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  1. Blogging? Heck, I’m just impressed you’ve got it together enough to wear pants at this point! Have a safe rest of your trip!

  2. That’s cute! As for hanging out with Cat Bordhi…how cool is that?! I am loving, loving “Treasure Forest”. I’m reading it while working on knitting deadlines. Have fun at sock camp. We want a full report!

  3. Terrible isn’t it, you’ve gotta live a bit to blog. Take a rest! We’ll still be waiting to hear about camp later.

  4. You amaze me. I am in awe of how together your postings are…but I enjoy each of your posts even if you are feeling frazzled!

  5. You’re accepting requests for vicarious blogging? Like you don’t have enough to do already…but put me on the list anyhow.

  6. I must say that yours is the first I look for on bloglines, but I think you are doing great!! I am loving following your journey!! I will be seeing you in June an I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  7. It’s official. I love the YarnHarlot. How I wish I was at camp with her and Cat and all the ladies of Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Next year, for sure!

  8. Is blogging even allowed at sock camp? What is allowed at sock camp, besides, well, socks?
    Enquiring minds would also like to know if Franklin’s little balls of sock yarn (Harry and company) have made it. (http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com)
    Have fun at camp!
    Also, by the way, I finished the book- you know, your latest one- after I bought it in Ann Arbor. It was great. Thanks for another fantastic read.

  9. You know, I was thinking the same thing… I want MORE! LOL! But then you have updated more than I have on my blog and I’m not running all over the continent representing. 🙂
    Have fun at camp!

  10. Too funny seeing Carla on your blog. Watch out for her. You know it was her birthday Monday! Camp is her gift to herself – party on!

  11. I think you do an extraordinary job of blogging frequently, although I do admit, I was pretty excited to see your SECOND entry posted today. You’re just too dang entertaining for your own good!

  12. Oy!
    You are zipping all over the place and folks want more blogging?
    I think sometimes it’s okay to say no. I learned long ago that no is a complete sentence.
    Anyway if you don’t leave a little time for you, your body may go into HALT mode and get sick or exhausted.
    I vote for more time for mineral baths, massage and tea for the Yarn Harlot!!

  13. I love the pictures of your traveling sock and how it shows up in so many poses. The sock always makes me chuckle. I am a bit new to reading your blog and don’t know how the sock thing came about.
    Do you always travel with a sock? Does that particular sock go everywhere or a different one each time?

  14. Gosh- that’s right! You are going to be at Sock Camp w/ Nathania and Cookie! Tell them that Cindy, Jeni and Hannah said “Hi!” (They would get a kick out of that…) Have fun!!!!!!

  15. Have fun at Camp, as a club memeber I wish I could be there…but know I will get to enjoy the Rockin’ Sock bunch through your eyes and wit…Can’t wait.

  16. Have fun at Camp, as a club memeber I wish I could be there…but know I will get to enjoy the Rockin’ Sock bunch through your eyes and wit…Can’t wait.

  17. If I had tried to keep the schedule you’ve been keeping, I would have gotten lost in some city, not knowing where I was and just wandered the streets for days. It still blows my mind (after how many book tours?) that you can tour and blog – although maybe that’s how you keep track of where you are. Or do you have people who do that?

  18. Sure we’d love if you blogged more often but after reading what you have actually had the time to blog about, I really can’t imagine we’d ask for more blogs. I felt sooo bad about the fog-flight. Oh goodness, work on keeping your sanity and working on your sock.
    And when you get a chance, you know, fill us in:)

  19. Blog more? My, she’s voracious! I sure hope she was kidding around, because you do more and blog more in a week than most people would accomplish in a month. Relax…knit lots…and blog next week. You deserve a break!

  20. With all the traveling you are doing, I’m amazed you are blogging at all! Although I am nosy so I will continue to come and see if you are.

  21. I’m with Dorothy B. I’m astounded you are blogging, in wonderful detail, with your schedule as it is.
    Where ARE you now? Victoria?

  22. Well, i can’t blame her really. Your blog is a heck of a lot more interesting than TV (except maybe for Stargate). I really look forward to the next installment, every day.

  23. There’s a sock camp? with the YH and all those other ladies? I thought that was just where you get to go if you live a good life and then die….. I probably wouldn’t be let in; the things I knit (at this point) look like golf club covers. But maybe if I work really hard (and live a good life) I’ll get to a sock camp some day….

  24. Less funny response options:
    “Read more blogs.” “Read my archives.” “Start a blog and write a mile in my shoes.” “Get a life.” “Too bad!” “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha”
    Stephanie, do you get mail asking if you’re OK (no illness, etc., for you or yours) when you go for a few days without posting?

  25. I bet you’re glad you haven’t been dragged into the realm of twitter or flickr too. At least those can be done via cell phone (if I had a cell phone that fancy – spent all my money on yarn)

  26. I must confess, I am also guilty of wanting you to blog every day and twice on Sundays! When you went for three days without blogging last week, I didn’t know what to do with myself…. I was checking out other blogs, looking in on-line yarn shops and checking out knitting patterns while I waited, and, NOPE, not happening for me! I needed my Harlot fix!
    Seriously, though, you blog All. The. Time. We can never thank you enough for including us in all of your endeavors. BLOG ON GIRL!
    Oh – and take a break every now and then …. it’s on us….

  27. Less funny response options:
    “Read more blogs.” “Read my archives.” “Start a blog and write a mile in my shoes.” “Get a life.” “Too bad!” “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha”
    Stephanie, do you get mail asking if you’re OK (no illness, etc., for you or yours) when you go for a few days without posting?

  28. There’s never enough blogging! But blogging cuts into knitting time, so I can see why it might slip.
    Are you going to post what size underpants you wear, so we can create supply caches around the country for you? If you come to central Indiana, I’ll even throw in a new toothbrush!

  29. Blogging is addictive. Maybe there should be a 12 step program for people who live for blogs. Are we are all bit OCD? Is there help out there for us? 😉

  30. SOCK CAMP????? How do I find out about sock camp?
    PS I keep extra teefbrushes _and_ undies for my Favored Guests… and Cat. Mustn’t do wifout the Fuzz Fix.

  31. I am AMAZED at how much blogging you are doing. Your schedule would be enough to have a mere mortal lying prone with a cool wash cloth on her head!

  32. ::snerk:: Carla’s funny.
    Got any advice for a knitter sidelined by injury? (I’m sure I used to do other things with my spare time…)

  33. Actually, I’m thinking along similar lines as Presbytera, but with the change of you volunteering Carla to take your place for a day or two. With four of you reproducing the home environment, just for added verisimilitude. [veg] Or is this too evil for words?

  34. Holy crap for crap. I saw evidence of you multi-geeking over at Two Sockknitters, and I almost fainted. You have a “All your yarn are belong to us” shirt?! (Interobang–best proposed punctuation mark ever) Manic knitting plus poor game-text composition/translation allusions . . gaming geek plus language geek plus knitting geek. I think I’ll faint now. Too much laughing is very dangerous in a sweltering federal workspace, you know.

  35. Too funny! Better watch out Carla. Stephanie has, through her mere words, enticed many of us to get addicted to all kinds of new things, including socks and blogging. And you’re sitting near her — well, she’ll have you an accredited blogger in no time!

  36. You’re doing a great job blogging! I admit I was worried those three days after we heard about your horrible, horrible flight and that you had to go back there and waited on tenderhooks for signs that you were ok, even insisting to my favorite male muggle that he should worry too, but what what a lot you have done over the past few weeks! Go you!

  37. Good heavens, you’re not bionic. And (today’s entry excepted), when you are blogging the entries are long and full of thrills and spills. Enough! Go have a beer. Then blog about it tomorrow, with pictures please. But, you know, no pressure or anything . . .

  38. Less funny response options:
    Read more blogs.
    Read my archives.
    Start a blog and write a mile in my shoes.
    Get a life.
    Too bad!
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
    Stephanie, do you get mail asking if you’re OK (no illness, etc., for you or yours) when you go for a few days without posting?

  39. I’ve decided to only check the blog once a day…
    I’ve become addicted, and especially when something is brewing…
    So, to keep sane, I’ve decided to check first thing in the morning, before I get to work, and see what’s happened…

  40. Stephanie, I have to admit that your blog is the first site I check when I am at the computer and would love to see a post every day but totally understand a knitter can only do so much!

  41. Yeah, and knitting. You have definitely not been knitting enough. And traveling. Yeah, traveling –you’ve not been traveling enough. And sleeping –no, wait, you really HAVEN’T been sleeping near enough!

  42. OMG!! Blogless Carla made Yarn Harlot! Well, if anyone would have the nerve to say such a thing to Her Harlotness, it would definitely be Carla. Rachel H, it’s definitely “foolhardy” rather than “brave”…tell her we said Hi and we’ll miss her at Friday Morning Knitting!

  43. Have fun and don’t worry about blogging. I’m using the time to read old blogs that I missed before I found your blog. I’m loving it!!

  44. Stephanie, I’ve been working my way, slowly on purpose, through your archived blogs, which I’ve never read. This way, it takes care of that empty feeling when you’re too busy to post. And I am impressed with how many things you can cram into a day and STILL manage to blog! So when you’re too busy to post, you are … Spiderman busy! Cat B. is the reason I took the plunge into sock making, being too intimidated by your dpns. After three pairs knit on circs, maybe I’ll give the dpns a whirl, so I can say I tried it Stephanie’s way.
    Have FUN FUN FUN at sock camp!

  45. I’m not being rude. Honest. I’m just grateful.
    I’m commenting on the last post actually. It’s so nice to find out that a professional writer from time to time has typos… yeah, weird comment. My apologies. When I wrote for a living folks used to chew me up for my typos and spelling errors (and lapses in grammar skills). I just think it makes you so real, so human, so delightful and fun. Thanks for being you.

  46. The thought of being taught to do socks by the Yarn Harlot and Cat Bordhi is way up the top of my fantasy list. (um actually its my entire fantasy list) I have pulled my cousin Barb into the Yarn Harlot by passing off a book to her..The meditations book, now every morning she quotes the Harlot to me… Funny Funny, because she wouldn’t go to the bookstore with me to see you, now she is kicking herself..
    Ha She told her husband about sock camp and he thought she had gone over the edge into a breakdown of sorts, but I just keep telling her, if he can travel to all the basebase fields in the continental United States, how can he be so freaked out about a sock camp…. (she has time to bring him around) HE HE HE (Besides we want to go without him next year)

  47. Dear Lady,
    Your writing is worth waiting days for. Even when you are only describing the frustrations of a modern traveller, your writing is worth waiting for. Carla should read some of the less well done (albeit frequently done)writing that exists on the Net…she would be grateful that you ever write your blog. But then she did manage to get a bit of personal attention by complaining….hmmm.

  48. Judging by Carla’s playful (and cute) expression, I am going to guess that she is well aware of the irony of the blogless complaining about the Harlot’s lull in blogging. But just in case – Carla dear, please consider yourself ever-so-gently teased about this point.

  49. As someone who just realized she hasn’t posted to her own blog in over a week, and who is not currently on a book tour (!), I think you are doing just fine with your postings. Happy and safe travels!

  50. I almost hate to admit that my name is Carla — and that I have no blog. But be that as it may, Stephanie, while I adore your blog I realize you must LIVE life to have something to BLOG about. Therefore, much to my regret I say, knit on. Write when you can.

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