1. The Knitters Without Borders total is rising again, see in the sidebar? I’ve still got about 800 emails to deal with, but I’m getting through them pretty quickly. When I do yours I send a quick note just to let you know that you’re on the list and I’ve “gotcha”. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and have ever sent me an email about Knitters Without Borders, please read this, and help me spread the word to anyone who might need to know. When I’ve got everything tallied I’ll start up again with the gifts. There are tons to give away.

2. Jayme-the-wonder-publicist is at it again. Update to the tour schedule here. There’s Burlington MA, Madison, CT and Halifax, Nova Scotia in August, and Seattle, LA, Wichita Kansas, Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia and Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia in September. I would not be surprised if she didn’t put another one or two on there either, but I am not in charge of the woman.

3. I’ve been plugging away on my Mystery Stole, halfway through “clue 3” (Ok. Fine. Not quite halfway. Picky, picky.) There are 50 rows in each instalment of the pattern and they arrive each Friday morning.


I’m trying to stay on track and not fall behind. I wondered how I would feel about not knowing what I was knitting, and it turns out that I love it. I think it’s tons of fun to watch the pattern develop. I suppose that it would be less fun if Melanie hadn’t designed a stole that happens to be right exactly what I would design if I were as smart as her and had thought of it first… but that’s not the way it’s going. I think it’s very, very beautiful.


The yarn is Lane Borgosesia Baruffa Cashwool, which makes it sound like it has cashmere, but it doesn’t. It’s a very nice solid coloured merino laceweight with one hundred million metres to the skein. (I’m lying, but it’s still a whole lot…1350m.) I chose it for this project because it is very cheap, and I didn’t want to spend any more than $14 to knit a mystery. (I’m so sorry I doubted you Melanie, I bow at your feet in penitent shame. ) Now the thrifty knitter in me is thinking that since this was the only skein I had I should have more of this yarn in the stash.

4. Luckily, I have the new stove gleaming in the kitchen to remind me that no matter how cheap the yarn is, buying yarn doesn’t save money. Not buying yarn saves money. I have a new stove. I will be strong.

5. Yes. Watching other people buy yarn is the next best thing to buying it yourself…why do you ask?

6. No, that’s not enabling. That’s helping.