Random Details

1. I went to Ikea with Joe’s mum (who is totally in on the whole deception. Everyone is. Joe’s going to flip out tomorrow when he gets home.)


We got a new bookcase, new pillows, curtains and a white cabinet door that was $5 from the scratch and dent section. Then we put it all in her tiny little car somehow and drove it home.

2. Ken and Rachel helped me turn the cabinet door into something useful.


We mounted 2X4’s on the wall and attached 1/2 of a flush mounting bracket to it. (I had no idea that there was such a thing until Rachel and I scoured a hardware store looking for “some kind of bracket that would mount flush to the wall. Hey….look! A flush mounting bracket.!” It’s a wonder we weren’t beaten with our own lumber.)

Big props to Ken here, he stopped Rachel and I from trying to pound those plastic plug things into wood. (The learning curve is a little steep sometimes.)


3. We drilled holes in the back of the door.


4. We mounted the thing on the wall.


See that ? It’s almost a headboard. (It’s also the definitive proof you’ve all been waiting for that I should have my access to all of Debbie Travis‘ shows banned, but you’ve probably been suspecting that all week. ) It’s level and sturdy and everything.

5. I sewed the hems of the Bohus sleeves…now both finished, since I’ve been knitting in the evening after the painting and stuff is all done.


I was thinking that this was the perfect point in the sweater to have something else to blog about, since without sawdust fires, paint colours and drills, all I would have is another picture of another days worth of more grey stockinette. (Timing is everything.)

6. I assembled some foam, padding and fabric..


and I stapled it to the door.


Now it’s a headboard I think, and not just a whack kitchen cupboard crudely nailed to a wall.

7. I hemmed some curtains.


A thousand million thanks to Patience who gave me this Stitch Witchery stuff a while ago when I complained that I always have to hem my pants….It saved me dragging the sewing machine up.

8. My new sock club stuff came.


9. I painted frames to match the trim.


(They used to be purple.)

10. Tonight is the last night I sleep on the chesterfield. Even just knowing this should make me less random tomorrow. Almost finished!

257 thoughts on “Random Details

  1. Congratulations Stephanie! I can’t wait to see the finished room and hear about Joe’s reaction. I hope the camera is ready!!

  2. Congrats on reaching the finish line and not deciding it would be easier just to move and leave Joe a note.

  3. Nice work! I love Debbie Travis’ shows and she would be proud of the $5 door used as a headboard. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

  4. such a cool headboard. I need one, too. You remember where I live, right? Come on over – the beer’s cold…

  5. Very nice! Can’t wait to see the final pics. Gonna’ get one of Joe seeing it for the first time too?
    Gives me the itch to do something new. Must. Wait. Until. Move.

  6. You’re in the home stretch now! What a marathon. You deserve to sleep for a week (after you’ve enjoyed the new room with Joe, of course)!!!!!

  7. Everything looks so great! What an inspiration you are… an amazing knitter and a speedy renovator!
    Congrats, job well done.
    Have a beer.

  8. You amaze me. You got all that stuff done, and still found time to take photos and blog about it. Everything looks great! Enjoy the unveiling with Joe.

  9. Random? I see nothing random about some gorgeous sock yarn helping you through home renovation. It all makes perfect sense to me. I’m eagerly anticipating the finished Bohus. I kind of feel about it like I do about other women’s pregnancies: It’s a great and noble thing you are doing. I’m glad it’s you. πŸ™‚

  10. So I wonder if while you’re at home being quite the handy-man, is Joe sneaking into yarn stores and taking knitting classes while he’s away?
    Love the headboard, that’s such a great idea πŸ™‚

  11. Great job! So will you be greeting Joe at the door with a beer and a smile wearing the Bohus that you stayed up all night to finish? *grin*

  12. Just in time for Tuesdays Are For Spinning! Good thing, too, since I’m about to collapse from sympathetic exhaustion. (A friend who had outpatient surgery says her husband required a “sympathy nap” afterward. Like that.) This is really just productive training for book tour, right? — like swinging three bats or wearing ankle weights.
    So who’s big enough to catch Joe when he faints dead away?

  13. My first comment! The bedroom looks simply marvelous and I applaud the extra effort on the DIY headboard. My mom told me once that she and my dad always liked to surprise each other by finishing some home improvement project when the other traveled but I don’t think either of them ever got this ambitious….or had this many adventures along the way.

  14. Congratulations. Hmmm….I’m remembering a post awhile back ruminating on perhaps not being organized. I believe those thoughts can be put to rest as this all seems absolute proof of an astounding ability to move diverse activities to fruition(as is the rest of your life). And, Joe’s mum looks very pleased in her IKEA packed car – made me laugh. I can’t wait to see how this is going to all turn out. hee hee hee

  15. Look at you go…look at the room… Amazing all around! I can’t believe how much you’ve done so quickly. Joe is going to be bowled over thrilled.

  16. And Joe is off somewhere without internet… he can’t just look online to check up on you…. right?

  17. The attention is in the details, or so they say, and you are doing a lovely job with them (never ending, eh?).

  18. Timing really is everything. The sock club yarn even timed it right. How wonderful to have everything ready for Joe’s homecoming. Hope you have one of the girls planted in the bedroom with a camera ready when Joe sees it for the first time. Your Bohus is looking good too. Time to relax with a bit of Blue Moon and beer/wine of your choice. Alice R

  19. Excellent job. I’m very impressed, especially with the electrical work. And the floor finishing. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the finished room. You are going to show them to us, aren’t you?

  20. Ah Ikea. We call it the as-is section. That’s what the sign used to read, but now they have switched it up. It brings out the scavenger in me. You know you go too often when the kids a) know the store like the backs of their hands b) whine and beg to go to the as-is section on the way to the check out line. What you have there is the perfect example of an Ikea Hack. Using their products in myriad ways, it’s the best.
    Your complete bedroom remodel is so inspiring. I need to get myself in gear and just unearth stuff and do some spring-cleaning. We are deep under the drifts. No snow here in San Francisco, but knee deep in the detritus of daily life. That and laundry.

  21. I’ve always wanted a picket fence headboard, so your cupboard door headboard is totally cool.

  22. Holy frakin’ crow, it’s “Design on a Dime” right there in your house. I am so proud I could bust a gut.
    And ain’t that monsoon awesome? Man, I am so glad I signed up right there.

  23. Congratulations! Just very cool. Can you come over? I have a few projects waiting to be done…
    πŸ™‚ Just how cool is it to have Joe’s mom in on it too? You sneaky Harlot, you.

  24. Wow! This is coming together very nicely! I can relate to the Debbie Travis thing. I love watching her shows too. She is so crative in transforming spaces:) I can’t wait to see the final shots of the transformed room and Joe’s reaction.

  25. So, yesterday afternoon I was online catching up on your bedroom transformation….my DH was saying, wonder what’s underneath this carpet in our second kitchen…..hmmm, tile. Wonder what’s under the tile….WOW wood floors! We will sand them ourselves, won’t be calling your guys. I am trying to pick paint for 2 kitchens. I hope our rooms turn out as well as yours! Nice job! Trading Spaces is banned in our house for that very reason.

  26. Wow, this is so cool. It’s like watching a redesign a room for normal people. I love it! Can’t wait to see the finished room. I just discovered the amazing Stitch Witchery and used it for curtains too.

  27. All of the home show makeover viewing really paid off!1 I never thought that real people actual find a bargain that they can turn into something so cool…always thought it was “just for t.v.” It looks great and no longer craptastic!!

  28. Maybe Debbie could have you as a guest? Cool room coming together, can’t wait to see the finished product. And Joe’s reaction. You will have a camera handy, right?

  29. I liked the headboard in white, I’m looking forward to seeing how you transformed it with the black/brown and the stapler.
    How are you going to handle the surprise? Are you to be found reclining on the sofa with the new sock in hand and let him find it for himself or are you going for the big unveiling?

  30. You’re so industrious, you’re making me feel positively sloth-like!
    Can’t wait to see photos of the finished bedroom and to hear about Joe’s reaction…

  31. I am in awe.
    The amount of creative imagination, planning, energy, and love that is going into this is amazing! You (and your friends and family) ROCK!
    Definitely have to have the camera on when your husband opens that door!

  32. Wow! It’s not just the socks that rock! You rock too! (I liked the “before” headboard as well. Maybe it’s an Elizabeth thing.)

  33. Dude. Amazing. I am so raising a glass (okay, several) to you at Sock Camp. All of it is beautiful.

  34. I’m telling you… they have GOT to put an Ikea somewhere closer to me- I love the stuff that I see coming from that place!

  35. Well, everyone on the list has beat me to it, but I will just say it once again…Harlot…YOUR ROCK! Could I have maybe just 10% of your energy. You probably need to get rid of some anyway as you seem to be on permanent overdrive. It is looking very good. Congrats! P.S. Love Debbie Travis, too.

  36. Wow! I am amazed you have the energy to blog! That is an awesome headboard — maybe we need to start calling you the Home Makeover Harlot, too!

  37. Amazing, I can’t wait to see it. I hope you scrounge up a video camera and video the whole reveal-to-Joe moment for YouTube, because DUDE, we all need to see that. Seriously. I’m completely excited for him to see it and I’m a million miles away and also, um, I don’t actually know you or Joe or anything.

  38. Doh! Sock club spoiler! I’ve been avoiding those, still waiting for my monsoon over here to the left of you (Waterloo).
    AMAZING job on the room. You’re inspiring. I need a headboard, too, we have a big captain’s bed that’s just a box with drawers under it. Nice.

  39. Wow – you have gone all out!
    This is getting exciting for a complete bystander – seriously Joe is going to be blown away!
    And you got knitting done??~!~
    You are incredible. Woman with a major capital W.

  40. You are really trucking along with the reno. I’m impressed with your Debbie Travis inspired headboard. I love her shows too.
    I suspect Joe has been lurking around checking out your progress though. I don’t think there is a man alive who would be able to resist. I know mine would give it a valiant try, but by the end of the week, he’d break and peek.

  41. It is SO much fun watching you guys do all the work! And all that’s coming from it. Can’t wait for the finished-room shots coming up!

  42. Wow! It took us a year to do our living room, which granted is huge, and you do an entire room in less than a week. I agree with Angeluna, can I have 10% of your energy, too?

  43. You did all that renovation, posted in your blog and KNIT too?
    I’m tired just from reading about it. WOW.

  44. Wow, Stephanie, after all this I think you’re going to have to knit another Bohus — for Rachel!

  45. Argh, spoilage! Pretty spoilage. Had to happen. Mutter, grumble, those of us in Australia are so far away we don’t get their STR for AGES! Ah well…
    Wow – you guys are allowed to do your own wiring? Here it has to be done by an electrician!
    You’ve been having fun, and you’d be surprised how much you can fit in a little car!
    I sent something nearly three weeks ago. It still hasn’t arrived?

  46. Aren’t dented, banged up (inexpensive) doors wonderful? Your imagination is the only limit on what you can do with them. When my girls were preschoolers, they preferred sharing a bedroom. So we turned the extra bedroom into a playroom. I asked their father to get a banged up cheap unfinished door from the lumber yard. We attached several (at least 6 & maybe 8) screw-in legs to it & nailed quarter round all around the edge with finishing nails (to keep markers, crayons, pencils, etc from rolling on the floor) – voila – an arts & crafts table. We left it unfinished so they could draw on it & the pre-cut hole for the doorknob was a handy place for a plastic cup to hold pencils, crayons, etc.

  47. Hmmmmmmm, my husband and son will be gone for a week at the end of the month (ah, the house to myself). Hmmmmmmmm. I’m either going to repaint the living room, or paint my bedroom. Or pull up the gross carpeting in my bedroom . . . except that will open a whole host of new projects. Dang, I can hardly wait to get started.

  48. Having that headboard firmly attached is critical…lol..and it looks like a solid headboard…great work…cedar

  49. What is this Stitch Witchery stuff? As a 5’3″ woman, it sounds awesome. I must locate some in my neck of the woods. Can’t wait to see the finished room!
    Also, make sure to have a “candid camera” moment of Joe’s first glimpse of the renovations.

  50. I love reading about your knitting, but your “While You Were Out” project has produced an “I can’t wait to see what’s happened today” attitude. Please, can you do a 360 degree photo collection so we can see the whole room. You and your projects (both knitting and home improvement) are fun to watch develop!

  51. Way to Go Girls!!
    I love the door/headboard idea. I can hardly wait to see the finished pictures. Still have time to knit? You are just amazing.
    I wish we had an Ikea…I hear about them all the time but have never been in one.
    Get the smelling salts ready for Joe when he gets home. He is just gonna drop.

  52. I can hardly wait for the grand reveal. It is going to be so pretty! What a lot of work for one week.

  53. Oh, my. What a transformation! My dad would’ve loved seeing that, Stephanie; building/renovating our houses was one of his hobbies. πŸ˜‰ You’ve done a great job, and so have Rachel and Ken! And yeah, we’ve definitely gotta see pix of Joe going wopjaw.
    An aside – man, I’ve *missed* all you guys! My computer semi-bricked back in Feb., and I was left with a PC that didn’t think it had XP or any programs that worked, except a few very basic ones. (Like WordPad. Notepad. And a few games on par with Solitaire. Whee. Although at least it didn’t lose my data…) I was going nuts w/o my Harlot fix and all the other blogs! But it’s fun catching up. Especially on a brand-new computer, with a switch to broadband. [veg] Such excitement, alarums and excursions you’ve had going on–it was like reading an action/adventure novel!
    And methinks I need to get some KnitPicks merino for a hat or two…

  54. This is even better than watching HGTV, although I don’t really expect future installments. Go Stephanie Go!
    You deserve a keyring with a minature tool box on it.

  55. I can’t wait to see the finished bedroom! Congrats on all your hard work…I would be hiring this job out, so YEAH for you. All your hard work makes it that much better (I would imagine:))

  56. We did the same thing for a headboard (I admit, I also watch far too much Debbie Travis :0), but it was solid, so we painted it in thirds, with random stripes of varying shades of green. Fun!

  57. Such beautiful work. Can I hire you? Ple-e-e-e-e-e-ease?????
    (Yes, I already know the answer to that. But a girl can dream – especially a girl with dreadful water-damaged ceilings. What I wouldn’t give….)

  58. WOW – I think you’ve found a whole new job market there Harlot! What you’ve shown looks great – can’t wait to see the whole thing. On another note – opened my newsletter from Lion Brand today and there is Knitting Rules – with a link to Amazon to order! Cool – they are showing an excerpt from the book (about hats) and I remember reading that exact page and laughing about hat brims “rolling faster than crepes at a cooking school”. Going home now to work on another Harlot 1-row scart and read parts of bookbookbook again!
    Don’t forget to show us pictures – and Joe’s reaction. Maybe you’ll need to send the girls away for a couple of days while you two get re-aquainted in that fabulour room!

  59. Fantastic! I loved the cabinet door hung on the wall–and you went and “improved” it with a bit of fabric, foam and staples.
    A lovely, competitive spouse is a wonderful thing–you must capture the GOTCHA for everyone to remember. You have raised the bar…. (and you’re heading into a chunk of travel for the new book). Payback might be an Ok thing here. :b

  60. Man, all this renovation makes me want to go out and, well, RENOVATE! Maybe I’ll start gutting my dorm room over spring break. Lord knows the dorms at my university could use a good honest-to-god gutting.
    Oh, and speaking of flipping out…have you heard Eunny’s big news?!? If not, go check her blog. You won’t be disappointed!

  61. Ya,ya,ya you are clever and amazing and everything else fanatastic………….I wanna know how you did all that and still have a thumbnail that is unbroken. That is truly astounding!!!!!!!!!

  62. My only question is … why are you sleeping on the sofa instead of getting a couple of the young ladies to share a bed and give you a mattress?
    You’ve done an amazing amount of work. You should pat yourself on the back for at least the rest of the decade.

  63. Looks like things are really coming along! I am anxious to see what Joe will say when he comes home. Oh, and the new STR is beautiful. I am wishing I had joined the club now that I have seen everyone’s pictures of the stuff!

  64. Wow, all this renovation makes me want to go out and, well, RENOVATE! Maybe I’ll spend spring break gutting my dorm room…lord knows the dorms at my university could use a good gutting.
    Oh, and speaking of flipping out, have you heard Eunny’s big news?!? If not, go check her blog. You won’t be disappointed!

  65. I feel like singing! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Ha-lle-lu-jah!!!!
    PS: I hope your hands don’t hurt to much to knit!

  66. Holey Bedrooms, Knitgirl! Who knew you were hiding all of this interior decorating brilliance under that cunning disguise of knitterliness? That’s gonna be some kind of spiffy bedroom!

  67. you still have enough energy at night to knit??? i would probably fall asleep before my head hit the pillow. joe will definitely flip πŸ˜‰

  68. Actually, I liked the cabinet door mounted on the wall the way it was. Ah, the padding is nice too!

  69. Nothing (and I mean nothing) beats that little room at Ikea where one finds the most amazing things for the most amazing prices. I just fit a room’s worth of Ikea in my Honda (which is about the size of a postage stamp) with no problemo.

  70. Oh, it all seems so perfect, knock on wood. And finishing a Bohus to boot! My God, I can’t wait to see the after pictures. You should have your portrait taken lounging against the headboard, wearing the Bohus…

  71. I see… All this activity of the last week explains why you were so looking forward to the boring, soothing, mindless miles of stockinette on the Bohus.

  72. It’s the part where you painted the frames to match the trim that really got me thinking your access to Debbie Travis should be quashed.

  73. RachelH, are you planning to hide in a corner of the room with a camera to catch the big moment when Joe walks in?

  74. I think that seeing as how you’ve made Debbie Travis proud, perhaps you could share your insights into being such a crafty, thrifty DIY’er. If you know what I mean. I can hardly wait to hear about Joes reaction.
    You are the coolest.

  75. GO YOU! You have done a totally amazing job and I’m sure Joe will be floored! (And if he isn’t…whack him with the headboard.)

  76. some of my favorited things from Ikea include:
    cheap power strips. (i mount them at a convenient height using 3M Command Velco strips (the kind that stick up but peel off!)2 or 3 strips will hold one firmly to the wall.
    and Ikea’s low voltage lights –either the low voltage halogens, (expensive to buy, but pennies to run) and the low wattage screw in florescents.
    they have so many styles, and a large selection that can be wall mounted (leaving night stands empty to pile coffee cups and other stuff on!
    Lots of LIGHT–CHEAP (and green to use!)
    the power strips means i can ‘move’ my outlets to were every is most convenient-(for starters higher up–and not behind bed!
    and since low voltage also =low wattage=low amps, its safe to plug 2 or 3 or more light fixtures into a single strip. (and then i can have a night light, or mood light, or bright light –and not run out of outlets!)2 10 watt florescents give as much light as a 125 watt bulb, (but only take 20 watts to run)–a big savings when you think about it.. (you “buy” electricity by the kilowatt.. it takes a lot longer to buy 1 kilowatt when you are using 20 watts at time (vs 125!)

  77. Those frames totally match the trim – they’re even the same color underneath! πŸ™‚
    Stitch-Wichery is awesome. I am a non-sewing sort of person myself, but every now and then you have to make a curtain, and S-W is my true friend.
    Can’t wait to see the new room revealed!

  78. I am so impressed! It’s all looking so good! Can’t wait to see it all finished and put together.
    However, I now have a serious urge to go to Ikea. Even though I only have 35 bucks for the next two weeks and I really don’t need anything there. I just love it so much!

  79. Looks great! I hope the girls have been helping out?
    (cooking, laundry and such)
    Can’t wait to see the finished room.

  80. Sounds like someone is having a fabulous day! I can’t wait to see your new room.

  81. Steph, be sure to log off and close your computer when Joe comes home, because the sound of all of us whispering and giggling from the monitor would tip him off for sure! Oh this is so exciting!! I painted my miniscule biffy once when the DH was out of town…..he didn’t notice! (He did say he liked it when I pointed it out, though.)

  82. Wow, I love the door-as-headboard idea! We’ve been headboard-less for going on a decade, I’m thinking of using this idea too. (I think I’ll pass on the refinishing floors and painting everything in sight ideas, if you don’t mind. I’m not that strong/brave.)
    Joe is going to be so surprised! I can’t wait to see final pics!

  83. You crack me up – forever crack me up. I will hold your power tools any day!!!
    It is a little known secret that women are better with power tools than men – we know just how to handle them!!!
    I have girlfriends that won’t let their husbands use their tools – they make them buy their own. Men muck them up! Plus ours are nicer and cost more and usually in the right place!
    Happy refurbishing. I love the headboard. I can’t wait to see the finished shot.
    Then you will want to tackle the kitchen……..

  84. Wow, you sure have been busy! You’re doing great; keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see the completed project.

  85. Your room looks awesome, and Joe is going to love it. He will be shocked, of course, since he suspects nothing (hope he hasn’t been peeking at your blog.) Your efforts are truly love in action, hope your girls are taking note. You rock! Just one question–which room will you do next? Cause you know, one reno usually leads to another.

  86. Go Stephanie go. The Debbie Travis marathon is nearly over. Make sure you snap Joe’s reaction – can’t wait to see his expression.

  87. you are utterly incredible. isn’t the str yarn just yummy? i can’t wait to dive into it, but i have to finish the monstor socks first.

  88. I have been so happy watching this transformation! All – well, most – of the fun, and none of the sore muscles! Thank you, thank you for blogging it!

  89. I’m loving the whole renovation theme (brings back happily distant memories of our house redecoration) but am now wanting more…
    I want to see you do plumbing.
    Does the bathroom need a make-over, by any chance? Perhaps you could install a hot-tub?
    Any chance of it?

  90. Stephanie, you are totally amazing. Painting, knitting, hemming, headboard…-ing?
    Anyway, I don’t know how you have the energy to do it all. Joe’s going to love it!

  91. Yowzaah!! what a great job-and I like the wall paint. It makes the room look very peaceful and inviting. You are da bomb!

  92. I’m so glad you found a great way to make a headboard. (And I love the hardware store story. lol) You’re driving me a little nuts, though, with all of those “teaser” pics!
    Great work, Stephanie. I can’t wait to see it all.

  93. This is interesting because:
    Yesterday I told the husband on the way to Rona to get a new plug for one of the bedrooms (the one he burned out almost electrocuting himself)and later I found your post on how to replace one.
    Today we went to Ikea.
    You went to Ikea.
    I figure if you finish tomorrow… well, we aren’t finishing tomorrow (as ours is a whole house make-over) that maybe you could come over (with an extra electric screw driver, please) and help finish ours!
    I’ll make coffee πŸ™‚

  94. You are the bastard love-child of Debbies Bliss and Travis. Maybe with a side of Debbie Harry.
    (Goes off humming “These are the Debs I know, I know …)

  95. Congrats on the great job! My husband leaves for a two week buisness trip to China on Sunday, I wonder how much I can accomplish while he’s gone?
    BTW, for the Socks that Rock, if you like fitted socks, use the smaller needles. I used US size 2 for the toe and US size 1 for the remainder of the sock (my foot is a 9.5 in US measurements), even though I tried it on as I knitted, it’s too big for my liking. I knit super tight and still it’s too big, the next pair I knit, I’ll use a US size 1 and 0.

  96. I loved the headboard as just a door. That is what my husband and I did. We bought a five panel door for $10 and had them cut it down to four panels and it’s the perfect headboard for our queen size bed!

  97. Wow! You are a machine! Get a pic of Joe’s face tomorrow when he comes home – I bet he’s going to be floored!

  98. you are so awesome stephanie. i want a reality tv show based on your life in which you knit a lot, occasionally fix up houses, dispense advice on living with teenagers, and get people riled up for good causes like doctors without borders and subtle vengeance against stupid muggle credit card processors. seriously.

  99. I find myself humming, “I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends.” Can I borrow RachelH and Ken? My bedroom could use some work, too…
    Please, please, please have someone with a camera hiding in the bedroom to capture Joe’s face when he sees your makeover. I love it, we all love it, he’ll love it.

  100. Don’t worry, we won’t ban you from Debbie Travis. I don’t have cable in my apartment, but when I go home to visit my parents, HGTV is the only thing I watch. Heehee…

  101. Congratulations, you should be very proud of yourself and all your hard work.
    I’m wondering now, though … exactly what color of white is that you painted the frames?

  102. Very creative and resourceful. I like the white door as the headboard, too. Think it looks good with the wall color. And you know what you could have done? You could have mounted it just a bit further out from the wall and then mounted low wattage lights on the inside of it so you would have a glow-y kind of headboard thing going on.
    It’s all looking great!

  103. I’m impressed all to pieces with your renovations!
    I see you’re a member of the sock club that the bank returned everyone’s money.
    Nobody’s telling which bank it was, but if they refunded your money, they must’ve told you who was refunding it.
    Who was it?
    We all want to boycott them! And we want to tell all our friends and everyone who owns a business to boycott them.
    Please tell!

  104. I wish I had an all purpose male friend like Ken… with me it’s one guy for computer, another for building/fixing stuff, another for math help, so on so forth.
    Btw, it looks just like a headboard, I wouldn’t notice the difference. Mr. Harlot is gonna be thrilled, or at least he’d better pretend to be after all this work!

  105. You go girl!!! the room is looking good..the sweater is stunning and the sock yarn looks yummy enough to eat….tomorrow you cuddle with Joe in your new bedroom!!! Life is good!

  106. I am *so* ganking your scratch-n-dent headboard idea. Fantabulous! With this reno, you prove yet again what a better woman you are than me.*
    I’m sure there are some who might find it strange for me to tell you this (being a KnitCeleb of your magnitude and all), but since we’ve met (however briefly) and I gave you beer and a dishcloth, and since you were my inspiration for starting a blog (which I’ve been neglecting due to work…when it’s a choice of knitting or blogging, knitting wins), I thought you should know that I am about 5 inches into my first lace shawl, and also about to faint from happiness. I consider this training for a future Olympics.
    (*Note to lurking correctors: “me,” not “I,” is indeed correct here. Just for the record.)

  107. I can’t believe you have time to knit after all the construction you’ve been doing. You really are amazing, you know that, right?

  108. Wow! This is such an impressive amount of work in a short time. Reminds me of the Knitting Olympics last year! Please take a photo of your husband’s face when he sees all of this. He’d better like it as much as we all do!

  109. You are impressively motivated. Congratulations on a terrific project done in such a short time.

  110. Hip hip hip (houra is for tomorrow)
    The suspense is growing… you are amazing (did I already tell you this? Really? oh, I am most surprised!)

  111. Dang girlfriend!
    Everything looks gorgeous. Your pictures are giving me the motivation to tackle some renos in my house. Enough of the armchair DIY/HGTV/TLC dreaming for this diva. Time to take brush, hammer and drill in hand and just do it.
    BTW, the Knitting Divas of Petaluma have decided that you need a proper party on June 7th. We are making arrangements for a blast of a get together at our meeting place at the Aqus Cafe near Copperfields. We need to know when you are available (brunch, high tea or evening or all three).
    We are a talented bunch complete with musicians, cooks and party people.
    How do we confirm everything with you? We can’t have a party for sure unless the Harlot of honor can be there:)
    Yours in knitting and paint brushes,
    Mimi aka the Snap Diva

  112. Ok, it’s bad enough that I come to the blog and think, “Wow, I want to knit that!” Now I’m looking at the bedroom reno and thinking, “Wow! I want to spiffy up some of my rooms.” I think my subconscious has been keeping me away from HGTV/DIY, never suspecting the inspiration would sneak in through a knitting blog! You are an all-around inspiration!!

  113. I have to admit that I like the ‘kitchen cabinet’ headboard. I’ve seen things like this before and have to admit that I wish I didn’t have a headboard already so I could do this.
    By the way, love the paint color!

  114. I love, love, love the Ikea scratch and dent section! I furnished nearly my entire college house from there, and am so very sad there isn’t an Ikea around here.

  115. It looks like everything is pulling together nicely, Steph. Great job! Home fix ’em ups are hard, hard work! I am completely amazed when I go back and look at the before pictures. Y’all will have such a cozy little bedroom now. You should be very proud.

  116. Dear Knitting Goddess, and reno wizardess,
    Even with a lovely new bedroom and the return of your best beloved, you may want to consider a day at a spa with massage and hot rocks sorts of kindness for your aching bones. Especially given the book tour you are about to embark on….
    Elly in Nova Scotia

  117. You’re going to show us the finished room, right? Because I don’t think I can stand it if you don’t. It looks wonderful so far – love the colors you’ve chosen!!!

  118. The room is looking good. I use the same stuff to hem my curtains–me and the sewing machine are mortal enemies.

  119. I have really enjoyed reading about your remodeling drama. It has given me strength to push through my own similar projects at home. Only we are doing three rooms, and my husband is on my staff. Our master bedroom, the magic powder room of the master bedroom, and a room which has been deemed “craft room” for two reasons. 1. yarn was taking over the common spaces (I am starting a stash I suppose) and 2. I think my husband fear that having 3 empty bedrooms will make me want 3 darling babies. He is not sure he wants one at this point.
    In anycase, thank you for the laughs. It helps me to laugh at my own stresses and misfortunes when it comes to this handy stuff! Can’t want to see the finished product!

  120. The interior of Joe’s Mum’s car looks a quite similar to the interior of my VW Golf. It is amazing what you can cram in those wee little things.
    Can’t wait for the final results. I have a feeling you will be wearing the Bohus in the lst picture of the room.

  121. We interrupt this knitting blog for a special on how to redo your bedroom in 1 week. (Not 2 days like some shows would suggest.) I’m enjoying the renovation work. Gives me the push that I can do it myself.

  122. OK, I just noticed what is really disgusting. You’ve been painting and hammering and sanding and so forth for a week and your hands (Bohus hem pic) look great. I’d have at least one blackened nail and assorted scrapes and bruises and fingernails cut off totally ….

  123. The anticipation is killing me! I’m a sucker for room make-overs (other people’s, not my own)! I love that you do all of that and still have time to “sew the hems of the bohus sleeves”! You ROCK!

  124. The finish line is so close on the renovation! Congratulations, and let’s hope nothing else catches on fire.
    (Also, that sock yarn is possibly the most gorgeous thing in recent history.)

  125. You have excellent friends! I wish I had 1/10 of your energy and industriousness…oy! I can’t imaging knitting after a day(s) like you have had recently, but I can’t wait to see the finished Bohus as well as the completed make-over! Whooohoo!

  126. Stitch Witchery totally rocks! I encountered it for the first time about a year ago when we got some curtains from Ikea, and I don’t think I’ll ever use thread and needle again…
    Great work on the reno—looking forward to the “after” pix. DH and I are off to look at bookshelves today, preparing to embark on our own home project. Once again, I am inspired by you!

  127. Wow! and all I did today was steam the kitchen floor. I can’t wait to see the “reveal” post. I’ll bet Joe loves it (well, I’m guessing here but my husband would love it after he got over the initial shock). I totally admire your intrepid fearlessness. Very cool! My STR shipment came while I was in the hospital. . . it was just waiting for me when I got home and I just opened it the other day. I can’t wait to try it out. I just have to figure out how to knit and nurse at the same time w/o poking mr.baby.

  128. Ikea, huh? You are a braver woman than I am. Ikea where I live is like some kind of giant, play-to-the-death gladiator thing. I’ll live vicariously through you–can’t wait to see the room!

  129. The “as-is” section of IKEA rules!
    I loved the Swedish meatballs at IKEA before I became vegetarian.

  130. now my question is (and forgive me if someone else has already brought this to light, being that i, even on my best day, can’t read all these comments)…
    what if joe checks the blog while he’s away?
    i feel bad for pennsylvania. we do not get socks that rock. that colorway looks ah. may. zing.

  131. I take some time to go do my homework and you tear into your house. You go gurl. I’m glad I checked in today. Take a peek at a book on Wiring for Dummies or some such thing. They are very helpful. Have fun!!!!

  132. I sure hope you post before and after pictures like they show on all the Do-It-Yourself shows.

  133. Wow you are productive….and kind to bend to your readers with intervals of knitting stuff….Go girl!
    Now will you be watching Joe’s face or taking the picture? Anyway, enjoy the expression which will no doubt be a precious priceless moment.

  134. Sock Club!! Oh my!!! I’ve been waiting. Be right back, need to run down the road to the mail box. *crosses fingers*

  135. I can’t believe what a Harlot fanboy I am. I’m getting ready to leave work to head *to your house*, but still I find myself checking in here yet again today to see the final instalment in the bedroom reno saga. “Oh come on,” I think crossly at Bloglines. “Of course she’s posted!” Thinking that clearly Bloglines just hasn’t picked up the update yet I come directly here, only to remain unfulfilled.
    Come on… everyone is waiting! Did Joe appreciate all the work or is he dead in a pool of his own blood, with DPN’s piercing his skull like that guy (Pinhead?) from Hellraiser? Not that you would do that. No, no. That would be wrong.

  136. *DANCES* The dog sled arrived!!! YIPPEE!! Thanks for letting me know to check my mail!! *goes to tear open the box*

  137. OMG Steph, we’re all in suspense here!! I keep checking the blog all day to see if you’ve updated yet. XD
    Of course, Ken is even worse. C’mon, man, you actually GET TO GO THERE.

  138. WOW! that’s all I can say… WOW! oh! and… I kindda liked the headboard without the padding better πŸ˜‰

  139. Oh for the love of wool, woman, isn’t Joe home yet? What the hell time is dinner in your house anyway?

  140. Oh, by the way – the mind blowing wonderfulness of the mitre shears actually pales in comparison to the arrows of joy piercing my very soul the self centring drill press vise creates.
    I realize this may not be an opinion you’ll ever share. I’m ok with that.

  141. Anticipation, anticipa-a-tion
    Is making me wait,
    Is keeping me wai-ai-ai-ai-aiting.
    What time is Joe supposed to get home?

  142. Will we get a panoramic of the whole room? Will the headboard be prominently featured? Will Joe ever get over the shock? I am SO impressed, I’m thinking I might be able surprise my geek when he goes away to the union bash for four days next week. Well, maybe I could change the shower curtain in the master bathroom and tear off some more of the wallpaper we’ve been peeling off since we moved in here five years ago. You’re an inspiration, Stephanie.

  143. Hi, Joe’s Mum!
    Yarnharlot, you could have a new job as Construction Diva. Or not :-).
    Where can I get a Rachel??? πŸ™‚

  144. Well, one thing I’m at least sure of; if Joe is sporting DPNs in the manner suggested by Ken above and spurting blood ‘n’ all, it won’t be on the newly finished floor…
    Four comments, one post. Your own fault for making me wait.

  145. So many have said it above but I just wanted to chiime in a Good Job! It is such a delight watching how you’re transforming the room.
    I’m curious. What have you said to Joe? Has he called and asked what you’ve been doing and you say…knitting the Bohus? If you can get a reaction snapshot of him that would be great. He’s going to be so excited.

  146. OMG, I can’t WAIT until the big reveal. You will post pix for us, right? Like, as soon as it’s all put together? Like, even if Joe hasn’t seen it yet? Please?

  147. I used to think my mother was the only person in the world who could possibly get so much stuff done in one day–but I see now that I was wrong. Now I know there are two such amazing people on the planet–my mom and YOU.
    I’m in awe. As always. Can’t wait to see the finished bedroom and Bohus!!!

  148. Aren’t you about to go out on an international book tour? Yikes! Your energy is (almost) frightening! But in a good way. πŸ™‚

  149. I can’t wait to see your room all finished. So far it’s looking like a room in progress ought to look. Yard fire aside, nothing has actually exploded, burned down, or otherwise caused permanent damage to the House of Harlot. I call that a rousing success.
    It’s all springlike and flowering here in Tennessee and I’m getting a major bug to do gardening, cleaning out, cleaning up, and to start 97 new projects. And for some reason I have yet to fathom, I’ve decided to card and spin 4.5 lbs of raw wool. I am to understand that you had a similar experience with Joe’s gansey? We wants a drum carder, precious. We wants it.

  150. I swear I am going to squat here and eat up your bandwidth till you post.
    (Sound of hunkering.)

  151. Come on, Stephanie…We want to see FINISHED pictures! Preferably in the background with Joe’s surprised face in the foreground!!!! AND lots of shots of the room!!!!!!
    What, you mean, you need to live your life, not just blog about it? Where are your priorities?

  152. Okay, folks, there are only two possible scenarios here as we wait for an update:
    1. Steph is in jail because Joe DIDN’T notice the bedrooom makeover.
    2. Steph is in the hospital because the Big Man of Canada DID notice, and was a bit … er … overenthusiastic in expressing his appreciation.

  153. I am still goggling over the beauty of the refinished wood floor. Ooooh!
    Steph, how did the reaction go? I hope there was much snoogling and marital bliss to follow – you worked hard to make the room gorgeous!!!

  154. Not the only thing I’m going to beat if a post doesn’t appear pretty soon. I’m trying to make Interweaves Color Pooling Scarf work; I’ve got enough frustration in my life today. (I’m convinced she’s got the post ready to go — she’s just watching us and giggling.)

  155. It’s the blog equivalent of a commercial break. We’re all SUPPOSED to be biting our nails waiting to hear what he thought and how it looks and whether Debbie Travis is out of a job.

  156. Yep, Steph’s sipping away at her coffee, reading our comments grow ever more frenzied. Oh the power.
    Post, dadrattit, pooooost!

  157. So Post. All. Ready. Good heavens, there must be someone in the Harlot house who can take pictures and post even if Stephanie is unable to. There are 3 girls there – and it’s March break week – we know they’ve been there – they made dinner.
    Please – Please – Please – put us out of our misery! Giggling indeed Rams – methinks she’s having a roaring good time and has totally forgotten us!!!!

  158. So Post. All. Ready. Good heavens, there must be someone in the Harlot house who can take pictures and post even if Stephanie is unable to. There are 3 girls there – and it’s March break week – we know they’ve been there – they made dinner.
    Please – Please – Please – put us out of our misery! Giggling indeed Rams – methinks she’s having a roaring good time and has totally forgotten us!!!!

  159. OK, we’ve all got our plane, railway, bus tickets for Toronto. We’re meeting en masse and marching on the Harlot Household. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Knitters. Knitters who? Knitters here to see Joe and the new room.

  160. This is like reading almost to the end of a good book. The story is building, I turn the page for the denouement…
    And someone has ripped out the last couple of pages.
    Clearly, I have no life.

  161. I would quietly remind you of what a bunch of women with knitting needles did to the French aristocracy.
    “Do you hear the people sing,
    Singing the song of angry men…”
    (Yes, I know that’s the wrong revolution. That’s not your biggest problem right now.)

  162. Ok, I have a diry mind…
    But I suspect Joe likes the reno so much, he’s keeping the Harlot otherwise engaged….

  163. The anticipation is KILLING me! I am glad I am not the only one who checks this blog many, many times a day to see what the reaction was — come on Harlot, as they say on Extreme Makeover Home Editions … … “Move the bus!”

  164. The McPhee women are obviously of strong stock. Knitting in the evening after painting and decorating all day?? I usually just collapse — assuming there is a surface left on which one can do that.
    Looking forward to the final pictures for ‘After’.
    What a terrific job!

    {impatiently tapping my toe}MOVE THAT BUS!

  166. It’s 2:24 on Wednesday afternoon! Joe got home yesterday! OMG – the suspense… Please tell us his reaction. Please show us pictures of the finished room (preferably with Joe cozy and warm under the sheets…) Yeah, I know – get a life πŸ™‚

  167. Delurking to say…please oh please oh please–show us the finished room! I can’t stand the suspense! Did he like it? Tell us! We’re dying here!

  168. OK, this is just plain, outright cruelty. Cruelty, I tell you, cruelty.

  169. Okay, okay. Rachel H? Ken? Any chance either of you can do some prodding? I’m wondering if since she’s finished the room, her attention has flitted off to other projects.
    Neglect is a horrible, horrible thing.

  170. Life? What life? I read the Yarn Harlot. I don’t need no stinking life. Oh,(@&*(#%! She hasn’t posted yet. Must. Get. Life.

  171. Amberdiel – Ken doesn’t need to prod. He’s seen the room, and was there when Joe got home last night.
    I’ve already prodded. Hours ago. By phone. Nicely for the most part. And yet still nothing. Clearly the Harlot doesn’t love me anymore.

  172. Denyse at 2:31, your comment almost made me wet myself I was laughing so hard. At work. Now Must. Get. Life. And. New. Job.

  173. What do you say we keep sending her emails until she posts? She tends to get upset when we fill up her mailbox.

  174. The Great Big Sea concert begins in five hours. At this rate I’ll see those Canadians before this one.
    Maraaaaat we’re pooooooor,
    and the pooooor stay pooooooor,
    Maraaaaaat don’t maaaaaake
    us wait any mooooooore…

  175. Um…isn’t this Wednesday? Steph doesn’t usually post on Wednesdays, right?
    See ya tomorrow.
    (Now watch. She’ll post ten minutes from now, and I’ll miss it.)

  176. Rachel H – Thanks for the prodding! My apologies for “someone’s” fickle affections. Bummer you’re blogless…I’ll bet you’d have posted pics by now.

  177. OK, I’m officially in touch with my inner cyberstalker…feeling more than a little goofy, a feeling exceeded only by my curiosity about how the room looks/how Joe (a man I don’t know and in whose happiness I have no real investment) liked the room/whether a busted door does, in fact, a headboard make…So, in order to help me over these somewhat surprising revelations about myself (and even though I realize you are not the shrink), I wish you’d post…

  178. OK, I’ve checked this site a million times now. Is there such a thing as update notification in blogland? Can I get a message to pop up and laugh like Daffy Duck when you update your site?
    The suspense is giving me an eye tick.

  179. NAG NAG NAG
    I have this hat that needs to be mailed SOMEWHERE for like a week from now???????

  180. Okay, Rachel H and Ken, listen up: The time has come for you two to just march over there, invade, grab her laptop, and do the update yourselves. We’re dying here.

  181. Personaly, I think that her fingers are, 1 worn to the bone,or 2 gone into cramps and spasms from all the work and she can’t make them work any part of her laptop anymore. There are however, ways around that…Come on, girl, use your nose, or a toe, or tape a dpn to your hand and use that.
    PLEEEEEASE!!!!!! We can’t hold our breath any longer! ROFLOL!

  182. Cooooommmmmmme ONNNNNNNNNN already!
    I keep checking and Nothing!!!!
    This is starting to interfere with my life. I keep running down to check the harlot and see what is the final outcome. Hubby is starting to think me a bit more nutso than usual.

  183. I join the ranks of the hopelessly committed,or those who should be committed, hopelessly…or something like that. I do have a life and I keep leaping onto this site and off to see the next step. I am cracking me up everytime I do it. My hopes are that the day was just such a success that great conversations, loud heralds of happyness, huge all encompassing family hugs and hand springs of tee-hee have sprung from the joy. I’ll keep checking back πŸ™‚

  184. I agree with Denyse…
    Joe: “which white did you use on the trim, Babe?”
    Steph (with slight clench of jaw): “Just white.”
    Joe: “Yeah, I know it’s white, but which one?
    Steph: “Just. Plain. White.”
    Joe: “They don’t make just plain old white – is it like eggshell white or snow flake white…?”
    Steph: “FOR THE LOVE OF WOOL, JOE, IT’S ^$#$**& WHITE!!!!!” And she yanks the half used paint can, label missing, out of the closet (were all of the paint supplies where stashed at the last minute) and shows him where it is written on the can in plain old black sharpie “white.” She throws down the can in a huff, breaks his toe, and is currently knitting a sock to fit over his cast.

  185. ok i need to know the following:
    A. Can i come steal your sock yarn ( it will take me a while to get to you as I am in sunny Florida and you are in cold cold, Canada)
    and B. What was Joe’s Reaction???????? we here in blog land are DYING to know!!!

  186. You. People. Crack. Me. Up.
    I am of course here looking for an update as well – and have found myself thoroughly entertained by all the humorous comments from my co-stalking peers.
    Thanks for the afternoon pick-me-up!

  187. I have already searched Google News for “Stephanie” and come up lacking. I second the nomination for Rachel H and Ken to do some sort of blog intervention. We. Need. To. Know!

  188. Here’s the deal… she isn’t going to post today because she is still snuggled up to her beloved. They have been enjoying the new sheets and pillows, lounged against the new headboard, admired the white (yes, just plain white) ceiling from all angles, tucked their stuff into the new shelves, danced barefoot on the bee-yoo-ti-ful floor, toasted her initiative, endurance, sense of color and newfound electrical confidence and will be back with us when the glow wears off. Let’s all return to our homes now, there is nothing to see here……

  189. Holy Shit, Steph! Good job, and I’m glad Joe appreciated all your hard work. I must admit that I’ve been at a conference and haven’t been waiting with bated breath. But I’m staying with some friends and just read them the sawdust post… had them snorting pop out their nose. It seems to be a common reaction to your posts πŸ™‚

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