For Ian

I have left Victoria (pictures for the knitters later, it was very grand) and have made my way to Alaska. Now, Ian…because you are such a very accomplished traveller, such a wonderful traveller that I could never compare, no matter how many places this knitting thing takes me, I have to tell you that it gives me a certain incredible joy to show you something today, your birthday, that you have never seen. I flew over snowy mountains, glaciers, icebergs and all manner of incredible things to get here, and these sorts of things you may have seen.


This, though, this is what I have to show you for your day, and I know you’re going to love it.

The sock…basking in the midnight sun.


Picture taken in natural light, at exactly midnight, in Anchorage, Alaska as it became your birthday. (At least as it became your birthday here…I suppose because of the time change, technically it had been your birthday for four hours in Toronto.) You would love it here dude, and I have to admit that even though it’s your birthday, I love being somewhere you haven’t. (That almost never happens.)

It’s 12:26am right now, and the sun has technically set, but has done such a poor job of it that you could read a book (or photograph all your knitwear) outside. There are a few clouds in the blue sky, and a perpetual pink and yellow sunset hangs over (what I think) is Cooks Inlet. Soon the sunset will become a sunrise, without ever having dipped all the way into night.


Happy Birthday little brother. I love you.

(PS. I would be a terrible mother if I lived in Alaska. I would have no idea when to bring the kids in from outside.)