Rapid Fire

1. The Bohus is finished, except for sewing up the hem, which I will get done today. My love for it is as yet undimmed, and even having to sew up a hem enchants me.

2. I didn’t finish it because Joe surprised me by taking me here last night (out to dinner too. I think that the bedroom gratefulness train is going to keep on rolling for a while.) If you are in Toronto and you have nowhere to go tonight? You should totally go. Totally.

A traditional trio (piano, violin, cello) plays the Shubert, then several pop musicians riff off of it. Brilliant.

3. My brother Ian went winter camping in Killarny Provincial Park this last week (I know. Just that idea is crazy talk) and sent me this picture this morning of his sock.


I think I may have completely converted my family so that they provide me with sock photos as blog fodder without even thinking about it. Ian said the socks kept his feet very warm, but would like to share the tip that snowshoeing with a marathon runner is an exceptionally stupid thing to do unless you are also a marathoner. Good tip.

4. I put the plan for the NYC launch on its own page so it’s easier for me to update and you to find.

Go here for the plan.

5. I started the STR sock club sock. It looks great on…


but off?


It’s not just me…right?

333 thoughts on “Rapid Fire

  1. I’m working on my first-every pair of socks and am having exactly the same problem (for me, it’s gauge issues).
    I tried very hard to convince myself it was just me, but after everyone I showed them to started giggling uncontrolably I had to admit that yes, my sock really was phallic. (I started pinning the end up when I knitted in public so it wasn’t so noticable, since I felt really self-conscious knitting on something that didn’t look like it went on a foot.)

  2. The things people knit these days…….
    Regular socks are sooooo last century!!!

  3. Yay! Congrats on finishing your sweater! I cannot wait to see it!
    No it isn’t just you, but at least the colors are beautiful!

  4. Ehee heee heee!! Now I want to knit a sock just like that, so when people ask me what I am working on, I can just hold it up, look them dead in the eye, and ask “What does it look like I’m working on?”
    (Are we all still secretly 12 years old that we laugh at this stuff?)

  5. Hahahahahahahah
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Also: excited to see Bohus! The progress pics alone are gorgeous!

  6. Oh, wow! I don’t even know what to say about that. But I really, really needed to laugh out loud today, and that certainly did the trick.

  7. Tee-hee. I got my first giggle of the day on this looooooooong dreary Friday.

  8. I am so jealous of the show! I’ve been trying to see Danny Michel live for -years- now, but he apparently hates me. Or Seattle. Or both.
    Also, wow, that sock. Hee. πŸ™‚

  9. I was once knitting a red lace sock at my son’s soccer game (shut up, I just can’t WATCH!) You know how lace kinda scrunches up the instep while you’re knitting it so the toe-up foot was a bit smaller than it’s final diameter. One of the dads looked over, looked at my knitting, looked at my face, looked back to the game and just said, “Yep. That ought to fit.”

  10. When I saw the STR sock on, I thought: “Oh, I love that garter stitch toe! It’s got to be warm and soft, and wear really well . . . ”
    And then I saw the other pic. {muffled guffaw} I’m waiting to see what it looks like when it’s done. I’m sure that you won’t disappoint on that, um, one.
    Have a great day!

  11. Um…is that a sock that you’re knitting or are you just happy to see me?
    Sorry, couldn’t resist!
    It’s definitely NOT just you.

  12. Oh holy fallace batman!
    The colors on the sock are beautiful and it looks so lovely, at least it’ll be just as exciting in the drawer as on your feet.

  13. You know, all it would take is one dropped stitch and you would no longer have proper protection for safe sox.

  14. OMG! ROTFL! That is the funniest thing I have seen today! Thank you for sharing that, Steph. You have no idea how much I needed to laugh. Giggle. Snort.

  15. Nope, you’re not the only one πŸ™‚ Try doing the socks as a KIP project. I spent an entire day in the hospital waiting room with people staring at “the sock”

  16. Hah, I’ve been working on that same sock and posted a very similar picture a couple days ago here. Mmm hmmm, we all know what that looks like.

  17. Hilarious.
    Wendy of Wendy Knits also posted a progress photo of the same sock. Her pictures don’t have the same evocative power.

  18. No, it’s not just you! I cracked up and then after reading the comments so far, cracked up again – especially on the safe sex one! Guess I need to sign up for STR. Love the colors. Kudos on the DIY bedroom make over – you’re my idol! And you keep reaping the rewards – can’t beat that.

  19. Wendy at wendyknits.net (March 8) has a photo similar to yours, but her sock is rather more quiescent than yours, thank goodness.

  20. Oh, dear…..definitely phallic…and definitely not you. I’m with the gal who wrote that she pins up the toe when she’s knitting in public. Maybe this is the reason I don’t knit socks toe-up. I’m still chuckling….

  21. It almost seems as though the rewards from your room re-do are spilling over into your knitting, hmmmmm… LOL…PS: WHATEVER you do, take my Native New Yorker advice and DON’T be knitting THAT sock when you come to visit us in New York City, especially Central Park! Oh, I can’t stop laughing! The colors are gorgeous!

  22. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!! It looks more like a cozy for a certain, um, appendage, than a cozy sock.
    Also, Sarah Slean? I love her! That show sounds awesome. I wish it came to Victoria… πŸ™

  23. Hahaha! I’m so glad that there were no customers present when I saw this. Also glad that the water bottle was no where near me since I generally sip while reading! No, it’s not you.

  24. Oh you mean you’ve decided to knit willy warmers now? πŸ˜‰ That’s just a bit disturbing, but so funny at the same time…

  25. Its so totally not just you! You were thinking mushroom, Right?? I haven’t started mine yet, but living with a bunch of guys should make this one fun!

  26. HA ha ha! If anyone asks about it, though, you could always looked totally shocked and say, “of course not! It’s a mushroom!”
    Sounds like you had a great night out… and glad the gratefulness train is still on-track — After all that work, it should chug along for quite a while.

  27. martin tielli!! *SWOON* gawd i wish i lived in toronto. or really…anywhere that had random cool people doing random cool things. dang…

  28. But you only need to knit one! Guess I should wind my yarn up and start working – maybe both at once?
    Great job on the bedroom! I really enjoyed watching your progress.

  29. Hopefully, the heel won’t look like, um, the rest of the male anantomy. Happened to me once (forgot to double wrap my short rows, and the bagginess was quite telling).
    Freud would have a field day with knitters.

  30. The sock, OMG….It took me a few before I could stop laughing. Yup, I have a gutter mind. πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to see the Bohus in it’s finished glory.

  31. Just wait until you get to the heel!! I thought my muggle friends were going to bust something laughing about my “penis cozy”

  32. LOL! No, you are definitely not the only one. I think you’re the only one brave enough to actually make a reference to it, especially since most of us other Sock Club members are taking pics of this sock in progress on the foot instead.

  33. As the old saying goes, “Great minds run in the same gutter.” No, it’s not just you, it really does look like that.
    Thanks for the warning – I’ll be sure to keep mine as a knit-at-home-only project.

  34. Is it really supposed to be a sock????????
    Made my day.
    Janet up in YK where it is still -35 degrees C,………come on it’s March for goodness sake!

  35. Back to Ian, at least he’s wearing a varigated sock! If only my husband would agree to anything but a solid color. As for your sock, I really have no idea. Maybe the STR blog could help?
    After many discussions with my sister, we decided that when you come to Petaluma, you should wear the Bohus and put the shawl in your carry-on – neither can be trusted to luggage! We can’t wait to see them both!
    Glad your husband appreciates all your hard work. He’d have a lot of knitters to contend with if he didn’t!

  36. And ribbed, too.
    (I know it’s your joke, but you failed to make it this time. My role as stooge entails certain duties.)

  37. That is one strange looking sock! I agree with the others the yarn color combination is beautiful. But there is no way that sock should be knit out in public! Just the thought of it is making me laugh again.
    Winter camping?! Tried it once and will never again. Only people with high metabolisms should attempt that even if they do own some warm handknitted socks and hats and mittens. Just the thought of it is making me put on fingerless gloves and make a cup of tea.
    Thanks for the laughs.

  38. That’s what I hate about 2×2 ribbing on the whole sock. It just looks odd. I hope the rest of the sock is more exciting.

  39. I can only imagine what the second sock will look like.
    Is there a separate set of starting directions for the second?
    Maybe someone was shopping in the hardware section for male/female ends and came up with the idea?
    It could happen.

  40. No, it’s not just you. I’ve finished my first one and am currently working on the second sock. They both look this way. But once you put it on and stretch it over your heel, the toe sort of thins out. I made mine a little shorter in the foot specifically so that the toe would stretch out just a little. I’m happy with the first. We’ll see how I feel about the pair.

  41. Maybe it’s for Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers – he can retire his tube sock as his strategically placed sole piece of clothing!!

  42. Definitely not just you, though yours is particularly “alert”. You know how those STR girls love puns. Haven’t started mine yet, and will have to change it up a bit, but do love the yarn and the garter toe/heel. Looking forward to seeing you at Sock Camp.

  43. Steph, I read your blog every day, but this is my first time posting. My sock looks JUST like that! No, it’s not just you. Been enjoying reading about your remodelling to the gals at work.

  44. Steph, I read your blog every day, but this is my first time posting. My sock looks JUST like that! No, it’s not just you. Been enjoying reading about your remodelling to the gals at work.

  45. OKay…that comment about Flea made the difference… uhm..well I wouldn’t say it didn’t look RIGHT…it just didn’t look like a SOCK….

  46. So, I’m reading your post and laughing at that last picture. All of a sudden, I look down and notice that there are 69 comments. Oh, my goodness, Ms. Harlot. I almost died.

  47. Okay now I can’t wait to get mine past the toe…hurry up special ordered 0’s. I have got to knit me one of them… and find the guy that fits!!!!

  48. Yes, they are very SLIGHTLY phallic πŸ™‚
    I am insanely jealous of the sock of the month club. I decided last week that I would love to do something like that, but it’s too expensive for those of us that are jobless at the moment and it’s closed already. Just when I started liking knitting socks again. Maybe next year.

  49. No offence, but, Stephanie…?
    Your sock…?
    “He look like a man.” (See Mad TV first season.)

  50. Well…let’s see here…Blue Moon puts out that pattern and also holds the Blue Moon COCKamamie Sock Camp. Maybe they could rename it the Raunchy Sock Club? Just kidding, but the coincidence was too funny to overlook! Love the sweater and bedroom too.

  51. If you’re asking if it looks like a penis warmer. . . .shame on you!!!!
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    naughty girl!

  52. No, it isn’t just you. Mine looks the same. I call it my mushroom ;). My husband was a bit concerned when he saw it and was afraid to ask what it was. LOL

  53. Yeah, someone else posted that same observation on the Rockin Sock Club blog when kits first started going out. I’m glad because then when mine totally looked like a weenis I wasn’t surprised.
    What size needles are you using to get it to stripe like that? I’m using 1’s for the toe and 0’s for the ribbing and mine is pooling all ugly-like.

  54. My husband just stopped on his way by to see what I was laughing so hard at. His comment? “I guess it was inevitable someone would knit warmers for them.”
    The conversation degenerated from there into references to glow-in-the-dark products and wondering whether French yarn tickled.

  55. *giggle*
    Turn the heel on that thing as fast as possible!
    Actually – um now that I pictured it – I think that might look just as funny. πŸ™‚

  56. Kristine at lilacknitting.blogspot.com had the same effect with hers. Who knew what I would be missing out on by not getting in on this Socks That Rock Club.

  57. Stephanie, please give us a warning next time you are posting something that is laugh out loud, spurt diet pepsi through the nose and onto the screen and keyboard. My computer will never be the same.

  58. What will the muggles say when they see we’re now knitting prophylactics? Bwah! I knew there was a reason I used a different pattern for my Monsoon hehehe

  59. Wendy Johnson blogged about her STR as well. It had the same phalic shape. But I am in love with the colorway and am looking forward to when it is offered to the general public.

  60. Could all of you Socks That Rock sock clubbers please bring your willy warmers to the Today show and traveling sock photo ops? Pre-heel, of course. Hey, it’s New York!

  61. I totally agree – as did a few of my students who were quite amused!(I teach high school). Guess I have to watch what I knit in the classroom!

  62. Oooo! I haven’t started my STR sock yet, I love the way the colors are knitting up.
    The last picture? LMAO!

  63. I snorted at your picture then I snorted again at the comment about the shrinkage factor! I guess this is one instance when cold water wouldn’t cause shrinkage, huh?

  64. I just burst out into totally inappropriate laughter at work. So no, it’s not just you.

  65. Wait until you get above the heel – the sock looks even more….umm…..how do I word this nicely……like it is attached.

  66. Could it be? The elusive Willy Warmer! You’ve finally gone and knit one!

  67. ROFL
    Um. No. *snort* It’s not just you. πŸ™‚
    Is this going to be your travelling sock??

  68. I seem to recall a statement from you Harlot, that you would never knit one of “those”, and I seem to recall that Ken was wondering why on earth not. Perhaps it’s another one of those cosmic smacks that happen when we generalize or get smug? I’ve got to show my SO – I’m sure he’ll want one for his ice-fishing weekend. LOL!!!
    Love the room – love the sweater – love the sock colour!

  69. Oh my, when I saw the first photo of your sock I thought to myself and how did she do that?!? so I was very glad to see the second photo and a sock that looks exactly like mine πŸ™‚

  70. When I showed the STR pictures to my husband, he rolled his eyes and said, “Girls are weird.” GIRLS, he said – not KNITTERS. Isn’t that progress for my muggle-spouse? πŸ™‚

  71. hmm…will you share the pattern?
    really. dh was making fun of my current sock and telling me it in fact looked like a “winkie warmer” (isn’t he cute?) and i was thinking how delightful it would be to make one for him for christmas or something. i have a friend whose daughter knits torpedo covers as installation art, so why not, ahem, winkie warmers?

  72. I am knitting two socks at one time, and couldn’t resist propping one of the socks up on the two wound skeins. You get the picture…

  73. All this giggling like we are back in Junior High!
    But, it is obviously hilarious!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  74. Oh my god! … I don’t know what else to say. The sock I’m working on doesn’t look anything like that. Hahahahaha.

  75. ROFLMAO Now I know what to do with it when second sock syndrome stalls me mid-foot on the second one. I’m still trying to get my toe to work on the first of these socks.
    As for bedroom redo gratitude. I have no doubt that will last for quite some time. Not having to do any of it is worth a whole lot of gratefulness in any man’s book I bet. I guess my mind is more gutter-bound than average. I was already headed there by the phrase “bedroom gratefulness train”long before the “Canada’s Funniest Sock Photo” entrant appeared. BTW, you did an amazing job on that room Stephanie. You totally were channelling Debbie Travis or someone. Or, you know, are quite talented and could totally host one of those shows yourself from the get go.

  76. No, definitely not just you. I’ve seen pictures on another blog and thought the SAME THING. Was wondering when somebody might address it…uh…forthrightly. Beautiful yarn, but….
    Of course, if everybody had a pattern of this one going in NYC who knows WHAT the media will think of knitters!

  77. I thought it was just me but when I showed it to my girlfriend and sister they giggled. Oh my!

  78. No, it’s not just you. I start giggling as soon as I saw the photo. I’m now to the leg part of my Blue Moon sock. It’s my first toe up sock.

  79. Just tell anyone who giggles that everyone should be practicing “safe sox” and that you’re planning to knit a series to hang by the fireplace at Christmas…
    Beautiful room, harlot, what a great job!

  80. “4. I put the plan for the NYC launch on its own page so it’s easier for me to update and you to find. ”
    I was wondering how long it would take you.

  81. Nope – it’s not you, but maybe Ian needs a “pooter warmer” for the next time he goes camping!

  82. AHAHAHA!!! Oh my god, Stephanie! I can’t believe you said that. I also read wendyknits, and she’s been posting about her STR socks and everytime she showed a picture of the toe that’s exactly what I thought of. It’s SO not just you!!!

  83. I too noticed as I was making my socks at the ER in the local children’s hospital. Every nurse walking into our exam bay did a double take. My husband asked if I HAD to knit it there. Ah well, it kept me from totally freaking out until OS’s breathing issues were worked out. All’s well that ends well. And I totally recommend going up at least two needle sizes from the size used on the foot area for the leg. That cable is TIGHT!

  84. Steph, if you’ve resorted to playing with your yarn in this way, then I can only conclude that either Joe thanked you too little or too much for that room . . . I can’t decide which! πŸ™‚

  85. Forgot to add that the pattern IS ribbed for your pleasure as well. πŸ™‚

  86. Oh man, Andy Maize and Martin Tielli! Two of my favourites. I’m very jealous. I saw Rheostatics once in a theatre and it was an amazing show.
    Can’t wait to see your bohus finished!

  87. My oh my! It is JoeΒ΄s week of pleasant surprises (or surprising pleasures?), isnΒ΄t it?

  88. OMG, too funny! I’m thinking that the bedroom gratefullness Joe has shown has your mind on something other than knitting. ;->

  89. OMIGOD! I totally noticed it and I was like “Oh god… I’m a hormonal teen…” And then I’m apparently not alone! YAY!
    But ride the grateful train, honey. When it stops, it’ll turn into a hand car, and those are NEVER fun.

  90. I am having the same problem with my sock… but don’t worry it gets a little better once you get the heel on it.

  91. hehe, very cute. I’m jealous of the STR club members. I restrained myself, knowing I am not a fast enough knitter, nor do I have enough knitting time to keep up, but I really really wanted to join. Maybe next year.

  92. I’d like to meet the man that the sock fits…
    …I mean he must have very oddly shaped feet.
    Really. Where are your minds??? LOL!!!!! It is so not just you!

  93. Oh my goodness . That reminds me of a friend I had years ago that got me to deliver a prettily wrapped package to her boyfriend as i was going by his residece on the way home from work. He insisted I stay long enough to see what was in said pkg and see what she had sent to him. It was a red and white knitted dickey warmer with pom poms on the draw string at the top. I left rather quickley with him laughing his head off. Perhaps this would be a good gift for the bankers that BMFA had so much trouble with . Might show them what big P—– they were LOL ME BAD

  94. Ha-ha-ha-ha. OM gosh, how funny! I’ll never again look at my STR sock without a giggle. LOL

  95. Oh good then it’s not just me.. I thought maybe I was a being perverted (as usual) after seeing that same view on someone else’s blog. I’m going to have to think about joining next years sock club if they have such interesting patterns.

  96. That settles it. I was going to try to knuckle down and make the sock in the pattern, but no way could I get through that without laughing myself crazy. I guess I’ll do another pair of plain socks.

  97. Wow, that is . . . well . . . hee.
    Gave me a good laugh. I’ve been threatening my boyfriend that I would make him one of those some day, and now I think I have the right pattern.

  98. Nope, not just you. I see a mushroom… what do you see? πŸ˜‰
    BTW, is that Trekking XXL #90 on Ian’s foot? Out of 200gms, I got a pair of SO socks, a pair of convertible half finger gloves/mitts, and a baby hat. Lovely–uh, make that handsome, manly, practical yarn.

  99. Eclair wins this round with her comment about regrettable alternate colourways. I, of course, was only reminded of the CN Tower.
    Boychild and I were at Harbourfront Centre briefly last night. Did you walk on that funky advertizine holothingy on the floor in front of the security/information desk?

  100. Speaking about Wayne….you know how Mike Meyers has a tendency to do that whole “pointing out the big obvious thing”–I’m remembering Austin Powers and the “mole” bit….
    My first thought was just to type:
    and leave it at that…
    Bring on the weekend…

  101. I’m still stuck on the brother picture. Does anyone remember the episode of Seinfeld when Elaine has Kramer take a picture of her for her Christmas card? She inadvertantly shows a part of her anatomy?
    And no it’s not just you!

  102. I was just asking Dave last night if he wanted to model my STR sock for me…..it looked like a perfect fit! (I really thought we were the only ones who saw it)

  103. Ha Ha!!!!
    No, it’s not just you. I showed my sock in progress to my husband (at about the same stage of completion as yours), and his response ….
    So, you’re finally knitting me that willy warmer huh?

  104. That’s hilarious! Nice . . . erm . . . sock you got there!
    Winter camping?!? I need a sweater just thinking about it.

  105. Ohhh! That is sooo totally NOT just you! Thar she blows!!!
    Hehehehe…..(this is going to last me a while..:D)

  106. That concert sounds fantastic! I’ve always loved chamber music, and it’s always been my favorite to perform.

  107. ..not just you. I usually knit between church services when I need to be there all morning (I’m a church worker, yes I am…) and I actually had to start ANOTHER project ’cause there was no way I was taking my current sock to church to work on…

  108. No, it’s not you. But what does it say about us that 200 of us giggled about the “willy warmer,” but didn’t mention how your bro’s sock toe is nearly worn through and he so clearly needs a sock intervention?

  109. Woodland Fungus. My husband, the professor, took one look and that’s what he thinks it is. Really. The man has no imagination at all!

  110. I recall you saying that you think you look slightly phallic in a tuque, but at the time, I got the distinct impression that it was something you felt shame about… not something you wanted to celebrate with equally phallic socks. Guess I was wrong! πŸ™‚

  111. aha ha ha ha ha….ha ha ha ha…
    STR Sock Club Price $$$
    Time Making Sock $$$$$
    Sock Partially Done That Looks Like A Penis: Priceless.

  112. I must have a terribly twisted mind but it reminds me of a certain, private part of a man’s anatomy. Or a mushroom.

  113. hee hee…I’ve read through all the comments so far and I’m still giggling – that’s priceless!

  114. OMG, they’ll see that and next radio show, they’ll ask you again! The question about willy warmers, I mean.

  115. You never disappoint, Steph. You really can find everything at the Yarn Harlot site. My 15 year old daughter asked (without looking closely at the photo) asked if it was “one of those warmer things” then commented “you knitters are twisted”.
    I’m still giggling over that one.

  116. Considering that even engineering types can look at it, go “wow, that’s odd, almost like a mushroom or something” and not get the phallicness of it until reading the comments, I think that it’s clearly all in your collective minds.
    *shakes head* Being in engineering is keeping my mind clean… And my mom though that the knitting world was being a good influence on me…

  117. Hey, you’re right! It does look just like a mushroom!
    I mean, uh, yeah. A pants-dwelling mushroom, of course.

  118. Skein of sock yarn:
    Set of double pointed knitting needles:
    Sock in progress:
    There are some things money can buy…

  119. A friend of mine took a Bohus class at Stitches West last year, and I saw her at SW ’07, wearing the Bohus she made. She’s still in love with it, and has bought SIX MORE KITS.
    There’s crack or smack or something in that yarn, I’m sure of it.

  120. Well, I thought mushroom cloud first, and then I read the comments…
    But, I wasn’t the only one who said mushroom. I’m going to tell myself that those people really thought of mushrooms too, and that I don’t need to put down the knitting and get out more.

  121. Next time your bro might want to borrow it for his posed after fishing shot. It would make a great cover up for a particular part of his anatomy. Ahemm.

  122. OMG. This takes multitasking to a whole new level.
    Remember “The Banger Sisters” ?
    This could be the start of a whole new set of sock photos.

  123. Yup, mine looked just as bad until I redid the toe on a smaller needle. Fits fine still, but isn’t as readily loaned to the local stables in case of a chilly willy…

  124. I can’t believe it… I discovered it last week knitting on the bus on a 4th grade field trip. My daughters male teacher saw too… we were very red faced.
    Heee heee!!!

  125. It’s all been said! (That’s what I get for being somewhere later than #250). But I shout “HEAR HEAR!!” Lise – I had that same thought, looks like Ian’s sock is wearing thin at the toe. Is that a hint? Winter camping: my DH is an historical trekker. They go out in 18th c. gear and clothing and winter-camp. It’s a boy thing…hmmm….say, can I get half that sock pattern from you?

  126. My 25-year old son just walked through the room and asked what was that? I said what does it look like? and suggested he consider anatomy when replying. He said me and my friends have very dirty minds.

  127. Lol. You said it. I am having the same experience with my Rockin’ Sock Club sock. All I have to say is… wait ’til you add the (slightly wider due to having more stitches) heel at the bottom. Makes things more… ah… complete. As it were. Yeah.

  128. Well, I suppose that’s one way to solve second sock syndrome……
    Glad you finished the Bohus – looking forward to seeing it in all its glory.

  129. LOL! Thanks for the warning. Now I won’t be so worried when I start my STR sock! I haven’t been able to start it yet because I’ve been practicing Fair Isle knitting, trying to get ready for a class on Estonian Knitting with Nancy Bush. How cool is that! It’s definitely a good reason to postpone sock satisfaction. After looking at your pictures, I definitely think the STR sock will be a new sock knitting experience!!!

  130. Oh, a mushroom warmer! How sweet of you to make one! (Not sure why!)
    Hmm, now I know how to make a willie-warmer – just downsize the pattern!

  131. Wait until you get to the heel. It just gets worse. I refused to knit it in public. I was just too red in the face!

  132. Thank you so much for showing this — I thought it was me doing something wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Good tip on the marathoner, and – um, yeah, my sock looks like that, too. I’m turning the heel and now worrying what the hell is coming next, thank you Shiori, oh, man… it’s really great on my foot, it’s just wicked funny-looking on needles.
    It’s not going to stop me from knitting it wherever I am, of course. I’m just wondering.

  134. Umm, Steph, I think there was an unintended theme in the photos…no, it’s not just you, the sock off looks a little suggestive. AND, I had to stare at the photo of Ian for a really long time to realize, I think, that that is his HAND at the top of the photo of his foot.
    No photo of the sweater?

  135. No, you’re not the only one.
    In fact, I’ve seen other similar pictures, and…well, hey, it looks great when worn.
    ON FEET.

  136. Actually, I may have to respectfully disagree with olive lynn… about the hand, I mean. And I sincerely hope that you all WILL bring these pornographic socks to New York, right about when you get to the heels…can’t wait. You can plant them upright in the front row of the traveling sock shot. A weird little mushroom forest in Strawberry Fields!

  137. How brilliant! Penis cozies! Any marketing experts out there willing to give it a try?

  138. PS – have any of you sock clubbers had the thought that the BMFA ladies are all reading this and laughing their fannies off at the fast one they’ve pulled on all of you? I mean, they had to have knitted up the pattern and knew what it would do…and had the fantasy of you all knitting in public and the funny looks you would get…

  139. After trying to re arrange my schedule to come to FIT, i’m afraid it’s not looking good. I have class that night and it is a really bad time to miss class- but maybe i can be late. It starts at 6, right? so how long do you think the event will last? My class is from 7 to 9 and i shouldn’t be so late that it’s worthless to show but i don’t want to miss all the good stuff at FIT.
    Do you think you can give me a time line?

  140. Um, I am knitting that sock as well… my first sock ever, and, well… let’s just say that I’m glad that yours looks that way also.
    I feel a little uncomfortable knitting it in public…

  141. Man! I knew I should have at least tried to stick to the pattern a little longer, if only for the comedy, but alas I made changes, some not so minor. I would have liked to start some new and different rumors at work – but if I feel like controversy, there’s always baby socks to get the rumor mill turning again.

  142. Thanks for the laugh! I am also in the STR club and I wasn’t going to knit the pattern because I thought it was too difficult for me. Now, I HAVE to knit it! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!!

  143. I think it’s like you said, “the bedroom gratefulness train” continues!
    I love the cast on for your sock – what pattern/technique are you using?

  144. There’s really no need for me to comment, it’s all been said. my favorite comments are; safe sox and ribbed for your pleasure.

  145. It is soooo not just you. I was knitting my sock club sock at work last night (in the break room) and every time somebody walked by I stretched out the foot, so they wouldn’t make fun of me for knitting a “penis warmer”. But it does look good on!

  146. love the comments on the sock…amazed at the work you did on the bedroom…
    I hate to change the subject midstream here, but I am wondering about the hats for charity. Do you have suggestions from the organization(s) of choice of what they would like–color, size, material? For example, my synagogue has given out scarves (that we’ve knit) to the homeless when delivering food to them and found that the mostly male clientele do not want brightly-colored scarves. Just brown, black, dark blue and the like for them.

  147. mmm… phallic socks….
    I just turned the heel on mine… and… it doesn’t do anything to help the.. uhh… *cough*… head.

  148. I will never look at my STR socks quite the same way again. Thanks for the laugh, glad that I had already decided to give them to my hubbie.

  149. Oooooooooh My!
    What was that you said about the cost effective entertainment value of knitting your book? … =-D

  150. URGENT QUESTION: When does the book launch in Oz?
    Are you coming down under? Oh go ooooooooooon……

  151. It’s a cock sock! It sounds like the resemblance is enhanced once the heels is done – please post a photo of that later? Tee hee!

  152. I am having exactly the same problem and am having to think twice about giving them to my teenage son…..I thought it was me..whew!

  153. I was working for my friend Rae’s yarn shop and broke out in belly laughs when I read/saw that! I’m so glad there were no customers at the time.
    I am not the sort who normally notices things like that… it’s bold, isn’t it? No question for even a half a second. Dang.
    Thank you for the boost my system got from the laugh. Letting loose like that is so good for the blood pressure. Whew!

  154. Chiming in with the rest of the crowd–No, it’s not just you (and apparently not just most of us). πŸ™‚ Hilarious. I have to wonder how a garter stitch sock toe will fit in a shoe or boot (I’m guessing it’ll go well in birkies, but I can’t wear those–they’re too wide for my feet).
    AND, I’m looking forward to seeing you in when you get to Minneapolis/St. Paul. I’ll be the one knitting while you talk. πŸ™‚

  155. Oh, my. Some yarn manufacturers are making yarn with anti-bacterial qualities (usually with the contents of little ground-up sea creatures, which offends my vegetarian sensibilities AND is icky), so it was only a short trip (ahem) to making yarn with Nonoxynol-9 in it.
    Perhaps the garment could be called a Genitalia Jumper, in case there aren’t enough inner-twelve-year-old boys running about with knitting needles.
    As part of your ongoing education of all things knitting and health care, please make it clear that not even felted knitting is a barrier method of birth control, and would be profoundly horrid for all concerned.

  156. OMG!!!! It took me a minute and a second glance to get your meaning but YES, it does look like an appendage. I needed a good laugh. Thank you very much.

  157. ha ha ha! We have been laughing about my “phallic sock” all week. We even have similar pics…I say similar because I see you aren’t as childish as we are…unless you’ve got photos you aren’t sharing with the public. πŸ˜€

  158. ROTL; This is so funny. It was my first laugh out loud of the day (10:34 p.m.) Thank you so much.
    PS – I have ordered the last bookbookbook and anxiously await it in the next week. Woo-hoo!

  159. With it on your foot, I thought it was beautiful. I say keep going and see what happens.

  160. My computer thanks you for the recent coffee/spit bath it just got. πŸ˜‰ You are hysterical!

  161. No, its not just you. I had the same thought when I was knitting mine. Your stripes are looking exactly the same as mine… see.

  162. Just picking myself up from the floor after laughing so hard. Oh- God that was a good laugh.
    Well- do we really need to make it a *foot* sock club?

  163. ROFL….. TELL ME IT AIN’T! (still cackling weakly, trying to rise above floor level)

  164. Oh that was wonderful.. i’m so bummed that i won’t be there.. i was in nyc earlier today and am now back in philly and will be leaving here tomorrow nite to head back to the WARM!!!! 90+F Phoenix.. please come and re-visit us again.. and i know Jonelle and the gang at SWTC would love to see you up close and personal! πŸ™‚ and knit those tofutsies! πŸ™‚ hee..hee.. hugs karola

  165. If I hadn’t seen it on your foot, I wouldn’t have thought it a sock. It reminds me of something I saw once at a party my first week of college… Ask me if you remember when I’m getting my book signed in Minnesota.

  166. If I hadn’t seen it on your foot, I wouldn’t have thought it a sock. It reminds me of an outfit I saw someone wearing once at a party my first week of college. The whole outfit was one sock.

  167. I too have had lots of strange looks the funniest comment I got was ” well, you’ll knit a cover for just about anything!” I don’t care and am rising above it!

  168. I too have had lots of strange looks the funniest comment I got was ” well, you’ll knit a cover for just about anything!” I don’t care and am rising above it!

  169. And here I thought that it was just me. These are definetly x-rated while on the needles–turning the heal only makes it worse.

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