Out the door

Ok. I’m sprinting. I’ve got the pins and my speech and some money and my black pants and my jeans and lots of knitting and I’m just bringing socks to knit…I think that’s the thing, and I’ve got my plane ticket and my itinerary and crap…where was that list of phone numbers? Maybe I should bring my knitpicks needle thing so that I can cast on anything I want? Okay. The dishwasher broke and I’m going to New York and Joe’s going to Montreal for a gig and Ken’s coming to stay with the girls but he won’t be here when a repair guy can come, so I guess I’m leaving it until Monday. (Better put a note on the dishwasher so someone else doesn’t find out the way I did and end up having to watch buckets of white froth spew from the bottom of the door. You hear that Ken? Dishwasher. Do. NOT turn on. Also the coffeemaker has not survived Joe’s latest backwash of grinds into its inner workings, but there’s a bodum. You know.)

What am I forgetting? Who knows. I’ve got to leave in 10 minutes and Sam forgot her backpack and I’m not quite packed and I need my keys and to find my thumbdrive and do you think the hotel will have a printer? Never mind. Don’t look at me…I’m a mess.

The represent page has been updated again.

Johanna has a very special bonus for knitters. She has arranged with FIT and Ann Denton (a Knitting Proffessor at FIT – a knitting professor! These people have their priorities straight) to take any interested knitters on a tour of the FIT machine knitting labs, look in on a class…that sort of thing. Details are under “tour guide” on the represent page. Do take advantage of this. Very cool.

Amy tells you what to do with your car at the various events and fun stuff this weekend. (This is a great idea.)

Katy added a tour that she’ll run on the weekend if you like.

Good luck intrepid knitters. I’ll be on the street in NYC looking for you this afternoon. (If I can find my shoes….how the hell did I lose my shoes?)

128 thoughts on “Out the door

  1. Suddenly I have this insane desire to leave work, rush home, pack, and drive to New York.
    But who’d feed the cat?
    Have a wonderful, marvelous time. And take tons of pictures! Hope all the knitting events are mobbed.

  2. Have a fun, safe trip. NYC is in for a big surprise when all of the knitters come out!

  3. I’ll be thinkin’ of you, Gal, on your whirlwind trip to NYC. I don’t quite understand Represent, but I’m praying for success…and staying safely and sanely bundled up in snowy Calgary. Hope you found your shoes!

  4. Up up and away into the wild blue yonder. Hope you have another knitter beside you on the plane, that would be a NICE change eh ? Safe and happy travels ALL the BEST to you —oh and Ken too haha .

  5. We almost flew from England to join in but couldn’t get cover for our shop. I might start my Rockin Socks tonight as compensation. Have a great time!

  6. I’m sooooo sad that I can’t come to this… writing a paper on a postmodern quebecois novel is absolute, grinding torture when I know there are FIT tours and yarn crawls and HARLOT happening! Sigh.

  7. Steph have a wonderful time! I’m so sorry I can’t be there too… the flu came and knocked me flat. I so wanted to be there. Huge hug! I’ll be there in spirit. I’ll be awesome.

  8. Sniff sniff…wish I could be there.
    Everything will turn out great, and if something does go wrong it will give the experience character.
    Have fun storming New York City!

  9. You need to have someone design/plan a Travel Harlot wardrobe for you that you can throw in a bag and forget about. Like birkies, dress birkies, BLACK jeans (wow, what concept, they can be dressy!) tops that don’t show wrinkles or are wrinkled on purpose and look great while you’re knitting, or how about the ones with a bra built in so you don’t have to worry if you packed a “good” one or not… hey, maybe I missed my calling? I think I’ve packed for too many trips myself!

  10. I am deeply, madly jealous of you and all the other knitters who are going to be in New York this week. I wish you best of luck and my spirit is there, if not my flesh.

  11. Ummmm pants, knitting, thumb drive, ticket… no mention of BRA, Harlot. Don’t forget the bra. Or, are you goin au natural? Although- from the models I’ve seen from NYC, I doubt if bra’s are mandatory;)
    Have a great time- remember it’s your knit sistahs and brothers your goin to see;) relax!

  12. Just don’t wander out in the hall in a towel, ‘kay? Or drop your shoe out the window.
    Wish I could be there!

  13. Have a great time, I’ll be there in knitting spirit. I’ll get to see New York next week in the aftermath of Represent and I can’t wait!Unfortunately our Spring Break is later than the easteners.

  14. This event makes me think of 24. You are president Palmer, in the first season, for canidacy.
    Just dont get shot, mkay? Im really not sure Jack Bauer’s stance on the knititng world…

  15. we are so excited for your visit!! a couple of my friends took the day off work just to be there. thank you so much for organizing this, we can’t wait!!!
    oh, and if you only get to visit one yarn store in your trip to NYC, make it either school products or habu textiles. πŸ™‚

  16. Passport? Or don’t you need one yet?
    Wish I could go too, but between a rotten cold, sewing stupid dresses ( my job!) and my daughters 21st birthday it ain’t going to happen πŸ™

  17. Good luck! Have a wonderful event. I wish I could be there too. Can’t wait to read reports from the blogosphere. Represent y’all!

  18. Oh, I wish I could be there! Right now I’d rather be in any place in the world but this… I’m trying to finish my Master’s Thesis in too little time… less than 3 weeks left… too many pages to go… does anyone have a clue how to do this?
    Anyways, lots of fun for the event! Show the muggles!!! We’re counting on you!

  19. You don’t need no stinkin’ shoes! Wish I could be with ya’ll – I will have to admire from afar – 77 degrees in Atlanta today!

  20. so excited about the knitting tour! I’m leaving work at 3 for the whole extraveganza!
    and its supposed to be nice by tomorrow afternoon (yay spring!)

  21. Have a great time! Wish I could be there, but I have my knitting in my handbag. Hmmm… wonder how tweaked my boss would get if I pulled it out during our staff meeting today…

  22. You sound like me, and I don’t even have kids. Although, I do have to make sure that I’ve left good instructions for the pet sitter. πŸ˜‰
    Do some yoga breathing and then enjoy. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks in St. Paul.

  23. See you in NYC. I hope we have nice weather. We all think your the best don’t worry about anything.

  24. I will bring my knitting out during staff meetings. They don’t even blink an eye anymore. I told them it keeps my monkey mind engaged so I can pay attention to what is going on πŸ˜‰
    I wish I could go! You’ll have a great time.

  25. Don’t worry. You’re going to be great. You always are. Travel safely. Wish I could be there, but I’ll see you at the California event.

  26. Sounds about like any time I leave to go on a trip. Fear not, dear Harlot, it will work out in the end and you will be amazing — with or without shoes!
    Safe travels!

  27. Enjoy your trip, some of us Georgia Peaches would love to see you in the south for your book tour. We’ve got some great knit shops her in Hotlanta- please think about adding us- also it’s warmer here!

  28. Bon Voyage, dearest Harlot! Just think about it: all those knitters WITH you and the Vibes of all of US knitters with you there…yeah, hope CNN knows to cover this! Love the concept, love the idea, love the Harlot — and tomorrow I’m doing my own mini-Represent in solidarity. Knitting-Sisters-and-Brothers: Tomorrow at noon YOUR time (whenever that is) let’s all hold up our knitting (virtually if not actually) and say aloud (or *think* if you’re somewhere that would get you carried off to a soft room WITHOUT pointy objects): ALL POWER TO THE KNITTERS! ALL POWER TO THE YARN HARLOT!! Think of that, world-wide vibes embracing NYC and connecting us all. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee RULES. WE KNITTERS RULE!

  29. Good luck, have fun, very jealous here, the tour of FIT would be cool. I did the knit design course at Sheridan 20 years ago, I don’t think they have it anymore. I’ve still got my machine but I never use it! Waiting for a Toronto/Ontario date, hats are ready. Can’t wait to see pictures. If we could just get you in at the UN…

  30. Imagine that you are staring at a mountain of cashmere, merino, angora, Fleece Artist, that yarn that’s softer than butter, through an impenetrable Lucite wall, and you will know how I feel about not being able to be there. Have a wonderful time. You look mahvelous. (Trust me. You really do.)
    See you at Webs.

  31. I WANT TO COME!!! But I am in tech for a show in CA . . . Don’t think my actors would understand if the director didn’t show up, cause there was a knitting thing. They still think we didn’t have rehearsal on the Day i went to Stitches West becasue of Jr. Prom . . . silly kids!
    We are with you in thought and yarn!

  32. See you there! Prof Denton and Prof Kinney are a treat and I wish I could get out of work earlier to see them again. I graduated from FIT 5 years ago (in the knitwear program) this May and it was a wonderful experience!

  33. Have a safe trip and a WONDERFUL time. You’ll be awesome!
    ~from someone who can’t wait to see you in Ann Arbor!

  34. Oh darn! I am missing you in NY by 1 week. Oh well I will just have to catch you in Illinois then. Bonne chance- you will be fabulous.

  35. I’m so PISSED I can’t go. Sorry for saying bad words on your blog, but I’m just so bummed. Darn needing to pay the bills and having to work. πŸ™ Have a great time!

  36. I wish I could be there! Have fun everyone! I’ll be knitting on my couch thinking of you guys….

  37. Though I am in the throes of my own version of how did I lose my….hair on fire week….
    I am so jealous that I cannot be there….or in Pittsburgh….or, sigh, anywhere but the Berks Campus….Why can’t you come to Berks? I’d much rather arrange an author singing for you….. Ask Jamie when Philly is making the tour list!
    Nonetheless…good luck. I found my car keys, hope you found your shoes.

  38. You go grrl!!! Why is it no matter how much we think we have prepared, that the last minute stuff gets so crazy? Don’t answer that. It is a fact, not a question. You will be wonderful as you always are. Your reputation precedes you and your almost daily messages to us only uplift that rep.
    Our LYS, here in Ithaca, has been in touch with your Wonder Publicist so hopefully you will be here on your tour too.
    I am sure you will have loads of fun and that the auditorium will be overflowing. Knitters Take Over Manhattan will be tomorrow’s headline.

  39. I’ll see you tomorrow! This is such a treat to be going to NYC with no kids dictating what I’m doing! I wish I had a knitting friend to go with me, I’m sure I’ll meet one or two or twenty! Good thing the forecast is good, I’m packing my sock and my camera!

  40. Best of everything this weekend!! Wish I could be there too, but just isn’t happening. So I will only knit socks or for my charity group project for church this weekend. And maybe do a little knitting in public places to Represent in my little part of the world. Hope you have a great time in the Big Apple!!

  41. The Bodum! I heart the bodum–makes mighty good coffee. Those left behind in your absence will be sufficiently caffinated.

  42. Gahhhhh! Amy is clearly a very smart and clever knitter and parker-person, but I don’t know how anyone can find enough brain space to retain all that information and still memorize patterns. Yikes. How one manages to own (and park) a car in Manhattan without a skyhook of appropriate girth is beyond me.
    Bless your drivers and taxi-people.
    Oh, and remember: you’ve done it before and survived. And at some point deep into the evening, your knees will stop shaking, and you will feel something that approximates fun. Namaste, sweets.

  43. Stephanie,
    Have a wonderful, safe trip. May I recommend the Braun brand of coffeemaker. It has replaced my coffee-spewing nemesis…it makes wonderful coffee and hasn’t spewed grinds on my (white tile with white grout) countertop yet!

  44. Such wee, tiny shoes, of course they are easy to lose. Look in the living room, that’s where I always leave mine.
    Do you have:
    4. Cables for connecting things
    5. Camera accessories
    6. Driver’s license
    7. Swiss Army Knife (or Leatherman or Spyder)
    8. Gaffer’s tape
    9. Credit card
    10. Breath Mints
    11. Pocket 1st aid kit (band-aids and Neosporin)
    12. Portable packet of sanitary wipes for ooky bathrooms or tube of hand sanitizer gel
    Those are MY travel essentials. I always get some sort of cut or other minor boo-boo while traveling, You can fix anything with with a pocketknife and/or gaffer’s tape, from shoes to luggage when a zipper goes whangy.
    GOOD LUCK! I hope my hats arrive in time!

  45. Such wee, tiny shoes, of course they are easy to lose. Look in the living room, that’s where I always leave mine.
    Do you have:
    4. Cables for connecting things
    5. Camera accessories
    6. Driver’s license
    7. Swiss Army Knife (or Leatherman or Spyder)
    8. Gaffer’s tape
    9. Credit card
    10. Breath Mints
    11. Pocket 1st aid kit (band-aids and Neosporin)
    12. Portable packet of sanitary wipes for ooky bathrooms or tube of hand sanitizer gel
    Those are MY travel essentials. I always get some sort of cut or other minor boo-boo while traveling, You can fix anything with with a pocketknife and/or gaffer’s tape, from shoes to luggage when a zipper goes whangy.
    GOOD LUCK! I hope my hats arrive in time!

  46. you know, i have a dishwasher I’d like to unload. And it actually works better than the one that replaced it. It just didn’t match the rest of the appliances. Not sure how you’d get it from Brooklyn to Toronto though.

  47. Wish I could be there in NYC with you all. It sounds like a grand time! Can’t wait to see pictures. I’ll definitely be there when you come to Victoria though!

  48. Knock their socks off Stephanie!
    wish we could be there too – we’ll be cheering from the other coast.
    Be sure to have somebody get a photo or two of the throngs of knitters – maybe they can all hold up their knitting in the air or something.. I’ll bet that you make the 6 o’clock news! hopefully someone told the news media about your astounding event.. the world should know!

  49. Just remember three things — your passport, your driver’s license for id and breathing. Anything else is bonus. Have a safe and fun trip guys, and I’ll read about it, as I have to freakin’ work!

  50. Wow! you are a whirlwind of activity. I unconsciously found myself reading faster and faster trying to keep up with you. I think I need a nap now! Good luck! Have fun!

  51. Oh I am SOOOO jealous. I was going to try to swing it, but couldn’t (from Chicago). Waaa. Travel safely! A knitting lab tour!?!? Words fail me.

  52. I’m only 3 frackin’ hours away and I can’t go!! I’m sending the best vibes I can muster.
    Happy day all who are going (and the cheerleaders on the sidelines like myself).
    Can’t wait to hear about it.

  53. Have a great time! We’d love you to try this again in the SF Bay area…we’d be like the Critical Mass bikers, but with yarn and needles!

  54. Travel safely and have fun! Relax, breathe, you know, the essentials! Wish I could be there…

  55. Breathe. Focus and say fuck it to anything else forgotten. Some one will get it for you when you get there if you ask nice.

  56. anything you forgot you can buy if you really really need it — I wish someone would film and put your FIT talk on You Tube so all of us who couldn’t make it for reasons of health, distance, jobs, whatever could see it. Maybe fab Jayme-the-wonder-publicist can come up with a way to do it?!

  57. Dear Harlot, only you could put on paper what we’re all thinking as we’re getting ready to go on a trip. I’m glad I’m not the only person whose organization goes to heck moments before I leave the house to get on a plane!

  58. I think I’ve decided to change my major and go to FIT so I can take classes there, instead. Do you think it’s too late? I only graduated 6 years ago…
    My inner science student and my inner knitter are clasping hands and jumping up and down with excitement at the idea of going to a knitting lab for a class taught by a knitting professor. Please, please tell us all about it when you get back!

  59. Rock the Big Apple, dearest Harlot! Scare the muggles silly.
    May all be well on your tour. May your computer never crash. May the beer (or ale) always be cold and nearby when needed. May your needles never drop stitches or do anything untoward. May your nerves calm to a sweet and peaceful state. May you come back home to a clean house, with clean children, a repaired dishwasher, your happy Joe, a non-frazzled Ken, and a pile of unexpected yarn-of-your-dreams.
    Break a leg.

  60. You go girl! Freak the damn muggles out!!! And knit up a storm. You will be inspiring and humorous – just believe. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  61. If it’s a Maytag dishwasher, a lot of them are under recall with Maytag offering $75 towards replacing them with a new Maytag–at least, down here in the States. We had the hose go and the motor fried all at once. Anyway–have a WONDERFUL time at FIT!

  62. Oh, I am so jealous! Have a safe trip! Hope to see you on TV. I’m crossing off the days until you get to Cleveland (I am a little concerned that the bookstore doesn’t seem to think there will be a crowd – not assigning line numbers yet – so maybe I’ll call again in a day or two just to be safe). Did get a hat done (yea!) – for a child – but as it’s my first hat I’m thrilled. I’ll try for a second.

  63. …but did you remember to take clearly labeled shampoo and conditioner? We don’t want another lotion fiasco πŸ˜‰
    Good luck, have lots of fun, and post tons of pictures. We will all be here watching you make the most of New York!

  64. Have a great time in the Big Apple! I, too, love that they have a Knitting Prof @ FIT. You’re right–they have their priorities straight.
    I’ll be with you in spirit here in the mini-apple and look forward to your talk in St. Paul. You go girl!

  65. LOL – lordy, you sound like me packing for a trip! Most important thing, aside from knitting, is to remember your passport and credit card. As Dad used to say while jittering at the door before family trips, wishing the rest of us would get the hell out to the car so we could get on the road already: “C’mon, if we forgot anything, we’ll buy it!” Bon voyage and break a leg! Everyone have a hellaciously good time!

  66. If you need printing, give me a holler I’ll try to hook you up. I’ll be in midtown prior to wandering over. With luck I’ll sneak out of work a bit early and get to see more of FIT. πŸ™‚
    Safe travels.

  67. Oh, how I wish I was going!!! I pre-ordered your book from Amazon (a long time ago, lol) and it would be awesome if I got it signed by you. But alas, I live in Las Vegas…no where near where you are going. πŸ™
    Can’t wait to hear how it all went.

  68. Go with the spirits of thousands of knitters behind you.
    (If you need to hop over to Jersey and want to see a bitchin’ high school performance of Once Upon A Mattress, I SO have a free seat for you!)

  69. My excitement at the prospect of seeing you in June is tempered only by the fact that I can’t be in NYC with you and all of the other fabulous knitters who will be there. Knock their (handknitted) socks off!
    And maybe some creative knitter from NYC can provide you with a “Mr. Dishwashie” calendar to take home and appease the kitchen gods?

  70. My husband has a saying: All you REALLY need to travel is a credit card. Everything else is surplus.
    Have a knittiful time.I miss your posts already. Update us when you get there!
    P.S. (Any news on a Toronto launch yet?)

  71. Whoo-hooo! I am so psyched for tomorrow night. By the way, if you still need a car to help move hats around, I will have my Mini in the city, and can give you all a hand. I am getting out of work early, so I can get the tour around at FIT.
    And, if you read this and feel you need it, my hairdresser is at 25th and 7th Avenue – Alfredo Ray Salon 1-212-229-9125.
    See ya tomorrow!!!

  72. Could you tell us where we should send hats to at other events, or should we just assume to send them to the best address we can find? I want to make sure they get there on time.

  73. Let ‘er rip!! Here’s to a great kick-off, I can only the knitting-energy amping up back there. I’m getting a little choked-up thinking about it all; thanks for putting in all the hard work. WOW, NYC look out, here comes the Harlot!

  74. After reading Amy’s notes about parking in NYC, I’m inclined to say….
    take public transportation and leave your car home. It’s not worth the hassle.
    Looking forward to a great time!

  75. And find us you did! Thank you for being so gracious and letting my daughter help you put out the hats in Knitty City.

  76. Have fun in NYC ! Don’t let those “city folks” intimidate you – PLEASE put Atlanta on your list soon – we would be beyond thrilled to see you – you would be amazed at how many of us there are!

  77. As an inveterate nester, I recognize the chaos of leaving and what it does to our devoted, nesting hearts. The drive to go out into the knitting world (as it should be) and the tangled heart strings of breaking away does play havoc with the grand exit. Here’s a big Texas hug and whispered words — the nest will be waiting for your return and the nestlings will appreciate you all the more while you are away. Relish your well earned recognition and all the attention of your adoring fans. I’ll be watching the kick-off on the morning show … Have Fun!

  78. My best friend and I are have opening night of a show that we’re in, otherwise we would [try to] be there. We are going to have our own mini-knit night backstage, although it won’t really be freaking people out, because they all already know that we knit.

  79. Have a good trip!
    I hope you’ll be back home and in attendance at Lettuce Knit next week, ’cause I’ll be there, directly from Montreal! My boyfriend is a guest storyteller at the Toronto Festival of Storytelling, so we get to spend the week in your city… and while I’ll be there, I wouldn’t miss knit night at the famed LK! Hope to see you there! (Do you want me to bring some cheese curds? Bagels?)

  80. GOOD LUCK!!! I can’t wait to see you in the news…sigh…I wish I was there πŸ™

  81. You go girl – my thoughts will be with you! I KIP’d all the way through a conference this week, using local yarns! Since I can’t be there, my hat was Priority Mailed to Knitty City – thanks to all who have worked so hard to make this event happen…even if I can’t go (boo hoo). Have a super time!

  82. I. am. so. jealous. /sigh
    Ya’ll have fun! I’ve got someone tivo’ing the Today Show for me. I wish I could be there.
    Steph, you’ll be great.

  83. To those who mentioned needing an address to send hats to:
    Please check the “represent” page – my address in Pittsburgh is at the bottom. Hats will be donated to a church that ministers to the homeless, poor, and those dealing with problems of addiction and mental illness. They ask for donations of warm weather clothing to hand out all winter long. thanks

  84. Hi Stephanie,
    I just heard you this morning on WOR radio with Joe Bartlett and Donna Hanover.
    I’m looking forward to reading up on knitting and hope to one day enroll in a knitting class.
    I’m a 51 year old grandpa but i hope to make some time to learn to knit.
    Thank you for the inspiration !

  85. I can’t come to New York, and I’m feeling very left out. I sit here at work just thinking about all the really cool “freak out the muggles” stuff I’m missing… oh poor me. But I’ll see you in Petaluma on the 7th of June, and we can do a smaller version of “freaking out the muggles”.

  86. Did anyone else see the knitters in the crowd at the TODAY show? I think they had a sign that said “Harlots Hoards”! It’s beginning!

  87. Saw the lady on the today show this am holding a sign ssaying Harlots Hoard but didn’t see any other signs. They scan that crowd pretty fast at times. HOPE everyone is haveing a knitty GOOD time .

  88. I saw the knitters on this mornings TODAY show! I didn’t see the sign, but I think it’s great they got on TV. REPRESENT!

  89. For the snark was a bodum, you see…
    Hope the rain holds off. Post links to your blogs, o ye Representors.

  90. I saw them too! The first tip off was someone holding their needles in the air. Then saw the sign. Wow. Pretty cool.

  91. Second post…I might actually make it to Petaluma on June 7th from Las Vegas (with a friend). Looking into flights and such now. Whooo Hooo!!

  92. Hey! Dont call the repair man! That froth just sounds like someone put REGULAR DISH SOAP in your dishwasher!! Rinse it a few times with water doing a start and then drain thing and it should be fine… happened to me last week. πŸ™‚

  93. Stephanie, it will be worth the stress.
    Um, and when you’re done there, could you please add Spokane, WA to your book tour itinerary? Or have “your people” (who don’t handle getting your dishwasher fixed, it seems) add it? Please? You can stay here in Coeur d’Alene, which is very pretty. Stay at my house and we can swap remodeling stories as we knit socks around town.

  94. I wish I could have been with all of you in NYC, alas I had a one yar old and the 6 hour round trip drive kept me away. I will see you in Northampton, MA at the Hotel and at WEBS. Can’t wait! Hope to hear about the NYC event soon! πŸ™‚

  95. HELP-HELP! It’s Monday, I’m in my cubicle, there’s fog outside. I need a fix of photos and literary wit along with stunning yarns and grins of wild people with needles held high.

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