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  1. Looking forward to it!! We’ll soon boarding the train in Connecticut to make our way down! With hats to offer and socks in progress, of course.

  2. So exciting! I have been checking for this photo all morning! Bless you all…. my travelling sock in California is waving to your travelling socks in NYC!

  3. My sock and I were knitting with you in spirit…Ok, I was stuck in traffic on Pacific Coast Highway, but still I was knitting! (10 minutes to PASS a GAS STATION…*sigh* I really need to move elsewhere)
    Have fun tonight! I wish I could be there!

  4. I wish I could be there! I took some pics of the Harlot Horde on the Today Show and posted them on my blog. Feel free to swipe them. Have fun!

  5. Delurking to say how much I wish I could hop the pond to be there. I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it all goes. Have a brilliant time!

  6. I wish I could have been there for the photo op, but work interfered. See you tonight if I can get into the auditorium!

  7. Sigh. I can imagine all right. Imagine alllll the knitters, knitting there todayyyyyyyy. I’d better stop trying to sing in type and just go wish I were there.

  8. go out~~meet all the knitters in nyc and have the time of your life!
    I soooo wish i could be there.

  9. Couldn’t get up there in time, I was in yet another meeting – (darn work, it does so interfere with life doesn’t it?) Anyhow, will be there tonight with sock in progress.

  10. Aw man. Awesome. I wish I could be there today. My sock is traveling too- from the couch to the computer…
    You’re going to be great tonight.

  11. Wish I could be there! Awesome socks!! Will you post a copy of your speach for those of us only there in spirit? And, I saw the signs that said “Harlots Horde” on the Today Show this morning!! Rock on!

  12. Sing with me now. . . .
    “Imagine allllll the tootsies
    Snug in hand-knit socks. . . .
    Woo-hoo-ooo-ooo-oooollll!” (wool) (or woot, your preference!)

  13. Oh please post as soon as you can – I so wish I could be there to freak out some muggles! πŸ™‚

  14. Beautiful! Have a great time tonight – I’m sure you will be amazing, and just as sure that the muggles won’t know what hit them.

  15. Imagine there’s no dropped stitches
    It isn’t hard to do
    Only yarn to fight over or dye for
    No anti-crochet religions too
    Imagine all the people
    Living and creating in peace…
    You may say I’m a knitter
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the whole world will knit one, purl one
    *smile* have a fabulous time…

  16. As a knitter and huge Beatles fan I am so sad that I can only be there in spirit today. That picture has me all teary eyed with longing!
    Have a really fabulous time and I am so glad that NYC is absolutely swarmed with knitters today. It mades me giddy to think about it.

  17. Oh, dear. I showed my sock-in-progress the Imagine picture and now it is so sad it isn’t there to meet all the other socks! Poor unhappy sock! I promised it a trip to Northampton, MA to meet your traveling sock when you are here, but it is still looks like it wants to drop a few stitches to show its displeasure.
    Barbara L in MA

  18. I can’t be there physically, but will be with you in spirit.
    Knock em dead everyone!!!

  19. What a cool picture! Best of luck on the whole represent event and especially your talk. You will be fantastic as always.
    Can’t wait to see you in Portland. I think we need a sock photo and knitter photo from every stop on your tour. We have the fabulous Portland Rose Garden, I am sure there are kntters and socks just waiting in every town.

  20. The knitting geek in me says:
    Wish I could add my knitting to that picture!
    Enjoy and be happy, and woe to the muggles!

  21. I am irrationally excited about an event I won’t be at. Knock the socks off the muggles!

  22. Right on! And I agree with Cat, fellow Portlander, above. The Rose Garden! Heck, fill the amphitheater with knitters! Although it’d be a prettier pic if we were in the midst of the rose beds. πŸ˜‰
    LOL – gee, too bad it’s still likely to rain in early June up here. Powell’s could’ve arranged with the Parks Bureau to *use* the outdoor amphitheater in Washington Park for your appearance. I don’t think the summer-long concerts start that early. It holds something like 10,000, if I remember right… We could all sit down! (And it’s definitely a place you need to see this time in Portland, Stephanie, if you haven’t made it there yet. Too beautiful for words. Even if you just drive the loop, hop out for a brief look at the roses and drive back down the hill into downtown. You can easily get a bus up there and back, if you can’t find a local knitter to drive you. It’s right up in the hills that overlook downtown from the west; it wouldn’t take long at all. When I was much younger, I could walk up there from my apt. on 19th in about 20 minutes. Add on another 15-20 from a downtown hotel – er, maybe bit more. It’s a *steep* hill. [eg] But busing, only about 15 mins. one way, or less. Just ask where you catch the Zoo bus.)

  23. I’ve been with you in spirit all day, with my sock sitting on my desk for knitting while on the phone or while waiting for something.
    Have a wonderful time!

  24. I am, I am! :o) I can just see that auditorium, crammed full and overflowing.
    Rock the Muggles’ world, Steph. I can’t wait to hear about it. :oD

  25. Gah! So, so wishing I could be there…You’re going to rock the faces off of the muggles. It’s going to be awesome.

  26. I saw the Harlot Horde too (I taped it) and I knitted on my toque every possible minute all day (don’t have socks on the needles just now). I’m about to go to my LYS and knit until they close, in solidarity – just think, Darlings, for everyone there, there are ten of *us* with you in spirit! Good thing WE don’t need chairs!

  27. oh my…wow…good job…I’m all teary..and nice tune there fbz! Have a fantastic evening!! Please have JTWP (Jayme the Wonder Publicist) work with towns on the tour so there is enough room…this is going to be big πŸ™‚

  28. Rock the house, Steph!
    Sorry I was not able to make it today.
    A small emergency involving two cats, blood, and a litterbox required my attention and a few trips to the vet. πŸ™

  29. Love the photo, wish I could be there! Everyone who is lucky enough to go – HAVE FUN! Enjoy yourselves and FREAK THOSE MUGGLES OUT!

  30. it is friday morning Mar. 23 here in Japan. but I know that it is thursday, Mar. 22 over there and your day is already in full swing. All my stitches today will be dedicated to all the fine knitters in the world.

  31. I wish I were going!! I completely planned on it but some family emergencies have gotten in the way. Enjoy and I’m sure your pants will look fabulous. πŸ˜‰ Should I still send my hat to NYC or to the collector for one of the later events?

  32. I am also there in spirit. You’ll be great!!
    I really enjoyed your interview on WOR this morning. It was a great way to wake up–I just got back in the car from my coffee run, and there you were! You sounded relaxed and like you were having fun. And I’m sure you’d had your coffee, too!

  33. I’m jealous, I wish I were in NYC today..and incredibly excited for you and the knitting horde! Knock ’em DEAD, knitters in New York!

  34. What a picture! Made me laugh and tear up at the same time. FBZ, great song LOL!
    Knitting on my scarf in John’s memory and in honor of the Harlot’s book launch.

  35. That is AWESOME. Best of luck to you! I taped the Today show and have screen caps of the Harlots Horde to share πŸ™‚ I’ll blog em tonight.

  36. Koo-koo-ka-joob, Steph.
    I knew .. just knew … you would do a picture of this nature at Imagine. Socks or knitting or yarn paced on the rays of the circle. I knew it because Imagine is not unlike the labyrinth at the beginning of your first book. There is no wrong way to use it.
    I knitted in the park downtown at lunch today and thought about Imagine.
    Good luck tonight. Rock the Big Apple.

  37. Wish we were there – my sister Julie in Ohio and me in California. I am wearing my socks that rock socks and knit on my fleece artist wool and seaweed sock at lunch, but it isn’t the same as being there. I’m headed, I hope, for Petaluma in June and maybe Julie is headed to Ann Arbor, but we are bummed.
    Oh, your talk is starting as I type this. Best wishes.

  38. Have fun tonight. I know you’ll have an amazing turnout. I saw people in the crowd at the Today Show this morning holding Harlot’s Hordes signs!

  39. Ooo I wish wish I was there. Why do I have to work?! Oh yah.. to pay for yarn and fiber! By the by I keep trying to click the pic and make it bigger so I can see everyones knitting better! πŸ˜›

  40. I soooooooo wish I could join you and all the fine knitters who will be in your midst. I love the pic…it’s the best visualization of potential I’ve ever seen. Imagine and yarn…that combination is pure potential in my book.

  41. An Alleve comercial just ran on my local news while I was reading these comments. It featured a woman who ‘knits slippers.’ Looked like she’d garter-stitched fairly bulky yarn on US10s. She sat among several skeins in blues and purples and complained about arthritis in her hands. I could relate, though I worked DK-weight socks tight on US4s at my business meeting this afternoon.
    So, corporate America made a small acknowledgement on the appropriate day.
    Tonight, I’ll be knitting my donation hat at the ballet.

  42. Speaking from the future (it’s the 23rd here), the Canberra Stitch’n Bitch group had its Harlot Happening last night – which was WONDERFUL. You can read and see all about it here :
    Wish we could be there in NY though – looking forward to reading how it all goes!

  43. Those of you who want to enlarge or save the photo, if you have Microsoft product:
    Put the arrow on the image and right-click. A menu will pop up with options like:
    “save as”
    “email to”
    “set as background”
    Click on the option you want; you can easily click “save as” for your photo file.
    In the morning I’m going to click “set as background” at work so I have this image for computer-screen wallpaper at work, instead of the green green grass of Microsoft.

  44. Okay, is it totally weird that I looked at the Imagine photo and got very teary-eyed? I have no idea why it hit me that way but it did. Good luck tonight!!!

  45. Stephanie,
    It’s very cool to see those knitters’ feet and sock materials circled round the Imagine mosaic! It’s just like I’d imagined it when I wrote you about it.
    Marcia (in Madison, WI)

  46. Stephanie,
    It’s very cool to see those knitters’ feet and sock materials circled round the Imagine mosaic! It’s just like I’d imagined it when I wrote you about it.
    Marcia (in Madison, WI)

  47. Stephanie,
    It’s very cool to see those knitters’ feet and sock materials circled round the Imagine mosaic! It’s just like I’d imagined it when I wrote you about it.
    Marcia (in Madison, WI)

  48. OK, this has nothing to do with the NYC gathering, but it can be something for all you knitters to imagine.
    My wife’s water broke this morning. We spent all day at the hospital. She is not leaving without a baby, but it may be tomrrow before anything happens. Once we saw the OB this evening, she sent me home to see the kids, bathe them, and get them in bed.
    The one thing I HAVE to bring back with me?
    You know what it is….
    Yep, the sweater she is knitting for our daughter.
    Seriously, knitting may be a mental condition!

  49. John, seriously, no one here will be surprised by your wife needing the knitting while she’s waiting to give birth! LOL!

  50. Stephanie, you were ab fab, as our friends who flew across the pond to see you would say. Thanks for “casting off” in New York, and inviting us all along on the journey.
    Now, as for the muggle/knitter thing… on the way home, influenced no doubt by ads in the subway, I had a brainstorm. It’s drastic, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes the only way to get through to the muggles is to speak their language. I think it’s time for –
    White Hot Needles.
    The knitting reality show.
    Love ya. Thanks again.

  51. I can’t WAIT to see the pictures from Represent and hear all about the muggles and their reactions. Yeah, yeah, yeah. (ok, so that WAS a bad Beatles pun – sue me)

  52. Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight, but I have to say: that picture? THAT is what Strawberry Fields is all about. Any chance we could get a larger version that could be used as a desktop image? If I blow this one up, it gets kind of blurry.

  53. Wow, still the only post-FIT poster!! The others are all out drinking – I decided to come back and drink at home so I could lie on the floor at the same time – it was a long day of Representing (I was at the Today show at 7…which meant rising at 5…_anyway, just wanted to say: Steph – I’m reading “S. P-McF. Casts Off” and I love what you say on page 13 about knitting and passions and not giving up. The world wouldn’t have any knitters or musicians ( and I’m both) or anyone good at anything artistic if we all gave up when it stopped being fun. And a big shout-out to Liz from Long Island and Sandra from Tennessee- it wouldn’t have been nearly so much fun had I gone to Represent alone. Thank you all three for a great day!!

  54. 2nd Post-FIT poster!
    Thanks for coming to NYC to launch the book. It was wonderful to hear your stories and to hear from knitters from all over tell their stories about coming to NYC for the first time just for this or scheduling a planned trip a day early so they could join in. I hope everyone else had as much fun as we did.
    Also, anyone else wanting to join my Represent Yarn Crawl on Saturday, send me an email or leave a comment on my blog. I’ll post details for the crawl.

  55. Thank you Stephanie. This was a beautiful evening and just what PG and I needed. I called my mum on my walk home and she was shocked at how happy I sound despite the ton of crap overflowing my plate. E was happy I had a nice evening. He had a nice one without me. πŸ™‚ THANK YOU.
    And the self esteem thing? TOTALLY.
    To anyone stopping by purl tomorrow on a crawl, please leave me a pair of skacel lace circs in 3.25mm (US3) in a shorter (24-36") length? please? i hope to get there by 2-3pm. or lmk where else in nyc they are? [please leave a comment on my site as I won’t have time in the morning to review here.])

  56. Had a wonderful time at Represent. Wish I could have been there for Imagine. Thank you Stephanie, Jaime-TWP et al for a great knitting party!

  57. two other things:
    1) am jealous of your belt. I was belt shopping on the way over too. I hadn’t succeeded. πŸ™
    2) where does one get the shirt you had on? i tried searching cafe press and have failed thus far.

  58. Still reading – re page 59: you left out martinis (both gin and vodka – they don’t stain either.) Some of us are hard-core (at least, those raised by CIA operatives…) – lots of ice can dilute the stitch-dropping effects, and cushion those discovered extra yarn-overs. Less knitting slammed against walls.

  59. I can see my sock from here! πŸ˜€
    I had a great time at both events today. I hope the launch was everything you hoped it would be, and more.

  60. Hi Stephie (this is what you MIL called you when I was petting your Bohus and admiring her shawl) ~ What fun tonight! My face actually hurts a little from laughing and smiling so much. You were a hoot, and as always nailed our knitter’s reality on the head. Thanks so much!

  61. Hi All!
    Tonight was fabulous. Stephanie talked for over 2 hours and was even funnier in person. She was fantastic and her husband surprised us and showed up!! What a thrill to sit among 750 knitters – and everyone was knitting! And everyone just loves her. People came from all over. I’m so happy I went – it was a bit of a haul, from Maryland to NJ to stay with family but I had to go on to NYC and see the yarn harlot. So what if my sons just did not understand! Who really does except us knitters.
    It was worth every minute…..
    She is truly funny… I laughed till I dropped stitches!
    Now that’s funny…

  62. a beautiful (albeit slightly coneheaded) baby entered the world tonight, and I was an honored guest (medstudent) at his arrival. It wasn’t quite the same thing as being at the yarnful knitter event, but it sure was a good time.
    I hope you had a spectacular time tonight too.

  63. Oh, I so wished to be there. I had to work, of all things… and we’ll be in NYC to perform in the NY Ukulele Fest in six weeks (way fun) so a trip this week would have been a bit over the edge.
    But how I longed to be part of the biggest knitting party ever. I was with you in spirit. Can’t make Ann Arbor but will try to make the Illinois one if at all possible.

  64. oh. wow. one look and i just started bawling . . . i SO wish i could have been there . . . it’s just. soo. beautiful

  65. what a cool picture! I love it.
    ps……….come to kansas. no really.
    ok thanks! and best of luck.

  66. I am so glad you had a full house. I can’t until we have a Toronto Party. I read your books in the hospital. I laughed so much and can’t wait to get your book at Chapters. Thanks for your talent your wisdom wit and humour.
    You Rock and from the sounds of it you and the knitters Rocked NYC. That Picture above is awesome. Have a blast the rest of the time
    Knit2 Purl2 (in honour of my first Scarf)

  67. I saw the Imagine circle when I was in NYC in January. It had flowers on it,etc. I think it is so cool to see it with yarn. Totally rocks!

  68. One more anecdote about last night’s knitting extravaganza: (I can probably do this all day as things hit me but I have to get in the car and drive back to Maryland!) I was so impressed by the number of beautiful shawls our fellow knitters were wearing. They were all colors and patterns and simply beautiful. I have always been stumped by shawl patterns (way too many yarn overs and I ALWAYS lose count!)and last night someone suggested I put tons of markers to mark my place in the pattern and not lose count. I’m heading to my LYS tomorrow to get going on my first every shawl and I only hope it can be half as stunning as the ones I saw last night.
    Knitters always helping fellow knitters!
    Stephanie was terribly nervous last night – but guys, you must know, she was terrific. I’ve seen so many authors speak and she was the best. She’s a regular person and tells it like it is and has the best sense of humor.
    Bye for now and I’m heading south…

  69. You were amazing last night! I’ve lived in New York my whole life and I’ve only seen an entire audience give a standing ovation once before (usually some people don’t bother) and that was for Robert Goulet. I’ve never seen one go on so long. You floored everyone. You were totally fabulous!!!

  70. I couldn’t go (previous engagement) so my twin 20 year daughters called up their dad and made him go with them so they could “represent”. You know, that man is a good father. He never blinked an eye, just did it…
    I so wish that I could have gone. But if I couldn’t, I can’t think of any two people I rather “represent” for me.

  71. check out masondixonknitting dot com – you’ll find more pictures from yesterday of knitting, socks, scarves, Steph, and Kay has even written a song! I’m sad not to have been there (being in Indiana with a strep infection sorta put the mockers on any plans for a trip) but I represented in spirit!
    GO STEPHANIE! You make us proud!

  72. Such a beautiful sight. I’d like to imagine that you’ll be coming back to Albuquerque on your book tour……

  73. Wonderful image – wish I could have made that part of the tour. As it is, I am content to have finally seen you speak (thanks for living up to my dreams!). You inspired me to actually ask a question (I now have hope that once the hormones are in check, I will again knit socks. My husband sure hopes so!). Of course, I went home and had a very long conversation with you in my head, but we won’t speak about that, mm ‘kay?
    Thanks for being a shining beacon in a world full of doubt.

  74. Couldn’t make the sock pic, but was totally there for FIT (after a yarn and beer detour of course – do you have any idea how many yarn shops and decent pubs there are betwee Grand Central and FIT???). Miss Harlot – you were fabulous. I’ve never been in the audience for something like this, so as amazing and wonderful as you were – there was something else as a highlight of the evening for me…
    A room full of knitters is pure beauty. No anxious people in lines – hey, we’re all knitting! No rude people in the restroom – we’re all laid back and friendly (although I have to admit I almost accosted a lady and her beautiful blue shawl in the restroom – then I realized how utterly creepy that would have been – then I found out it was your mum-in-law – good move not petting her shawl at the sink). Hundreds of knitters laughing, sharing stories, meeting each other for the first time in many cases – that is something that you simply cannot find anywhere else.
    Great evening – hated having to cut out during Q&A, but I didn’t want to take the train back too late. Thank you THANK YOU for writing, blogging, speaking, and now representing!!!

  75. Following up on the earlier comment, it is a boy. He arrived at 3:14 this morning.
    Mom and child (#3) are doing great.
    No knitting was accomplished before birth, but not because she did not want to do so. Nature just kept her otherwise occupied!

  76. Ok, we have *got* to comment back to John – congrats to you and Mom and #3, John! We’ll all call that a wonderful FO – even if no knitting was accomplished.

  77. Hey all…
    It was overpowering to see the kniting community come out in full force in NYC yesterday. My head is still spining. I have been collecting links to people who have been posting images of the day on my site, please look at the comments. I plan on putting together a show tonight to share my the day with those who were representing in spirit but could not attend.
    Stephanie, thanks again for putting out the call… so may wonderful people answered yesterday.

  78. De-lurking to say that I am DYING for an update! I couldn’t make it last night πŸ™

  79. damn…I feel like I just missed Woodstock again! Let’s do it all again in Ann Arbor!

  80. I was there! My foot was all the way to the left so didn’t make it into the picture. It was great fun…lots of knitters showed up. It was truly a tribute to the YH, as I am sure the evening was as well. Couldn’t stay; had to grab a bus back to N.J. before dark. Glad I made it! Ruth in NJ

  81. Stephanie, hope all went well. Strep throat has me in its clutches or I’d have been tempted to abandon the husband and kids…
    And John! Congrats. Stick a pair of needles in his hand!
    See Stephanie? Your readers are so devoted that one even popped out a potential new knitter on your Represent day.

  82. I have a beautiful black and white photograph of Imagine hanging in my home. A friend goes to NYC every year to take pictures of various places in town. He was walking through the park early in the day and saw it with a bunch of roses strewn across; later that same day the roses had been arranged in a circle to frame the word. *That* was the picture and it is really stunning.
    Too bad this is my first entry to a blog ever and I don’t know if I can insert a picture or how to do it! I am a new knitter and just found your book Knitting Rules. You are fabulous!

  83. I have a feeling that my post harlot hangover is about to get a bit of the hair of the dog. Last night was great. I’ve finished my first square. Slept but was so wired and excited about the great time I had with three other family members – all knitters – the first thing done across 4 generations in my family ever I think that I really didn’t sleep which is truly what happens to me when I really do get intoxicated.
    Thanks to everyone! Stephanie was wonderful so was everyone associated with pulling this off. I’m going to crash very soon… I can tell.

  84. Hey Harlot! Hope you’re having safe travels. I hope the pins you mean are the TSF pins since I would like to get one from you when I see you in St. Paul. I’m so excited! Have a great time!

  85. Back again. Realized belatedly something incredibly important that I should have said when I had the mike at FIT. Stand up, Joe – this is for you. You’re a remarkable man. You cheer Steph on and support her in every way you can. You go to bat for her against the snooty muggles at cocktail parties and show off your handknit socks with pride. You brag about “your wife the best-selling author” and rein in your rage when someone starts a sentence with “but” and ends it with “knitting.” You have amazing hair (I had to put that in, and you’re lucky you haven’t yet woken up in the morning to find that it has been knitted into something.) You stay calm and jealousy-free in the face of said wife’s fame and growing status as the Knitting Rock Star. You do the yucky household chores when Steph is hysterical in the face of a deadline. You respond with grace and good humor when intimate details of your personal life are blogged about and then read and commented upon by thousands of people (mostly women) all over the freakin’ world. You lie to Stephanie in order to surprise her at FIT because you knew she would be nervous and needed your comforting presence. And lastly, you have the courage to tell this indomitable woman that you don’t want to wear your initials on your arse. We all thank you, because without you and your understanding and love for Stephanie (and that of your three lovely daughters), there would be no Yarn Harlot for us. We knitters salute you. Take a bow, Joe.

  86. Hear hear! I too wanted to give a shout out to Joe the Wonder Husband last night. Big hugs. I can appreciate a good man, and Joe really seems like a good man.
    I had such an awesome time last night at FIT. I had tears in my eyes throughout most of the talk. I’m so proud and amazed by Stephanie, knit bloggers, and knitters in general… I just picked up the needles a little over a year ago and I feel like I’ve come home. And as the odd antisocial knitter, being able to knit in a crowd like last night’s was a spiritual experience.
    And the whole self esteem thing is SO true. I find myself to be a calmer, more forgiving, more CONNECTED person since I decided to learn knitting.
    Even my crocheting friend (that I kidnapped and made come with me) totally GOT the whole talk. She is so witty in person as well. I’m so glad that I could attend.

  87. What a fantastic time last night! My husband even took off from work last night so he could attend with me. We saw you speak last year in NJ and he loved it, (he has an extreme appreciation for knitting even though he has never knit himself) and he said there was no way he was being left behind on this one. And to make it even better, after seeing everyone knit last night, he admitted he was a little jealous that he couldn’t make a square too, and agreed to let me teach him!

  88. You are so not going to have time to even read this, but here goes. I think I would be SO cool to have that as a T-shirt/tote/bag or whatever, do you think you could do that on Cafepress and if you didn’t want the proceeds for your own financial support, how about Knitters without borders??? I would SO buy one.
    Can’t wait to represent with you in IL next month…

  89. Could I have used the word “SO” more often…leaving a comment on your blog is intimidating…

  90. Wow. Check out Mason-Dixon knitting today – I totally forgot I was reading their blog and thought it was yours! Wonderful alternate lyrics for Imagine….

  91. I can’t say it better than all the magnificent folks before me have already said it. Steph, you were brilliant. You capital-R Represented, and how.
    (At the end, when we were all standing and applauding and whooping and hollering, I really, really wanted to light my lighter and hold it aloft, the way we did for encores at stadium-based rock concerts once upon a time. Alas, since I don’t smoke, I don’t have a lighter, so I couldn’t do it. Of course, this was probably for the best, as I’ve never subjected that Patons yarn to a burn test. πŸ˜‰

  92. I want you to know, in what was the most insanely busy day at work I have had in years yesterday, I made it out for an hour to knit in public with my knitting posse in your honor. Can’t wait for the full report!

  93. John, Mazel Tov!
    And the rest of you, I am just so jealous! I’m now wondering if I manage to snag tickets to the Police in August (or Virgin Festival) I can use those as bait for getting Steph down this way!

  94. you rocked at your talk in New York . I was very pleased to be there because I thought I was leaving NY the day before. (I’m from Vancouver). It was great to see Joe and your mom in law. You are very sweet person and I loved your bohus sweater.

  95. HAVE FUN!!!!!!! I wish I could be there! !!!!But I hope to see you in Ann Arbor!!!!

  96. Beyond Amazing. REPRESENT!
    Yes, John, Mazel Tov! and have raised my needles in honour of your wife and new son, cheers! Welcome to the world little dude, may your days be full of sunshine and a bit of rain for the rainbows, your evenings full of peace and your nights be filled with best dreams to come true.

  97. What a great shot—I was working and had to miss the photo op, but the FIT event was wonderful! Steph, you were as funny and inspiring as I knew you’d be, Joe being there was amazing, sitting there surrounded by 700-odd fellow knitters was indescribable. My husband came with me and had as much fun as I did(almost)& now he gets it. Even asked me to show him how & did a little knitting himself. A truly memorable evening. Thank you so much. Oh, and Mardi? Enough with the spoilers already!

  98. omg Joe came? That rocks.
    I’m just waving to all those other peeps out in knitternetville who are with me hoping the best hopes for everyone at all the events and waiting ( patiently!!! i promise) for updates πŸ™‚

  99. Harlot Heads!
    Beth, one summer I followed the Grateful Dead around for awhile and supported this endeavor by selling falafel out of the back of a Volkswagen bus. And I was also actually getting ahead on the reading list for the next semester’s English courses. AND I had my knitting. It was grand.
    I could totally do that again. Just have to figure out who would take care of the cats…?

  100. Stephanie, I love you! Your speech was funny, touching, righteous, and you are awesome. It was great to see your response when you realized your husband was there. I’ve already finished the book – and I love it. Bohus looked fantastic, and it was great to see it in person. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  101. all the photos are sprouting up on blogs everywhere – you are a smashing success! (and it doesn’t surprise any of us!)
    great picture.
    tell all.

  102. Went last night,got on an bus from Wayne,NJ,and wandered around port authority till dad and sis showed up. It was cool,lots of knitters,though i dont knit as much as sis, she is making an huge scarf…mom couldnt come so we dragged our dad along with us,and he liked the yarn in the bags :)It was fun

  103. Mardi’s comment to Joe made me cry. Realizing he was there last night made me cry. Mardi is right on about him. I boarded my plane to Nashville this morning with Casts Off 1/3 finished. By the time I landed, I was through my first reading. The last page made me cry. I’ll blog about my experience tomorrow maybe, when I’m not so tired (boy, New Yorkers walk a lot!!). But I want you to know that Land of Knitting consuls in New York are wonderful and I had two of the best to guide me yesterday – thanks Mardi and Liz!

  104. Stephanie–you were awesome last night! The best yarn even ever! I’m already half done w/ the book. I actually missed my stop on the way into work this morning b/c I was so caught up with it. I posted a some event pics from Represent on my blog. http://sheskrafty.blogspot.com

  105. Well, for this solitary knitter, who has no knitter friends or family, yesterday was so much fun. Thanks to Mardi and Sandra; we “yarn crawled” around the city, enjoyed a delicious lunch and knitted with 700 other like-minded souls while listening to the divine harlot speak.
    Stephanie, your reaction when you saw Joe was sweet and genuine. How nice that we were able to share that moment with you. You should never be nervous again. You are a wonderful speaker, warm and delightful. You are also brilliant enough to recognize that your ability to gather all these people in one place gives you the opportunity to do something good for others. Seeing all those hats and squares was pretty amazing.
    Sandra, glad you made it home safely and Mardi, your posts today were lovely. Thanks for a great time yesterday!
    I’ll post my pictures tomorrow when I can think straight. I’m still recuperating from the long day yesterday and the long day today babysitting for an active 14-month old granddaughter.
    So glad I found this blog. I’m not ashamed to say it has enriched my life.

  106. OOOOHHHHH I wish I could have been there! If I had my passport, I would have been….so maybe it’s just as well! (Though to my husband’s credit, he wouldn’t have batted an eye if I’d asked – just handed me his credit card) As it happens, I’m close to the Victoria event, so I’ll get to be part of the fun there. I’m thinking it would be fun to learn the “knitting” Imagine and have a sing-a-long on the ferry. Heheheheheheh. Thanks for the continuing inspirationn!

  107. Wonderful to see that picture! I so wish I could have been there. Hope you don’t mind, but I set that picture as my desktop background.

  108. I’m dying to know— how many people came to FIT??
    Sadly the commute from China back home to NYC wasn’t in the cards for me!
    What was the turn out?

  109. WEBS – Northampton MA, May 30 – I’m registered, ready and just can’t wait. FIT sounds like it was a grand time.

  110. I so wish I could have been there. With hubbies work and the kids out of school I just couldn’t get there, but I sure tried to make it work! I can’t wait to see pictures and here more about what went on!

  111. Hey Steph – page 172 is really great, but it should have been “why knitting is like playing the VIOLA.” The viola is the least respected instrument in the orchestra and the butt of thousands of jokes (if you google “viola joke” you’ll see what I mean) like “what’s the difference between a viola and an onion?”
    No one cries when they cut up a viola.
    You can change it in the second edition. Viola playing knitters unite! πŸ˜‰

  112. i love reading your blog in part because it continually makes me feel happy and hopeful. crucial to the human spirit.

  113. Mardi, if you don’t srop spoiling I’m going to post a whole bunch of viola jokes!!!! I know them all, don’t mess with me.

  114. Stephanie, NY was totally amazing!! It was wonderful to meet you in the park. I can’t see my foot in the picture but I can see my knitting!
    It was a very moving experience to be with so many knitters that had came from near and far to meet up with other knitters that we did not know and to come together as one united group around the Imagine Mosaic. It can only make you imagine what else is possible…
    You were great at FIT. Can’t wait until we can see you again at home in Canada.
    (Hello to Anita, another fellow Canadian. It was great spending the evening with you!) Louise

  115. There was a nice article about you in our paper this morning. I am looking forward to seeing you at Joseph-Beth Booksellers on Friday Night!

  116. There was a nice article about you in our paper this morning. I am looking forward to seeing you at Joseph-Beth Booksellers on Friday Night!

  117. I’m still dizzy from Thursday so haven’t pulled together anything like a real report yet – but have put up a few preliminary pictures on my blog in case anyone wants a peek at a certain Harlot in a certain sweater, and a rough idea of the size of the crowd at FIT….

  118. Note to Mardi- I am learning an inordinate amount of scary 20th century chamber music today and must, sadly, put off reading the book. sorry about the viola joke threat, though. that was hitting below the belt.

  119. Another country heard from … I’ve blogged a bit about how fabulous it was, Stephanie was, the experience was. Knitters rock, man! And the Book is GOOD, seriously. So glad your publishers didn’t flinch when you changed tack midstream. Thanks for everything!

  120. You know, after being chastised once before about giving time to “live life” so it can be written about…….I CAN’T WAIT to hear Stephanie’s report of how everything went. Thanks to all who have posted here and also blogged about how great it was. Having to live vicariously through you all makes me feel in a small way, like I was there.

  121. it sounds like it was magic. everybody who has blogged about it was just amazed.
    do you know if there’s anything planned for st paul that hasn’t been posted yet? i’m getting anxious for the 4th to get here! this trip is my birthday present to myself, so you’d better be good! (not that you wouldn’t be!) are we allowed to bring your other books to get signed, or not? just curious!

  122. It looks wonderful – Sorry to have missed it but KIP’d that day for you! My frustrations are with Amazon who has NOT shipped the book YET! And my local “chain” bookstore who don’t even know when they can get it – their supplier doesn’t show it in their inventory. I’m TRYING to get a copy! I’ve had it ordered at Amazon for 2 months! My mantra will have to be “Imagine they’re shipping my book…” Ah well – thanks to everyone who has posted their blogsites with information and photos!

  123. happy the book event went so well
    thanks to so many bloggers for
    all the pictures
    try powells ,com for the book and others
    you are all great

  124. It sounds like it was wonderful! In an ironic twist that is SO my life, I am leaving my home near Ann Arbor next weekend to go to NYC. So I miss seeing you by a week in both directions.
    Congratulations on the new book!

  125. Is anyone selling the book yet? Elizabeth suggested Powells, but I looked there and they also have it as pre-order and say “available March.” Yeah, dudes, it’s March.

  126. ok! i keep checking and checking but, no new info! i just can’t wait to hear all about it. i happened upon some teaser pic’s over on the mason-dixon knitting blog. and they were delightful! but tell me moooooooorrrrrre!!

  127. Re the book – Knitty City has it (it had just come in and we all pounced.) Probably none left but I suggest you try online knitting stores, not bookstores. And hey dudes, Stephanie is there (she sent me an email about a comment poster here) give her some time, it was a big day! Patience, all.

  128. Well, for those impatient for more details, I can definitely recommend ccr in MA’s report! [g] I read it Saturday night and had a blast; felt like I was there. She left a comment just a short ways above me here, do a search in the comments for ccr in MA and click on the link in her sig. You won’t regret it. πŸ˜‰ (Yes, I’m prejudiced, but it’s a *good* report!)

  129. Well, I think we’re showing a SAINTly patience, here…And mardi notwithstanding, I’d suggest trying independent bookstores, who aren’t dependent on NY buyers to send what they deem we should have. Go by way of http://www.booksense.com — they’ll show you who’s closest.

  130. Well, Joe returned the favor and surprised Stephanie, right? Perhaps she’s “thanking him in a manner befitting his effort and station.”
    Go find something else to do tonight, everybody, and leave ’em alone!

  131. The suspense is killing me! Yeah, yeah, I read other blogs that describe the events… but I want yoooouurs!

  132. Thank you for giving us a place to gather on Thursday! I’ve thought a lot about CHOKE since then. I think my lifetime philosophy has always been PAWDUK (Pity All Who Don’t Understand Knitting). CHOKE is a business issue, however. A lawyer recently read the first page of my business plan (organizing travel for textile lovers). His first comment was, “I think you will need to expand your business slightly.” I began to pound on statistics and figures (the second page of the business plan), and he began to change his mind. I just thought this was small business issue, but now I wonder……

  133. Just checking in to say that I hope all is well with you and yours, Stephanie. (Ideally, Joe took you on a great weekend getaway and you’re off enjoying yourselves somewhere, still riding on the high from the Represent Event.)
    Take care . . .

  134. Steph, you have to let us know how it went! I couldn’t attend living in Idaho, but I made a huge point in knitting on the bus home from work with my traveling socks!
    Go knitters! And muggles, be warned, you days are numbered!

  135. oh my god I wish I had been there. we were just in NYC a couple of weeks ago, we even went to Strawberry Fields and saw the Imagine Mosaic – I’m from Liverpool, I had too!
    I hope you had a brilliant knitty NYC!

  136. The sis and I could not make it to your fine event in NYC so we had our own “Freak Out the Muggles with Massive Amounts of Yarn and Fibre” in San Francisco. I flew up and she drove down early Friday morning and made a several day event of our own. I even bought my first Koigu yarn. We thought you’d be very proud. πŸ™‚

  137. The sis and I could not make it to your fine event in NYC so we had our own “Freak Out the Muggles with Massive Amounts of Yarn and Fibre” in San Francisco. I flew up and she drove down early Friday morning and made a several day event of our own. I even bought my first Koigu yarn. We thought you’d be very proud. πŸ™‚

  138. Stephanie, New York was a wonderful experience. Once I was able to reconcile that your voice was a little deeper than I pictured it (?) imagined it (?) and when I wasn’t chasing toddler Cyrus down the corridors of FIT – I had a fabulous time. You are amazing and inspiring. A knitter and a feminist. Thanks for the rallying cry and making this knitter a better person.

  139. I can’t wait to hear from you Stephanie—
    I’m on the west coast, so couldn’t make it. Wish I could have been there.

  140. remember, everybody, Stephanie has dishwasher-repair issues to think about and likely many other things as well, since she’s a Real Person and all, not just a knitting star.
    (but i really wish i could’ve been there!)

  141. Ah, nope…..Joe fixed it 9the dishwasher, that is), or arranged for it to be fixed, while Stephanie thought he was off in Montreal! One of her first questions to him at FIT! (After determining that he’d lied about Montreal….it was very cute and endearing!)

  142. What happened? Did the mother-ship return and take all the True Knitters to the Promised Yarn?

  143. According to the commentors it sounds like it was a great sucess! Joe is a sneaky person. :^)
    I’m very excited and looking forward to your visit to St. Paul next week.

  144. And Joe came? This sounds incredible!
    I saw Great Big Sea in concert in St Paul, Minnesota, on St Patrick’s Day, and thought of you.
    My best friend is coming up from Alabama (about 1200 miles, or almost 2000 kilometers), and we have places reserved at your Minnesota talk, which is rumored to be sold out. We can’t wait!

  145. For anyone planning on going to the Pittsburgh event, I just got off the phone with Joseph-Beth booksellers and here’s the details. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis, she recommended being there at least an hour early to reserve a seat. She did not know how many seats were going to be available, but that you would be able to hear Stephanie anywhere in the store. There is a requirement that you prepay for a book through JB if you want to reserve line space to get your book signed. They will not allow you to bring additional SPM books to be signed if you did not buy them there (I assume that means you hae to buy them that evening). Book price (they will take credit cards) is $16 USD. Once you buy it they will give you two line tickets (you and a friend) and when you get to the bookstore you give them your name and they give you the book and the tickets. I prepaid. My camera is charged. I’m taking the entire afternoon off (Pittsburgh is 4+ hours away) and I’ll have my traveling sock with me. If anyone wants to meet up with me there, please email me-my SO says he will go but there is a good chance I’ll be solo. Does anyone have anything planned for Pittsburgh? Signs? Parties? Yarn Crawls?

  146. I got an e-mail from Amazon telling me that my pre-ordered copy of SPMCasts Off would be delayed until May or June.
    But I found it today at lunch at an independent — if you live in the Lansing, Michigan area, try Schuler’s Books.

  147. I’m getting carpal tunnel, I’ve been checking for an update so often. Maybe we should all get together and buy Stephanie a Blackberry so she can update us wherever she is?
    I’m kidding, I know she’s a busy lady. And I think it’s awesome that Joe came to support her. I’m sure it was nice for the two of them to spend more time together than they expected. But I’m suffering here…

  148. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Now I’m checking every 15 minutes for the next installment.

  149. This is such a great picture! It inspired me to lay all my socks out for a group picture, although Strawberry Fields is a much more lovely setting than my living room floor.

  150. Oh, my gosh! Someone just emailed me that one of the sock bags that I made is in this picture! The Red Hot Chili Peppers – three o’clock position near the letter “E”. So, even though the broken ankle kept me from “representing”, my sock bag got to represent me representing.
    Tickled pink.

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