Good company

You all may have noticed that I rack up the frequent flyer miles pretty good. The upside of this is that I have friends all over. The downside of this is that my friends are all over. Rachel H. and I have both been privileged to enjoy a lovely (mostly) cyber friendship with Rachel’s fellow professional commenters, Rams and Presbytera, and we missed them. Presbytera’s very nice husband suggested she grab Rams and make a run for the border, and Wednesday morning bright and early they did just that. They made record time from Michigan and by dinner time, it was me, Denny, Rachel H, Rams and Presbytera drinking and eating in Kensington Market.


I can’t tell you what a lovely time we’ve had, despite me needing to pull back the kauni cardigan (again) by 7-8cms.


Note: The beers in that picture are not all mine. Admittedly, some of that beer is mine, but certainly not enough of it to justify the bone-head mistake I made in the sleeve. I plead distraction by my fine company.

Rachel, Denny and I tried to show them the best possible knitterly version of Toronto. We took them to the Lettuce Knit Knit Night.


We took them to the Romni sale. We got Rams a plate of poutine, we drank local beer.

We went to the bead stores on Queen West and picked beads to go with our new yarn….



(All of us. It’s was like a lemming convention.)


We went BACK to Lettuce Knit, we took streetcars and subways and city buses. (Knittiing the whole way.) We had a very decadent dinner in my backyard, where I made a plain pasta dish and a very boring salad, and Presbytera made spanakopita and baclava and Rams made a pie and WE ATE IT ALL. We drank wine and knit under the backyard twinkle lights.


(I have no idea why in this picture for this moment they are not laughing. I swear we were having buckets of fun, but I have failed to capture the moment. )

We got up and went to St. Lawrence Market. We ate lunch at a pub.

We went to St. James Cathedral and we took sock pictures under the web of some enormous urban art spider.


Then we bought them butter tarts and sent them on their way.


I miss them already. May I suggest, if you don’t have some already, that you immediately cultivate some knitting friends? Friends who want to go to yarn stores? Friends who want to sit and knit and see your patterns? Friends who just move the yarn in the freezer to put in the spanakopita like it’s perfectly reasonable? It’s simply, fantastically, the best.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

-C.S. Lewis.