Random Details

1. I went to Ikea with Joe’s mum (who is totally in on the whole deception. Everyone is. Joe’s going to flip out tomorrow when he gets home.)


We got a new bookcase, new pillows, curtains and a white cabinet door that was $5 from the scratch and dent section. Then we put it all in her tiny little car somehow and drove it home.

2. Ken and Rachel helped me turn the cabinet door into something useful.


We mounted 2X4’s on the wall and attached 1/2 of a flush mounting bracket to it. (I had no idea that there was such a thing until Rachel and I scoured a hardware store looking for “some kind of bracket that would mount flush to the wall. Hey….look! A flush mounting bracket.!” It’s a wonder we weren’t beaten with our own lumber.)

Big props to Ken here, he stopped Rachel and I from trying to pound those plastic plug things into wood. (The learning curve is a little steep sometimes.)


3. We drilled holes in the back of the door.


4. We mounted the thing on the wall.


See that ? It’s almost a headboard. (It’s also the definitive proof you’ve all been waiting for that I should have my access to all of Debbie Travis‘ shows banned, but you’ve probably been suspecting that all week. ) It’s level and sturdy and everything.

5. I sewed the hems of the Bohus sleeves…now both finished, since I’ve been knitting in the evening after the painting and stuff is all done.


I was thinking that this was the perfect point in the sweater to have something else to blog about, since without sawdust fires, paint colours and drills, all I would have is another picture of another days worth of more grey stockinette. (Timing is everything.)

6. I assembled some foam, padding and fabric..


and I stapled it to the door.


Now it’s a headboard I think, and not just a whack kitchen cupboard crudely nailed to a wall.

7. I hemmed some curtains.


A thousand million thanks to Patience who gave me this Stitch Witchery stuff a while ago when I complained that I always have to hem my pants….It saved me dragging the sewing machine up.

8. My new sock club stuff came.


9. I painted frames to match the trim.


(They used to be purple.)

10. Tonight is the last night I sleep on the chesterfield. Even just knowing this should make me less random tomorrow. Almost finished!