Consummatum Est (part two)

In which our reporting knitter is surprised and apologizes for the long post, it was a big day.

From the incredible scene in Central Park, I went for lunch with my handlers my editor and Jayme-the-wonder-publicist to figure out the schedule for the rest of the day. I could hardly eat. It’s like I said to the knitters on Thursday night. I’m an idiot. I totally get into this whole big planning thing…all excited. There will be yarn crawls and tours and knitters and socks in Central Park and then we’ll all go to the book launch and we’ll have the best time….and then I remember the part where I have to stand up in front of everybody and the nausea starts. (It is a testament to both my short attention span and my stupidity that I fall for this over and over again.)

Back to the hotel after lunch to try to fix my hair, pick up my dress pants (decide to screw it and wear jeans), get batteries for the camera, post the imagine picture and whip back out the door again. Ms. TMW and my friend Linda came with me (though I suspect they were just shadowing me to try and keep me from executing my escape plan.) and while we were in the room, the phone rang. I answered, and my mother-in-laws voice said “Stephie! ” (I only tolerate my immediate family calling me Stephie.) “I’m here! I’m in New York! I came to see you!”

The bottom fell out of the world. She was three blocks from the hotel and I could hardly believe it. My own mum had been planning on coming before she had a passport problem, and this was a lovely make-up. Carol often turns up all over the world (she worked for an airline) but she had never been to New York. I was delighted. Stunned, surprised…and delighted. We went trouping down to FIT then…


(Mother-in-law/knitter Carol on the left) It was the most enormous surprise ever. Or so I thought.

I arrived at FIT, signed as many books as I could and was sequestered in the back room where I made repeated trips to the bathroom and melted down. I could hear the space filling up. My terror that nobody would come was slowly replaced with the horror that you had all come! I panicked. I imagined all the ways I could screw up. I tried to mentally calculate how many bloggers were out there who would be able to tell the world about when my pants fell down or I said a bad word or threw up or fainted dead away or had something stuck in my teeth. I brushed my teeth. I decided to peek. I decided I would sneak to the stage, pull back a little bit of the curtain and have a look. Get the lay of the land. See the podium. See what the room looked like so it wouldn’t be a shock. Look for knitters I know and see you all knitting and remember that you are all just like me and I don’t have to be afraid of you.

I stood up and made for the stage, telling Jayme-the-wonder-publicist that I was going to look. Imagine my surprise when Jayme, normally a very gentle person, practically tackled me around the knees and took me out. “NO” she said.

NO? Nobody tells me no. Not about my own party.

“I’ll just peek” I said. “One quick peek.” I wrestled free of her deadly grip and bolted. I was blocked by someone else.

“No!” they said…their arms thrown up to block me like I had just announced my intention to set fire to my stash and quit knitting.

I stared at them. I tried to figure out where this sort of oddity was coming from. No? I told them nobody would see me (although I don’t know what would be wrong with that. You all knew I was there, for the love of crap.) and eventually told them that I would just stick my arm out and take a picture, then look at the picture. I bolted.

Jayme grabbed my arm…Linda trailed behind looking worried. Jayme and I engaged in a brief tussle at stage right (during which I may have uttered the incredibly mature phrase “You’re not the boss of me”) and eventually (I may be little, but I am wiry) I broke free and ran for the stage. Laughing all the way – but secretly suspecting that the stress of this event had finally gotten to Jayme and she had snapped like a cheap cotton laceweight. I stuck my arm out from the edge of the curtain (did anyone see me?) and I took this.


I pulled my arm back in and looked at it on the little screen, where, actually, it looked like this.


I couldn’t see anybody. It was a blur. There was a podium through, and the crowd didn’t look mean. I went back to the backroom, squinting at the screen and trying to make out all of you. Jayme told me not to try that again. I told her I would if I wanted to. Jayme-the-wonder-publicist looked nervously at me…sort of like I was a container of nitro-glycerine.

The time came. I walked out. The knitters were all there. The bloggers let fly with a barrage of very scary flashes and it hit me like a ton of bricks. You were representing. There were hundreds of knitters. Knitters everywhere. Big knitters, young knitters, gramma knitters and male knitters…knitters with tatoos, knitters who are lawyers. Knitters…knitters, knitters. That auditorium holds 775 people. There were a few empty seats, but only a few. It was incredible. It was stupendous. It was more than I expected and what I have always suspected secretly…which is that we are not just a community or a club. We are a culture. I introduced myself (I think some people already knew me) and I took my sock pictures.




(I love that you can see the flashes of the cameras as we engage in reciprocal blogging, me taking pictures of them, them taking pictures of me. Very cool.) I moved to the microphone. I took a deep breath. I made a secret wish to walk away with a shred of my dignity intact, and I launched. I started to tell the story of how my mother-in-law had surprised me…and I waved my hand in her direction and looked at her, and I stopped breathing. There was someone familiar sitting beside her. Very familiar. Like, I’m married to him kind of familiar.

It was Joe. My lovely Joe. I have no idea what I said or did then. None. It was an out of body experience. I couldn’t believe that he was there. He was there when I wanted to peek…..that’s why Jayme tackled me. See the picture from above?


Front row. Sitting right next to my mother-in-law (who is totally sneaky for getting him there.) He’s even in the sock pictures.


I walked right over, stood in front of him…held out the sock and moved on. Dude was right there. Right there, grinning like an idiot because I didn’t notice him. (He told me later that it was payback for the bedroom.) It was an incredible addition to the evening and I was proud and pleased that he thought to come and surprise me. (He fixed the dishwasher too.) With Joe there, I couldn’t imagine a bad ending.

I more or less read my speech, I represented… and it was over and I was back to the part I love. Knitters. I answered questions while Juno ran among the knitters, giving out pins and collecting cash for KWB… ( $1595.20 was handed to Charlie, staff representing from the MSF office across the street- how’s that for cutting out shipping and handling!)

Young knitters to be:


Spouses who got sucked into the vortex of knitterly energy that filled the hall and knit for the very first time:


Knitters who knew each other virtually and walked away knowing each other literally:


and one very tired, pleased and proud me, who knew that we could blow peoples minds and couldn’t be more thrilled that we did. You should have seen the looks on the organizing muggles faces. It was an evening of walking among my people, of knowing that we are all on a team, a big team. A team that blows all the rules and stereotypes out of the water. A team that ranks knitterhood above all else and accepts all comers. A team that whatever happens to you, there are enough knitters who love you just the way you are, and just for being a knitter that we would all try to catch you if you fell.

It was powerful, it was representing, it scared the hell out of my husband, and I can’t wait to do it again.

and to answer Kellee’s question in the comments yesterday, no. There was no mosh pit. (Silly knitter. Mosh pits are for people who aren’t all carrying pointy sticks. Holy pincushion Batman.) Tomorrow… “When we rule the world, everybody will have a hat.” and how to show your mother-in-law New York if she’s never been and you love it there. Carry on knitters. Carry on.

263 thoughts on “Consummatum Est (part two)

  1. Gotta love them when they surprise you like that. Way to go Joe! and yeah, I wish I could have been there…

  2. I would have loved to see it all! Congrats to Joe and your mum-in-law for the great surprise.

  3. Awwwwww! All that and the dishwasher’s fixed too?! Payback is sweet. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! Joe’s so cool and so sweet and your mother-in-law sounds like an awesome woman. Congratulations on a great launch! (I just wish I could have been there…)

  5. Wow…Joe was there. I heard a rumor. I nearly broke down and sobbed when I read that! I probably would have sobbed on stage if I had been in your place. What a sweet, sweet thing to do. And you got it right when you said that knitters aren’t a community, but a culture. It sounds like it was an amazing experience. Good job!

  6. I laughed out loud–of COURSE they wouldn’t let you take a peek! It sounds like it was fantabulous–I just wish I could have been there!

  7. there is such power in community and human inter-connectedness. i just can’t wait for the continuing story!

  8. Thanks for the great stories! But you forgot to say how BEAUTIFUL you looked in the Bohus….. the pictures on other blogs were fabulous.

  9. You and all those who were there make me proud to be part of this “culture”. What a sweet man you have.
    Thank you for bringing this to all of us.

  10. Wow… What a wonderful time it must have been and what a wonderful surprise for you to have your sweetie there! Can’t wait for you to be on the west coast.
    Happy knitting!

  11. First time commenting here, b/c usually I just lurk around quietly reading. Then I found out that you’re coming to Lexington, Kentucky! Yay!!! πŸ˜€
    So I’ll see you here in a few weeks… I’m very excited. Not very good at knitting yet, but, you know, getting there. (Is it a Bad Thing to bring crocheted projects to your talks? I do those much more often…) πŸ™‚

  12. my husband is counting down my typing seconds becasue he wants to read his email – he doesn’t always understand about knitting blogs – so I have to type fast! I just wanted to say way to go Joe – good suprise and I can’t can’t wait for the next installemnt

  13. I wish I could have been there. I am all tingly with emotion. I can’t imagine how you handled your emotions! I’m looking forward to your visit to the Twin Cities, well, actually only to one of them. You totally rock!!

  14. ‘Couldn’t be there myself, but I’ll see you at Web’s in a couple of months! Glad you got that warm, fuzzy feeling’!

  15. *le sighhh* I am already having an emotional night…this just pushed me over LOL!!! Your naughty hubby what a lucky woman!!! Go you, did a great job you should be so so proud!

  16. I knew there was a reason I don’t usually sneak in a blog or two during a Reference Desk shift. Now I’m sitting here trying not to cry because Joe came to New York…. What a great surprise!

  17. Way to go! Surprises are always a good thing. My surprise gift to myself today–since it is my birthday, I think I deserve surprises and gifts–was to actually sqeeze myself in for your visit to WEBS. See you in the spring in Northampton!

  18. Hurray! More of the story πŸ™‚
    You really are an outstanding person to mobilize people like this. Who else has ever said “come join me and my 750 closest knitting friends and let’s do stuff all weekend long?”

  19. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything remotely adventurous that makes me grin from ear to ear. Taking a half day from work, taking the train down to the city, meeting so many wonderful knitters, and being a part of this brilliant, amazing, awesome (in the biblical sense of only being able to point and stare with mouth agape) experience is something I will remember fondly for decades – with a smile on my face that just won’t fade. Every time I look at the socks I was knitting in line, I will smile and remember what it was to represent with the best people ever.

  20. Oh, I wish I could have been there! Unfortunately, I’d already met my knitting-related-days-off quota for the month. I’ll just have to represent in May at WEBS instead. πŸ™‚

  21. That’s the best, the absolute best. I loved it when you surprised him with the remodel and rewiring and the payback is even better. Ain’t life grand?

  22. That is soooo cool that Joe and Carol showed up for a little extra boost of support. What a guy, what a Mother-in-law.
    What a trip. I knew it would be a big success!

  23. You forgot to tell how one lady came from ENGLAND to hear you speak!!! That really blew your mind too.
    Way to go Joe – keep Stephanie on her toes!

  24. I’ve waited and waited for the update! I’m so glad that there were so many there – but just think, as many as were there, there were probably twice as many of us that couldn’t make it!

  25. The fixed dishwasher won me over. Way to go Joe! And I’m looking forward to stalking you, erm, I mean seeing you in person if, I mean when, you make it out west to California.

  26. Way to go. I can just imagine the panic they must have been in to keep you from spotting Joe. Lucky they didn’t tie you to a chair or something.
    What a great guy.
    Cool about MSF.

  27. Awww, Stephanie. You blog about it so much better than I.
    And how weird to see pictures from your angle, while trying to take pictures of you that weren’t completely black. I can even pick myself out!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  28. Long time lurker, new poster.
    Thanks for sharing it all with us, for those of us who already had travel plans we couldn’t get out of (I did try!!!!). Loved seeing it on other blogs and reading yours.
    Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us.

  29. I was there, and can attest that we were very nearly ALL teary-eyed when we found out Joe was there! Not only does he rock for suprising you…he also rocks for surviving several hours spent in a room full of 775 knitters who “feel like they know him”!
    That room was full of the best vibe I’ve ever been a part of. Thank you, Stephanie! We are a culture, and you’re one of our main gurus, whether you’re quite adjusted to the idea or not. Let’s take over the world and make it the peaceful, warm, wool-loving place it should be!

  30. P.S. I, for one, did not see your arm sneak out and take that first preview picture. Even though I was staring at the stage instead of at my afghan square. I think we were mesmerized by the sock photo slide show they had going on-stage during the wait…

  31. That is so wonderful!
    I really agree with the idea of knitting being a culture. Just like you said, no matter what else about us is different we all have this commen thread that connects us and I have never met a kinder more welcoming group of people.
    Thank you so much for sharing the day with those of us who couldn’t make it in person!

  32. Wow, what a great, great story. A whole series of stories–practically a novella, even! The spouse who took up knitting right there in the audience is probably my favorite part, after your mum-in-law and Joe suprising you.
    No wonder you get paid to write–this post and the last were perfect.

  33. The best part was actually when you came to the edge of the stage and hugged/talked to Joe. Do you remember that part?

  34. What Stephanie doesn’t tell you because she’s either too modest, too tired or too out of touch with her own creation is that her talk was brilliant. Hysterically funny and thought-provoking at the same time–no small feat. (Small feet? Good for sock knitters?)
    Don’t know how many rectangles were knitted or hats were donated, but there were quite a few of both. And they ran out of TSF/KWB pins because so many people made contributions.
    I consider myself one lucky knitter to have been there. And members of my family are rolling their eyes as I try to tell them all how terrific it was. Muggles!

  35. So exciting!!!!!!! I think you need to spell “represent” with all capitals now (REPRESENT!!!!!) and with five exclamation points!!
    I finally got your book today courtesy of my lovely UPS man. IT’S FANTASTIC!!!!! Nobody makes me laugh like you do. You did such a great job on the book….when’s the next one out?? ;oP

  36. I would have loved to have been there, but reading about it on various blogs, including yours, and hearing about it on It’s a Purl, Man, made me feel like I was there. I’m so glad to be part of this amazing community we have. Knit on, Stephanie. Knit on.

  37. I’m actually almost in tears here. What an incredibly lovely thing Joe and your MIL did! I so wish I could have been there!

  38. I got teary-eyed when you saw Joe on Thursday night. And now when I read about it I’m teary-eyed again. That was such a sweet moment. What I experienced on Thursday will stay with me forever. Thanks!!!

  39. I have a pressing desire to gather in a big circle and yell “Go Team!!” really really loud after reading that.

  40. Wow, what a really cool thing having all those knitters in one room! And holy cow, all that money raised in one evening for KWB? Further evidence that knitters are social, kind, giving, and evidently, blogging beyond control! Soon, we really WILL take over the world!

  41. Gave me an adrenalin rush just reading about it…what a blast it must have been. WOW..GTA is when??????

  42. Good on you, Stephanie, for being who you are and wearing jeans!! I wish I could have been there, but I’m going back home… I mean to NY 3 weeks too late to represent with you. I’ll raise my needles (I’m not supposed to be knitting, medically speaking, but I can’t not knit whilst dealing with shingles, so there) to you every time I KIP.

  43. Awww, Stephanie, you were breaking my heart with your stage fright, then your MIL and Joe just sent me right over the edge!
    I started to tell you that you could show up in your pj’s, with hair unbrushed, and mutter “Duhhhh” for an hour and we would all still love you. Of course, a few of your friends might tease you without mercy until the end of time, but we would all still love you.
    But then I thought: If Sir Laurence Olivier still throws up every time he goes onstage, well, you’re doing just great as you are.
    Knit on.

  44. Good on you, Stephanie, for being who you are and wearing jeans!! I wish I could have been there, but I’m going back home… I mean to NY 3 weeks too late to represent with you. I’ll raise my needles (I’m not supposed to be knitting, medically speaking, but I can’t not knit whilst dealing with shingles, so there) to you every time I KIP.

  45. Oh yeah. I’m in the crying group. What a wonderful day for you and knitters everywhere. You make me feel the love.

  46. Heh heh. Some of us remember what you did and said (some of us blogged about it). It’s OK, dear heart, you totally did not embarrass yourself. Maybe some of the rest of us did, getting all sniffly about it. But you were just fine, and then some – then and throughout the evening. And what an evening it was!

  47. I know what you did in the moments after you realized Joe was there. How, you ask? Because I’ve been stalking every single blogger who said they were there. That’s how. And dropping comments where I can. Coz hey, that’s what I do. And one of ’em wrote back to me today and told me.
    So there.

  48. I so wish my yearly New York trip wasn’t in Dec.
    I am enjoying all the pictures. Reading about your adventures.
    So they still think the No Cal knitters with fit inside the bookstore in Petaluma?

  49. sniff sniff… someone, quick, knit me a hankie. This knitting revolution of sorts is making me extremely emotional!
    You are my HERO.

  50. He fixed the dishwasher! & came to NY! Sounds like you had as great a time as everyone else. Careful or you may force Jayme to take extreme measures the next time she has a surprise for you. Canadian Represent Plans?

  51. I confess I can’t wait for the NEXT time you say, “Wouldn’t it be cool if …..?”
    Your ideas for the Olympics, TSF, and Represent have been innovative, workable, and enormously moving — and we’re all better for knowing you.

  52. It sounds like you all had a fantastic time and I wish I could have been there to see it all with all 775+ representing knitters. Next step world domination! And what a WONDERFUL surprise from your MIL and husband – what goes around comes around… surprises included!

  53. This whole thing was sooo satisfying to read about. Thanks. I feel like a better person just being a part of the “represent.”

  54. Stephanie-
    Why were you scared?!? We are ALL SISTAS!
    The longer I hang out in this “virtual” community of ours, the more I realize how true this is! I’m glad that your MIL and Joe made it, but that was just the icing. The cake was that you had a big slice of your knitting family sitting right in the audience! We’re proud to have you “Represent!”

  55. I was already in tears and then JOE. He is the best.
    I was with you in spirit.
    I am sure you Rocked as you always do.

  56. So cool!!! Happy for you Steph, and a triumph for the fiber crazed culture I love.

  57. It was an amazing evening. I only wish I had taken the whole day off so I could be at Central Park. Can we do it again next year?

  58. I think if all of us that wished we were there actually were there, we’d have been outside waiting to get in because there wouldn’t have been any room in the place for all those that got there PLUS those that wanted to be! (how’s that for a run-on sentence!?)
    That was an awesome surprise that Joe and Mum-in-law planned for you! And kudos for Jayme and the other arms that tried to prevent you from blowing it! πŸ˜‰

  59. I’m still trying to put my finger on what it is that makes me all teary about this stuff (other than hormones). But it doesn’t really matter, does it?
    Way to go, Steph.

  60. I knit alone and have done for thirty years (I started young!). Since reading this blog (Thank you Stephanie!) I’ve been compelled to start spinning and then (because I was so crap at it) join the Fibre guild and learn how from others. Now I knit and spin (in public! Doing demonstrations! To lure in new converts!) with them and I’m not alone with my fibre addiction any more. So anyone who was there in NY and had never joined any sort of group knitting activity before: Thanks guys, you were representing me. And all the lucky happy souls who flew in from other countries (hopefully reminding those in the business that overseas shipping from the US is a GOOD IDEA) – you represented me too; Thank you.
    And Joe? Seriously. You had me at “fixed the dishwasher.”
    THAT made me cry.

  61. Would you be thinking of publishing your speech on the blog? In a book? In a magazine article? I’d like to read the rant on muggle knitters/ men knitters/ and garter stitch scarves, plus all the rest of it!
    Way to go Joe!

  62. That’s awesome that Joe and your mom-in-law made it! Congrats on such a successful knitting event! Only wish I could have been there.

  63. A. I, too, have had a rough day, and this post has allowed me the cry I so desperately needed.
    B. I love the fact that there was a sock slide show and people were mesmerized by it!
    Nice job Harlot! Nice job Joe and Carol (and Jayme the wonder-publicist and whoever played interference)!

  64. That little boy, Cyrus I believe, holding the sock was a great little pal to my son at the event. How sweet that you posted picture! The two boys were playing and hugging and kissing, they felt the love! My boy was awfully tired and we did not stay past the q & a, but it was a fantastic event. truly a memorable event.
    I will see you in Northampton!
    (where I hope to finagle a picture and book signing!)

  65. Oh! How I wish I could have been there!! This may sound strange, but reading your post made me feel so proud of you! Congratulations and I’m keeping my fingers crossed you come to the Atlanta area sometime soon.

  66. Stephanie, please, don’t ever apologize for writing a long post again! The longer the better; I’m always a little sad when I get to the end of your blog. I wish I coulda been in New York, but I’m so happy to read about it and feel part of the virtual culture/community.

  67. Quote: “There was no mosh pit. (Silly knitter. Mosh pits are for people who aren’t all carrying pointy sticks. Holy pincushion Batman.)”
    That’s the best laugh I’ve had since I read “Is this a test?” in “Yarn Harlot” to DH last night. :o)
    I’ve been combing blogland for details, and it’s soooo good to hear your version. :o)
    Oh, and the Tsock Tsarina has a well-written account of what you said when you saw Joe (if you would like to remember ;o).
    Since “Linkage” isn’t comment friendly, the URL-age :

  68. Wonderful, brilliant, sweet, rich, real. I’m tearing up here at work. I can’t wait to see you in Petaluma, I’m praying they will have the space. Bravo!

  69. Can’t wait to see you in Petaluma! (I laughed when they responded to an email I sent about the event and said they’d only have 200 seats…I think they are going to need to find more room! After I laughed, though, I called them up and bought a couple of copies of the book so I could get passes while they last!)

  70. What an incredible event! The knitting culture is a powerful force–but you already know that! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday in Cleveland–do you have time to grab a beer? I’d love to buy you one!

  71. Dude! That is a lot of knitters in one place! Joe kicks ass for being there and fixing the dishwasher (I got gutters and my lawn seeded for grass while I was gone for a week)I so wish I could have been there!

  72. I’ve been waiting for this post for ages! I attended the events with my mom (I’m 16) and loved loved LOVED the speech.
    Also, I used to be afraid to knit socks, but after seeing everyone there with socks and me with a dingy gray hat…
    I’m picking up those DPNs.
    Yay Yarn Harlot! =)

  73. Not only does Jayme manage to put together REPRESENT, and manage to get your mil and Joe there, but she has the courage to try to physically prevent you from blowing the surprise at a time when you are crazed and panicked?! I got a little worried for her when I got to that point in your post. Even I, a mere fan, know that hearing ‘no’ just gets your back up, and you don’t let anything get in your way once you make up your mind. Heck, you have three teenagers, one publicist is nothing to you! The wonders of Jayme never cease!!!

  74. I know Joe completely respects your knitting and writing (I doubt you would put up with anyone who didn’t) but I am THRILLED that he got to see what you do on the road in such a huge forum. And you face all those people with pointy sticks in their hands – bet you went up a notch or two if possible πŸ˜€

  75. For every one knitter at FIT there were 100 of us in spirit. You ROCK Yarn Harlot! Look for the redhead up front in Pittsburgh this Friday and I will tell you so in person.

  76. Pleased as all get out (now there’s a phrase!) that is was just so amazing and wonderful on so many levels for you!
    To give a variation on the Vulcan IDIC (infiinite diversity in infinit combinations), you made it
    IDIK (infinite diversity in infinite knitting).
    Knit long and prosper!

  77. Glad you are back, and glad your event went so well! I’ve missed reading your postings, but have enjoyed reading everyone else’s – visiting other blogger’s pages, like the Purl, Man – another way of meeting fun knitters, plus I found some nice patterns to try! To get my harlot fix I have been reading “the yarn harlot” (I’ve had it for awhile but have been saving it for the right moment). I was surprised to find, when I went to my local bookstore, that they couldn’t get your new book yet! Oh well, I’m on the list and will just have to be patient. again, I’m glad everything went so well!

  78. Awesome story. Now we all want to steal your husband.
    Anyhow, we’re getting the carpool(s) from Colorado Springs organized so you’ll have a Southern Colorado contingent when you come to Denver’s wonderful Tattered Cover.
    Happy trails,

  79. Damn it, Steph, you made me cry. I had a really bad day today, but reading this was wonderful. I wish I could have been there, and I’m glad you were surprised.
    Regina (KatyaR)

  80. Definitely check out Lisa Grossman’s blog (tsocktsarina) for the detailed account of “The Joe Reveal.” And yes, I can verify that Rachel H has been stalking the knitblogosphere. Everywhere I stalked, she had been there and posted before I could. I would love to see her map of the knitblogosphere (oh wait, is there one in the new book?).
    Why doesn’t my spell checker recognize knitblogosphere?

  81. Jamie may be the wonder publicist, but Joe has gotta be the wonder husband! Surprises you in NYC at your big event?!? Repairs the dishwasher too?!!!
    I’m officially jealous. πŸ˜‰

  82. Wowee Kazowee! Over 700 people at FIT in New York City. That just sounds ENORMOUSLY SCARY until you think about it, and those are all (or at least mostly) nice people with a common interest who feel a connection with you and LIKE you, or they wouldn’t be there. It’s awesome that Joe and his mom could come and be there with you. Wow.

  83. Cyrus is famous! You didn’t mention how, after you got the sock back from him, you held out your hand to shake and he gave you his half-eaten granola bar. I’ll be telling that story for a while. It was wonderful. I am so glad I went.When you spotted Joe – what can I say?
    I for one want to hear that speech again. What exactly was the part about knitters and charity – cummulative effect? It was brilliant and I mess up in trying to reccount. Well, Petaluma is not nearly as far a trek. I am still holding out hope for San Francisco.

  84. Elder Son suggests that “Slam dancing is not for people who carry pointed sticks, mosh pots are safer.” He is NOT coming to Pittsburgh with us. Thank the diety of your choice.(He sent a raspberry and said he will too be in Pittsburgh, but at an arcade. Are there any near the bookstore…..)

  85. What a night! I was there in spirit and doing fine until I read “Like, I’m married to him, kind of familiar”. What a fine man you have.

  86. I loved the comment/wondering in yesterday’s post about making cards from the Imagine photo. You could sell them with part profits going to TSF/KWB! I would order!
    I am anxiously awaiting your appearance in beautiful Victoria… How many seats do you think they have there?… πŸ™‚

  87. This is GREAT! Go, Joe! Go, your mother-in-law! Go, knitters! And definitely go, you! I can’t wait ’til you make it to the West coast πŸ™‚

  88. How can someone so talented be as insecure as myself. You are a wonderwoman of knitting!!!! Will see you in Petaluma. I can’t wait.

  89. (sigh).. Joe is like the best man on the planet. What a wonderful surprise. I might have read about the events that unfolded right after you saw Joe on someone else’s blog.. and that brought a lump to my throat. Joe, you rock… thanks for sharing your wife with the rest of us.

  90. tears in my eyes reading that joe came to NYC!! i <3 it! counting down the days til you’re in LEX!! safe travels!

  91. Oh, I’m so loving reading your account! How wonderful of your MIL and Joe(!!!) to surprise you like that!
    Can’t wait to see you next Tuesday!!

  92. Congratulations Stephanie!!! What a wonderful initiative and experience. Your family is great for such wonderful support. πŸ™‚

  93. I have been pondering the amazingness of what is happening in the knitting world now. I can’t help but think back on the personality and cleverness of elizabeth zimmerman. how proud she would be of you and excited. i didn’t know her personally but have read everything she has written and I hope I am not overstepping. You will go down with a place in history. I keep going back to the quote on Ms TMW’s web site. Ab out seeing the extraordinary – i think thats part of why i love you. you see the exceptional where many of us glide right past and miss it. Thanks so much

  94. So wish I could have come, but I probably would have cried with the excitement of it all. I got welly just reading this! Yay Joe and MIL! Yay surprises!
    Yay KnitterS!

  95. If I didn’t like you so much (and if I wasn’t risking the wrath of the sock goddesses/imps/harpies) I would hit on Joe and make him divorce you and marry me. But I met you in Austin last summer, I’d feel too guilty about it to actually do it.
    Thanks for including all of us in a wonderfully magical experience.

  96. *Apologies* for the long post? Will someone poke the woman (gently) with a blunt needle? Kidding, just kidding, don’t all of you dogpile me! [g] Ok, I’m on broadband now, but I *never* minded waiting on dial-up for your posts to load, Stephanie. Always worth it! And this time – Fantastic! Every last bit of it. Multiple thanks, again, for all the work posting in detail after such a momentous time. Your mother-in-law is a woman to be cherished, and Joe is– Ok, dammit, I am *so* missing my Mike right now, in a good way. (Steph, he would’ve loved you. I’m sure he’s reading over my shoulder.) Joe, you’re a love, and we who have guys like you are the luckiest women in the world. Jayme – courage and duty above and beyond. [g] Salute!
    I am so overwhelmed by everything surrounding Represent: Stephanie, knitting, our culture – you nailed it, Stephanie – everyone else’s lovely reports and pix and comments…it’s just amazing. Rock. On. Love you all.

  97. OMG, I’m sitting here with my chin on the floor and a huge incredulous grin on my face all at once. Best surprise ever (except maybe the bedroom makeover), and I sooo wish I could have been in that audience!

  98. My dear, you left out the part during the beginning where you giggled (a lot), gave Joe a big kiss (very sweet), and then rocked the house with your radical agenda and wry humor. It was fabulous! As a chaser, I’ve started SPMCO:TYHGTTLOK… or B4… and am enchanted that you’ve captured our world so succinctly once again. Cheers!

  99. I have to say it really was the coolest moment when you realised Joe was there. And the roar when the audience realised that Joe was there. It really was a thrill to be in that crowd Stephanie. I loved every moment and only wish I could have stayed afterwards to stand in line to say hi! Thanks for a wonderful evening and for kicking off the tour in my adopted home – it was truly special.
    Oh and PS – the book!! the book is an absolute joy. Well done!

  100. Earlier today I shared your tour with my Alg 2 students…they will be leaving Montana for a back East tour which will take them to New York. We viewed the pictures of NY, but tomorrow we will share the pics of the group. The students have to take me photos which will be used in our curriculum (parabolas and such), but they want to know if they can bring me back photos which match yours (imagine or even the bench)…or perhaps YARN…will that be extra credit? I just have to say yes! I only wish they/I could have seen this wonderful group in person!
    Your family is wonderful surprising you like that!

  101. othat was an AWESOME storyβ€”and you even got to come home to working appliances. i still wish i coulda been there, but thanks for making it real here.

  102. Magic. It all sounds magic.
    And I hope to God you and Joe made good use of that hotel room later…

  103. Stephanie – I rarely post comments here in the deluge that is your comment bin (doubting that you can possibly keep up with them all!), but thank you for sharing these posts with all of us that couldn’t be there. They give chills and those little happy tears that aren’t real tears but are when something is touching you inside and makes you feel special to be a part of something almost like when you hear your country’s national anthem at the olympics because someone got a gold but not really in the same way because its even more personal.. ya know? LOL. Ok maybe not, but for some of us, it’s a really great way to vicariously enjoy the event that was, and all that it was for those who got to be there πŸ™‚

  104. I got teary eyed reading this, what a wonderful experience!
    You HAVE to do an “Imagine” in the Midwest – we knit too!

  105. Wow! What a surprise, and how sweet of your MIL and DH πŸ™‚ He’s a keeper for sure! I’ve been following your trip to NY with a smile on my face. All those knitters! What will the Muggles think?
    I hope you have a good time on Orcas Island next month. I called my oldest friend last night, only to find out SHE IS GOING TO THE CAMP and GETTING TO SEE YOU IN PERSON and I’m not πŸ™ Something about being married with no kids gives her a wee bit more freedom and cash than me, sigh. She promised to go with me to your signing in Portland in June, to save me some Lorna’s Laces from her stash, and maybe even give me her Camp Cockamamie t-shirt if it doesn’t fit her, so our friendship is still secure.

  106. Stephanie,
    I am incredibily proud to be a part of this wonderful community and I am so glad that you show us just how fabulous it is! Great post…I was rolling about at “Holy pincushion Batman”. Good to see a pic of lovely Linda too.
    see you soon soon
    Fi X

  107. Congratulations on your party. I so wish I could have been there. If it hadn’t been for my darned already-scheduled classes (and my lack of car) I would have been there. I’ll try to make it when the Canadians represent.

  108. I don’t *sniff* very often, but I’m sniffling like a fool right now, wiping tears away from my eyes with my first sock.
    Dear Joe. Dear Joe’s mum. Dear knitters.

  109. You know, if y’all actually READ other people’s comments while you were waiting desperately for Harlot to post you’d have known that Joe was there – I sent him my own little love note of admiration and respect two days ago. Humph.
    Stephanie, while it’s probably true that for a long time there have been many knitters lurking out in the world, you are responsible for teasing us out of hiding, for grabbing the ends of yarn we were all knitting and drawing them all together to create a community, a team. It’s your special talent, bringing people together and making them feel good about themselves. Others dye yarns and create patterns and teach classes and own yarn stores and raise sheep and who knows what else. With your humor and wit and insight you have brought knitters together from all over the world (I mean, people came from Europe to represent, girl!) and inspired others to take up the needles and make the magic happen. That is an amazing achievement. You’re famous! But don’t be scared. Stay balanced,stay centered, and sock-it-to-’em!

  110. I was sitting smack dab in the middle of the second row and I saw your camera. My buddies and I weren’t exactly sure if it was your arm or someone else but yeah, we saw ya.
    I’m happy to say that I was a part of this great experience. I just started reading your new book and I hafta say that your books haven’t let me down yet and this one is no different.

  111. I wish I could have been there – unfortunately, a whole continent (and my daughter’s birthday) got in the way.
    Now, a new “represent” challenge: my LYS won’t sell me your book. They can’t – they ordered it, but they won’t get it for the next month, at least. Not even if they shout at the distributor (I asked specifically about that). Not even if *I* shout at the distributor. (I asked that, too).
    How about *you* shouting at the distributor? Or better yet, figuring out from your publisher why it is that yarn shops are being given copies of your book AFTER book shops?
    Don’t the distributors understand how many knitters buy books at yarn shops? Didn’t the Represent event give them a clue?

  112. My guy (who’s from New York but has lived in Iowa and been married to me for 30-some years now) is named Joe, too, and is a super sweetie. Do you suppose it’s something about the name?
    Thanks for letting all of us who couldn’t be there know about the surprise/energy/fun you experienced!

  113. He even fixed the dishwasher?! Wow.
    “Knitterhood.” That’s a great word. I like it. It’s so…warm and fuzzy.

  114. Oh, I definitely got some chills reading this post! I thought it was so wonderful that your mother-in-law came but to have Joe too! That was special. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Can’t wait until you come to Seattle!

  115. Hey, that my grandson! (and DIL) who came from SF for a 3 day trip to see you! (my toes are seen on her blog (in photo with the pretzel, and thank you, thank you, for showing me (as i am seen in all to many of my family photo’s)–from behind (in Part 1 post–(left edge of group at strawberry feilds/imagine post –that’s me in the red pants and multicolor vest–looking much better than i expect!
    3 for 3!

  116. YEA!!!!! Was there in spirit and carrying my sock in progress as a testiment to you all!!!! (in the physical….boss thought it strange, but he’s a muggle) And Joe…oh man, how cool! Showed up as a surprise AND fixed the dishwasher!!! Pay back is sweet!

  117. Dang, I’m crying. It’s so big. I can’t explain it to my muggle sweet hubby. I don’t know why it’s so emotional.
    I never really felt like I belonged anywhere much, and I think now I know I do belong. Knitting lets very different people belong together. Those are the closest words I can put together to explain it, and I’m not sure that sounds as deep as it feels.
    Stephanie, thank you for bringing us all together. For being your very real, very human self, and letting us love you that way. I think when we know we love someone who is being that real, we know we can be loved for our own vulnerable real selves, too.
    LynnH in Lansing (who has to miss Ann Arbor, too)

  118. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that got all weepy over this post. They’re happy tears from all the knitting love. πŸ™‚

  119. I have to say that as I was chasing after my son round and round I saw htis man in the front row and darn it if he didn’t look familiar, same as the woman next to him. I couldn’t place him. All I could come up with was the guy in the Lettuce Knit mockumentary but I knew that was wrong, this guy was bigger, no glasses and much curlier hair. Then, when he was introduced to the crowd I remembered I had seen his picture from the ice skating day! Freaking bizarre, I have to say.

  120. Oh god, please no dpns in the mosh pit. That would be tragic for sure. I’m so jealous of everyone in those pictures. I wish that I could have gone, but it was not meant to be. I only hope that you’ll come back to Austin again. Congrats on the great turn out, the wonderful surprises, and all the fun. I’m sending out big e-hugs to all us inter-knitters that were there for real and there in spirit. What a great start to the book tour!

  121. Reading the blog had me thinking…
    We don’t need to speak english to knit (duh)
    So I google tejido de punto (the Spanish for knitting). Got very little but commercial sites.
    My little brain at work- how to bring my multicultural sisterfriends (not just the ones who speak Spanish but EVERYBODY– I live in California and there are many, many languages spoken and many cultures here).
    We need an international “knitting/yarn welcome here” sign. Something like hands across America but with needles and yarn in hand. Not just the knitting kind, but crochet hooks, rug hooks, needles as well. Sisters in fiber and friendship.
    Make knitting not Meth, crochet not crank/crack. Blankets before bullets. I’m a sisterwoman of the pigmented variety- want to see more of my sister friends coming out to knit (would like to see some brothers as well!) They are there in their living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Want to bring us all together.
    Looking at my small part of the world (Petaluma in Sonoma County California) to start the wave.
    Your Ya Ya Yarn Snap Diva,
    Dr Mimi -not the one from DC:)

  122. Fabulous. Extraordinary. Wish I could have been there.
    The truly bitter irony for me… on the day in June when you come to Represent in my town, Portland, OR, I will be on a plane to NY for my 20th college reunion. I promised my chums I’d go, so I can’t back out. For you though, I considered it.
    I knew last week would be a smash. Way to go.

  123. Presbytera – Steph’s ‘wouldn’t it be cool if..’s are indeed pretty cool. Albeit prone to induce anxiety and madness in some knitters, herself especially.
    It’s her ‘how are you with’ and ‘do you think we could’s you have to be careful of. There’s a good chance those’ll require painkillers…

  124. that is so cool!
    you’ll know me by the Franklin t-shirt i’ll be wearing (margery got a little carried away with the pattern reading).
    i can’t wait! one week and one day!

  125. Only my second time posting, but how could you read this entry and not say anything?? Though I could not attend, I have been reading along and feeling as if I was a part of this, (and I did knit some of my sock in public yesterday and today, to join in with the knitterly vibes). Stephanie, thanks to Joe, no matter what’s in your wallet or bank account, you are one of the wealthiest women on earth. I’m so happy for you! And I’m happy for all of us, who get to share our love of all things knitty with wonderful people like you.
    Until next post!
    ~ Dar

  126. So I totally teared up about halfway through the first post…and now, at the end of the second, I am full-on dripping. (It started when you mentioned the lone dishcloth. Then your mum-in-law…then Joe…)
    The energy came flying off the screen, and while many attendees (hi to all of you from Houston!) have said so much so gracefully…no one says it quite like you do, Stephanie.
    I must now decree that every time you’re making an appearance within 500 miles of me – or it is otherwise within my reach – I will come and represent. And most likely bring other knitters. It’s a cause worth supporting and it means more to all of us than you can ever know.

  127. Damn, now I’m crying and sobbing and all the muscles in my face hurt from trying not to cry.
    Thank you for everything you do. I totally wish I could have been there, but reading it in your words was *almost* as good.

  128. If we weren’t all in class on Thursdays, my stitch n bitch would have been there to fill those empty seats. So glad it was so awesome!!

  129. Knitting has been used for good in the inner city non-profit I support. This org was running an afterschool program and realized that a domestic violence support group was needed for the mothers of the children. Now what abusive husband would let his wife go to such a support group? But he would let his wife go to a knitting group where she had something to show for it when she got home. The conversations are powerful that take place while knitting.

  130. First timer here..My sister “introduced” me to the blog 2 months ago, and I’m hooked! First the “while you were out” make-over, then “Imagine” photo brought tears..Have loved the sharing, and support you’ve all given. I look forword to reading everyday! Thanks for making me laugh, cry and be proud to be part of the Yarn community.
    Mar in Foster City, CA

  131. DUDE! Your husband is AWESOME! You got lucky… I’m so jealous. I totally want to marry someone like your husband… <3

  132. I know you know it deep down, and hopefully not-so-deep down, but you are a FAN-FRAKKING-TASTIC writer. Thank you for posting and taking pictures, and I totally can’t wait to see you in Portland.

  133. Ahh, it’s such a shame I don’t live in America/Canada/anywhere near! I just love all your enthousiastic stories about knitting and knitting and children and knitting, you sound like a great person!
    Xx from the Netherlands!

  134. So glad you had such a good time and what a lovely double surprise! Go on at this rate and you’ll be a millionaire via knitting. Just think what the papers would make of that!

  135. Yay!! Another thanks for posting and knitting and writing and being you.
    And an echo: I too am hearing rumors of the speech, a sock slide show … all good things. Are you thinking of posting it? For all of us who couldn’t be there?

  136. I wish so much I could have been there! But reading your reports from the event is such an utter delight that I’m happy to settle with that. But I really do hope that you’ll come to Sweden!! I’ll definitely be there, then!

  137. Fabulous! Bang on right about the culture, and it is so important to so many of us. I wish I could have seen your face when you saw Joe.

  138. We are counting down the MINUTES until we see you in Cleveland this Saturday!!! The Harlot is coming! The Harlot is coming! We will “represent” yet again! Hope the muggles are ready!

  139. Well done!!! it looks liek a fantastic time was had by all, I am miffed I couldn’t be there (bit far though)
    There is nothing quite like alarming a muggle by appearing en masse to do something ‘wierd’. And I should know, I’m a morris dancer as well as a knitter ;o)

  140. steph, can you post up your speech? i would have loved to have been there to hear it…reading it would almost be as good πŸ™‚

  141. Sounds like it was a blast! Wish I could have been there! Of all the days you’re coming to Lexington, it’s the one weekend I will be out of town :oP I may send a sock with a friend though so I can represent even though I won’t be there in person.

  142. When you said that we weren’t just a community or a club, I thought you would say we are an army! Kudos for the whole thing – from central Ohio.

  143. Goose Bumps all over! Thanks for sharing with those of us who could only be there in spirit! I can’t wait for my book! The Harlot is a Rock Star!

  144. What a wonderful day to read about. Thanks for this and many other wonderful posts. You have strengthened the bonding over knitting for so many with your blog and your books. Can’t wait to get your new one at the bookstore this week-end!
    And yes, this post gave me teary eyes, too.

  145. That Joe is a keeper! What a fantastic post. Yes, we are a force to be reckoned with!

  146. I have been able to read all the fabulous things that happen over the past weekend.Like others I wished I could of been there. I do have one solace I have your new book.It came on a day when I needed a real lift , I have been suffering with particular migraine for a least 4 days, when this ray of sunshine came through. thanks again. Take care and keep your powder dry.

  147. SO AWESOME! I can’t believe I had to miss it. Will someone please make a list of all the blog posts that relate to Harlot’s trip from the people who were there?!!

  148. Thanks for sharing/creating such a great experience! I can’t believe how emotional I’ve gotten over these last two posts. I made my mother (who is a muggle) read them because I thought your description of the NYC experience really describes what it feels like; what it really means to be a knitter. I think she finally gets it.

  149. Oh my gosh! I just read part 1, then part 2. I was buoyant and smiling, reading about all the representing. Then I got to the part about Joe being there and I burst into tears. Right here at work. What a sweet story! You guys are the best.
    I’m so happy you’re here, YH, and that you write about your life.

  150. Thanks for sharing/creating such a great experience! I can’t believe how emotional I’ve gotten over these last two posts. I made my mother (who is a muggle) read them because I thought your description of the NYC experience really describes what it feels like; what it really means to be a knitter. I think she finally gets it.

  151. Tag-team payback–that’s awesome. Your MIL sounds like a wonderful, mischievious woman (and a knitter to boot). Congrats on spearheading a fantastic event beyond the scope of you being yourself (and knitters loving it). You are so very lucky to be married to Joe (and boy, did he get you).

  152. Good morning, Stephanie! – I’m going right straight back to read and savor and cherish this lovely, long posting, but I had to stop after paragraph one to drop a note. Steph (if I may), it’s imperative that you stop talking about how stupid our beloved Yarn Harlot is. There’s nothing unusual about performance anxiety, especially when the performer is a perfectionist! There’s not one iota of stupidity about you. Trust me on this, please, because I’m old and I’ve met a lot of stupid people, so I know my way around this topic.
    Please give yourself more credit. Try it once. I tried straight needles because of the way you wrote about them, so maybe you could try being kinder to yourself for us. And please keep writing and knitting. You’re showing me a whole new world.

  153. Wow. I SO wish I could’ve been there. I was certainly there in spirit! I love how your mum-in-law and Joe showed up! It made me cry! (Although I can get choked up over a JiffyLube commercial…) Thanks so much for sharing with those of us who couldn’t be there!

  154. I can totally attest b/c I was there–it was incredible and awesome and just the best feeling ever. We totally scared the crap out of the muggles. My knitting-sympathetic husband was with me and totally befuddled by our knowledge of the intimate details of your life–the bedroom, the bohus (you forgot to mention us yelling at you not to put it on the floor! Yes we’re a demanding group!). He was seriously amazed. I think he wanted to join the club. I want to do that again! When are you coming back Stephanie?

  155. does joe have any brothers? or, even better, does he have any clones?
    everyone says you are lucky to have joe … but he is also lucky to have you.
    i’m an editor by profession, and i gotta say, not all writers make a difference in the world. but you do.
    thanks for doing this, and for telling your stories.

  156. Can you imagine if we had all showed up in NY?? I bet for every one knitter that represented, there are thousands of us who could not, but wished to, be there! We are definitely a community.

  157. This is the coolest thing! I love reading about it all and am so proud of you, of US ALL! Katie (blogless in montana).

  158. It’s almost enough to make us all develop crushes on your Joe. πŸ™‚ Carrying on with my knitting now. I may not have been there, but I still represent!

  159. I want to laugh, cry and sing….
    Thanks for this event, especially for those of us who are usually silent and uninvolved yet still kindred spirits to the knitting blog world.
    ~dreaming of grown kids and reduced work hours that lets me knit and travel to my hearts content~ Jenn R

  160. oh steph, i am in tears here at the represent’n. good job everyone. i was supposed to be there with my best gay knitter boyfriend, but the yarn shop we both work at (!!!) could not spare us for two days, as two of the owners were out of town. but we absolutely can’t wait to see you next week in st. paul, minnesota!
    and i am in awe of your description of the “imagine” moment … i got goosebumps and cried. it is such a beautiful place.
    my same best gay knitter boyfriend lost his father quite suddenly late monday night and i’m trying to hold him up a bit, as best i can, so i’m just emotional anyway.
    i’m babbling now but i’m just blown away by the ferocity and downright moxie of the knitters out there.

  161. I HAVE to tell Joe about the time I was exactly in his place! When my dear Mum was given a semi-surprise retirement party some years back, I was part of the surprise; flying in from several states away. My sister popped me into the queue to go up and greet her. Imagine my feelings when she briskly shook my hand, said “thank you so much for coming,” then looked right past me to greet the next guest.
    I wandered over to the buffet in mild shock — Sis said, “go back through the line!.” I did, and THIS time she saw me — the whole room was watching by now and everyone cracked up! What a great surprise — way to go, Joe!

  162. Joe’s Mum must be exceptionally devious, because she must have been cooking this up with Joe and keeping it a secret from YOU while she was helping you with the BEDROOM and keeping it a secret from HIM ….
    And Amazon isn’t shipping your book until ruddy mid-APRIL – I whinged and whinged and got free shipping for my complaining, so at least there’s that. But still …

  163. I was there and you rocked the house! You make it look so easy! It was really an incredible event. My husband (a muggle) is convinced that knitters will take over the world. When far-flung family and friends ask him how I’m doing (I can’t talk on the phone as I’m either knitting or blogging)he tells them about my knitting and advises them that knitting is a culture not a mere hobby and that knitters will take over the world.

  164. I can just imagine the befuddled look: “What do you mean I can’t look??” Poor Harlot, the team was conspiring for you, not against you. See you next week in St. Paul.

  165. Sounds absolutely brilliant!
    So when are you coming to the UK? Knitting is really (re)taking off here and we are ready for you!!
    Love Sally

  166. My eyes teared up a little reading this entry. This really is a beautiful community, and your ability to inspire it is amazing to me. Thank you, Stephanie, for the blog, the books, the getting big ideas and making the muggles take notice…you’re an inspiration to us all.

  167. I don’t know how to put these feelings into words, but I’m going to try. Never let it be said that I’m a quitter.
    Stephanie, dearest Harlot,
    You are a force of nature. Growing up on Long Island, I’ve been through a number of hurricanes, but I’d bet on you if there were a match-up. You have more power than you might believe, and we know it. You can move thousands to challenge themselves during the Knitting Olympics, and we grew as knitters, thanks to your vision. You talk eloquently about MSF and your off-shoot, KSF, and hundreds of thousands of dollars flow in for that wonderful organization. Now, you have reached out to knitters all over the world and we are coalescing into a self-recognized culture. We may have been solitary knitters before, but now, there are no more solitary ones, just outposts of our culture. More magic happened in NYC that day than would have been believed, and I’m not the only native New Yorker who was astounded by the openness and trust among knitters all over the city (even if I had to learn of this from blogs and – sigh – not in person). It could not have happened but for you and who you are. You are kindness and generosity, honesty and truth, modesty and politeness. If you had even one malicious bone in your body, we would know somehow and the magic and power wouldn’t happen. It’s only because of your goodness that these things occur, and the world is blessed as a result. God Bless you, m’dear, for the spirit of kindness that you are, and thank you for having the compassion to share yourself with us and the whole world of knitters and muggles.
    BTW, Joe and Carol, his mum, are just wonderful, although that doesn’t begin to do them justice. As has been said before, he’s a keeper. Trust me. I have one, myself, but I also had one of the other kind (ick) to compare. Thankfully, I escaped and was blessed the second time.
    Finally, think about Katarina’s offer to go to Sweden. I’m sure Susanna would love to go as your special Swedish tour guide, and I KNOW she’d take you to the Bohuslans museum and to meet Solveig, master dyer of the Bohus kits. Isn’t that tempting?

  168. I don’t know how to put these feelings into words, but I’m going to try. Never let it be said that I’m a quitter.
    Stephanie, dearest Harlot,
    You are a force of nature. Growing up on Long Island, I’ve been through a number of hurricanes, but I’d bet on you if there were a match-up. You have more power than you might believe, and we know it. You can move thousands to challenge themselves during the Knitting Olympics, and we grew as knitters, thanks to your vision. You talk eloquently about MSF and your off-shoot, KSF, and hundreds of thousands of dollars flow in for that wonderful organization. Now, you have reached out to knitters all over the world and we are coalescing into a self-recognized culture. We may have been solitary knitters before, but now, there are no more solitary ones, just outposts of our culture. More magic happened in NYC that day than would have been believed, and I’m not the only native New Yorker who was astounded by the openness and trust among knitters all over the city (even if I had to learn of this from blogs and – sigh – not in person). It could not have happened but for you and who you are. You are kindness and generosity, honesty and truth, modesty and politeness. If you had even one malicious bone in your body, we would know somehow and the magic and power wouldn’t happen. It’s only because of your goodness that these things occur, and the world is blessed as a result. God Bless you, m’dear, for the spirit of kindness that you are, and thank you for having the compassion to share yourself with us and the whole world of knitters and muggles.
    BTW, Joe and Carol, his mum, are just wonderful, although that doesn’t begin to do them justice. As has been said before, he’s a keeper. Trust me. I have one, myself, but I also had one of the other kind (ick) to compare. Thankfully, I escaped and was blessed the second time.
    Finally, think about Katarina’s offer to go to Sweden. I’m sure Susanna would love to go as your special Swedish tour guide, and I KNOW she’d take you to the Bohuslans museum and to meet Solveig, master dyer of the Bohus kits. Isn’t that tempting?

  169. Are there any pictures of the pile of hats that we sent? Any news coverage? I couldn’t make it there from Austin, but wanted to know if the media took notice.

  170. I love it! I love that although I was not there, I am still part of the team, community, culture! of knitters. I am so pleased that it turned out so wonderfully for you and I’m also insanely pleased that you have so much love for
    your Joe πŸ™‚

  171. I’ve sooooo been waiting for the big day! How fantastic, and who knew a surprise would be there for you too? Perfect all around.

  172. Finally coming out of lurkdom to post a comment … That is so amazing and heartwarming to see the knitters come out in full force. And just think, that is only a small fraction of the knitting community. Even though the rest of us were there in spirit πŸ™‚ Great job! P.S. I’ve loved reading your blog for some time now. Just recently started my own, and am looking forward to becoming part of this knitterly community.

  173. Kudos to you!
    I think you need to forward the post to the Oak Brook store… 75 chairs… Ha

  174. That’s it! I’m making a pilgrimmage if you don’t make it back to Albuquerque. I’m coming to Denver, or Portland, or Seattle, or Las Vegas NV (a seething vat of shallow commercialism that desperately needs your gentle influence). I’m so bummed I missed NYC, but that just wasn’t in the schedule or the budget. You rock girl! Hope I can see you soon.

  175. You have the most wonderful husband! Does he have a brother?
    See you in Portland Oregon!

  176. Okay, you finally made me cry. Your husband is a treasure beyond measure. Do not, I repeat, do not EVER hurt this man, or you will answer to, well, I dont’ know exacttly, but you will.
    The power of a passion is an incredible thing. Those Who Knit, Those Who Keep Sheep, Those Who Write Romance Novels, we all know those passions and I’m in awe every time I find myself in the company of those who share mine. It’s a good thing.

  177. Congrats! Ha, your husband really pulled the wool over your eyes. I wish I could have gone but excess roundness prevented travel. Glad it was such a successful event!

  178. Thank you for creating this experience for all of us – even those, like me, who weren’t there. I can’t believe how emotional I’ve gotten over these last two posts. I asked my mother (who is a muggle) to read these posts because I thought your description of the NYC experience really describes what it feels like and what it means to be a knitter. I think she may finally get it.

  179. I can’t wait–Amazon sent the notice that the book has been shipped to me! Toying with us by telling us to wait until May 31 was unkind…

  180. Congratulations Stephanie! It looks like you had a record breaking turnout! What a touching post… how endearing it is to know that there are so many of us out there that share the love for the craft!

  181. I couldn’t come, though I greatly wanted to – city phobia, besides lack of money, kept me away. But man, oh man, did I want to be there, and I wept reading your tale.
    Knit on!

  182. You have a truly special husband, and mother-in-law. Congratulations, we all knew you’d do great!
    And in tribute to the representing, a friend’s child has become interested in knitting . . .

  183. You know, I think you have something there with that culture bit, although I might have stopped after the first syllable.
    Northampton or bust.

  184. AAAHHHHH! What a great guy! What fun, and a good idea, Stephanie. We don’t have to feel alone when we pull out our knitting in public. awesome.

  185. Reading about Joe coming made me all teary! What a guy.
    That’s a whole lotta knitters. Whoa.

  186. We DID see you surreptitiously taking pictures of us. I managed to look up from my gloves (my first pair which I FINISHED that night in the auditorium) just long enough to see your hand poking out from behind the curtain and we smiled for the camera.

  187. Ok, call me hormonal, but I was totally welling up while reading this!! The support you have is outstanding, and well-deserved I’m sure.
    I love being on this team.

  188. Okay…glad to read from the comments that I wasn’t the only one a little verklempt… Best Joe story, EVER. Bless his heart… he’s an official knitter (like he wasn’t one before!) just because he helped freak out the muggles on your night to represent!!!

  189. How about these men, eh? They’ll surprise you every timer. You should totally offer to reknit the neck of his gansey if he’s not comfortable with it.
    On the other hand, maybe you’re now even for the bedroom.
    And you know what else rocks? There’s a whole group on flickr dedicated to your visit to FIT. How cool is that?

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