A clever diversion

This entry is really going to be about the fun surrounding the Canadian Launch on Friday night. Since that is of limited interest to the rest of you, I am mingling in pictures of the socks I finished this long weekend while Canada was closed for the May two-four and I had lots of time to knit. (Yup. I got the garden done. You get the cottage open?) The plan for Friday and Saturday is as follows. Again, those of you with limited interest in these happenings…Look! Socks!


Yarn: Online Sierra, colour 890 (I think), needles: 2.25mm (US 1)

Pattern: my basic recipe.

Friday 10-6: The Textile Museum is having it’s 12th annual More Than Just a Yardage Sale, at (you guessed it) The Textile Museum of Canada here in Toronto. If you click on the link on their page (pdf) you get details. Admission is free and it’s a neat way to spend the afternoon.


Friday 7:00- Book launch/freaking out people who don’t understand/giving the staff at Indigo a serious upset. Is it very wrong that I want there to be more knitters there on Friday than there will be regular people on Thursday for Justin and Colin? (I love Justin and Colin.) Indigo told us how many knitters were there for Tracey Ullman last year and I was not instantly consumed with an urge to have more people than Tracy (Stop that laughing. I am not that competetive. Besides, I didn’t say I didn’t want us to get more than her. I said I wasn’t instantly consumed. She’s a fellow knitter. There’s only so much you can want to whup her.) but two BBC nancy-boys with a passion for tile? Totally fair game.


Jaywalkers (Free pattern), in Vesper Yarn’s Tartan.

AfterpartyThe Spotted Dick, 81 Bloor Street East (That’s totally walking distance from the Indigo) will be expecting an influx of knitters from 9:00pm onwards until we call it a night. They have hosted the Drunken Knitters Night, so they know what to expect, and they will look for us all to filter in as we finish at the Indigo. (They are actually very fond of knitters over at the Dick, which, while true….is a very unlikely sentence to type.)


Saturday: Yarn Crawl – meet at 11:00 at the Naked Sheep with a TTC Day Pass in your hand. (They cost $8.50 and you can get them at any station. If you don’t get a pass, you will need cash or tickets for each leg of our journey – That’s at least 5 legs X $2.75.) We’ll hit a whack of yarn shops by way of the subway and streetcars (out of towners will get to see a bunch of the city) have lunch in Kensington Market (lots of choices) and wind up done in the West End at about 5:00. Native Torontonians and folks who get to the city easily should note that there is another chance to do this….Better probably, on International Knit in Pubic Public (Well now. That’s the worst typo ever.) Day at the famous TTC Knit-a-long. Rachel H and I have already resigned ourselves to hosting a very pale substitute, but we will do what we can for those of you who can’t come for the real deal.

One last diversion for those who don’t care about Toronto stuff…


Today is Tuesday, and this is my spinning. Anyone recognize the fibre?

147 thoughts on “A clever diversion

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Mine isn’t quite as grand, but I am going to the MA S&W… and then off to see YOU on Weds at Webs.

  2. I love the Jaywalker socks! Talk about some bright and vibrant colors! And I don’t know where that luscious red and yellow woooooolllie roving is from, but I want some:)

  3. That roving is so beautiful! Show us pictures of the finished yarn, tomorrow.

  4. I don’t recognize the fiber, but it looks like fire. I love it! Also, the jaywalkers are so pretty! (Not to say that the other socks are not just as lovely, but that colorway knit up as jaywalker is particularly striking.)

  5. Is it wrong of me to want to cash in the plane tickets I’ve already paid for to visit my family and use the money to head north to help freak out the muggles? A yarn crawl in Toronto sounds like more fun than South Carolina in August.

  6. I’m going to guess Grafton on the batt, but that’s just because of what happened at Rhinebeck last year. You must want more of it someday, because you didn’t tell us where to get it so we could run out and buy it all. But we will find it. We will.
    (Time to go read about spinning. It’s like following along with you via the home game.)

  7. I have been working on the same pair of socks for weeks and you get TWO pair done in a weekend? AND you got the garden in?!? AND you make regular entries on your blog?!?!? I’m waiting for that post-menopausal energy surge to kick in….

  8. Oh honey, “International Knit in PUBIC Day?”
    I hate being one of those proper English nerds but that totally cracked me up!!! ;o)

  9. Oh honey, “International Knit in PUBIC Day?”
    I hate being one of those proper English nerds but that totally cracked me up!!! ;o)

  10. Hee! An un-elicited “pubic” is far more entertaining than an encouraged “arse” any day of the week.

  11. Colours look familiar, but no. But I will say Grafton, because I live a few towns over, and I want it to be….so much!
    Just got some lovely multicolored green (can one say that?) roving at WEBS annual tent sale. I have discovered the secret to actually using the wheel, instead of passing it in its’ happy place, and feeling guilty: get roving that is so gorgeou, you can’t wait to see what it grows up into.
    Also had a bit more than an accident there; I call it a Katrina moment. MORE sweaters for the cue (how could I resist?)

  12. I would be a lousy proofreader, but I’m grateful to my betters. All that and the Spotted Dick, too.
    Sigh. I’m comforted for not being there.(If it’s any comfort, the first sentence of the first edition of Beverly Sills’s autobiography began “I made my first pubic appearance…” You’re in good company.
    Maybe Franklin would make a special shirt….

  13. Now, as a new blogger, and seeing some of the unlikely search terms that bring people to my blog (Beth over at chocolatesheep.wordpress.com and Larissa at larissmix.typepad.com/stitch_marker have recently been commenting on the same thing) — I was reading along and musing about what kind of hits you get when you keep posting about the Spotted Dick. Then (even though I am definitely not a red pen kind of person) I ran across the little typo near the end about “knitting in pubic” and had to chortle. Dick and pubic in the same post? That’ll get you some surprised Internet searchers when they arrive here!
    Love the Jaywalkers and the BEAUTIFULLY matched and perfectly striped heels! And the roving (no clue here as to provenance). Yes, little Online Sierra comfort sock, I didn’t mean to leave you out, you’re delightful also!

  14. see you at indigo and the spotted dick on friday.
    i know it starts at 7pm but i am going to go a tad early to make sure i get a proper seat.

  15. see you at indigo and the spotted dick on friday.
    i know it starts at 7pm but i am going to go a tad early to make sure i get a proper seat.

  16. Have a great time this weekend! it must be so much better to do these events on a full night’s sleep and without any airport in sight (compared to your U.S. mega-tour-athon). I’m sure you’ll beat Ullman and the BBC guys, not that anyone will be comparing or counting or wanting a full report next Monday.

  17. Colours look familiar, but no. But I will say Grafton, too, because I live a few towns over, and I want it to be….so much!
    Just got some lovely multicolored green (can one say that?) roving at WEBS annual tent sale. I have discovered the secret to actually using the wheel, instead of passing it in its’ happy place, and feeling guilty: get roving that is so gorgeous, you can’t wait to see what it grows up into.
    I am envious of your plans- will raise a double (point) pint in youse’s honor, and wish I were there.

  18. pretty pretty socks. this reminds me that i would be well advised to stop casting new socks on in favor of finishing some of the pairs that are part-way knit. these are so darn pretty!
    no clues about the roving, but i too want to see it as yarn so i hope you have a productive spin tuesday!

  19. Seems I remember you making that mistake (pubic for public) last year. First time is a mistake.
    Second time is a coincidence. Third time is a design feature. Right?
    See how picky those of us who have no hope of getting to Toronto can be?
    Happy knitting,
    Janey — janeyknitting@yahoo.ca
    P.S. My sympathies to your girls – I didn’t get around to commenting on your recent posting about the pressure they are under.

  20. I bet it’s not the worst typo EVER, but off the top of my head … no, can’t think of a better.
    And, I’m so so so excited that you’re coming here this summer! Burlington, Massachusetts, I pass that Borders going home from work! July 12 is now marked on my calendar! (I was buying your first two books for my book-stash, the woman who rang them up told me the visit was just confirmed; she’s a knitter, too, and was very excited.) Yay! Have another exclamation point, I’m giving them away!

  21. Hooray! Can’t wait for Friday. Must decide what to knit. And I”m tempted to join in the crawl on Saturday even though I’m local – I’ve never been to the Naked Sheep!

  22. I don’t recognize the fibre but I had the sudden urge to wrap it around my nekkid self. Never fear, I will respect your roving. 😉
    I want to be with you all in Toronto this weekend but Los Angeles is waaaaay too far to walk, bike or drive without serious repercussion. Don’t be surprised if a cardboard cutout shows up with DPNs in hand. Haha.

  23. I think about a hundred of us read that typo at the same time and burst out laughing simultaneously! You corrected it WHILE I was posting, you Speedy Gonzales! I doubted my eyes (or my sanity) for a moment when I reread it . . .
    By the way, re your Hysteria post, I only have an 11-year-old version of that which will not hold a candle to the anticipated graduation version — or maybe not, the Preteen daughter just doesn’t give a hoot much of the time. But last night The Preteen came home to announce that she needed to bring a “Pavlova” dessert to school today (it was new to me, but for those of you who are also not versed in this, which includes my former chef husband, it’s a meringue with fruit and whipped cream, simultaneously claimed by New Zealand and Australia as a national dessert or something, invented in honor of Anna Pavlova’s visit Down Under. I apologize to Southern Hemisphere types if I got any of that wrong. Apparently we’re studying New Zealand in Social Studies now. I have some yarn from New Zealand, bien sur. . .). Anyway, The Preteen airily announced that meringues were easy. Have you ever made one, girlfriend? Well, no, but you only need to bake it for 5 minutes!! How hard can it be? So — a trip to the grocery store (how does one tell if a kiwifruit is ripe?) and a trip to my mother’s to borrow a spring form pan later — some version of Pavlova was arrived at, by a group effort. I know this is payback for everything I put my mother through, but at least I never volunteered a fancy dessert on a couple hours notice. I don’t think so, anyway. . .
    The main hysteria was on our part, now that I think about it. There was a stern talking-to administered before the Pavlovage happened.

  24. For the last 6+ years (since You Know Who got appointed, er, I mean elected You Know What) I have been saying, “I can’t move to Canada, it’s too cold.” Now I find out you have a bar called the Spotted Dick. This is very bad.

  25. Love the jaywalkers and the fiber. I’m all about bright colors here recently. That fiber looks like a Grafton piece of art because of how the colors are popping, but not sure.

  26. The woman STILL doesn’t get it. Loved the socks, but love even more reading about freaking the muggles, knitting and drinking, and deliberately putting oneself in the path of “yarn accidents.” I seriously contemplated flying into Toronto….. but I’ll see you at Webs next week!!

  27. Cathy-Cate, you are right about the pavlova, and kiwi fruit should be fairly hard, just not so hard you could brain someone with it. Cut in half and scoop it our with a spoon – yum!
    Nice socks, melady Harlot. Serendipitously, I am knitting Jaywalkers for the first time (although with non-stripy yarn, so not as fabbo as yours) whilst reading your three old book book books which I got recently. Come to the UK and I’ll buy the fourth!

  28. Wish I could be there on Friday and Saturday. It sounds like a wonderful time. And I’m sorry I’ll miss the Spotted Dick. Is the fibre from Cider Moon? It looks like some I got from there recently. Good luck on Friday-hope the Muggles are scared.

  29. That roving is beautiful! Sounds like you (and a bunch of other knitters) are in for a fantastic weekend. Hope you enjoy yourself – I hope to live it vicariously next week when you blog about it!

  30. Woooooo-hooo! The countdown for Friday has begun! And why not just make it the biggest event Indigo has hosted ever? Is that too unrealistic? I mean really. What kind of number is that anyways.
    Love the roving. Looking forward to next post to see it all done up. And man, I’ve been putting off a pair of Jaywalkers for too darn long. Really pretty. Hmm.

  31. My library once sent out a townwide mailing. The masthead? “[Town] Pubic Library.” That was years ago, and people still talk about it. 🙂
    Lovely fiber! Orange isn’t usually my thing, but that one is gorgeous.

  32. A certain green knitted monster (who happens to have a crush on you) has run away from home.
    I suspect that he is attempting to hitch his way to Toronto (like all Canadian youths filled with wanderlust or just lust) in order to see you on Friday night. If you see him, could you please let him down easily?

  33. Gently! I meant Gently!
    Although, it would be “easy” to let down a green knitted monster. ‘specially since Joe is a brawny Canadian man.

  34. RE: the day pass on TTC. I think you can get the ‘family’one on the weekends and this lets two travel for the price of one, or even more if some are children. A super bargain for the joys of public transportation.
    Love the socks. There is never enough sock yarn or time to knit them.
    Good luck on Friday at scaring the muggles. Sorry that I can’t be there other than in spirit (and I’m not referring to the Spotted Dick portion of the evening…)

  35. Hi! You didn’t have to distract me. It’s not that I don’t care about events in Toronto – it’s the cruelty of reading about all the fun when I can’t be there! Hope the day is just one muggle-scaring moment after another – Represent!
    Oh, and the socks and the fiber are pretty cool too. I just swapped my way to some Vesper sock yarn and look forward to giving it a whirl.
    Spin on!

  36. oooh I love hearing about Toronto stuff especially now that there is a vague chance that we could move there! woo hoo!Prattle on!!

  37. I so want you to have more knitters than Tracey!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I was closer to Toronto but I live vicariously through the blog and an ocassional visit when you hit Ann Arbor.

  38. I just saw “How not to decorate” for the first time on BBC America a few weeks ago, and I have to say that I LOVED it. But I so hope you have four times as many knitters as the nancy-boys do!

  39. I WANT THAT ROVING. I don’t know where it came from but I want it. And I don’t even spin (I really must fix that).
    The socks are gorgeous. I supposed I’ll have to break down and actually try the Jaywalker pattern. Would probably go really will with my Lorna’s Laces Jungle Stripe (lime green and purple) sock yarn.
    I wonder if I can get my boss to send me to one of our Canadian clients in Toronto on such short notice.
    Would ruin hubby’s camping trip scheduled for this weekend, but would be totally worth it!

  40. That roving is lisaknit.com Lisa Souza’s Earth Birth, but it’s probably someone else’s colorway as well.

  41. Sniff, sniff I can’t find my passport and I really do want to get to Toronto again, and this would be a PERFECT weekend, and it’s not gonna happen. Sniff, sniff.
    Lovely socks, lovely fiber, no idea but I was thinking it was stuff you got at Rhinebeck?

  42. I’m interested in your Toronto event, even though I’m in Atlanta.
    Don’t apologize for any of your Canadian events. Unless all that was an excuse for gratuitous sock pictures:)

  43. just because i live in forida yes it is a strange
    land i do love to hear your over the border news
    i just hope no one wants an online passport
    give your garment to some one color blind
    it will be any color they want it to be
    now i have to get ready for hurricane season
    june first could you take me in

  44. Did you know WEBS moved the Northampton Mass signing out of The Clarion Hotel because it was overbooked? Capacity is 375. They moved it to The Calvin Theater in downtown – capacity 1,000. I was at WEBS on Sunday and heard they currently have 600 reservations. We’re all hoping more people sign up so we totally blow out the NYC Represent numbers. It will be hard to scare Northampton muggle-people though – it’s the heart of the “5 College Region” – but we’ll just have to try.
    Happy day after Victoria Day. I just loved the “Canada was Closed” remark 🙂

  45. So sad that I won’t be able to make it.. I really should find a way to move to Toronto – so many great knitters there!
    Lovely fiber, can’t wait to see what you turn it into!

  46. Sounds like a fun weekend – I can’t help it but I crack up every time I see the words “Spotted Dick” – I know it’s a kind of steamed pudding but that is NOT the picture I get in my mind when I see/hear those words. I had heard of Victoria Day & knew it was close to our Memorial Day but somehow never knew that Queen Victoria’s BD was May 24th. May 24, 1973 was one of the happiest days of my life – that is when my first daughter was born. I always thought that Bob Dylan was the most famous person born that day(both DD’s father I are huge fans & friends said it was so appropriate that our firstborn was born on his BD). Knowing that those 2 were both born on 5/24 almost makes you believe in astrology – Gemini, the twins. I believe Geminis are supposed to have very contradictory parts to their personalities.

  47. Please tell me that’s Spinner’s Hill, and please also tell me she has more of it.
    See you Wednesday.

  48. So I’m sitting here (on my prep hour) reading the blog and pumping (breast milk) when my classroom door (despite being locked with a big sign on it saying “please do not disturb”)opens and in walks one of my administrators. He he he he “Dick” “Pubic” and (for me) “boob exposure” all in the same 15 minutes! What a day! BTW: All this talk about events and cool happenings in Toronto makes me think we’ll go there for a vacation sometime. We went to Victoria two years ago and it was fun. Toronto is much closer but I suppose we’ll have to get passports this time around.
    Have fun at the Dick. . . .I think the yarn on their link ( the Lorna’s) is the same that I used on my last sock project.

  49. I used to set ads for a small newspaper and accidently ran an ad for a ‘pubic adjuster.’ But our most belived typo was the real estate ad featuring a “large cock outback for entertaining.” (It should have read dock).

  50. …Dude…….The Spotted Dick…..
    The socks are beauties…love all the colours.
    I so wish I could be there, not here, but there…wish wish wish…..

  51. How bad is it that I started calculating how long it would take to get to the after party from the Stratford art show (ends at 8)? Like I’d make it out of Toronto & back to Stratford for Saturday morning (by 9:30)if I came? Not possible, (I’d have tried in my twenties) hope you get lots of knitters, hats & have lots of fun. KIP day I’ll be at Art in the Village, here in London, knitting of course.

  52. i’ll be at indigo to help freak out everyone, but i can’t hold out hope for being the biggest crowd: leonard cohen read there a few years back and i’m betting you couldn’t move for the bookish ladies & gents cramming up the aisles.

  53. waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, I wanna come! Sounds like a lot of fun coming up for you northerners. I am totally jealous. Pet yarn for me, will ya?

  54. I totally glossed over the socks, that’s how stupid-excited I am for the Toronto stuff!
    I gushed about the yarn crawl to a muggle and instantly realised my mistake when her face stayed blank, even after I haughtily said “WELL, I get to make friends with other knitters!” and added under my breath that her friendship may no longer be necessary.
    No idea what that fibre is, but it made me get all grabby-hands. I want!

  55. Got it. Pubic knitting at the Spotted Dick. And the muggles think we’re boring.

  56. Let’s see, Friday there’s a yarn sale, a launch event, a pub party with drunken knitters and then next day a LYS crawl (I presume aspirin will be supplied pre-crawl).
    And I’m stuck in Philadelphia without my passport. If I left now, can I get into Canada for a weekend without my passport?

  57. 11 am – what a civilized time to start a yarn crawl. I have been shopping relentlessly lately but that shouldn’t stop me from overindulging on the weekend, and I’ll have lots of support to stop me making impulse buys, I’m sure. hahahahahahahaha

  58. Our phone is silent on weekends. (We plan it that way.) This weekend however, I received three calls, asking if I was joining a revolution. One asked if I was becoming a Bolshie, which tells you the average age of people I know. I was mystified, until my DH pointed to the ad, telling Toronto knitters to unite, illustrated by a hand, holding some lethal-looking weapons (or essential tools, if one is a knitter.)
    The ad should ensure a good attendance, which will really scare the folks at Indigo.

  59. Are Justin and Colin popular in Canada then ? I hate them, but then, I mistakenly watched an episode of their first series “The Million Pound Experiment”. They are loathsome – rude, full of themselves, hopeless at property developing (they failed the experiment, whatever the BBC claim) and without a modicum of charm. The only thing they have going for them is their Scottish accent.
    You HAVE to beat their audience figure ! I’d come over if I could, just to bump it up !

  60. Hi Stephanie!
    I’m having a coffee at Alternits enjoying the sunshine and reading your blog. Can I buy you a coffee too? Sugar cookie?
    I certainly enjoyed Canada being closed yesterday. Have fun with your Indigo blow-out on Friday.

  61. OK, I have to say, I love the socks and all and I love living in the country, but damn it, we just don’t have things like yarn crawls or drunken knitter night. I need to be within an hours drive of some major city. Excuse me, Justin and Who? Well I hope that you whamp them.

  62. Looks like some Bulky Blue Sky Aplaca yarn I purchased a few years back . . . does BSA have spinnig fibre??

  63. 1. Don’t recognize the source of the roving, but it is a lovely shade of green.
    2. Please try not to mix the phrases “naked sheep,” “spotted dick” and “pubic” knitting in the same paragraph in future. My employers will think I am spending my lunch hour perusing blogs about traditional British barnyard orgies. Thank you for your consideration.

  64. Le sigh. It sounds like le fun.
    Love the Jaywalkers! Those colours really rock.
    The fibre is beautiful. I can’t wait to see the yarn it makes.

  65. Don’t suppose you’d be willing to post the “Yarn crawl” info for anyone interested in an independent trip at another time??? (Please? And thank you!)

  66. Dude, I *love* the typo!
    I had a roommate once who was a legal secretary. She typed up a whole, hugely long pleading all about “public access” to some thing or other. She spell-checked it, and it came out clean. She gave it to the lawyer, who looked it over and handed it back with the word “pubic” circled in red. Apparently, she had typed “pubic” for “public” throughout the document, and the spell-check didn’t catch it b/c it’s a real word. Imagine her mortification as he stood there w/a little grin on his face….

  67. Strategy here, people, STRATEGY: this is not a “pale substitute”, my dear, this is a prime opportunity for reconnaissance—two extensive yarn crawls spaced not too far apart are an excellent chance to employ that coveted skill of discerning shoppers everywhere: comparison shopping. One could commit this first event to (mainly) information gathering—and yes, collection of samples constitutes very relevant “information”—and then, once the stores have had a chance to reorder, head in with the big guns/credit cards/itemized lists on yarn crawl #2.
    Or…one could simply scoop attendees of the second event by buying all of one’s fun new playthings now and being several weeks into great new projects before they even leave their homes. Whatever spins your ballwinder! ; ]

  68. *whine* This is torture. I will lift a glass of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout on Friday in kinship.
    BTW – the roving is clearly raspberry and orange sherbet swirled together.

  69. Once my mother and I drove from Michigan to Vermont, planning to spend the night in Buffalo. But we got there in mid-afternoon, so we canceled our hotel reservation and kept on driving, figuring we’d get a room wherever we were when we got tired. It was May 24th, and we were in upstate New York. When we started looking for a room, of course all the hotels were full. We tried every exit for an hour, until we met someone who had been doing the same thing in the other direction. We ended up sleeping in a truck stop parking lot, in the car. And the funniest thing is that we had NO IDEA WHY.

  70. I’m very excited about Friday. Can’t make Saturday *sniff sniff* but the ladies from Pick up Sticks will be there!

  71. Nice socks. I hope you don’t have a chance to wear them for many many months, as the garden is in and we are all ready to thrive in the warm weather. Enjoy yourself this weekend!!

  72. Re: Typos of the embarassing sort: I’m afraid you don’t quite qualify. That would be the “Morris Pubic Library” in my college town.
    They never did replace that L the whole four years I was there…

  73. I don’t recognize the fiber but I love it.
    Also, I can’t be there Friday but I wish I could be. It sounds like scads of fun and really how can you go wrong with a mass of Canadian Knitters. Two of my favorite kinds of people.
    And not that it is of any consequence to anyone but me BUT I have managed to rearrange the schedules of 12 other people so that I am able to come to Petaluma, CA on June 7. Does that make me selfish and maybe nuts or does it merely mean that I am committed to my craft?

  74. And on Sunday the Toronto Spiders will be competing in the 2007 International Back to Back Wool Challenge. We’ll be at the Pickering Museum from 9:30 and we’re hoping to be done in under 6.5 hours this year. We’d love to have everyone come by and cheer us on!!

  75. I love the Jaywalkers, yum. I wish I could be in Canada this weekend, it sounds like fun, but I’ll be going the opposite way. Have fun, enjoy yarn for me.

  76. See, I read right over that typo until you pointed it out (and then it took a few seconds for me to figure out what the problem was).
    We’re going to ignore what that says about me and focus on socks and fiber. More and more, I want to learn how to spin, but knowing that I will be moving all my crap at least three times in the next year or two really causes problems.

  77. I vote for Lisa Souza’s Earthbirth in bluefaced leicester. (probably killed the sheep spelling) That biffle is some awesomely fun stuff to spin!!

  78. I’m from the UK and we didn’t really like Colin and Justin much anyway! I’m sure the knitters will outnumber their fans.
    I’m for sure in for Indigo and the Spotted Dick, the yarn crawl is a definite possibility, but I’ll have to see what the husband-babysitting situation is like. I’m so excited about Friday, and Saturday!
    The socks are beautiful and I LOVE the colourway and the perfect stripes on the Jaywalkers. When I saw the roving my eyes went wide and an ‘Ooh’ escaped… that doesn’t happen with roving very often, but since the Frolic I have been thinking of learning to drop-spindle.
    Gotta laugh at the fact that anyone searching for ‘harlot, pubic, dick’ is gonna find this post.
    Enjoy your Friday prep, and remember everyone – HATS!!!

  79. Sorry, I’ll be wearing sequins up the sides of my pants and turning 40.
    Could you please take a picture of you and Rachel H for me and send it my way? It would really ease the pain. Sequins are freaking itchy.

  80. I need to get spousal-equivalent and myself to Toronto for a non-family trip. His Mom’s from there and his parents met at the University. Unfortunately, his Dad’s idea of a Toronto area retaurant is the big food court at the freeway rest stop.
    Please do report on the yarn crawl and list the stores. Won’t make this one as I’m in California right now, but I’ll need the information for my future trip.
    So, IIRC, roving gets brighter when spun?

  81. *pout* I wanna go. Stupid living far away.
    Have fun. Take pictures. Think of me. (Yeah, right. “Who was it that wanted me to thin…oooh! Wool!”)

  82. Any way to estimate approximately when the Saturday tour would hit Kensington/Lettuce Knits, for those of us who may be able to only come for the western part of the quest?

  83. You have Justin and Colin over there? HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Sorry. Could you do us all a favour and smother them in cheap, scratchy, clashing acrylic and lock them in a broom-cupboard somewhere?
    Love the roving. No idea what it is, but I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it 🙂

  84. Hey! I just clicked on the link for the On Line sock yarn and found it’s a web-based store in Seattle and they’re having a HUGE sale — 40 to 70% off though some requires minimum purchases.

  85. Remember, you can pair up with a day pass! One pass is good for 2 adults on the weekends!
    Yipee for saving money for yarn!

  86. are you planning any knit in public time in Portland since you will be here on the 8th??? we too have a great transit system tho from the map i looked at no where as big as Toronto’s…where i wish i could join you but will just have to wait til june

  87. man oh man…I was up on Toronto last September, spent the whole time thinking I was dying in a hotel room, and there were no knitting events around to be enjoyed…Wishing I was up there now…Drunken knitting..now that’s something to ponder!
    Enjoy! Sounds like a blast!

  88. trust me, there’s worse typos. Like the time, when I was working for a consulate as airline liaison, and sent to a major carrier’s Los Angeles marketing head an email that constantly referred to the airline as Untied Airlines. Oops. Curse those skippy fingers.
    Have have wonderful weekend and good luck outdoing the nancy boys (totally OK to beat tile worshippers). I’m so envious – I’d love to do this. Perhaps when next I go over the equator I’ll time it for May when all the yarn gigs seem to be on : )

  89. I’ll probably be spending Christmas this year in To with the inlaws at our To friends’ place. I NEED to know where to yarn crawl apart from Lettuce Knits. Koigu. handmaiden….drool I’ll need lots of wool to keep my poor little Aussie butt warm!

  90. So looking forward to seeing you in person. 🙂 I may be hobbling as I seem to have nigh unto broken my ankle, but … I’ll be there. Hobbling. Left ankle three times the size of right ankle. Can I get a sock for that? Kidding.
    Lovely socks, btw. Totally not thrown off course by them whatsoever. Will have to explain meaning of spotted dick to 10yo.

  91. I WANNA GO!! Waah!
    Err… wrong coast…. sorry, the commute is a bit much!
    Anybody in Santa Barbara, California? shall we institute our own?

  92. I don’t recognize the fiber, but I can hardly wait to see how it spins up.
    Hope you have fun freaking out all the Canadian muggles!

  93. Reading the Victoria Day link…Whoa I didn’t know our “summer season” was “unofficial”!
    If Canada doesn’t “officially” have summer, then what comes between spring & fall? 😛
    Your socks, as always, are lovely. I want to cast on for another pair of socks immediately, alas I have so many projects on the needles!!

  94. ok, so is it just fate that i made hotel reservations in Toronto for THIS VERY WEEKEND? do i need all this extra dollarage on my credit card? do i care that it will cost approximately a gazillion dollars American in gas to get there and back ??? sheeee-it no!!! my only concern would be my ability to keep up with this pub/yarn crawl, i could never stand to miss anything. i truly hope to see you there, a five hour drive alone is truly daunting but do-able.

  95. “not interested in Toronto”…..awww {whine}. As a total New-France-French-Canadian-ophile, I AM absolutely interested in Toronto – and when you throw in all that yarny activity AND a YH signing – well, I guess the only way I could get there would be in the Flying Canoe, and you know what happened to them. I’ll just wait for the pictures in anxious and delicious anticipation {weeping softly}

  96. I agree with Linda….the roving is a beautiful green. 🙂
    Hope to see the yarn soon (I’m sure it’s done, right Steph?)

  97. I work in tv and my typos go province-wide….and I’ve had lots! But my all time fave has to be the time I dropped the “o” out of the word “counts.” That mistake made it past me, 2 proof readers, a tech op and the director before a producer found it – thankfully, before it went to air.
    I’m on the day shift this week so I hope to make it to the the muggle freaking events.

  98. Sounds like much fun is about to happen this weekend. With a little luck, we (me and the current sock) will be able to attend.

  99. I was in Toronto last week and was SO sad when I found out that I was going to miss your big Canadian party by a week. Have fun! Love the Jaywalker’s ….

  100. Yes! Sara that is handpainted greatwool top (not roving for the spinning snobs out there) I posted the picture of you giving it to the Harlot in Mpls on my website http://www.greatwool.com under Project Ideas/Wool In Your Hands. I hope to see what get’s spun. I love love love seeing what happens to the wool of our beloved flock!!

  101. Ooh, that roving is YUMMY! It reminds me of those weird, tie-dyed looking orange popsicles I remember eating when I was little. Perfect summer spinning.
    Damn, wish I could go to the yarn crawl! Alas, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and that’s a bit too far to go, even for good wool and good company. *pouts*
    Also, happy belated Victoria Day! *waves a little Canadian flag and secretly wishes she was Canadian*

  102. Just a thought — why would you think I’d care less about an event in Toronto than I would one in Ann Arbor or New York? I’m not likely to get to ones there, either. Actually, personally, I’m more likely to get to Toronto due to aforementioned family ties.
    Location is only somewhat relevant to vicarious yarn events.

  103. that fiber is awesome. i’m gonna say it might be lorna’s laces top in glenwood. i’m only saying that cuz it’s what im spinning…..or what i’ve spun half of & have to finish spinning the other half so i can ply them.

  104. Looks like its going to be a great event, wish I lived in Canada, that way I’d get to see you and Justin and Colin.

  105. Point of information: Colin and Justin aren’t BBC, they’re channel five (The UK’s 5th terrestrial channel. Started about 10 years ago, has a reputation for cheap tackiness, but sometimes has surprising good programmes). Nice socks!

  106. Well, at least you caught the typo. When applying for jobs out of law school my friends and I had to very carefully proof out cover letters so that we would not be applying positions in the field of pubic interest law. Spell check does not catch that one!
    I believe I avoided that embarrassing typo, but then again not every gave me an interview, so who knows?

  107. A bit off topic, but you take the most amazing pictures of your knitting! What kind of camera do you use?

  108. Justin and Colin are “nancy-boys”? (Hey, my Mom’s name is Nancy! If she could, she’d whap you for that.)
    I’m just glad you didn’t call them “prisses.”
    I know Spotted Dick is a Brit thing (a pudding with suet and currants), but still … is it just me, or does it sound like a venereal disease?
    Don’t Call Me Pris

  109. Oh well–my trip for Toronto is next month, and I doubt my partner will let me spend it yarn crawling (although a quick sneak away may possibly be managed!). I will see you next Wednesday in Northampton!

  110. 🙂 either “the spotted dick” has different implications up North or you people are even funnier than I thought. Gosh, I wish I lived in Toronto (especially now that it’s summer, you know)

  111. OK just I was thinking I should really knit a sweater to help with the husband out the military transition faze, I see these great socks and now I have to knit them so guess I’ll be on the sock binge for a bit. Of course the girls are going to start begging for them. I so wish I was going to Toronto this weekend. *note to self get to passport updated and head for Toronto* For everyone going this weekend-LUCKY!! you definitely get bragging rights.

  112. I was on my college’s sailing team, and we had a team website that included everyone’s picture, name, position and major. My major had a very long name so I shortened it to Public Horticulture most of the time, as in this case. Our team jokester thought it would be great to modify my major, so until someone finally told me THREE months later, every visitor to our website thought I was majoring in “pubic” horticulture. And no, there is no end to the jokes you can make about the various permutations of my area of study, as much as I wish there were. My favorite has always been, you can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think.

  113. Don’t know what the fiber is, but it makes me want to start spinning now, despite the fact that I have neither 1) a spinning wheel or 2) money to buy a spinning wheel.

  114. Hey, your Canadian readers are always having to hear the tantalizing details of your U.S. trips, so you know, fair’s fair. Besides, do we really care which city or country an event is in? (Except when we’re missing them, or swooning over being able to get there.) Nope, we just wanna hear all about it anyway, so it’s all good. Hope everyone has a total blas– Ooh! Look, a sock!

  115. I was caught knitting VERY publicly. I attended a local city council meeting, and happened to be standing behind the citizen’s podium, in full view of a TV camera.

  116. But it is ok to loathe Justin and Colin, not just to beat them. they are two boys with a) no taste, b) no negotiating skills c) an incredibly irritating manner and and and please keep them in Canada, we don’t want them back here at all. Ever.
    I expect theya re nice personally but on the telly – loathesome.
    Nice socks, BTW.

  117. We’re coming, we’re coming!!! Rae and I leave (too early) in the morning!
    I’ve made that typo before… in East Lansing there used to be a hair salon called PubLic hair but they made sure to use a tall thin font for the letters on the side of their building. Great advertising, I tell you! Double-take and then some.
    I’ll see you tomorrow. Ready to freak out any muggle in Toronto.

  118. The diversion worked… I’m still entranced. But I’m also wishing you more knitters than Tracy…not because I don’t like Tracy, but because I adore you:-)

  119. I know I’m late to this party, but the amusing typo reminded me of my first job, as a typist for the local paper.
    The sports’ department was one young guy and a bunch of enthusiastic dads who would send in hand-written reports on their kids’ school’s soccer matches. I would type them up. I wasn’t a professional typist, just learning to touch-type, in fact.
    Those who touch-type will know that “K” and “D” are typed with the middle finger of the right and left hand, respectively. I often got them mixed up, which made for pretty interesting typos when I had to type “Penalty kick” or worse, “Free kick”.
    I seem to have kicked that habit now, thankfully.

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