making my first pair of gloves now. I want to be represented! Hope you’re all well in the frozen north!

  355. I like the hat thing- would love to come to NY but am in England and working- so anything that could make a statement is cool by me.

  356. As a seperate representing idea….I’d love to see the mountain of hats and/or socks in central park make it as the picture of the day in PW Daily (or into Publisher’s Weekly in general). If you aren’t familiar with it, Jayme the wonder publiscist probably is. It’s a magazine that comes out once a week to booksellers and publishers and it would be a good way to show that there really is a demand for these kinds of publications.
    Just a thought.
    -Carissa (who works for a publisher)

  357. What about Ecuador? Do I hear anyone interested in an Andes knit-together?
    I’d be in NYC in a heartbeat, but the plane trip is just too expensive. I might send a stand-in.

  358. What about Ecuador? Do I hear anyone interested in an Andes knit-together?
    I’d be in NYC in a heartbeat, but the plane trip is just too expensive. I might send a stand-in.

  359. ok love all the ideas you have going on your stop in nyc or anywhere down in them there 48 states.
    but no way i am going to make it out of this town not with this weather the way it is snow snow more snow wind rain ice ugh i want spring to ger here 16 degrees here today brrrrrrrrr.
    i will be keeping track of how all this goes. and be knitting a hat to throw in here next week jsut let me know where to send it all too. thanks from me crissy in alaska

  360. 1) I’ve been saying for years, “No, Alanis, that’s not ironic.” It’s nice to have validation from a reliable source.
    2) The Denver knitting groups are already buzzing about the Represent Tour (before it was even announced as such) by contemplating that the 200 seats allotted by The Tattered Cover may not be enough.
    3) I’m going to Rhinebeck in the fall, so I can’t justify a trip now. I vote for Representing at every tour stop. You could have T-shirts made. Don’t think I wouldn’t buy one.

  361. Oh this is too frustrating. I’m going to be in NYC the first week of April . . . just in time to visit the sadly picked-over, not yet restocked yarn stores, stripped bare by the fiber-ravenous hordes of knitters. πŸ™
    Wish I could be there with you.

  362. Oh this is too frustrating. I’m going to be in NYC the first week of April . . . just in time to visit the sadly picked-over, not yet restocked yarn stores, stripped bare by the fiber-ravenous hordes of knitters. πŸ™
    Wish I could be there with you.

  363. I am so glad that you came up with an idea for those who cannot attend! If I didn’t have the biggest birthday/spring break plans out of town for that week I would be there in a second. Instead, I would love to make a hat or two …

  364. not sure it’s hear but i vote to donate the hats to clothing the homeless of kids of the homeless. there are so many shelters here, and i know organizations that do this as well. stitch therapy in brooklyn i know did something similar this past year).
    also i saw it listed above, but please do consider the yarn connection in your crawl! they’re not as fancy or flashy as purl:soho, but they’re so friendly and helpful, i love them!

  365. not sure it’s hear but i vote to donate the hats to clothing the homeless of kids of the homeless. there are so many shelters here, and i know organizations that do this as well. stitch therapy in brooklyn i know did something similar this past year).
    also i saw it listed above, but please do consider the yarn connection in your crawl! they’re not as fancy or flashy as purl:soho, but they’re so friendly and helpful, i love them!

  366. not sure it’s hear but i vote to donate the hats to clothing the homeless of kids of the homeless. there are so many shelters here, and i know organizations that do this as well. stitch therapy in brooklyn i know did something similar this past year).
    also i saw it listed above, but please do consider the yarn connection in your crawl! they’re not as fancy or flashy as purl:soho, but they’re so friendly and helpful, i love them!

  367. Can I say that I for one am not concerned with where Anna-Nicole Smith is going to buried..I am sure it will happen… I am sure I will not be there…(Grumbles as what passes for news) I will however move Heaven and Earth to be at your Pittsburgh Tour.. I hope to see the traveling sock du jour.. and the bohus, if it is making appearances.. My sock desperately wishes to be photographed with your sock.. additionally if you do decide on hats as a project.. Would you care to recommend a hat pattern for the project.. Jane

  368. I love the idea of hats to NYC’s homeless, sign me up for at least one. πŸ™‚ If you make it to Kansas City, MO, there’ll be a crowd here, too.

  369. hi!
    I haven’t read all 400 of these comments so please forgive me if I repeat something…
    I’m a current student at FIT, I know the great hall is, well, great… but it’s not that great. We recently learned about the vaults of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side, so I thought how about the vaults? (here’s a bit on them: apparently the vaults are about a city block and five floors high. We could stage a giant march from the New York City side to the vaults inviting all those muggles to see how strong we are! (we could even chant about yarn!)
    But, this is just a suggestion!
    Either way, if you’re still planning on being at FIT, I will be introducing myself, and joining in all the festivities (someone said Martha’s head quarters in close, it’s 2 blocks away!) even if I have to forfit a class or two =D

  370. Yo! Lung Doc…pull the claws in! One should never assume that another person is not doing all they can for charities….nor jump to the conclusion that an event is just to make money…the timeing is perfect to do both….with your comments and suggestions we can assume that you give 5% of your earnings to a good cause, correct? And sometimes other things are donated, have you seen the donations tallied? The numbers had to get there from someone’s hard work and precious time, not to mention creating the forum for it in the first place. Hmmmmph…I am going to go knit and calm down.

  371. Thundersnow is always awe inspiring! We’re preparing for a blizzard! While the rest of the city is running to the store for milk and toilet paper I am on my way to my favorite yarn shop for sock yarn (and probably some other yarn to add to my stash)! Knit on! NYC sounds great! Wish I could be there.

  372. Um. Just to add to your list of things to think about…
    I’ve attended/organized a number of (at least 5) Yarn Crawls in NYC and would be happy/thrilled/excited beyond words to help with what would probably be the world’s largest Yarn Crawl. Smallish groups would work best because the stores here are not very large. If someone really wants to visit all the LYS in the city, they need to stick around all weekend. There are more than you can see in a day.
    I should mention that all of my Yarn Crawls include food and beverages (adult or not) at interesting little places along the routes.
    See for an idea of what we did last June or for the year before.
    My current blog postings are on vacation, so they are sparse and boring. I’ll try to work on that.
    If I can help out, please let me know.

  373. Ok – I may be a bit late in suggesting this. But when you really want tickets to something, like the POLICE and they are all sold out. go to your friendsly: and search for tickets be location. Somebody has to have extas that they are selling. It worked for me and a different event but give it a try!
    Novelty Yarn Ho from Seattle

  374. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I bet that visually big is better than numbers big. So I like the idea about the 12×12 afgan squares, sewn or laid together and stretched across something HUGE. It could be sewn into smaller sections and donated later. Think of the AIDs quilt. It was terribly moving to see all those hundres of square feet of quilt. Size matters.
    Good luck, if I were not on the opposite coast, I’d be there in an instant.

  375. maybe you should hold a huge stitch and bitch in central park. hundreds of knitters in the park knitting all day sounds like a lot of publicity.

  376. The hats is a fabulous idea. I mean the rest are great too but since I can’t be there (I will be In Portland, OR however and they are putting us in the BIG store this time…yeah the one that takes up a whole city block) the hat idea got me very excited. πŸ™‚

  377. The hats is a fabulous idea. I mean the rest are great too but since I can’t be there (I will be In Portland, OR however and they are putting us in the BIG store this time…yeah the one that takes up a whole city block) the hat idea got me very excited. πŸ™‚

  378. I’ve alerted one of my event production buddies about TYT shock the muggles event. He’s driving the Kleenex couch around today for impromptu interviews that will later be televised for commercials. If you see someone plop a big comfy couch around 27th and 7th, don’t be shy! A bunch of knitters sitting on the couch chatting up the Kleenex man would be awesome to see on TV πŸ™‚

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