Rain, rain go away

I really shouldn’t wish it away, since the garden badly needs it, but I had such busy plans for today, and if your bike is your transportation, rain sucks. (It also sucks if you like to photograph your knitwear in the bushes, but I suppose that’s not crushing.) I hate rain so much that I really wonder if I was a cat in a previous life.


The spots on my glasses, the dampness, my hair frizzing, water running down my arms. The way all the kids stay home on rainy days, bored, arguing and inactive. The way the basement leaks. The way it makes the bottoms of your pants wet so later, when you come in and sit cross legged it makes your arse wet, and how if you are accidentally wearing sandals because you hate rain so much that you can’t even acknowledge that it might happen so you just carry on, even though the sky is totally black and yellowish and you know it’s going to pour, but instead of putting on closed toe shoes and sucking it up, you just wear your sandals like it’s not happening at all in your special land of denial and then you get your shoes full of water?

Hate that. I know that there are people who find rain cozy and pretty and look upon it as an opportunity to take baths and make soup and hunker in a bit…I can feel that way about snow sometimes, but rain has never moved me. I do love thunder and lighting, which at least has some sort of interest going for it, but this sort of rain…where the sky just leaks on your plans all day? Hate that.

In any case, since all my errand running is cancelled (except for groceries. I still have to walk out for groceries in the rain) and the girls will be home all day, so there’s no point it trying to work very much, so I may as well do laundry and housework (another big reason to just love rainy days) and maybe finish what I started yesterday…

Which sort of is a reason to give rainy days a little credit.


(Picture taken yesterday before the accursed rain began to fall.)

It’s a beautiful pink/coral/taupe/grey sort of batt from Grafton Fibers, just like the one I used to spin and knit this, and admittedly I didn’t get very far on it at all. This time I’m trying to spin it a little more finely to get a smidge more in the yardage department. I’m using my Joy rather than my Traditional, just because I’m going to Navajo (or “Chain” ply) my singles to keep the colour changes consistent, and for me, that sort of plying needs to happen really, really slowly. If things move too fast I can’t work the chaining thing and the whole enterprise just implodes. I think I have a little more control over speed with the Joy. (That could just be a delusion, time will tell.)


(Crappy picture due to lack of light from the accursed rain.)

My startitis has subsided somewhat. This is probably because I took the edge off and made a considered decision, started a bunch of stuff. That is probably because I AM WEAK in the face of wool…oh, and silk. Damn, that soy silk is pretty too….wait, is that mohair? Maybe a rainy day isn’t so bad.