Power off

Rachel H. and I have installed new outlets in the walls, since the old ones were gross. Neither of us have done it before, so before we turn the power back on and electrocute ourselves or burn the house down…Could some electricity savvy knitter tell me if we have it right? (I have an idea that electricity is not like knitting and there is no room for “close enough”)

This is the right side. I attached two black wires to two gold screws.


This is the left side. I attached two white wires to two silver screws, and attached a bare copper wire (that I am pretty sure is the ground) to a green screw at the bottom.


Everything is nice and tight. There was one outlet where there were only three wires…but I just attached them like the others, only…you know. Less.

So? What say you? Power back on? Change some wires? Get Rachel to stand behind me with a wooden broom handle?

Ps. How do you get the whole thing back in the box? Do you have to be careful about what touches what?