Turn back -no, front

Remember yesterday when I showed you the gansey and told you that I was done the back and was working on the front?

No. I screwed up. I was holding the thing up yesterday to show my mother-in-law how clever I was for putting Joe’s initials on it (in case he is ever lost at sea) and how I had put them in the traditional spot on the front when I noticed that I had put the initials on the back.


Well, no. Technically I put the initials on what I intended to be the front but then I knit it into the back and now…. Now I need to knit the front to be the back and yank back the back and make it into the front. (I checked with Joe about how he feels about having his initials over his right bum cheek, but he was somewhat negative about having any sort of writing on or near his arse.)


This turn of events ticked me off enough that the gansey was smartly abandoned for a new sweater.


Handpainted merino boucle with wee slubs from School Products – NYC.

But I felt so guilty about starting a new sweater for me while the gansey was glaring at me that I ditched it for socks.


I may respond poorly to emotion in knitting.

A lot of you emailed me to tell me that Amazon had told you that there was a delay in shipping the book until May 23. This is an big Amazon lie based on some weird order vs shipping thingie. (They explained it to me but I don’t quite understand.) The upshot is that the book will be there very soon and will ship soon. In the meantime for you low patience types, there will definitely be books available…the first in the world I think, at FIT on Thursday. I’m going to spend some time in the afternoon pre-signing them.

New yarn crawls, including a baby friendly one, clearer directions to the bluestocking free pattern, a guide to knitter friendly restaurants…and more are over on the represent page.

Am I missing anything? Man. Are we going to freak out the muggles. I fly to NYC tomorrow morning…I’ll try to post before I go yarn shopping. Almost time. How exciting.