Channelling Wayne and Garth

A writers life does not pass in calendar months or years… instead, one marks ones place by where you are in a project. Beginning a book, near deadline, submitted, on tour…These are phases, and they matter more than something as trivial as the actual date. (Further to this, the actual date in publishing is seldom relevant. Things happen later and earlier than the dates all the time. The dates mean nothing. Let go of the dates.) There are three times in a publishing cycle when a writers life is particularly difficult. (At least for me. There may be writers out there with higher self esteem who don’t suffer as much.)

1. The last weeks “on deadline”. This is a bad time for obvious reasons. You are overworked, delirious, sleep-deprived and weird. Worse than that, you do not deserve the sympathy of others because it is nobody’s fault but your own that you procrastinated and are suffering.

2. The week in between handing in a manuscript and waiting to hear from your editor. I personally think that there should be a law that they have to read it as soon as they get it and then phone you right away, even if it’s the middle of the night. (You’ll be awake anyway.) Hanging around the house waiting to find out if your book sucks (which you secretly believe anyway) is a terrible time and really tarnishes the shine on the “manuscript submitted” glow, and, in this writers opinion, is inhumane. I’m thinking about dropping the next manuscript off personally so I can stand over the editors desk and say “No, you’ll read it now. I’ll wait.”

3. The week(s) in between when you get your finished copy of the book, but it hasn’t arrived in stores yet. There is no feeling like this one. On the one hand, dudes…it’s a book! There is no feeling like holding a book you wrote. None. It still leaves me breathless and unbelieving, sort of like blocking lace.


On the other hand…you have a week alone with it to consider its flaws. You read it over and over…was that funny? Am I right about that? Was I too hard on swatches? (I’m pretty sure that you can’t be too hard on swatches. They are filthy little liars.)


You admire how absolutely fantastic the illustrations are. You wonder if your words can possibly live up to how beautiful the book is. You reel with astonishment that combining the elements of yarn, chocolate, coffee and tears could turn out anything like this…


And you wait. You wait for other people to see it. People who aren’t your mother or your husband and won’t lie to you. You wait to find out that Amazon shipped, or you wait for your launch, when a whole bunch of people will see it for the first time right in front of you. You wait to find out if it’s ok, or if this is the book that means that you have to leave town and change your name to Magna O’Toole… living in Fiji and never knitting again so you don’t blow your cover.

It’s a rough, insecure week to live, especially if you have a vivid imagination.


You feel lucky and hopeful and really, really proud and scared and worried and blessed and ….well. You wonder what sort of an idiot writes a travel guide to the land of knitting. You wonder if this is the one that gets you mocked publicly. That muggles just thought the knitting thing was “cute” until now…but now they are going to think it’s stupid. Totally stupid. This is the one that’s really going to sound lame at parties. Then you recover a little bit and think, screw this. I’ll throw my own parties. Yeah. That’s it, my own damn parties and there will be nothing but knitters and we’ll show the muggles that this isn’t stupid (or at least if it is stupid it doesn’t matter because there are so damn many of us that they had better play nice, buddy…. and get us some chairs and don’t talk to me like I’m cute.) Knitting is a perfectly valid topic and pretty interesting so get out of my damn way because the knitters are having some big parties. Then you cheer up a big and that cramped up feeling goes away because Dudes! You have a party to plan and it’s totally distracting.


The party:

March 22nd – NYC – Represent at The Fashion Institute of Technology in the Haft Auditorium, which is in the C building on 27th street just off of 7th avenue. 6:00pm

The sock picture:

Bring your travelling sock (every sock is a travelling sock this day) to Central Park, Strawberry Fields (Where the “Imagine” mosaic is) at 12 noon on the 22nd. I thought about doing it at “Sheep Meadow” but it’s not open yet. I think Strawberry Fields is our best bet. We shall be very quiet and well behaved, since it is a “quiet zone”. If there are too many of us to be reasonably quiet (or if we have trouble being well behaved), then we’ll shuffle off nearby, maybe the fountain at Cherry Hill?

Yarn Crawls:

Amber is a goddess, and has put together an awesome map of NYC yarn shops HERE. On her website she is pulling together suggested routes for those who would like to fly solo, these include:


The ladies who lunch route

For: Ladies and Gentlemen who need cashmere. Ladies and Gentlemen who will enjoy the thrill of strolling by the windows of high fashion at skyscraper prices on the Upper East Side. Ladies and Gentlemen who want to end up at the Metropolitan Museum. Ladies Who Lunch.

The Driving Tour, aka The-Manhattanites-Have-No-Idea-What-They’re-Missing

For: Those who are in Queens or Long Island, looking for the slow road into town. Alternatively, someone with a yarn-loving, car-driving friend in town and you want to hit the places with the Mega-Inventory. In New York, the further you are from Times Square/Wall Street, the cheaper the real estate, the bigger the yarn stores. And the bigger stores can afford to carry more yarn and less-expensive yarn.

The Intrepid Brooklynite Tour

For: Those of us who know our way around a bus. And everybody else who’s been curious about what’s so cool about Brooklyn. Seriously, I can’t believe you don’t know yet.

Should you wish to join up with a yarny tour guide, the volunteers are getting back to me about where and when to meet them. Watch this space.

I’ll list them here:

and you can contact them. If you would like to be a tour guide, send me an email or a comment.


The hats are a way of turning our numbers into something awesomely helpful. If you are coming to an event (I updated the tour page, Cleveland, Lexington and Northampton have been added, and Jayme-the-wonder-publicist gave me some details about times and places and that sort of thing.) you can bring the hat, or mail it to an event closer to you. If you are not going to have an event closer to you then you can mail the hat to be your little do-gooding representative in NYC.

Two places to mail it (Many fine and wonderful people volunteered for this. I love them, but am only listing these few because they were willing to publish their addresses, which, frankly is way, way easier for me. My apologies, and know that I love you.)

Mail your hats to:

K Gormley

10th Floor

826 Broadway

New York, New York


(She says not to forget the “10th floor”)

or you can mail or drop off the hats at Knitty City

208 W. 79th St.

New York, NY


I’ll likely need a volunteer to help K and Pearl move the hats from those locations to the event at FIT, and then to give them to NY Cares the next day. Anyone?

Afterparties (Or before parties, or next day parties, or….)

I’m going to leave these casual. If you are having a get together at a restaurant or bar afterwards (This especially freaks the muggles. Knitters gathering in large public groups with alcohol? Very upsetting.) and you want to hang out with other knitters, send me an email or comment with the details and I’ll post it here. Then the knitters can contact you and you can warn the bar/restaurant appropriately. ( I wouldn’t tell them knittters were coming. I would just make reservations for a “group”. Let the element of surprise work for you.)

Other ways to fill NYC up with knitters and freak the muggles out?

If you have an idea or an event, let me know and I’ll list it here. (Assuming it isn’t morally or socially reprehensible, like “smoke crack nude and knit in public” or something like that. )

1. It’s a purl man has a plan.

Good enough? Anybody got anything else? Did you remember to pre-board by emailing Jayme if you’re coming a long way or can’t wait in line? (email to : publicityATstoreyDOTcom replacing the AT with @ and the DOT with a “.”)

Now, I await your directions, enthusiasm and proposed adventures. I’ve got some very exciting knitting to do. See this?


It’s a purl ridge on the Bohus, a turning ridge. That means that now I’m knitting the hem. (I’m substituting that for ribbing.) That’s the last thing I do before there’s a sweater. I can’t believe I’ve almost finished. What a pleasure it’s been. I’m thrilled that it’s almost finished and disappointed to see it coming to an end. Sort of like the book. Party on dudes.

221 thoughts on “Channelling Wayne and Garth

  1. The room is gorgeous. I can’t wait for the new book and a few hats are ready to go. Thank you, Stephanie for being the force behind this wonderful event. We appreciate it.

  2. Wow! what a lot of events! I envy the travelers out there. Can’t wait to get my hands on the book.

  3. I cannot wait to read the book! Thank you in advance for writing it because I know I’ll love it! I SO wish I could be in New York with you, but my hat will arrive in my stead. 🙂 Have a great yarn crawl!

  4. Okay, here’s the thing. Jayme will not be a wonder publicist until she gets you down to South Carolina. Or heck, even Atlanta would do. We knit down South, you know. And we have beer that is not ass (our coffee, not so much, but I know people who know people ….)
    Congrats on the new book!

  5. Going back a while, How dare somebody criticise your spelling when you say vacuuming instead of hoovering , you are a Lady , a fantastic knitter and , please say that you included the pattern for your wedding shawl in your latest book. Blessings, and enjoy your beautiful new bedroom !

  6. I have been an amazon “user” since they first went online and I have never – ever – pre-ordered a book…until now. Can’t wait!

  7. OK. I was going to quit buying knitting books for a while since, frankly, I think I’ve had mail from Amazon a couple of times a week since early February and still some on the way… But I’ll go order now.
    And I’m still saying you should make the Yarn Harlot Does Europe -tour.

  8. This would be a great excuse to come to New York, but alas, I have international health work to do and will be taking my traveling sock to central Africa. Trust me, knitters with alcohol make EVERYONE nervous there.
    Being stricken with chronic wanderlust, a real curse I know, I am really looking forward to a tour book of the land of knitting. If you did have to change your name though, and move to Fiji, make sure it’s with a nice INGO like MSF that will pay to ship your new bedroom. Also, don’t give up your knitting – you’d still have home leave or R&R to Toronto where it will always be cold.

  9. I cannot believe I am in the top 20 comments 🙂 Cannot wait for your visit, will be my first time in NYC – what a way to start!!

  10. Gotta get my hats out now! Thanks to those willing to collect and distribute our offerings!
    Have a spectacular time in NYC. Wish I could be there.

  11. I think it is common for all writers to self-deprecate themselves into a wicked state of anxiety prior to having other people experience their work. I am sure the new book will not disappoint and I can’t wait to get my copy. Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! I can’t wait until you come to beautiful Aurora (okay not Aurora exactly, but I had to keep in the spirit)!

  12. I am truly sorry that I can not come to NYC for this big event. It sounds like the most perfect day in the knitting universe! I can’t for the new book to come out! I have two others and there is always room for another one especially if it makes me laugh!

  13. Love your description of writer’s angst. Just what in your childhood made you so funny??? in a slightly warped sort of way. Nice warped, not weird warped.

  14. Yeah! Top 20!
    #1 Don’t freak out about the book, we will all love it.
    #2 Not that I’m trying to pressure you or anything, but…Now that I’ve left my home in the northwestern suburbs of Illinois, you are going to be the closest you’ve ever been! Can you also come to our new home in Austin??? or Houston???? Pleeeezzzzzzz????

  15. Don’t worry–we’ll still love you, no matter what. And more important…we’ll buy your book! Going to order now…

  16. I have a car and can help shift hats as I live in Manhattan I work but we can “work” around that. Let me know. Can’t wait for the book.

  17. Nothing so exciting planned when you come to St. Paul – alternatively – I’ve heard that I was No. 271 on the list for the St. Paul event, so you may have a huge crowd there. I can’t wait to buy the new book! Congratulations. And Knit on in New York.

  18. But you ARE cute.
    And that sounds like a fine book, and a fine (series of) party(ies). Wish I could make it, but I’ll be reading said book and representing in my own town.

  19. The book looks great!! I will be in the Chicago area for that stop on your toor, but will also send a hat for NYC. They need to know!!! I can’t believe your Bohus is alsmost done. You are a whiz at all yu do.

  20. Your books have all been wonderful and you know it! I wish that I could come to NYC but hope to catch you in Victoria when you are there. In the meantime I’m going to lurk by the mailbox in anticipation of a package from Amazon.

  21. Oh— squee! A sneak peek! (Did I just say squee? Somebody slap me…. with malabrigo)
    Book looks great- Already ordered from Amazon…. hurry up, amazon, hurry up!

  22. I can’t be there, but has anyone put invites out to knitting groups on Facebook? There are a lot of knitters on there who might join in on something like this.

  23. I’ll help move hats from Knitty City, after the Travelling Sock shoot. You know where to find me – feel free to pass my info on to the KC gals (I’m going to be there tomorrow, so perhaps I can do that myself.) And the book looks awesome – I hope my pre-order arrives in time!

  24. Woo hoo!
    I can’t wait to hear all about it. I very nearly booked myself a plane ticket to NYC. But I know the stories will be awesome.

  25. Thanks for a great preview of the book! I can hardly wait until it ships; and you think you’re on tenterhooks? Well, ok, author tenterhooks are worse than reader’s. But still. Another bookbookbook! Waiting! Impatient!
    Oh geez, I gotta search comments from yesterday for thoughts on what kinda yarn for hats… I forgot to remmeber. 😉

  26. ::snerk:: Forgot how to spell remember, too. Ok, I meant to do that, right? Maybe I should’ve put a ‘u’ in it somewhere. No, wait, ‘remembre’ would follow the ‘theatre’ rule better. Heh.

  27. Good lord, Woman, get a grip! We like you! We really, really like you! You could type up a catalog of your stash and people would pay to read it. You can’t not be entertaining. Party on(<:

  28. Party on ! The date is perfect (it’s my own personal birthday), except that I can’t make it to NYC. I will knit a hat in honour of it, and can’t wait to hear how NYC reacts!! Has anyone called Regis and Kelly yet?!!
    And the book – I tried to read it from the pictures you posted….. Can’t wait to find it on the shelves! Can’t wait!!!! A birthday present to myself!!

  29. Amazon emailed me a few days ago that they had mailed your new book. Hasn’t arrived, yet.
    You think *you* have a hard time justifying your book at parties? I wrote a book on habitat gardening for fairies!

  30. Thank you very much for the answer to my question and I must say , you are one very very clever young lady. The cover on Casts Off book is the BEST and I for one can hardly wait to get my eyes on the whole thing. Being Canadian I’ll have to summon up all my patience and wait. ONE day at a time Stephanie–and remember –If it doesn’t kill you it will be ok. All the best wishes for a spledid party .

  31. Come to Europe – seriously we do have yarn, and sheep, and coffee and very nice chocolate and we spell the same – well some of us anyway 🙂 – what’s not to like!?

  32. At the risk of sounding like Alvin the chipmunk on crack (know, however, that I am fully clothed): I was just at drooling over their yarns and wondering how in the world I was going to finagle another trip to Northampton and yes, I know I can just order the stuff online, but it’s not the same, and I’ve only been there once, it was totally the highlight of my day (granted, I was in Northampton at all to visit someone in the hospital, so there had to be a good part somewhere), and now I discover that you’re coming to Northampton, which is freak-out awesome, and I don’t know how I’m going to manage to get there on a Wednesday night, especially right after MA sheep & wool, but I’ll be there with hat(s) if I possibly can.
    Woo hoo!

  33. I just started reading “Yarn Harlot”, my first foray into the world of You-on-Paper, and if it is a representative of the books that follow, I am certain that the new one will be a smash hit! Thank you for making 2.5 miles on the treadmill so much more than tolerable. I can’t wait to go to the gym again. I am not allowing myself to read your book anywhere else, and it is an incredible source of motivation for me.
    Thanks, and good luck. I’m going to try to send a hat to NY.
    El Segundo, CA

  34. Good cover picture, check. Cool illustrations, check. Bitter rant about swatches, check. Huge presale figures from Amazon, gotta check. Seriously, dude, it’s all good. Try not to worry too much. (Notice I didn’t say, “Don’t worry at all.” I know worrying goes with the territory.)
    Didja sleep well last night?

  35. Ok.
    “never knit again”?!??!!!
    Who are you and what have you done with our Harlot?

  36. Hey all I am trying to get knitting to REPRESENT on the today show, please check out the site for more deatils about the event, my reasoning and poster design compitition:
    also, can you please sign up if you plan on attending so that we (the organizers) have some idea about how many are showing up:

  37. I pre-ordered on Amazon as soon as I could and I can’t wait! Don’t worry – it will be great! I would pre-order anything with your name on it!
    Wish I could make the FIT party – I’m sure it will be very impressive. I will anxiously await media reports.

  38. Cleveland!! I’ll gather all my backwoods courage to come to the swanky part of town. Hot diggidy!

  39. Congratulations! You are a wonderful writer and I can’t wait for your latest installment which has been dutifully preordered for months. It looks beautiful inside. You deserve a long, long, long rest – preferrably someplace warm and sandy.

  40. I can’t be in NY, but I will be in Ann Arbor on April 1st and would be glad to help coordinate events on a scale suitable to the size of my town. We have lots of places that you didn’t see (or at least write about) during your previous visit. Can’t wait and hope I get to see the sweater.

  41. Enjoy your nearly-done-sweater exhilaration, for you have deserved it. I can’t wait for your book and your visit to Oak Brook (or Oak Forest? or River Forest?) Illinois! Party on!

  42. New book! New book! You can’t see me, but I’m hopping with joy — something new to read!
    And, Steph? People knit in the South Pacific. Seriously. I’ve met one. And weirdly enough — she knit in wool, cause she said nights out on the ocean in a boat get cold.

  43. We”ll have to do something in St. Paul. We’ve got lots of yarn stores around the metro area. I’m sure we could work out a yarn crawl of some kind.
    Looking forward to seeing you in St. Paul. Off to hunt through the stash and start a hat or two.

  44. Suggestions for the Canadian launch? Really??
    Why, you ask?….I wanna represent too!
    Relative newbie to the blog – but diligent Pearl-McPhee book reader. Storming through the archives with sheer delight. Thanks.
    Canuck Kate

  45. Well color me happy! I am so thrilled to see you will be in Petaluma, CA in June. Not only is that a very reasonable drive for me but my husband has about 6 million family members in Petaluma and will surely have no objections to dropping me off at the bookstore! 🙂
    Also, your post reminded me so much of the movie Funny Farm. Do you remember that movie – the scene when Chevy Chase is making his wife read his manuscript?

  46. I am breathless from reading the accomplishments of the bedroom (not *those*, the other ones!) and the dizzying array of events for the twenty-second.
    Yeah, about that. I will be representing in a darkened theater in New Jersey watching my two girls in their school play. So not so much for me in NYC. Dammit!

  47. Wish I could be there next week in New York, but I am too close to having this baby. I will be thinking of you all and knitting in public as much as possible that day. Good luck!

  48. If you really can’t bear it any longer, send me your copy of the book and I can let you know if its funny or not… just a thought… i’m sure its great

  49. Can’t wait – I am flying in Tuesday to represent with Cyrus my 18 month old. He will probably happily, actively nurse through the whole thing. So fitting in many ways.

  50. This book looks awesome. Had it on preorder from Chapters for about 3 months..can’t wait..I am sure it will be just as terrific or even better then the first three. What’s the writer’s equivalent of “break a leg”???

  51. hi! i don’t know if anyone’s suggested it yet (i don’t see it in the comments on this post), but it seems that the “radical lace & subversive knitting” exhibit at the museum of arts and design on 53rd street might be a good destination. let me know if you need any more information.
    can’t wait!

  52. Just called Powell’s in Portland Oregon and they did not have a clue. She did say the room cut off was 200 people and I said I thought there would be way more than that and since I was coming from 5 hours away could we reserve a spot…. (NO) SO, just a heads up for that location…. again, muggles in the dark……

  53. Repeat from yesterday: yay! Plus the fact that I really relate: I’m waiting for my first copy to arrive of my own book, while Amazon’s taking orders. Too wonderfully weird! And congratulations so much on yours and all yours; can’t wait to read the newest!

  54. For the yarn crawlers, the list includes Wallis Mayers, but that
    store has been closed for years.

  55. For the yarn crawlers, the list includes Wallis Mayers, but that
    store has been closed for years.

  56. My sister is going to get me the book when she sees you in ANCHORAGE. that means that I have several months to wait and then I have to wait for her to read it and then send it to me.
    Oh the agony!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Stephanie, this is my first comment after following your blog for years. My 11 year old daughter is finally a knitting convert, but not because of me, because of your books. So, thanks. I’ll be buying the new one for her. Please come to Seattle so we can meet you in person! Congratulations on the new room, book and FIT party.

  58. My timming sucks! I just returned to TO from Manhatten last night. My husband and daughter might never have suspected that their days sightseeing itinerary was planned around a “knit shop crawl” if I had a printed map like the one provided.

  59. Bo-hus! Bo-hus! Bo-hus! My goodness you’re a fast knitter. Can’t wait to see it. Can’t wait for the Revolution. Can’t wait for the book. (Again, the new pic of you on the cover is fabulous. Truly great hair. And isn’t that the DALE?!) And can’t wait to see you in Petaluma! My knitting posse and I will be there bearing Peet’s and Scharffen Berger. You do know about Scharffen Berger, right?

  60. The book looks fabulous from the bit that I can see and I’m positive it will get all the accolades that the first three got and more.
    Dammit! I won’t get to help freak out muggles in NYC in person. My hat will though. It will be off the needles and into the post in no time now.

  61. Wow! You’re coming to Cleveland! What a birthday to remember! Lyndhurst is an east side suburb. The bookstore is lovely and, since my knitting guild holds our Knit Out there in autumn, they shouldn’t be too freaked out by lots of knitters (and I do mean there will be lots of us!!)See you the end of the month.

  62. Oh how right you are about the hell of those three times in the publishing cycle. EXCEPT for the sub-clause in Point #1. You DO deserve the sympathy of others, because procrastinating is a necessary part of your creative process; without it you couldn’t ever work up the adrenaline to work up the momentum to make the thing happen. (Go ahead, ask me how I know…. And BTW I still think #2 is vastly the worst of the three. Not just with your editor… also with your AGENT. You spend all that time thinking “Oy, if even my #1 Official Cheerleader can’t bring herself to call me up and break it to me gently, it must REALLY be awful…” and then it turns out she was crazy about it all along and because SHE knew it was so good it just never occurred to her that you were SITTING on the PHONE eating your HEART out waiting for the verdict. Eurrcchhh.)
    Anyway, yes, I’ve got something else. In case anyone doesn’t happen to have a Traveling Sock on the needles at the moment, or in case any one just happens to feel like it, I have designed a new sock in honor of the occasion and the cause. It’s called “Blue Stocking”; it’s my tribute to you and to all of us Uppity Knitters, and I’m going to make it available as a free pattern. At this moment I am still frantically writing it up, and I will announce its availability on my site and my blog the SECOND it’s done (I’m shooting for some time tonight; here’s hoping). Meanwhile you can see pictures at (scroll down a post or three for some heel detail, related yarn porn, etc.; scroll up a post for some stitch pattern discussion).

  63. Only 200 at Powell’s? HUH? We had more than that last year at the teeny tiny satellite location. Good to know – I’ll be there veddy, veddy early, then.

  64. I just want to let you know that I had to write a persuasive essay about an issue ciruclating, so I wrote about how Knitters should be respected =).

  65. i can’t wait to see you in pittsburgh in a couple of weeks! and congrats on your room makeover. don’t suppose you’ll feel like helping us with our reno while you’re here? 😉 we’ll be representing here, and i hope we can do some kind of charity thing here as well (recall from a previous comment of mine on a previous post of yours that the bookstore where you’ll be speaking here is across the street from a goodwill center–not just a store, but a helping-people center).

  66. Sounds like that’ll be a great time-too bad I’m on the wronge coast for it. Is that a St Moritz sweater you’re wearing on the cover of the book? I knit one for my guy as a christmas present once, it was the only sweater he would even look at when I drug him yarn shopping. Luckily the curse didn’t take effect, or I’d have had to beated him up to get it back! (This also happened to be my first sweater. I may have been on drugs)

  67. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my pre-ordered Harlot book! I will sadly miss your visit to Northern California this time around (which sadly is going to be right around my birthday too), but I look forward to you coming back with your next book tour!!

  68. Lisa, halfway through the first paragraph I knew it was you without looking. Seriously dude.
    Yikes, time to finish this necktie and get a Represent hat on the needles!

  69. Oh, I wish I could go to NYC. Not gonna happen. I will be sending a hat though.
    Sounds like so much fun! Going away now to knit and hum Strawberry Fields Forever…..

  70. I really wanted to come to NYC to see this Represent party – but its the day before the first of my 2 finals…. so I have to settle for seeing you when you’re in St. Paul 🙂

  71. I can feel you on the book fears… only that I’m working (let’s say, trying to work) on my Master’s Thesis right now. And it’s going to be marked… (not that your readers won’t give you a mark. Just in another way) I have to try not to go sick thinking about it :-/

  72. Hat in the mail, eye on the mailbox – fair exchange. You rock. Enjoy the buzz, too, you’ve earned it. Where better than the Big Ball of Yarn to party and Represent – where all rising stars hang out. (p.s. am still a little high from the thrill of turning my first heel. Balancing Knitting Rules on my lap as I went. What a gas.)

  73. Ah, you had me at “Wayne and Garth.” 🙂 I wish I could be there – but I will send a hat!

  74. Well, I can’t come to NYC because, well, now I don’t have a job. However, I’m SO EXCITED that you’re coming to WEBS, and I will be there this time because I’ll be damned if I’ll be in another wedding. this is very exciting.

  75. My mistake. Amazon sent the *other* books I ordered, not yours. Maybe next week.
    Enjoy your book launch party. I’m looking forward to reading all about it.
    For real, you could write a legit travel book. Your blog readers certainly enjoy your tales of travel daring-do.

  76. OMG, the yarniness of all those events . . . but darn it, I can’t GO to New York on the 22nd! Sheesh . . . you’re all going to have so, so much fun, though….

  77. Sounds like it goes like this: sock at Central Park, lunch with knitters, get in line (long line) to Represent, bring one or more hats. Got it. All sounds good, glad it isn’t this weekend as we are expecting a nor’easter. And, love your new pic ~ your hair looks fantastic!

  78. I feel so left out living on the west coast. But I think the same sort of plan in the Bay Area (California) would be wonderful. HINT HINT HINT. Your knitting is wonderful, and every book you have ever published is on my book shelf. I am clearing room for the next one!!!

  79. Congratulations! I bet lots of people will pre-order a copy. Lots of us can’t go to the party, but best of wishes! ^Look at Janice’s comment^. The woman is so right. We Bay Area people would like to be part of it, too. HINT HINT

  80. 1. In my other, non-fibery life, I’m the head of interlibrary loan in a large academic library. Many things have led me to the conclusion that publishers are smoking crack. Don’t get me started.
    2. If I ever meet a short woman named Magna O’Toole in a large hat and dark glasses, I’ll know it’s you.
    3. Face it, Steph. You’re cute.
    4. I’m almost done with my hat. I had to frog the first one…because the SWATCH LIED!
    5. Looking forward to the book!

  81. By the way, as a little celebration of your book, you should check this: out, if you haven’t already seen it. Warning: The above website is not for those with a lack knitterly restraint or ready funds.

  82. That sounds like fun! I just found out that I’m moving to Minneapolis, so I quickly checked the tour page to see if or when you were going and 🙁 you’re going to be in St Paul 3 months before my move. If you want to make this mexican happy schedule something near El Paso Tx, Las cruces N.M maybe? I’ll even go to Albuquerque, pleeeeaseee…

  83. Though we do not know each other from Adam’s house cat, I nevertheless didn’t hesitate during a Norman Vincent Peale Power of Positive Thinking moment yesterday to request that Jayme-the-wonder-publicist add Cleveland to the tour since you were going to Pgh. on March 31st. That moment passed quickly into the fog known as meno-mind, for the estrogen-less among us, but clearly the ether grabbed that thought and others before it, and cosmic synapsing happened!! “BOO-RAH!!,” as the minor males who litter my environment would say. Yes, Lyndhurst is near Cleveland, about 20 min. east of downtown, near Beachwood, Shaker Heights, University Heights and South Euclid. Joseph Beth Booksellers is in a lifestyle center, no, I’m not joking, known by the title “Legacy Village.” Not unlike a happily pregnant belly, we are all so happy to have you come around to pat and fuss over, anticipating what you will produce given your progeny to date.You’ve proven yourself quite capable in the labor department, and we will no doubt be pleased as punch in Cleveland to have you for a few hours!

  84. Can’t wait to see the book in my LYS! Your pictures so far make it look great, and your past work has prescedent that it will be great!
    Oh man, I wish I could go to the knit-in! It sounds wonderful. Instead, I’ll go cast on for a hat 🙂

  85. okay – another brilliant idea – and maybe too late for the US launch – yet – could be considered for the Canadian launch – a video conference – so that if you can’t attend the event in person – you can still have the opportunity….?

  86. I’m so excited!! You’re coming to Lexington on my birthday!!!! The best present I could ask for! See you then!

  87. Some day, it will finally sink in that you’ve got thousands of blog readers for a reason. {big grin}
    Off to . . .
    I can’t wait to read it.
    (Nor can I wait to see what happens on the 22nd! :o)

  88. Congrats on the book and the nearly finished Bohus. Can’t wait to get my copy (of the book, that is). Please say that you’ll come to the UK at some point? You need to come to Yorkshire. There are wool mills and fabby yarn places in Yorkshire. You’d love it.

  89. Steph,
    If it’s a book you wrote, it’ll be FABULOUS!! Can’t wait to read it!
    WOW, the room looks great- well done, and thanks for sharing the progress with us!

  90. I can’t believe your book is finally out! I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to read it (and will confess to squinting to see how much I could read in the pics on the blog). I guess I’ll have to start trolling the local bookstore after work. Oh and I love the cover pic so much better than the test pic they have on Amazon. You look great!

  91. I love the way you write and your last two books had me in stitches (no pun intended). I can’t wait for the new book to come out. I wish I could make it to New York but with the kids and a husband who has to go to work it’s just not happening but I can’t wait read about it on everyones blogs!

  92. Authorhood: #1 was a nightmare, #2 was worse (but now that we’ve had an uplifting email from the editor life is good again), and I am anxiously awaiting #3, which everyone assures me will indeed be sublime. I’ll believe it when I am holding it. Until then it’s words on paper in offices all over N. Adams.
    And there is gonna be a party.

  93. Your room is beautiful. The new book looks fantastic. And, you are doing an afternoon thing on the 22nd! My cup runneth over. The F.I.T. do would be too late for me, since I come into the city from N. J. and wouldn’t want to travel home after dark. BUT 12 noon suits me just fine! Look forward to seeing you at Strawberry Fields, with MY traveling sock. Let’s hope for nice weather. Looking forward, Ruth in NJ

  94. They changed the cover photo… it does you far more justice then the temp did. And you should know by now that your humble admirers will walk over broken glass to buy your book and will love every freaking word of it… worry not, dear Harlot.

  95. Congratulations on the book. So how many of you set the magnification on your computer to its highest trying to read the pages in the pictures?
    Also, I can’t wait to see the results of the knitters descending on New York.

  96. this is the sound of two hands clapping
    and many bravos and encore encore
    wish i could be there sarasota is good town
    perhaps for the reading festival this year

  97. Magna O’Toole – is she the one who wrote the Magna Carta? If so, things bode well.
    Very much looking forward to your next book, and I like the new (photo on the) cover!

  98. The book looks fabulous, I can’t wait to get my hands on it so i can read it 3 times in a row like i did with the others. Ok, I confess that it was more like 4 times in a row but i was trying not to seem totally obsessed (too late).

  99. Stephanie, my dear
    We love you. We’ll love bookbookbook4. It’s a given.
    BTW, I just called Copperfield’s in Petaluma and, I hate to say, they’re MUGGLES. I told them and told them and told them, “You have no idea how many people will be coming.” Their response was very nearly, “There, there, little girl, we know best. After all, we’ll have two hundred chairs.” ARGHHHHHH A pox on their muggle-ness.
    And I have to get on a soap box for a bit.
    Dearest Harlot readers, WHY, WHY, WHY do you only order from BIG BOX BOOKCHAINS, most notably That One On The Internet, which has been named in several comments. There are fine, small, local, INDEPENDENT bookstores that would love to have you order from them. It might make all the difference in the world to independent booksellers all over the world, if all of us started patronizing them, instead of Those That Have Been Named In Comments, or other large places that are putting the independents out of business. We should respect and honor the independents, who will carry the unpopular books because they’re good and necessary. You don’t want to live in a world with only BIG BOX STORES. It isn’t pretty. Or free.

  100. Dee, I love you. The 60+ year old independent I’d worked in for 15 years (and shoped at for 30) closed last year, leaving me jobless and this town without an independent. If anyone would like to follow Dee’s suggestion and bask in a general golden karmic glow but you don’t know where the nearest independent it, just go to and type in your zipcode — voila. Instant bookstore. The cosmos thanks you.

  101. Everytime I go to the grocery store I check out the magazines and guess what is always sitting in the front row where the knitting magazines are? It’s Knitting Rules! The first time I saw this in the wild I thought someone put the book there by mistake, there was only one and the magazine area contains no other books. But it wasn’t a mistake, I shop there each week and there are always a few copies sitting there. Totally cool as your book is the only one in the area, so be proud!

  102. I wish I could come to NY but it’s a wee bit far… so I second the Seattle vote! We’ll all be wishing we could be in NYC on the big day!

  103. Hi Steph! Don’t you know that we feel about your books the way that you feel about Bohus? As we finally get to dig in, after months of waiting for it to arrive, we will devour every word with eager anticipation and many, many laughs — all the while feeling wistful that we are nearing the end and soon it will be over until the next time you grace us with your wit and knitting wisdom. I, for one, can’t wait!!!

  104. I stopped in a local bookstore today and asked about your new book. They told me that they have some copies on order, one of those will now be held for me.

  105. Dee and Rams – second the motion! or third it! When Lobscouse came out our publisher wanted to book us into a whole string of Barnes & Nobles, and the publicist couldn’t quite figure out why we put our collective foot down on the one down the block from the Book Revue in Huntington, one of the last great bastions of independent total-coolness in these parts. Well, we got our signing at Book Revue (big-time fantasy fulfilment), and it was one of our best events ever, with fun knowledgeable people hanging from the rafters – and the price we paid was agreeing to some newly-built mega-mall B&Ns in other towns where nobody knew from nothin’ and hardly anyone showed up (and those who did had driven all night from New Mexico to get there). Sheesh. The killer there was that they were just outside Denver, a family home town, and we had to pass up The Tattered Cover for them. See Cookie and Lisa; see Cookie and Lisa eat their hearts out in empty suburban megastore. But at least we had Book Revue (and Seaport and Mystic and all those other really cool little maritime museum bookshops); no, no, they can’t take that away from us.
    So Beth – what gave me away, dude? was it the smell? or the whining?

  106. What Kristen said about visiting SC or GA. We have good beer (at least one decent GA microbrewery and Carolina Blonde from NC is so totally NOT ass). And if you come to GA I will *so* bring you coffee and chocolate truffles from (yes, this is an unabashed and open effort to bribe The Harlot …).

  107. I will be in NYC for the launch, but alas, I will not be there early enough for the sock extravaganza or the “Knitters stalk the Today Show” event (Tee, hee). However, I am around all day on Friday and so WILL get to see the radical lace exhibit and hit every yarn store I can get to. I bet I run into a BUNCH of knitters…

  108. I have now officially pre-ordered your book from Amazon (also Amy’s) and am joining everyone else who is impatiently waiting for it to appear in my mailbox!

  109. HOORAY! You’re coming to Lyndhurst (close to Cleveland)! Joseph-Beth Booksellers is one of my favorite places. I am scheduled to be scrapping that day but that will just have to wait. BUT – I’ve just re-entered the knitting world and have never done a hat! I’ll try my best – I’ve done a scarf in a week, so maybe 2 weeks for a hat is possible. Can’t bring a sock, though, I’m not quite ready for more than 2 needles at a time. Can’t wait to see you in person. Congratulations on the great room redo (I dread picking out room colors. I prefer “color by number,” so anything other than “white” is too much for me!).

  110. Hope the launch goes really well!
    Are there any other deadlines you have been procrastinating over? The bedroom looks great, btw.
    Alas, too late for me to get a hat from Australia to NYC, unless I cough up $30 for priority air mail, which I am not doing 8-}

  111. Yes, we want to see the Bohus in the wild. Now, I just have to figure out what the perfect travelling sock is.

  112. Hi there!! Thank you for more information about NYC. I am totally interesting in get-togethers with other knitters. Please list them as you receive information about them. Thanks!!
    I depart from here on Manitoulin Island on Monday, March 19th to Toronto. Catch a train the next morning to NYC. I’ll be arriving in NYC late on March 20th and flying out of JFK to Seattle on the afternoon of Friday, March 23rd.
    BTW, thank you for introducing me to the BMFA Rockin’ Sock Club.

  113. Gads! Your hair looks SO MUCH better on this cover than the mock cover! It looks like your hair!
    From one naturally-curly sufferer to another.

  114. I pre-ordered your new book on – can’t wait for it to come!
    Glad you liked my stitch markers – happy knitting! And thanks for the favor upon my request!

  115. Steph, I’m sure the book will be GREAT, as usual! I’m anxiously awaiting my Amizon delivery.

  116. Sigh–When you wrote Lexington and Northampton in the same sentence, I got excited. Lexington MA (home of Wild and Wooly) is a much closer ride than Northampton MA(although I wouldn’t mind visiting friends there, it’s nearly impossible on a weeknight with a 3 yr old). Alas, you meant the OTHER Lexington.

  117. Alas. I am in Texas. Definitely NOT close enough to get to NYC. But I’ll be there in spirit, and I’ll try to send a hat… 😀
    And glad that Liz posted the NPR interview. I sat and laughed for quite a while….
    And I want the book. They can ship that to Texas, too!
    Thanks, Yarnharlot, for using the Internet to reach us knitters down here, separated from the cool NY group.

  118. I am SO excited!! I have had your book on pre order for months now! I can’t wait till it gets here. AND you will coming to Petaluma, which is 20 mins away from me I AM SO THERE!!!
    Congrats on the book coming out!!

  119. OMG! I WANT THE BOOK!!!!
    Come down to San Diego and we’ll totally do a yarn crawl and whatever else you’d like. Omigod… JOIN US!!

  120. OK, I am SO peering out the window for the Amazon order….and I’m going to try to get up a Sympathy Knit at my favorite LYS on the 22nd. I think I’ll take my Hat to the shop in St. Paul, won’t get it done in time to send to NYC on time. Gotta organize my knitting to take along to Costume-Con (I am SUCH a non-sew-er,I’m going to knit and gawk), because somewhere in all the busy-ness I’m counting on spring sneaking in when I’m not looking!

  121. Bethly called today to curse me for sending her your books. I know that’s the opposite of her blessings call the other day. The reason? She says she isn’t getting any sleep because she’s staying up late, unable to set your books down, laughing deeply and enjoying herself way too much.

  122. Congrats on the book! I’m so jealous I can’t be with you all in New York. Have a blast!

  123. Hey – this is a non book aside (I did my yay bookbookbook yay comment earlier, you see)…
    How does the Harlot and family care for all those wool socks? Seriously? – I’ve read all of 2004, and so far no mention of hand washing….
    please help this sock rookie to understand…..:)

  124. Congratulations on your new book. From little Belgium a copy is pre-ordered and I’m so impatient to have it. I whish I could come to NY! I wish you the best success with the party.

  125. Oh joy you’re coming to Cleveland! Oh sob I am living in Italy at the moment! If I could, I would be there with a Great Lakes Dormunder Gold for you. Please someone pick up my slack! Congratulations abound on the new book. I was so hoping you could do the needle in hand honors for my 4 month old. Ah well, perhaps vicariously. Cheers!

  126. What a wonderful journey through the life and times of a writer. It was enjoyable.
    The party sounds like plenty of fun for all who will be attending.
    Good luck with the book!

  127. I’m insanely and I mean INSANELY jealous. I’m going to have to stop reading this blog until after the big event so that I don’t use my needles in a evil way on the friend who’s to afraid of NYC and large crowds to keep me company for this event!!!

  128. I want to go to NYC! That all sounds like so much fun! You should come to New Orleans, imagine all the trouble knitters could get into down here!

  129. I’m sure your book will be great! As a matter of fact- I pre-ordered it MONTHS ago from Chapters and have been checking back on the site constantly to see if they have shipped it yet! I am looking forward to reading it!!!

  130. CLEVELAND!!!!! w00t!!!!!
    I am dancing around in happiness.
    Don’t worry, Tanya. I will bring the Dortmunder Gold in your name.
    And anyone up for an afterparty for the Cleveland event? I’m a West Sider but willing to travel for good yarn/food/beer.

  131. Oh boy! Infinite excitement. And hooray and nearly finishing the Bohus! I can’t wait to see that either. I’d come to the knitter-party-gathering, but I have school. >.< Lame. But best wishes for a huge, innumerable group!

  132. A good post. Writing and releasing a book has so many emotional ups, downs, and lateral shifts in the space-time continuum.
    If you ever are worrying about a Muggle saying, “This is stupid”, remind them that if not for the Industrial Revolution, they’d all have to be knitting their own socks and sweaters. In fact, remind them that they owe their skivvies to knitters because if not for the knitters, how would the engineers of the Industrial Revolution have been able to work out how to mass produce tighty-whities at all.
    The farther along I got in your post, the more I was wishing that I could get to the party. A few of my knitting peeps are going to be there and I know it will be a blast. Me, I’m still on the crutches and don’t relish the idea of concrete canyons en cast.
    Have a great launch. And lunch while you are at it.

  133. In case someone else didn’t mention it, Lyndhurst is a suburb of Cleveland. Legacy Village is awesome. I, unfortunately, will be sitting in a classroom at Cleveland State University discussing Integrative Business Strategies. It is, unfortunately, the very FIRST class. I cannot cut my stupid stupid class . . . gee, I wonder if the prof is a knitter? We could do a field trip!

  134. Seeing Lexington on the blog also caused me to have my hopes raised and dashed in the time it took to click on the link. Rumor has it you did stop by Wild and Woolly (in Lexington, Mass.) once – is it just a sub-urban knitting legend?

  135. YAY!! You’re coming to Lexington!! =) SOON!
    I was afraid it was Lexington MA but so happy that it’s KY!

  136. wow steph! where DO you get your energy from? cos whatever you’re on, i need some!!! i mean, re-model an entire room in a week or less, finish a book, plan a tour plus a multitude of events to supplement the excitement of the tour, raise teenagers, spearhead charitable donations AND change the world ….. all before lunch! keep on being you and GO girl!!

  137. I have the 22nd and the 23rd off from work, and I live in Brooklyn. I can offer assistance after dropping my son at school (8 a.m.). I can be anywhere in Manhattan by about 9 a.m. I’ll be at the Imagine Garden (gosh, haven’t been there in years). Yea!

  138. Congrats on the book. I will be waiting by my mailbox for my Amazon order. BTW don’t worry so much about the Amazon order. It’s going to be HUGE! I myself personally pre-orderd FOUR of them. Late Christmas Gifts for the Guild! Shhh, it’s secret.

  139. Its fantastic, the room, the book and your almost finished Bohus, well done Stephanie,you are amazing, I’m just sorry I won’t make it to the party, too far away!!

    It looks beautious!
    Big ass congrats lady! You deserve it! It sure looks like all the blood, sweat, tears, chocolate and coffee were worth it!!!!!

  141. NYC sounds great, now let’s get busy Colorado knitters! Steph, so excited you will be at the downtown Tattered Cover(yes, I will wait for my copy just so I can give my $$ to the independent bookstore)because there is a BREWPUB very close! I did contact the TC about reserved space for those who are traveling from afar(we are coming 200 miles)but I think they might be ignoring me. Would it help to contact JaymeTWP?
    I can’t wait for April 5!! YAYYAYAY!!

  142. AND
    a PS.
    Any hints you have for making it thru deadlines with my head still intact; would be forever appreciated by this n00b.

  143. One question. Why aren’t you coming to Dallas? Last time you said you would and then you didn’t. Does that mean that this time you really will come, even though your itinerary says you won’t?

  144. Good Idea: Order the book from your independently owned LOCAL BOOK STORE and help keep it in business! Thanks for another book, Stephanie. We love you.
    …and sock rookie… so many wool sock yarns are treated to be “superwash,” which makes them machine washable and even machine dryable (although lots of people let them air dry). The yarn label will tell you.

  145. I’ll de-lurk to say Hooray! Hooray! You are coming to Cleveland!! I had been so torn between trying to see you in Pittsburg (We Cleveland Browns fans don’t particularly like Pittsburg) or Ann Arbor (We Ohio State fans really don’t like the home of the Michigan wolverines). Now I don’t have to head to either of those dreaded cities. I have the newest book on order with Amazon. Hope it gets here in time to have you sign it. If not I’ll just bring the three others.

  146. Congratulations, Harlot, on another job well done (bouhus, book and bedroom!!!)
    Please come to Southern California………

  147. I have loved every one of your books so far and i’m eagerly awaiting your new one. You are a brilliant writer, have faith in yourself and your talents.

  148. The book looks fantastic, and I’m so excited that you’ll be in Lexington, and on a Saturday, at that! Now I just have to round up my knitterly friends for a road trip!

  149. Congratulations, Harlot, on another job well done (bouhus, book and bedroom!!!)
    Please come to Southern California………

  150. Congrats on the book and the lovely room—looking forward to seeing you in St. Paul–also have pre-ordered the new book. Party on!!!!

  151. The book looks great, the room is wonderful, your bohus is sensational…and, you will be in NYC in the afternoon! Hooray. I come from N.J. and 6;00 p.m. would mean traveling home in the dark. So, 12:00 noon in the Park is PERFECT!!! Look forward to seeing you there, then, Ruth in N.J.

  152. Squee! Both the book and the Bohus look lovely, and I know you are going to rock NYC’s socks off! (To be replaced with handknit ones when the revolution comes, of course.) Can’t wait to see you in the SF Bay area!

  153. I can’t wait to get your book! Is there any chance you could put a Redding, CA stop on your tour?

  154. Oh, man, there is no way that NYC is in the cards, but I’ll see you in Portland in June. I do think, however, that you may be deluding yourself a bit regarding the quiet and well-behaved knitters in the park. I can’t quite picture everyone holding it all in. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  155. Is there any way at all to get you to consider coming down to Raleigh, NC?
    If you can’t…
    I’ll be sending my hat on monday.
    Can’t wait till the book shows up in stores!

  156. Stephanie, I check in several times a day (but don’t nag – did you notice that? – when you don’t post often enough to suit me (that would be oh, about twice daily). I loved your redo of the bedroom – fabulous! – and am glad it took you awhile to post the follow up to that. But to tease and tantilize us with photos of the new book…! Well, that’s just not fair. I can’t fly 7,000 miles to NYC for the party, unfortunately, but I have the book on my Wish List and can’t wait to buy it when it’s available. It will be fabulous, because you are.

  157. Congrats on the book being released, I’m sure you feel a huge weight lifted! It looks totally awesome, and I can’t wait to get my copy. Any chance that you’ll be coming by Albuquerque again for this book tour? We’d love to have you, especially since it’s a bit far from NYC 😉

  158. Ok I know you get no time on a book tour and since they live there (duhhh) the fabulous people of WEBS know the area. But there are some fabulous places for the sock to visit on the Smith College campus just in case it wants a higher education! It must sit by the baothouse on Paradise Pond and add a few rows-never studied there but did soak up some wonderful life vibes myself. It must wander through the fabulous Botanical Garden. It would probably love to see the wonderful Rodin in front of the Art Museum and since it is not a student, it can receive no bad mojo if it walks through Grecourt Gates. Northampton is a great taown- see if they can take you into Faces- a favorite store for students since I went there way back in the 80’s. And for goodness sake make sure they take you to Judie’s in Amherst for the most fantastic popovers. Can you tell I really want to come with you??

  159. Mailed off hats this morning.
    Told DH he has to take May 30th off so he can watch the kids and I can drive out to Northampton, MA.
    Any luck with any of the NY morning shows??

  160. Hi Stephanie,
    Spots are filling fast for your Yarnery,St Paul, MN appearance/event. So if I may speak to your readers/commentors for a moment. Please email me your reservation at
    And if you can hold off buying your copy of the book until April 4th we are donating a portion of our proceeds of the book sales to Knitters Without Borders.

  161. Oh Steph, you ARE having the knit-in at Strawberry Field. 😎
    I am so proud of you. Want. To. Go! But cannot.
    But I will be there in spirit, and hats will be mailed, and I will wear my little round sunglasses and think about Strawberry Field at lunchtime.
    The sneak peek of YH4 is magnificent!
    And … THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying, “don’t talk to me like I’m cute.” Humane society employment also gets the “cute reaction.” I honestly believe that most people think that I stand around all day handing out free puppies.
    I will inform you now that a certain relative of mine will not be reading your new book. This person is a literati muggle who, if stranded on a desert island and given a choice between a library of popular books and a deflated volleyball to keep her company, would choose the volleyball, because talking to a volleyball is far more Dadaist than reading Stephen King or Yarn Harlot.
    Rock on Harlot! Indeed, we join Wayne and Garth in being unworthy.

  162. Lyndhurst is in fact very close to Cleveland, it’s a suburb on the east side and we’re very excited to have you!

  163. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
    — Margaret Mead (1901-1978)
    US Anthropologist, Author
    The Represent! tour seems to be fleshing out nicely. Can Jayme the wonder publicist finagle a location in Cincinnati? I can’t count the number of times I’ve been knitting on our metro bus system and had perfect stranger launch into stories about how their mothers and grandmothers used to knit for them, and young women like myself ask where I learned and how they can learn. We need knitters in Cincinnati to Represent!

  164. Someday I’ll experience those same thoughts, feelings, and emotions when I get a book written and published!
    Sounds like the whole NY thing is going to be a blast! Sure wish I was able to attend.

  165. I am forming an AIDS Walk team of knitters in the SF Bay Area so we can represent on the West Coast! So excited!

  166. Your new book looks wonderful/illustrations are hilarious! I can relate by magnifying the anxiety of writing/turning in a term paper x 100…I come from a long line of procrastinators which leads to my one question (and it’s probably answered in the post if only I would read more carefullY: deadline to mail the hats? remember I said I am a world-class procrastinator. BTW, I am ridiculously PLEASED that you are so close to finishing Guld. I’ve imagined the warm, soft, goodness of that sweater on myself more than a few times. Yay Stephanie 😉

  167. I think it would be a shame to have a yarn crawl in NYC and miss School Products. My husband’s grandmother used to shop there, and now I do when I’m there. They have lots and lots of wonderful bargains on cones from European manufacturers. And they will ship your purchase for you so you don’t have to pay sales tax or overload the suitcase!

  168. I’m impatiently waiting for Amazon to deliver but this morning’s email brought a message saying that it had been delayed. ??? I keep looking at the order and scratching my head.

  169. Dude, I laughed my arse off at the Wayne and Garth thing! Party on. Excellent.
    I am deeply saddened that I cannot go to NYC. Never been. Unfortunately I cannot abandon my little children the day before my baby’s second birthday (OK, so he’s not such a baby). You’ll have to party on without me. But if I had $5000…
    If I were a man the book would make me go “schwing” (if that’s not too inappropriate). Can’t wait for the Canadian release.

  170. God. You are *such* a freaking tease.
    Powell’s only tells me my pre-order of the book is “locked” wtf that is suppose to mean… all I know is that you’re up there flaunting its naughty bits at us and I don’t have mine!
    Not that you don’t deserve to wave its naughty bits at us, you do – completely – but its like going to a strip club. In the end you sit there with an empty wallet and a lust that’s driving you cross-eyed.
    Not that I go to strip clubs, I’m just sayin’…

  171. Goshhhhh, I totally feel like the Woodstock of Yarn is happening in my lifetime and I’m stuck on this mountain in Italy! The book looks lovely and the bedroom is quite cool. Good luck in NYC.

  172. I am so so so so SO excited you’re coming to CLEVELAND! We were going to drive to Pitt to see you but this is way better.
    Who’s up for an After Party???? I’d be happy to call somewhere… I’m a west sider so I’m not super-familiar with what’s good on the east side – any suggestion Clevelanders?

  173. I am so so so happy you’re coming to Northampton! I couldn’t get off work for the 22nd, but I can surely get the day off at the end of May.
    The book looks very cool. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy for my very own!

  174. I am anxiously awaiting my pre-ordered book from Amazon. It will be awesome – I’ll read it like a novel (like all the others) and recall in rapt joy how I didn’t drool all over myself when I met you in person.
    Some of us have small horizons of triumph that make us laugh.
    I’m throwing in my vote for another successful book Steph – you rock. totally.
    p.s. the book cover is lovely. new photo eh?

  175. Hi, can’t wait for your new book. Just finished reading ‘At Knits End’ and it’s so funny. I kept laughing out loud and reading bits out loud to my husband. He was worried when Iread out the stuff on the back of the book (about sneaking yarn into the house, hidden yan stashes etc), especially when I denied redfaced ever resorting to any of those tricks. Just hope he doenst go through my wardrobe or my daughters’ tell on me. (They’ve discovered most of my hidden stash). Good luck with the book adn how Iwish I was in NY.

  176. Amazon has my order and will ship it 2nd day delivery. That should tell you of my faith in the book and the author.

  177. Hey, let me know when you are moving things–if I can make it work with my (overly-complicated student’s) schedule, I would love to help. LOVE TO. Please let me know! (I live in Manhattan.)

  178. Bookstore manager here…finally got my hands on a copy of the new book! Very very nice indeedy. I love the history stuff, and the timeline made me laugh and read bits out loud to my muggle (who also laughed). Lovely illustrations too. If you can find a knitter in your life who hasn’t got one, and by next month there won’t be many, it has “perfect gift” written all over it.

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