We will not be dicussing

That tomorrow is the Canadian Launch. We will be avoiding that topic very seriously (unless you really need to know something I haven’t told you, in which case just let me know) and showing you very interesting and exciting things instead so that we don’t talk about the very nerve wracking Launch.

Thing the first:


Megan’s new haircut. It’s all “my mother approves” from the front…


and “I’m a rebel who can still sort of get a summer job as long as I don’t put my hair in a pony-tail” in the back.

Thing the second.


Keyboard Biologist graces our Knit Night all the way from Chicago. She is very nice. She held the sock. She went with me to The Big Fat Burrito. (Only Torontonians will know how good that is.) She has a very beautiful baby bump.


There is definitely someone very good in there. (The bump made her fit right in, since practically our whole Knit Night has had the nerve to get knocked up all at once.)

Exciting thing the third.


Swatchy was at the Knit Night. Noricum brought her/him/it, and I have to admit, I find her a better conversationalist than Swatchy, who’s approach is…minimalist. I think it is so charming that Noricum is modelling a hat with all her dpns still in the top.

Exciting thing the fourth:


This tulip baby sweater from Dream in Color. I love it. I wouldn’t ever have made it, since it calls for eight colours of the yarn and even I cannot justify $160 for a baby sweater, no matter how I try, but Megan kitted it with little wee balls,


and last night I fell down hard and swiped my credit card on the way to the ground. Enchanting, enchanting…enchanting. I’m going to see how much of it I can knit while I am not discussing the launch. Very busy.

(PS. If anybody who was not obsessing about a little rainbow sweater and not the launch wanted to go down to the Indigo tonight and see, very sort of secret spy like, how many people come for Justin and Colin…we could not discuss that too.)

125 thoughts on “We will not be dicussing

  1. I hate to point out yet another typo, but is it really “never wracking” or perhaps “nerve” wracking. You’re not nervous, are you?
    I saw that little jacket, too. So cute!

  2. Mine’s got a Mohawk. Real one, not a fauxhawk. Repeat The Mother’s Mantra after me:
    “Hair grows. Hair grows. Hairy Rama…I mean, Hair grows….”

  3. Pretty rainbow! Don’t you wish that when they published those patterns they would tell you how many yards/meters/grams of each skein they used, instead of calling for one skein of each? Yeah, I know it’s sold by the skein. But how much of it do I really need?
    Yeah, I’m pretty never wracked over here, too.

  4. OOOOOOO – that baby sweater is almsot irresistable but even I, doting grandma that I ma, cannaot justify spending that much on a baby sweater (DD would never let baby M wear it if she figured out how much the yarn cost). BUT I have promised to knit a shrug for DD for her best friend’s wedding (baby M will not let her have much knitting time) & that one on their home page may be exactly what she wants. How creative of Megan – I see a future in ploitics for her!!!

  5. That is the most adorable baby sweater I have ever seen (OK maybe most baby sweaters are looking irresistibly adorable right now, since I am trying very hard not to want another baby). Perhaps I will have to swing by Lettuce Knit tomorrow before the Launch (oops, sorry) and pick one up for my cousin who is having a baby.

  6. Wish I could be there. My DD had green stripes in her hair when she was 16. Hair grows.

  7. Very clever (and cute) on the stealth haircut. In my day, not cutting your hair was the rebellion. That makes it so much harder to be clever, or even stylish.
    I’m going to have to try more Dream in Color. The socks I made were so soft once washed. It should be good for babywear. And good for things that go near the face.
    The rainbow thing is already too cute without even being obviously pint-sized clothing.

  8. Girls are still doing that hair style, huh? That was all the rage 10 years ago when I was in high school. If that is the worst thing she ever does, congratulations.
    “last night I fell down hard and swiped my credit card on the way to the ground”. I hate when that happens. Lose ability to pay rent that way.

  9. And I will not mention how much neither I nor the Sock cannot wait for tomorrow night!
    btw… that sweater is way way too cute… that’s some lucky baby…

  10. It’s a little worrying to me how much I want a haircut like Meg’s right now.

  11. I feel down hard yesterday too. To the tune of 90.00. Ugh! painful. I’m going to learn the magic loop. I now own a pair of Addi Turbos! I always think of that sound effect Brenda Dayne makes “Psssschooop” after she says “Addi Tubos”. Funny!

  12. I had the same hair cut in high school…without the HEY on the back…oh, she’s a rebel alright;)

  13. Did you ever hear the Allan Sherman song “The Rebel”?
    All of those things are very wonderful. Bumps do seem to be busting out all over, don’t they? Thank goodness I… maybe I’d better not say that for another few years, just to be safe.

  14. I will be there, but my face is a tain wreck. But I have “pain pills”.
    Can I make a request, do you “do” requests? Hi Rachel H., don’t phone me sweety, it hurts to talk. p.s. I have “pain pills”

  15. I will be there, but my face is a tain wreck. But I have “pain pills”.
    Can I make a request, do you “do” requests? Hi Rachel H., don’t phone me sweety, it hurts to talk. p.s. I have “pain pills”

  16. a very female question
    what are you going to wear?
    have a good one and one for the road
    when its just you and me and a storey
    to be told we all will be awaitig

  17. I am sooo close to being able to come it hurts. I live in Sudbury, and I’m thinking leaving the 4 kids with hubbo for one day is do-able…I’m just not so sure he will see it the same way I do. I am frequently embarrassing the muggle-hubs with my socks in public, and I think he might be able to relate to the need for me to be able to do this unconditionally for a whole day, I’m just not so sure he could see why I should leave the family mommy free for a whole day, We shall see…..I have a plan!

  18. Maybe when Megan does go out with a ponytail lots of silly boys will follow her around saying “hey what?” “hey what?” and she’ll see why it may not have been such a cool idea.

  19. I love someone who takes the ‘we will not be discussing’ tack on things… it makes me feel like I’m sane… (Megan’s hair cut is exceptionally cool…and, trust me, she will sooooo be in demand for a summer job.)

  20. I just realized that Megan is actually a very smart girl. Not being able to wear a ponytail keeps her out of the ickiest of the summer job genre – fast food. She’s thinking, that one.

  21. Oh man. All the cool girls at school had that haircut in middle school/early high school (early 90s for me). Luckily for my mother, my hair is way to baby fine for me to have ever attempted that. Good luck on ‘that which may not be mentioned’ (I have a sudden urge to read Harry Potter now)- you were great in Chicago!

  22. I’m only 4 hrs from Toronto, making me crazy that I can’t be there, sweater incredibly cute, knit night looked like it was too much fun. Enjoy tommorrow night for all of us that can’t be there. Chris

  23. That rainbow sweater is too cute for words! $160 indeed, but you’ll have lots of leftovers to make other rainbow-y things, right? Thanks for the introduction to the Dream in Color folks–I downloaded the free hat pattern from their web site and I’m making it to donate to charity in honor of your upcoming tour stop in Petaluma. Re thing the first: if Megan has trouble getting a summer job, send her to San Francisco–I know plenty of tattoo/piercing establishments that would love to hire her (but only if she wears her hair in a pony tail). Oh, that’s not comforting? Sorry. I’ll shut up now. (But I think she’s adorable.)
    P.S.: Rams-a Rams-a, Rama Rama. (I have a sudden urge to go to the airport . . .)

  24. Love the look Noricum!! I’m all for using my knit items when it’s still cool enough to not resemble a strawberry (red with lots of little bumps). Also, good luck. But I didn’t say that. Not talking about it and all.

  25. I love Megan’s haircut, both the front and the back. You can tell she’s an urban hipster (I mean that in a good way!). Oh, and have a relaxing weekend (wink, wink). It is Memorial Day weekend here. For fun I’m painting my closet (including the 3 horizontal built in shelves… top & bottom… more work). At least it won’t be gold and mint green when I’m done %~}

  26. Cute sweater. Nice to see that the sock is still getting out and around.
    Stop worrying! You are going to be great as always.
    Just two more weeks till you are here in Petaluma and I am skipping an all important volleyball game to make it.
    Did you actually manage to spin the roving you teased us with on Tuesday?

  27. Thinking of you skulking around Indigo tonight has me humming away: Doot doot doot, doo-doo…doot doot doot, doo-doo…doodle-oo! Doodle-oo! Doo-doot!
    And I loooove the saturation of color in that baby rainbow sweater. Looks so yummy!

  28. I got “knitting with balls” for my birthday this year; perhaps next in the series is :”knitting with wee little balls”: the scottish edition?
    I so love those colors. maybe if we all bought in together and divied it up (need a scale and ball winder there) the price would be right? Sigh.

  29. What a nice idea for a baby sweater—not all pastel and “infanty”. Of course you fell down while holding your credit card. We belive you. Honest!
    Is “the thing that cannot be mentioned” the reason for no spinning on Tuesday? Or was it spring bike-riding fever? Or are you building the suspense before WOWing us with another magic, fantastic bit of yarn? Do tell all!

  30. My sweetie made the horrible mistake of changing television providers on the SAME day that your Knitty gritty episode was aired. Thus, my DVR did not record said episode.
    I have let her make it up to me by flying me from Phoenix AZ to Portland OR for your book signing on June 8th. Woo hoo.
    It was great to meet you at SOAR last year, I will wear the socks you allowed me to take a picture of you with – they came out wonderful – all red and pink curves!
    Hope tomorrow is smooth….

  31. Since you are a very cool mother and she knows it (She let you post her picture here), but she still has to push the envelope (its a teen thing), she compromised. And a very good one too.
    Obviously living and growing up amongst a stash works.

  32. Megan’s absolutely adorable. My 19-year-old son thought so too (he had to glance over to see why I was guffawing.)

  33. Heading West tomorrow morning for The Event Which Cannot Be Named and thought I would bring St. Viatur bagels and cheese curds as an offering for the Knitting Goddesses (of course high priestesses of the Knitting Temple may wish to sample these to make sure they are fit for the Goddesses–any suggestions as to type of bagel or is an assortment the best way to go?? Let me know of any special requests…)
    Can’t wait till…well, can’t wait! Cheers!

  34. Does Megan realize that’s gonna itch?
    Have a good whatever-you’re-not-writing-about-today.

  35. At least Megan has a natural color! My boys went through blue, green, orange, and fire red. The hardest though was when the youngest did bright orange just before Christmas pictures. That was the year that they wore Santa hats! Never underestimate the wrath of the mother!

  36. One time when she was, I think, 17? Morwynne shaved her head. Except for a little tuft in the front center, which sounds odder than it looked. People kept asking me why I “let” her do that. One, it’s hair, it’ll grow. Two, what “let”? She went into the bathroom and emerged with shaved head. (Of course, she know I wouldn’t freak about it). Best thing? She later said, “Okay, I’ve done that now and I don’t need to do it again.”
    Beautiful baby sweater, I can see why it made you fall down.

  37. Spying is so much fun. I wish I could help. Although, my spying generally ends in me knocking something over and trying to pretend that I wasn’t hiding behind a stack of books spying.

  38. Megan is SO CUTE!!!! When I was 14 or 15, I decided I wanted to be blonde, which was a bad idea for far too many reasons to list here. Since i was a stupid kid, i didn’t know that I (a brunette) had to strip my hair before coloring it blonde. the result was that my hair turned carrot orange (or, as i preferred to think of it, johnny rotten red). It was beyond hideous, but I was thrilled. My mother’s reaction? “Don’t tell anyone you’re my daughter.” It still cracks me up.
    Break a leg tomorrow. It’ll be brilliant.

  39. You knit fast there, woman! I have just barely touched back down in Chicago and find you have half that little sweater already finished. Clearly I shall have to get cracking!
    ’twas most awesome to see you and get to share in the burrito experience — that was a burrito worth traveling back to Toronto for, I think.
    Good luck with that which will not be mentioned. I suspect that Rachel will make sure that you have the proper beverages to help make the process go better!

  40. That’s a very “teenager” haircut (typo:’haircute’ was somewhat fitting!) if ever there was one! I kinda like it πŸ™‚ That baby sweater is too adorable as well, but quite a steep price to pay for mentally avoiding the thing-we-are-not-mentioning-but-I’m-sure-will-be-great-and-I-can’t-wait-to-go -to-it-tomorrow!

  41. Hey, at least Megan’s hair is still the original color. I can still hear this voice saying to me — “your hair is /what/ color?”

  42. While of all the short words “Hey” is not the first I would have considered shaving into my head, I bet that’s going to be an awesomely cool (like air conditioning) haircut for the summer months.
    You’ll definitely be jealous the first time you go bike riding on an 80 degree (F) day, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

  43. Thank you commenter Barbara! I did not know Ms. Pearl-McPhee would be in my hometown, but now I do! Hopefully muggle husband won’t mind dropping by a knitting party on his birthday. . .

  44. Hmm. I am getting a haircut tonight.. I hope if I get out of here in time!
    And again with the pro’s.. moving into the center of such a gaggle of awsome knitters is sounding niiice!

  45. Dude, Megan ROCKS! I had the same haircut my freshman year in college. Went from bra strap length hair (had been trying to go waist long but got bored) to THAT (except mine was all ultra curly and I had a thin long “tail” (ala ‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry video) on the right side. Tee hee.

  46. Oh, if I were there you could count on me, I would SO go sneaking and peeking in the windows to take a gander at the crowd for Justin and Colin!
    Love the baby sweater and Megan’s hair!
    I think all baby bumps are beautiful.

  47. LOVE Megan’s haircut. And I totally wish I could be there at the thing we’re not talking about. I’m sure it will be wonderful.

  48. Hi Stephanie Good Luck or Break a leg or knit 1 purl 2 or the appropriate may it go well. Really looking forward to it and getting DINNER out…too so that’s a big plus for me. See you tomorrow night.
    You rock and you’ll be great. My muggles will be attending with me. He wants to see the gal who I talk about all the time. He thinks you funny too.

  49. Yeah–that falling down with credit card thing happens all the time to me; I feel your pain.
    My oldest son (who was 10) got a mohawk as school finished one year–just in time to visit his grandparents he sees once every year. They bit their tongues hard; it grew out; and now I wish he would mohawk his hair, because what passes for stylish at school is just too scary! Megan’s hair looks great!
    Enjoy ALL your weekend!

  50. Regarding the launch, I think you are just a worry wart.vbg. I am sorry I can’t justify flying in from Vancouver to cheer, clap and laugh.

  51. Ha, thats funny! i got the same haircut a few weeks ago. I never thought to get a word shaved into it though! On the upside…its grown incredibly fast, its already about 2 1/2 inches long underneath. It was my hairdressers answer to unruly, thick curly hair.
    And not that we’re talking about it or anything…but see you all tomorrow!

  52. However many people Colin and Justin get, you can be sure 90% of them won’t be brandishing pointy sticks, so I think we’ll win by default.
    See you tomorrow!

  53. Please don’t anyune go to see Justin and Colin ! You’d only massage their already overly inflated egos. A more obnoxious pair of self congratulatory twerps you’d be hard pressed to meet !
    Oops ! Sorry. That just slipped out ! I think people watch them on t.v. because they are so awful.
    You’ll definately eclipse then. Mainly because you are utterly charming and talented. The home crowd will, I think, make you feel right at home. No need to worry.
    The baby rainbow is, indeed, charming.

  54. There are many many worse things Meg could be doing…and I bet that is why you are taking this totally in stride and joking about it on the blog πŸ˜‰ And that shaved bit will fill in REALLY fast.
    So the 40% of the grade essays are all done? We have a science project video hanging over our heads around here. And a chinese reproduction kite…

  55. You are pure evil with the showing off of the Dream In Colo(u)r baby sweater, and the link… now I want one. I may “settle” for the shrug.

  56. The launch is going to be AWESOME. totally awesome! After all, what could be better than a bunch of Canadian knitters all together talking about knitting?
    ((I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight!))

  57. Oh, yes. My daughter is ten (and a half, as she likes to fill in on most occasions) going on fifteen (as I fill in on most occasions) and I must say that “hey” would be a very acceptable choice of word to be shaved into the back of her skull. I am sure once she is old enough to choose her own haircut, she will come up with others.
    Love the yarn. Hate when those credit cards slip like that.

  58. Mine is wearing 3XL shirts on his skinny little white boy frame. Ah well. To each their own. The baby sweater is a beauty. I would knit it and not give it to the baby.

  59. Jeez! I was sitting two seats away from the Keyboard Biologist and didn’t realize it!?!?! Swatchy is so disappointed that he didn’t get his photo with her.

  60. You know, I used to have a similar haircut at that age, now I have a similar belly bump. Go figure. If you need any more nondiscussion, we’re here for you.

  61. My sister Sarah and I will be there tomorrow night. My husband will also be in the bookstore but possible not at the launch.
    Look forward to seeing you.

  62. Let’s see. You’re not discussing That Thing tomorrow. I’m not talking about my son’s stitches that got COMPLETELY REDONE this afternoon.
    Shall we both toast Rachel H and drink heavily?

  63. I saw that Dream in Color cardigan on another friend’s blog a couple weeks ago and called the store she bought it from and ordered it last week! I can’t wait for it to get here, it’s stunning!

  64. Love Megan’s haircut. She’s a pretty cool kid.
    My motto is choose your battles. Maren asked me if she could dye her hair pink and I told her SURE! She hasn’t done it yet. I think she was too shocked I said yes. Hair grows, I’ll save my energy for the big stuff.
    Good luck with that “thing” we’re not discussing. You’ll rock as usual. Can’t wait to see you in Petaluma! WOOHOOO!

  65. I like Megan’s haircut – especially the ‘rebel’ aspect underneath! You’ve done a great job raising them, I believe, when they can find a way to exhibit a little independence while still appearing to fall in line with society’s expectations. The rainbow sweater is adorable! You probably have enough yarn to knit more than just one baby sweater with 8 skeins. So the baby sweater is probably a lot less than $160 if you use the remaining yarn for something else, true?

  66. I could live with that act of rebellion if one of my daughters chose πŸ™‚
    Gorgeous baby sweater, drooling over here..

  67. As a mother of a four year old daughter beating cancer… “Bad hair is better than no hair”!

  68. I think you need some good old-fashioned therapy. Or, to more or less quote Nanny Ogg: “Have a beer. Have another beer. How about another beer?”
    As to not-spying tonight on whoever these Justin-and-Colin yoiks are (truthfully, I have no clue), someone should be able to literally not-spy quite easily. I mean, all they’d have to do would be to go book shopping, and browse happily while being totally oblivious to the fact that two random guys are nattering on about something-or-other in the background. Simple, right? Just make sure to do it in plain sight of them, if it’s possible in there. Then report back. Mission accomplished, with the best kind of undercover technique; out in plain sight!

  69. Good luck at the launch. I’m sure it will be fantastic fun.
    …meanwhile, I dyed my hair every color of the rainbow in high school, and I still made it into college and have held many many jobs.

  70. Ooh, pretty baby sweater. Is $160 what it would cost to do it if you had to buy a skein of each, or is that what it cost after it was kitted? I’m rather hoping the former, and the little balls makes it cheaper… Who kitted it, and where can I find out more about it? Please?

  71. Not to worry, ms. harlot – at least it’s not a flaming skull tattoo combined with electric blue mohawk, which was my son at 19 or so. It’s right up there with the phone call from said child that began, “Uh, Mom… (long silence) you remember your car?” I’d take “Hey” on the skull any day.
    Of course, he’s now a grown drummer and electrician – he and Joe would probably be pals!
    Oh, and merde on the thing we aren’t discussing tonight. See you in Petaluma!

  72. I’m not a knitter (yet). Found you ages ago from Franklin’s site. Don’t remember how I found his. But both of you write so well and make me laugh that even a non-knitter like myself must come regularly to check out the latest happenings in the World of Knit. I de-lurk tonight to say “kick butt” at your Launch, and I had the same *exact* haircut as Megan once upon a time. I also had hearts, smilie faces, flowers, a batman symbol… LOL!

  73. Poop! I wish I could be there to join all you, especially for the pub and yarn crawl. πŸ™
    Though I’m looking forward to the last weekend in September for the Rossland, BC spinning workshop with Fibre Goddess, Judith McKenzie-McCuin. I went last year and it was a fabulous time. A vegetarian lunch to die for, amazing scenery and fabulous new friends. It’s spinning with exotic fibres this year. Wish you could be there too.

  74. Lots of things shan’t be discussed but it’ll be great. How could it not? I just wish I could justify the trip to Toronto, those extra few hours just made it impossible. I will be in the same country offering you all the good vibes I can.
    The eternal question is, did I pack enough knitting for 4 days? [Sock, sock #2, charity blanket, blanket #2, string bag stuff * 2, commissioned hat] Hmmm.. πŸ˜‰

  75. Any employer worth his/her salt will take one look at your child, talk to her for 5 minutes and hire her on the spot. Ponytail, notwithstanding.

  76. Don’t worry too much about the hair, I used to have a very similar style once a looong time ago, and I turned out fine! Good luck today, wish I was there.

  77. Hi! Looks like such a lovely Knit Night. The name “Lettuce Knit” amd the garden wall hanging remind me of a pub I saw on a trip to England some years ago – would you drink at a pub called “The Slug and Lettuce”? I remember there were some other really inventive pub names but the Slug snd Lettuce is my all-time favorite.
    Have fun at the Event Who Must Not Be Named!

  78. Cool kid, probably gets it from her mother.
    Very excited about tonight, it will be a blast!

  79. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Megan’s new haircut. Way to go, mom, for not freaking out! Have fun with the Launch–I wish I could be there. Maybe in my next life when my children are older.

  80. Those colors are amazing! I want to buy and I have no baby in sight for a million miles to knit it for in the first place.
    Good luck at the launch, you’ll be fabulous as always!

  81. Absolutely love Megan’s hair. She looks way too sweet to be mistaken as the menacing type, so not to worry. Totally employable. Being a child of the 80s, there’s a haircut or two like that in my past, and I turned out to be a perfectly upstanding citizen. Well you know, most of the time.
    The rainbow sweater delectable. Is it ridiculous to wonder if the pattern comes in adult sizes?
    Don’t stress about the launch. You’re a rock star. This might be my last post before beginning the long journey north to see you at WEBS in Northampton (speaking of rock stars, you know you’ve arrived when they have to move the venue to a theater…). Wishing you safe travels. See you in Emily Dickinson Town. πŸ™‚

  82. Ok – so you are a way cooler mom that I….and I am pretty liberal. Megan is a cutie and the good news is that her hair will grow back….probably before the end of the summer.
    About the thing we are not supposed to be talking about for tonight – You will ROCK! Make that your mantra. Everyone who is coming, is coming because they enjoy, admire and respect you so really you will be speaking to a whole lot of Stephanie/Yarn Harlot lovers – which is a good starting place. They are also coming because they love your new book and are so damn Canadianly proud of you.
    Beyond that probably all of them are knitters and knitters are wonderful, fabulous and if anything welcoming people.
    Looking forward to knitting along-side you…remember You will Rock!
    πŸ™‚ Tania

  83. hmmm I bet you’d have approved the whole Meg’s head if she’d have carved “KNIT” into it! I may just have to consider that myself…..wish I was in Toronto….I’d show up with a pony tale AND knit carved into myu head…. πŸ˜‰
    have fun- you’ll be great… besides- there are no PLANES and drives with strangers involved like in Ann Arbor!
    ps started a new knit along- hope you’ll check it out;)
    “Inspired by Nature”

  84. You are not “pure evil” for linking us to the Dream in Color, but you are co-enabling me in my quest to go broke. I have been buying yarn like it’s my job, and you are not helping, missy!
    (Hey, could I get a job buying yarn?)

  85. Happy C/L Day!!! I’m sure I’ll be able to hear the cheering from my backyard in So Cal.
    WHERE does one GET Dream in Color??? They don’t vend from their site, and shops listed on their site don’t seem to sell either. I think I have to fly from California to Toronto because you see, I MUST HAVE DREAM IN COLOR!!!!
    AT least I have some reason to live!
    Steph: ALL THE BEST!!!

  86. Excellent–I had a somewhat similar haircut–but not so mom friendly. My hair only came to the top of my ears, so the back showed nicely when I had my sister put a big ’93 on the back of my head for college graduation. But it was in the back and so did not ‘spoil’ any family photos.
    Rumor has it that you will be visiting Burlington MA in July. Is it true??? Should I put it in my calendar?

  87. I love that baby sweater your daughter is knitting! I absolutely love the effect of the colour joins – gives it a nice chunky look.
    Love her haircut! It’s hidden, it’s safe. Actually, I love the front of it – the back… well, I’m learning to let go now because in about 8 years, I’ll be there with my son. In 8 years, the Male Hormone Fairy will come to live with me and quite frankly, I’m NOT looking forward to it. There was no Male Hormone Fairy in my family – just the Door Slamming, Foot Stomping, FINE! Fairy (2 sisters).
    Sorry I can’t be at Indigo to see you or Colin & Justin, my picks for “If women could marry gay men, marriage would be perfect…”

  88. Take LOTS of pictures of their weird hair. My 8 kids have ALL done stupid hair (their was the rainbow dye job that when 2 weeks old went a uniform murky purpley green) These precious children will have children and work your poor grandchildren to tears with “I hate your hair – I would never…” and grandmama should bring out LOTS of pictures of said parent with mohawks, big afro, side shaved etc. and tell grandchildren that they are okay to want to be special with their hair – but look how your parents turned out. Scary really.

  89. I’m leaving this comment to NOT talk about the upcoming book launch that I drove down from Montreal to attend (and to visit family too), but to tell you about two great places ‘nearish’ to Tdot that you might want to visit in the sometime.
    First, my morning destination was Serendipity Yarn in St-Catharines. They’re closing their doors to focus on their other store, Serendipity Bead, and they’re selling off all their yarn….wait for it… at 40% off!(!!)
    My second place to visit was a pleasant random discovery while driving back to mum’s house in Dunnville. I saw a roadsign and had to pull around to get a better look. The sign read: Canadian Comfort Alpacas, and directed me down a gravel road to a farm with a huge alpaca herd and a nice gift shop. Leslie, the lovely lady who greeted me as I pulled up, was also kind enough to give me a bit of a tour of the farm and show me a few babies that’d been born just a few hours before I found my way there.

  90. Good luck tonight! You’ll be fabulous, I’m sure. Wish I could come. I will be seeing you in Victoria! Hopefully, there will be some drinks and knitting after!

  91. Are your girls begging for a tattoo yet? Love the hair style, parent friendly and cool.
    Watch out for the Knit Night, that stuff is catching.

  92. I read someone’s comment the other day regarding her arthritis in her hands – mentioned she was just 40, was going to have shots, etc. I wanted to contact her but now I can’t find her comment. If you read this, will you please contact me?

  93. I wish I could come to the “not launch”!! I’m originally from Toronto and am now living in London, ON, and have been waiting to see you since I started knitting last January. I was so thrilled when I heard about your Canadian “not launch” on May 25th. Because I’m getting married on May 27th in Toronto and I am in Toronto today!! Sadly, I have a family dinner tonight and can’t come. When I realized this I was crushed. One of my cousins has proposed a kidnapping plot that may allow me to get down to indigo… we shall see.
    Have fun!

  94. Love. The. Hair! So cute.
    (Much better than the time I decided to dye mine jet black – and then wanted red highlights, so I put red dye on top. My head looked like an inflamed baboon’s butt.)

  95. OK, so that’s a great baby sweater. It may only be me, but since I grew up when NO ONE knew what they were having until the Doctor said “It’s a ….”, I have to confess I find a degree of creepiness in the absolutely militant gendering of baby clothes.
    It’s hard to find stuff in green or yellow for those few folks who don’t find out ahead of time. I just don’t understand why gender roles stuff has to be applied so vigorously even before the umbilicus drops off ….
    And that baby sweater is resolutely just a baby sweater. Not a baby BOY sweater, not a baby GIRL sweater.
    Also, I am so mad at you for postng a link to a sock yarn sale (www.littleknits.com) it contributed to my having an accident with my credit card …

  96. THAT’s the one. That’s the hair-cut I really should have had when I wanted to be a little bit rebellious but really didn’t want to look totally awful. I think it’s lovely. What a beautiful daughter you have.

  97. Your daughter’s got a pair, doesn’t she? I often wondered out loud what would happen if I dyed my hair black, got a mohawk, dyed it purple, shaved the underside and maybe just above the ears…every time I did that, my friends would berate me and tell me I wasn’t allowed to cut or change my hair, ever. If my PARENTS had said that, I would have gone straight to the hair-color aisle. Since it was my friends, I never did. Hm.

  98. Believe it or not, my most freaky experience with hair was dyeing it…… medium brown. I was just over twenty and thought I needed some change… and luckily I had brains enough to use only the wash-out colour because people who knew me for years stopped greeting me and they wanted my card in the library and my ID in the bank and then stared at it as if someone murdered Linda and then wanted to get a monography on Maria Theresa of Austria on her behalf (nothing interesting could be taken from my bank account)……
    I got rid of it in like three weeks. Now, if I want to be extravagant, waist long blonde hair offers lots of possibilities on the fields of sculpturing. Say hello to Megan and be sure that it could be much worse. It can always be much worse.
    The rainbow sweater reminded me of eight balls of me-dyed sock yarn planned for lovely and complicated socks in eight colours….. sigh.

  99. I’m sort of new to reading your blog, so I’m sure everyone else is already “in” on this whole thing, but… What’s the scoop with The Sock? I’ve read your books. Is this sock the one that your husband has been knitting for you for years? The one that will not need a mate? Is it some other sock? Is sock socialization good luck? Will the multi-person contact cause the sock to fit better? Heel to turn more smothly? As a 25 year knitting veteran who just finished her first pair of socks last week (heel’s aren’t hard. why have i been avoiding them this long?), I am SO intrugued!

  100. It will be fine, you will be fine. Now as to the haircut, a cautionary tale: My daughter’s BF had her hair cut the same as Megan’s, sans the “hey”, the next time she had it cut, she cut shave her hair on one side of her head, only one side, the right side, I believe. The next I hear she’d shaved her whole head. To her mother’s delight her hair has now grown out and she will not be graduating with her head sheared. We, her Mother, my daughter, and I firmly believe that this strange hair stlye phase is definitely linked to the boyfriend. Another reason to distrust teenage boys.

  101. My oldest( now 33) once referred to her hair as Crayola ‘red’, it then became many of the 96 shades, she lived, it grew, I lived, it’s only hair!
    I do the hiring at my work, I know it’s what in their heads that’s important, not what they’ve done to what grows out of it….now tattoos area different story, don’t get me started!

  102. What a wild hair cut! Pretty clever to be able to express herself without risking her chances at a good summer job. πŸ™‚
    Oooh that sweater looks promising – sorry to hear about your fall, but I have a feeling it will end just fine.

  103. What a wild hair cut! Pretty clever to be able to express herself without risking her chances at a good summer job. πŸ™‚
    Oooh that sweater looks promising – sorry to hear about your fall, but I have a feeling it will end just fine.

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