I can’t even tell you how hard I am working at avoidance today. The Represent Event (I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it) is four days away and I am having second thoughts. I am freaking out. I am deeply worried. I phoned Jayme-the-wonder-publicist this morning and told her that I wasn’t coming. That I’d thought it over and it looked like just bags of fun…but that I was afraid I was going to have to stay here. Good luck though.

I was only half kidding. I’m still writing a speech for that evening (giving a speech to this many people makes me so nervous that I can’t hardly type. What the hell were we thinking…750 knitters?) I totally have no pants. How does this always come down to pants? I would love to have a significant day in my life not marked by the search for pants and a necessary hard look at my arse. I swear. One of these times I am just going to wear a pair of jeans. I am. Maybe this time. Jeans and a tee shirt and a sweater and the whole New York scene can bite me. (May we please have a moment to fully embrace the irony that it may be an appearance at the FASHION Institute that finally pushes me to revert to my usual unkempt appearance?) My hair is….well. It’s my hair. The unco-operativeness and inability to control it is implied. I have to go shopping for a belt so my pants (if I do wear jeans) don’t fall down as I walk to the stage…my bra is no longer lifting, never mind separating and I am just waiting now to get a huge and obvious pimple on my forehead to round out my dread.

Naturally, since I need to write a speech, get a haircut, buy pants, a belt and a bra, pack and organize the daylights out of the family and the house so they can keep it together while I’m gone all before Wednesday…

I’m knitting. (I finished the Bohus Guld. It’s blocked and beautiful and I love it. It fits like I had dreamed and it’s the best thing I own right now. I’d show you pictures but it’s snowing today and too wet to go out and too dark to take pictures inside. Tomorrow, if the weather is better.) The gansey was pulled from its resting place and I worked on it until I came to the place where I have to begin the neckhole.


I need to stop here and hold it up to Joe and measure the width and depth of his neck. This gansey will have saddle shoulders, so I need now to decide what the centre motif of the sleeves will be, since that’s what will run across the top of the shoulder. However wide that is, I subtract it from the front and back and that messes with my neckhole. Plus, Joe told me last night that he doesn’t want the neck too big – or too small. That he really wants the neck exactly right. That odd necks really bug him. He wondered what he should do if he didn’t like the neck. Should he tell me? Could I take it out and knit it again if it was too big or too small or too wide or too deep?


I stared.

Seriously. I stared some more. I’ve lock washed this fleece. Then I carded it all. Then I spun it all into singles, then I plied it into dk weight three ply (THREE PLY) then skeined it, I washed it to set the twist, I wound it into balls and I started knitting, designing and researching a traditional gansey on the freakin’ fly. It is taking forever. It is a bucket of work. It is an homage to my stinking love for him.

What should he do if he doesn’t like the neck when I’m done?

I chose my words very carefully, to be sure that I was understood.

“What you should do Joe, if the neck is not right when I am finished knitting this gansey…is Pretend. Fake it. Wear it every day for the rest of your life with pride and humility and never speak, for one second of any moment you have left on this earth, of any dissatisfaction you might have, in any way, with your HAND SPUN, HAND KNIT GANSEY.”


PS: New stuff has been added to the
Represent page. New tour guides, a sit and knit in a restaurant to kill time between events…a free sock pattern, a party in Australia (without me. Bummer.) and an address to mail hats to for the Pittsburgh event and the Victoria event.)

In addition to all of that? Jayme-the-wonder-publicist has arranged with the
craft yarn council for everyone who comes to the event in NYC to get a bag with yarn and needles to knit squares for Warm Up America. I hear it’s wool. This just keeps getting better. Free yarn. Nice one Jayme.

193 thoughts on “Avoidance

  1. Whoa! no comments?
    Typing as fast as I can….
    Yes, tell Joe, put up and shut up about the neck.
    Or you just may have to remodel the dog house for him next.
    I share your nerves with group speak 750 people? I can’t imagine your terror.
    I think I read somewhere that black is the colour that everyone wears in NYC. Black jeans maybe?
    Bra shopping is the worst. I hate it hate it hate it. Good luck.

  2. You know, I was wondering what happened to the Joe Gansey just yesterday. Funny.
    You’re right about the collar. Personally I would have been hard pressed not to hurt my person just a little…
    (Oh and my team (the devils) are coming to play your city’s team (the leafs) tomorrow, and I was actually torn as to who to support because well, the Yarn Harlot is from Toronto so I can’t reasonably expect them to loose. I thought it was funny)

  3. Stephanie, this is NYC–you can wear whatever! We’re so cool here that anything goes. If you showed up nude, we’d declare that you were making a “fashion statement.”

  4. I can’t believe that my first post is #2. I vote for the jeans and the bohaus. It will be perfect. You are inspiring and engaging. Talk from the heart and everyone will be thrilled. Wish I could be in NYC

  5. I can’t believe that my first post is #2. I vote for the jeans and the bohaus. It will be perfect. You are inspiring and engaging. Talk from the heart and everyone will be thrilled. Wish I could be in NYC

  6. Free yarn? I would fly anywhere for free yarn!
    Remember that you already have pants – you bought them for your summer tour. We will just want to see your sweater anyway but I guess for decency sake, you should wear bottoms.

  7. I hope Joe takes your advice to heart. If he enjoys living, that is.
    Once you get past the NYC thing (just focus on your next breath, then your next, etc.) you don’t have to worry about what you wear in Denver. “Business casual” is wearing non-ragged sneakers with your jeans and t-shirt here. Or pretty socks with your Birks. If you wear a sweater, you’re dressed up!

  8. I was wondering what happened to that gansey. Aren’t you supposed to send wedding presents within a year of the wedding? Not to put any more pressure on you, dear, but…
    I can’t make it to NYC. Carry on without me. I’ll break open a bottle of merlot in your honour.

  9. SO WEAR JEANS!!!!
    Why on earth not? Most of the audience will.
    If you think anything else is required, you’ve got New York all wrong, or you’re playing to the wrong New York audience. This isn’t the Metropolitan Opera – it’s uppity knitters. We go where we like, eat what we like, drink what we like, make all the well-behaved rachet we like, wear what’s comfortable, and knit everywhere and all the time. You’ll fit right in no matter what you’re wearing (as long as it’s the Bohus…).

  10. And remind me (us) – any kind of hat? Wool? Acrylic? Washable? Adult size? Any-human size? Dark colo(u)rs? Constraints, girl, I need constraints on my fly-away whimsey, you know!

  11. You will be great in NYC! They won’t know what hit them – and totally wear jeans if you want. Wear jeans, be comfortable, speak with the confidence of 4 published books behind you, a gig on Martha Stewart radio, etc… They will all love you there.
    By the way – there are 350+ knitters signed up for your appearance in St. Paul, MN!

  12. Jeans, Bohus Guld, leave your hair alone, you will be, as you always are, stunning. Seriously.
    I believe you chose your words for Joe quite well, above all they were accurate. I’ll bet he didn’t even blink an eye, eh?

  13. Bummer . . . I think the guild in EC will have to have out own book party! Although I do think the Australia party does sound like fun. I also read they are printing 100,000 books. . . like a record for a knitting book first print. You ROCK!

  14. Steph, you could show up wearing a stinky old housecoat and a necklace of cats, and ramble on about nothing for an hour, and 750(+) knitters would still be right there with you! Don’t stress, we heart you!!
    The gansey looks great. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do on the sleeves.

  15. Um.
    I’m drowning. I’m short on a pair of socks, working on the STR club sock (thank you for the picture, I’m so glad I’m not the only filthy-minded creature out there), working on the perfect sweater a la Mason Dixon, and now I just realized the hat is supposed to be there the day after tomorrow.
    I suck at supporting stuff, I really do. I will forever be a poser with my nose pressed to the window pretending to be like the big kids.
    Gansey is lookin’ good; rock on with your bad self.

  16. Goodness, just wear jeans! Do you think we’ll mind?
    I’m wearing jeans!
    Besides, if you wear the Bohus (and you are, aren’t you?), no one will notice what else you’re wearing. Especially in this crowd!
    You aren’t trying to impress us, are you? When you tell us your innermost secrets, like which way up the cups are supposed to be in the cupboard, and how you really feel about Mr. Washie? We know you, Stephanie! Wear jeans if that’s what you want to wear!

  17. Didn’t you wear jeans in Palo Alto?
    How about jeans and the Bohus? I have hair much like yours – I sympathize. Never will either of us look sleek and elegant. I say scrunch a little curl enhancer in it, and let it do its thing and the straight-haired people can envy you and your curls.
    Wow – Jayme really IS the wonder-publicist. I so wish I could be there!

  18. Wear what you want–it’s knitters! We don’t care as long as you laugh and show everyone the sock. πŸ™‚
    As for the gansey, he’s soooo lucky you didn’t smack him right there just for thinking it, let alone saying anything. Sheesh!

  19. I can tell you from personal experience that if you go to a knitting event wrapped up in an Orenburg lace shawl, even one you bought and didn’t knit yourself, no one will notice what else you are wearing. Or not wearing. Jeans, braless, whatever. The point is to enjoy yourself.

  20. All the people who told you to wear black are absolutely on point! You can go anywhere and do anything wearing black. And I know it’s easy for me to say since I’m not the one facing 750 people, but those people are there because they like you. They’ve read your books, they’ve read your blog and they’re on your side. You could talk baby-talk to them for an hour and they would leave the auditorium laughing and loving you. You have nothing to fear except exhaution from accepting all the glory, love and honor!

  21. Wear the Bohus and grey trousers. It will be stunning and show the world just what hand knitting CAN look like. Or, wear all black and your wedding shawl. Show off your fine hand knitting, whatever you choose!

  22. Joe shows all the signs of being a good guy, please don’t kill him.
    Couple years back in the first lovely rush of being a newbie knitter, with all of 2 washcloths and a pair of baby booties under my belt. I commented to my dh about he sad condition of his favorite sweater and how with a little more practice I could maybe tackle knitting a new one for him. His reply was that my knitting was cute but not up to his standards for wearing. This past Christmas, as my mother unwrapped her lace shawl, he asked when it would be his turn. I held my tongue because there where children in the room, but I’m still thinking never.

  23. uhm… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and maybe it’s just the way you’re looking at it. but the 22nd? i think it’s three days away? wait wait. no. you’re fine. count today and it’s four days. really. no need to stress you further.
    nothing to see here! move along!

  24. Wear the jeans. With the Bohus. Honestly, no one will notice the jeans, the arse or the bra with that Bohus!
    As to Joe’s Gansey? What about that crappy piece of advice you get everywhere: “Find a sweater that fits the way you like. Then copy the width, length, sleeve, neckline, whatever.” The problem, as in my case of course, is that I didn’t have a sweater I loved to measure! (Your advice to him was very good, too!)

  25. If the neck of the Gansey is too anything, add duct tape to corners of mouth in a way that pulls them up into a smile. Wear the frickin thing until it falls apart. Thank the good Lord the wife didn’t duct tape entire head. Joe’s got a lot of hair to try to get off duct tape.
    Why not wear jeans? A nice blouse, a pair of jeans and some fancy ass shoes are all the style now aren’t they?

  26. Stephanie, I love reading your blog. You almost always make me laugh. What can I offer to induce you to come to Buffalo?
    ps. go ahead, wear jeans and your bohus…. this is a knitting event afterall, right?

  27. This clothing problem is easy. Wear the bohus and jeans. Everyone will be looking at the sweater and could care less about what’s on the bottom. Think of your hair as a trademark. No one has hair quite like you. It makes you unique.
    Don’t stress about the house. Everyone is capable of running Mr. Washie, cooking and cleaning. You’re helping to instill independence in your kids, by giving them the chance to fend for themselves.
    Well, it sounds good anyhow…

  28. Just slide into some 501s, slip on your birkies and you’re good to go. Simple no?

  29. hahahaha … I’m on this end trying to find a decent restaurant and a place that sells buttons around FIT (nice buttons but not too pricey) for the sweater I WILL finish and be wearing (hopefully will have time to sew on the buttons), need a haircut, my nails are a mess, and a bomb exploded in my kitchen (yesterday)… gotta look into that. At least I don’t have to write a speech.
    PS — If you wear jeans I believe they have to be the skinny kind tucked into tall boots… slave to fashion, ya know!

  30. Steph, take a few deep slow breathes! It is knitters. It doesn’t matter if there are 10 or 10,000 – all are knitters. All love you, all understand, all just want to be there. Very few muggles in the bunch. You will be fabulous! How can anyone hate when they are knitting away listening to you? πŸ™‚ Honestly when you come to Ann Arbor I will just be happy to stare at you, no words necessary. So enjoy NYC!

  31. as everybody above has said – wear jeans if you want. or wear black pants. the beauty of new york is that basically anything goes, so someone is always dressier, more casual, crazier dressed, etc.
    congrats on the bohus. can’t wait to see a pic (and see it in person!)

  32. Could you rib the neck, and make it deeper or shorter depending on how it fits? (Just a thought from a knitter who hasn’t made it to the saddle-shoulder sweater in Knitting Without Tears yet . . . still working on socks.)
    And as for an outfit–wear the Bohus, and a long skirt. Since you’re shorter than average, the skirts out there will be a wonderful, elegant length, instead of the klunky not-sure-if-it’s-long-or-short mid-calf length they are on me.
    We’re all pulling for you . . . . so at least you’ve got the entirely of your blog readership sending positive packing/shopping/preparation vibes you way.
    The Represent Event is going to be great! (You’ll knock the factory socks off of the muggles. lol)

  33. Avoidance. Yes, I know it well. Hits me when I need to do unmerciful paperwork. Somehow that truly becomes the time that I NEED to clean out and reorganize all my closets.
    I am assuming you will be wearing the Bohus — at least for the entrance to the FI?
    Wish I could be there!
    Remember… [in a variation on the imagining the audience naked….], it could be a whole audience of knitters without yarn or needles. Now THAT would be ugly!

  34. I know that you are not really a bra-loving woman, and I generally am not enamored of them either, but when you go shopping, consider investing in a Wacoal. I just got one, (they are spendy) and it is the most perfect bra. And they have many styles. One is bound to be perfect for you.
    Oh, and I vote for the Bohus Guld, a turtleneck (do you wear those?) and your “good” jeans. You will stand out in the sea of black that is NYC apparel in all of your knitterly goodness.

  35. You can wear jeans. You could even wear a t-shirt it you wanted. I’ll be wearing jeans and I work in a freakin’ office. Be comfortable! You don’t have to be a slave to fashion! You’ll have handknit socks!! It’s all good!!!

  36. That’s how far I got on Noah’s gansey (but I bought the yarn) and tried it on him and the armholes were like 3 inches too low – remember Dolman sleeves? It would have had Dolman sleeves. And he also grew 3 inches in the meantime, so the body was too short and I couldn’t just take out the top rows of the front and back and it’s almost SPRING and at the rate he’s growing if I finished it by Fall it will be way way way too small for him. *sigh* I will start again next September, and knit faster.

  37. Dear Steph….. just wear the Bohus (or the wedding shawl)and don’t worry about the pants. No one will notice the pants or your hair…. we will all be admiring the knitting. I know that’s what I did at Thinebeck, where I could hardly stammer out how beautiful it was. But don’t ask me what else you were wearing, because it simply didn’t register.
    On second thought, you probably ahould wear pants…the knitters won’t notice, but the muggles might!

  38. About bras, do you have Victoria’s Secret there? If you do, I’m sure it’s not your type of place, but if you’re brave and go in, they always seem to have one normal bra. I mean,not aggressive. An ordinary bra that fits. I hear if you let them measure you, they’ll bring you everything in your size and let you sort it out by yourself in the dressing room. But of course, everyone loves you so much they won’t notice. Cheers.

  39. Wear the jeans. Be comfortable. Don’t worry about the hair. EVERYONE loves you. Look how far you’ve come being Stephanie. Your pants and hair have NOT had anything to do with your knitting and writing talents.

  40. Jeans, green (formerly step-out) socks and Birks, Bohus, wedding shawl, and one-row handspun scarf. That’s what I would want to see if I could get there!
    Thumbs up on the haircut. It will save you two tons of time on tour. But then you won’t look like the book any more, which is a drawback.

  41. Bra shopping, eh? I finally learned in my forties that it is sooooo worth it to send the weird teen-age inhibitions packing, go to a department store lingerie department, and get properly fitted. Yes, you will pay more for your bras there than at Target. But just as in house-building, a proper foundation is essential. You will be amazed and astounded at the results. When I did this, it looked like I instantly lost 10 pounds, and I felt 15 years younger. Imagine stepping out before 750 people wrapped in that feeling! (I have absolutely no connections in the lingerie industry.)

  42. Damn, I wish I had thought of that “Pretend” response when, after I had completely finished his (50″ chest, made-to-measure, 5sts to the inch, aran knit) sweater–one day before he returned home after a lengthy visit–my brother told me that he thought the neck was too big.
    Good luck in New York. Most of us would be in a coma when faced with speaking to such a large crowd, so if you just make it there in a state of semi-consciousness, I’m sure everyone will be duly impressed!

  43. I wondered if you could post Jayme-the-wonder-publicist’s e-mail address so that we can write her and reassure her that those of you who have seen you speak (Eau Claire, WI last fall) are not worried about what you will wear, etc., that we just enjoy having a chance to sit and listen and knit with you. Also to reassure her that we really appreciate all her efforts in making this all work.—-Peace

  44. So wear the Bohus sweater and some jeans – couldn’t be more appropriately dressed for NYC, in my opinion.

  45. I need to finally delurk because of the hilarity of all this. I am a native New Yorker. Born and raised in Manhattan. This past August I moved up to Toronto for a year while my boyfriend finishes up at UoT. I recently purchased plane tickets to go home for a long weekend.
    I get home to Manhattan on the night of the 23rd.
    (And for what it’s worth, I say go with the jeans. A pair of nice, comfy jeans usually look a lot better than a pair of trousers that make you agonize over your ass.)

  46. I am in agreement with just about everyone else here. If you will be comfortable in them, wear the jeans. If, however, during the entire time you will standing there and thinking that you should have worn something else (I think grey trousers were mentioned somewhere), don’t wear the jeans. The idea being that you should do whatever YOU are comfortable with.
    Get the hair done because there is nothing quite like having somebody wash your hair and it always looks better (for at least one day) after it is done.
    Have a great time. I wish I could be there.
    p.s. In case you didn’t get it, I never wear jeans on “jeans day” or “dress down day” or whatever because I am not comfortable in wearing them someplace where I don’t normally.
    p.s.s. Tell Joe he doesn’t have to worry about the sweater fitting his neck because you are giving it to Ken (or someone else).

  47. ok here you go:
    i have the exact smae hair as you and it has always been similarly problematic. the solution- lose it. in dry weather it frizzes one way, in damp, another way. thwere is no way to make our kind of hair look good long. it was not intended by jesus. BUT our kind of hair looks freakin GREAT at about bottom of the ear length. the frizz goes from scary-going-to-take-over-the-world to really cute curls cause without the weight of the longer hair pulling it down it clumps into these cute little swizzley ringlets. it is also ZERO maintanence. literaly. it looks best if you wash it during the day and then sleep on it to get it all mussed up. if you keep it short enough you can even throw away brushes and combs. it will stop tangling. (and actually i keep track of when i should get a cut by means of sex hair. if, after a nice rigorous bout of rumpy-pumpy my hair is all tangled and matted then its time to snip away at it.) it also tends to make the shape of the face much more defined and makes the neck look long and graceful (like audry hepburn). and it looks great with glasses cause it evens up th aesthetic balance of things. CUT YOUR HAIR! ITS AWESOME.

  48. I think you could wear a potato sack, and we’d all still just be in awe that we were meeting the Yarn Harlot! πŸ˜‰ I’m totally bummed that I can’t be there!!!

  49. Forgive me if all the folks before me said this already, but if you wear the Bohus and a pair of jeans you’ll be a fantastic fashion statement. EVERYONE wears jeans in this town – to go out to dinner, to the office, to the opera for gawd’s sake. I never wear anything BUT jeans, t-shirts and sweaters except when I have to be in concert black. We’d be honored if you wore jeans to open in NYC. All we want is to cheer you on – we don’t give a hoot what you wear. And you hair is lovely and you have one of the best speaking voices I’ve ever heard – in your next job you should be a late night radio show host. So there!

  50. First off, don’t worry about wearing jeans and BE COMFORTABLE. I think most people will just be glad to see you, and could not care less what you are wearing. They’re coming to see YOU, not your pants. Although I do understand about the hair- there’s nothing like good hair to give you confidence.
    Love the gansey (I was wondering where it went) and I think the response you gave Joe was completely appropriate. Love it.
    Good luck!!

  51. I agree with them, wear the Bohus! Slacks should be worn, and if my cousin had a say, pointy toed shoes (they’re not as uncomfortable as they look, plus you have the bonus of built in weapons!). Oh, I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it yet, but your appearance on Knitty Gritty is airing in the U.S. on:
    April 17, 2007
    2:00 PM Eastern
    I am so recording it!!
    Good luck on the speech, when you’re tour gets to the west coast, I’ll see you at Powell’s!

  52. If you manage to come to southern Montana on your book tour, I know a woman who is a positive genius with curly hair. I won’t let anybody else touch mine.
    I know it’s not fair to hold stuff like that out to you when you’re freaked out about New York. But if you came to Southern Montana you could wear jeans.
    We in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem would love to have you here.
    But seriously, you could wear sackcloth and ashes and everybody would love you. So relax.

  53. Why is Steph so worried about her arse? Granted, I have only had a few very limited glimpses of it in classes or watching talk about her books (the arse was in a COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY CLOTHED STATE AT ALL TIMES) but my impression was that she has what I would call a very nice figure indeed.
    Bohus and jeans. Bra optional.

  54. Congratulations on finishing the Bohus, can’t wait to see a photo of you wearing it.
    Re Joe’s gansey, regardless of what you said I don’t think you would be happy if you thought he wasn’t comfortable in it – not after all the work (and love) that has gone into it – so make sure you get him to explain precisely WHAT kind of neck he would consider to be “exactly right”! (I presume you’re NOT a mind-reader, are you?)
    Good luck with the arrangements for NYC, I wouldn’t be brave enough to stand up and talk in front of 7 people, never mind 750.

  55. Stephanie, embrace the wildness of your hair. It is of a piece with every other aspect of you that will keep you from ever just blending in with the crowd. Let it be an emblem, and wear it with pride.

  56. He asked if he should Say if he didn’t like the neck? Whoa. Dude got over the mighty bedroom reno just a little too damn quickly it seems if he could seriously ask that question. Honestly indeed.

  57. wear black jeans if you have them a black t-shirt your fabulous sweater or something – don’t worry about the hair – it is fabulous!
    And I am so sad I won’t be there… but I know people who will be!!

  58. Stephanie, you are YOU! We love you. Wild hair, no matter what pants, who cares? We do not! Just get up there and talk to us. Heck, I’ll bet you could get some of us (not me, of course), to talk too. It’s going to be a wonderfully fun time.

  59. If you must buy pants, make sure they match the Bohus. Wear that and anyone who sees you will marvel at your fashion sense.
    As for the neck on that gansey. You picked good words. Something different would have probably come out of my mouth and it wouldn’t have been pretty. Good luck and hope the neck is perfect like the rest of the sweater!

  60. Wear the Bohus with jeans. I’ve gone all over New York in jeans. Fashion institute? The Bohus IS fashion. They can take it.
    As to Joe — well, men. That’s all I’ll say.
    I’m still hoping to get there, but this gonna be a one-day before decision . . . and if not, heck, hats to Pittsburgh . . .

  61. Hell yeah, wear the bohus with jeans. I’ll make a deal with you.
    I’ll wear jeans and a (crappy) sweater and I won’t worry about own frizzy, curly, crazy hair if you’ll do the same.

  62. I once saw Steve Irwin show up at a black tie affair in NY in his khakis. Go for the jeans and the bohus. Noone will notice the jeans or care if they do. And I bet that bohus will outshine everything!

  63. 1. Wear the Bohus and jeans. Since the Bohus will be untucked so that all can marvel at every inch of it’s amazing Bohus glory, you can hold your jeans up with a piece of twine. (No, forget twine. You’d have to buy some. Just use leftover yarn.) No one will know. If you are worried about not being fashionista enough for NYC, rip a hole in the jeans. Somewhere inappropriate. Avoid three-way mirrors.
    2. Don’t worry about the speech. No one will hear a word you say. They will be too distracted by the Bohus and the free yarn.
    3. Don’t know what to tell you about the hair until I figure out how to control mine. Sorry. I do recommend avoiding hand lotion, though.
    4. Ah, stinkin’ love . . . makes you do crazy things, huh? The gansey is to die for.

  64. Hey everybody,
    Stephanie’s mentioned on Page 2 of the National Post today in connection with Knitters Without Borders! Yay! Congrats, Stephanie.

  65. I was born and raised in NYC. Upper east side. My grandmama designed clothes, my mother was a buyer, and my godmother an interior designer. My mother, who wouldn’t take me to school until she had on “war paint” and heels- we lived across the street- had calling cards printed for me at Tiffany’s when I was born.
    So, I know whereof I speak. Wear the jeans Steph. Wear the jeans. It’s not wrong, it’s NYC. It’ll be fine. But if you do have anything black, or studded, or even black leather studded….to go with it….nevermind. it’ll be fine.
    P.S. It’s still NY. Bras are optional. Blue eyeshadow is out.

  66. You panic before every tour. You have minor panic bouts before every event. It’ll be FINE. Pretend you’re just the facilitator for a great big knit-in, and really, you’re a great excuse for a huge group of knitters to get together and share their love of the craft. Seriously. Now have a beer and calm the hell down. πŸ˜‰

  67. Joe will love the Gansey – you’ll knit the neck to perfection, just as perfect as the spinning and knitting you’ve already done.
    Good luck in New York.

  68. While I applaud the cool event I’ve come to know as “Woolstock” that will be happening in a few days (read here: I’m envious as hell since I can’t make it due to work & college obligations), I refuse to recognize that moniker you’ve bestowed upon your publicist (“the-wonder”) until your ass shows up in the Quad Cities or some other IOWA city on a tour.
    Not that Jayme isn’t a lovely, bright person – I’m just sayin’…

  69. First, jeans, comfy shoes and whatever top. Nobody cares what you’re wearing. (BTW, same thing when you come to Ann Arbor) They want YOU -not some fancypants chick (note the irony).
    I so want to be there. Gotta figure a way to get there. Where there’s wool, there’s a way.
    Regardless, it’s gonna rock!

  70. I’m sure you’ll do just fine & that whatever you wear will be just fine. And as for Joe, well, I’m sure with your knitterly ingenuity you could always convert that gansey into a straitjacket….
    PS: You really need to do a UK tour. Please, pretty please?

  71. Seriously, Steph, we love ya. Wear jeans and Bohus Guld. We’d love that. πŸ™‚ (I talk as if I were going to be there. Alas, no such luck, though the announcement that there will be free wool and needles made my palms sweat for a few seconds.)

  72. and another thing …. if you have time, in NY or wherever, go to a good dept store and have a bra fitting. really. get someone to measure you and then have them bring you bra after bra till you find one you like. It may seem humilating but actually it makes bra-buying way better. You don’t have to deal with those ridiculous bra hangers and you actually get a bra that fits. A well-fitting bra is a very nice thing. Boobs or not.

  73. That was EXACTLY the right thing to tell Joe. I spun a black lambs roving with colors rifting thru it. He was worried that he wouldn’t like it. I told Andy, that it didn’t have to be his favorite sweater, but that he had to wear it. A lot. That it was a tribute to MY love for him. You have got to love a man A LOT to spin and knit him a sweater. Do you know how long their arms are compared to ours. Geez Louise, they have a huge reach. catie

  74. I agree with you wearing the Bohus and jeans or some other knitted sweater. I hate it when knitting authors go on book tours and wear a suit and blouse anyway. I have 4 people in my knitting group including myself who are planning to come and many others through listservs so don’t worry. If you build it, they will come. The thing people like so much about you is you’re not pretentious and your true voice comes through in all your writing. So don’t feel the need to get all done up for the cameras. We like you as you are. As long as you’re not wearing something stained or with a hole in it you’re fine.

  75. Heh. After the great room remodel and the handspun, handknit, personally designed Gansey, Joe had better love everything you do ever again, if he knows what’s good for him… I think we can honestly say that it’s a personal safety issue for him.
    Hit the Gap for some classic plain black pants, but remember that you wear a size 4 Ankle and not a 6. Don’t bother to look at your backside, your arse looks fine.
    Also, if you want I can FedEX the hair wonder tonic to your hotel in NYC. This would actually help me out more than you know, as it’s less that I have to pack for my move.

  76. Dear Steph, I teach at a University and lecture to crowds some days. It scares hell out of most people (me included), but… can I just remind you of the following? 1. this huge crowd love you. Just being there will make them gleeful and anything you do or say is icing on the cake. 2. Only people on the stage will ever know you had a zit the size of the ritz, the others are too far away to know! Ditto for details of you outfit and hairdo. 3. No one *else* will care about you wearing jeans, you are not famous for your high fashion ways. 4. I understand that you feel weird about your hair, but personally I think it looks great! Sorry I can’t be there, but it is wayyy too far from South Australia. Even if you actually *do* stumble through your speech, these people will still have a great day. And, I don’t for one moment believe you will stumble, I think you’ll be brilliant. more power to you, Mary

  77. If the Bohus is for you and will be done by then. I would say wear it and some jeans to NYC/FIT if it isn’t going to be super warm to wear. I mean you did make it yourself and FIT is all about making/designing clothes so it would fit right in to the plan. AND YOU HAVE GOT TO WEAR SOME COOL HOME MADE SOCKS!

  78. WHAT free yarn and I can’t go!! think a 1 year old and 3 year old will sit quietly for such an event? They love yarn (playing with it) and my needles (dropping them) I’m sure I can get them to sit quietly and listen intently. Oh darn it i’ll just have to sit home!

  79. I have to echo your 8000 other commenters–just wear your favorite jeans and a fabulous something knitted by you. (Of course, everything you knit is fabulous.) If you really wanted to pull a NYC thing, you’d do your jeans, a tight t-shirt and your wedding shawl. Oh, and some fabulous shoes. You, go, girl! I really wish I could be there!

  80. Can’t wait to see the Bohus, but I WAS wondering about that gansey. I have to admit that I agree with Joe about those necklines. Too small is obviously a problem, but I hate them when they’re too large. And it’s really tough with saddle shoulders to get them just right. But somehow I think you’re the right person to put on the case. . . You’ll figure it out.

  81. A-HEM!! I will point out if you were coming to SEATTLE, you would be more than welcome in jeans, t-shirt and a sweater. People would think you work at Microsoft – or just about anywhere else in Seattle! Heck! The tellers in my bank wear jeans on Fridays.
    And…..about the bra thing……get thee to a Norstrom’s for a bra fitting. Interesting experience having a woman reach into the cup of the bra you are trying on to….”adjust” you, but really a real honest-to-god bra fitting is life altering. Just ask Oprah!
    If you came to Seattle, you could go to the Nordstrom flagship store. Not that I’m whining……but I’m just sayin’…………

  82. oh oh oh ” On The Road Again”,. Blast off in a pair of black jeans and the Bohus and hand made socks, you ‘ll be the life of the party.One must be comfortable to feel relaxed –go for it. all the BEST for a huge success.

  83. Ah…the good ole days of lift AND separate. What is it about spring that comes late and bitter to us Northern Folk that makes us think about tuning up our underwear?
    Pretending would definitely be a wise man’s plan. Honestly, what ARE they thinking, sometimes? Maybe Joe was just trying to neck with you.

  84. Wear the effing Bohus and a pair of jeans and some comfortable but classy shoes and get on with it. Knit yourself a belt…no one will see it since it will be under the Bohus. It could be kept shut with a safety pin for all anyone will know. The Bohus will also take care of the bra issue too, right? In that sweater, you will be both stunning and comfortable. Sorry I won’t be there, but I have been egging others on.

  85. Black jeans/pants and the Bohus, Baby!
    You will be SO NYC!
    Tell Joe if he complains about the neck, you’ll make him eat the sheep…wool and all!
    On second thought, save the wool…just make him eat the hooves! πŸ™‚
    Tear them up in NYC! Knitting for you!

  86. I would type something appropriately pom-pom- shaking for you, but I’m too busy laughing at the all-too-plausible picture of you standing in front of eleventy-quadrillion New Yorkers in a housecoat and a necklace of cats. I’m actually laughing hard enough that I’m almost forgetting that I am typing this one-handed, all wrapped up with a bad lefty sprain from a fall on my own Gord-danged driveway today. I will sit here and think about knitting, wish the pants fairy your way, and applaud on my right thigh.

  87. I think you should NOT photograph the bohus, and instead have it make its debut on Thursday at the event. I think it is fitting.

  88. They’ll love you – honestly. Most of them think that we knitters come from another planet, so anything resembling ‘normal’ will shock them anyway.
    I vote for your new bohus too, and perhaps a sign taped to your back as you walk thru the city that says… I knit this, neener-neener – you can’t have it.
    As for Joe… tell him that a replay of his reaction to your bedroom remodel would be totally appropriate. anything else, not so much.

  89. Jesus, Stephanie. Wear jeans already. In NY, who cares?? That’s got to be my favorite thing about the city. You could show up in your freakin’ underpants, and that would be ok. By some standards, you’d still be over-dressed.
    Have fun with this. You’ve totally earned it.
    And Joe? She re-did your bedroom in a very short amount of time. She’s hand-spun, hand-knit you a gansey. You are going to love the neck, damn it. You just are. πŸ˜‰

  90. You know all this talk about the anxiety of pants? how your closet is unpanted?
    YOU ARE CHANNELING YOUR TEENAGE GIRLS who have many fashion emergencies. They are staying home. They have no fiber. You will have pants and you will not worry (much). When you get home you will realize again that once you left the Teenage Angst Wifi that swirls around the homestead that pants do not matter. Well, unless you are not wearing them.

  91. So it appears you are going, then. As for pants, even though it is NYC, they are recommended.
    Good luck! It sounds like it is going to be a great event!

  92. I hope everything works out.. actually, I know it will- we’re knitters, right?
    Good luck and don’t stress, okay? It’s a giant knitter party… wearing the wrong pants won’t mean a thing if there’s enough wool around to distract people. πŸ˜€

  93. Scottish ganseys once had a button band on one shoulder and a single button on the neckband, with a corresponding buttonhole band. This is one good way to have a snug neckline that resists wear because it’s unbuttoned to accommodate being taken on and off over the head. This seems to me like a reasonable solution–warm, but accommodating.
    And who are these people who have decided to rag on Joe? Whose life is it, anyway? Last I knew, it was yours.

  94. a few thoughts come to mind..
    1 – (sorry if i’m not up to speed here) but, couldn’t you wear a skirt or dress? does it have to be pants?
    2 – first, i was just impressed with the awe-inspiring beauty of the gansey and THEN i learn that it is your hand wrought creation, entirely yours from the sheep to the needles??? Holy S***!!!
    it’s funny, you know. here you are single-handledly remodelling rooms, creating enviable knitwear of the to-die-for variety, writing books, and raising teens… yet, you are riddled with self-doubt and anxiety. tsk! tsk! take a deep, cleansing breath and know deep down that your “represent event” will be a huge success as well as fill you with joy, excitement and pride!
    sadly for me, i can’t be there. but i eagerly await the pictures that are sure to follow.
    now, if i could only get that other mitten finished before winter ends….

  95. Seriously, what is the East Coast’s obsession with dressing up? What’s wrong with being comfortable? You’re self-employed, wear jeans!

  96. Great. This event just keeps getting better and I have an orthopedist appointment that day and no way to get a babysitter nor any way to actually get into the city even though I live within a moderate drive that at almost any other time is quite doable.
    I hope that a wonderful time is had by all – even if I have to wait until the next day to read all of the blogs and vicariously enjoy it.
    PS – Don’t worry about the pants. You’ll find a pair. Don’t you always? The bra, though, that is what would be worrying me.

  97. Dude, wear jeans. It’s the NYC uniform.
    And as another curly haired gal, NYC is the best place for great haircuts for us. Skip the restaurant and have 750 knitters in the salon giving their opinions. I can hook you up with good hair salons! I’m just afraid that there will be another blog entry on the haircut that went awry!

  98. So, would I be siding with your mother if I suggested a skirt?
    Or better yet, wear jeans, and your BOHUS GULD. Damn, show that thing off in all its finery, woman!
    And really, if Joe didn’t like the neck, would you want all that work to go to waste and not have your love all comfy and snuggly in his hand-knit, hand washed, hand spun Gansey of Wedded Bliss? WOuldn’t it eat at you to know that the perfect expression of your love (in wool, not the other kind) wasn’t really perfect?

  99. You could show up in your PJs and no one would care. We love you, pimple and all. Probably wouldn’t even notice the pimple, we’d be so overcome.
    My SIL who has ZERO interest in knitting will be in NYC on that very day and won’t go – even for me. Talk about a burning resentment. Life is not fair.

  100. Wear the new Bohus and no one will notice your hair or jeans (even more so if you don’t post photos of the sweater until after the event.) And honestly? Your blog is read by thousands of people, 750 adoring fans in person shouldn’t be too intimidating. We all just want you to be “real” so we have a chance of growing up to be like you anyway πŸ™‚
    Best of luck!

  101. When designing the neck of Joe’s sweater leave some strategically placed holes for a drawstring. Then, should he dare to question the fit, do the following. Grasp one chord firmly in each hand. Place one foot square in the center of his chest and then pull until you feel the tension draining from your body. Or until he turns purple and gesticulates madly to let you know that his original assessment was incorrect.
    Good luck in New York. Remember, these are knitters you will be speaking to and we all love you. It isn’t like you’ll be standing in front of an angry mob of political or religious fanatics. Wish I could be there to participate in the historic gathering of epic proportions.

  102. The more comfortable you are the calmer you will be. If jeans are comfy then jeans it should be.

  103. Hehehe, I read your rant-to-Joe out to my Robb, and he’s now singing a little song that seems to have the words “Crazy Lady” as the main theme, but he’s smiling too, so I figure we’re still in the good.

  104. Re: the pants.
    Here’s what I do when all else fails in the pants department:
    I screw up my courage and take many different pairs into the dressing room at the Gap. I ignore the lighting which makes my unfortunate spider veins stand out against my natural pallor like road maps of back woods New Brunswick. I ignore my urge to flee when presented with a full on view of my own arse. I ignore, though it grates my nerves, the perky sales assistant who tells me that the pants which are now leaving nothing to the imagination, not even that mole on my left thigh, are not too tight.
    Forget everywhere else. You’ve already established your relationship with the Gap after “Book Tour Pants Episode 1”. As a short woman, I have resigned myself to buying dress pants at the Gap. I’ll probably looks absurd, doing this at 80, but I really don’t care. Hardly anyone else sells “Ankle” length pants, which, when you’re 5′ 1 and 1/4″, is very important.
    Can’t wait to see the Bohus. I’m still having dreams about how soft it is. Can’t believe I actually got to touch that yarn!

  105. I agree with Mardi and all the others who vote for jeans and the bohus, which we all want to see in person anyway(like the olympic sweater a year ago)! I would be in jeans but will be coming from a gig so will be in black like a good little NYC musician, with hats in tow(4, so far) Can’t wait!!

  106. Buck up, it’ll be OK. Bite the bullet to get the girls lifted like they should be, and you’ll feel (and look!) much better. Wear your fab new sweater, you’re representing after all, and whatever pants you want. No one else will worry about the arse, just your spectacular knitting over the perky girls! You are up to the task! Rah, rah, sis boom bah!

  107. Ferpetessakes, don’t wear black!! Wear a fabulous sweater (Bohus!) and _whatever_ color you like, but black is soooo boooorring…. Embrace colour! πŸ˜€ And don’t forget the Latest Sock… you can make 750 more people Very Happy!

  108. Wear jeans. It is New York, after all. And we’re knitters. We won’t be looking at your arse. We will be looking at your handknit sweater. Just as you would be if one of us were speaking.
    It will be fine. Fun, even.

  109. BIG mistake woman (I am very sorry to have to point this out to you…)
    Now you will never know if he really likes it or just obey your orders and pretend,,,
    On the other hand, I trust you know him well enough by now to know, so everything is cool and the sweather looks amazing πŸ™‚

  110. DEARLING! You look exactly like you SHOULD look, and hey, the votes for jeans-and-Bohus outweigh anything else, go for it. I’ll tell you what your Eau Claire visit was: a whole bunch of us, having a wonderful time with each other. Sisters and brothers, companions – it was like being at a party. And then there came YOU, in all your darling curlyness, and entertained us so much! Then we all companionably ambled over to the yarn shop and had the Best Time in line, comparing yarns and projects and needles – and then getting to visit with you (and you visited with each of us, none of this “move along move along”). Stephanie, you’re a treat, and I wish you wouldn’t be nervous. I’m doing a Knit-In that night, my way of “being there”…and I’ll see you in St. Paul!! WE ARE LAWVINGK ON YOU!

  111. They will all be laughing so hard with tears in their eyes. So they won’t be able to see anything really clearly.
    Worry not. If all fails, command the lighting people to make it really dim. There will be a dim chance that anyone will actually get picture of that thing which looks like a ghost but knitters swear is the Yarn Harlot.

  112. You’ll be fine whatever you decide, wear something you like.
    I have to go pack a hat to mail!

  113. If he complains about the gansey when/if it gets finished, you would totally be within your rights to swear heavily. (And take back the gansey, of course. You could just hide it in the stash or something. Who wants to throw away all that three-ply?) Not that that would happen. *cheesy British accent* You’re the Yarn Harlot, dahling!

  114. It’s not to worry, your audience is composed of KNITTERS WHO LOVE YOU. We don’t care what you do, we’ll still love you. Unconditional love. So, you’ll be fine.

  115. Dude.
    Wonder publicist indeed!
    And by the way, we’d love you pantless, frizzy haired and with a pimple on your forehead. You are our leader. πŸ˜‰

  116. my views on NYC Rules regarding clothing:
    There aren’t any rules. Yes, you hear that “black” (or brown, or grey, or whatnot) is “in” (as are certain boots or whatnot) but it doesn’t really matter. Wear what makes you feel good.. I finally stopped listening to others (for the most part) and am oodles happier. As for hair, well, I hide mine and I’m much happier for it as I’m a frizz ball otherwise. (your mileage may vary, it works for me.)
    regarding the gansey:
    Yeah, same rules as black socks. πŸ˜‰ PRETEND you will like them and wear the often. And if you don’t (because I’m too tired to look at your feet in the morning) just throw them in the dirty laundry every so often and I’ll probably be none the wiser. πŸ™‚

  117. Stephanie – I am having panic attacks about coming to your NYC event. If you promise not to care what I’m wearing, I won’t care what you’re wearing….
    Actually, I’ve only recently figured out it doesn’t matter a hill of beans what you wear anywhere. Just go have a good time with people you care about and the rest don’t matter anyway. It’s made my life a lot less stressful. I would bet that whoever is coming to see you at the NYC event really wants you. (BTW, I hear Navy Blue is the New Black. Or better yet, wear brown. Wear Stephanie clothes. You probably could even get away with wearing nothing….Hah!

  118. C’mon Pittsburghers!! Let’s show up with lots of hats to show Steph how much we love her knitting and her writing!
    March 30th 7 p.m.
    Joseph-Beth book store Carson St. on the South Side.

  119. By the way, I was moseying along (lalalala) when I spotted your Tricoteuses Sans Frontiers bit. Do you realize that you’ve surpassed your goal? If you have, sorry to bother you.

  120. The Husband made reservations at the B&B in Pittsburgh today!!! He said we could go out to dinner before the event (how soon do I need to get in line?) but I probably wouldn’t want to drink with dinner, because it might embarass Stephanie if I were tipsy. I asked him if he had been listening all the times I have read to him from your blog. Really! Men!

  121. Ok, when you hit Powell’s this trip? I am *so* going through with making you a T-shirt transfer saying, “Will tour for pants”! I shall not wimp out this time. You obviously need the reminder to calm down. Or something. πŸ˜‰
    Have a beer. Have another beer. Have a Screech. And chocolate. Heck, you’re not going on Martha’s radio show, you’re simply talking to a buncha people who are just as crazy as you are. And crazy about you. You’ve *already* been locked out of your hotel room in your underwear, it couldn’t be any worse than that!

  122. You are the Yarn Harlot.
    Not the Pants Harlot.
    So no one is looking at your pants already. Wear the Bohus and some jeans, and, just to be on the safe side — when you get to your hotel? Put the lotion on the nightstand BEFORE you take your shower. Just get it totally out of the bathroom.
    The gansey is something to be proud of.

  123. “It is an homage to my stinking love for him.”
    I do adore you.
    And pants? Wear some. Beyond that, this is the ultimate transference. Nobody. Repeat, nobody. Gives a shit.
    (And Joe remains my favorite fictional character, bless him. Lay off. He was just trying to define the parameters.)

  124. When I saw you last fall, I am pretty sure you wore pants. I mean, I’m pretty sure I would have noticed if you hadn’t been wearing any.
    But short of that, no one really cares.
    Socks, on the other hand, are a totally different story…
    Good luck with the speech — and with the event.

  125. Please say some of these cool things are going to happen in Victoria! Some friends and I near Seattle are going to take the Clipper and stay in a bed and breakfast up there for the Fibre Festival. (Check it out – I even spelled it right.) We are so excited to be planning a knitting weekend getaway – two of us will have our babies in tow as well!

  126. I think I die a little inside every time you come to my state and I cannot see you…this time you are coming the day of my final Concert AND Initiation into SAI in the same day! There is no way out hehe, but if there were I would so try to.
    ..and wear whatever you want! The Bohus sounds like a great Represent sweater πŸ™‚

  127. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA GO TO NY!!!!!!!!!!! FREE YARN!
    *cries* You perked up my night, m’dear. Thank you.
    Jeans + sweater + comfy shoes = good enough. Who cares? We’re knitters! We’re not crazy tabloid people that will harp on your shoes and your belt.
    PS: if Joe doesn’t want it, I’d totally take it. XD

  128. “…stinking love..” Too funny. Tell him he needs to adjust HIS neck to fit the YOUR handmade sweater! As for NYC, heck, you could wear a garbage bag – nobody cares! Although the idea of the Bohus on top and the wedding shawl wrapped sarong-style around the bottom appeals to me, I must admit. Just remember to wear colorful undies.

  129. Wear the Bohus, a t-shirt, jeans and some birkenstocks if it is sunny (or some of those Croc shoes if it isn’t). As it is a knit-in, and there’s a lot of fashion history for the Bohus knitted sweater style, wear it with pride! Too bad I’ll be at work and across the US, but you’ll do great- like always!

  130. Did you think the rest of us are wearing cocktail dresses to this extravaganza?
    I’m wearing jeans, everyone else I know is wearing jeans.
    Be comfy.

  131. Wish I could be there (and if I were I would wear jeans, too) but I will go out and buy a Harlot book to celebrate (that counts as an essential, right? I am not supposed to be frittering…so no “non-essential yarn” either *sigh* [though, surely that is an oxymoron?]) Wear the Bohus – in fact save the grand unveiling for FIT, that would be very cool.
    Also, props for not giving Joe an almighty ding round the ear – I would have!

  132. I am sooo jealous I can hardly stand it!! Wish i could be there in NY. but the job unfortunately
    comes before play time. And life has had it’s way of getting in the way of things lately
    i think you shoud wear the Bohus and jeans.
    Have as much fun as you can and then some.
    from here in sunny Florida.

  133. Hi Stephanie,
    When Joe asked if you could adjust the neck of the Gansey if it wasn’t quite right, and you recited your list of washing, carding, spinning, measuring, knitting, adjusting … I thought your next comment would be ‘Of course I can adjust it, I’m an experienced knitter.’ I figured Joe would then have said ‘Of course, dumb question, of course you know how to fix it.’ Well, your answer about pretending to like it really surprised me, although I understand the humour of it for a blog! But I think of all the little things I’ve left uncorrected on projects – because I’m the only one who knows, after all – and how every time I see the things I grumble to myself about what I didn’t fix. And it would be sad if Joe felt that sort of little pang every time he wore a wonderful sweater that wasn’t quite right, and you suspected it wasn’t quite right to him and felt your own little pang. So, perhaps this is a situation where you can follow your own excellent advice to acknowledge your expertise as a knitter and say ‘Yes, I can fix it if it isn’t right.’ O.k., now that I’ve put my two cents in, I promise that the next time I run across one of the things I need to fix I’ll at least try to fix it.
    Have a great time in New York at the book launch. People are genuinely looking forward to meeting you and I bet you’ll meet some wonderful people too. I hope your new book sets a record for making the best seller list!
    With best regards, Maureen

  134. There is a lovely sweater by Nancy Bush in the Best of Knitters Arans and Celtics that has buttons along one shoulder seam so the neck is sort of adjustable – that would shoot your saddle sleeve idea though. I thought the neck of that pattern was too high and anyway I wanted a regular crew neck, but the button idea did stick with me.

  135. Grief and Despair . . . Amazon has apparently more orders than it has books . . . delivery not anticipated until late May. Good for you (this totally rocks for you)! Bad for me . . . .

  136. That sweater is looking freaking *fantastic*! I’m sure Joe will love it, regardless of whether or not the neckline fits his narrow definition of perfect.

  137. Wear the Bohus and jeans. You’re speaking to your people – no one will care if you don’t have nice pants – they want to see the Bohus!

  138. It was a good thing I was not drinking coffee when I was reading about your suggestion for Joe and his “neck hole” because there would be coffee all over my laptop.
    While I will not be in NY, I will be with my local group of knitters who meet every Thursday. I plan to work on a new pair of socks, also in a kicky Green colorway, in your honor.
    Best of luck! You will be great!

  139. If Joe doesn’t like the neck of the gansey I vote for an auction…. it’s up to you if the auction includes Joe or the sweater.

  140. this little poem was written in590-640 by wang chi
    i fan chih wear my socks inside out
    everyone says its wrong
    but i’d rather be an eyesore
    than hide my feet under a bushel
    you will be just fine
    go shopping

  141. Stephanie – it won’t help to hear it, ’cause who ever believes this? – but it won’t matter what you’re wearing. You are going to look fine and you are going to be you and that is all that matters!
    It is a relief to hear that retreating to knitting is a natural response when stressed. Isn’t it so much healthier than some alternatives?
    I am thrilled to see there is an address for the Victoria hats – I will get on top of that.
    Joe – you will LOVE the sweater and the neck will be one of your favourite things about it, after the fact that it was carded, spun, researched, designed and knit by your beloved wife!

  142. Spring will really be in NYC by the end of the week. I do not think that you have to be absolutely silent in Strawberry fields. I am not sure that the John Lennon really agrees with that idea/ cecilia

  143. I am so sorry to have to miss the NYC event. If I were going, I would be expecting to see you in jeans and the fabulous newly finished Bohus, and quite frankly, be disappointed if you wore anything else.

  144. I am truly bummed that I can’t come, but I will be there with you all in my infinite jealousy, and what we like to call in my region “bad-mind-edness”. Oh by the by I didn’t know Canadians played cricket, they are (or were) here for Cricket World Cup (http://cricketworldcup.indya.com/), going on right now.

  145. Jeans and the bohus-of course! You will look stunning. Much better than a stinking housecoat and a cat necklace-LOL! I actually had tears in my eyes from laughing…
    And I must confess that I love love love wild curly hair and wish the hormonal changes of motherhood would have left mine alone. With that said, each time you agonize over yours, I-like Tommy-wonder why you don’t cut it. It would be BEYOND beautiful.

  146. Speaking of “the touring wardrobe”, you do realize that everyone, in every stop, is now expecting to see you in the Bohus, right? Better pack some Eucalan or something. I am now worried it will be worn out by the end! I don’t care what pants you have on, but I do want to see that sweater in person. And while we’re at it, we want to see the “real” hair too. Heck, just you, yourself, that’s what we’re there for, so just bring that! CAN’T WAIT FOR DENVER!! Have fun in NY.

  147. Joe – B.E.D.R.O.O.M.R.E.D.O. – how quickly they forget the love we have and get fussy over silly things like necklines!!!!

  148. Okay, well, it’s not even the same order of magnitude as a gansey, but I did a handspun, three-ply, handknit vest out of my friend’s lamb’s wool – a lovely chocolate colored vest with a couple of cables and *lots of pockets* for my stepdad. Mom threw it into the washing machine & felted it. The one happy outcome is that now it fits *me*. I replaced the zipper & voila. Now, they get only items made of ac&#@*rylic.
    Oh, and you’ll be wonderful, as always. You know we think you’re awesome & wouldn’t care if you came in jeans & t-shirt (as long as you wear the bohus or one of your shawls). Wish I could be there! Break a leg!

  149. Hey knitting lady-
    As you peruse through the many comments, please remember that you are speaking to fans, friends and fellow knitters. Take the comments to heart, you are loved as you are. You are a knitter (aka ONE OF US).Katy and Diane have it right–treat yourself to a Wacoal. Not because you’re working an event in NYC, but because you deserve it.
    You could wear a paper sack and everyone there would still love you. You could walk in barefooted and no one would care. Folks are there to listen to you. They are there to spend an evening listening to your honest, hunorous view of a knitter’s world. Any muggle who attends is there at teh invitation and request of a knitter. They have been or are in the process of being conditioned to accept the -isms that are part of The Knitter.
    Hair: knitters care about fibers that can be spun into yarn. If you are intending to spin or knit your hair, we are interested. Anything beyond that is of little to no importance.
    FIT is about the development of fashion–aka knitting history (or in this case HER-story). Should you care to honor the institution with your choice of outfit–great. Wear something hand knitted. If you choose not to, you’re simply being a designer.
    7 or 750–your fellow knitters love you. You write about things that happen in our lives too. You, however, do it with great grace and dignity. Everyday. Be yourself-be a knitter.
    PS-any breakout on your face will simply be a design feature and invisible to 99% of the attendees.

  150. Jeans, Bohus, comfy new undies and comfortable shoes (What is it about new undies; perhaps memories of second grade back-to-school new undies and all things are possible feeling). As well, adding to the other contributers – I LOVE your hair; what else can it do but be big and curly. Have a ball in NYC -it isn’t as if you are going to speak to a bunch of bankers of something. What a force for good you are! See you in Petaluma (if there is room…)

  151. still laughing…PRETEND…it’s such a simple concept…seriously–you think men would get it!!! I want to see a picture of you in the bohus, with your hair giving the universe a proud salute–you’ll do us proud!!!

  152. I say, wear the jeans and a tee shirt. If there is anywhere on the planet that really embraces the BITE ME ethos it is New York.
    That and, I’ll be wearing jeans and a tee shirt (and I’m also in desperate need of a haircut).

  153. What everyone else said re clothing choices. I know you were wearing the usual garments when my daughter & I saw you in Seattle last September, cuz I’d’ve noticed if you weren’t. What I remember is your smile, your words and that gorgeous shawl.
    Re the hair – I am a no-product, no make-up, no name-brand kinda gal, but I am also blessed (?) with that naturally curly hair which reacts to the weather quite …. uh, let’s say quirkily. Pantene Curl Enhancer creme (I forget the exact title but you get the idea) – you only use a little bit each day (even on a full shoulder-length head o’ fuzz), it’s non-aerosol, the container is designed to push the product up to the dispensing end as you use it, and of course the container is also the kind of plastic that’s ok to put in the blue box. Doesn’t make your hair feel icky or brittle, just tames the fuzz factor so people can see the pretty curls. And it doesn’t matter if you use any old shampoo beforehand.
    Good luck on the tour!

  154. I know it’s a lot of people but it’s knitters! We love you and it’ll be more like talking to your giant family. Maybe if you wrote your speech as a draft blog post it would help.

  155. If you still need someone with a car to help move hats, I have a Mini Cooper, but it can fit a fair bit of stuff (no, really, it can!) I’ve also got 5 of those immense IKEA bags that I could use to transport hats (or we can use to separate kids from adult hats).
    I’m so looking to Thursday!!!

  156. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Honestly, none of us knitters will care. But do wear the Bohus!!

  157. I just read this post to my husband. He may be very evil inside, lol. He said that if it were him, he would intentionally knit your husband’s neck just a LITTLE too tight, lol. It’s beautiful, by the way!

  158. One: Don’t fret, you’ll be fine. You’re beautiful.
    Two: 750 people? Is that all? You talk to thousands more every day.
    Three: as long as you’re yourself, everyone will love you.
    PS: I finished all 12 hats. Pics on my blog. Off to mail them to NYC now!
    PPS: I am so sorry I cannot be there. Just at the same time you are making your appearance, I will be picking up Nancy Bush from the airport…to go have dinner with her…she’s coming to our annual guild knitting retreat. πŸ™‚ Wanna come? Upstate NY isn’t that far…she’s here Thursday – Sunday.

  159. Exactly why I’m not knitting a sweater for my SO–and it would be out of store bought yarn at that. I mean, he’d love it of course, it would fit perfectly, be the right color, and he’s want to wear it all the time. But even if all of that was true, I’d still wonder… does he really love it? It’s funny, other things that I make and give away don’t hold as much importance as a sweater for him would. I make socks for him all the time. No pressure to wear them, he just does and I believe it when he says that he really likes them. But a sweater? For me that’s a different animal. And he knows it. He doesn’t want me to knit him a sweater because he knows how much it would mean to me.
    Not that Joe won’t love the sweater that you’re working on. I mean who wouldn’t? The yarn is lovely (manly, handsome, practical) and the design is fantastic (manly, handsome, not too flashy) and I’m sure it fits him like a dream. What’s not to love? He will surely wear it with pride. Guaranteed.

  160. never belittle the need for good fitting (arse-lifting) pants or jeans. I think the fashion institute is a great place to wear jeans. Of course, they would probably need to be fashionable, you know–dark wash, boot cut, low-rise. You probably would like it to have some lovely lycra to boot–very flattering. Is this sounding like work? Umm…how about a skirt? Then you just need some socks and birks.

  161. Okay, when you’re worried about your hair, check out the person on this website (might have to scroll down to see the photo). Separated at birth? You decide.
    (hey, she’s wearing all black too…but she doesn’t knit as far as I know, nor has she ever had a book ranked nearly so high on Amazon’s sales ranking.)

  162. Hi Stephanie, you will be awesome, your sense of humour will make it a definate event. Are you going to go to the Vogue extreme knitting yarn exhibit? I have to travel to DC for a one day meeting (geesh) and i was thinking of heading over to NYC to see that exhibit, will miss you though, but would love thoughts on it from anyone.
    Also, we are thrilled you are coming to Anchorage Alaska in June. Yeah, a Canadian knitter in the US.

  163. i say wear the bohus and jeans and be comfy! πŸ˜€
    i hope joe understood your plight πŸ˜€

  164. I am SO glad to hear you are working on Joe’s gansey again. Just the other day, I was wondering about it… because I will soon start a gansey for my father — and somehow in my head Joe’s and my father’s are linked. If you don’t finish Joe’s, does that mean I won’t finish my father’s?? Besides, it is so beautiful and such a tribute to your love…
    anyway, have a blast in NYC.

  165. This is a totally unrelated comment, but somebody who knows Debbie New (Stephanie?) needs to send her this link:
    A labyrinthine brownie pan (so that there are always two edges on every brownie).
    Swear I have nothing to do with the company, just an avid Boing Boing reader and a former student and fan of New’s labyrinthine knitting method.
    Also I sort of figured that making brownies might be another way of avoiding speechwriting — speeches are always better when written the night before… you know that.
    Also, I know those fashionistas, and they respect nothing more that someone who has their own sense of style. You have plenty of your own, dearie. You don’t need to adopt somebody else’s.
    Oh look, I managed to bring it back to the topic.

  166. I have to say that I sympathize with Joe. I once wore a hat for a year that my love made me even though people laughed at me when I wore it in public. The atrocity, while I loved the idea of a hat knit especially for me that ultimately kept me warm, can be found at the bottom of her blog post with its wonderful replacement pictured above.
    I held my silence for a year and then it became too much to bare. Joe, I feel for you…

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