Crawl to the end

Several deep breaths will be needed to get through this day, I can feel it already. I have just under 19 hours before my flight to Massachusetts for the large and terrifying WEBS event. (at least if I arse this one up I can make arrangements to never return.) I know Kathy and Steve are all over this one, and aside from the odd little feeling I have that Kathy may be trying to compete with the entire city of New York to create a more fabulous knitting event (which is a very large task, the fabulousness of New York all considered) I’m just fine. From WEBS I’m off to BEA, always a test of a writers mettle. I’m signing in the autographing area from 9:30 to 10:30 on Saturday (Free signed books. That’s why people go to BEA.) and speaking in a panel on Saturday afternoon. (Ann and Kay and Deb Stoller are too. I’m very excited, and worried. I prefer to be on panels with idiots so that I don’t have to work at looking intelligent and witty.) In any case, before I have to get on a plane, I need to buy a new bra (don’t ask) get some shoes that are not Birkenstocks (don’t ask) and buy a shirt that my mother thinks is good enough for dinner in New York. I need to grocery shop so that I don’t leave Joe in a mess, and I need to do something about the mess. I need to figure out what knitting to take with me and I seriously need to get the summer clothes out of storage before the School phones and asks why I’m trying to poach three teens in their own wardrobes. (Maybe I should do that first. Do you think maybe an acceptable bra and shirt are in there? I should really check my order of operations.)

In any case. Lightning blogging.

Sunday morning I gathered myself up and set off in pursuit of adventure. It was not hard to find, since I had asked it to meet me at the Naked Sheep at 11:00.


Behold. Intrepid yarn crawlers, ready for action. We shopped (with some restraint, because there were four yarn shops left on the agenda and pacing is everything.) and got on the streetcar to go across Queen to our next stop.


Now, I have to tell you. This ride was definitely weird. When we got on, the streetcar was empty in the back and so we assembled there. 22 knitters, all knitting away in the back of the car. It’s a long ride from Queen East to Queen West, and the streetcar filled up as we went. Even as the car became more and more crowded, not one regular person would cross the line into knitter territory. Not even when the driver instructed them to move back to make more room. It was like a force field divided us. They would look (in fact, they couldn’t stop staring) but they wouldn’t stand near us. One woman mumbled “I’ve never seen anything like it” and one kid stumbled over the line when the streetcar stopped suddenly and his mother yanked him back out of the knit zone like he was at risk of falling into lava.

We got off at Americo


It’s a shop I hadn’t been at, but it was recommended by Amy, so we went. (Sorry Sarah. I only got half of you in that picture. It’s because I had to take the picture so quickly, what with standing in the road to get it.) Americo is a beautiful but strange shop. No Patons or Rowan yarns here…every thing there seemed to be a handspun. Handspun silk, handspun camel, handspun weird bobble yarn…


One yarn crawler commented, as we investigated all the beautiful and unique things, especially the knit and crocheted insertions and trims…


that Americo was like the Banana Republic of yarn shops.

From Americo we walked to Romni wools.


(We also stopped briefly at the windows of Miss Behaving, since every tourist to Toronto needs to. I’m sure the locals will agree that no walk down Queen is complete without it.)


Romni did not fail to shock those who were new. Here, a knitter has a particularly emotional reaction to the Romni wall of sock yarn.


Completely understandable, since only maybe 1/2 of the sock yarn is visible in this photo. It was at Romni that Rachel H and I decided that we needed to “sweep” each store at the end of the visit, making sure we hadn’t lost anyone. We would come out the door of the shop and yell “CLEAR”, just like in CSI. Good times.


From Romni we walked to the Bathurst car and headed north to Kensington Market for lunch and Lettuce Knit for our next stop. I’m afraid that there are no pictures from this one, since we were all mixed in with the regular people on this very full streetcar. When we hit Nassau St. and our stop, Rachel and I just shouted “Knitters HO!” and hoped for the best. We did try to do a headcount and stuff.

No knitter left behind.

Lettuce knit was…


Lettuce Knit. You know it’s always a good time and an especially good place to stop for lunch, what with how much good food there is to be had in the Market. (I had a yam burrito.) After lunch we hauled our rapidly developing haul down to the streetcar again, and this time…we had to wait.


Three streetcars. (That makes it sound tragic, but in Toronto, three streetcars on a Saturday is only about 20 min.) One out of service and two that were too full as a result of the out of service one. At that point, we may have gotten bored…and Joey posed the question,

How many knitters can you fit in a bus shelter?

Game on.


The answer is 21 (more if they don’t take their knitting and purchases in with them) but I will not even endeavour to tell you what sort of reaction this got from the general public.

We finally got a streetcar and made it to our final stop, Alterknit.



Alterknit is a yarn store/cafe combination, and it was the perfect, perfect place to stop. I have to say that Alterknit wins both my undying thanks and the “most accommodating yarn store in the world” award. We showed up (thanks to the streetcar debacle) just as they were closing, and every body there went out of their way to make us feel welcome anyway- even though I’m certain they were ready to go home at the end of their workday. I kept saying “thanks so much for doing this”, as they whipped out lattes and juice and cookies and cake and all they said was “We’re glad you guys came.” Customer service above and beyond the call of duty. By a lot. Gradually everyone rested up and set out for planes, trains and automobiles home…and Ken, Rachel H. and I did what Canadians do when their work is done and a long day is over.


Cheers yo. Hope everyone enjoyed our city!

160 thoughts on “Crawl to the end

  1. ooohhh, so jelous!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time (wierd bobble yarn aside- that stuff is seriously odd looking) on the yarn crawl. Yet another reason canada is awsome.

  2. You need to do a recreation of Launch Night so we can applaud and admire the stunning Rachel H.
    What are you knitting for her?

  3. Despite the fact that you can stomach the taste of beer, I still think you’re high on the spiff-meter. I’ll sit here in Podunk, AR (name changed to protect stupidity) and lament our lack of a single real yarn store. Thank God I go to Memphis every other week; thar be yarny goodness.
    Anyway, looks like hella fun. Love reading about it.

  4. Umm, I mean so you can take a picture of her wearing the Don’t Mess With Me outfit. You don’t have to do the whole event again. (Unless I can be present.)

  5. Dang! One of the first commenters. Wow! That looked like fun. Glad you all had a good time, but who is the Canadian drinking a Corona??? Is that legal?
    On a side note, I am currently mourning the demise of my iPod because, in a severely caffeine depleted state, I threw it in the washer this morning with my bed linens. Note to self: iPods & water don’t mix. Note to self #2: don’t do laundry before morning coffee. (I already sent a note to my buddies in the battery industry touting the benefits (no laundry explosion) of really well-sealed lithium-ion batteries.

  6. Great yarn crawl! I’m bemoaning the lack of yarn shops in my area. That would be so much fun. I did a double take, though, when I read what you had for lunch at Lettuce Knit. I thought you said “yarn burrito.” Given where you were, that would have been perfect, if a bit on the fibery side.

  7. wow! Sounds like that was a blast. Wishin I was rich enough not to have to work… and was free as a bird to hop a plane and make that yarn crawl. Ah well!
    Knit on!

  8. I can’t believe the number of yarn shops in Toronto now!! Maybe I just lacked imagination (or a good Yellow Pages) but I only remember Romni from my day. (5 or 6 years ago) I remember it fondly though and still visit the shop whenever I get back to Toronto. I’ll have to add the other shops for my next visit!
    Looks like a great time was had by all.

  9. Whooo hoooo!
    I recognize a Stella Artois when I see one (er, two)! The yarn crawl was obviously a success. The bit about the invisible, uncrossable line into the realm of knit is TOO FUNNY.
    You are not the only one who feels sort of scattery prior to trips. Nothing helps. Everything is NEVER accomplished, so just relax, take a deep breath. Maybe have a cup of coffee (or other calming agent of choice) and make a list. Try to prioritize it and maybe delegate to the girls. Or not. Feel guilty about that non-done stuff for, like, 5 minutes and then enjoy your trip.

  10. Have a great time at WEBS, Steph! You’ll be fine, just fine. Alas, I will have to miss it as I will be in Utah checking out yarn shops, alpacas, a granddaughter and a few bloggers (Margene, Susan, Anne). There is a fiber festival in Montana snuck in there, too, so I’m not too sad about missing WEBS!

  11. Oh, Toronto, I moved away a year ago and oh, how I miss you (my god, I took Romni for granted, as it was the first yarn store I ever visited). I’d like to point out for non-Torontonians, this isn’t even the full selection of Knitting stores the city has to offer. There are more. It’s insane.

  12. This was the “way goodest” day I have ever had in the company of knitters (and there have been a few!)
    I myself had some much needed vitamin R (red wine) when I got home.
    In case you were wondering, the Jitterbug has been cast on and the socks underway. The Romni silk/angora has been cast on and shawl underway. The green silk/merino is being spun up.
    Thanks for risking life and limb to get the class photos. The day totally rocked. Can’t wait for next year (although I’d better start saving now).

  13. Sounds like good times for the weekend! We are all giddy in anticipation for tomorrow, where I hope to break all driving times to get from work to Northampton (which considering rush hour traffic on 91…). Kathy is definitely all over it, based on the instructions I received for your visit by email (directions, donations, goodie bags, timecards for autograph session, $$ for cash bar, more $$ for WEBS stock) I am good to go!
    See you on Wednesday!

  14. I’m glad I’m not the only one who read “YARN burrito”.
    Sorry I missed this. I too had a similar reaction to the wall of sock yarn at Romni Wool. My husband was also so overwhelmed he had to photograph it.

  15. Do you know that when you’re reading fast, and the blog is about yarn stores, that “yam burrito” actually looks like “yarn burrito”? I was thinking you carried this to the extreme until I went back and re-read it. Thanks for the chuckle!

  16. Toronto really should put you on the payroll as some sort of official spokesperson. Your city is climbing the ranks of “where to go next”.

  17. My son (18 mos. today) looked up from nursing in my lap as I read this post, looked at the group of knitters, and said, “HIGHFIVE!”

  18. First of all, when you come to Portland in a couple of weeks, you don’t need to worry about the sturdiness of your bra or the state of your Birkenstocks. You’ll fit right in here! πŸ™‚
    Second, the yarn crawl looks like it was a marvelous time.
    Third, be it a yarn burrito or a yam burrito, it sounds good to me!

  19. That was the best, and most “on point” city tour ever!
    See ya tomorrow!

  20. So sorry I missed it – and right here in my backyard… Glad it was a blast! And WEBS will be awesome too. Good luck on the bra!

  21. That was the best, and most “on point” city tour ever!
    See ya tomorrow!

  22. Wow! Next time I’m in Toronto, I’ll have to have my own yarn crawl. I had no idea there were so many good places!

  23. yum. those Stella Artois’ look D-LISH! good luck at’ll be awesome AS USUAL. wish I were going.. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. next time

  24. Seriously jealous, to the point that I thought about making a joke about knitter hos, but never mind. I hope to see you tomorrow. I am not scary. Really. I am the least scary knitter on the planet, at least if you’re another knitter, which you are. My knitting groupers aren’t scary either. Not to worry: we love you, you will be brilliant, and afterward there will be drinking. (Won’t there?)

  25. This should become an annual event!!
    No comment on the bra, but Birkenstocks go EVERYWHERE!!

  26. I could barely drag my eyes off the ‘Great Wall of Sock Yarn’ to read the rest of this post, but I did. What a seriously wonderful day.

  27. I am agog at the wall of sock yarn. Maybe I should move someplace colder to better support my sock yarn habit.
    So glad you all had such a good time! And the number of knitters at the Toronto event–epic!

  28. I actually read that lunch as “yarn burrito” too.
    I am so glad I’m not the only one…
    Best of luck getting a new bra. (I bring migraine meds with me on shopping trips like that.) Or as they say in the theatre, break a….
    Ahem. Nevermind.

  29. Tee Hee, I’m glad I wasn’t alone in misreading “yarn burrito”! It looks like the yarn crawl was a great day. Have fun on the road, and knock ’em dead at WEBS!

  30. Thank looks like afantastic weekend activity. I think freaking out the muggles on the streetcar was the best part.
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Webs!

  31. Thank looks like afantastic weekend activity. I think freaking out the muggles on the streetcar was the best part.
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Webs!

  32. Ahh, nothing like a cold one after a long day.
    Looks like a fabulous day and I am sorry I missed out. Someday I will make it to Toronto for a yarn crawl. You would think it was an ocean away.

  33. That looks like an awesome crawl. I really like that bobble yarn, although I have no idea what I would do with it. Just look at it lovingly, probably. I’m glad it’s all over and you don’t have to be nervous anymore.

  34. Wow – this is a first for me. The very first time I have ever really wanted to go to T.O. (and I used to live in Ottawa so it wasn’t so far away). Yarn. If only the Tourist Bureau knew. (And I hear there’s a textile museum somewhere in or near the city.)
    Ummm… noted that you are all drinking *imported* beer at the end of the day.

  35. Hey! Braless and Birkenstocks will work just fine in Northampton as well!

  36. I needed a good chuckle and your blog provided just that. Glad that you all had a great time and I hope that you have fun at Webs!!!

  37. Sounds like a great time was had by all… (I love the description of the little kid being yanked away from all the crazy knitters…that’s hilarious…)

  38. I am so utterly jealous of all those wonderful yarn stores, and this despite the massive amount of yarn already in my home, and the yarn orders I’ve just placed at various stores and websites.
    Not to add to the stress – but half the pics aren’t showing up . . .

  39. Well, Alterknit wins my prize for best yarn shop name ever. Fantastic! Clever without being cutesy, and you Know what I mean!
    What a great day; I would have loved to be there. Glad you made time to blog about it, and thanks for the photos, too. I’ve been needing to know how many knitters you can get into a bus shelter. I think it’s one of the universe’s lesser-known great unanswered questions.
    Have fun at Webs!

  40. Just for those who might want to do their own yarn crawl.
    I called Americo to ask if they had any yarn in lighter weights than those shown in the photo. They told me they have every weight from chunky to laceweight.
    I shall go there on Friday – in search of LLAMA WOOL.

  41. I’ll be at BEA too and will do my best to catch you on Saturday. (Can I get to you *and* Pete Hamill in an hour? Only one way to find out…) Any chance you’ll be at the publisher’s booth some of the time too?
    There’s something unnerving about that bobble yarn, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  42. I read yarn burrito too!! Can’t wait to see you at WEBS. I have a gift for Joe (music from a new local band from the “Whaling City” not wailing). Will you be bringing the Bohus for us to go gaga over? Could we also gaze at the inside? See you soon.

  43. Me six (seven?) on the “yarn burrito” misread. Good for a double-take and a laugh!
    I’m excited about WEBS. Don’t worry — we’re friendly, and very aware and forgiving of human fallibility.

  44. Wow, I want to go and live with the great wall of sock yarn. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much in one place, and if that was only part of what was there, I think I could be very happy there! Perhaps I’ll be working a trip to Canada into my summer schedule.

  45. ROFLMAO on the knitter streetcar forcefield. (Canadians *staring*?! Openly? What hath thou wrought?) Looks like everyone had an absolute blast. I had almost as much fun giggling my way through reading about it. (And a lot less damage to my budget. [g])
    An aside, esp. to any other Portlanders who may know and can relieve Stephanie from having to track that info down (or worse, arrange it herself while going nuts on tour) – do we have a hat person set up yet or anything? Uh, no, I’m not volunteering, alas. I’d never get anything done. But I am pulling out yarn *for* some hats, and I’d like to know what to do with ’em when I get to Powell’s. πŸ˜‰

  46. I just made reservations on the Anacortes ferry to Sidney BC, and the yarn shop is holding a ticket for me. I look forward to seeing you in Victoria in about two weeks!
    My belly dance teacher says if you never roll your eyes or make a face, the audience will never know you screwed up. Just keep a friendly, confident smile on your face and they will think that you meant to do whatever it is that you did. Unless it involves tripping on your skirt and falling over, that one is pretty hard to disguise. Anyway, I don’t know if that applies to public speaking, but at least you won’t have a skirt to trip over.
    I also read “yarn burrito”. Guess you can tell what we’re all fixated on.

  47. I used to ride that streetcar to high school every day for 6 years (from Neville Park to University) and I can’t even tell you how thrilled I would have been to see a group like that on board! In retrospect, I can’t believe how many years I wasted just reading–and not knitting too–en route to school.

  48. Just looking at the photo of the wall of sock yarn took my breath away. Do Canadians normally go to the rear of the bus/trolley when the driver tells them to? Chicagoans don’t – it’s very annoying to have a bus pull up to your stop & the back is empty (except for those sitting) & you can’t get on because the folks at the front won’t move to the rear as requested by the driver (I guess they are afraid of missing their stops – hey folks there is a BACK door you can exit from).

  49. Stephanie,
    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.And since I don’t drink it gives me more money for needles and yarn and fiber and patterns and stuff…. You will be fine. We all love you.
    Take care.

  50. Oh, I really wish I could have joined in on the yarn crawl! I haven’t been to Alterknit or Americo, but I know the others well. I just knew my credit card couldn’t handle it. Looks like it was a great time!

  51. What’s unnerving about that “bobble” yarn is that the lumps look more like pods or coccoons than slubs or bobbles. They could hatch at any moment — and into what?
    And dagnabbit, I tried for two years straight to get them to put you on a book-conference panel, but they have to wait until I no longer sell books. Razzenfrabbit.

  52. Be seeing you tomorrow, Goddess willing and the creek don’t rise (my grandmother used to say something like that). I will be wearing my Birks (and if it would make you feel better would go bra-less, but I am not sure that would be best for either of us!).
    The yarn crawl must have been an absolute hoot – and all by public transportation – rock on! I don’t know which sounded like more fun the yarn or the food (I must be the only one who didn’t read “yarn” burrito – although I suppose you could have some spaghetti sticking out of it just for the effect).
    See you tomorrow – with the long promised audio tape (it will make sense when you see it).

  53. Glad you guys had fun! Keep a lookout for Fairmount Books Inc in the remainders aisle
    in New York. If you happen to be walking by, there will be a book I want signed! (I’ll be sending along the Debbie Stoller one too.) I would have been so excited if it was next year you guys were in the panel – I’m still not allowed to leave the country, but 8 days from now, the world’s my oyster!
    Have tons of fun!

  54. What Canadians do at the end of a day is drink Mexican beer? Well, I guess that’s just the thing, to wash down a yarn burrito.

  55. What a wonderful afternoon! I will be sure to follow in all of your footsteps when I am next n Toronto.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow… πŸ™‚

  56. What is with BEA and the no jeans, no sneakers thing? And a freaking bra, too? What next?! I may stay home after all. Have fun tomorrow – and yes, Kathy is competing with the city of New York, and I’d put my money on her if I were you.

  57. A WALL of sock yarn – honestly, does it get better than that.
    So sad I missed it – but sure we could show you and equally fabulous time in Edmonton (hint, hint).

  58. Hmm. I wonder how you could use knitter-generated force fields for good, in the pursuit of world peace? Enclose Dubya? πŸ˜‰
    Um, when a woman has one bra, there’s bound to be an occasional tragedy, bras being the unreliable creatures they are.

  59. Thanks Stephanie, for one awesome day! I had a blast on the yarn crawl and I’m organizing a more personal one next week………just me and my Visa!

  60. I say to start with the girls’ clothes…you are pretty much the same size as they are, right? Go shopping in their stuff! They must have a bra and a shirt that you can borrow.
    I am still breathless about the Wall O’Sock Yarn.

  61. Sigh! That looked like fun! Sadly I won’t be at WEBS tomorrow (sob!)-I was taken to the hospital this morning by ambulance (grumble. I’m gonna be fine just more steroid/diabetes related nonsense) and had maybe 2 minutes to throw stuff in a bag. In went my insulin and test kit, my sock knitting and the new IK, a quilting magazine tiny bit of roving. As they wheeled me out I remembered my cell phone (but not my keys). The last time I was in the hospital I taught two nurses to turn a heel and had the best care ever!
    WEBS will be great and I am really wishing I could go but I promised I wouldn’t drive tomorrow!!

  62. Did anyone require a tetnus vac after the little shelter-cramming tour de force? Very nicely done, and probably worth a few pricked bottoms… heh, heh. Cami

  63. Did anyone require a tetnus vac after the little shelter-cramming tour de force? Very nicely done, and probably worth a few pricked bottoms… heh, heh. Cami

  64. What a cool, fun yarn crawl. I love the idea of taking the tram across the city and the regular passengers being scared of knitters. Too funny!

  65. What fun! Toronto looks like such a fabulous city for knitters! That picture of the wall of sock yarn gave me an emotional reaction. lol!

  66. Ah yes, always a good idea to drink after trolley hopping and yarn crawling… although I would think the “crawling” oart would be easier on the knees if you knocked a few back first πŸ™‚

  67. I read “yarn burrito” too! *grin* Oh, braless and wearing birkenstocks? Sounds like me.

  68. I’m drooling as I read this. The best part about changing jobs when I did is that I got to attend one employer’s annual conference in Toronto and then go to the next employer’s annual conference in Toronto. I even got to stay at the same hotel on Queen Street. I so love Queen Street.
    If I could move anywhere in the world, Toronto is second only to San Francisco (because I still can’t believe I ever left).

  69. Please don’t fret about the WEBS thing- we’re all coming to see you because we want to, and this is a good thing. We promise to be nice.

  70. Oh All-Powerful Yarn Harlot Stephanie, can’t you pleeeeease change the weather in Toronto?? just up it a few degrees so that those of us who desperately and crazily need to jog year round can move there and go out without getting frostbitten? pretty please? It looks like SUCH a great place to live – and I live in New York! (of course, if the global warming continues…) Obviously, I’ll just have to get my partner to agree to a Canadian yarn crawl – I mean, vacation.

  71. Stephanie – if the bra and shoes are for Northampton you can forget it! Five College area – Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Amherst College, Hampshire (Hampster) & U Mass – no bras and shoes needed. If you need them for New York… ever hear of the Village? Don’t need ’em there either – just go and be comfy πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait until tomorrow – I’m driving myself and will be worried walking back to the car in the dark but you will be SO worth it. Besides, there probably will be tons of other knitters around!

  72. I was all set to invade Toronto single-handed – and then your strange national airline decided (single-wingedly?) that it wouldn’t run any more flights between Ireland and Toronto until midsummer. Why? Are they trying to stop me invading? Does Toronto fear for its yarn supplies?
    Don’t relax though. I’m looking for a weak moment when Air Canada is distracted… Do not, most of all, feel safe. The Irish are coming…

  73. Razzenfrabbit… yo Rams what is a razzenfrabbit and can you spin it?

  74. Razzenfrabbit… yo Rams what is a razzenfrabbit and can you spin it?

  75. I definitely had a blast! It was great way to see more of the city than I would on my own. Not to mention it was fun to scare a few muggles along the way!

  76. Oh my shattered nerves !!1 That wall of sock yarn blew my mind. I really don’t think I better go there with or without a credit card . Me thinks I’d be on the floor from over exposure to colours and yarn fumes . What a great time you all had I’m GLAD for you all. GOOD memories and stories for when you get old. Thanks for the pictures and details , I almost felt like I was there.

  77. Wow, Toronto’s yarn shops look amazing. I knew Canada was the nicest place to live on Earth, but that has made me even more desperate to get back there!
    Are you coming to England on your tour? I’m hoping that that’s in your ‘more to come’ list!

  78. To all who are asking, we are drinking foreign beer because we stopped at the first place we saw that served alcohol, and it happened to be a Latin restaurant.
    And it was good. Very, very good.

  79. Yay! Again, terribly jealous. However, I’m so psyched that you provided us non-Torontonians (?) w/ a yarn crawl possibility, should we end up in the city and want to do it. Fun, fun, fun. Seriously, I’m gonna have to make it to Toronto just to check this stuff out. It sounds like you have a really fun/great city. πŸ™‚

  80. Stephanie, we truly enjoyed your city and you and the yarn shops, the neighborhoods, the food, the company, and the bus shelter!!! Totally worth going without much sleep for three nights to pull it off.
    I posted sixteen photos of my own, of Saturday’s delightful happenings:
    This one is dated May 29.

  81. I read it as yarn burrito too. Hee. And my heart did a little skip when I saw the wall o’sock yarn.
    Hey I sent you that box of goodies I’ve been promising you. Did it make it through customs/Canada Post to you yet?

  82. Golly, it is scary when I recognise bloggers even though they are not mentioned in the blogpost! Erin (Skein Street) and LynnH (ColorJoy) are two reallllly obvious ones!
    At least I know where to go when we hopefully do To at Christmas.

  83. I’m reading along and read “yarn burrito”……humm, sounds good, kinda stringy perhaps.
    Sadly we have no yarn store near. A small quilt shop with a few spendy skeins otherwise it’s a trek to get my yarn fix (the husband has actually said to me that I should open up a shop….yea right, we have 4 kids, 3 at home, like I have time for anything like that!) Thanks for sharing your fair city. Someday I hope to visit in person.

  84. Denny my sweet, if it’s got two ends I can spin it. It may go kicking and screaming, but it will be the softest little razzenfrabbit you ever knit. (I draw the line at Sarah’s suggestion, though.)

  85. You mean when no one sits next to me on the bus even though the bus is crowded, it’s because I’m knitting? *I* look scary? Hmm…

  86. Gaaah! Now I really want to visit Toronto. I’d have to fuel up the car at least one time to see that many yarn shops in one day!! Looks like a great time. BTW–the baby sweater is all sweetness and light. VERY pretty. Does it have an intended recipient? Do they know it’s coming?

  87. Hey, I was wondering when you would get around to coming out to Missouri. The knitters out here are frothing at the bit to hear some talk about socks! (and of course have you sign our books) Are there any tour dates scheduled for the kc/missouri/kansas area?

  88. Did you know Birkenstock makes “real” shoes – oxfords and stuff like that. Look for Footpaths – that’s the brand name they market them under. The yarn crawl looks like a blast.

  89. Woohoo! Wish I was there- I came to Toronto in April and visited my cousin- we did our own party of 2 yarn tour at the same places. Please please please come to Australia!

  90. Wow, I seriously did not know about alterknit or Romni Wool…looks like I have a road trip in my future!
    Glad you all had such a great time and that photo of Joy basking in the glow of the wall o’ sock yarn is killer. She’s too funny!
    Wish I could have joined you all for it. Looks like it was a blast. Have a safe trip! You’ll do awesome! πŸ™‚

  91. What a fabulous weekend!!!! Thanks for the commentary and all the pics. I especially enjoyed the You tube video of the applause as you entered the store. I got to applaud too. One of these days you will come back to central NY, I am sure, and then I can applaud in person. Meanwhile, I know that Northampton is not that different from Ithaca, where we have traded in our birks for Crocs in all kinds of colors. Not only are they super comfy they are one third the price of birks. Try em, you’ll like em. Namaste

  92. Was glad I made it out to Indigo on Friday, and glad I could show my mom finally, that I wasn’t going ‘crazy’ with the knitting ‘thing’. Too bad I was driving back to Montreal on Saturday and missed the yarn crawl, BUT, and this is a big thank-you-so-much but, you did give me a great yarn crawl route for the next time I’m back in Tdot!

  93. envy, envy. When I lived in Toronto (68-70), I didn’t knit. When I was last there (May 2006), I didn’t know where the yarn shops were, and I’d lost my knack for streetcars etc. What was I thinking, not to see Lettuce Knit, at least? No longer a starving grad student, I could’ve taken a cab. At least there are two here (Iowa City) and one new one in the Chicago ‘burb where my mom lives.

  94. Safe travels!
    Thank you for the Guld bits. I am saving them as my respite from packing and moving (mid-June and then I am done – well, except for the unpacking, eh?)

  95. I haven’t read the comments, so I don’t know if anyone else experienced this, but when I read that you had a “yam burrito” it looked like “yarn burrito.” Perhaps I’m having a reaction to doing too many report cards. Okay, I feel better–I just checked the comments and I’m not the only one. Maybe someone could actually make a knitted burrito. I’ve seen knitted cupcakes, burgers…I think I’ll just get back to those report cards now.

  96. I haven’t read the comments, so I don’t know if anyone else experienced this, but when I read that you had a “yam burrito” it looked like “yarn burrito.” Perhaps I’m having a reaction to doing too many report cards. Okay, I feel better–I just checked the comments and I’m not the only one. Maybe someone could actually make a knitted burrito. I’ve seen knitted cupcakes, burgers…I think I’ll just get back to those report cards now.

  97. I was so jealous of the Toronto yarn crawl – here in northwest Alabama, we lost our precious Sheepy Yarn Shoppe last summer. Nearest shop is 1 1/2 hours away. Count your blessings!
    Your socks are a constant inspiration. Though I did mis-read some directions and spent the whole weekend stupidly ripping out and putting the toe back into one blooming sock!

  98. Just one question: did you count the baby as one person in the bus shelter? πŸ™‚
    I’ll see you tomorrow in Northampton! I am on hat # 11 right now…we’ll see how many I’ll get done by then. I am afraid I opened my mouth too big when I said I’ll bring 20.
    Hope you’ll forgive me and let me in anyway.

  99. That wall of sock yarn! Had I been in front of it, I might have had to ask someone to pinch me.
    Caroline, the SockPixie

  100. Stephanie Pearl-McWhatever:
    You must stop this. Right now. This “Oh, I’m such a wee goofy thing!” This “What if I arse up and nobody likes me?” I have seen you on Knitty Gritty. You are a fabulous, self-possessed genius of a girl, firm of voice and high of intellect. We worshippers from afar feel like dolts when we first hear you, because your writing is so convincing, so “I’m not worthy.” Then we see and hear you, and we think “How could we have believed her, when we know who she is and what she does and what she DOES???”
    So, enough now. Even Sally Field has forgotten that Oscar presentation. No more Melinda Doolittle “Who, ME? You like MEEEE???” from you.
    We do. For good and valid reasons.
    A really big fan

  101. Sweetie, that yarn does not have bobbles, it quite truly has balls! I just snorted iced tea out my nose at thought of actually knitting with that. But oooh that glimpse of Romni….

  102. that wall of sock yarn had me at hello. glad fun times were had and now i’m trying to figure out how to get to toronto. i haven’t read all the comments but i swore that read 3x that you had a yarn burrito… i think i need to go buy more yarn. πŸ™‚

  103. Looks like a terrific time..I’ve been to Toronto a few times..but prior to my knitting days..How I’d love to return and ‘feel the fiber’..

  104. Honestly, I thought there would be more people coming out for the crawl, but any more would have been unwieldy. And we never would have gotten on a streetcar then!
    Thank you, Stephanie and Rachel, for taking us under your wings, and thanks to the yarn shop owners and staff who enabled our habits.
    You guys rock!

  105. Thank You so much for hosting the Yarn Crawl. It was so worth the drive from MI. I couldn’t have found a better way to spend the weekend & get introduced to Toronto to boot. (Warnings to those of you who maybe considering ever going Yarn Shopping with Stephanie, she’s a very sly enabler… stashes beware, the proof is on my blog!)

  106. I’m a daily lurker, coming out of the shadows. I’m planning to come to Copperfields in Petaluma, Calif next week. I live about 3 1/2 hrs north. Can’t wait. I mentioned that I was going to meet the Yarn Harlot and the Sock to some muggles. “What’s a Yarn Harlot?” Ah muggles, so clueless. Try not to be nervous, we’re very laid back in Cali.

  107. Reader for a while, never commented, but I have a question. I live in the Seattle area, what would be the best place to mail a hat for the tour? Are you stopping in Seattle or nearby?

  108. Did a double and triple take on your eating the “yarn” burrito at the Market! You will have to report back on whether you got the bra or hauled the kids’ summer clothes out of storage.

  109. Wow. Lots of good photos, almost as good as being there…
    No, I’m sure it’s nothing like being there. Damn.

  110. this looks AWESOME!
    this is one of my most favorite posts ever! and although i can admit my jealousy, it is significantly decreased by the vicarious living. πŸ™‚
    oh, to be on the streetcar! oh to cross the line! oh! πŸ™‚ the description? priceless.

  111. Gott Im Himmel!!! That wall o’ sock yarn gave me palpatations. Looking forward to seeing you in Petaluma! Are you going to Pet a Llama in Petaluma?

  112. Truly one of the best days ever. I scarcely remember ever being so tired and yet so satisfied at the end of the day (well, except maybe- um- nevermind…)
    In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I think we could’ve fit another 10 knitters in the bus shelter, at least. We ran out of knitters before we ran out of space. You know what that means: Next time- more knitters!!
    and hey, I was there, and I still read it as “yarn burrito”.
    Thank you Steph, and Rachel, and all the lovely stores. What a blast!

  113. Loved the pictures of Lynn H. and Rae B. from good ole Lansing, Michigan. Loved the yarn shops-wish I could’ve been there.
    Imported Beer???????????? Come on, Have a little Canadian spirit-Molsons maybe????

  114. Loved the pictures of Lynn H. and Rae B. from good ole Lansing, Michigan. Loved the yarn shops-wish I could’ve been there.
    Imported Beer???????????? Come on, Have a little Canadian spirit-Molsons maybe????

  115. Loved the pictures of Lynn H. and Rae B. from good ole Lansing, Michigan. Loved the yarn shops-wish I could’ve been there.
    Imported Beer???????????? Come on, Have a little Canadian spirit-Molsons maybe????

  116. It would be really great to see someone with the large readership you have participating in spreading the “buzz” for the first-ever attempt to use social media to raise funds for charity. I know you’re in Canada and the proposals are all from U.S. schools, but kids are kids, right? And there have been a lot of international participants.
    Please consider making a post to support the event–donations are being accepted through Friday:

  117. Can I just tell everyone how much fun I had in TO?
    I was a little off at first; I wasn’t sure what I was going to make of Canada, or of all these strange people I had never met before…and I ended up having the time of my life!
    I was only in town for 2 days, and it ended up being 2 of the best days in recent memory (with the exception that I got lost trying to make it back to the Greyhound depot…).
    I didn’t even purchase a lot of yarn!
    I just want to thank all of my new friends; it was well worth the 24 hour round-trip bus ride. I hope to see all of you soon (read: I am already planning my next trip up there, only this time it will be for a longer stay!)

  118. Hey Stephanie and Rachel,
    I had an awesome time. Thanks again for working on the weekend, especially Rachel! Loved meeting all these new knitters, I’ve never really done knitting as a social activity, unless you count our desperate crashes of the local Chapters…where the reaction is much the same as we had that weekend!

  119. Hey Stephanie and Rachel,
    I had an awesome time. Thanks again for working on the weekend, especially Rachel! Loved meeting all these new knitters, I’ve never really done knitting as a social activity, unless you count our desperate crashes of the local Chapters…where the reaction is much the same as we had that weekend!
    Oh, and my socks? They’ve come along nicely since disembarking the TTC!

  120. I read “yarn burrito” too. Glad I’m not the only one. I was questioning your sanity for a moment. Then I questioned my own when my next thought was, “hmmm… I could knit that.”

  121. Oh my God!
    I would burst into tears of joy if I had just one of those shops here in Munich. It’s a big City but no decent yarn store …

  122. What’s this about Birks – I never wear anything else unless there’s over four inches of snow [this is Michigan of course]. Sad I missed the crawl, but I’m saving this blog for the next time I’m in To – the blazes with the family. By the way – a spinning book has to be high on your list – after all it’s much funnier when you mess it up anyway, and isn’t that why it’s called a drop spindle!

  123. I had such a spectacular time! You and Rachel put on one heck of an event! Thank you sooo much!
    I was among the Romni virgins and you were right, there really is no sense in taking a small basket if I was just going to try to balance the considerable overflow in my arms. teee heee
    And Alterknits was probably my big splurge place with that wonderful green baby merino yarn…I bought them out of the colour and felt a strange and addictive sense of victory in doing so! (wha hah ha)
    You rock! Can’t wait to play again. I guess the TTC Knit-Along is next up for us in Toronto.

  124. I was on that westbound Queen streetcar! It was totally crowded when my husband and I got on somewhere around Bay Street. (We had huge backpacks on, as we had just arrived from New York for a week-long visit to Toronto.) We eventually moved near the back of the streetcar, and then my husband noticed all of you knitters. I was trying to fight my way back to say “Hey, I’m a knitter too!” when you unloaded. If I hadn’t been burdened by my huge pack, I would have hopped off and joined your group. Looks like it was a tonne of fun!

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