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Pittsburgh was a blast. I’m in Cleveland now, getting ready to go to the next talk/signing, and I can already feel myself getting overwhelmed with the reporter duties. I can report (before I loose it completely) that Pittsburgh remains filthy with knitters who represented with style….if blurry style. (The blurry thing may be me again. I tried. )


The late knitters ended up on the balcony. Sorry I missed you in the pictures guys.



Some of the suspects….

100 3646

Diane, our faithful hat collector. (Hats, should you feel compelled to mail them from anywhere in the world, are still being collected by this fine lady who will get them to their new homes. Email me for her address and you can send them on to her.

I saw Sarah, who practically fell over backwards when I said I’d been to her blog. (Seriously people. It’s a community. You read me, I read you. It’s how it works. I can’t read all of the blogs all of the time, but I try…) There was Jen…and it was Renee’s (almost) birthday. (Birthday knitters hold the sock. I have my own rules for these things.


Vicki brought me SQUEAKY CHEESE CURDS!


(Stop that. It’s delicious.) There was my very nice stalker Brooke


Brooke is on the left (the muggle she is attempting to corrupt is on the right, a very nice German knitter who’s name escapes me because I am coming undone is in the middle.) Brooke and Stalker Angie should join forces to cover the whole of the US. Now my notes start to come undone a little. There were a lot of knitters and it’s a little overwhelming. There was Isobel, and Amy brought me a very nice baby called Heather to hold. (I stopped the crying. Heather may be small, but she is very bright and we have reached an understanding, she and I.) Amanda was there, Bonnie was there, Rachel was there way more knitters were there that I took pictures too bad to show (shout out in the comments, will ya?)…and dudes…you gotta meet Meredith.


Meredith started knitting a year ago, and this is her first sock.


The force is strong with this one.

The best part of the evening? (Besides all the knitters, which totally goes without saying) Non-knitters who can get it. The events guy at Joseph-beth said that he had originally underestimated the nature and scope of the invasion, but that as they started to get phone calls and emails, the had realized that (and I quote) that they “needed to get their s**t together.”

Great guys.

T minus 1.5 hours till Cleveland!

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  1. Thanks for the updates on your Yarn Harlot “Represent” tour. Hey, maybe we can get T-shirts? Thoughts?

  2. You can’t forget myself and Laurie who I’m assuming are in the too blurry to show pics bring wine, Knit in Public gloves, and reversible socks. We too have cranked on the Marley as Steven is part of our knitting group. Nice to see you know many of the folks we know.

  3. Is that Bayerische for a first sock? I just started Clessidra after three years of knitting and countless plain socks. Good on yer, Meredith!

  4. Joseph-Beth is an independent bookstore. Independent bookstores have everyone’s shit together. Darth me no Nobles, Theseus me no Amazons. Order from independents, dammit:
    One more sleep. Ann Arbor!

  5. It was fabulous to see you again! Yvonne and I had a terrific time. Wasn’t that bookstore fabulous? It was the first time I was ever there. Glad to hear you love Pittsburgh, come back again anytime!!!

  6. I was wondering what’s up with the hats. Are they being collected in each city or are they just going to one place? I’m going to be at the Chicago area book signing, so that’s what I’d be interested in. I’d even be willing to collect hats and deal with them if I know what kind of organization you have decided to give them to.

  7. Thanks for the blogging, and that blue sock is her first? Oh my goodness!
    We in Northern Cal are clearly going to need to represent in droves to keep up with what’s happening!

  8. Stephanie,
    Your book finally arrived from Amazon! I’m excited to read it but I’m saving it until I’m done with school in a month… its my law school graduation present to myself! πŸ™‚ (Although I probably won’t have the willpower to wait that long…I already started reading the intro and I love it!)

  9. Thanks for showing some of the “muggles” that there are a bunch of us out here, even if some of us really are “knitting grannies”. That just means more free time for us to hit the yarn stores and knit. I’m still watching for a Florida stop on your tour itinerary, pretty please?

  10. Wow, a bookstore that finally prepared for the knitters! What a novel idea! Glad the signing went well, but cheese curds? I’m not so sure about those… πŸ˜‰

  11. Holy cow – that’s Meredith’s FIRST SOCK?! I am way impressed with Meredith’s needle-wielding skills. πŸ™‚

  12. I can totally understand that Sarah was floored that you read her blog – I had the same reaction when you were last here in Ottawa when you said you had read my blog. Sure it’s a community, but you get hundreds of comments on every post. It is heartwarming that you take the time to see who is commenting. Thanks for that.

  13. Stephanie – it was a wonderful evening, and my husband (non knitter – but very sympathetic to the cause), laughed just as much as I did – he really got it. Glad I brought him, as he now seems to have a greater understanding of my need for stash – or as he puts it “crack fix”. Thanks for proving that “yes, my name is Isobel, and I am Canadian”. Started the book and having a really good laugh, in a good way.
    Smartie on girl.
    (if you want to see my knitting room – it’s on my blog – he’s a great guy for putting up with me, the stash and the need for my own space)

  14. I hear the Bohus was glorious in person. And by “hear” I mean I read it on Knit/Wit’s blog — the Knit/Wit who could not be more beside herself with glee at having met you. What a lovely thing!

  15. Joseph-Beth did an outstanding job last night! Very organized and it was great to see the staff there laughing along with everyone. It was a great time. Thanks for holding the scarf! The volunteer at Joseph-Beth took a great picture with my camera πŸ™‚

  16. Muggles of the world of book stores and other venues, please note: We are knitters and we are mighty. Where the Yarn Harlot is, we are and will come. LOL, when will they learn?
    Great photos and the new sock knitter WOW!

  17. I am bursting with pride at my hometown of PGH. I wish I had known there was such a community of knitters there when I was growing up with my lonely skein of Red Heart, trying to figure out how to increase and decrease with only my determination to guide me.

  18. Carry on – you’re obviously doing great!!
    Did I miss a photo of you in the Bohus?!!

  19. Stephanie
    Last night was so much fun! It is delightful to see the pics of some of the knitters I met last night.
    FYI – I took home 23 hats. Many thanks to the gifted and generous women who brought them and to you for starting the whole “represent” hat project.
    You love Pittsburgh – Well, Pittsburgh love you too!

  20. Focusing on the reporting makes you sound (and hopefully feel) less nervous. Good strategy!

  21. Oy! I so want to see you up in Denver, but it’s not looking good (the over an hour drive, the school cr&& that always seems to crop up when there’s something I want/need to do). Whether I get up to Denver or not, Colorado loves you and I’ll be there in spirit if not on person.
    I bow to Meredith’s sock knitting abilities. I’ve been knitting for 37ish years and don’t think any of my socks have been so pretty.

  22. Too bad Meredith doesn’t have a blog–I would love to worship at the altar of her sock-making mojo! WOW!
    Thanks for the update, I feel like I’m Representing along with you! πŸ™‚

  23. I am getting very excited to see you when you come out to Powell’s in Portland! They had better have enough room for all of us. Would it be wrong to pitch a tent the night before and camp on the sidewalk to ensure a place? Hee, of course I’d bring lots of knitting. No whey iwth your curds? Enjoy your touring and don’t get too tired.

  24. Photo in my blog of Stephanie and Heather’s “understanding”. πŸ™‚ Very impressive.
    I unfortunately missed Diane while I was waiting in line, so I will have to mail my hat along. It’s definitely going since I gave up an afternoon nap to finish it!
    Thanks for a lovely evening, Stephanie! It was a great excuse to get out of the house. I agree that the bookstore did a great job and made us all feel very welcome.

  25. You must have a fantastic memory to remember all the names of people you’ve met. All I can say is come east to south central PA!!!

  26. please try and visit Fine Points in Cleveland -not too far from your signing – it’ll knock you out.. i live in nyc, but it’s my cleveland lys and go to university circle and the lake -it’s another great city taht completely gets a bad rap

  27. It was wonderful seeing/hearing you last night – Harley, my daughter, is very excited about making a bear now thanks to your diagram/instructions.

  28. Meredith has mighty sock mojo! I finally got my nerve up to try basic ribs about a month ago with the help of “Knitting Rules!”…decreasing to the instep now!
    Imagine the scream of people on a rollercoaster. About like that! ^_^ And just about as exciting!
    Now if you’d remember how well this all tends to work out before you start worrywarting before your next trip! πŸ˜€ Not that you’ve got time, but you may want to make notes of “Boy, this sure would have been handy to have along…” so you can pack it next time. Or of course “Why on earth did I pack that? PFFT…”
    Wishing you continued good mojo all over on your trip!

  29. Wow, I started knitting a year ago and just made my first sock but it’s nothing like Meredith’s. I looked for the most simple pattern I could find!! (but it’s still my first sock and it fits and i am excited)
    Squeaky cheese curds rock!

  30. Hey! I’m all in for a T-shirt as well. I’m thinking the Knitters with out Borders on the front pocket with a list of tour stops down the back under the words YARN HARLOT REPRESENTS TOUR, like a concert T-shirt? What do you all think? Profits to go to Knitters Without Borders. I can get it up on Cafepress….. Let me know. mbrantner AT mac DOT com.

  31. Can’t wait till you get to Lexington again. My dd and I came to see you last year and are planning on coming again!

  32. So glad to know you enjoyed yourself and that you were taken on a trip around “da ‘burgh”. I hope someone takes you to the Strip District next time you’re here…it’s awesome. Enjoy yourself in Cleveland.
    Oh…I have to tell you…I’m born/bred in Ohio and when you gave “the Canadian test” I passed it…and I couldn’t figure out why I knew it…and then Cheryl figured it out…we used to get two Canadian TV stations (in the land before cable) (Channel 11, I think, from Toronto…and some news reporter named Vic!). But now I have this problem…I can’t get it out of my head and have been walking around all day singing it…and no, I’m not gonna say what “it” is so as not to give away the answer to the quiz!!! πŸ™‚

  33. Michelle mentioned Cafepress above, which is exactly what I was going to do, except I don’t have the graphics skills to make it happen! The “Imagine” notecard could very easily come into being on Cafepress too.
    I’d definitely buy both for knitting solidarity and “Knitters Without Borders”!
    See you in St. Paul! Hang in there!!

  34. That first sock is AMAZING!!!
    Could somebody out there in blogland get a picture of that Bohus up close and tell us where to find it?
    Thanks —

  35. I love the idea of the t-shirt – but please remember the ample knitters among us. Cafe Press does not do anything more than an XL that I’m aware of; some of us are just XX special while others are xxx hot – and some of us may be pretty good sized guys:) Just sayin’…
    I went to B&N Thursday – I asked at the help desk and the book had just arrived! I made the young man go into the back room and get me one πŸ™‚

  36. Please keep up with the reporter duties. It is nice to travel vicariously.
    Another great city…

  37. I love that quote about the guy needing to get his sh!t together. It’s about time someone clued in.
    Keep on truckin’ Stephannie, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

  38. Hey all, I have a KISS (keep it simple) draft of a T-shirt design on my blog: I’ve e-mailed to see if we can get the blessing needed to put it on cafepress for all to buy. Of course all proceeds go to Knitters Without Borders.
    I enlarged and smoothed out the graphics from the blog and made the back of the T-shirt to resemble a concert T shirt. My music loving DH told me it looked like the myriad T-shirts in his collection πŸ˜‰

  39. Looks like it was huge amounts of fun! I have a feeling when I close my eyes to sleep tonight all I’m going to see is an incomplete green sock.

  40. Meredith: I’m not worthy! Rams: YES about the indie bookstores! (Though it’s near killing me, waiting for the book…Chapters has it in stock, but I’ve special-ordered it from one of the few independents left in Vancouver. Matter of principle: I was asst. manager at an independent bookstore for 3 years. Still….ack! Patience was never one of my virtues!) Please support your independent booksellsers!
    (Could I possibly use any more exclamation marks?!)

  41. Meredith, that’s one heck of a first sock!!! In a word, IM-PRESSIVE!
    Stephanie, have you considered resting the camera on the podium, or shooting your group pics AFTER you are done speaking, so you aren’t shaking so much? (Unless, of course, you start shaking then…LOL!)
    I WISH I could get to Petaluma…..*sob* Why couldn’t it have been Sacramento!?!??

  42. Okay, maybe I did almost fall over backwards — good thing I had my trusty muggle (aka my fiance) with me to catch me!
    It was lovely to meet you and thanks again for reporting such good things about Pittsburgh! Even my muggle had a good time.

  43. Did everyone know this already?? I can’t wait!
    Knitting Rules! – Episode DKNG-812
    April 17, 2007
    2:00 PM Eastern
    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is best known as a knitting-humor writer. Who knew she was also an accomplished knitter? Her thousands of fans, that’s who! In this episode Stephanie shows us how to knit a sock from a “recipe” as opposed to a pattern. These basic rules are a great starting point for us to get creative and expound on this much loved garment.

  44. I just held a 2-day old baby today and got that rush of raw power that comes from helping a baby stop crying. I call it “mama magic” — that and k”nitting magic” should be bottled and we could all make millions (insert evil cackle here)!

  45. sending you a little keep-on-goin’ mojo.
    You rock, Stephanie.
    I hope that the next leg of the book tour continues to be as fabulous as the first part.
    Your book is on its way here !

  46. Two things:
    1. I just got the new book. It it SO great! Also, I had to call every store in town because all but one was sold out. Sold out!
    2. Are you coming anywhere in the southern United States? Or around Baltimore?

  47. Your book arrived today! I ripped open the package, opened the book, and just now came up for air.
    CongRATulations!! Another winner!

  48. You say t minus 1.5 hours till Cleveland. I say T minus 5.5 days till Denver. We’re waiting for you, Steph.

  49. I had a wonderful time seeing you last night in Pittsburgh. And I’m so excited that you love our city! I love it too.
    Let me tell you…it’s no easier to explain to everyone how cool it was to actually meet you and hold your sock (this just doesn’t make sense to Muggles) than it was to explain where I was going in the first place!
    I’ll be blogging about it all soon! Check it out if you can.
    Thanks again!

  50. Oh Steph, Where to start? You have such talent. The 4.5 hour (each way) trip from southern West Virginia was so worth it-you asked me if I drove a long way and I said no-just a state or so away-I truly would have driven several more hours to represent and support your writing. I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to meet you. My sweetie did all the driving so I could knit all the way up. We got there a couple of hours early after fighting rushhour traffic for nearly an hour. Sweetie went for beer and a sightsee but wasn’t about to give up my third row seat! Nope,
    I sat down and knitted next to Amanda-super nice (even with her white store-bought-I-forgot-to-put-my-handknit-socks-on) she was working on her gorgeous waffle knit sweater-I showed her my first sock-yarn, not ww sock, that I was currently sporting-you can’t not wear your handknit socks to meet the Harlot! Soon Amy came with 7 week old Heather (who sported a gorgeous little handknit lavender hat). That made 2 Heathers. Then the knitter in the row in front of us turned around and said her name was Heather too. Three knit or knit related Heathers all literally within arms reach-what are the chances?
    The place was so packed. The staff probably did their best but there was NOT nearly enough chairs. SRO by 45 minutes til her talk. I woul estimte 75-100 people overall. I had prepurchased the book last week by phonec, thus gaining the coveted “A” line ticket. No one’s comment has yet mentioned what Stephanie did when it came time to sign books-anyone with child or with already out-of-the-womb babies got to go directly to the front! As the mother of 3 boys (now not babies but oh, do I ever remember) I was just beaming. I was near the front of the line and heard her say (about babies in front) “things will be different after the revolution-this is the way it is supposed to be”. Amen sister.
    Like other knitters, I came bearing gifts; dark chocolate, a tape-measure that is hard to lose-although that is not throwing down a challenge-it’s just that it is magnetized and you pin this other half of the magnet to your clothes and then viola! your chest is sportin a tape measure. Oh, and a teensy bottle of Heather Cream-all the way from Scotland-hope it made her afternoon coffee special. I continued to monopolize her until she let me hold the sock and I told her of my brief (4 month) stint living in Horsefly, BC (I wintered there-why not?)
    Other news-I got to sort of give her a one-shoulder side hug (the whole time thinking “I’m hugging THE Yarn Harlot”) and stroke HER SWEATER. It was glorious. I unashamedly petted her arm just briefly. She accepted this sign of greeting with great aplomb and when I later read through the first (or was it second) chapter of her new book I understood. The bohus is amazing. The stitches are even smaller than you thought and the glow of the gold on the yoke even more perfect. The wool is soft and almost glossy (back to the home renovations-but dare I say “semi-gloss”?) I think I shall have to make one.
    Stephanie was funny, gracious, fiery, and tireless. I wanted her for my friend. I am so glad I left work early and made child care arrangements-we stayed overnight-and took in a little more of Pittsburgh before leaving after lunch tday. Totally worth it. If you can get to see her, do it. And if you have a baby, you get to the front of the line. After I typed that I thought-I would totally borrow someone’s baby if I was going to see her just to see her faster! How twisted is that? Still us Harlot fans understand.

  51. Steph!!!
    You are coming to Ann Arbor!!! I’m so excited!!!! If you see a baby wearing froggie shoes, I’m the one holding him!!!

  52. I LOVE that the events guy took proper stock of the situation because of all the calls and e-mails he got about attendance at the talk/signing! I love that it makes a differnece.

  53. I just got back from hearing you speak. (In Cleveland.) Sorry you couldn’t join us afterwards, but we toasted in your honor! Great talk, great sweater, and I’m sure the book is great, too! Thanks for a great afternoon:)

  54. Why for the love of wool can’t you make it to Cincinnati? Pittsburgh, Cleveland are so close, but yet so far. We have a Joseph-Beth too.
    Sorry, I’m whiny. Long day at work and all. But I do wish you’d come a little closer so I could hear your loveliness.

  55. I had a great time at the book signing last night in Pittsburgh. It was wonderful to be in the company of so many knitters. I even took a muggle friend with me, Doty. She said to me “I love that woman’s purse”. I told her the woman probably knitted it and to go up and let her know she loved it. As soon as she did, the woman started to tell her how she made it. The purse was absolutely gorgeous.
    There was a lady int he front row with a nice gentleman next to her. He was wearing a pair of red socks she had knit for him. Doty said “They look like they were store bought”. I said yup, us knitters do good work.
    Stephanie started on time and was great. Very funny. Doty thought she was funny and Doty doesn’t knit. I enjoyed everything about the evening. Especially get a chance to meet Stephanie. Stephanie remembered my comment on her blog from the night before about my birthday. Stephanie remembered me! The Yarn Harlot who’s blog gets like a million comments a day remembered mine! Wow! I had my picture taken with my socks and Steph’s sock and the two of us. And Steph took a pic of me and her sock and posted it to the blog. I’m famous. I had to send the link to all of my friends, knitter and muggle alike.
    If you ever have a chance to meet Stephanie, don’t hestitate to take the day off from work, drive 6 hours, wait in line for 3 hours or whatever. She is not to be missed.
    The bookstore, Joseph-Beth booksellers, is a great store. It’s very large, 2 levels (it has escalators and an elevator). They have lots of cool stuff in there. I bought a mini Ugly-Doll for my keychain, a Genius set of Magnetic Poetry words, and some Corporate America flash cards. If you can go visit the bookstore, please do, you won’t be dissappointed.

  56. We need to hide Meredith in a shack in the backyard so it doesn’t get out that people can do that sort of thing as a first sock.

  57. Meredith – we’re not worthy! Sounds like another great time, Stephanie, and thanks for the report! Ditto to those who’ve left longer comments; sometimes we don’t manage to hit all the links, although we wish we could. πŸ˜‰
    And Steph, for the love of wool, don’t let the reporting stress you out too much. If worst comes to worst, we’d wait awhile, I’m sure, impatient though we are. I mean, maybe you could just make sure the photos were safe and keep a running notes document to remind you of the high points; then write posts when things slacked off a bit, y’know? Sure we love hearing reports ASAP, but there’s the price of all of us loving you – many more demands on your time. I know you’re a dynamo, but even so. πŸ˜‰ I, for one, would rather know you were staying healthy and less stressed than have instant reports every day when you’re on a tour if it gets too much. Sure, I’d be gnawing fingernails in anticipation… But grief, I don’t want you collapsing in exhaustion. You’ve already got IT to deal with every year. [g] And if you tried to show up in every city people asked for, good lord, you’d drop dead in a month!
    Siddown. Unlax. Have a couple beers. We ain’t going anywhere. Ok, except to your appearances. πŸ˜‰

  58. Cleveland was awesome today! Yesterday after a whole-house search, I found a $20 bill in the trash that my daughter had tossed out because she happened to be holding it when throwing away her Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg wrapper. My ex-husband’s response was, “How is that any different than the money you throw away on yarn?” Well, today after I had this perfect day of friends, great shopping, a wonderful lunch complete with cheesecake for dessert, knitting, and listening to Steph, I got home to discover that while I was out playing my ex-husband was passing a kidney stone. I think this is proof that God is a knitter.

  59. Steph! That bookstore looked fabulous! And how cool that the muggles knew to get their $hit together!
    I plan to Represent with you tomorrow in Ann Arbor unless something goes terribly awry.
    Keep on!

  60. I feel really fortunate to have been able to see you last evening… I will have to warn people to beware if they ask me questions about your booksigning. They may then have to ask me to shut up.
    There is definately something magical about being in a place with all those knitters gathered to hear you speak.. Working on fabulous projects..
    Thank you for coming to Pittsburgh and spending time with us. I hope your hand doesn’t hurt from all the books we asked you to sign..
    Come see us again soon. Jane

  61. This is only the second time in my life I’ve wished that I was in Cleveland. The first time was back in 1969 when the Cuyahoga caught fire again. I bet your speech was more exciting though. I just hope you’re getting enough rest. It seems like such a whirlwind tour. When do you find time to knit your sock? Socks?

  62. Please tell us you’re coming to Portland(the one in Oregon)!???!!!! Please…Pleeease…PUH-LEEEZ!???

  63. Yes the east coast is having spring. I didn’t know I missed it till we didn’t have it.
    It is really cool that they got it and made it so there was “Room” for us knitters. Good luck with the next one that I am sure is over by now.

  64. WOW, Steph!!!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new book!
    and thank you for sharing the tour adventure with us!
    Did I tell you how much I LOVE your newest book? πŸ™‚
    Keep on knittin’, and writin’,

  65. That looks like a fabulous bookstore. I am ridiculously happy to know that there are independent bookstores like that out there that I haven’t heard of yet.
    I am so looking forward to The Tattered Cover and Denver–I’m taking the whole day off, bringing my (21 year old) daughter (who is also a knitter, and already a good one) and planning on being there early for the KIP! What a great way to spend a vacation day!
    Take care of yourself, Stephanie! Sleep, breathe, eat well, all that stuff.

  66. I am amazed that you manage to keep it all together and remember more than one name everytime you hit a new city on one of these whirlwind tours.

  67. The very nice German lady’s name is Nicole. The very nice muggle’s name is Erlina, and before we left Pittsburgh Friday night, I heard the muggle say, “I would like to learn how to knit a Pittsburgh Steelers hat.” Hehe. One at a time. πŸ™‚

  68. The last I hear the lecture room (holding 300 or 350) in St. Paul is full with a waiting list. πŸ™‚ I can hardly wait till the 4th to see you.
    Also, I have to agree with MonicaPDX above. While I check the blog several times a day, I would much rather have you be healthy than to read about your adventures in a timely manner. The wonderful thing about the blogosphere is that there are a ton of people out there telling us what you do while you are on tour, so even if you can’t write every day we can still keep tabs on you. Take care of yourself, woman! Relax, knit, and have a beer or two. The blogging will still be there tomorrow if need be.

  69. I’m still in my living room makeover mode; I scheduled vacation time to lay my new floor & replace trim.
    Read your tour dates tonight and am now contemplating blowing off my plans, just to drive 20 hours round-trip to a bookstore in Denver to get a signature on the book I bought last week at my LYS.
    Nah, that would be irresponsible. If I did that, I’d have to make a 12 hour detour to go see my brother.
    I wonder if the roads will be clear?
    If I had a co-driver, I could knit on the road . . .

  70. Are you still scaring the muggles? Just curious. My mom (who is not a knitter herself, but an enabler and a fan) and I are going to go see you in St. Paul. I’m just wondering if I should bring my knitting with!

  71. When you do your thing in Ottawa or Montreal, be on the lookout for St Albert’s cheese curds. MMMmm, squeeeaky. If I get the chance to see you in one of those cities, I’ll be sure to bring some with me. πŸ™‚

  72. Ack! I’m so excited for Tuesday I can barely stand it! Tell me the Bohus will be coming with you… πŸ˜‰

  73. All of the knitting and the getting together are so amazingly fabulous. This morning, I was updating my calendar and I got online to confirm which weekend you are going to be in Petaluma, CA in June. I suppose it is a testiment to my currnet wicked case of PMS but…I wept – yes, actual tears – when I realized that you will be in Petaluma on a Thursday…a particular Thursday when there is no chance I will be able to make the 3 hour drive. I am so bummed.

  74. So….when you coming to Portland…(Oregon)?
    Seattle maybe?
    I’d drive up to Seattle. Me and a whole lot of other knit sisters here in Oregon would, I know this! Think about it…..OK?

  75. You are coming!!! Powell’s, June 8th! Woo-hooooo!!! Should’ve checked the schedule before I posted….ahem(red faced).

  76. Pauline-wondering-about-Portland-again, if you’ll look on the main page, in the sidebar under “Where’s the Harlot?” heading, which is the 2nd link below the TSF/KWF button, you’ll see a link for “Harlot On Tour”. And when you click that, scroll down to June 8th. Yes; she’s coming to Portland. Yes, Portland, Oregon. Yes, at Powell’s. Main store on Burnside this time, thank ghu, not like last Sept. in one of the Hawthorne stores. (For those who’ve never been there, the parking in Powell’s building is a small facility, *very* cramped for larger vehicles, and has an extremely narrow, steep ramp. If you’re driving and don’t have a compact, I’d advise parking elsewhere, like at the Galleria lot up by the Central Library, and walking the few blocks down 10th to Powell’s. Or finding another lot within the free zone downtown and busing it. The #20 stops right at Powell’s going both ways on Burnside. Although the passengers can be a little, uh, ‘interesting’ on that run…) 7:30 p.m. Come early, bring your knitting, and maybe your own chair, if they’d let you. πŸ˜‰ As of last year, Powell’s Doesn’t Do reservations for any appearances. Period.

  77. LOL – I just post the above, and *then* notice Pauline found the schedule. Ahh, Portlanders staying up late at night, now blushing in tandem. Ditto posting. Hi, Pauline! Oops.
    Um…we’re just trying to keep Portland weird?? (City of crazed stalkers, that’s us. But good beer. Maybe we’d better bring a case or two…)

  78. I loved those bright green socks! Reminded me of the color of my childhood room (also had orange shelves- picked the colors myself).
    This tour sounds so fab– hope you are not out of steam by the time you make it to California. There are a whole lotta folks doing the countdown until June 7th.

  79. Yea! I love your books! They have me literally laughing out loud so that my fiancee snagged one to see what was so funny. I jus tordered your new book and it should (hopefully) arrive on Tuesday!
    Do you have any plans to visit Southern California in the future? I’d love to meet you in person but a 12 hour drive (round trip) is beyond my gas budget I’m afraid. Keep up the fabulous work!

  80. Yowza! That Meredith has it goin’ on! I am in awe.
    Now, Stephanie, don’t wear out the Bohus before June . . . we want to see it in Petaluma! (Never mind that it will be 80 degrees, the Bohus will be expected.) You’ll still be collecting hats until the end of the tour, right?

  81. Oh I’m so jealous, you got squeaky cheese curds again!!!! Well, at least you’re in the US and can’t have a butter tart to go with it LOL! At least I can still get squeaky cheese curd when I visit my hometown. They still make cheese curd there. Upstate NY is serious dairy country.I read your blog, and then Isobels’ and I have to tell you that you’re going to have to make all of us who grew up in upstate NY honorary Canadians! (I mean, Canada was about 30 miles away and we went over the TI bridge all the time! How do you think I know about butter tarts, oh and those lovely fish and chips, yum! I never got into the whole malt vinegar thing though.) When I was little, we only received about 12 TV channels, two of which were Canadian. I have to tell you, I know the Smarties song by heart and was actually singing it to my son last week LOL! I’ve also eaten my fair share of Smarties. Mmmmm chocolate! I do still like M&M’s though. Thanks for the Representing. I can’t wait till you come to WEBS in May. You’ll be close enough for me to come and see you. Hurray! BTW, your Bohus sweater is amazing in the pictures.

  82. Killing me. It is just killing me that I won’t see you in Ann Arbor today. Sadness surrounds. I am starting on the chocolate now. Have a great trip! I hope you get to see some of the town! πŸ˜‰

  83. Hi Thanks so much for these wonderful posts! I started knitting about a year ago and am totally hooked πŸ™‚ This trip is also a great way to explore the USA (I’ve never been). Helen

  84. Wow, just wow at that first sock! I still haven’t plucked up the courage to make a pair, as I’m totally convinced that my tension will change between socks and I’ll end up with a pair for a deformed person. Glad you’re having such a great time and can’t wait to get your new book. It doesn’t come out till August here, I don’t think.

  85. thank you to our author for all the shareing
    do get some rest and thank you for all the links
    just as i came off the computer one of our
    bradenton clowns named toodles came down the hallway went back to the screen she met you
    the wondrerful clown in pittsburgh
    we knitters are a fine group
    thank you to all the bloggers
    now stop buying up all the yarn till
    i can get my share really happy easter

  86. Hellooooo Monica(from PDX)…Thank you! See you there…I’ll be the one with a case of beer under my chair(yes, we DO have good beer in PDX),working on my sock…LOL

  87. It’s so very cool to meet the people that read your blog isn’t it? Every time I meet another person that recognizes me from my blog I’m flabbergasted. And then promptly ask them why they never comment. Heh.

  88. Monica and Pauline, what beer are you bringing? Wouldn’t want to duplicate with my case πŸ˜‰ I’ll see you there! I’ll be the one with an almost 4 year old in tow πŸ˜€ She tries to knit, so it’s ok.
    Oh, and yeah, if you’re not familiar with Powell’s parking structure, I don’t recommend it. I park my gas guzzling non-environmentally friendly Mom Taxi (Suburban) up there, but it’s tight!

  89. I’m still trying to figure out how I can get out of a new job early (the week before a major event, no less) to get to Webs on a weeknight. Meanwhile, if Jayme the Wonder Publicist wants to set a date somewhere near Providence, I’d be more than happy to help her and work my nonprofit connections to get a space. Just sayin.

  90. We feel your presence in Cleveland…. not that we’re stalking you or anything.
    Uh, there IS a reason the Pittsburg pictures were blurry. Your camera is fine, Pittsburg is blurry.
    (there is a long rivalry between our two cities football teams which explains the attitude)
    Wifey is not sleeping well due to the excitement of Yarn Harlot at 2 pm in Beachwood, OH on Saturday.
    more later

  91. I sat next to Merideth and before she pulled out the unbeLIEVable first sock, she was working on an awesome Fair Isle (which you can see here Tough room! Thank you Stephanie (a GIGANTIC thank you!!)for saying such nice things about our city, and for sharing your humor and inspiration with us all. P.S. here’s how I see the REPRESENT t-shirt: an upraised fist (think sixties anti-war) with two knitting needles clutched in the fist. Too aggressive? I say no. Power to the Knitters!!

  92. You know, I’ll bet your blurry sock with guests shots are because your poor camera can’t figure out where to focus. Maybe you need to let some lucky person in each section hold “the sock” and bet you’d bet unblurry!!
    I’m loving the tour by the way. Just wish you were coming closer to central Indiana!!
    anyone out there near Indy who wants to do a “public knit – represent” around here??

  93. Uh, Russell? Next time you dis Pittsburgh? Note, it IS spelled with an “H” at the end.

  94. I’m really sorry i’m missing you right now. my stepdad needed me to watch my brothers, but i’m bummin out. i wanted to bring you some Michigan yarn!

  95. Monica & Michelle…thought I’d bring something like Hammerhead or Ruby Ale…yummmm. My almost 12 yo daughter may be with me too, she started knitting a little last year. Got to bring ’em up right…. ;o )

  96. I’m so happy that you enjoyed your visit to Pittsburgh. It really is a fantastic city. I always get warm-fuzzies when people love Pittsburgh – and I’m always shocked and mildy annoyed with people who don’t see the beauty! I’m sorry that I missed seeing you. I just started knitting in December. I’ve been addicted to your blog ever since, and my dear husband Joe gets to hear about you pretty much every day! Thank you so much for being inspiring, and true, and funny!

  97. Ohhh…I’m so sad I missed Pittsburgh. I was suppose to go but family emergencies popped up. I was even sadder when I looked at your pictures and saw my friends sister and the girl who taught my felting class sitting in the front row!!! I guess I should be happy for them but I’m really jealous cause I’m the one that told them about you coming!! I saw on your tour list that there are more dates to come….do you think you will be coming back around to Pennsylvania? It’s really a lovely state!

  98. Ohhh…I’m so sad I missed Pittsburgh. I was suppose to go but family emergencies popped up. I was even sadder when I looked at your pictures and saw my friends sister and the girl who taught my felting class sitting in the front row!!! I guess I should be happy for them but I’m really jealous cause I’m the one that told them about you coming!! I saw on your tour list that there are more dates to come….do you think you will be coming back around to Pennsylvania? It’s really a lovely state!

  99. If for nothing else, I may just have to move the family farther north just to get your autograph. Have fun!

  100. I’m sorry I missed you today in Ann Arbor- we came down and found out you were in limbo in Chicago. So sorry and hope that you made it. (Or at least didn’t run out of yarn while waiting!)
    Hope to catch you next time around!

  101. It was great to meet you in the ‘burgh! “Pittsburghers” is fine, but we self identify as “Yinzers.” (please tell me someone explained “yinz” to you) My mom and I figured there wouldn’t be enough chairs, as the event was in a muggle zone rather than a knitting shop. We were the crazy stalkers sitting on the fireplace – I got a first-hand (non blurry) view of how intimidating it can be to face a room full of knitters (but I wasn’t the one they were staring at). I am only slightly repentant for embarrassing her by explaining why we didn’t make it to Knit One last year. Getting to feel the Bohus made up for it. (I think we’ve figured out what each of us are getting for the next major gift giving occasion.)

  102. I got the book today. Barnes and Noble had *three* copies, but hadn’t put it out yet. I got one of them. The lady behind me in line got another. I suspect they may have sold out without it ever hitting the shelves. I read it this afternoon. It’s wonderful. Thank you so much.

  103. Yeehaw, hooray for events-guys who get it! Sounds like a brilliant tour. I hope you get enough downtime that you don’t meltdown. Maybe lose the wool coat…

  104. The ‘Represent’ events seem so awesome! I keep trying to tell my coworkers that we are taking over the world, they keep not believing me. Eh, I guess they’ll find out when it’s too late to do anything about it!

  105. Hi Stephanie,
    I am enjoying reading your blog and keeping up with your travels. Today, as a way of thanking you for some wonderful reading and inspiration, I am going to tell you a story. You see, I am not a stash person. I like having only what I need to work on, with no pressure from waiting yarn calling my name. I am very good at going to the yarn store and not buying the yarn, but waiting until I finish what I am working on, then going back to buy it. (I do believe in lay-away, a little, but that is also stressful for me.) I have a hard time with unfinished projects lurking in corners, waiting to leap out at me when least expected. Well, this all ended yesterday, thank you very much! (No really, I mean thank YOU, because I have been reading “The Yarn Harlot” and all your talk about stash.) My favorite yarn shop had…yes…beautiful, wonderful, soft, lovely, light gray alpaca for sale! Four skiens. I became very excited. I stopped thinking clearly. I bought it. I have no idea what I am going to do with it! I can’t stand it! It’s beautiful! I wonder if this is the beginning of core stash? You did this, it’s all your fault! But I love it. I am trying to be reasonable and sensible about this but I have a feeling this is the beginning of a losing battle. We will see. But I love the yarn. Oh well, I suspect I am a goner, I have stepped over the line to the dark side and there is no going back! So there is my story. Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!

  106. SQUEAKY CHEESE!!! Oh man, it’s a favourite of mine. And Evan’s (he’s got good taste, that kid!).
    Disregard the email about me in Toronto, btw. Of course you weren’t there! lol. Glad Pittsburgh treated you well, and I’m sure Cleveland was great too. Have fun!

  107. SQUEAKY CHEESE!!! Oh man, it’s a favourite of mine. And Evan’s (he’s got good taste, that kid!).
    Disregard the email about me in Toronto, btw. Of course you weren’t there! lol. Glad Pittsburgh treated you well, and I’m sure Cleveland was great too. Have fun!

  108. SQUEAKY CHEESE!!! Oh man, it’s a favourite of mine. And Evan’s (he’s got good taste, that kid!).
    Disregard the email about me in Toronto, btw. Of course you weren’t there! lol. Glad Pittsburgh treated you well, and I’m sure Cleveland was great too. Have fun!

  109. you are going to love this. i am in the middle of writing a 40 page paper on the biblical/staussian imagery in shakespeares Richard II, the paper that my degree is hinging on and what do i do? i embark on knitting a shetland lace shawl.
    on the other hand every time i take a break to knit a while i figure out another section of the paper.

  110. I had such a good time in Pittsburgh, too bad I wasn’t knitting back when I lived there! Anyhow, you were fantastic, hope the curds were still properly squeaky!

  111. ooooooooo, goody, does this mean i’ll get to hold the sock wednesday? today’s my birthday and i’m *mumbledy*one

  112. Sure, just when I was discovering your books and your blog I moved to Europe! What will it take for you to come visit Scotland? I make some killer Chocolate Muffins…

  113. I’m sorry to hijack your comments for personal gain but I LOVE the sweater that Vicki with the Cheese is wearing. Please Vicki if you read this will you post where I can find the pattern? I’m so enjoying the tour tales. Thanks!

  114. Good Morning Stephanie~
    I would have loved to have seen you in Ann Arbor yesterday, but I had already made other plans before I knew you had scheduled a stop there. However, a dear friend brought me back a copy of your new book – can’t wait to see it.
    On the hat front, have a hat or two that I have knit and would love to send to Diane for her “collection.” Please let me know where to send.
    Thank you!

  115. Meredith – what a sock! I’m jealous!
    And someone fill me in, I’ve had cheese curds, but what makes these ones squeaky??

  116. Add me to the list of those in awe of Meredith’s knitting prowess. I’m sitting here slack-jawed. A first sock. Wow, a first sock. ::sigh:: I’d love to meet Meredith and kiss the hem of her robe.
    I do hope Copperfield’s in Petaluma gets it before June. I intend to be there way early. They kept assuring me that it wasn’t necessary. Right. And the sun will rise over the Pacific tomorrow. Sheesh.

  117. Alison – it’s the freshest curds that squeak. I am a Wisconsinite and know these things. Harlot tomorrow. I don’t know if I shall sleep tonight…

  118. My book is here!!!!! I think that I ordered it from Amazon the same day that I realized you were writing another book. Now I need to finish the housework – no that will still be here tomorrow – but I must go to the grocery store. Then I can knit and read until the last of the basketball games are over tonight. This is a very good day!!!

  119. I went to the local megabookstore for your book and was told it was on the truck and would arrive when it arrived. I mentioned that it was out in other places and you were on tour – the megabookstoretroll said that the release was a general time, and only John Grisham and the like warrented having things in stock when they are released. Knitting books “aren’t all that important.” My husband laughed under his breath, and braced himself for my outpouring of indignant sputtering – he understands the power of The Stash. Obviously, megabookstore and its trolls have NO FREAKIN’ CLUE.

  120. Stephanie,
    Thanks for hanging in there and coming to Ann Arbor in spite of all of the problems. I was one of the fifty people in the overflow room upstairs, and was glad that I had a chance to see you in person. I even dragged a Muggle with me, and he waited the whole time, too.
    You’re great. Get some rest.
    Nancy J.

  121. where were you when one of our news-people was being shown to knit? she seemed really uninterested in the whole thing, it irked me a bit. (she sort-of-but-not-really attempted a couple stitches and then just continued on. I was never much a fan of her anyway. thankfully she doesn’t seem to be at that station anymore. oddly enough, I think it’s the same station you’ll be at on Wednesday)
    wow, that Bohus is gorgeous – I look forward to seeing it (and you, of course) Wednesday!
    and I join the rest in awe of Meredith’s first socks.

  122. I don’t know how I got along without internet knitting contact- oh, I remember now. The world was in black and white. Meredith is an inspiration, even if I don’t like knitting socks. At all. Stephanie, how about a trip to Saskatchewan (or even Alberta- we’re used to driving long distances to see anyone good.)?

  123. It was AWESOME seeing you in Ann Arbor yesterday! I’m so glad you showed up even with all the screw ups! lol..fog, no car waiting etc…I thank BRAD who got you to Ann Arbor!!

  124. hi stephanie, can we please see a picture of the finished bohus? i’m so very curious how it turned out, and I would very much love to see it. please???

  125. Hi Stephanie. Thanks for a great time in Cleveland!
    I’m the one from early in the book signing line who could hardly keep it together telling you about how I knit Shedir in the Knitting Olympics for my girlfriend fighting cancer. I saw my friend the next day and told her you sent your regards. She was quite pleased.
    Of course I blogged the whole trip to Cleveland on my knitting blog.
    It was great to meet you, to see the Bohus in person, to hold The Sock, and of course to say thank you!

  126. Was your trip to Michigan really that bad, or was that some whopper of an April Fool’s gag? Yikes! Glad everyone seemed to make the best of it.
    Come Represent in Spokane! Please? I’ve got friends going to Portland to beg you, and a Felted Chester with your name on it.

  127. It was NOT an April Fool’s joke. Not by a long shot.
    I don’t know where our Harlot gets her energy from, but by the time I took off yesterday she had nothin’ left.
    Dude…I hope you slept well. And long.

  128. My sister-in-law is here visiting from Ohio. What is wrong with this picture?
    Yay for the with-it Muggles! I think your reputation is starting to precede you.

  129. Hi Stephanie,
    My sister and my mom WERE THERE!! My sister’s description of you was “very funny and charismatic”. This was the first knitting related outing for my 80+ mom since her husband’s death last December. My mom really enjoyed it too!
    Rest up, travel well!

  130. Stephanie,
    When I called the Tattered Cover here in Denver the lady on the phone laughed at me when I told her that she should be expecting at least 100 if not 300 people coming to see you! I then told her that I was not kidding! To which she paused and said “Really?”
    I have even contacted our local news to let them know of the event so you can connect with more than just us that are able to join you at the store. Here’s to hoping that they send SOMEBODY down there to check us all out!
    If you can’t tell, I am ecstatic about you coming to Denver! Getting the chance to meet you in person and HOPEFULLY (hint, hint) take a picture with you…words cannot express my excitement!
    Hey, you simply have to check out Showers of Flowers Yarn Store. It is not far from downtown. It is a HUGE store and I am sure you would just love it. Let me know if you want to go and I would totally be willing to take you and and your wonder-publisist there. That is if you don’t mind the kids tagging along πŸ™‚ Again, just let me know!
    Marlaina aka Marly

  131. Hi, It was great to meet you. I was the girl with her mother in-law also named Carol. She was so excited to met you. We got tot he bookstore at 2:30 and sat all day knitting, reading, and waiting. So it was a long wait, but with great payoff. Props to my mother in-law b/c she was sure she would cry when you signed her book, but she powered though. I was very proud of her. By the way the book is very funny. My husband is reading it as well, so I have to be careful not to lose his page.

  132. Hi Stephanie I am your uk equivalent and received this strange email tonight for you so here it is. do email some time let me know the outcome suggested if you cannot go they should invite me the ‘english ‘knittinglady’
    best regards Chrissie
    Hello Chrissie Day,
    After trying to blog a thank you to Stephanie, I have given up and I’m appealing to
    you to help me write to her directly. Last year she was able to appear at our
    library in northern New Jersey to the most enthusiastic assembly of knitters and
    eager fans I haave ever seen in our auditorium. Some were knitting, spinning or
    just absorbing all the good feelings that were bouncing off the walls as Stephanie
    If you are able to help me, I’ll be most appreciative.

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  134. Loved seeing you in Cleveland! I was tempted to tell you that it would be much faster to drive to Ann Arbor than to fly…and indeed it was! But I figured your plans were already made. If I had been psychic and foreseen your travel woes, my friend (knitting the Gryffindor scarf in your 1st pic) and I would have jumped in the car and taken you. Well, thank God for Brad!
    P.S. Joseph Beth had LOTS more chairs, though possibly no place to put them We saw them all set up in a 2nd floor meeting room next to the ladies’ room. Thanks for coming to our town! Come back any time!!

  135. Hi. I was at the New York signing and met many wonderful knitters. I am going to go back to NYC with my 11 & 13 yr. olds during April vacation. We’re going to see the Statue of Liberty and sight-see for one more day.
    Any navitves have suggestions/advice on what to do and/or an inexpensive place to stay?
    Happy knitting…I’m working on my first felt bag for my Meaghan

  136. I hope the rest of your travels are better than that one
    grace age 10

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