Low Content

Stealth knitting and a ton of work continue to make poor blog fodder. Last night I knit a round or two on the Kauni Cardigan and just could not believe how long this is taking to knit. I mean, it’s a reasonable gauge, a simple pattern and it really, really should be finished. (I would like to overlook the fact that I’ve knit the first sleeve twice due to operator error, since it means that I would be a lot closer to done if I hadn’t gone nighty-night on the pattern instructions.) it’s demoralizing to have it moving so slowly. This should be one that’s just whipping along. Jeanie is even knitting it in another pattern and still making good time. Susan is charging along (and I like her edge better) Cindy is completely finished. There are tons of others too…all going forward. My slow progess on this is unreasonable.

I’m not into a race, I don’t care how quickly I finish, not really…but it’s been on needles forever and I just can’t imagine what the hold up is.

Note: I wrote all of that, then moved the mystery stole to put my coffee down, shifted the socks in progress, moved the stealth knitting to my office so I could knit it while I read email and sort of got it. The Kauni Cardigan is taking a log time because I AM NOT KNITTING IT.

Never mind.